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Thursday, July 26, 2012
July 26, 2012 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:17 PM :: 4282 Views

Nago: Primary Voter Lists May be Compromised

Star-Adv Poll Debunked: 20% Extra Democrats

Resolutions to Restore Bus Cuts Pass Council Unanimously

Shippers Add New Bunker Surcharges for Low Sulfur Fuel

Navy Pushes Biofuel Fleet Despite Concerns About Damage to Equipment

Honolulu Habitat for Humanity Announces Information Meetings

Disaster Proclamation Authorizes Repairs to Kauai Highway

Hirono Endorser Wants Her to Win Primary, Lose General Election

ADN: Young's office responded Wednesday to Lingle's criticism by saying Young is only endorsing Hirono to win the primary election -- not to defeat the Republican Lingle in the November general election.

Read … Don Young blasted for endorsing a Democrat

Slanted Star-Adv Ward Research Poll: 62% Democrats

Questions asked, at-a-glance:

  • Favorable or unfavorable opinion, of Ed Case (D), Mazie Hirono (D) and Linda Lingle (R)
  • If, Democratic Primary: Case or Hirono?
  • If, General Election: Case or Lingle?
  • If, General Election: Hirono or Lingle?

Question: Why does anybody use Ward Research? They haven’t produced an accurate poll in years.

Case Mocks Ward Poll: ‘Light Years Off’

SA: Case said the Hawaii Poll is "light-years off" his recent internal poll, a Lingle internal poll and an automated telephone survey conducted by the online news service Civil Beat and Merriman River Group, which all have the primary essentially tied. He also cited a Ward Research poll in the primary for governor in 2002 that had Hirono over Case by 20 points. Hirono defeated Case by about 1 point….

…retired Maj. Gen. Robert G.F. Lee, Lingle's campaign manager, said it is difficult to take the Hawaii Poll seriously because he believes it included too many voters — 62 percent — who said they usually vote Democratic. He said the number of independent voters should have been higher, given exit poll data from recent elections.

"As Hawaii's voters continue to move toward the center, the polling data on the independent voters is the most significant portion of this poll," he said in an email. "Even though Ward Research only uses 19 percent independents, Gov. Lingle is winning that portion of the electorate with a 26 percent margin. These figures indicate that Gov. Lingle's message of bipartisanship is resonating with the voters who will make a difference in this campaign: the moderates."

Ward said the poll's sample reflected Hawaii's history as a Democratic state. Many voters who describe themselves as independents in other surveys, for example, often vote Democratic. "This to me is consistent with everything we've known to be true about Hawaii politics," she said.

NOTE: On Aug 11 Ward Research’s poll will be debunked. Will it for Rebecca Ward or the Star-Advertiser change “everything we've known to be true about Hawaii politics." No. Ward is all about creating a message and a false sense of inevitability, not about reporting public opinion. What about the Star-Adv Editors? What are THEY all about?

read … Case Mocks Ward

National Democrats: Obama May Pull Out of Swing States

From Guy Cecil, DSCC July 26, 2012: “Monday's Wall Street Journal had it right: ‘Unless fundraising picks up, the Obama campaign may enter the season’s final stretch…pulling out of swing states.’ Romney has outraised President Obama two months running, and now they’re polling neck and neck.”

read … WSJ: Obama's Burn Rate Worries Some Democrats

Another Conflict of Interest: Health insurers, hospitals Team Up With HIPA, Abercrombie, fund New health care group

SA: The Hawaii Medical Service Association contributed $200,000. Ohana Health Plan gave $100,000, and Kaiser Permanente Hawaii donated $80,000. Hawaii Pacific Health and The Queen's Health Systems, the state's largest hospital operators, gave $50,000 each.

"There's a conflict brewing that even the people leading the (Hawaii Healthcare Project) have been reluctant to confront," said Dr. Stephen Kemble, who sits on the project's executive committee. "The major players are putting money into this hoping to preserve their place in the health care industry, but we cannot make health care in Hawaii truly comprehensive and cost-effective and keep all the current players happy. Something's got to give at some point."

The Hawaii Healthcare Project hopes to raise $1.3 million to fund its work over two years. The project is being managed by the Hawaii Institute for Public Affairs, run by Abercrombie's former campaign manager Bill Kaneko.

PBN: Hawaii Healthcare Project members include state's major insurers

read … Corporatism

Athletic Dep’t Takeover by Broken Trust Freitas in the Works Since 2010

SA: …a few months earlier the joke around UH had been that when something went wrong in athletics Greenwood was likely to say, "Well, those are (Virginia Hinshaw's) teams" and leave Hinshaw, the Manoa chancellor, who ostensibly had oversight of the program, to deal with it.

Greenwood had previously served at UC Davis and UC Santa Cruz, schools that didn't have major college athletic programs or passionate statewide followings. And the lack of experience showed initially.

When the Western Athletic Conference began to unravel and UH's fate was left hanging, legend around Manoa had it that some power brokers took Greenwood aside and explained the facts of life. That while telescopes on Mauna Kea were certainly a point of pride to the institution, the citizenry, for better or worse, was more likely to storm the ivory towers if the football and Rainbow Wahine volleyball teams were left out in the cold.

That was about the time she began to take something of an interest in athletics and when former All-Pro lineman Rockne Freitas, who had been chancellor at Hawaii Community College, came on board as a vice president and eventually become the athletic adviser.

By July 9, when the Stevie Wonder fiasco landed in her Bachman Hall inbox, Greenwood had come to understand, (ie was ready and waiting to pounce) both from watching what had taken place at Penn State and from a better feel for her own domain, that a wise college president deals with smoke in the athletic department before it becomes a bonfire under the chief executive's chair.

SA: UH in talks for relief from fees to football opponents

read … Ferd’s Words

STEM? Hirono Has No Record so She Just Makes one up

PR: U.S. Rep. Mazie Hirono has a new television commercial out in her Democratic primary campaign for U.S. Senate that highlights her role as lieutenant governor in creating the Pre-Plus early education program and as congresswoman in supporting President Barack Obama’s science, technology, engineering and math education initiative.

The 30-second ad, like a spot earlier this month on renewable energy, clearly appears intended for a potential November general election campaign against former Gov. Linda Lingle….

PR: Working it

read … No Record? Just Make One Up

Star-Adv Endorsements in HD 41-51

41: Arakawa, though, has scantly distinguished herself in the Legislature, and the booming area might benefit by LoPresti's forcefulness. The winner will face Republican Adam Reeder, a House analyst

43: Awana is diligent and engaged with her community so should remain the Democrats' choice. Republican primary opponents are Realtor Glenn Butler, 60, and Tercia Ku, 54, a state Health Department employee. Ku has worked in the Legislature, and her experience and leadership in health policy is compelling.

44: Jordan, 50, was a member of the Waianae Coast Neighborhood Board for 10 years and has given priority to legislation benefiting the coast. She deserves the nomination to face Republican Creighton Higa in November.

45: Jake Bradshaw and retiree Ollie Lunasco face each other in the Democratic race; the winner will face Republican Lauren Cheape, Miss Hawaii 2011…. Lunasco's legislative experience and deep community roots make him the preferable Democrat to represent the district.

47: Riviere should be chosen to face off against Democrat D. Ululani Beirne, a frequent candidate for the seat.

48: Chong is the steadier hand here, and success in Democratic leadership should result in his return to the House, as no Republican is vying in this district.

read … Endorsements

Fined $2600, Mele Carroll Again Fails to File Financial Disclosure

MN: State Rep. Mele Carroll, who represents East Maui, Molokai, Lanai and Kahoolawe, has been flagged for again failing to report campaign contributions and expenses on time.

Carroll has not disclosed campaign finance totals for the six-month reporting period that ended June 30, according to the state Campaign Spending Commission. The report was due July 12.

Carroll was fined $2,608 by the commission last year for failing to file all five of her 2010 election finance reports on time.

She did not return calls or emails seeking comment.

Carroll's most recent campaign finance report shows she raised $100 in contributions during the six months that ended Dec. 31. She spent $500 during the same time frame, which went completely toward her previous late fee fines, according to her disclosure report.

read … More Mele Carroll 


Rail Steel $15.9M Over Budget 

SA: Kiewit/Kobayashi was awarded a $195 million contract last year to build the maintenance and storage facility. That contract includes buying the steel for the entire line.

The cost of steel turned out to be higher than city officials originally expected.

The Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation in April approved a $15.9 million change order to cover increases in the cost of steel since Kiewit obtained price quotes more than two years ago for the maintenance and storage facility contract.

Related: Pittsburgh Manufacturer Lands $60M Honolulu Rail Contract

read … Pennsylvania firm gets $60M steel rail deal 

Mayor vetoes Kailua, Kalama beach business ban, Wants Island-Wide Rules

HNN: Mayor Peter Carlisle said Wednesday a total ban might make good sense but that it would be better to pursue island-wide rules.

The city council recently approved the bill, 7-2. Based on that margin, Carlisle says it's likely the council will override his veto.

SA: Mayor vetoes bill on shore business

read … Business not outlawed

Kauai: After 140 Years of Land Ownership, Boatyard Business Given 1 Day to Vacate

HANALEI — County officials (egged-on by hordes of screaming eco-faddists) on Tuesday and Wednesday told commercial tenants operating on the property immediately behind Black Pot Beach Park in Hanalei to vacate the land by today, as the county would be taking possession of the land.

The parcel taken Wednesday, measuring one-third of an acre, is owned by Hanalei boatyard owner Michael Sheehan. And if county officials hold on to their word, more of Sheehan’s land will be taken in the next few days.

“They issued cease and desist orders to all my commercial clients, including my nonprofit/educational operation (ran by biologist Terry Lilley),” Sheehan said. “They kicked everybody out with 24-hours notice.”

He said the order was “a bit harsh” because in most eminent domain proceedings, a price is previously agreed upon and paid, and then a 30-day notice is given.

Lilley said the mayor came to the property with the police and served documents to Sheehan telling him to leave the property — which Sheehan’s family has owned for 140 years — in 24 hours….

Sheehan said his boatyard is the only one in the state that has a boat “washdown” and wastewater treatment certified by the Department of Health and the federal Environmental Protection Agency.

Read … Socialist County

Hawaii Land Corp. Pushes Forward on Projects, Despite Lack of Rules

CB: The new agency tasked with developing state lands is hoping to move forward on its first projects — even though it hasn't finalized rules that govern its operations and establish the criteria by which projects are chosen.

And this isn't going over well with leaders of environmental groups, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs and members of the public who showed up Wednesday for the Public Land Development Corporation's monthly board meeting.

"I do think that at this stage there are not sufficient protections to ensure the projects are culturally sensitive," said Jocelyn Doane, of OHA's public policy program.

The proposed projects include developing lands currently being farmed in the Ewa Plain on Oahu, extending a land permit for a bee farmer by hundred of acres, and making capital improvements at Olomana Golf Course. 

read … Corporatism

$1.2B Project: Honua‘ula EIS approval ‘big, big milestone’

MN: The master-planned Honua'ula project in Wailea received a key approval Tuesday by the Maui Planning Commission that will allow development of the luxury golf community to move forward.

The nine-member commission voted eight in favor with Commissioner Penny Wakida having reservations to approve the $1.2 billion project's final environmental impact statement.

The project - formerly called Wailea 670 - is expected to include up to 1,150 housing units on 670 acres above Wailea Resort. The project is expected to include an 18-hole golf course and clubhouse, retail and commercial components, a 12-mile network of trails and bike paths, and a 40-acre preserve for native plants.

An additional 250 affordable housing units will be built off-site near the planned Piilani Promenade and Maui Outlets projects. The affordable housing component was a condition imposed by the County Council when it approved zoning four years ago and must be built before units at Honua'ula can go up.

read … Wailea

Next Step: Prime Rib Dinners for Homeless at Oceanfront Shelter

CB: …Hein was at the shelter the day it was opened by then Gov. Linda Lingle. …

There's no cheaper daily rate in all of Hawaii: $2 a night for a bed in oceanfront property.

There's running water, soda machines, a library, a playroom for the kids; a microwave, toaster and coffee machine; a basketball hoop and a smoking section out back.

Free toiletries, too, and a fridge to store medications. There's even a secure area to store precious belongings.

But here's the rub: The roof leaks, birds fly freely about, you can't drink or do illegal drugs, and curfew is at 10 p.m. Make a violent scene and you'll be kicked out….

The doors are opened at night to allow in the trades. Return time for most residents begins at 5:30 p.m., when most come to enjoy the free meal served an hour later.

"It's good food," said Espero, especially when eateries like Keneke's in Waimanalo bring in prime rib, Kalua pig, macaroni salad and rice.

Next Step is not free: Each resident pays $60 a month in program fees.

The warehouse space was provided by the Hawaii Community Development Authority, a state agency. Just this year, ownership of the parcel the warehouse sits on was transferred to the Office of Hawaiian Affairs as part of a settlement over past-due ceded-land revenues owed by the state to OHA.

In addition to food donations, individuals and organizations such as church groups bring in linen, diapers, dry goods and the like. The shelter has a service center where residents can exchange points for items like toothpaste, DVDs and sanitary napkins.

Residents, who are allowed to remain in the shelter for up to two years, can have two electrical devices, which can include TV sets with screens no larger than 13 inches, 20 inches for flat screens. Earphones or headphones are encouraged.

There are a lot of mentally ill people here, some severe. We're doing the best we can."…

Espero said Next Step has succeeded in placing 90 percent of its resident families into housing, though they have had much less success for single males.

read … Oceanfront, Prime Rib

23 cases of scabies at Halawa Correctional Facility since January

KHON: Since the beginning of the year, Halawa Correctional Facility has treated 23 cases of scabies and in each case the roommate of the affected inmate has also been treated.

But officials say at no time has there been an outbreak.

"So we've actually treated 56 individuals but with only 23 confirmed cases," says Stampfle.

The most common symptoms are intense itching and a rash.

The scabies mite usually is spread by skin-to-skin contact with a person who has the parasite.

"Sometimes it can be an inmate coming in, most of the time it's probably a visitor. It can be passed by close contact so if someone gives someone a hug, shakes their hand," says Stampfle….

"I feel bad for the men who have been infected because it's itchy, uncomfortable so my heart goes out to the men," says Kat Brady, Community Alliance on Prisons.

read … Scabies

State lawmaker plans to stop HPD training in neighborhoods

KHON: A state lawmaker plans to introduce legislation to stop high-speed training by police in residential neighborhoods.
Senator Will Espero says it is in response to the accident Monday that killed Honolulu Police solo bike officer Chad Morimoto.
Espero says he knows law enforcement training is important, but thinks high-speed training in areas where families and children are present should be avoided.
Police have not said how fast officers were going at the time of the accident, in which Morimoto crashed and was killed after his bike slid out from under him.

read … Espero

US DoE Burns $6M on UH Biofool Research

University of Hawaii ($6 million - Manoa, Hawaii). This project will optimize the production of grasses in Hawaii, including napier grass, energycane, sugarcane and sweet sorghum. Harvest and preprocessing will be optimized to be compatible with the biochemical conversion to jet fuel and diesel.

read … Part of the ‘All of the Above’ Strategy

DoE Teachers Assistant Gets Probation for Sexting 12 year old student

SA: The first person in Hawaii to face criminal charges for “sexting” was sentenced in state court this morning to five years of probation.

Cody Onizuka, 26, a former teaching assistant at Niu Valley Intermediate School, had been charged with possession of child pornography and violating a restraining order for providing a 12-year-old girl from the school a cellular telephone which she used to send him explicit pictures of herself and explicit text messages.

read … Noting to see here, its not a Priest

Lesbian Arrested for Domestic Assault

SA: A 26-year-old woman was arrested today after she punched her 21-year-old girlfriend several times in the University area, police said.

read … This Story Not Part of the Playbook

UH Footballer Busted for DUI, Drug Dealing

SA: Police arrested former University of Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan late Wednesday night in Kailua on suspicion of drunken driving and promotion of a dangerous drug, police said today.

Officers arrested Brennan, 28, on Kailua Road near the Uluowa Street intersection just before midnight on suspicion of driving under the influence and third-degree promotion of a dangerous drug, police said. The drug charge is a Class C felony punishable by up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

read … Colt Brennan

Judiciary Contractor Hires More Bill Collectors

News Release: Municipal Services Bureau (“MSB”) is pleased to announce it has expanded its staff in Hawaii for its client, the Hawaii State Judiciary. MSB has provided outsourced collection services on its delinquent accounts since 2005.

read … MSB

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