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Sunday, November 17, 2019
November 17, 2019 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:03 PM :: 3070 Views

$136K to live 'comfortably' in Hawaii

Invasive Species Inspection Fee for Air-flown Commodities

Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted November 16, 2019

Keith Kaneshiro Impeachment Delayed so Caldwell Can Name Successor

Shapiro: … It’s time for the city clerk and state court to stop hiding behind technicalities and provide meaningful guidance on what it would take to impeach city Prosecutor Keith Kaneshiro, who has been on paid leave since March after being named the target of a federal corruption probe.

Businessman Tracy Yoshimura has filed a new petition in Circuit Court seeking Kaneshiro’s removal, after Circuit Judge Jeffrey Crabtree dismissed an earlier petition over city Clerk Glen Takahashi’s objection to online electronic signatures.

Of the 557 voter signatures on the new petition — 500 are needed — some are on paper and others are still electronic, but on a more secure platform called DocuSign widely used in business….

Neither the court nor Takahashi has provided instruction on the proper path forward under a vague and never-used City Charter provision that says the prosecutor can be impeached for “malfeasance, misfeasance or non-feasance,” but specifies little about the process other than to give the Circuit Court jurisdiction….

Dwight Nadamoto, the acting prosecutor hand-picked by Kaneshiro, told the City Council he won’t review bad practices in the office revealed in Kealoha’s case, and he continued to repeat defenses offered by Kaneshiro and Kealoha that were proved false by federal prosecutors….

With Kaneshiro collecting a $176,688 salary to stay home and his office ignoring obvious need for reform, there’s compelling reason for authorities to make it easier — not harder — for citizens to use the recourse provided by the Charter to fix a bad situation affecting public safety without having to wait until next year’s election.

Takahashi is being unreasonably arbitrary about electronic signatures, which aren’t disallowed by law, are used routinely in important matters from voter registration to financial transactions, and should be no more difficult to verify than paper signatures….

The legal dithering has big consequences.

If Kaneshiro were removed by Dec. 31, voters would choose his replacement. After that, Mayor Kirk Caldwell would appoint a successor for the remainder of Kaneshiro’s term — hardly appropriate since Caldwell is indirectly implicated in the federal investigation by the target letter given his corporation counsel, Donna Leong….

read … Vague law, lax officials save Keith Kaneshiro from impeachment

Mauna Kea Camp: ‘EMS Called Every Day’

HTH: … the number of kia‘i at the camp has dwindled to a couple hundred on weekdays, compared to the thousands in attendance during the first weeks of the protest…

the TMT protests in 2015 endured far worse weather conditions, given that they took place much closer to the summit, Jones said she has heard stories of driving winds and rain so powerful that icicles would form parallel to the ground.

“I’m expecting it’s gonna get cold,” Ahnee said….

rules of the Pu‘uhonua prohibit the use of fire, due to the extreme risk of wildfire in the dry and windy environment. During cold days early in the protest, the camp made use of propane-fueled heaters….

Ahnee said she does not hesitate to call emergency responders if necessary, but that only happens about once a week these days. In the early days of the protest, EMS was called every day, but most people seem to have acclimatized to the area, she said….

Among the kia‘i, most agreed on two things: None expected to stay for as long as they have, and all intend to remain for far longer.

“I was like, ‘Ugh, I’ll give it a month,’” Ahnee said. “But then it felt like the right thing to do to stay.”…

Big Island Police: Flags on cars not a problem

read … Four months later, Maunakea camp is a ‘well-oiled machine’

Mauna Kea Protester Damages Lava Tube

HTH: … While the borders of the Pu‘uhonua o Pu‘uhuluhulu are ever-changing, they do not extend to one of the more curious developments near the Maunakea Access Road: a partially-collapsed lava tube where one man has made a home.

The man, who calls himself Maunakewa — and is referred to by camp residents as “Uncle Maunakewa,” “Uncle Post Office” or “Cave Guy” — said he found the cave on July 18, the day after police arrested more than 30 kupuna on the access road….

“I thought, ‘Oh, wow,’” he said. “‘I think I’ll live in there.’”

Since then, the cave and the surrounding area have become more developed. Maunakewa built fences with hinged gates on both ends of the cave and ringed a substantial area above the cave with a makeshift fence. Within that fence is a small windmill generating power for a short-range radio station and a couple of tents. Meanwhile, an associate of Maunakewa — a man who called himself “Pikachu,” based on a mask depicting the Japanese cartoon character he wore Thursday — is assisting Maunakewa in constructing the “Kingdom of Hawaii Post Office” out of sticks and tea leaves.

Maunakewa said his goal is the reestablishment of the Hawaiian Kingdom and that his dwelling is the first homestead of said kingdom since the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy in 1894….

read … Man makes home out of cave near protesters’ camp

Apo: Protesters Claim of Sacredness Controversial Among Hawaiians

KITV: … According to Apo, the ongoing protests have raised a number of controversial topics. Besides opposing the Thirty Meter Telescope as a violation of the sacredness of Mauna Kea, the other issues include: (1) disrespectful management of the entire mountain by the state and the University of Hawai'i, (2) protectors blocking the road leading to the summit in violation of the law, (3) a decades long frustration of native Hawaiians of the failure of the state to address the illegal annexation of Hawaii to the United States and claims of Hawaiian sovereignty, (4) a sharply divided Hawaiian community over the validity of the claims of sacredness by the leaders of the protectors and (5) the adamant refusal of the leaders of the protectors to even discuss a compromise because a claim of sacredness means there can be no discussion.

Apo says: "The panel supports the TMT and will argue that the claims of cultural injury cannot be validated and what is sacred about Mauna Kea is the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity provided by the Thirty Meter Telescope for native Hawaiians to join the effort and continue their exploration of the universe of stars, as "we have done for centuries, seeking our ancestors back to the beginning of time - the Night of Po. The panel believes that the cultural injury would be to not pursue a chance for world leadership in one of the greatest human endeavors in the history of the planet."

read … Does the TMT desecrate Mauna Kea? Hawaiian panel to discuss definition of "sacred"

Hirono ‘Not Cancer Free’

SA: … It’s been two and a half years since U.S. Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) announced she was fighting advanced kidney cancer. Despite the daunting diagnosis, Hirono is doing remarkably well.

She says it hasn’t impeded her hectic work schedule and if anything it’s emboldened her …

“We all know that the earlier cancer is detected the more successful treatment will be, and my cancer had spread to my ribs and that was a very fast-growing cancer,” said Hirono, noting that if those cells had spread to other parts of her body it woudn’t have been good.

In April 2017, Hirono was preparing for eye surgery when during a routine preoperative physical her doctor detected an abnormality in a chest X-ray. After follow-up tests, she was diagnosed with kidney cancer. Because it had spread to a rib it was classified as stage 4.

Hirono, 72, says in retrospect she had been feeling some unusual symptoms, such as pain on the right side of her ribs which she dismissed as heartburn….

Shortly after her diagnosis, Hirono underwent surgery to remove a kidney and later a lesion on her rib. In October 2017, she announced she had some small spots on her thyroid gland and would be undergoing immunotherapy, a cutting-edge treatment designed to help one’s immune system recognize and attack cancer cells.

She’s not cancer free, but Hirono says the immunotherapy was successful in controlling her cancer and attacking the most aggressive cells in her body. She hasn’t had to undergo any treatment since July 2018.

“My overall prognosis is quite good and my doctor expects it could be a number of years before I would need further treatment, if it all,” said Hirono….

read … Hirono’s cancer diagnosis has fueled her crusade for health care reform

Who is going to replace Tulsi? Old Boy Money flows to Kahele campaign

HTH: … Kahele, who announced his candidacy in January, has reported collecting $501,670 as of Sept. 30, the most recent filing. He has $370,686 cash on hand.

The district, which covers rural Oahu and all of the neighbor islands, is expected to draw more contenders before the 2020 election, as seats in Washington open up only rarely. Currently, however, only state Sen. Kai Kahele, a Hilo Democrat, and political neophyte David Cornejo of Kailua, Oahu, also a Democrat, have registered with the FEC.…

read … Who is going to replace Tulsi? Money flows to federal campaigns

K-8 Bilingual students outpace native speakers in graduation rates in Hawaii

SA: … Students in Hawaii’s public schools who study English as a second language and master it before high school are more likely to graduate on time than kids who are native speakers.

Altogether, 90% of students who completed the English Learner program before entering high school went on to graduate on time, according to data presented recently to the state Board of Education. That outpaces the 83% rate for students who never needed such English language support.

In contrast to those who exit the English Learner program before high school, students who are enrolled in it during high school do lag the statewide graduation average, with a 69% on-time graduation rate, as might be expected since they have not yet mastered the language of instruction.…

The information on English learners comes from a “Data Story: English Learners” prepared by the Hawaii P-20 Partnerships for Education and released in August….

read … Bilingual students outpace native speakers in graduation rates in Hawaii

Bill 55: Honolulu Property Tax Hike on Legal TVRs

SA: … The Council Budget Committee on Wednesday moved out a revised version of Bill 55, which seeks to create a new tax classification for short-term rentals — lodging rented for less than 30 days.

About a year from now the city is set to launch a new system of permitting about 1,700 new hosted bed-and-breakfast (B&B) operations, adding to the 38 that now hold an NUC under the old system. These are guest homes in which an owner or resident manager serves as the “host” on-site….

the old NUC-permitted TVUs, numbering 770 on the current city roster, will remain. In the initial tax proposal by Mayor Kirk Caldwell’s administration, owners of these properties would pay the hotel tax rate — a notion that last week drew fiery protest from some permit holders….

The Council has the bill up for a final vote Dec. 4…. 

SA Editorial: TVUs should pay higher tax rate

read … Another Tax Hike

Change in road tax will increase costs

SA: … With the state’s new idea to tax cars based on miles driven, would the gas tax be repealed (“‘Driving reports’ will compare paying by the mile or by the gallon in Hawaii,” Star-Advertiser, Nov. 13)? Have government leaders thought this through?

The delivery of goods and services is done by trucking. Those costs may go up, making everything more expensive in a state where everything is expensive.

The real cost of miles driven hurts the people living farther away — the very people who can least afford a tax increase….

read … Change in road tax will increase costs

Thoughtless Simplistic Climate ‘Solutions’

SA: (skip to the best comment) (Solar developer Colin Yost) offers a typical thoughtless and simplistic solution to climate change. "More renewables, more trees, less meat" and the most predictable solution coming from an attorney, "sue everybody!" This standard response to climate change has never sufficiently resonated with general population. The climate change industry has failed to speak to the "common people" in terms that are relevant to them. They are only negotiating with themselves….

More Eco-Rhetoric: Fossil fuel companies deserve lawsuit

read … Climate siren is wailing. What should we do now?

Tulsi Gabbard’s bid for U.S. presidency devolves into a bid for attention from Hillary Clinton

Borreca: … Gabbard last week hired legal counsel to demand that former Secretary of State and first lady Hillary Clinton formally apologize for hinting that Gabbard was a Russian asset and is being groomed by Russia.

In the spirit of the times, Gabbard demands that Clinton make her apology on Twitter. Clinton hasn’t responded. Since 2016, Gabbard and Clinton have engaged in a meaningless feud over who supports whom and who disrespects the other the most.

Back then Gabbard dropped out as a vice chairwomen of the Democratic National Committee and declared her support for Bernie Sanders….

“She’s averaging 1% to 2% in national surveys and 2% to 4% in the early states of Iowa and New Hampshire,” Skelley wrote on Thursday, although a new Quinnipiac New Hampshire poll listed Gabbard at 6%.

When the research site dug into Gabbard’s support, it showed that her supporters are more likely to have backed President Donald Trump in 2016, hold conservative views or identify as Republican, compared to voters backing the other candidates….

Flashback: To Stop Mufi, Mrs Abercrombie Joins the Chris Butler Cult

read … Tulsi Gabbard’s bid for U.S. presidency devolves into a bid for attention from Hillary Clinton

White House prepares broad crackdown on Homelessness

MSN: … A top federal homelessness official announced Friday that he has left his post at the Trump administration’s request, an unexpected move that comes as the White House plans a sweeping crackdown aimed at homelessness in California. (And Hawaii too???)

The Trump administration is still actively exploring options for a crackdown on homelessness aimed at California, a process that has been ongoing for months, according to one person with knowledge of the planning who spoke on the condition of anonymity to share internal information.

Doherty was appointed in 2015 under the Obama administration to lead the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness, which is tasked with coordinating the federal response to homelessness across 19 agencies, including the Departments of Housing and Urban Development; Education; Labor and Commerce….

read … Crackdown

Crime, Drugs, Machete: Homeless Camps Grow like Cancer

TGI: … The homeless population on Kauai is estimated at about 400. It has, at times, come into conflict with some of the island’s other residents, who often complain about unsightly campsites and criminal activity they believe those communities generate.

A woman recently emailed TGI, hoping to bring attention to what she described as a “recent growing population of homeless” on an undeveloped plot of land along the shoreline next to Sheraton Kauai Coconut Beach Resort in Waipouli, which she says has become overrun with an encampment of homeless people that is “growing like a cancer.”

“There is a wild man running around with a machete, one man beats his son when high on drugs,” she wrote in an email last Sunday. “There’s trash everywhere, the smell is repulsive &their litter is polluting our ocean. It’s just a matter of time before disease and rats are part of this disgrace.”

Another woman also sent TGI an email about the area with the subject line, “Compassion Fatigue for Homeless.”

She said she was “appalled by the plethora of campsites” occupying the stretch of “prime real estate,” and complained that she now feels unsafe walking there alone….

The Garden Island spoke with some of Kauai’s homeless residents about the proposed ‘Ohana Zone’ project.

Mark came to Kauai as a small child over 50 years ago and has been homeless for nearly half that time….

Mark was a little skeptical and expressed some concerns about how an ‘Ohana Zone would actually function with hundreds of homeless people living together inside its boundaries — “they need security around”….

Nelson Packard, 69, got a place to live about 10 years ago using a federal housing assistance program after nearly four decades of homelessness….

“I like the idea, but you cannot change people’s minds about how they want to live their life,” he said, pointing out that some people are homeless, at least in part, because they don’t like the structure and responsibilities that come with a conventional way of life, a mindset that could conflict with rules and regulations of a government-sanctioned facility.

“Some is not gonna be agreeable to anything that says ‘You have to,’” Packard said. “They don’t agree with the system.”

In Packard’s opinion, an ‘Ohana Zone would be a revolving door. He guessed that many of the homeless people who use the facility may stay during the day, but “at night they’re still gonna walk the streets.”…

read … Kauai ‘Ohana Zone’ Coming Soon




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