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Saturday, May 31, 2014
May 31, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:20 PM :: 5151 Views
  1. Hawaiian Sovereignty by Fiat? Feds 'advance notice' not a serious proposal
  2. Djou: Allow vets to bypass VA for health care
  3. Appeals Court Rules: Hanabusa a Big Loser on Waimanalo Gulch
  4. May 30, 2014: Office of Elections Releases Updated Candidate List
  5. IDG Geothermal Scammers Could Score $0.195 per Kwh Sandwich Profits
  6. HSDC Gives Away Another $4.5M in 'HI Tech' Corporate Welfare
  7. Child Support Enforcement Abuse: Hawaii Parents Org. Scores Victories in Legislature
  8. Carroll Cox: Exposing the Dark Side of Paradise
  9. Council Considers 71% Property Tax Hike
  10. Obamacare Insurance Hike 8.9% Approved for HMSA
  11. Star-Adv: Give new UH president a 3-year deal so we can Pay Again
  12. Defeat of Occupy May Ease Path to Force Homeless into Shelters
  13. Judge halts construction of second tower at 801 South St.
  14. Mass Insanity on Kauai
  15. Anti-GMO Protesters Can't Figure out Difference between Charter Amendment and Ordinance
  16. Hare Krishna on Rampage Stabs Three in Hilo
  17. Minimum wage boost draws mixed reviews

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Friday, May 30, 2014
May 30, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:32 PM :: 4204 Views
  1. HTA: Visitor Spending Down 2.9%
  2. Am Samoa: Faleomavaega Losing Touch With Reality
  3. OHA now claims no meeting took place in Washington
  4. Today in 1984: SCOTUS Upholds Hawaii Land Redistribution Eminent Domain Plan
  5. OHA asked to delay nation-building plan
  6. OHA CEO Presents Two Options to Roll
  7. HECO: LNG Will Save Ratepayers $500M/year
  8. Bill calls for $32M to be used to build housing for homeless
  9. Revenue forecast for Hawaii continues downward
  10. UH Regents: Next President Will Be Month to Month Forever
  11. Video Features Abercrombie Breaking into Old Man's Home
  12. Gabbard 60% Popular
  13. Anti-GMO Activism Behind Collapse of Progressivism at Democratic Convnetion
  14. UPWs Sorry Record Makes it Kinda Hard to Sell Repatriation of Prisoners
  15. Victim Speaks out about Homosexual Child Molester
  16. HSDC Gives Away Another $4.5M to Rich People
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Thursday, May 29, 2014
May 29, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 10:17 PM :: 5657 Views
  1. Keli’i Akina to Run for OHA Trustee-at-Large
  2. Native Hawaiians would be 'Indians' under Obama plan
  3. Will OHA Delay Kana'iolowalu? Live Stream Here
  4. Duke Aiona Releases First Campaign Video
  5. Controversial candidates fill ballot for Ewa Beach House Seat
  6. Melodie Aduja: Former State Senator with troubled past wants another chance
  7. May 29, 2014: Office of Elections Releases Updated Candidate List
  8. Aiea: More Condos, Fewer Traffic Lanes, and Toxic Waste
  9. Hawaiian Affairs CEO: delay nation-building plan
  10. Ohigashi: Closed Primary 'Not My Passion'
  11. Veto Coming?  Abercrombie Babbles Incoherently about SB2682
  12. Hawaii Has 80 New Laws; 161 Bills Await Action
  13. Kakaako developers co-sponsor fundraiser for Gov. Neil Abercrombie
  14. Six More Condo Towers for Kakaako
  15. Congressional debate canceled for low attendance from business community
  16. Hawaiian Electric receives three bid proposals for LNG supply
  17. Veterans Affairs clinics under review in Hawaii
  18. Homeless Flying to Kauai
  19. Chinatown Tenant Income Levels Debated in City Housing Sale
  20. City Council bill would ban foam food containers
  21. Hawaii Ranks #3 in Unionization
  22. Hawaii Man Gets Probation for Making Kid Walk Mile
  23. UH athletics to post $2 million loss
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Wednesday, May 28, 2014
May 28, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:54 PM :: 4244 Views
  1. Department of Interior Secretly Planning Native Hawaiian Recognition Since 2012
  2. Court Guts Atheist Lawsuit Against Oahu Churches
  3. The Climate Moe'uhane in Hawaii
  4. Audio: Hawaii Shippers’ Council Discusses the Jones Act on Guam Radio
  5. CitiBike? No, SillyBike
  6. War and Democide Author Rudy Rummel Remembered
  7. Boylan: Why Republicans are a Good Bet in 2014
  8. CD1 Dems Kim v Takai, Rest Trail
  9. Did Hee poll show Ige favored by Dem primary voters?
  10. Tribalizing Hawaii
  11. CNHA Eager to Turn Hawaiians into Fake Indian Tribe
  12. Atheists Push DoE into Massive Rent Hike on Churches
  13. Subpoenas: Atheists to begin Harassing Churches, Schools Next Week 
  14. Final Dog n Pony Show Before Regents Pick Lassner
  15. NCAA Sanctions Loom at UH Athletic Program
  16. 'Clean Energy' = Rate Hikes for 85% of Consumers
  17. Ige opposes public money for private preschool
  18. Insurance Companies Score $1500/year for 1000s of Quest Ghost Patients 
  19. Ethics Comm to go after Legislative Allowances?
  20. Council resolution would reconfigure the board of directors governing the water system
  21. HPD No Explanation for Use of Force Increase
  22. Kaneohe neighbors concerned over halfway house with 18 residents
  23. City pays millions each year in lawsuit settlements, many due to potholes
  24. Kenoi’s travel bill: $13,968
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Tuesday, May 27, 2014
May 27, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:32 PM :: 3821 Views
  1. VA Exec Overseeing Hawaii has Fake Masters Degree
  2. Am Samoa: Candidates Line up for Run at Faleomavaega's Seat
  3. Afghanistan: The Meaning of Service on this Memorial Day
  4. Railroading Paradise: Pro-Rail Sierra Club Releasing Rail Documentary
  5. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted May 27, 2014
  6. Poll: Schatz leads Hanabusa 44 - 39
  7. Djou supports allowing vets to bypass VA for health care
  8. Obama Administration Seeks Race-Based Government In Hawaii
  9. Akaka Tribe to Bypass Congress?
  10. Anti-GMO Crackpots to Submit 10K More Signatures Today
  11. Crooked Sen Melodie Aduja Goes After Clayton Hee's Old Seat
  12. HCDA: Saiki Bill Reduces Affordable Housing Options, Transparency
  13. UH presidential fumble will diminish the University
  14. UH president finalists' interviews will be public
  15. KaLeo: Neither Candidate for UH Pres Meets Qualifications
  16. Morita TVR Fine Retaliation from Abercrombie
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Monday, May 26, 2014
May 26, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:11 PM :: 5847 Views
  1. Hawaii Memorial Day Ceremonies
  2. Democrats argue who can "take on Djou"
  3. Bye-Bye Closed Primary? Stephanie Ohigashi defeats attorney Tony Gill for Democratic Party Chair
  4. Will OHA Reopen or Delay Kana‘io­lowalu Roll?
  5. Ige Attacks School Board on Behalf of HSTA
  6. Ige: I work for HSTA, Abercrombie Works for Billionaires
  7. Mayor: Homelessness is My Latest Excuse for Property Tax Hike Proposal
  8. Hawaii GOP Pledges Jones Act Reform
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Sunday, May 25, 2014
May 25, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 8:38 PM :: 4376 Views
  1. Feds Secretly “Reorganizing the Native Hawaiian Community as an Indian Tribe" -- Since 2012
  2. Hawaii's "Environmental Court" - A Bad Idea Whose Time (Apparently) Is Nigh
  3. Sex and science: Hawaii’s ‘Babes Against Biotech’ flaunt T&A to attack GMOs
  4. Abercrombie Signs Minimum Wage Hike
  5. Time for the Kapalama Terminal Credit
  6. Army hosts Memorial Day Remembrance
  7. Democrats are committed to keeping the Hawaii Republican Party “in its place”
  8. Abercrombie: 'Stand up against those who think that they can buy elections' (LOL!)
  9. Borreca: Mufi Swings Election to Aiona?
  10. Obama Interior Department Reviving Akaka Tribe
  11. For Two Years OHA Trustee Os Stender Didn't Know About Interior Department Rulemaking for Akaka Tribe
  12. Jim Crow alive and well in Eric Holder's Justice Department
  13. Jim Crow Prowls Paradise
  14. Massive Fraud: 33% of Quest Enrollees Exposed as Ghost Patients
  15. Star-Adv: Hurry Up and Fill UH Position so We Can Pick a Vice-President
  16. NCAA Investigates UH Basketball Program
  17. High levels of diesel found in Tripler well
  18. JPAC Retaliates Against Whistleblower
  19. Union Work Rules Killing Lahainaluna Boarding School
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Saturday, May 24, 2014
May 24, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:00 PM :: 3886 Views
  1. Feds Begin ‘Rule Making’ to Create Akaka Tribe
  2. Decision on CNMI Vote Demonstrates the Illegality of OHA's Nation-Building Process
  3. Hawaii GOP pledges Jones Act reform
  4. Heritage: Jones Act Hinders National Security
  5. UHERO: Tourism Weakness Continues
  6. May 23, 2014: Office of Elections Releases Updated Candidate List
  7. House candidate with criminal rap sheet withdraws from 2014 race
  8. Democratic Party Chairmanship Vote a Referendum on Closed Primary
  9. PUC head Mina Morita fined $31,000 for unauthorized rentals
  10. Ethics panel closes case against Rep. Cabanilla over nonprofit
  11. Unions, Obamacare Conspire to Destroy Sister Isle Hospitals
  12. Kauai Dem Legislators Force Hospital Cutbacks, But Pose as Saviors
  13. John Sosa: Longtime educator urging DoE to take a critical survey seriously
  14. HPU loses 10% of students; lays off professors
  15. Cost of Preventing Ala Wai Canal Flood Rises to $200 Million
  16. DR Horton Loads Contaminated Soil into Kapolei Development
  17. Docs: Honolulu Occupy Not Worth Spying On
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Friday, May 23, 2014
May 23, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:38 PM :: 6378 Views
  1. Free Ride for Legislators who Vote Against Religious Freedom?
  2. ADF to Hawaii court: Dismiss renewed attack on churches
  3. UHERO: Natural Gas is Cheaper and Cleaner
  4. VIDEO: Why is the Rent So High in Hawaii?
  5. Saiki: Republican Convention Energizing Party
  6. Military Officers Assoc. Backs Jones Act Reform
  7. Sen. Sam Slom: Legislative Session in Review
  8. Should Honolulu Ban Biodegradable Bags?
  9. Djou Urges Thai armed forces to return power to democratic institutions
  10. Army hosts Memorial Day Remembrance
  11. Abercrombie Releases CIP for Prisons, Mental Hospital
  12. Prekindergarten classrooms available at 18 public schools this fall
  13. Gold: Positive Feedback From Public on Proposal to Dump Obamacare
  14. Ige, Abercrombie call on regents to reconsider UH prez search
  15. Cabanilla Claims She Didn't Use Taxpayer Dollars for Drawing of Herself--Takayama Caught 'Accidentally' Double Dipping $4,464
  16. Honolulu Council Considers Massive Property Tax Hike
  17. Caldwell: EMT’s “still not really tired” after 12-hour shifts
  18. Bullying Poll Part of Gay Activists Legislative Strategy to Impose Agenda on Schools
  19. Inside look at Navy Region Hawaii sex assault prevention program
  20. TRO Against Man Tied to Assault on Carroll Cox
  21. Kauai Developers Ride on Anti-GMO Coattails
  22. Hawaii 'Clean' Energy Initiative Born in Secrecy
  23. 24 Housing-First Units Planned for Waikiki
  24. Tourist Ag Forms Used to Generate Instant Tourism Stats
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Thursday, May 22, 2014
May 22, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:13 PM :: 3607 Views
  1. Lingle: Public Being Misled About 'Common Core'
  2. It's Time to End Public University Speech Zones
  3. Hawaii Rifle Association Final 2014 Legislative Report
  4. Strange Lights Caused by Barking Sands Missile Launch
  5. Rothenberg: Mufi Could Swing Gubernatorial Race to Aiona
  6. Republicans Can Win By Reaching Voters on Issues that Matter to Them
  7. No Republican Running After Convict Withdraws from Race Against Corrupt Rep Rida Cabanilla
  8. Maui: Most Anti-GMO Signatures Phony
  9. Mufi Joins Call for UH Presidential Do-Over
  10. HSTA Steps Up Anti-Evaluation Agitation
  11. APEC Sweeps Forced 445 Homeless to Accept Shelter
  12. Chinatown Businesses Push $500K Plan to Build Public Toilets
  13. No Ethics in Legislative Allowances
  14. State Task Force Members Must Disclose Financial Ties Under Ethics Ruling
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Wednesday, May 21, 2014
May 21, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:29 PM :: 7043 Views
  1. RGA: "ObamaCare is not working for Hawaii"
  2. Anti-GMO ‘Yogic Flying’ Expert is Latest Mainland Crackpot to Tour Hawaii
  3. Dangerous by Design: Hawaii Worst for Elderly Pedestrian Fatalities
  4. Akaka Bill to Native Roll
  5. Meyer: 'HIRA Gives Fodder to Democrat Narrative'
  6. Legislative Prayer, Tradition, and the Establishment Clause
  7. Intermediate Court of Appeals: No Landlocked Real Estate in Hawaii
  8. Leader of Internet Gambling Operation Sentenced to Prison
  9. Mercado Kim vs Regents on Reopening UH Presidential Search
  10. Hawaii Ranks #2 in Senior Health
  11. Souki: Djou Ahead in Polls, May Win
  12. WaPo: Hawaii Among 15 Top Gubernatorial Races to Watch 
  13. Bill would create environmental court
  14. 22% of Schools Have Employee on leave, under investigation
  15. Auditor assigned to probe HawCC fees
  16. Trask: OHA Infighting Endangers my Geothermal Scheme
  17. There's power and money to be found in fear-mongering
  18. Anti-GMO Activism Like Fundamentalist Religion
  19. New Director: Waikiki Aquarium Will Teach Eco-Religion
  20. Waikiki Natatorium Placed on National Trust for Historic Preservation List
  21. 12,000 apply for rental aid via city's Section 8 program
  22. 875 Days Pali Momi Volume up 30%
  23. Chinatown businesses upset over homeless and lack of bathrooms
  24. $221K Settlement after State Hands Boy Over to Homosexual Child Molester
  25. Big Island man living through child support nightmare
  26. VA Whistleblower on Active Duty in Hawaii
  27. Hawaii Has $52M in Unspent Funds for Drinking Water Projects
  28. Indictment: Longterm Deceit Alleged in Honolulu Landfill Disaster
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Tuesday, May 20, 2014
May 20, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:43 PM :: 5595 Views
  1. Feds Surprised Hawaii did not Change Health Exchange
  2. Duke Aiona Announces Gubernatorial Campaign With Capitol Rally
  3. WaPo: Rep Beth Fukumoto Nationwide 40 under 40
  4. Turtle Bay: A Real Difference Between Ige and Abercrombie
  5. Congressional Report: Jones Act Boosts Oil Prices
  6. Seven Myths About the Office of Hawaiian Affairs
  7. OHA trustees, CEO promise to work together (for now), Possible Delay to Nation Building
  8. Crabbe: OHA May Delay Kanaiolowalu Roll
  9. Office of Hawaiian Affairs Public Meeting May 29
  10. Crabbe Supporters Refused to Clear OHA Trustees' Room
  11. $25,000 for Crook Keanu Sai to Write Kerry Letter?
  12. Russia Today: US Illegally Annexed Hawaii
  13. 8 Years Later: NELHA Solar Project Shuts Down After Producing Nothing but Tax Credits
  14. Ivy League dean with Hawaii roots never considered for UH president
  15. CDC slams UH biolab
  16. Matayoshi: Teacher, Principal Evaluations Will Reap Dividends 
  17. Star-Adv: Financial Disclosure Bill Should be Signed
  18. Hawaii State Hospital plagued with security issues
  19. Kauai: Alleged Child Molester Daisy Chain Wins Mistrial
  20. Suit: DHS Negligence in returning boy who died to his parents
  21. Charter schools get pass on sunshine law
  22. Former UH Coach Tomey Passes On Run as Hannemann’s LG
  23. Kauai Police Chief Perry for Council
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Monday, May 19, 2014
May 19, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:29 PM :: 4483 Views
  1. Congressional Delegation Blocks Obamacare Exemption to Avoid “Awkward Political Narrative”
  2. Grassroot Institute Applauds Trustees' Call to Halt Nation-Building
  3. Transparency and Influence: A Report from the Secret Dialogue on Hawaii Lobbying
  4. Democrats Bend Their Own Rules to Get Gays, Enviros on Ballot
  5. Star-Adv:  Cachola a sign of corruption that must be rooted out
  6. Waikiki Homelessness: Savio, Sofos Demand Caldwell Take Action
  7. Herding Cats and Democrats
  8. Hawaii Legislature Blocks Funding for Family-Interaction Preschools
  9. HHSC Kalaheo Clinic closing
  10. Concierge Medicine Lags in Hawaii
  11. Honolulu Prosecutor Agrees More Transparency Better In Police Shootings
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Sunday, May 18, 2014
May 18, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:11 PM :: 3870 Views
  1. Peter Apo: OHA should abandon its role in nation building
  2. Djou, Aiona Rally State GOP Convention
  3. The Turtle Bay Gut and Replace Bill
  4. Sledgehammer Tom Brower Taxpayer-Funded Survey: Should Homeless Shopping Carts be ‘Disposed’?
  5. Follow the Money: The Mainland Anti-GMO SHAKA Movement
  6. Shapiro: Take cue from Hawaiians and end enrollment effort
  7. Waihee: This is Just a Blip on OHA's Radar Screen
  8. Star-Adv: Politics in the Way -- Hawaii needs waiver from ACA without delay
  9. Gay marriage lights fire beneath new candidates
  10. Voter registration key to victory, leaders say
  11. Dems Exclude All CD1 Candidates--Except Kim
  12. Tokuda: Pre-kindergarten not a Voucher program
  13. Secret NCAA Investigation of UH Athletic Program Launched in March
  14. Akana: Disappointed, OHA Will Proceed with Kakaako Master Plan  
  15. A muscular mind
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Saturday, May 17, 2014
May 17, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:59 PM :: 4245 Views
  1. Hawaii Republicans Get Back to Basics at Today's State Convention
  2. May 16, 2014: Election Commission Releases Updated Candidate List
  3. Search Tool: Where Politicians Spend Your Money
  4. Chamber of Commerce 23 Harmful Bills Stopped in Legislature
  5. OHA Scandal is the Inevitable Result of their Rhetoric
  6. Sea Shepherd accused of using 'pirate' tactics in Hawaii
  7. Sen. Hee Gets Dem Convention Speaking Role, But 6 CD1 Candidates Shut Out
  8. Former OHA Trustee Backs Crabbe
  9. State to scale back Failed Obamacare Exchange
  10. Regents Will Quit if Financial Secrets Exposed
  11. Regents Grab for Tuition Money to Line Contractors Pockets
  12. HECO Seeks to Skip Competitive Bidding to Keep Solar Expensive
  13. Dark Weather Continues for Hawaii's Solar Industry
  14. Electric Cars: More Free handouts Demanded
  15. Sick-leave abuse Makes Arizona Prisons Look Good
  16. Homeless People Choosing 2014 Tent Cities Over Shelters
  17. HPD Shoots Mentally Ill Homeless Female, She Gets $195K
  18. Money Crowd Pushes Insured to Just Die Already
  19. UH Board of Regents Will Fake it one more time, then Select Lassner June 2
  20. Shake up in Maui Police Department, Chief quits
  21. Laie, Hickam is Top Bicycle Commuter Centers
  22. Kauai police chief runs for county council
  23. Alaskan Native Corp Loses $24M in Hawaii Deal
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Friday, May 16, 2014
May 16, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:51 PM :: 4981 Views
  1. Cachola lawyers up as investigators probe use of campaign funds
  2. Duke Aiona: Have I done all I can do for the people of Hawaii?
  3. Squeezed by Lawsuit, UH Hilo adopts interim policy on speech and assembly
  4. Ryan Anderson and Jim DeMint Promote Religious Liberty in Hawaii
  5. Matson’s Corporate Governance Dangerous to Hawaii’s Consumers
  6. Medicaid Expansion to Cost Hawaii $326M
  7. OHA Chaos hits Maui: "Do We Want to Increase the Bleeding?"
  8. Star-Adv: Crabbe Interferes with Drive for Federal Recognition of Akaka Tribe
  9. Obamacare Socks Insurers with $54.1M in New Costs
  10. HART Showboating Costs $57M in Rail change orders
  11. Could Abercrombie really lose?
  12. Prostitute's Black Book Lists Judges, Former Congressman
  13. DoH Pesticide Study Busts Anti-GMO Hype
  14. Grad student organization votes 'no confidence' in UH Presidential search
  15. UH: Narrow-Minded Anti-Military Haters Advocate 'Critical Thinking' LOL! 
  16. Broken Windows Policing Strategy for Waikiki
  17. Double Dipping: Cachola Billed Taxpayers for Car Bought With Campaign Funds
  18. Kim and Chang Join Schatz and Abercrombie on TV
  19. Judge Awards Attorneys' Fees in Police Records Case
  20. How much are you paying for Hawaii’s bad roads?
  21. Kauai Council approves more fees
  22. Hawaii County Agency reining in property tax breaks
  23. Change orders at McKinley High School will be costly
  24. People Not Fooled by Gay 'Marriage'
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Friday, May 16, 2014
Letters to the Editor May, 2014
By Letters to the Editor @ 12:02 AM :: 3526 Views
Matson’s Corporate Governance Dangerous to Hawaii’s Consumers
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Thursday, May 15, 2014
May 15, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:59 PM :: 4167 Views
  1. Did OHA Violate Sunshine Law with Secret Meeting(s) in DC?
  2. It's Time! Judge Elwin Ahu Launches Lt. Gov. Campaign
  3. Hawaii’s Obamacare exchange most costly in nation
  4. Hawaii welfare cheat gets 57 months in federal prison
  5. DBEDT: Building Permits Up 20.6%
  6. Gallup: Hawaii, Texas Best States for Minorities
  7. Honolulu's rail project faces 'risk factors' that could affect schedule and budget
  8. The Uproar at OHA's Door
  9. HMSA: Exempt Small Business from Hawaii Health Connector
  10. Legislators: Dismantling Health Connector does more harm than good
  11. Same-Day Voter Registration Awaits Veto Decision
  12. Principals' Survey critical of new teacher evaluations
  13. Months Later Principal Still Not Informed of Charges
  14. Hawaii Among Lowest Scoring K-12 Students
  15. DHS Botches Passive Renewal -- Creates Excuse to keep Ghost Patients on Rolls
  16. Health-Care Nominee Promises to Review State Obamacare Exchanges
  17. Hawaii senators inspect safety at state hospital
  18. Judge Approves Telescope, Next Stop Supreme Court
  19. UH and UHPA Reach Settlement of the HLRB Prohibited Practice Charge
  20. Hawaii Co Ethics: Election Official OK to Run for Office
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Wednesday, May 14, 2014
May 14, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:52 PM :: 5346 Views
  1. Full Text Push Poll: Schatz beats Hanabusa 49%-34%
  2. Honolulu Ethics: 100 Building Permits, Free Golf, Prizes for 40 City Employees
  3. Hawaii Republicans Get Back to Basics at Upcoming State Convention
  4. After 9 Years, City Reopens Section 8 Waiting List for 6 Days
  5. Calling all Cronies: Hawaii to Burn $150M on Subprime Energy Loan GEMS
  6. Proud to be American and Hawaiian - Keli'i Akina
  7. Schofield: 100 Soldiers Deploy to Afghanistan
  8. VIDEO: Elwin Ahu Its Time to File!
  9. Cachola Busted: $64,000 Paid With Campaign Funds for SUV & 'Hundreds of Questionable Expenditures'
  10. Rep Brower Billed State for Sledgehammer Used to Attack Homeless
  11. Eco Activism: A vapid shell that allows people who are grasping for meaning to sustain the illusion
  12. Waihee Backs Tsutsui vs Hee
  13. OHA Trying to Push Forward With Akaka Tribe Scheme
  14. 1,417 Gay 'Marriages' so far in Hawaii 
  15. ERS Hits Record High, Will be Square by 2014
  16. Perfesser: Wiercinski is just like Eisenhower. Therefore he does not meet the high standards for UH President set by Lassner, Greenwood and Dobelle 
  17. Some UH regents appear open to adjusting tuition increases
  18. Hawaii DoE Keeps Graduating High Schoolers
  19. Hawaii Tops List of Little States That Couldn't on Obamacare
  20. Keeping the Homeless on the Streets, City Council Guts Housing First
  21. Star-Adv: Sweeps help but not solution
  22. How Counties Using Extra $10M TAT
  23. Honolulu Least Affordable Housing in USA
  24. Lobbyists: Ghosts in Hawaii's Legislative Machine
  25. Enviros Launch New Attack on Fisheries
  26. Honolulu Pays $50,000 to Bicyclist Hit by Garbage Truck
  27. PGV cited by EPA for violations
  28. Feed Mill to be Built in Hilo
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Tuesday, May 13, 2014
May 13, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:57 PM :: 3745 Views
  1. OHA Chaos: Machado, Crabbe Dueling Statements (full text)
  2. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted May 12, 2014
  3. Penn & Teller: Bullshit! -- Takes on Organic Food
  4. Hawaii #22 Per Capita Income Tax $922
  5. Report: Hawaii State of Preschool 2013
  6. SBH Conference: Working for a Better Hawaii Business Climate
  7. Poll: Schatz 49% - Hanabusa 34%
  8. Hulu Lindsey Joins Dan Ahuna: Trustees Now 7-2
  9. Machado: Crabbe Undercuts Nation Building
  10. 37% More Homeless Refusing Shelter
  11. Hawaii State Task Force Recommends Jones Act Exemption
  12. Concerned Veterans of Oahu: Inefficient VA system should not be tolerated any longer
  13. Sanctimonious Dive Tour Operators Harass Aquarium Collectors--Get Payback
  14. Dive Tour Operators Admit Repeatedly Harassing Aquarium Fish Collector
  15. Maui Anti-GMO Group Illegally Posts Voter Information Online for Every Voter in Maui County
  16. Bill to Add 'Precautionary Principle' to Hawaii Co Charter Fails 1-8
  17. Monsanto to Donate Land for Internment Camp Memorial
  18. UH Perfessers Sign Petition Say Military Leader 'Incapable of Thinking'
  19. Blue Zone: HMSA Grabs for Control of Your Life
  20. Stover investigation prompts transparency concerns in complaint process
  21. Paramedics forced to work 16-hour days; union balks at shift changes
  22. After 9 Years, City Reopens Section 8 Housing Applications
  23. Campaigning, Schatz Signs on to Tourism Industry Wish List
  24. A Moment for the Late R.J. Rummel, Who Documented the Murderous Nature of Government
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Monday, May 12, 2014
May 12, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:09 PM :: 6112 Views
  1. UPDATE: OHA Trustee Dan Ahuna Recinds Recission
  2. Hawaii’s Schatz among U.S. senators hogging federal earmarks, report says
  3. Molokai Ranch Achieving Success with … Ranching
  4. Health Insurance Rate Hikes: Hawaii is a 'Consensus Pick' Thanks to Obamacare Failure
  5. Watson: Crabbe Firing Would Start 'Exodus'
  6. State Ethics Commission Attacks Free Speech, Right of Assembly
  7. SD23 Riviere Filp-Flop: Now Supports gay marriage
  8. Anti-GMO Show Timed to Match Pesticide Number Release?
  9. Personnel details should accompany city settlements
  10. Hawaii farmland swelled recently, feds say
  11. Battery Cash: Green Energy Scammers Line up for "Investments"
  12. Honolulu Rail Takes Shape, City Prepares for Development Boom
  13. Crime crackdown sweeps through Waikiki
  14. Hawaii Mortality Rate Among Lowest in USA
  15. Schatz Defends East-West Center From Pigs
  16. Hawaii could end life sentences for minors
  17. Kauai Anti-GMO Thug Running for Mayor
  18. Dispute over Kapolei landfill 'in limbo'
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Sunday, May 11, 2014
May 11, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:48 PM :: 5912 Views
  1. Grassroot Institute Calls on OHA Trustees to Own Up for CEO Comments
  2. UH Manoa Profs Petition OHA: Stop ‘Nation Building’ Until John Kerry Answers Letter
  3. VIDEO: OHA Roll Commission Secret Budget $2.3M Wasted for 18,000 names
  4. Hawaii's Top Marginal Tax Rate: 367100%
  5. Settlement Brings Free Speech Victory for MAUIWatch
  6. Oahu, Maui, Kona, Hilo: ‘Irreplaceable’ Returns May 15
  7. To Err Is Human – And Then We Can Really Mess Things Up
  8. Fitch Downgrade: Kauai County Spending Out of Control
  9. 'Bipolar, Egotistical, Boorish' Clayton Hee Running for Lt governor
  10. Hee Endorses Gil Riviere for Senate
  11. "OHA Should not be in the Nation Building Business"
  12. $40.6M per Year Giveaway to Insurance Companies: Ghost Patients to be Exorcised from Quest just this once
  13. Shapiro: Self-Righteous Dogmatists Hijack UH
  14. Suuurrrprise! Malama Solomon is First to Score Lucrative Property Deal after DHHL Lifts Moratorium
  15. Rate Hikes Will Line Tesla's Pockets as Hawaii confronts 'green' energy's bugaboo: batteries
  16. Star-Adv Postmortem on Sopogy Failure
  17. Failed Obamacare Exchanges Cost Taxpayers Half a Billion Dollars
  18. Hanabusa, Schatz differ on Pre-K
  19. VFW Not Ready to Dump Shinseki
  20. Glenn Greenwald: the explosive day we revealed Edward Snowden's identity to the world
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Saturday, May 10, 2014
May 10, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:20 PM :: 4391 Views
  1. Djou: “Obamacare’s punitive costs and punishing demands hurt working people”
  2. DoT Director Glenn Okimoto Flees Abercrombie Administration
  3. OHA to John Kerry: Is Hawaii Really a State?
  4. May 9, 2014: Election Commission Releases Updated Candidate List
  5. Gawker: Hawaii Anti-GMO Speaker a "Cock-Fixated Megalomaniac Email Addict"
  6. Hawaii GOP Convention Registration Open
  7. Hawaii Exiting Inflated Asian Oil Markets, Will Buy from Mexico
  8. Want energy independence? Waive the Jones Act
  9. Video: Grassroot and Buckeye on School Choice
  10. HMSA CEO: Shut Down Hawaii Health Exchange
  11. Gold released the following statement Friday afternoon
  12. DHHL Preferential Treatment for Malama Solomon
  13. Hee to announce run for Lt. Governor?
  14. Gabbard Voter Registration Mailer to 76,000 unregistered persons
  15. HB2590: No Proof of Residency Needed for Same-Day Registration
  16. Hawaii Pacific Health reportedly interested in partnering with Hawaii Health Systems Corp.
  17. Act 37: HECO to Stick Ratepayers with Cost of old plants 'Stranded' by growth of alt energy
  18. Hawaiian Electric cut oil imports by 3M barrels
  19. Geothermal debated by Hawaii County Democrats
  20. BJ Penn’s mother returns to politics with slightly altered name
  21. Homeless highschooler overwhelmed by reaction
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Friday, May 9, 2014
May 9, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:32 PM :: 3523 Views
  1. Slom: Governor Should Seek Jones Act Exemption
  2. Hawaii Obamacare Cost Tops Nation -- $23K Per Enrollee
  3. Parks Service Announces Hearings on Honouliuli Gulch Internment Site
  4. Aiea Mom Selected as 2014 National Young Mother of the Year
  5. Motion for Injunction Filed against Kakaako Condo Tower 801B
  6. Developers: Bulldoze Aloha Stadium, Build Condos
  7. Commission Rejects Most Hawaii Charter School Applicants
  8. Legislators Conceal Hawaiian Electric Stock Ownership 
  9. GMO Labeling Would Drive up Food Costs
  10. Catholic League Calls for Veto of SB2687
  11. Hawaii Tourism Director Advocates for Funding, Policy Changes Before U.S. Congress
  12. Can Mufi do What Fasi Couldn't?
  13. Pohakuloa: Nuts Should not go Bonkers
  14. Bus riders tired of homeless sleeping on benches
  15. Criminal Complains that his fellow Criminals are in Prison, Wants 'Wellness Center' Spa instead
  16. FAA declares Alaska-Hawaii-Oregon drone test ranges "operational"
  17. Indicted Waste Management Co Runs Hawaii Co Dump Fined $350K
  18. Embattled Big Island doctor has medical license revoked
  19. Honolulu Building Dep't Cracks Down on Kunia Structures
  20. Animal Liberation Nuts Harass Fair
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Thursday, May 8, 2014
May 8, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:46 PM :: 4032 Views
  1. Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint in Honolulu May 8
  2. Statewide Hearings on Hawaii ‘Clean’ Energy Set for May
  3. Task force: Unshackle Hawaii from archaic shipping regulation
  4. DoE: Hawaii public school students continue to increase readiness for college and careers
  5. Legislative Changes Aren't Slowing the Pace of Kakaako Development
  6. Cox Attacked While Investigating DHHL/Aiwohi Bros Trucking
  7. HEI faces questions about a push for it to support renewable energy
  8. Neal Milner: Getting Serious About Voter Turnout in Hawaii
  9. Democratic Party alters rules for filling legislative vacancies
  10. Measure on bus ads faces delay
  11. Star-Adv: Evict the Professors!
  12. Musings: On Human Wastage
  13. Kauai County hits the jackpot
  14. Publisher says charges violate rights
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Wednesday, May 7, 2014
May 7, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:40 PM :: 4753 Views
  1. Finding Probable Violations, Ethics Commission Seeks Jurisdiction Over HART
  2. Earmarks: East-West Center Stars in 2014 Congressional Pig Book
  3. Aiona: Republicans Will Win Statewide This November
  4. Slom: Daily Prayer Could Be Restored for Hawaii State Senate Sessions
  5. Johnsrud Explains how Regents Manipulated Presidential Selection Process to keep her Out
  6. Puppets on a String: Usual Suspects Stage Anti-Military Protest at UH Manoa
  7. Tobacco, Gays, ACLU, Developers, Big Oil Top Lobbying List 
  8. 34 Years Pushing Big Cable
  9. Hawaii Health Systems Corp. executives look for efficiencies as they face $48 million shortfall for state's public hospitals
  10. Carroll Cox Attacked by Masked Men in Kalaeloa
  11. Star-Adv: Gore Cult Helps Hype TOD
  12. Which Hawaii Senators Got the Most Bills Passed?
  13. Protest Planned Over HECO solar rules
  14. Bird Deaths Spur Call for Hawaii Windfarm Moratorium
  15. Dairy Farm Continues to Play Defense Against Tourism Industry, Eco-Protesters
  16. Report: Hawaii 10th worst in nation for patient safety
  17. Hawaii Insurance Division opts to extend 2013 'grandmother' plans into 2016
  18. Hawaii Department of Health recruits Colorado administrator to lead state's psychiatric hospital
  19. VIDEO: Pohakuloa not expanding, says Lt. Col. Shwedo
  20. NIT League Doesn’t Expect ILWU Strike But Warns of Slowdowns
  21. UH Leads the Way in Feminizing Fight Songs
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Tuesday, May 6, 2014
May 6, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:44 PM :: 4431 Views
  1. Hawaii AG Stops Pretending to Defend Nuclear Family
  2. Airports Division Target of Federal Sex Harassment Lawsuit
  3. SBH Conference: Working for a Better Hawaii Business Climate
  4. Hawaii State Task Force Recommends Jones Act Exemption
  5. Saiki to UH Hilo Chancellor: Uphold Students’ First Amendment Rights
  6. Janice Pechauer Memorial Services
  7. Waihee: Rice Decision May Save Hawaiians from my Roll
  8. Failed Abercrombie less attentive, less skilled--Almost Botched Turtle Bay
  9. Legislature Fiddles While HHSC Burns
  10. GOP Caucuses Score Victories at Legislature
  11. Prayer Smackdown: US Supreme Court Crushes Hawaii Attorney General and Atheists
  12. Millions of Consumer Dollars at Stake as Star-Adv Pushes Biodegradable Bag Ban
  13. Kauai's Strange Milieu Cannon Fodder for Mainland Anti-GMO Movement
  14. Hawaii’s Use of Renewable Energy is 6%
  15. Abercrombie Two More $5000/head California Fundraisers
  16. Anti-Gay Marriage Stance Still In Most GOP Platforms, But Not in Hawaii
  17. Regents vote to evict Faculty from Housing
  18. State Opens Prison Gates, Lets Hundreds of Prisoners Loose Daily
  19. Criminal Complains about Prison Resolution
  20. Customers could be next in Honolulu gambling indictment
  21. City investigates possible sick leave abuse by road test examiners
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Monday, May 5, 2014
May 5, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:53 PM :: 3397 Views
  1. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted May 5, 2014
  2. Informational Briefing on Native Hawaiian Roll Commission
  3. Maui Council Approves Budget with Tax and Fee Cuts
  4. Malama Solomon receives pass on land, Illegal Buildings critics say
  5. SA: HECO needs to be specific about plans to make green energy scammers even richer
  6. Explore cancellation of landfill contract, councilwoman Pine urges
  7. Finalists to lead UH will tour campuses
  8. Campaign Cash Used to Portray Abercrombie as Grandfatherly, Good with Kids!
  9. Politicians Wheedle Reporter to Stop Reporting on Raising Campaign Cash During Session
  10. New bill could delay Oahu’s plastic bag ban
  11. Two, Three, Many Kakaakos
  12. Homeless Build Tree House 'To Get High Ground' on Cops
  13. Community members plot different plans for Ewa Cemetery

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Sunday, May 4, 2014
May 4, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:09 PM :: 4583 Views
  1. Full Text: UH Presidential Selection Committee final report
  2. How Second Amendment Bills Did in Hawaii Legislature
  3. HART 3 Month Take--Another $61.7M from Taxpayers
  4. So You Want A Stable Funding Source?
  5. Clayton Hee to Run for Lieutenant Governor?
  6. Ige Needles Abercrombie over Kakaako Development
  7. Larry Ellison Buys Abercrombie Monday
  8. Gabbard looks the dupe as sole Dem on bipartisan trip
  9. Grants, tax credit benefit for-profit entities
  10. Maui region health official says layoffs, cuts possible
  11. School Nonprofit Drives 'Teach Lessons for Life'
  12. Honolulu Polyamory 'Church' Has Been Pushing Pono Choices for Decade
  13. One Liberal Elite Lawyer sends Kid to Public School, gets article in Star-Adv
  14. Senate president requests inquiry into HawCC student fees
  15. Panel in place to fill lead position at UH-MC
  16. Soft on Crime: Two 20 year sentences = Out after 3 Years
  17. TOD Pitch: Report says Honolulu most expensive urban area in USA
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Saturday, May 3, 2014
May 3, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 8:43 PM :: 4027 Views
  1. May 2, 2014: Election Commission Releases Updated Candidate List
  2. State Senate Adjourns Session Approving More than 240 Bills
  3. OHA Pressure Yields 10,000 Reluctant for Roll
  4. Star-Adv: Cabanilla Cemetery Grant "Unconscionable, Galling"
  5. Democrats, Republicans to Convene
  6. Frank Fasi’s third-party challenge in 1994
  7. Legislature Passes Measure to Boost Funding to Rental Housing Trust Fund
  8. Ruderman's Hippie Commune Zoning Bill Fails
  9. Honolulu rail project's General Excise Tax surcharge revenue tops $1.25B
  10. Hawaii Shippers Council seeks Jones Act exemption
  11. 20 Nene Dead: Hundreds of Endangered Animals Killed by Hawaii Wind Farms
  12. Sources: Officials have denied father of Hawaiian Airlines stowaway access to his son
  13. HPD undercover officer faces second sexual misconduct claim
  14. 3-year investigation sparks 414 count indictment against game rooms
  15. Ward Misquoted?
  16. Ca-Ching! BIA, Realtors Line Up Behind TOD
  17. CNN: N Korea readies test of missile that could reach Hawaii
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Friday, May 2, 2014
May 2, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:42 PM :: 11114 Views
  1. Final Deadline: Hawaii Spends the Most and Gets the Least from Obamacare
  2. Pinata: HART Celebrates Cinco de Mayo With Rail Contractors' Festival
  3. Ordered by State: HECO to Waste Millions on Worthless Batteries
  4. Oahu, Maui, Kona, Hilo: ‘Irreplaceable’ Opens May 6
  5. House Passes Final Group of Bills for 2014 Session
  6. Budget: Spend now, pay later
  7. LA Times: Sam Slom, Party of One
  8. Waste Management of Hawaii, others indicted for 2011 ocean contamination
  9. Hawaii Health Connector Claims 9,785 Enrollees
  10. Legislative debate, prostitution arrests put Honolulu police in spotlight
  11. Charity controlled by Hawaii House leader gets $100,000 to maintain cemetery
  12. HIP Offers Ballot Space to Disaffected Pro-GMO Democrats
  13. Cabanilla Cemetery Deal "Reeks of corruption and fraud"
  14. Deadline to sign Native Hawaiian registry arrives--only 1,000 sign up
  15. Turtle Bay Gut n Replace 'Debacle' Approved 48-2
  16. Regents nominate 2 for UH president
  17. Kauai: Backlash Building against Anti-GMO Crowd
  18. Ethics Commission Seeks Greater Oversight of Honolulu Rail Contractors
  19. HHSC: State Burns $585M Propping up HGEA Job Trust
  20. Honolulu Seawater Air Conditioning project gets funding extension from Hawaii lawmakers
  21. Funding failure could spell end for Kahoolawe commission (or not)
  22. Money runs at UH-Manoa suffer big security gaps
  23. Caldwell signs off on 5 Towers: Kam Drive-In $766M in TOD
  24. Hawaii County Council Deadlocks on Ethics
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Thursday, May 1, 2014
May 1, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 8:03 PM :: 4187 Views
  1. Audit not Random: Feds Target UH Manoa in Sexual Violence Investigation
  2. Feds Release Profile of Hawaii Health Connector Signups
  3. Hyatt Waikiki Employees Hit Union with Federal Labor Charges
  4. Property Tax Exemptions Reduce Honolulu Tax Revenue $100M
  5. HTA: Visitor Spending and Arrivals Decline for Month and Quarter
  6. Hawaii Teen Pregnancy Rate Down 43% since 1988
  7. Commonwealth Fund: Hawaii State Health System Performance, 2014
  8. Waimanalo Gulch Flooding: Federal Indictments Handed Down
  9. Candidate Djou says Congress needs more centrists
  10. Dems Barely Avoid A Messy Convention
  11. Profitable Nonprofit: Cabanilla Tricks Legislators into Giving Her Group $100K
  12. House Votes on Ige's Turtle Bay Funds Today
  13. Retaliation as Policy: Kim Asks House Not to Kill Dole Land Swap in Retaliation Against DelaCruz
  14. HCDA Kakaako Reform Bill Signed
  15. Helping Hands Hawaii, Catholic Charities Hawaii start 'housing first" model to tackle homelessness
  16. HGEA/UPW to Blame in State Hospital Mess
  17. County airs draft rules on GMO, pesticide law
  18. 11 testify at hearing on hot topic: property taxes
  19. Teacher Evaluation Results Due at End of May
  20. UH Among Fastest Rate of Tuition Increases, 
  21. Hawaii Child Care Can Cost More Than College
  22. Google to Stop Mining Univ. of Hawaii Student Emails for Ad Ideas
  23. Interior Department rule would set aside 'Indian country' lands in Alaska
  24. Obama: Overthrow of Hawaiian Kingdom Part of America's History of Injustice
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