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Friday, October 22, 2010
October 22, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:25 PM :: 11736 Views

Early Voting open TODAY: Find your polling place

Ethics Violation? UH Manoa helps Democrats build get out the vote rally

Obama’s first take pulled because Obama mispronounced Hanabusa’s name

CNN: Djou is well-positioned to keep his seat

Momentum: Djou outraises Hanabusa by $167,000 in six weeks

Abercrombie, Hirono tried to impose gay marriage nationwide

Video: Aiona highlights Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative

Cost of Hanabusa’s tax hike: $1,784 per family per year

Dan on the Record

James ‘Duke’ Aiona: ‘Fiscal discipline is with me’

"No doubt, our biggest difference is our fiscal policy," Aiona said, noting that most of Abercrombie's experience comes from his time in Washington, where deficit spending is allowed. "The fiscal discipline is with me, not with him."

Hawaii must, by law, have a balanced budget each year. And Aiona accused Abercrombie of not being ready or able to have a proposed budget ready to present to the Legislature two weeks after one of them takes the oath of office.

Abercrombie's plans for the state budget would eliminate furloughs and bring back programs or add new ones - without an explanation of where the money would come from, Aiona said. It would have to be through a series of tax hikes, Aiona said.

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KITV: Hawaii Unions Use Mainland Money to smear Djou

The committee is formed by members of the Hawaii Government Employees Association, Hawaii's largest government workers union; the United Public Workers, the Hawaii carpenters Union and members of other government worker unions.

HGEA's Deputy Executive Director Nora Nomura said Thursday the committee paid for its anti-Djou TV ad with about $100,000 in funding from its parent union, ASFCME, and from the national Carpenters Union.

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Case family Advertiser backs Hanabusa, touts willingness to raise taxes

(SA’s last endorsement? Mufi Hannemann.)

Hanabusa recognizes that the current budget deficit was caused by steep expenses from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (no, they are caused by Obama’s out of control spending) while the George W. Bush administration obtained tax cuts in 2001 and 2003 (which sharply raised revenues by boosting the economy) that are due to expire in January.

(On the bright side, Hanabusa’s beloved cap and tax carbon scam will raise fuel costs and electric bills, further undermining the viability of … print newspapers.)

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Lingle: Abercrombie spreading falsehoods in whisper campaign

As far as whether she felt the negative ads were bad for Hawaii:

“I would prefer that people were open and transparent, like running an ad and just saying it as opposed to the whisper campaign. This doesn’t bother me at all compared to the whispering that’s gone on in campaigns – campaigns I’ve been involved in, campaigns that are going on now. I think that’s a more damaging kind of negativity than just putting it up on tv or radio, because people can judge for themselves.”

When asked whether she was referring to the issue raised recently by Lt. Gov. James “Duke” Aiona, she said “that certainly is part of it.”

Aiona, the Republican candidate for governor, claimed yesterday that Democratic opponent Neil Abercrombie, the former congressman, has engaged in negative campaigning by spreading a video that links him to an international evangelical network.

“I think that’s why he came out, because it was not being done in ads. They weren’t buying ads for it, but they were putting out complete falsehoods and making claims that simply weren’t true, and I’m glad he went out and told people what the facts were.”

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Hillary Clinton coming to Hawaii, plans to Ignore Hanabusa, Abercrombie

Clinton will also travel to Hawaii where she will hold talks with Japanese Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara, whose government has been trying to weather tensions with China, State Department spokesman Philip Crowley said.

As Secretary of State, Hillary has been avoiding all campaign engagements this cycle.

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Bill Clinton endorses Hanabusa, cites “Coast of student loans”

…and repeal student loan reform which will raise the coast (sic) of student loans and make them harder to repay. America can’t afford to return to the policies that putus (sic) in this crisis

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Obama Albatross tapes commercial for Abercrombie, Hanabusa

Dylan Nonaka, executive director of the state GOP, said the decisions by Abercrombie and Hanabusa to turn to Obama show they are out of step.

"It shows how out of touch Abercrombie and Hanabusa are," he said. "When every Democrat in the United States is running away from him, they are the only ones who are embracing his failed agenda."

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We likely haven't seen the last of Linda Lingle

The best example of her political power is the 1998 primary election, when she faced a challenge from the late former Honolulu Mayor Frank Fasi. In the primary, Lingle so demolished Fasi that she took more votes in the GOP than former Gov. Ben Cayetano had in his primary.

Yes, in September 1998, more people voted in the GOP primary than in the Democratic contest.

Lingle is also the $6 million woman. In 2006, she closed out her victorious campaign for reelection with a record-setting $6.7 million raised in contributions and interest on her campaign funds.

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Democrats have lock on local ad agencies

U.S. Rep. Charles Djou told PBN that he selected SRCP Media out of Alexandria, Va., to handle his TV campaign because no local companies would take him as a client because he’s a Republican. SRCP’s list of clients includes Republican candidates and elected officials from across the country.

Djou said the largest local firm capable of working on a campaign is McNeil Wilson Communications Inc., but he said that agency has never had a Republican candidate as a client.

David Wilson, president of McNeil Wilson, said Djou was half correct in his assessment of the local advertising and public relations landscape. He said Djou was right when he said Republicans have difficulties contracting Hawaii agencies, but said he was dead wrong in his accusation that local firms couldn’t be trusted.

“We keep confidentialities,” Wilson said. “We’ve been around 28 years, and if we have a reputation for not being confidential with our clients’ information, you don’t last very long.”

But Wilson confirmed that his agency works only with Democratic candidates because that’s the party of choice for the leadership at McNeil Wilson. The firm has worked on the campaigns of Mufi Hannemann, Daniel Akaka, Ikaika Anderson, Rich Turbin and Dennis O’Connor. McNeil Wilson is a division of Anthology Marketing Group, which Wilson said has Democratic congressional candidate Colleen Hanabusa as a client.

She said there is a fear among the agencies here that if they do help a Republican they could lose out on work in this Democrat-dominated state. But Lagareta also said this was not the case when she came to the aid of Lingle.

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Democrat media figures try to knock another GOP ad off the air

Blaine Fergerstrom, former Star-Bulletin webmaster, took the 2008 photo while on the staff of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs. It was originally published in the OHA newspaper Ka Wai Ola.

(That means it is a State of Hawaii photo and therefore is available for public use.  Nice try Democrats.) 

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Chief’s wife, Drunk Driver headline new additions to Honolulu Prosecutor’s office

Former deputy prosecutor and current director of the State of Hawaii Office of Environmental Quality Control Katherine Puana Kealoha (wife of Honolulu PD Chief), former deputy prosecutor and private practice attorney Dean Young and state representative Jon Riki “DUI” Karamatsu will join the department.

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Attorney, aide seek seat on Council

Because council races have been made non-partisan, Democrats have been able to eliminate Republicans from general election consideration.)

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Gay GOPers make Hawaii media buy

On Thursday, GOProud, a national gay conservative organization, released a 30-second television advertisement set to air in California, Hawaii, Massachusetts and New York that spoofs the popular Bravo “Real Housewives” franchise and goes after the “The Real Democrats of Washington, D.C.”

“If you thought the housewives were dysfunctional, wait until you meet the real Democrats of Washington, D.C.,” the spot begins. “They’re catty! They’re arrogant! And they’re in charge! Under Democrats, reality bites!”

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(Obama losing it in Chicago) Political Heavyweights, teachers union May Be Forming Anti-Rahm Alliance

CHICAGO (CBS) – Look out for the race for mayor of Chicago. It’s getting tougher sooner than expected. Some heavyweights in Chicago politics (and the teachers union) seem to be ganging up on one of the candidates aiming to replace Mayor Richard M. Daley, a guy they want to knock out of the race.

They’re quiet about it, but are talking to CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine, who says it all comes down to three words: “Anybody but Rahm.”

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Look out HSTA, Obama’s sister endorses “Waiting for Superman”

His new film was released last month and despite harsh criticism of teachers unions and making a "villain" of American Federation Teachers President Randi Weingarten, who appears in the documentary, the film has gotten praise from parents and educators, positive reviews and unusually strong box office receipts (due to top $3 million) for a non-fiction film.

Now comes Maya Soetoro-Ng, who in addition to being a "lifelong educator" (she was a high school history teacher and university instructor in Hawaii), is also the baby half-sister of Barack Obama.

Wednesday, the Hawaii resident wrote an unsolicited e-mail to her friends and family, including education blogger Sam Chaltain, about "the opportunity provided by the film." The 40-year-old daughter of Obama's American mother and his Indonesian stepfather wrote though she was at one time "one of Randi's teachers myself in my first years of teaching in NYC" (and "was even the union rep") she nevertheless tactfully hopes "the film will help people to see the importance of graceful negotiation when trying to change a system and recognize the true power of persuasion." The e-mail calls for an increase in "the amount and caliber of dialogue between teachers, administrators, community members, and parents."

She signs off with a plea to "Go check out the film . . . but then let's keep talking. With mighty love, Maya."
Soetoro-Ng does not mention that her brother recently hosted
Guggenheim and the five young student stars of the film at a White House photo opportunity or that Guggenheim directed the Obama biographical film at the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

(And to think, the HSTA endorsed Abercrombie.  What a bunch of saps, signing their own political death warrant like that.  Or is Abercrombie playing Obama for a fool?  Hopefully we will never find out.  Election day is Nov 2.)

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Freeman Guards files bankruptcy, 200 laid off

Freeman's bankruptcy filing followed the collapse of a tentative purchase deal by global security firm Securitas.

"At the beginning of the week, the deal was done," and Freeman was going to file a prepackaged bankruptcy case, but "Securitas pulled the plug on Wednesday, so this was a crash-filing. It was not what was expected when the week started," Farmer said.

Freeman officials could not be reached yesterday.

Freeman Guards Inc. was a family-run business started in 1972 by retired police officer Jerry Kele Freeman. His widow, Helen, was its president, while her son-in-law Patrick Canonigo was its vice president, her daughter Roxanne Canonigo was its treasurer and an Edwina Freeman, whose relationship could not be immediately determined, served as a director.

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More working families getting government food aid at $59K a year

HONOLULU (AP) — Lillie Gonzales does whatever it takes to provide for three ravenous sons who live under her roof. She grows her own vegetables at home on Kauai, runs her own small business and like a record 42 million other Americans, she relies on food stamps.

Gonzales and her husband consistently qualify for food stamps now that Hawaii and other states are quietly expanding eligibility and offering the benefit to more working, moderate income families.

Data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture reviewed by The Associated Press shows that 32 states have adopted rules making it easier to qualify for food stamps since 2007. In all, 38 states have loosened eligibility standards.

Hawaii has gone farther than most, allowing a family like Gonzales' to earn up to $59,328 and still get food stamps.

Prior to an Oct. 1 increase, the income eligibility limit for a Hawaii family of five was $38,568 a year….

many states embrace the popularity of food stamps because their cost — $50 billion last year — is paid entirely by the federal government. States are only responsible for paying half of their programs' administrative costs.

(Federal pork making Hawaii’s people weak and dependent)

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“Suitcases of cash from Honolulu” Hawaii meth supplier on trial in Sacramento

In nine days of testimony, the case provided a glimpse into an upper-level methamphetamine ring that generated suitcases of cash flown into Sacramento from Honolulu, until the operation shut down in violence with the May 4, 2008, shooting death of Kalb….

Siavii testified that in 2007 he also opened a new drug connection in Redwood City and found more fertile distribution fields in Hawaii. He also said he found somebody to pick up the money in Riddick.

Siavii said he still did business with Kalb, but only between the major-league deals in the Aloha State where he once took in nearly $1 million cash in less than a month.

Airline records introduced by the prosecution showed that he and Riddick made numerous, short-notice, short-stay flights to Hawaii.

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Refi mania as Hawaii mortgage rates lowest in six decades

Some Hawaii banks are quoting 3.75% for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage to borrow $200,000 with 20% down, and APRs - annual percentage rates that factor in points and fees to give the real interest rate - remain near or below 4%.

Hawaii's biggest local banks have done thousands of mortgages since the year began, but the vast majority are refi's. Refinancing $200,000 in mortgage debt from 6% to 4% can save more than $200 a month in mortgage payments.

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Bubble about to burst, so First Wind announces IPO just in time

The Boston-based company is expected to price the 12 million shares in the offering in the range of $24 to $26, Renaissance Capital reported.

The company would join the Nasdaq Stock Market under the symbol “WIND.” Lead underwriters are Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley and Goldman, Sachs & Co.

First Wind said in a regulatory filing that it intends to use approximately $78 million of the IPO proceeds to pay off a loan that comes with a 17 percent annual interest rate and matures in March 2013.

REALITY: Wind Energy's Ghosts

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Enviros threaten lives of Kauai children to save birds

Island residents are angry that they have lost the revered tradition of football under the Friday night lights all because of a bird on the threatened species list. They have been showing up to games wearing T-shirts that disparage the policy, and occasionally voicing their displeasure from the stands during games.

"Because we're in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, we don't have much to have to offer our kids. On a Friday night, this is what our kids would look forward to," said Lori Koga, whose 17-year-old son is a Kauai High School varsity linebacker and running back. "And then they took that away from us."

Some residents are directing their anger at the birds. An enterprising fan has printed more than 250 T-shirts saying "Buck the Firds" on the front and "Let the Boys Play" on the back. They come in the colors of each of Kauai's three high schools.

Kapaa High's head football coach, Kelii Morgado, has taken steps to prevent heatstroke during day games, including telling his players to drink lots of water starting three days before. When players come off the field, they're sponged with ice water.

So far the teams have avoided major medical problems due to the heat. Even so, Morgado said one of his players got so hot and lost so much fluid during a game the coach thought he showed concussion symptoms. The student thankfully recovered after trainers put ice water on his neck and had him drink water.

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Hawaii Rejects Proposed Ban on Solar Energy

The latest skirmish in an ongoing struggle between Hawaii’s largest utility and the state’s solar industry was settled earlier this month when state energy regulators rejected a proposed moratorium on new solar installations and instead green lighted a program intended to accelerate small solar development.

The state’s Public Utilities Commission approved a feed-in tariff program that would allow renewable energy projects of up to 500 kilowatts to get paid for the power they feed back into the electrical grid.

The decision came despite requests from Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) to postpone the program over concerns that added distributed generation resources could destabilize the islands’ power grids.

Also: Hawaii adopts feed-in tariff for small-scale renewable energy projects

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Council candidates weigh in on Apollo Kaua‘i island energy issues

LIHU‘E — Apollo Kaua‘i, a nonprofit organization promoting energy efficiency and conservation, supporting the development of appropriate, socially and environmentally responsible renewable energy resources and advocating for the use of energy-efficient transportation systems on the island, asked County Council candidates questions about island energy issues….

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Hawaii County settles Higa harassment claim

A $150,000 check was sent last month to Melissa Chang, while her attorney was paid $96,536 for legal fees and costs, Deputy Corporation Counsel Joseph Kamelamela wrote in an e-mail response to Stephens Media's inquiry.

The $246,536 settlement is significantly more money than Higa earned during his four years in office.

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