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Friday, November 11, 2011
November 11, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:52 PM :: 4774 Views

The History of Veterans Day

Just in Time for APEC: IBEW Strikes HawaiianTel

VIDEO: Paranoia Strikes Occupy Maui (Hilarious)

Stacey Djou: Thank you, veterans, for your sacrifices

My husband joined the U.S. Army a month after the dreadful attacks on our nation on 9/11. As a result, he and I have had the privilege of knowing many brave men and women who have put on the uniform.

We've seen how difficult deployments can be, and the strain they can put on not just the troops but also their families.

But since my husband deployed to Afghanistan in September, I've come to see that knowing about a deployment and living through a deployment are two very different things.

Imagine being away from your family and friends for months on end without the comforts Americans often take for granted — a warm bed, flushing toilets or the occasional pizza night out with the kids.

Instead, for many soldiers, like my husband, life is a tent shared with seven other soldiers, port-a-potties, and frequent mortar attacks just yards away.

For other brave soldiers whose jobs require them to directly confront the Taliban on a daily basis, their bed is the ground, dinner is rations and firefights are commonplace.

read … Djou

Star-Advertiser: UPW Furlough days are “Directed Leave”

The agreement includes 14 days leave without pay this fiscal year, which ends June 30; 13 days leave without pay next fiscal year; a 50-50 medical premium split, instead of the current 60 percent for the state and 40 percent for employees; and a no-layoff clause for the life of the contract, according to a bargaining committee member. Officials said the days of directed leave without pay are not furlough days, and the public will see no interruption in services. (In other words. The UPW fought for furloughs. Abercrombie fought to call them something else. Are you fooled? The Star-Advertiser hopes you will be. After all, it wasa the cornerstone of the Democrats campaign to re-take the 5th Floor.)

Check Out KHON Headline: UPW tentative agreement addresses state's financial crisis

Related: HGEA Negotiators: Hide furlough days, recoup losses after Legislature adjourns

And: Four of a Kind: UPW, UHPA get big Fat Pay Raise—and HSTA suit could give one to HGEA

read … Furloughs

Hawaii Tax Revenues Up 8%

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Hawaii state tax receipts are up 6 percent since the current fiscal year began on July 1, and general excise tax receipts, an indicator of economic health, are up more than 8 percent.

The Hawaii Department of Taxation reports $216 million in excise tax receipts on October, and cumulative general excise tax revenue of $871 million since July 1, up 8.2 percent from $805 million at the same point last year.

Other taxes, especially corporate and personal income tax receipts, can fluctuate from month to month, but total general fund revenue in October was $360 million, and cumulative revenue is $1.58 billion, compared to $1.23 billion at the same point last year.

read … But Abercrombie Still Wants to Raise Taxes

Hawaii Public Pension Fund Lost $1.4 Billion Since June

Hawaii's public-employee pension fund was hard-hit over the past three months by the volatile U.S. stock market and the global financial crisis.

The Hawaii Employees' Retirement System — which pays out retirement benefits for state and county workers — lost $1.4 billion for the quarter ended September 30. Its total portfolio generated a negative 11.2 percent return for the quarter, according to a report by Pension Consulting Alliance. (The 60-page report is not available online.)

Nationally, public retirement funds with at least $1 billion in assets posted a median loss of 9 percent for the quarter.

The losses follow a 21 percent gain for the year ended June 30.

The ERS portfolio was valued at $10.2 billion as of Sept. 30, down 12 percent from its value of $11.6 billion just three months earlier. The fund's value is down 3.3 percent since last September

read … Thanks Obama

Judge dismisses appeal from HSTA for relief

A state judge dismissed this morning an appeal from the Hawaii State Teachers Association for relief from the 5 percent wage cut contract the state imposed over the summer.

The ruling by Circuit Judge Rhonda Nishimura sends the matter back to the Hawaii Labor Relations Board.

CB: Judge Shoots Down HSTA Appeal Of Pay Cuts

read … HSTA Busted

Suddenly Governor's future looks Bright and Gay with Oshiro

Oshiro has been an attorney for 15 years and a legislator for 11. He leaves the House as Democratic majority leader. His biggest accomplishment was repeatedly steering the civil unions bill through the House until it was signed into law earlier this year by Abercrombie.

Oct 9: Top Abercrombie Advisor Tied to Honolulu Liquor Commission Boss forced out by FBI Investigation

Oct 10: Governor’s New Communications director Is Chairman Of Unity House, Owner of Troubled Nightclub, Gambling Advocate


read … Borreca finally sees something to get excited about

Attendance below expectations for meeting of corporate leaders

The private-sector side of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation starts today in Waikiki, but registration for the APEC CEO Summit appears to fall short of expectations and past summits, according to the full list of participants.

APEC CEO Summit organizers had estimated that the two-day conference would attract 1,500 attendees, anticipating that the function, billed as the premier business event in the Asia-Pacific region, would be the best-attended in its 16-year history.

As of Tuesday, however, just shy of 900 participants were registered for the conference, according to a final list provided by organizers. The count is below the turnout for last year's CEO Summit in Yokohama, Japan, which drew more than 1,000….

The bulk of participants are corporate leaders. More than half are from the United States (301) and China (234). About 45 are from Hawaii, including close to 30 business executives and more than a dozen government agency and office representatives. Only 32 participants are coming from Japan.

Peter Ho: APEC Not a Game Changer

SA: Inouye opens APEC CEO Summit

read … Nobody Cares about APEC


US Chamber Won’t Back China Visa Wavers

An inquiry sent to the U.S. Department of State seeking comment on its visa program was not immediately returned.

On Wednesday, U.S. Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Tom Donohue addressed a luncheon crowd here in Honolulu. He said while he recognizes the value of travel and tourism, he is cautious about granting visa waivers to China because he's concerned about the threat to American intellectual property. (In other words: “Dream On.”)

Honolulu Begs: City urges lifting of Chinese visa restrictions

read … Incompetent Hawaii Democrats Unable to Solve Problem

Hawaii Homeless, Occupy Protest Symbolize American Weakness, Chinese Power

But things are not as picture perfect as they seem. Just a few blocks away from the beach, the homeless have set up tents and makeshift beddings.

Hawaii has even sprouted its own anti-capitalist protest movement, with scores of demonstrators taking part in the 'Occupy Honolulu' events.

The economic downturn over the past few years has seen a dramatic fall in the largest group of tourists from the US mainland, who find the pricey trip halfway across the Pacific increasingly hard to afford….

“Will the Philippines hold fast to its long time, albeit economically-weak ally America to move its own economy forward?" or “Will it embrace China—the rising giant in its neighborhood — to whom the whole world now seems to be looking for help?”

read … Hawaii's tourism troubles mirror region's economic concerns

Maoists, Homeless Concentrate Forces at Old Stadium Park

"In the spirit of the whole occupy movement happening across the country a place where people can come down and discuss politics networking sit down share some food have some water sit in the shade sing some songs play some drums make some signs you name it,"says Liz Rees, World Can't Wait.

What a freaking Coincidence: Homeless Being Concentrated in Old Stadium Park

read … Group "World Can't Wait" preparing to protest APEC

Homeless Sweeps Push More Bums to Accept Shelter

Service providers said they are receiving more requests for meals, access to showers and case management.

River of Life Mission, which serves 15,000 meals a month, is seeing about 30 more people a day come in for food, showers and free hygiene products. Merrie Susan Marchant, River of Life general manager, said the increase started Monday.

"Where they're coming from, I can't tell you," she said.

The Institute for Human Services, which runs the largest emergency shelter in the islands, said it has had 30 to 50 new people coming in every few days for services but not shelter.

That's up from 15 to 20 new people normally.

"They're coming for meals. They're coming for the showers, toiletries, but many of them don't stay," said Connie Mitchell, IHS executive director, adding some of the new people appeared to have been displaced from other places because of sweeps.

IHS has room for about 50 single males in its men's shelter, which holds 200. IHS also has space for 10 single women, but its facility on Kaaahi Street for families is full with more than 30 families, including 56 children, most under 4.

Mitchell said the lack of space at the family shelter is not APEC-related, but linked to the economic downturn. Many families are coming in after losing jobs or because they were doubling up with relatives and had to leave, she said.

The state's Next Step shelter in Kakaako is at capacity, with about 200 people.

Hein, of Waikiki Health Center's Care-A-Van program, which manages the shelter, said though more people aren't looking to move in, she is getting more general inquiries. People are "kind of asking about shelters."

(Too bad the pressure will end as soon as APEC ends. Homeless sweeps are the ONLY humane policy towards homelessness.)

read … Homeless Sweeps

Waikiki McDonald's Shooting Victim’s Family Lawyer Story Changes Again

Michael Green, the attorney hired by Elderts' family, previously said the agent followed Elderts out of a nightclub, but the attorney provided a different account Thursday.

After drinking at a downtown bar, Elderts ended up in Waikiki with a group of friends, where they were joking around with workers at the McDonald's on Kuhio Avenue, Green said. Deedy and three others walked into the restaurant….

Green said he's been talking to witnesses and understands that there was a surveillance camera in the McDonald's.

He plans to file a lawsuit next week against Deedy on behalf of Elderts' family. He said he also expects to file a lawsuit against the government.

read … Funeral

New Jersey education official chosen headmaster of Kamehameha Schools

The announcement said Kim was born and raised in Hawaii, but did not say whether he has Hawaiian blood. The schools' admissions policy gives preference to students of Hawaiian ancestry.

But to many, Kim's ancestry isn't an issue.

Toni Lee, former president of Na Pua a ke Ali'i, a group that pressed for reforms at the school in the late 1990s, applauded the appointment.

"I don't know if he's part-Hawaiian or not, but I don't think that's a criteria," she said. "I think we need the best."

read … Kam Schools

After 13 Years, Sovereignty Scammer Gets One Year in Jail—Homeless Victims Angry

The Schaefers have lost every appeal. With the case reverted back to district court from a Hawai‘i Supreme Court appeal on Oct. 19, there is no reason to delay the sentencing again, Iseri-Carvalho said. Three of the 21 victims in the group have since passed away.

The terms of the 2009 sentencing remain in effect. The couple was tried separately on multiple charges second-degree theft, tax evasion and filing an incorrect tax form.

The plea deal dropped the felony charge in return for accepting 19 misdemeanor charges. They must also pay restitution of $33,876.57 and $1,045 in court fees.

The restitution will go to individuals and couples, some of whom were elderly and members of the Schaefers’ church. They paid from $275 to as much as $6,705, reportedly for future land rights and settlements that the Hawaiian Kingdom would supposedly reap when it regained control of the islands from the United States.

Other money was given for buying driver’s licenses, birth certificates or other official documents of the Hawaiian Kingdom. The most damage came from victims believing advice that they should stop paying mortgages, taxes and bills, because they were not owed by members of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

Dario and Teresita Sibolboro of Lihu‘e were both present as two of the 21 victims. They lost a home to foreclosure and have ruined credit.

It was a time following the 1993 Apology Bill and the victims believed the independence momentum was there and there was a lot of activity going on. They believed it was possible to stop paying mortgages, if you sent in silver coins.

Read …. Another Great Leader of the Sovereignty Movement

Sovereignty Activists Recruiting Prisoners in Arizona

Two spiritual leaders from Hawaii visited Hawaiian inmates at the Sahuaro Correctional Center in Eloy, Arizona, this week, with the intention of teaching and enlightening the prisoners about their culture.

read … Hawaiian prisoners in Arizona are taught about their ancient culture

Hoku's loss widens to $7.9M (Hawaii’s very own Solyndra)

Hoku Corp., a Honolulu-based solar energy company, said Thursday it lost $7.9 million, or 14 cents per share, in the quarter that ended Sept. 30, compared with a loss of $2 million, or 4 cents per share, a year earlier.

Revenue, which the company generates primarily from installing photovoltaic systems through its Hoku Solar subsidiary, grew to $1.9 million, from $1.2 million a year ago.

The company has been losing money as it builds a polysilicon plant in Idaho.

CEO Scott Paul (once again) said the plant is close to being finished….

Paul said a recent drop in polysilicon prices has led the company to consider expanding the capacity of its Idaho plant. (Read that again very slowly.)

read … Another Act 221 Co. Gasping for Air


Hawaii woman charged with $510,000 investment fraud


The government said Anguay operated a company called Money $en$e. Anguay promised returns of 15 percent to 30 percent, and at least 15 people invested a total of more than $800,000 from 2007 to 2010, the government said.

But instead of investing the money, the government said, Anguay used it to pay off other investors and for her personal uses such as paying her mortgage, travel expenses and living expenses such as food and utilities.

read … Another Day, Another Ponzi

Hawaii Biofool does Boeing Contract

Boeing and Hawai`i BioEnergy….

read … Green wash

Hawaii County Redistricting map finalized

More than a dozen meetings, nine public hearings and innumerable hours of squinting at census blocks culminated Thursday in the county Redistricting Commission's "final" draft map of new County Council districts for the next decade.

The map will be shown at public hearings Nov. 21 in Kona and Nov. 22 in Hilo before it is formally adopted Nov. 30. The commission has until Dec. 31 to submit a plan, metes and bounds and a narrative rationalization to the Elections Office.

The consensus map was arrived at after six hours of concessions, compromises and a few frayed nerves by commission members, who advocated for their particular districts, but in the end settled on a map that they could live with.

read … Redistricting map finalized

Marines seek new aircraft for Hawaii operations

The document notes that the aircraft, the MV-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft and the H-1 Cobra and Huey helicopters, would use airstrips and landing zones at Pohakuloa Training Area and occasionally use Upolu Airport in North Kohala.

Aviation operations at PTA would increase by about 9,000 flights annually if the plan is approved, compared with the no-action alternative. That would bring the total number of operations at PTA to about 46,400. In 2009, tower count data showed about 43,000 operations. If the Marine Corps decides against bringing the aircraft to Hawaii, Marine Corps air operations at the base would decrease by about one-third. The document said 23 percent more operations, about 250, are anticipated at Upolu Airport.

read … Osprey

UH Mānoa Library Features Exhibit on University of Hawai'i Veterans

The UH Mānoa Library invites the community to view the exhibit, University of Hawai‛i Veterans: World War I – Vietnam War, in the Moir Reading Room on the 5th floor of the Hamilton Library Addition. The exhibit was created by Jim Cartwright and Lynn Davis from University Archives and the Special Research Collections. The exhibit will be up thru March 2012. The Moir Reading Room is open Tuesday-Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

University of Hawai‛i alumni have served in the United States military in all of the 20th century wars; many lost their lives. This exhibit salutes them and relates some of the stories about these veterans of World War I, World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. Their legacy is documented through letters, journals, posters and photographs.

read … Veterans Exhibit


Slideshow: Honolulu’s Dangerous Parks


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