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Saturday, October 8, 2011
October 8, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:25 PM :: 12733 Views

Spin Doctors try to blame Staff for Abercrombie being Abercrombie

Epiphany leads to Mass Resignations: Abercrombie Administration Incompatible with Family Values

Just back from Paris, Abercrombie flees to Japan

VIDEO: Pilot ditches Cessna, rescued by Coast Guard off Hilo

Operation Enduring Freedom, A Decade Of War

…many active-duty personnel along with veterans of other wars feel Operation Enduring Freedom is worth it -- to keep America safe.

"I believe it's worth 110 percent the sacrifice the men and women are giving over in the field. It's a shame to see the atrocities, but if we can take the fight to the terrorists instead doing that battlefield over here, it is better," said Mike Myers, with the U.S. Air Force.

America's longest war is still a long way from being over but many in and out of the military feel it is important to keep fighting until the world is a better place.

"It doesn't get fixed overnight. It takes a while to accomplish a mission. Progress is being made, I actually think we're winning," said Ret. US Marine Mike Emerson.

HR: On 10th Anniversary, Tulsi Gabbard Calls for End to War in Afghanistan

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Homeownership grows 1.18% during Lingle Years—Hawaii Growth Rate #3 in Nation

Top 10 increase in homeownership:

1. New Hampshire 1.29% 2. Washington, DC 1.26 3. Hawaii 1.18

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SA: “Unpredictable Abercrombie caused much of the communications damage”

But sources say privately that the unpredictable Abercrombie -- and not his relatively inexperienced communications staff -- has caused much of the communications damage by straying off message.

Lingle, by comparison, was often criticized as too scripted, but the Republican governor was extremely disciplined and made maximum use of the unique communications platform of the governor's office to counter majority Democrats in the state Legislature.

Lingle's policy and communications advisers ran a buttoned-down operation, keeping information within a tight circle of allies, and were diligent about always being available to the news media even when the only answer was a "no comment."

"It was helpful to have a governor that had managed a county, because she understood what it takes to put a good operational team together," said Linda Smith, Lingle's former senior policy adviser. Lingle was a former Maui County mayor, so she had some chief executive experience.

"Second of all, she started out with a team that included both older people and younger people, because one of the things that she really respects and appreciates is a breadth of perspective," Smith said.

Sources describe a sometimes tense generational divide with Abercrombie's older allies pitted against Asselbaye, Aoki and other young staffers in the administration.

State House Majority Leader Blake Oshiro (D, Halawa-Aiea) said it was "shocking" that three of the governor's top advisers are leaving at the same time. He said he would expect a more orderly transition.

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ILind: Abercrombie administration Still flunking crisis management test

Right now, Abercrombie’s administration is looking like the gang that can’t shoot straight, and has compounded its political problems by flamboyantly flunking a crucial field test in damage control. Even at this late date, well into a political crisis, the administration is trying to bluff its way through.

This is a very bad idea all the way around.

Best public relations advice is clear at moments like this. Be quick, be direct, and definitely don’t try to b.s. the public….

The Good Ship Abercrombie has instead tried to hide behind the old and worn fiction that these key staff simply decided that they want “to spend more time with their families.”

Abercrombie spokesperson, Donalyn Dela Cruz, went so far as to attack reporters attempting to look beyond the smokescreen. Dela Cruz told Hawaii News Now:

This is completely on their own terms and for people who think that may be boring and want to speculate and say they couldn’t do this or they couldn’t do that, shame on them for trying to make up stories.

This is a text book example of what not to do in such a crisis. It again appears the administration is trying to avoid disclosing uncomfortable information to the public. And it just guarantees that the story will continue as the dots are connected bit by bit by further reporting, prolonging the crisis indefinitely.

Related: Epiphany leads to Mass Resignations: Abercrombie Administration Incompatible with Family Values

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Henry Curtis: Abercrombie a One Term Governor?

A responsible executive assumes responsibility for everything that happens under his leadership. As people flee the administration the Governor is blaming others and leaving the State during the fallout.
Will the Governor work for the people or try to ram through changes in State Law to allow his friends to get rich?
Will the Governor be a one-termer or will he be impeached?

read … One Term Governor

Shapiro: Gov's 'New Day in Hawaii' got old for fleeing staffers

It's deja vu all over again as the Abercrombie administration reboots and we plant tongue in cheek for our "flASHback" on the week's news that amused and confused:

» Gov. Neil Abercrombie announced the resignation of his chief of staff Amy Asselbaye and her assistant Andrew Aoki as he scrambled to retool his sputtering administration. Welcome to "A New Day in Hawaii, Take Two."

» It's unclear who will preside over the transition, since the governor is leaving tomorrow on a 12-day trip to Japan, Okinawa and China. If at first you don't succeed, duck out of town and say, "Surprise me."

» Lt. Gov. Brian Schatz said Hawaii's incumbent politicians keep getting re-elected because of a "reservoir of patience" among local people. Either that or an ocean of disgust at the paucity of plausible ballot choices.

read … New Day Old 

Activists: Abercrombie is Executing Micronesians 

There is a simple way to continue medical services, and you can help: Tell Governor Abercrombie to drop the administration’s appeal which would cut off life-saving medical care to COFA migrants.

Yes, Abercrombie has chosen to appeal a federal district court ruling preventing the state from cutting off dialysis, chemotherapy and other critical services to people who are legitimate residents of Hawaii. Final briefs have already been filed—see Final brief filed by state in attempt to cut off medical services for Micronesians, other Pacific migrants (8/17/2011).

Sure, we want the federal government to chip in with funds to cover Hawaii’s expenses, but needing dialysis while being Micronesian is not a capital offense. Nobody should be executed (which is what cutting off dialysis amounts to) because of a squabble between the state and federal governments.

(See next item)

read … execution

Abercrombie admits responsibility for costing Hawaii millions under Compact of Free Association

HNN 11-2-10: Neil Abercrombie says "Yes". He was on the committee that helped put together the treaty with Micronesia. That's now costing Hawaii millions.

Abercrombie admits, "I wish we could have done something more to see to it that the funding came. It wasn't for a lack of. I ended up voting for the bill because it was the right thing to do - but the funding wasn't there. And I regret that ...very, very deeply and I think that the consequences of that are in front of us right now."

read more 

Even Obama doesn’t want anything to do with Abercrombie  

Gov. Neil Abercrombie, who has known Obama since birth having been a contemporary of his parents during their years at the University of Hawaii (they were all part of the same dope smoking academic Marxist clique) expects to meet with the president, but probably only in an official capacity.

In a recent interview, Abercrombie said he would like to meet with Obama in a more personal setting (but Obama hasn’t and apparently won’t. So much for the special relationship, eh Neil):

“But I’ve made a request. We’re hoping he’ll be able to take at least a few minutes to perhaps visit Washington Place. After all, from the point of view of welcoming the world, we’d like to welcome the president in his own home town

“I think it will pretty difficult – just the logistics of it alone will probably work against that happening.”

(Maybe Obama doesn’t want Americans to realize who was changing his diapers back in the day.)

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Maoist APEC protestors get ready to rally

A huge sign sits front and center on the UH Manoa campus - welcoming the world to APEC. But just down the road, at Revolution Books, another picture sends a very different message.

"Yes, we are definitely planning for rallies, protests, and the question of where, exactly when and where the access will be, in a safe peaceful manner, is in question," says Carolyn Hadfield from World Can't Wait Hawaii, an anti-APEC group front for the Revolutionary Communist Party.

Sharma, who's a UH sociology professor, says, "These policies are killing people. There's no doubt about it. It's killing people either through poverty or its killing people through environmental destruction."

Locally, Chun – who's the UH Department of Arts & Art History chairwoman - takes issue with the state spending millions to beautify roads while cutting social services and removing homeless. Chun says, "These people are the victims of economic decline caused by the wealthy and the bank industry. And these are the very people that they're cleaning them up for so that they don't have to see them.

(That’s funny. I though dope dealers caused homelessness.)

read … Revolution Books 

Occupy Maui: Protesters in Clown Suits hit Wailuku 

read … Occupy Maui

SA pushes for Taxes on Food Deemed “Junk”

Last week, Denmark became the first nation to levy a fat tax at the register. Danes will now pay an extra 12 cents for a bag of potato chips and 40 cents more for a hamburger. People are accustomed to “sin” taxes for alcohol and tobacco. Are we ready for taxes on fat, salt and sugar?

In Hawaii, during the recent legislative session, lawmakers proposed a new tax on sugary drinks; 10 cents on beverage containers of 12 ounces or less and 25 cents on containers over 12 ounces. Sugary beverages were defined to include soda, sweetened water, sports drinks, energy drinks, sweetened coffee or tea, and fruit or vegetable drinks with less than 70 percent natural fruit and vegetable juice. The bill failed.

Sen. Josh Green (D, Milolii-Waimea), chairman of the Senate Health Committee, said he would support a new tax ….

read … Propaganda for Tax Hikes

Panel Again Revises Staggered Terms for Hawaii Senate Seats

The Hawaii Constitution lays out the rules for staggering the terms, requiring that two-year terms be assigned to 12 seats for the election immediately following the adoption of the reapportionment plan.

The 12 districts are not randomly selected, but are calculated to have had "the smallest populations of participation in the 2010 senatorial elections," according to reapportionment staff. In other words, how many residents in a newly drawn district live in a current district that elected a senator in 2010.

Staff said the first revision was needed because they overlooked the outright election of Carol Fukunaga to District 11 in the 2010 primary election. The latest revision is due to special elections for Districts 7 and 22 being overlooked.

In the case of District 7, Kauai Sen. Ron Kouchi was elected in 2010 to fill out the remainder of former Sen. Gary Hooser's four-year term. Likewise, Dela Cruz, who represents District 22, was elected in 2010 to fill out the remainder of former Sen. Bobby Bunda's four-year term. Both these districts had previously been assigned to four-year terms in 2012, but are now assigned to two-year terms.

The new calculation now assigns Tokuda's seat to a four-year term in 2014.

read … Third time is the Charm

911 calls capture progress of rampage

911 Police Recordings (Click to listen to audio)
Call No. 1
Call No. 2
Call No. 3
Call No. 4

HNN: HPD releases some 911 tapes from shooting spree

read … 911

Kauai Jury fails to convict for “Atooi” License provided by Anti-Superferry Protester

A jury found a Kalaheo resident guilty on two of three driving-related charges but remained hung on whether presenting his Native Hawaiian Kauaiian license to police was illegal.

Louis Lance Keoni Palama, 48, waited three days from the start of his trial until the verdict was presented late morning Thursday to Fifth Circuit Court Chief Judge Randall Valenciano.

The trial was in regard to a traffic stop on July 22, 2010. Palama was accused of driving without a license, proper registration and no-fault insurance. He did not have a valid State of Hawai‘i driver’s license at the time and presented his Polynesian Kingdom of Atooi driver’s license….

The King of the Polynesian Kingdom of Atooi, Dayne Gonsalves, also known as Ariki Nui Alea Aipoalani, was present outside of the court as a potential witness and was not called to testify. He said informally that the Atooi have the right to make their own identification cards and appropriate credentials as a sovereign nation recognized under the Te Moana Nui A Kiva or Pacific Island United Nations.

Gonsalves is currently awaiting a state appeal on a case that involves himself and a co-defendant in a similar case where he presented a Hawai‘i Federal Marshall badge, which identified him as a law enforcement officer in the Kingdom of Atooi. (During anti-Superferry riots at Nawiliwili)

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W. Hawaii shooting range could open in 'couple years'

A public shooting range for West Hawaii is on target to open in a "couple of years," with state and county cooperation on the use of land near the Puuanahulu landfill….

State Rep. Cindy Evans, D-North Kona, South Kohala, was unsuccessful in her 2008 bid to get $250,000 in planning and environmental assessment funding for the project. Her efforts bogged down in part because the proposal had been billed as a shooting range for both recreational users and law enforcement, but the Hawaii County Police Department preferred to practice separate from the general public.

The department is instead pursuing a shooting range in conjunction with a proposed $12 million South Kona police station.

But Conry said the shooting range qualifies for federal hunter education funding. The money, collected from taxes on firearms, archery equipment and ammunition, is portioned to the states according to a formula, with Hawaii's most recent share $792,328, according to the 2011 report from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

States may be reimbursed up to 75 percent of a project's total cost. Conry said the state wants to create shooting ranges in West Hawaii and on Kauai with the money.

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Ecos in Dismay as Kokee Cabins to be Auctioned 

The state Department of Land and Natural Resources, Division of State Parks on Friday announced that 17 vacant recreational residence leases in Koke‘e and Waimea State Parks on Kaua‘i’s Westside are scheduled for public auction.

“This auction is a great opportunity for residents to bid on rustic recreational cabins and lots, in one of Hawai‘i’s most beautiful State Parks, that have not been available to the general public in decades,” DLNR Chairperson William Aila said in a press release.

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