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Thursday, June 30, 2011
June 30, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:22 PM :: 11467 Views
  1. Big Wind to be debated on PBS Insights Thursday
  2. Abercrombie imposes new contract terms for HSTA, UPW
  3. Hawaii Debt, obligations $25K per Taxpayer—4th highest in nation
  4. Study: Rich or Poor, Hawaii DoE Fails everyone more Equally than Most
  5. Teachers furious over union busting by Abercrombie
  6. April, 2001: HSTA rejects 14% Pay hike, goes on strike
  7. Most Union Paychecks Down Next Week; Some Will Rise
  8. UH Hilo Chancellor paid $284,000 for absolutely nothing, takes $187K sinecure
  9. Honolulu Unemployment rate increases
  10. Resignation Resistance Climbs to 13
  11. Green Energy: Rep Denny Coffman (D-Kona) fingered for sabotaging HB1520
  12. Inouye takes hard-line position on cuts, demands we borrow more money from China, Saudi Arabia
  13. Homeless move back in after Sweeps
  14. Pono Chong, Blake Oshiro meet with Obama, bullying activists, to discuss next gay move on your kids
  15. Hawaii Transsexual leader is “Pro-pimp”
  16. Hawaii Muslim Gay Rapist and Pimp moves to Alaska—Gets Life Sentence on top of 28 years
  17. Remembrance set for man who helped bring the Missouri and Bowfin here
  18. State to Blame for Ka Loko Dam Failure, Not Jimmy Pflueger, Advertisement Claims
  19. Charter school agency taps McKeague as chief
  20. UH Research a Story of Progress and Potential
  21. Kauai utility gets hydro support
  22. Brokerage may buy back Maui’s dormant Student Loan securities
  23. Supreme Court decision appears to nullify a campaign funding project here
  24. Broadband: Star-Advertiser gives commentary space for Commercial Advertisement by Former State Employee
  25. Hawaii Judiciary: We Can't Handle Foreclosure Flood
  26. Suit: Hawaii PD Officer stood by during attack
  27. Hawaii has 4th cleanest beach water, 2nd most beach closures
  28. Hilo is One stop to Europe: New Hilo flights a hit with locals, Europeans
  29. Firecracker sales for July 4 fizzle with new law
  30. More Federal Funds? Hawaii 48th in Farm Subsidies
  31. City approves request to alter 4 Oahu streams for rail project
  32. Ecos threaten suit over Lahaina Sewage
  33. Two Percent or not Two Percent?
  34. WaPo: The missing facts in President Obama’s news conference
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011
June 29, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:40 PM :: 19709 Views
  1. Victory for Civil Rights: All Persons shall be counted for Hawaii reapportionment
  2. Victory: Obama Admin cancels stealth survey of Hawaii MDs
  3. Molokai Wind Developer: “We will pack up and leave.”
  4. Abercrombie announces plan to let more criminals out onto the streets
  5. Rep Michelle Bachmann: “We want to win Hawaii”
  6. Kos: Will Hanabusa let Case beat Hirono?
  7. Hawaii 2011 Pork Report points to DoE Embezzlement
  8. CNBC: Hawaii #1 in cost of living, 48th in Business Climate
  9. KS claims it is not grabbing for Juicy Affordable Housing Credits
  10. UPW gets 8% Raise on Friday (and still getting 60-40 on Health Care)
  11. HSTA Contract: Imposing a pact that a labor union has not agreed to is unusual
  12. Honolulu Takes Steps to Avoid Paying Back $7.9M
  13. Mayor should step off the train and let HART do the steering
  14. Enterprise Zone Tax Benefits end Friday
  15. Mauians decline Abercrombie’s request to resign
  16. HGEA Nurses Reach Impasse with Contract Negotiations
  17. Abercrombie gets lots of window dressing for plan to let criminals out on streets
  18. Maui Judge: “Prison best place” for racist lunatic with multiple convictions
  19. Reform victim restitution program
  20. Info about Wahiawa escapees delayed 12 hours because “problems with our cabling and some of the faxing”
  21. Hawaii visitor spending increases 15 percent
  22. WSJ: Mogul Digs Hawaii Hotels Out of Debt, Disaster
  23. Activists, Legislators upset because Fannie Mae goes to Courts with Foreclosures
  24. Police Save Women from Forced Prostitution Scam
  25. Transsexual Leader complains Human Trafficking Law is hard on Pimps
  26. Bacteria: Hawaii Beaches dirtier than New Jersey
  27. $1.6M in fines over 2 years for Hawaii drivers violating cellphone ban
  28. Kauai Luddites panicking, try to cancel election because Hydropower may win
  29. US Supreme Court Decision kills Big Island’s “Public Owned Elections” giveaway to candidates
  30. Maui Voters to Consider Council Power over Appointments
  31. Hawaii GM papaya featured at BIO 2011
  32. Lennon was a closet Republican: Assistant
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011
June 28, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:28 PM :: 13207 Views
  1. Abercrombie announces Intent to Veto 23 Bills—including HB1134 which may have endangered Prepaid Health Care Act
  2. Hawaii 8th Annual International Women’s Leadership Conference Sept 20
  3. Abercrombie replaces DHHL official ousted in Treadmill Scandal
  4. Abercrombie appoints former Sandwich Isles Communications Exec to assist Chief Information Officer
  5. Hawaii Congressional Delegation: How they voted June 27
  6. Hawaii Reapportionment Commission expected to decide Today on whether to count military
  7. DoE’s Last, Best and Final Offer does not provide for 180-day law
  8. HSTA shut out: DoE will execute its "last, best" offer to teachers without union approval
  9. On campaign trail, Abercrombie called vetoes “breakdowns in communications”
  10. Abercrombie still campaigning, lying
  11. Rail Platform to built on top of Waiawa Spring
  12. Honolulu City Council overrides vetoes, changes leadership
  13. NY Gay Marriage will serve as a catalyst for Hawaii
  14. State-Run Media: Star Advertiser To Collect $1 Million For State Legal Ads
  15. EMILY's List backs Rep. Hirono for Senate to fight “War on Women”
  16. Progressives’ American Dream: Business Owners on Foodstamps
  17. Clean Elections Law is Dirty—Ruled Unconstitutional by Supreme Court
  18. Lobbyists’ spending escapes disclosure
  19. As APEC Approaches, Superferry still clouds Hawai‘i’s business image
  20. Is Abercrombie Anti-sports?
  21. Inouye moving ahead with appropriations process despite disagreement on spending levels
  22. Assessing University of Hawaii Faculty Research
  23. Not guilty by reason of insanity in killing of mom—could be out in 3 mos
  24. Pastor arrested for punching out alleged drug dealer
  25. Abercrombie to “get rid of” Texas Company with contract to collect on Hawaii Tickets
  26. Hawaii TV Examined in New Report on Newsroom Consolidation
  27. Affordable Homes will “rot on the hill” if LUC decision not reversed
  28. Hawaii Council special meeting on budget veto (June 30)
  29. Dark skies likely ahead as Maui fireworks shows fade
  30. Kaua‘i residents passing up ag opportunities
  31. Hillary: State Dept. ‘Instrumental in Sealing Deal’ For Lady Gaga’s Gay Pride Gig in Rome
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Monday, June 27, 2011
June 27, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:33 PM :: 11942 Views
  1. Resignation call after Audit reveals “ward heeler’s slush fund” overseen by Honolulu Councilman
  2. NYT: Obama Administration Plans Stealth Survey of hundreds of Hawaii MDs
  3. Iran developing capability to hit US with Nukes
  4. Abercrombie Admin signs contract to keep prisoners on Mainland for rest of his term
  5. TEA Party to join July 4 Parades in Kailua, Makawao, Hilo, Kona
  6. Hawaii Teachers talk Strike
  7. City: Four Streams must be Diverted for Rail
  8. Abercrombie requires a review of helicopters' environmental impact, forcing an $11 million move to Colorado
  9. $159M bankruptcy caused by anti-Superferry Protesters, Judiciary, and Legislature
  10. UH Research spending Doubles in Decade
  11. Full Text: ID Theft Suit filed against UH
  12. Hawaii last in Nation: Tax Free Health Savings Accounts reduce cost of Health Insurance
  13. The Special Case for COFA Migrants
  14. GAO: Minimum Wage kills Jobs in Am Samoa, NMI
  15. Officials, Lawyers make excuses for deadbeat criminals
  16. Do Hawaii's Strict Gun Laws Fuel a Black Market?
  17. Atomic Monkey: “Hatcheted By Huff”
  18. Feds, Longliners Get Pass for Giving Dolphin Deaths Low Priority
  19. Oregon lawmakers to save $100s of Millions by ending Green Energy Tax Credits
  20. VIDEO: N Korean children begging, army starving
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Sunday, June 26, 2011
June 26, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:11 PM :: 16327 Views
  1. Ka Pua Makaha: Multi-million dollar giveaway of DHHL assets disguised as “gift”
  2. Am. Samoa Congressional Delegate bought and paid for by Kazakhstan?
  3. Abercrombie plans more forums: I’m on a mission to change the direction of Hawaii
  4. Full Text: City Rejects Rail Bid Protests
  5. Berg: $1.4B Rail Contract upheld by City
  6. Hawaii Kai: One Supermarket for 92,000 people
  7. VIDEO: Fontaine Factor interviews HECO’s Rosegg on Clean Energy
  8. SA: Abercrombie’s Dysfunctional DHHL to blame for Collapse of Makaha Deal
  9. HSTA,_Abercrombie “Not Close” Contract expires June 30
  10. Abercrombie’s New Day: More Tax Increases in the New Year
  11. Abercrombie’s New Day this year: State taxes and fees that help balance the budget will kick in on Friday
  12. 40 new laws to take effect July 1
  13. Hawaii is poised to open its tourism arms to Chinese travelers, but the slow pace for visas could bottleneck efforts
  14. Low-Hanging Fruit for Developers: Meetings about construction near the rail system are set for Monday and Tuesday
  15. Atomic Monkey: Civil Beat Down
  16. MauiTime Subpoena Withdrawn
  17. Maui Police Identify Online Poster, withdraw subpoena
  18. Hawaii Legislators’ Advice on how to survive a Weiner Scandal
  19. Hawaii state bird a hazard to planes
  20. Restitution? State fails to collect most of the money courts promise the wronged
  21. How many cons owe how much is unknown
  22. Soft on Crime: Five priors by age 28 and out on the streets
  23. Abercrombie endorses Feeding the Homeless at Aloha Stadium
  24. Save Act would revitalize Philippine Garment Industry
  25. Hundreds gather to commemorate 'forgotten war'
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Saturday, June 25, 2011
June 25, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 11:54 AM :: 14825 Views
  1. VIDEO: Homeless Tent City at Keaau Beach Park
  2. State's 'best, final' offer to HSTA includes wage cut, no mention of 180-day law
  3. Even Abercrombie's Supporters Are Questioning His Progress
  4. Interview: Richard Borreca weighs in on governor's perceived mishaps
  5. Appointees respond to governor’s request
  6. VIDEO: Hawaii Redistricting Commission… Who counts?
  7. Hawaii law hikes employee contributions, lowers return assumption
  8. Paltry $55M Kept In Federal Budget For Rail
  9. Finger Pointing Continues: KS now sez it was trying to salvage deal from DHHL incompetence by grabbing for Jeff Stone’s Affordable Housing Credits
  10. 17 years of ILWU Retaliation—still no back pay for Whistleblower
  11. SA: Don’t reduce social studies
  12. Clinton Crony appeals for tax breaks to create bigger role for state in film industry
  13. Ryan, Rollman, Douglass, Brackins, Carroll: A Lewd, Offensive and Racist Hawaii Tale
  14. No Charges Filed in Hawaii Lawmaker 'Hacking' Case
  15. Hawaii laws target sex and labor trafficking
  16. Budget: Kona Faction draws a bead on Fred Blas
  17. Bowing to NIMBYs, Kauai Council orders Boatyard Removed from Hanalei River
  18. Episcopal, Jewish leaders back Muslim Assn. of Hawaii
  19. Hawaiian Telcom gets a license for cable TV
  20. Hawaii Hispanic News drops print edition—goes online only
  21. Pattern Energy stays committed to wind farm
  22. AP: Wind Farms could “Mess up traffic lights, security systems and some computers”
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Friday, June 24, 2011
June 24, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:46 PM :: 16338 Views
  1. Progressive Network touts Hawaii tax increases and State-owned Bank proposal
  2. Pension Reform: Abercrombie raises Retirement Age
  3. Cash Flow Problem: Honolulu Council to borrow $100M for Rail
  4. Abercrombie signs budget, asks Departments to identify programs for elimination
  5. Berg: Hundreds attend town hall meeting on Rail in Ewa
  6. Study: Hawaii Economic Outlook Ranks 46th
  8. Romney, Huntsman Campaigns could draw 70,000 Hawaii Mormons to the Polls—40,000 are not registered voters
  9. Abercrombie: “I am the biggest obstacle”
  10. Governor dances to tune of “F*** You”, Progressives not impressed
  11. Aila: BLNR members do not have to resign
  12. Finger pointing Begins: Developer Jeff Stone, DHHL blame KS for the failed educational project, KS blames DHHL, Stone
  13. Raw Sewage: Council Creates 3-5 year Moratorium on new Development in Urban Honolulu
  14. Kapolei Neighborhood Board: One Last Blast from Mufi’s Minions
  15. Honolulu Managing Director Doug Chin says HART Lawsuit May Be avoided
  16. Governor Signs Budget; Must Cut $50 Million More
  17. Privatization proposal “flew under the radar”
  18. Hawaii PUC faces more uncertainty thanks to Abercrombie
  19. Kirk Caldwell calls for boycott of Walmart in order to boost Trial Lawyers income
  20. Free Parking at all lots for Electric cars
  21. SB 1073: Legal Aid freed from Legislative Fiat
  22. Effectiveness of DUI courts buoys hopes of success here
  23. Card Check: Unite Here Local 5 gains control over 800 more workers
  24. Fannie Mae Hangs Up On Hawaii Press
  25. Hawaii appeals court upholds James Pflueger indictment in Ka Loko Reservoir case
  26. Hawaii County worker with revoked license ran over bicyclist
  27. Whipping Post: Pilot Project Establishes Tours of Honouliuli Confinement Site
  28. Muslims Arrested as they attempted to pick up Machine Guns to Attack Military Recruiters
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Thursday, June 23, 2011
June 23, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:21 PM :: 16989 Views
  1. Broadband to be Trojan Horse for Big Wind Cable?
  2. Life Without Subsidies: Vanpool Hawaii Announces New Group Rate
  3. Stone: Abercrombie’s DHHL blows Makaha Learning Center Deal
  4. More Appointees Snub Hawaii Governor
  5. Travis Thompson: “I will not be resigning”
  6. Stadium authority chief says he, others won't quit
  7. Aloha Stadium not mentioned in New Day Plan
  8. Council to Override, Reorganize for control of Rail Pork
  9. State departments told to select programs for elimination
  10. State Signs New Three-Year Arizona Prison Deal
  11. To count or not to count military as Hawaii residents
  12. Hawaii County Attorney: Count Pot heads, don’t count military, students
  13. Hirono, Hanabusa back Afghan Withdrawal timed for 2012 Elections
  14. Impasse: HGEA Unit 9 Nurses Go to Arbitration
  15. UH coaches not obligated, but will consider pay cuts
  16. Honolulu Most Expensive Homes in Nation
  17. Feds fork out $1B to Jobless Homeowners
  18. Molokai Anti-Wind group launches Website
  19. HELCO seeks developer, landowner input on geothermal
  20. Honolulu Weekly backs Luddites vs Kauai Hydro
  21. Don’t count on feds as fund source — Ariyoshi
  22. Young Bros. seeks 24% rate increase
  23. Vanpoolers staying with service after losing federal funds
  24. Rural MD Residency program at risk
  25. Governor signs bill making dog fighting a felony
  26. SCOTUS class action ruling makes Trial Lawyers Sad
  27. University of Hawaii Cancer Center receives $3.6M donation to study mesothelioma (Trial Lawyers Rejoice!)
  28. Hilo Dopers make deals with Feds, Christie digs in
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011
June 22, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:11 PM :: 16713 Views
  1. Did HSTA boycott Race To The Top Meetings?
  2. Governor signs bill to exempt Broadband Cables from Permitting Requirements
  3. Meet your new Defense Secretary: Leon Panetta's War on Reagan's Defense Policies
  4. Hirono, Akaka: Pension’s Perks for Members With a Past
  5. Abercrombie’s Public Land Development Corporation: Land & Power in Hawaii Pt 2
  6. Abercrombie Agenda: More New Taxes to Cover $14B in EUTF Liabilities
  7. Our Imperial Governor
  8. Appointee: “I’m Here for the Long Haul”
  9. Abercrombie doesn't announce every bill signing
  10. Progressives: SB1274 Will Gut Hawaii Patients Bill of Rights
  11. Squeezed by Low Reimbursements and High Regulations, Hawaii Medical Center filing for bankruptcy protection
  12. Carlisle Vetoes Council's Transit Authority Budget
  13. Public Gets little from Martin, Harimoto Junket to Copenhagen
  14. Abercrombie’s New BoE: No More Subsidies For After-School Kids In Hawaii
  15. Finnegan Appointed To Hawaii Charter School Review Panel
  16. SA: Supreme Court is right, but we want to control your family anyway
  17. DHHL Homesteaders Delinquent on Maui, Big Island Property Taxes
  18. City Asking Firefighters, Police For 5% Pay Cut
  19. Judge dismisses assault charge against HPD captain
  20. Police officer pleads no contest to third time of driving without license
  21. Fitch, Moody’s GO Bond Rating Downgrade to Impact Hawaii Taxpayers
  22. Foodland Fight
  23. Turn Lahaina Sewage into Electricity
  24. Reputable dog breeders support accountability
  25. US-China Diplomatic Meeting in Honolulu this Weekend
  26. USS Charleston captures Guam from Spain on June 21, 1898
  27. Obama Gets only 30% of Americans Certain to Support Re-Election in Economy Poll
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011
June 21, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:00 PM :: 12878 Views
  1. Developer sues LUC for downzoning affordable homes already built
  2. Abercrombie signs 15 bills into law
  3. Consumer Advocate: Public Hearings Required on HECO Biofuels Rate Increase
  5. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted June 20
  6. Appointees Reject Abercrombie’s Resignation Call
  7. Abercrombie doesn’t ask his Cronies to Resign
  8. Aloha Stadium as we know it could soon be saying 'aloha'
  9. Mayor will sue over the spending plan OK'd by the City Council
  10. Higher vehicle fees may not help roads
  11. Media Said to Fuel Micronesian Stereotypes
  12. Another DoE Thief avoids Jail: “Thefts will Continue”
  13. BoE: More Math and Science, Less Social Studies
  14. New Council Chair Ernie Martin gave away $1.2M to Nonprofit at Center of HUD Probe
  15. Tom Berg proposal to allow Commercial Vendors in parks on Agenda Today
  16. Unnamed City Official faces charges for “Malicious” and “false” Ethics Complaint
  17. 'Furlough Fridays' expire
  18. Hawaii County Budget Fight Continues
  19. ALEC rates Hawaii worst for Economic Performance
  20. Former Superferry ships for sale
  21. Governor Signs Tougher Sex And Labor Trafficking Bills
  22. 2 congressmen call for Honolulu TSA probe
  23. Child Abuse: Gay Atheists continue effort to use anti-bullying programs to push Gay Agenda in Schools
  24. High court "parental discipline" ruling not a license to abuse
  25. Kalapa: Kids budget better than Legislators
  26. First Large-Scale Oahu Biofuel Crops Planted
  27. Something fishy in reporting the fishery management council
  28. Republicans question Foodland's departure from Koko Marina
  29. Allegiant acquires first two 757s for Hawaii Routes
  30. Support Small Business Through Oahu Bill 36
  31. Date set for school worker's enticement trial
  32. Hawaii electricians union re-elects HART Member as business manager, financial secretary
  33. Guam Governor demands US pay reparations for Japanese Atrocities
  34. AMA finds inaccurate claims payments on the rise
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Monday, June 20, 2011
June 20, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:05 PM :: 11143 Views
  1. Voice Recorder confiscated during Closed Meeting of Reapportionment Commission
  2. SA rejects Unprecedented Hubris: Unwise, Overconfident Abercrombie seeks cronies and rubber stampers for boards
  3. Abercrombie’s F-U Letters a template for Appointees Response?
  4. Abercrombie’s base slipping away as Activists take aim at Richard Lim
  5. $50M Telescope Shakedown Litigants cannot Depose Spirit
  6. No Aloha for Micronesians in Hawaii
  7. Aloun Farms owners hit with more accusations
  8. Hawaii Organizations Spent $2.5 million on Lobbying in Four Months—$33,530 per Legislator
  9. Has The Hawaii Board Of Education Been To School?
  10. Yukimura backs Hydro on Kauai
  11. Sci Am: Hawaii is most obvious place to build Geothermal
  12. Civil Beat to Open Bureau in Washington, D.C.
  13. Jail time for Parental Discipline? State high court orders a new trial for a man convicted of assault
  14. Companies Offer Discount Shipping to Hawaii, Guam
  15. Oahu lunchwagons catch the eye of National TV
  16. Leaders unveil Jose Rizal square in Chinatown
  17. Tsunami lit up the heavens
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Sunday, June 19, 2011
June 19, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:19 PM :: 9791 Views
  1. Big Projects in Hawaii - Why Are They Stuck?
  2. One-Step-Up Housing: Berg to hold Makaha Town Meeting July 12
  3. June 23 Washington Middle School: Abercrombie to hear from public on Pro Bowl
  4. Fathers Matter: Involved Dads Impact Children’s Lives and Civil Society
  5. Abercrombie's New Day: Activist backers bypassed in favor of Corporate Developers
  6. Abercrombie’s New Day: Permanent Tax Increases and No Reserve Funds
  7. Slom: Appointees should reject Abercrombie’s call for resignation
  8. DLNR could lose $500K/yr if Company run by Abercrombie cronies fails to fix Historic Preservation
  9. HSTA Sabotage of Race to the Top
  10. SA: Big Wind must be transparent
  11. Big Wind Information hidden from Public
  12. Maui County Targets Low-Income Homeowners for Tax Hike
  13. KGI Joins Luddites to Kill Hydro Power on Kauai
  14. Most Fired, Suspended TSA Officers Will Appeal
  15. Police union contract negotiations underway
  16. 37 Priors and he’s out on Probation
  17. 1,525 cited in seat-belt enforcement spree
  18. Drug Court participants earn money, gain self-esteem working at Mililani farm
  19. Hope that the UH medical school would spark investment still remains unfulfilled
  20. Internet tax still on Hawaii legislative agenda for next year
  21. Military studies Waikane Valley bomb cleanup
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Saturday, June 18, 2011
June 18, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 11:14 AM :: 23799 Views
  1. Feds: U.S. travel and tourism industry on pace for record-setting year
  2. NASA-Funded Group Doctors Sea Level Data
  3. A Summer of Robots: Fueling innovation for the New Economy
  4. Hawaii Government Impact: The High Cost of Land Use and Housing
  5. Greek Crisis: Moody’s warns of possible First Hawaiian Bank downgrade
  6. Hot Water Restored At Mayor Wright Housing
  7. Power Grab: Abercrombie now demanding Resignations of PUC, LUC, Housing Authority, BLNR, and Aloha Stadium Authority
  8. Mazie and Colleen: Million Dollar Babies
  9. Ernie Martin's Rapid Rise to Council Power
  10. Inouye’s Central Pacific Bank after $60M Taxpayer giveaway: Strongest financial position since Japanese Bubble
  11. Privatization of Historic Preservation Division $186,000 Contract Goes to Abercrombie Supporters
  12. State D.O.T. spending $1 million on aluminum fencing
  13. Hirono trying to pour more Federal money into Hamakua Ditch
  14. AP Interview: Army general wants Makua as option
  15. OHA’s Luddites Attack: KIUC ballot to decide fate of Hydro contract
  16. Hawaii Attorney: Failure of Foreclosure Law Inevitable
  17. Elder Abuse: 60 Fraud cases this year
  18. Matson Documents Subpoenaed in Anti-Trust Probe
  19. Randy Iwase Tax Commission to propose Tax Hikes in 2013
  20. Dopers: Univ of Hawaii should allow legal research marijuana
  21. Residual money from class-action suits will go to legal aid groups
  22. Global Horizon demanded Thai workers pay fees on top of Illegal recruiting fees
  23. Hyatt workers to launch boycott of Waikiki hotel
  24. One in eight Hawaii bridges ‘structurally deficient’
  25. KSBE Haleiwa redevelopment has businesses fretting over future
  26. Save Kailua Fireworks
  27. Deepwater bottomfish catch limits are reduced
  28. Camping to go Camping: City Camping Permits Create Long Lines – last chance before fee
  29. Deflecting EPA Lahaina Injection well sanction could cost Maui millions
  30. Sniping begins over Hawaii county budget
  31. Convicted Killer/Sovereignty Activist to be evicted from Squat
  32. Climategate Part 2—“Renewable Energy”
  33. UCLA Prof: Media Bias adds 10% to Democrat Candidates’ total
  34. Fast and Furious: ATF funneled illegal guns into Mexico
    • NYT: 2 Top Lawyers Lost to Obama in Libya War Policy Debate
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Friday, June 17, 2011
June 17, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:09 PM :: 12989 Views
  1. Al-Qaeda hit list names US writers, generals
  2. PUC Approves New Maui Windfarm
  3. Money released for school construction projects
  4. RETALIATION: Abercrombie asks for resignation of Aloha Stadium Board for criticizing Pro Bowl Stand
  5. SHAKEDOWN: After trashing it, Abercrombie urges hotels to "step up" to fund Pro Bowl (or he’ll trash it some more)
  6. 'Speaking truth to reason' apparently involves tax hikes—Marcus Oshiro Backs Abercrombie’s Pro Bowl Attack
  7. G.E. Tax suspensions could lead to higher costs for consumers
  8. Hirono gets early endorsement from Flight Attendants Union
  9. CPB bailout to cost taxpayers millions (Inouye’s Bank)
  10. PUC OKs deal guaranteeing higher electric rates for Hawaii consumers
  11. State to end program that helps pay for Medicare prescriptions
  12. Hawaii consumer advocate backs Lanai, Molokai wind-scams
  13. Charter school lessens debt, kin exit board
  14. Same-sex couples less than 1% of Hawaii households
  15. Native Hawaiians increase numbers by one-fifth
  16. Big Isle leads in Foreclosures, 2nd Homes going back to Bank
  17. Global Horizon CEO Mordechai Orian: I am looking forward to my trial
  18. VIDEO: Hawaii budget veto! Mayor says Bill 29 is “illegal”
  19. Drug Court offers offenders chance to avoid prison, succeed in community
  20. Fed may remove delicious honu from "threatened" list
  21. Obama administration collecting ocean policy views
  22. Census finds Shortage of Women in Hawaii
  23. Hawaii attorney general: Donations to 'Love the Animals' used for personal items
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Thursday, June 16, 2011
Letters to the Editor June , 2011
By Letters to the Editor @ 11:41 PM :: 7090 Views
  • Give Hunters Carbon Credits for Killing Axis Deer
  • Rail: Council, not HART, is Nexus between Contracts and Contributors
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Thursday, June 16, 2011
June 16, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:57 PM :: 12997 Views
  1. Honolulu Alliance forms to block Federal Control of Hawaii Capitol Area
  2. Are Electric Cars Really Green?
  3. A Showdown over the War in Libya
  4. Despite mileage, SUV will be leased for Abercrombie—perfect for tailgate parties at Probowl
  5. Abercrombie’s GE Tax hike causes first of many price hikes
  6. EUTF Audit “raises red flags” about “completeness and accuracy”
  7. Hawaii Public Employee Health Fund Audit M.I.A.?
  8. Panel recommends including military families when redrawing district lines
  9. Kids with parents in the military join Operation Purple on Oahu
  10. More Charges in Hawaii Human Trafficking Case
  11. Ernie Martin meets with Cronies to get HUD story straight before becoming Council Chair
  12. Rail Supporters angered by inability to control public meeting
  13. Kenoi vetoes Hawaii Co budget
  14. Two measures regarding government housing agencies signed into law
  15. Enviros: Bag Tax to come back again next year
  16. NYT: As Number of Medicaid Patients Goes Up, Their Benefits Are About to Drop
  17. Honolulu program exchanges 563,000 dirty needles in year
  18. Pointy-headed UN Bureaucrat sez Homelessness is a US Human Rights Abuse
  19. Kalihi Homosexual sent back to prison on Kiddie Porn Charges again
  20. Another teen arrested in connection with Highlands Intermediate shooting
  21. Clashing visions over Turtle Bay’s expansion meet rural resistance
  22. US imposes catch limits on Pacific waters
  23. Venture Capitalists splash out for 2 ac garden, call it farm
  24. Sierra Club to Honolulu Mayor: Don’t Waste Taxpayer Money on Subsidizing Metal Recycler
  25. SA Oi: Just stop Growing the Economy
  26. A fifth of Big Island homes are vacant as youth flee Socialist Hawaii
  27. Waianae homes ‘affordable’ at $319K
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011
June 15, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:18 PM :: 19785 Views
  1. Abercrombie signs bill hiking GE Tax $400M, Matson raises rates in response
  2. Fitch downgrades Hawaii, Cites Tourism Dependence
  3. After stock craters 64%, Feds to dump 5.6M shares of Inouye’s Central Pacific Bank
  4. June 14, 1900: The Abolition of Slavery in Hawaii
  5. Google to fund Kuhio Park Terrace rehab project
  6. Hawaii Army Reservists building Community Center in Indonesia
  7. Oahu Redistricting Panel: Military Should Count
  8. Borreca: Democrats fear Abercrombie’s bizarre behavior will rub off on them
  9. Shapiro: Abercrombie should follow his own advice about dignity
  10. Shapiro: Abercrombie has Abbie Hoffman Mentality
  11. Abercrombie Spokesperson Dela Cruz gets side job with Corporate Insiders
  12. Abercrombie signs bill hiking GE Tax $400M, Matson raises rates in response
  13. Change from Furloughs to paid Comp Time will Cost State of Hawaii More Than $160 Million
  14. General Fund Receipts up $154M for year
  15. Crafty, not stupid: Hawaii Legislators Rank High in College Degrees
  16. Calvin Say: As long as Hawaii has part-time legislature, Conflict of interest unavoidable
  17. Alleged Sovereignty Mortgage Scammers are now Fugitives, Warrants for arrest issued
  18. Honolulu Council: Ernie Martin to Oust Nestor Garcia as Chairman?
  19. Carlisle Administration Forgave $1.2 Million in Loans to Ernie Martin’s Nonprofit -- Accused of Misusing Federal Funds
  20. Court to consider whether Contractors should be allowed to make Pay-to-Play contributions
  21. Abercrombie’s DoE: Small schools to get less
  22. Five BoE Members borrow from Horner’s First Hawaiian Bank
  23. Hawaii Tax Panel Report 'Impossible' This Year—Abercrombie appoints Five behind back of Legislators
  24. China Eastern Airlines to commence Hawaii service (Thank you Linda Lingle)
  25. U.S.-Korea trade pact would provide boost to Hawaii's economy
  26. Maui Council Committee OKs $3M Tax Increase
  27. PTA unveils ambitious expansion plans
  28. Kenoi coy on budget decision
  29. “Dishonest Statements to the Court”: Stephens Media Copyright Suit vs Democratic Underground thrown out
  30. Former HPD Major, Deputy Chief Fired by TSA in Baggage Screening Case
  31. HPD officer is convicted of assaulting prostitute—still on payroll
  32. What Works in Education: Alternative public high school in Hawaii
  33. Former Kapolei HS teacher's aide accused of sexually assaulting student
  34. Former Pearl Ridge Elementary secretary charged with 99 counts of theft, forgery (No need Audit)
  35. Foreclosures might swamp isle courts
  36. Want $10,000? Akaka Tribe giving away free taxpayer money to individuals seeking to buy Houses
  37. New company turns unwanted timeshares into auction items for charity fundraisers
  38. Fish farms spark green debate in New Zealand
  39. Beijing battling protest fires on all fronts
  40. Feds ditch rule that foiled Indian tribes’ plans for off-reservation casino
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011
June 14, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:10 PM :: 12867 Views
  1. Enough for 35 Pro Bowls: Abercrombie’s $140M gift to Dante Carpenter
  2. Renewable Energy and Hybrid Cars Still Only at 1%
  3. Survey: Fewer than 3% of Ewa residents plan to ride Rail
  4. Obama: My family would be fine with just 1 term
  5. Utah governor Huntsman getting into GOP race
  6. 250 Marines, sailors return from Afghanistan
  7. Reapportionment: Shapiro comes out against Counting Military Personnel
  8. Abercrombie signs $140M in Bonds for Companies tied to Dem Party Chair Dante Carpenter
  9. Duke: Abercrombie puts ideology above public interest
  10. NFL Contributions to Community Unappreciated
  11. General Fund Deposits Up 3.8%
  12. Panos goes for threepeat
  13. County seeks to intervene in Big Wind power project
  14. Hawaii electric rates top nation, nearly 4x national average
  15. 9th Circuit dismisses Hawaii's appeal of a law that attempted to limit contributions to PACs
  16. Officer jailed for hitting pedestrian while driving drunk
  17. Gay Rape Charged on Kauai
  18. Third Trafficking Suspect to Plead Guilty in Hawaii
  19. Honolulu Ranks High For Parents: Top City To Live, Raise Family In
  20. Hawaii has fewest Health Savings Account Holders
  21. Fishery regulators to meet on Oahu
  22. Hawaii Organic Dairies using Borax as Cattle feed
  23. Tammy Duckworth leaving Dept. of Veterans Affairs
  24. Union says some TSA workers to fight firing
  25. Half of Hawaiian Airlines profit comes from Bag Fees
  26. Vanpool Hawaii customers get a reprieve from rate increase
  27. Hawaii eyed by Fuel Cell promoters
  28. Dopers, ACLU to celebrate 40th Anniversary of Nixon one-liner
  29. Marijuana Minister contemplates Plea Bargain
  30. An Alternative to Recycling Oahu’s Scrapped Cars
  31. History of Modern Hawaii as Taught in Hawaii Schools
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Monday, June 13, 2011
June 13, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:44 PM :: 15691 Views
  1. Pro-Bowl: Collateral damage in Abercrombie’s war on Mufi?
  2. Voting Rights? Star-Advertiser pushes to disenfranchise Military Personnel
  3. Video: Sen. Sam Slom Legislative Wrap-up
  4. Ward: Abercrombie’s Pro Bowl attack continues short-sighted strategy
  5. Fannie Mae ends use of non-judicial foreclosure in Hawaii
  6. As Neil rants and raves, Pro Bowl could be heading to Indianapolis
  7. Hanabusa’s Kakaako Move a dig at Hirono, prelude to Senate Run?
  8. HUD forces City Administrator to resign as Director of Hawaii Community Reinvestment Corp.
  9. Planned Parenthood Funding aborted by State
  10. New BoE Cuts all funding for Adult Education
  11. Feeding the Corporatist State: Occupancy up 3.2%, revenue up 13.8%
  12. Organizations Spent More Than $1 Million to Lobby in First Two Months of 2011
  13. Hawaii Retirement, Health Benefit Costs Down On Paper, Up in Reality
  14. Kalapa: Private Public Partnership?
  15. Lim: The Seriousness of Hawaii's Financial Situation
  16. Renewable Energy and Hybrid Cars – Still Only at 1 Percent
  17. More Federal Funds? Tsunami net Hawaii a paltry $8M
  18. $2.4 Trillion Secret: Inouye in Deficit Negotiations
  19. Hokulia Model being used to seize land on Kauai, Maui
  20. Luddite spends 1 hour denouncing Fish farms
  21. Still Hungry? Land crabs rule Palmyra Island
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Sunday, June 12, 2011
June 12, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:54 PM :: 13903 Views
  1. A-1 A-Lectrician: Hawaii drops appeal against Corporate Donor Law
  2. TSA Announces Results of Internal Investigation in Honolulu
  3. DoTax completes Internal Investigation into its “Unusual Reporting” of Monthly Tax Revenues
  4. WaPo: Abercrombie’s Medical Home scheme fails to save money in Medicare
  5. Hawaii Nat’l Guard Youth Challenge Academy to celebrate Graduation at Barber’s Point
  6. Star-Advertiser trying to disenfranchise military personnel, Steal Senate seat from Oahu, give it to potheads
  7. Pension Tax Coming Back? Say, Tsutsui, Abercrombie already bickering over which taxes to raise next year
  8. To save a paltry $32.8M, BoE Kills 30 Magnet School Centers
  9. Changes to Hawaii Kiddie Porn Laws Proposed
  10. For gay aspiring politicians, lessons in strategy
  11. Mayor Arakawa joins Protest against HECO billing ratepayers for Big Wind Study
  12. West Maui Hospital: Certificate of Need in Hand, developer dumps partners, goes solo
  13. Hawaiian Kingdom visa scam hits 400 in Tonga
  14. Enviros: Let Ocean reclaim your House
  15. Legal fees spike at UH—tied to Mauna Kea Telescope
  16. KIUC #2 in Solar, HELCO 4th, MECO 5th
  17. Hawaii Students Defend Against Hackers
  18. NJ Supreme Court decision interprets “shield law” and nontraditional online journalists
  19. Insect expert joins the race to beat deadly pests that threaten Hawaii's bee colonies
  20. Palin emails show engaged leader who sought VP nod
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Saturday, June 11, 2011
June 11, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:38 PM :: 9864 Views
  1. 442nd Vet on Redistricting: Military is part of our Community, should be counted
  2. Prophetic Words: Abercrombie was always a loud-mouthed hippie who had all the answers
  3. Abercrombie doubles down against Pro-Bowl: "It's Time We Get Our Priorities Straight"
  4. “Abercrombie is a real nutcase”
  5. The Selling of The Abercrombie, 2010
  6. Former Hawaii Gov. Lingle meets wounded US troops and delivers graduation speech in Germany
  7. Hanabusa pays for Kakaako Apartment to fix residency problem, not really moving in
  8. Star-Advertiser lies about “continued growth”
  9. Abercrombie vs Inouye over Guam Marine Base
  10. Abercrombie, Schatz claiming credit for every penny Hawaii gets from the Feds
  11. Nonprofits lament HI’s slow-pay status
  12. Filipinos likely to get bigger say in isle politics
  13. SA: Ensure that public housing serves its intended purpose
  14. Controversy Over Oahu’s Rail Project Continues
  15. CT&T Executive Denies Reports of Company’s Poor Health
  16. Maui Council considering Property Tax Increase
  17. VIDEO: KIUC Answers Some Frequently Asked Questions about Hydro Power
  18. Kauai Mayor signs bill authorizing budget for fiscal year 2011-2012
  19. 227 Big Island nonprofits lose out
  20. TSA fired 36 screeners for non-screening of bags
  21. VIDEO: Kamehameha Day in Hawaii
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Friday, June 10, 2011
June 10, 2012 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:24 PM :: 12109 Views
  1. Reapportionment Commission rejects Multi-Member Districts, hears testimony in favor of counting Military Personnel
  2. Is More Better? Education Spending Increases in Hawaii
  3. Terry Lock named Hawaii Early Childhood Coordinator
  4. Newspaper Guild: Star-Advertiser demands end to seniority system, 50% cut in sick leave
  5. Cayetano: Abercrombie unaware of Pro-Bowl’s Value
  6. Fact Check: Weekend of Civil Unions Will Bring in More Cash Than Pro Bowl? FALSE
  7. Kamehameha educator takes job as state's childhood coordinator
  8. Clayton Hee Financial Disclosures still false
  9. State to seek assets of defunct nonprofits
  10. Hawaii Presents Its Fiscal Case to Fitch
  11. Supreme Court considers conduct code rule changes
  12. Campaign Spending Commission Fines Reps Awana, Carroll
  13. TSA to Fire 36 Honolulu Airport Workers
  14. Hawaii is one of only six states where home prices increase
  15. Security guard, school lunch aide indicted on child enticement charge
  16. HECO is #3 in Solar
  17. Luddites whine about GMOs in Hawaii
  18. Men charged with killing pregnant goat plead not guilty
  19. Contraceptives won't solve deer problem, only throwing money at deer will work
  20. Court Delays Arraignment In Puppy Mill Case
  21. How Cola Gave Molokai Clean Water
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Thursday, June 9, 2011
June 9, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:04 PM :: 12287 Views


  1. Panos announces plans for 2012 Mayoral Race
  2. 2011 Session Wrap-up: Paychecks Hawaii Rates Legislators
  3. State Auditor: Public Housing oversight Erratic
  4. Sen Sam Slom to Address Kona TEA Party
  5. DLNR outsources Historic Preservation
  6. Mitsubishi, State sign agreement to Promote New Electric Car
  7. Judges sharply challenge Obama healthcare law
  8. Shapiro: Abercrombie all talk and no action on homelessness
  9. Tax Department Seeks Independent Auditor
  10. Reapportionment: Maui Advisory Council says Military Personnel Don’t Count
  11. Multimember districts Legal, redistricting panel told
  12. Democrat Complaint unanimously dismissed against Aiona, GOP
  13. Hanabusa: Republicans are Robots, Money will Decide Senate Run
  14. Hanabusa still working on moving to district she represents
  15. Activists continue to Block pre-deployment Training for Afghanistan
  16. Clean Energy? State pledges to block Hydro Projects on Kauai
  17. HUD: Money Meant for Elderly Activities Used to Pay Salaries
  18. Banking Lobbyist on Foreclosure Task Force wants to keep lobbying
  19. Act 221 scammers team up with Hawaii Reporter, Launch New News Partnership
  20. SA: Stangel story is about Gun Control, not soft-on-crime judges
  21. Conference delegates to clean up Kakaako homeless shelter
  22. IRS: 1,500 Hawaii Nonprofits Lose Tax-Exempt Status
  23. Nurses: HGEA to meet with State Negotiator Again
  24. Affordable Housing Developer sues LUC for downzoning after Construction
  25. Millions spent on trash
  26. Patten forms Shell Company to Push Wind on Molokai
  27. Hawaii's Open Records Agency Tackles Facebook Posts and Tweets
  28. FAA studies air 'trikes' to elevate their safety
  29. How walkable is your neighborhood?
  30. Iran Military discusses Plan for Nuclear test
  31. Key Gingrich aides resign
  32. Owning It: Democrats are in a corner on their ownership of the economy
  33. Bullying Conference: US Dep’t of Education Procures Gay Teens for Rich Powerful Gays
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011
June 8, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:46 PM :: 12435 Views
  1. WSJ: Health Care Initiative Draws Fire, 93% of MD refuse ACO/Medical Home program
  2. VIDEO: Former Sen. Rick Santorum announces GOP Presidential Bid
  3. Hawaii DoH Scientist: Shame on the EWG for panic about Hexavalent Chromium in Honolulu Tapwater
  4. Ed Case: Our Challenges, My Beliefs, Your Support
  5. Sanjeev “Sonny” Bhagowalia named Chief Information Officer of Hawaii
  6. Historic Kaumakapili Church Celebrates 100th Anniversary
  7. Emotional reunions for Schofield soldiers returning from Iraq
  8. Abercrombie: Wizard will save Hawaii from Hurricane, but he is Preparing Disaster Kit Just in Case
  9. Hawaii's economic growth ranked among lowest in nation
  10. PBN: Hawaii tax department seeks independent auditor
  11. Panos Prevedouros Raising Money for 2012 Mayor's Race
  12. Augean Stables: Bhagowalia to face piles of paper, magnetic tapes, Wang Computers other artifacts of forgotten past
  13. DoE Cutting $32M without adding a Single Furlough Day
  14. Horner Chokes on $1000 psf Construction Costs
  15. Old BoE member complains that New BoE doesn’t allow random ranting and raving at Meetings
  16. Tsutsui Let Lawmaker Vote To Confirm His Own Son
  17. Berg 'Concerned' About Aide Tampering with Hawaii Rep's Email
  18. Eric Ryan, Will Hack For Food
  19. “Austerity” Maui Council hikes budget 9% -- spares nonprofits
  20. Rohlfing: Reapportionment should adopt multimember districts
  21. HUD Threatens to Recoup $7.9M From Honolulu
  22. SA: Council errs on rail, recycling
  23. RAIL SUIT: City Lawyers could represent Council against Mayor AND Mayor against Council
  24. Tesoro reviewing its isle refinery
  25. Everything you've heard about fossil fuels may be wrong: The future of energy is not what you think it is
  26. NJ court: No shield law for message boards posters
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011
June 7, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:43 PM :: 11066 Views
  1. DBEDT: Census Report looks at Redistricting in Hawaii
  2. Libertarian Think-tank Ranks Hawaii #47 in Freedom
  3. New Charges: Rod Tam to be arraigned for Campaign Spending Violations
  4. Hawaii Congressional Delegation: How They Voted June 6
  5. Sun Yat-Sen Hawaii Birth Certificate causes Trouble in Taipei
  6. Lim’s Attack on Tourism: Revenge by Abercrombie?
  7. State Supreme Court to hear case for Hawaiian Homes funding
  8. State liabilities must be reduced
  9. Hawaii graduation rate 65.8%, DoE continues to play numbers games
  10. Navy Ship That fed Bin Laden’s stinking corpse To Sharks will stop In Hawaii
  11. Stangel was in custody before (Soft on Crime)
  12. Kalapa: Put Emphasis On Restructuring Government
  13. State formalizes pact to assist military kids
  14. Mortgage Foreclosure Task Force members warned to Stop Lobbying
  15. Star-Advertiser forecasts continued growth
  16. Rod Tam Pleads No Contest To New Charges
  17. Homeless plan or security sweep?
  18. APEC Host Committee announces new executives
  19. Hawaii's first full-time chief information officer to be announced by Gov. Abercrombie
  20. Van pool fees likely to increase
  21. Atomic Monkey: State Representative Pine Latest Victim of Dirty Cyber Trickster?
  22. Senate's Indian Affairs to hold hearing on UN statement on indigenous rights
  23. Green Killer of Eagles, Hawks: Wind Farms Murder 440,000 birds a Year
  24. AOL INSIDER: Here Are 12 Reasons Why The AOL-Huffington Post Merger Is Going Down In Flames
  25. WaPo: President Obama’s phony accounting on the auto industry bailout
  26. Liquid Robotics raises $22 million for autonomous sea drones
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Monday, June 6, 2011
June 6, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:26 PM :: 11804 Views
  1. DHS: Thousands of ghost names on Hawaii Medicare, Medicaid Rolls
  2. Our Cooling Globe: June Snow in Hawaii (video)
  3. BIVN: VIDEO: Summer snow in Hawaii, high on Mauna Kea
  4. State Auditor quietly withholds Hawaiian Homelands audit documents from disclosure
  5. AP: Hawaii tax department to hire independent auditor to review its revenue reporting, accounting
  6. Shapiro: Djou makes sense on rail
  7. HART budget different from City Council Budget for HART
  8. Telescope has spent $100M, raised $375M
  9. Hawaiian expects Japanese visitors to rebound within months
  10. Star-Advertiser shortchanges Haleakala Police Complaints
  11. Reapportionment: Maui Advisory Commission says Military Personnel should not be counted
  12. Hearings on plastic bag ban start Tuesday
  13. Luddites complain about Hydro on Kauai
  14. Tam could face jail time, new charges
  15. Evidence Ignored in Unsolved Rapes
  16. Hawaii has Least Competition in Trans-Ocean Shipping
  17. Horizon Lines, Bondholders strike deal to Save Shipper
  18. Honolulu: Do You Know Where Your Mayor Is?
  19. Hands Free Cellphone Law: 16,837 tickets in Two Years
  20. SA: Deal humanely with axis deer
  21. Vanpool Hawaii to Close Operations
  22. Old Earmarks Still Kicking In: Hawaiian islands getting money for job training
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Sunday, June 5, 2011
June 5, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:20 PM :: 12517 Views
  1. $134 Million Mystery: DoTax suddenly admits “unusual reporting, systemic problems, inconsistencies”
  2. Djou: City has squandered any goodwill resulting from 2008 Rail vote
  3. Big Isle Plastic Bag Ban Hearings to begin June 7
  4. 307th Signal Battalion returning from Afghanistan
  5. Raid on Hurricane Fund tied to DoTax Reporting
  6. Star-Advertiser: City Parking Meters could Point to Solution to all of State’s Economic Problems
  7. BoE Recognition Diplomas drop 42%, fewer go on to College: SA Trumpets “Improvements”
  8. Hawaii taxpayers could pay $5 billion more than expected for state retiree health benefits, a study finds
  9. Hawaii missing its chance to promote long-term care insurance
  10. Marks: Redistricting Commission still has to decide whether to Count Military Personnel
  11. Will Luddites Kill Hydro on Kauai? KIUC Members to Vote June 13
  12. UH Manoa Political Correctness Leaves Police Unarmed at Haleakala
  13. Public Housing Authority to no longer be Flop House for Homeless?
  14. Volunteers Clean up Warehouse Ruined by Homeless Camp
  15. Plans to build electric cars in Hawaii stalls
  16. Battle of the sex trade: Concerns over prostitution and the welfare of victims are slowly prodding a toughening of Hawaii laws
  17. The monopoly newspaper ignores yesterday’s North Shore storm, flooding
  18. Abercrombie signs law protecting military children when they switch schools
  19. Hilo begins Direct Flights from LA, SF
  20. Dopers to rally for Legal Dope at Capitol
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Saturday, June 4, 2011
June 4, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:34 PM :: 11191 Views


  1. Progressives: Hirono will rescue us from Xenophobic Warmonger and Corporate Shill Ed Case
  2. APEC Preparations: Wealthy liberals pony up for Abercrombie’s Homeless Sweeps
  3. Hanabusa backs Boehner against Obama, Hirono rejects call for Congressional Approval of Libya War
  4. Redistricting: Tammy Duckworth gets Gerrymandered into Illinois 8th Congressional District
  5. Hawaii Tax Director Finds Unusual, Inconsistent Revenue Reports
  6. $104M in rail bonds, Tax & Fee Increases approved: The City Council headed for courtroom showdown over oversight of the new rail authority's budget
  7. Council Approves Another Sewer Fee Increase: Typical Bill Will Rise 68% Over Six Years
  8. When a poll goes off the rail, tax dollars pay for a new one
  9. Hawaii to challenge FERC’s role in hydro
  10. AARP wants to Put Pension Tax fight behind them, get back to being liberals
  11. Auditor: Poor Management of Hawaii Public Housing Puts Federal Funds at Risk
  12. Kailua Fireworks Update: $48,000 Left to Raise in 30 Days
  13. 400 expected to march at Honolulu gay pride parade
  14. Email, Website of Hawaii Lawmaker Hacked
  15. Few Hawaii Senators File Disclosure Reports During Session
  16. How Tort Reform helped Hawaii Accident Victims Get Medical Care
  17. Taxes account for 70 cents a gallon
  18. State agencies boost energy efficiency
  19. KGMB’s Kim Gennaula to be next Aloha United Way president
  20. Honolulu Chinatown Rat-Check: No Rodents, But Plenty Of Rat Bait
  21. Virginity Inspection in 1960s Hawaii Juvenile Detention
  22. Scientists to study Japanese Nuclear impact on Ocean
  23. Herb Kane: The Last Interview
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Friday, June 3, 2011
June 3, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:12 PM :: 10074 Views
  1. Djou: City should work harder to build consensus on rail
  2. Abercrombie signs bogus Rail EIS, Enviros Sue, Carlisle Admin blames ... Lingle
  3. Lim: Handouts to Clinton Movie Mogul Cronies and Windfarm Scammers are key to Hawaii’s Future
  4. Reapportionment Commission Sets Public Meeting Schedule
  5. New plan offers coverage to people with pre-existing medical conditions
  6. Hawaii gov: 'Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Questioning Pride Month'
  7. Hawaiian Geothermal Energy: A Gift from the Gods?
  8. Horizon Lines, another Jones Act Failure
  9. Three steps to sabotage RTTT Teacher Accountability
  10. Charter school to leave probation
  11. Inouye Continues push for Guam Base
  12. Feds Propose Expanding Monk Seal Habitat
  13. Hawaii's Local Leader in Integrated Care Achieves 5-Star Rating on Medication Safety from Pharmacy Quality Alliance
  14. Dim Bulbs force Creation of Black market
  15. Most Hawaii House Reps File Disclosures After Legislative Session
  16. Stanley Chang Vulnerable over Parking Meter Fee Hike
  17. “Concrete shortage” delays pad installation at bus stops
  18. VIDEO: $1 fare for Hele-On bus reconsidered by Hawaii council
  19. After Developer builds 432 Townhouses, LUC reverts project to Agricultural Zoning
  20. Hawaii Gas Prices Dip While Other States Rise
  21. Veteran reporter Huff to say aloha to KITV
  22. UHERO Brief: The Lag in Employment Recovery
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Thursday, June 2, 2011
June 2, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:54 PM :: 12167 Views
  1. Abercrombie signs SB1347, gives HECO license to soak Consumers for Green Energy Projects
  2. Should ratepayers pay for Big Wind Studies? Life of the Land Challenges HECO
  3. HIPA Hawaii Military Spending Study Tied to Fundraiser with Military Contractor?
  4. After Rejection by Mayo Clinic, US Senators ask Obama Admin to withdraw Medical Home Regs
  5. National Right to Life: Medical rationing and $555B Medicare cuts in Obamacare Law
  6. Lung Association: Honolulu has America’s Cleanest Air
  7. Abercrombie releases funds for Capital Improvement Projects
  8. Mufi sits down with Tsutsui to plan 2012 Election Strategy?
  9. Abercrombie signs bill shutting Consumers out, allowing HECO to Raise Rates at Will
  10. HB1000 Would Authorize Unelected Board to tax cellphones
  11. Latest Rail Poll Paid for by Rail Contactor
  12. Bill ending GE Tax exemptions raises Legal Questions on Construction Contracts
  13. Hawaii Senate Keeps Public in Dark
  14. Council, Mayor head for Courtroom Showdown over HART Rail Budget Authority
  15. VIDEO: Hawaii council passes budget, mayor “outraged” by payment for Retirees health Care
  16. OHA giving away more money to Buy Support from Hawaiians
  17. Clayton Hee revises Financial Disclosure Statements AGAIN, may still be in violation
  18. Heavyweight Lobbyists Line up to Defend Schnitzer Steel
  19. No Conflict: Lawmaker by Day, Lobbyist by Night
  20. Rod Tam Sentencing next Tuesday
  21. Proposed Laie hotel clears another hurdle
  22. Lawsuit looms as UH, consultant try to stop data breaches
  23. HPD gains first female deputy chief
  24. New Hawaii Law Offers Gold Star Family License Plates to Families of Fallen Soldiers
  25. US House to Celebrate Kamehameha Day June 11
  26. Investigators Discover Manufacturing Facility in Hawaii
  27. TV Executives Admit in Taped Interviews That Hollywood Pushes a Liberal Agenda
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Wednesday, June 1, 2011
June 1, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 11:51 AM :: 12588 Views
  1. RAND: Military is 18% of Hawaii’s Economy (Full Text)
  2. Hirono, Hanabusa vote to increase National Debt: House rejects 97-318
  3. Horizon Lines may be delisted from NY Stock Exchange
  4. Hawaii Right to Life PAC Congratulates Neighborhood Board Candidates Who Advocate for Life
  5. Hawaii Congressional Delegation: How They Voted May 31
  6. Abercrombie signs Appropriation for Reapportionment Commission
  7. Visitor arrivals rose 5.3% and spending jumped 20.2% in April
  8. MRC Greenwood on Misuse of Protocol Funds: “There are many things I don’t do”
  9. As Hurricane Season begins, Abercrombie signs law allowing him to spend hurricane relief fund
  10. No Special Session Means Key Bills In Limbo
  11. No Competition For Hawaii School Bus Contracts
  12. Hawaii's Electric Vehicle Rebates Off to Slow Start
  13. Civil Beat: Facts are not Facts if We Decide They’re Not
  14. Paying For Honolulu News: Follow the money, the technology and the readers to try to predict the future of the news business
  15. KHON2, KITV, Hawaii News Now Face Uncertain Future
  16. Anti-Geothermal Protesters now Love Geothermal Because OHA will Profit
  17. Toxic Waste in Hawaii
  18. UH Manoa Ethnic studies to Invade New Zealand
  19. Rick Hamada Five Questions. 5 Answers.
  20. $2M bail for man charged in Hawaii resort death
  21. Nishihara: Agricultural Renaissance? This time we mean it. Really.
  22. Kuehnle Algae Replaces Oil, but costs more
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