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Thursday, March 4, 2010
March 4, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:44 PM :: 14927 Views

Obama voters a no-show at Hawaii Democratic caucuses

Candidates weigh in on health care plan (Djou against Obamacare, others favor ramming it thru Senate)

Shapiro: Auditor Higa “knows where her bread is buttered”

Shapiro: The plain truth on the schools

Impact of hurricane relief fund raid questioned

Internet sales tax pushed for Hawaii

16 Tax Hikes and Special Fund Raids on the Move at the Hawaii State Capitol

Hawaii lawmakers OK jobless tax break

SB: Core issue remains in complaints against Kamehameha Schools

UH-Manoa scores low in survey of students


Green pushing tougher drunken driving laws: Senator calls for forfeiture of cars used in DUIs

Kalaupapa resident facing meth charges: Patient allegedly shipped drug using state vehicles, workers

Financial adviser to pay $780K to SEC: Teruya, Senior Resources accused of defrauding Hawaii senior citizens

Jet tax fails to take flight

Pearl Harbor Shipyard Hiring 175: Shipyard To Hold Apprentice Job Fair

Senate passes bill to protect endangered species: Killing seals could become felony

NYT Desperation: Global warming cultists now claim opponents are Creationists

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010
March 3, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 11:28 AM :: 12616 Views

Hawaii's all-mail congressional election set for May 22

Honolulu Hale: The only industry that keeps on growing (36% since 2005)

SB: Tax breaks review could be revealing (tax charities to feed HGEA)

Pot tax and furlough ax survive, cross over from Senate to House: More than a dozen fee hikes pass, but bills to raise the general excise tax fail to advance

School Furlough bills move forward

Gov blasts audit as 'defamatory'

On May 22 Charles Djou Could Take Hawaii For Republicans!

Kalaupapa's no refuge from scourge of meth, police say: Hansen's disease patient's arrest 'really not shocking'  (State Health Dept employees deal meth to topside Molokai)

MSNBC: Former Big Island Teacher In Prison For Meth Distribution

Privacy in Kamehameha suit denied

Students rebel over uniform proposal

Global warming fraudsters’ goal: $7/gallon gasoline

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010
March 2, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 11:09 AM :: 8895 Views

Ed Case in Congress voted 72 times for higher taxes, fees

Abercrombie farewell gift: “redistribute an entire state's wealth” --WSJ

Court Upholds Ruling In Lawsuit Challenging Kamehameha Admission Policy -- Ruling Means The Students Cannot Remain Anonymous

Abercrombie files papers, pretends to call for furlough action 

ADV: Should quitting be an issue?  (Abercrombie is arrogant, but you shouldn’t talk abut it)

SB: Mail-in vote could boost turnout

ADV: Crucial fix is only days away

HMSA seeks 7.8% hike in small-business rate

Isle bankruptcies surged 29% in Feb: More filers are homeowners whose equity has plunged

Labor Department says 1,600 in Hawaii in danger of losing jobless benefits

State gets $125.7M of $26.6B allotted for roads

Congress Tries to Break Hawaii in Two

Kapiolani Park closure hours extended

Zoo Atmosphere Pervades Legislature

Snobs keep six fireworks ban bills alive in legislature

Open Carry Legislation gets no hearing in Leg

UH Federalist Society: National Security under the Obama Administration

Hawaii air tour companies estimate losses at $200,000 from Obama visit

Framing up, one month remains for Developer to finish affordable units

Cliftos Ooma land use case to be heard Wednesday

Shiira gets probation for crime that may soon become felony

Legislature passes first bill—to cover its own expenses, natch!

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Monday, March 1, 2010
March 1, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:29 PM :: 7296 Views

Pohakuloa: Double defeat for anti-DU scammers 

Long nightmare ends as Abercrombie resigns post: Tsunami wipes out grand opening of campaign HQ

Maui News Polls Akaka Bill 

Hemmings: Undersea cable a multibillion boondoggle

Wind turbine at Punchbowl: Checking Hawaii's stimulus deals

Plan to move up kindergarten eligibility date would leave many kids waiting a year to start school

AMA study of 42 states, D.C., finds HMSA, Kaiser handle 98% of Isle coverage

Inmate, parolee tracker useful to victims

Chile quake death toll hits 708 as rescue ramps up

VIDEO: Tsunami beaches boats in Calif.

Coming next: Hawaii tsunami tourism (HuffPo snob takes swipe at emergency preparedness)

Kapolei: City to swap land and money for power

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Sunday, February 28, 2010
February 28, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:13 PM :: 13719 Views

Photos: Tsunami surge in Hilo, Kahului

Koller: State’s “horse-and-buggy” system is labor-intensive, costly and slow

Star-Bulletin to close if no buyer found

Former cocaine dealer J Kalani English: Bought and paid for by Hawaii Air Ambulance 

2 bills on school time still alive

Hawaii agency agrees to $316M deal to renovate public housing

Oahu's 'wild west' garbage piles gone

Hawaii's rural development fight rekindled in valley on Oahu

ADV: Hopeful but elusive signs of recovery

Tsunami Warning center learns from miscalculation

Waves couldn't catch rhythm of the Slinky

UH regent hopefuls named

Aiea firm to build $200M biorefinery

Timeshares Imploding

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Saturday, February 27, 2010
February 27, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:16 PM :: 8221 Views

Chile Earthquake: Tsunami estimated arrival in Hawaii 11AM NOAA warning “High Severity”

Djou, Aiona, Lingle joined by Karl Rove to rally 1000 at Hawaii Lincoln Day dinner

Printing plant key to Advertiser purchase

Senate Cttes agree to cuts in business tax increase

SB: Don't divert tobacco fund

UPW, Isles close to terms

Aid to Hawaii high-risk children faces cuts

State projects give contractors hope

Choke: HECO vows to address ‘green’ energy issues

Snobs demand property forfeiture for illegal fireworks: House Judiciary Passes Out Illegal Fireworks Bill

Activists denied role in Army process: Depleted uranium handling license sought

RCP: The Return of ObamaCare--The Political Context (Abercrombie)

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Friday, February 26, 2010
February 26, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 11:49 AM :: 7263 Views

ADV: Star- Bulletin owner to buy Honolulu Advertiser

Peer News: Omidyar launches propaganda organ 

Legislature considering storefront marijuana dispensaries

Anne Keala Kelly:The Hawaiian nationalist and filmmaker says the Akaka Bill should be rejected

ETHICS: The bills your legislator probably hates

Hawaii flights (projected) to grow by 6% more seats

Oahu home prices may be stabilizing, with decline slowing  as a State, Hawaii #2 in home price declines

Judge to decide remedy for HMC's unauthorized use of St. Francis funds

Cling: Depledge continues trying to figure out how to get Gay marriage enacted

More propaganda: Civil unions support has basis in Gospels

Burris: Lessons in how to lead a community

More biofuels could get tax breaks

State to close 31 welfare-assistance offices

GTMO Greenwell wants private jet owners to pay $2,500 a day to park at airport

KIUC hopefuls focus on rates, renewables

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Friday, February 26, 2010
February, 2010 Letters to the Editor
By Letters to the Editor @ 2:19 AM :: 7056 Views


One Penny:  Medicaid payout to Hilo Doctor

Support Akaka bill because of "long racial history in the South"?

The Perfect and Deadly Progressive Storm

DoE students placed in wrong grade level for their age

Mauna Kea Moon Rover test: A Mahalo from Outer Space Team 

Obama’s medical corpse

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Thursday, February 25, 2010
February 25, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 11:54 AM :: 6456 Views

Hawaii Congressional special election “expected” for Saturday, May 22

Abercrombie: Mufi personally threatening my donors (VIDEO)

ADV: Put Akaka bill back on track, or it will die

SB: “Current bill dies in Senate”

Lingle, Bennett objections stand: Exemption from state police-power regulation is unacceptable, they say

TAX HIKES: Prescription drugs, airline & ship maintenance, affordable housing -- to feed HGEA

Mayors praise decision on hotel tax

Hawaii committee votes down legal gambling, likely killing it for this session

House revives flag-flying bill

ADV: Let's get real about saving next year

BoE walks into “trap” identifies $37.7M in new cuts

Council approves $8,000 for Washington rail trip

Yoshioka: Using old OR&L path for rail not practical

Obama nominates Gramscian law professor for Ninth Circuit

New Turtle Bay hui pledges park, housing

State's child dental care faulted

Frum Forum: Hawaii’s GOP Resurgence

Frum Forum: Is Hawaii Home to the Next Scott Brown?

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010
February 24, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 11:02 AM :: 12563 Views

Akaka Bill passes House 245-164

Finance committee tries to find alternatives  (GET hike deferred …for now)

2010 election shaping up to be bad for incumbents

SB: Hannemann's glass half full (setup for a fall)

UPW Unit 1 to get furloughs: No other wage reduction expected; governor has indicated she will sign

Jeremy Harris’ 'Mystery Woman' Acquitted In Criminal Case

Report Ranks Honolulu No. 2 In Traffic Congestion  (2 weeks of work every year)


Koke‘e lovers want park revenue to stay on Kaua‘i

Groups holding Haiti relief fundraiser Saturday in Mililani

Group of lenders take ownership of Turtle Bay Resort from Oaktree Capital

Hamamoto welcomed to Saint Louis

Sabeel: obviously preparing to launch Israel Boycott in Hawaii

Casket of Ewa Beach soldier killed in Afghanistan arrives in U.S.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010
February 23, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 11:42 AM :: 7821 Views

Lingle: “Current draft of Akaka Bill is not one I can support”

Rules Committee: Abercrombie’s latest version of Akaka Bill to face full House vote

Finance Committee to hear Gambling Bill Wednesday

Flag Pole bill hearing Wednesday 9:10AM

Lingle balks at rewrite of Akaka Bill (Dems set to blame Lingle for Bill’s failure in Senate)

Hannemann talks up rail and jobs but says city workers face furloughs

UPW reaches pact with county mayors

ADV: HSTA lodges complaint against Lingle

Hawaiian Electric gets OK to boost rates (to pay for biodiesel scam)

Three Honolulu police officers sue, alleging racial bias

Sports commission sacked despite big support

ADV: HTA moves for more secrecy (Shhh Don’t tell the Mexicans)

LA Times/AP: Hawaii may place bet on gambling to save its troubled tourist-driven economy

SB Commentary: Choose democracy over dollars

New Climate Agency Head Tried to Suppress Data, Critics Charge

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Monday, February 22, 2010
February 22, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 11:12 AM :: 9988 Views

Akaka Bill: More than 73% of Hawaiians not "Qualified" for membership in Akaka Tribe

Akaka Preparing New Senate Bill: House Rules Committee to consider Akaka Bill Monday 

Lingle tells feds her administration will do separate rail analysis

Retaliation: Anti-Rail Neighborhood board member may face expulsion

Expect upbeat speech by mayor (Campaign speech)

Lawmakers split on GET Hike

Moratorium sought on solar installation

Hawaii In the Money—but Alaska shows the future

Joining Pac-10 an ambitious, costly goal

Bill would create surfing reserves

Fridge rebate deal worth $250

Funds for welfare jobs mostly untapped

Gifts of Aloha: Packages to Middle East seek to lift troops' spirits

Ooops: Climate scientists withdraw journal claims of rising sea levels

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Sunday, February 21, 2010
February 21, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:14 PM :: 8217 Views

Akaka Preparing New Senate Bill: House Rules Committee to consider Akaka Bill Monday

ADV: Too soon to give up on cutting costs

Honolulu rail-transit schedule slips again: City doesn't expect groundbreaking until late this year

Vote miscount keeps flags flying (Hearing 9AM Wednesday)

Kalapa: Zenith of ignorance reached in state's legislative arena  (Finally!)

Shapiro: A taxing dilemma

Hawaii's special treatment courts threatened by fiscal crisis

Hawaii Bill Would Limit Business Campaign Money

Occupancy slide drives hotels to foreclosure

University center faces little opposition

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Saturday, February 20, 2010
February 20, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:35 PM :: 10480 Views

GOP Objects To Pushing Native Hawaii Bill (House Rules Ctte will meet on Akaka Bill Monday)

Akaka Bill Transforms Native Hawaiians Into Indian Tribe Without Their Input

Lingle to discuss rail with Obama's transportation secretary

SB on Dope:  Proven medical remedy must be more accessible

Cabanilla, Oshiro Choke: Flagpole bill will likely be heard after supporters show in force (Oshiro faked the vote count?)

Isles lag in loan crisis: A declining trend in mainland foreclosures is not expected to extend locally

Homelessness: Wall of trash pulled from Kea'au bushes

Hawaii County bag ban discarded

Kenoi expenses: Mayor spends more than one quarter of first year off-island

Saddle Road's last leg to cost $75 million

Hauula Community Deserves a Public Hearing Before Any Government Property Condemnations in the Area

Tajiri quits post as regent for UH

Law lets loaded guns into parks

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Friday, February 19, 2010
February 19, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:15 PM :: 9749 Views

Native Hawaiian self-government bill could go to vote next week

Abercrombie on Rail: “We may have to come up with alternative”

HB2450: Conservation land to be bulldozed by “renewable” energy scammers

Bill to set buffer around wind turbines advances

Jeremy Harris Flashback: Bev Harbin Says Lisa-Katharine Otsuka Stole From Her Auto Shop

ADV: After 17 years, $100 fee could use a nudge

Bill eases rate jump for jobless insurance

SB: State pension needs fix

Delusional Abercrombie still sure Obamacare is going to pass

Big Isle charter school not done deal

Hawaii to change 4,000 with mental illnesses to services from insurers

Kauai County credit rating gets bump: $120M bond float gains approval

Maui Co budget shortfall boosted from $4M to $72M

Pay raises frozen for Big Isle council

Hawaii gets persistent requests for Obama birth certificate:State DOH still gets up to 50 requests a month for certificate

4 men, woman charged in online sex trafficking of minor

Soft on Crime: Man gets 30 days in marijuana case (7.6 lbs)

After voting for Stimulus, Abercrombie admits false claims “make people sick of politicians”

Unemployment tax relief passes House

Flag-flying bill fails to gain support for revival: Democrats promise to consider task force on residential rules

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Thursday, February 18, 2010
February 18, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:30 PM :: 7587 Views

Tax Increase #1: Hawaii legislators consider hike in income tax, cut in tax breaks

Tax Increase #2: Hawaii excise tax would go up under bill advancing in House

Tax Increase #3: Real property taxes may rise--Counties say House bill suspending TAT funds would lead to increase

Alternative to tax increases: Selling state land a sensible idea to raise cash (Calvin Say vs OHA)

PEW: Hawaii “has failed to sock away any assets” to cover pension liabilities

House Expected to Vote Next Week on ANOTHER secret version of Akaka Bill

House Democrats Plan to Push Akaka Bill to vote Before Feb 28 – Bill’s Final Draft Secret

Special election may be delayed; commission chooses Nago

SB:  Helping homeless needs coordination

Mental health services reined in

University of Hawaii athletics deficit may hit $10.1 million

ADV: Civil service gets in way of liquor panel

ADV joins ‘peak oil’ cult: Future shock: Oil won't stay this cheap

Maui County suing Merrill Lynch: Lawsuit says firm knew of security market collapse, didn’t disclose it

Maui: OHA, anti-Superferry protesters continue assault on agriculture

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010
February 17, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:07 PM :: 14280 Views

Blocked by Cabanilla: Flagpole Bill to be Called to House Floor Thursday

ADV: Selling state land a sensible idea to raise cash (Calvin Say vs OHA)

State to delay paying for health coverage  (Socialist health care imploding)

Oahu the healthiest island, study says

Hawaii teacher furloughs remain as school year starts running out

Inouye compared to King, God

POLITICO: Inouye rakes in $10,000s from Lockheed Martin

Honolulu council may tax nonprofits to feed HGEA

Nago chosen as permanent state elections chief

Dysfunctional Government Is Self-Perpetuating

Maui races for council seats are heating up early

Council members to mull Higa lawsuit

100% frustration: Study says current labeling laws cost Kona coffee farmers $14.4M a year

Hawaii troops risk lives as U.S. makes progress (SB blames Bush)

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010
February 16, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:02 PM :: 10149 Views

HB2241/SB2303: Bills would seize Ceded Lands from Hawaiians 

Kalapa: Lawmakers on a zigzag course for tax legislation

Audit: Waihee’s RightStar short $22.6M  (Graverobbers now targeted for collection)

New campus needed (OHA blocks UHWO)

Hit on Gov hurts rail, Abercrombie says (Abercrombie preparing to blame Mufi for failure of rail)

Contractors’ Assn: Jobs created by rail project would help whole state

Hotel revenues fell a lot in 2009 - but not at year's end

SB: Hawaii's Homeless: Visitors' growing unease has industry leaders worried

ADV: Dancing around the H-word

Hoku Scientific CEO to step down: Shindo will remain with struggling Isle high-tech company as senior adviser

Flag Waving Restrictions Outrage Ewa Residents

State launching site for camping reservations, park lodging

Tongans in Hawaii planning relief efforts in wake of tropical cyclone

Pirate who boarded Japanese ship, demanded ransom, to face trial in Japan

Marines say Taliban resistance more disorganized

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Monday, February 15, 2010
February 15, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 11:36 AM :: 7466 Views

Wind Energy's Ghosts

Global Cooling drives homeless to Hawaii

Shapiro: Gambling on suspicion (The fix is in?)

Rail route, agenda scrutinized (Use OR&L route)

Union seeks details of DHS overhaul: HGEA officials say plans could result in hundreds of layoffs

Homicide sentencing delayed 1 week due to furloughs, staff shortages (budget cuts blamed for murderers on loose)

Safety issue raised at Hawaii State Hospital (budget cuts blamed for lunatics on rampage)

Burris: Political signage will likely trump aesthetics

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Sunday, February 14, 2010
February 14, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:35 PM :: 7597 Views

SB: Mandate school days

Hawaii lawmakers again debating legal gambling

ADV: A desperate, losing wager for Hawaii

Musibigate: HRPT rent law may be extended

Isles on way to becoming model for green energy: Isolation, lack of crude production combination of high taxes and tax credits force state to embrace ambitious goals

Target Lanai: OHA prepares to shakedown wind farm

Gabbard gains 3-year TRO against gay activist after assault 

Parents push for rural Maui charter school

Funding snags risk UH-West Oahu: Construction must start next year or ownership of the land will revert

More Hawaii seniors financially exploited: Lawmakers considering ways to guard against exploitation

Coqui: 'Second invasion' threatens nurseries (latest scam to restore ag inspectors)

Kenoi's proposals panned by Ethics Board: Administration to pursue tougher rules before council

Commission calls for 1% land fund: Compromise could become part of county charter

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Saturday, February 13, 2010
February 13, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 11:49 AM :: 10761 Views

Sakamoto: Tax soldiers to feed HSTA, HGEA, UPW

3 measures would return workers' health costs to state: $26M/year for unions

Survey: Native Hawaiians Discontented With Tourism

Poll finds Hawaii no longer happiest

State's bonds sale exceeds expectations by $188 million

SB: Pressure on Gov. Lingle to OK rail is premature

Lingle: Focus on the quality of education

HECO commits to buying clean energy

Hawaii State Auditor: Director of the Department of Business and Economic Development Director Should Be Fired

Dead Ducks: Animal-protection bills draw support

Protesters rally for ‘strongest prosecutor’: Reason for termination hasn’t been provided

Kauai: Burial plan No. 16 rejected

Global Cooling: There's snow in every state except Hawaii

Slain baby's mom pleads not guilty in robbery

1MW Ray gun blows missile out of sky

Cyclone slams American Samoa with 100 mph winds

Malulani Hospital offers Maui an alternative to MMMC’s “downward trajectory”

Laupahoehoe Liberation: Rural school targeted for closure votes for charter conversion

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Friday, February 12, 2010
February 12, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:07 PM :: 14181 Views

Laupahoehoe Liberation: Rural school targeted for closure votes for charter conversion

Hawaii man found guilty of killing toddler

Kalapa: Barrel tax means $4/gallon gas  

State tax collections down 5.4%

ADV: Forget this school year, start fixing the next

Councilman seeks limits on campaign yard signs

SB: Minus Abercrombie, health reform needs true bipartisanship

Council Looks At Banning Tents, Carts In Parks: Some Homeless Say They Will Get Around Proposed Bill

Hamamoto named principal at Saint Louis School

HMAA to acquire health insurer Summerlin's Hawaii business

ACLU says DLNR biased against unmarried couples

Mollway to remain as Ethics Director (Mystery story)

Hilo hospital: No furlough plans

“Sovereignty” squatter blocks ranch access to water

DLNR chief defends fishery management

Tavares plans to balance budget on taxpayers’ backs

Group seeks judgment to force Sol Kaho‘ohalahala out of office

Obama's Missing Year (HawaiiReporter goes “Birther”)

More: Tropical Cyclone Rene bearing down on Samoa

Hawaii-based Marines gearing up for major assault in Afghanistan

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Thursday, February 11, 2010
February 11, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:05 PM :: 9596 Views

Abercrombie’s departure kills House Obamacare majority, leaves Akaka Bill hanging

Hannemann, Inouye set up to blame Lingle for Rail failure

Republicans kill Democrat move to bring back pay to play

2 gaming bills move forward in House

Shapiro: Superferry bachi

Appeals court hears plea of furloughed students

TIM School-Shidler merger makes sense

Hawaii's January Forclosure numbers increase 286.4 percent from the year-ago period

Hawaii tackles unpaid rents: Public housing proposals also include credit checks and speeding up evictions

Pimps safe for now: Senate Judiciary defers bill to make human trafficking a felony

Kona trial: Doper kills man over “medical” marijuana

Sports Commission proposal deferred

Plastic Bag Ban Debated at Hawaii Capitol

State high court rules judge could force Lanai council member to vacate office

Group: DIRE need for injection wells action -- Says Tavares not doing enough soon enough to achieve results

First county land sale March 31: 16 Paauilo mauka parcels to be offered via sealed bid

Greening buildings requires more lettuce: New code could add $2,000 to cost of new home

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010
February 10, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:26 PM :: 8117 Views

Bill Would Hike Oil Tax 2100%: Measure Aims To Create slush fund to subsidize enviro pipe dreams

Hawaii gambling bills advance in House

School-days bill may hit snag: State's Constitution gives unions rights that may trump legislation

Shapiro: Toguchi “out of his league"

ADV: Leave governor's budgetary powers alone (saving the corporatist state from its Legislature)

$50M clean energy bond program touted

TAX POLICY CONTRADICTS STATE ENERGY INITIATIVE  (subsidy pig squeals -- “Don’t tax me bro!”)

DBEDT director disputes state auditor's findings

A&B affiliate only bidder for raceway: Upcoming hearing a chance to outbid group's $11M offer

(Another) Sexual Video Sparks (another) Criminal Investigation at Kamehameha Schools

Medical Cannabis User Discusses Benefits: Opponents Say Bill To Legalize Premature

Maui “medical”marijuana dispensary was front for drug dealers (duh!)

Police chief against relaxing marijuana laws

Brothers who beat officer take plea deal

Snobs: Hawaii bill to ban fireworks amended to let counties opt out

Green Police: State To Enforce Kayak Limits At Kealakekua Bay


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Tuesday, February 9, 2010
February 9, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 11:06 AM :: 6204 Views

Child Molester’s friend, Rep. Cabanilla blocks flagpole bill

Senate bill would force Governor to spend money State does not have

Dems’ Exec Director Hartmann:  HB444 will be back  (confirms gay ‘marriage’ is all about taking children)

Superferry may come back to Hawaii—AS STATE-RUN SYSTEM

Senate ED Ctte. to consider GET 25% increase: Concerns over feeding HSTA while not helping HGEA

HB2486 mandates minimum instruction hours passes House Ctte

Zealous lawmakers just may raise your taxes, expand government in recession

Hawaii DHS restructuring may cut 200 jobs, close 50 offices

Hawaii will delay sending out tax refunds to balance budget

State pension fund at $10B

KHON plays catch up with Hawai`i Free Press-claims to have broken Special Ed story 

Akaka bill to be debated Wednesday at UH law school

Democrats respond to Djou campaign

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Monday, February 8, 2010
February 8, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 10:43 AM :: 8094 Views

Case, Abercrombie support 'Beyond Gay'

Bill seeks to privatize hospitals

Honolulu District Special Ed Teachers Get Paid to Make Up Lost Furlough Time

Progress: Anti-charter school HSTA teachers abandon Waianae school

DOE Proposes to Increase Hawaii's Classroom Sizes

Bills aim to restore jobs in Film Office: Lingle administration says the cuts have not resulted in any losses for the state

State bills could impact police chief, liquor director

Census seeks full count of Hawaii

Rally aims at cutting plastic pollution raising taxes

Hawaii charges ahead with electric vehicles

Solar facility could power Westside in emergency (Wrong.  It would be a field of shattered glass.)

Oil demand has peaked in developed world: IEA  (new mantra for eco-faddists)

KIUC moves to increase its debt limit (money is being wasted on eco-nonsense)

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Sunday, February 7, 2010
February 7, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:26 PM :: 12335 Views

Running out of money, bully boy Ed Case now snivels because others “tear you down”

Anti-Lingle furlough propaganda ads source identified

Bad economy Rich lobbyist’s campaign contributions boosts interest in gambling

Hawaii may delay payments to Quest health plan

ADV: State needs push to get jobs on fast track

Environmental review: HRS 343 remains a legal quagmire

Charter Conversion: Laupahoehoe school's fate mulled by parents, employees

Hawaii Senate cuts costs by reducing paper usage

Hilo sort station: Late but not over budget  (now all they need is a purpose for the $9.3M building)

Six Hawaii Co. Councilmembers pull re-election papers in first week

Wait list for Maui water meter is challenged

Council OKs countywide plan, housing bills

Families say they'll sue Kauai County over demolition

Church leader may be deported

American Samoa, after the tsunami

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Saturday, February 6, 2010
February 6, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 10:55 AM :: 8192 Views

DoE firing hundreds of Special Education skills trainers

Gambling bills to be heard by House Committee Tuesday

Iraq War veteran launches HD 28 campaign in Chinatown

Full Text: Moody’s outlook for Hawaii shifts to “negative”

Cec Heftel, former KGMB owner and congressman from Hawaii, dies at 85

Lingle, BOE spar over stalled furlough plan  (BoE stalls, lies about letter to Governor)

Still No Selection Of Voting Machines

Rewarding failure: Lawmakers Consider Raising Salaries Of Ed. Officials

‘Unholy (Education) Trinity’ May Benefit from Hurricane Relief Special Fund Monies, but Raid May Jeopardize Hawaii’s Bond Ratings

Kihei Furlough Fun Day parents oppose tax increase for DoE

Kona hospital centering on trauma

Espero says he will not run in Hawaii special election for Abercrombie's seat

State Senate confirms Lingle nominee for Appeals Court

(Destroyed by welfare) Last member of 65,000-year-old tribe dies, taking one of world's earliest languages to the grave

Hawaii engineer helps with efforts in Haiti

(New enviro scam) Hawaii-ecosystem researcher Peter Vitousek wins Japan Prize (for building foundations for propaganda war against nitrogen fertilizer)

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Friday, February 5, 2010
February 5, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:32 PM :: 8519 Views

Raiding of Hawaii's funds could cost state in bond interest rates

SB Commentary: Leftist “Episcopal” rector equates opponents of gay marriage to al-Qaida head-choppers (Then why aren’t they appeasing us?)

Eminent Domain Honolulu Style: You Could Lose Your House in a Month


County bulldozes Hawaiian dwellings on Wainiha Bay

Hawaiian Air reports 'remarkable' year of soaring income in 2009

Snobs in Hawaii Legislature considering new restrictions on fireworks

Prosecutor calls defense 'an imaginary scenario'

Hilo man pleads guilty to manufacturing child pornography

$700K Mobile Command Sits For Years

Hawaii couple attend national TEA Party convention

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Thursday, February 4, 2010
February 4, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:31 PM :: 10070 Views

Taxed Enough Already? TEA Party rallies February 27

Former Honolulu Mayor Frank Fasi dies

3 Stooges’ fake DoE “accountability” bill passed out of House committee—Gov’s bill will not be heard

State is #3 in Debt: Hawaii's bond rating falls to 'negative' as budget crisis takes its toll

Bertram declares bankruptcy

Bill to Legalize Gambling on Hawaiian Homelands Advances over DHHL objection

ADV: Legislation would allow casino operations on Hawaiian Home Lands

Model for Obamacare, “advanced” Hawaii tries to get trauma centers on sister islands (6 1/2 hours to treatment for major trauma)

Greenwood Urges Lawmakers To Invest In UH (she’s out of synch again)

Honolulu Rail 4th Most Expensive in the Nation

Islands No. 2 in union membership

Utilities commission ruling deemed valid  (OK to exclude a member!)

WHT falls for Obama’s SOTU lie: Louder, richer and often foreign voices enter the election process

County has failed to collect $100M in fees: Impact fees could replace current 'fair Share' system

Kaloko homeless shelter project lurching forward

Bill 1965 will make it costly to sell your undeveloped land

Big Isle bag ban is voted down

Arrogant Obama attacks tourism AGAIN

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010
February 3, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:46 PM :: 10556 Views

Wailuku DoE teacher arrested for meth in home: HSTA/DoE/BoE/ACLU still block drug testing

PHOTOS: Kubo for Judge Rally -- Decision by Senate due today

Kubo nomination: Hanabusa, Souza tied to Pali Golf course shooters’ mob

Hawaii Scores “D” on Citizen Initiative rights

Dutch Hanohano: Aiona team introduces campaign manager

Abercrombie, Hirono sign new letter backing socialist single-payer health system

Pendulum now appears to swing in Kubo's favor

Senate Leaders Meet in Secret as Ed Kubo's Supporters Rally for His Judicial Confirmation

Hold Placed on Akaka Bill in U.S. Senate

Lawmakers Move For More School Days

Legislators’ Plastic Bags Law Could Cost Customers 20 Cents (WITHOUT EIS!!!)

Highest paid in nation: Lawmakers Propose Taking manini 3% Pay Cuts: Salary Reductions Would Last 1 Year Starting July 1

Maui News: Election season officially under way

ML&P to cease retirees’ medical (thanks, OHA)

Cash sales crackdown (solving the budget problem one farmer at a time)

New geothermal well hoped to meet contract demands

Neil Abercrombie (D-Hezbollah) gives love to Ron Paul (R-Hamas)

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010
February 2, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:03 PM :: 9249 Views

PRECISELY AS PREDICTED: Civil union backers plan suit for gay marriage in Hawaii

FTA commits $1.55 billion to pay for Honolulu rail system (Inouye comes thru for his pet Mufi)

Senate Committee considers 25% tax hike to feed HSTA, HGEA, UPW

Ten Ways to Cut Hawaii Department of Education Costs While Improving Outcomes

Furloughs further dim military's view of schools

Infusion of federal money has saved or created thousands of jobs (or is it 54 jobs? hilarious)

ADV: Streamlining construction can speed jobs

Shapiro: Leg opens door to more contributions from State Contractors

Money Woes Could Threaten High-Speed Rail: Stimulus Awards Not Enough To Finish Major Rail Projects

Record military budget proposed by Obama important for Hawaii

Regents seek rise in revenue: Propose lift the limit on nonresident students who pay higher tuition

Hawaii Feels Loss Of Pro Bowl: Losing 'Lost' Also Hurts State's Economy

City mishandling effort to take Hau'ula land from owner, critics say (Lawsuit is Rail Preview?)

Mayor in financial lead in race for gov (Aiona 2nd , followed by some hippie)

It begins: 35 take papers to run in coming elections

Kalapa:  Yet another lesson we should learn from California

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Monday, February 1, 2010
February 1, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:03 PM :: 10163 Views

Opponents of Kubo nomination tied to Pali Golf course shooters’ mob

Djou tops in cash on hand after Hanabusa gets old boy boost

Hannemann leads Abercrombie in campaign funds (and Duke???  Advertiser no say, but Hawai`i Free Press does)

Hawaii public utility commissioners clash

ADV: Pointless rail spat wastes public resources (flacking for Mufi, again)

SB: Court budget cuts cost the taxpayers

Civil unions: A political boon, or boondoggle?

UH system enrollment hits record 55,761 for spring semester

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Sunday, January 31, 2010
January 31, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:45 PM :: 10721 Views

Hawaii's school board needs to be fixed, say three ex-governors and Hamamoto (FAKE REFORMS--HOPING TO TRICK THE ELECTORATE INTO DOING NOTHING)

Democrat Advertiser: (Not) Time for better way to pick school board   (Don’t put it on the November ballot)

'Clock is ticking' on furloughs: BOE disputes claim it's stonewalling on Lingle's proposal

SB vs HSTA: Tax hike not the solution

Say what! To close a widening budget gap, the House leader asks for an array of tax hikes, benefit cuts and even a casino  (and a health insurance tax)

Lingle: Lawmakers Hid Votes On Civil Unions

Herkes comes out against HHSC privitization

Rep. Morita reaches out online to tax your breath  (Shows what is at stake in Gubernatorial election)

Honolulu rail would be safer at ground level, AIA contends

Big isle Car, truck sales on fumes in '09

Lanaians looking for a means of survival: Economy on edge with employment limited and construction stopped

FEEL-GOOD: Hawaii County to consider new bid to ban plastic shopping bags

Oahu crime up 6%; increase mostly in property crime

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Saturday, January 30, 2010
January 30, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:01 PM :: 6560 Views

Hold” placed on Akaka Bill in Senate could effectively prevent passage

House Tables Civil Union Bill Indefinitely

Couple helped ignite debate: They sparked struggle for civil rights (sic) in Isles, but never saw it happen

Re-inventing Government: Five key reforms to save money (Commission backs constitutional amendment to dump BoE) 

Lawmakers Consider Casino Gaming in Waikiki (to feed the corporatist State)

Most crime in Hawaii linked to drugs, says law agency official

State audit of DBEDT critcizes use of private funds for overseas trade missions

ADV: City must pass bills on tents, carts in parks

SB: L.A.'s medical marijuana troubles hold lessons

Committee Kills Bill To Hike Soda Tax (didn’t tax enough drinks)

School board's Cochran (HSTA flunkey) to run for Maui County Council (rat jumps sinking ship)

MCC to become 4-year Maui College

State Boots Student Display From Capitol  (gay ‘families’ remain)

Senators To Vote On Kubo Nomination Next Week

Omidyar-backed sustainable-ag group takes over Maui's Kapalua Farms

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Saturday, January 30, 2010
January, 2010 Letters to the Editor
By Letters to the Editor @ 12:56 AM :: 6470 Views

“Dear DIIOTS” -- from a Democrat wanna-be Legislator  

Dumb and Dangerous Legislation

Take the $ out of politic$

Pro-railers claim naysayers are small minority

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Friday, January 29, 2010
January 29, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:02 PM :: 9048 Views

Gay Civil Unions to face “indefinite postponement”?

Hanauma Dec 29: Did Mufi threaten retaliation against Obama?

Lawmakers are gambling that isle residents going to Vegas will be willing to pay a $10 fee to avoid state taxes if they win big later

Hawaii Department of Education Whistleblowers- 'Bell System Contracts' Waste School Repair Money 

Governor, mayor at odds over financing for rail

Kauai County to pay $7.5M in Ka Loko settlement

Vote on Kubo deadlocked

A&B to continue Maui sugar at least through 2010

Kenoi fights back against TAT attack

Plans call for higher commercial fees, additional restrictions next year

County Buys 151 Acres of North Kohala Coastline Property (Open Space)

Hilo club owner vs. county is on again (Dep’t of Retaliation)

Officials mull management of Kalaupapa – to DHHL?

Kaiser union workers rally over job security

Officials shut 18 voting sites on island

RNC Meeting: Steele Comes to Honolulu with Proof of Principle

Senate Committee Hearing: OHA to be audited?

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Thursday, January 28, 2010
January 28, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:17 PM :: 11507 Views

Abercrombie backs renewed Obamacare push

Obama's answer for America: more of me

Republicans Hope To Claim Seats In Islands

SB: Republicans envision coup with Djou

Governor Lingle Fires Back at “bully” Mayor Hannemann

HSTA proposes increase in taxes to fund schools

Guards from Hilo jail picket UPW office

Under OHA attack: A&B board expected to make a decision on whether to keep growing sugar on Maui

Justice and safety at risk, Moon warns

Council bills are aimed at homeless in parks

Foreclosures running high

SB: Civil unions bill deserves decision now

Hawaii needs commission to attract sports events, Aiona says

Aiona defends likely County TAT cut -- Legislature backing away from more tax increases

Maui News polls Tax Increases

EBay Founder Talks To UH

County eyeing water rate increases

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010
January 27, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 9:52 AM :: 9780 Views

Mufi: “I have no thoughts of resigning soon”

SB: Don't further centralize Hawaii schools

Tourism Recovery will be slow, despite an expected uptick in arrivals and spending

GOP kicking off national strategy session in Isles

Boylan: Hawaii Republican leaders “Closer to the truth than some of the Democrats like to admit"

Democrat Borreca: Lingle's political math mostly about subtraction

Democrat Borreca: National GOP aids island hopefuls

Lingle plan halves employers' tax hike

Hawaii gas prices above 'cap' level of suspended law

ADV: Clear disclosure vital in political spending

Maui Business leaders like Lingle proposals

University of Hawaii faculty approve “cost-cutting” contract with two pay increases

UPW to picket UPW in Hilo


Fewer registered vehicles on Big Isle

Strategies shared at zero waste forum

4 men accused of phone plot had conservative ties

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010
January 26, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:26 AM :: 8415 Views

House may not have votes for civil unions

State of the State Address: Full Text

ADV: Lingle proposes business stimulation incentives

An amended shell bill (SB404) could speed up movement of rainy day funds, says state Rep. K. Mark Takai

Rail opponent Panos Prevedouros to run for mayor

Big Island lawmakers mull fall elections

Abercrombie pretends to blast furloughs

POLITICO: Hawaii (is the only place on earth) still crazy about Obama

Jim Kelly named to Advertiser editorial post

Island landlords lowering prices, offering incentives for the first time in years

Better Place raises $350 million in financing for electric car plans

Illegal concrete fill helped rare stilts

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Monday, January 25, 2010
January 25, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:48 PM :: 7157 Views

Hooser, Hanabusa predict HB444 will bring gay marriage back before Courts

State of State: Lingle to focus on Hawaii's recovery

With win behind them, Brown strategists are in demand (in Hawaii)

Democrat Bulletin: Republican gathering in Waikiki comes at a time of internal strife

Law that sank Superferry could also halt rail transit  (Blame game begins!)

2 former staffers oppose Kubo  (typical Dem bs--Kubo will not be judge)

ADV instructs Mazie Hirono to stop being such a bone-headed socialist

Former OHA trustee to head Hawaii Democrats

Hawaii needs to reform its health care system, too (by Hospital Assn Head)

CRCH Faculty: Greenwood conducted fake search for Cancer Center head 

SB: Flawed ruling intensifies push for clean (socialized) elections

Abercrombie (D-Hezbollah) out as chair of Terrorism Subcommittee

International Study nails Honolulu as least affordable US housing market (8.2 times median income)

Kalapa: Yes, even a white lie can come back to haunt

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Sunday, January 24, 2010
January 24, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 9:30 AM :: 8347 Views

Same-sex marriage issue has endured a long fight in Hawaii

ADV: Teachers union asking lawmakers to set aside funds to end furloughs

SB: HSTA, heed idea to improve teacher quality

Windmills a source of green power, conflict

Hirono: ‘I would vote against’ Senate health care bill

County looks to preserve its TAT share

ADV: Elevated system best deal for taxpayers

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Saturday, January 23, 2010
January 23, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 11:57 AM :: 6703 Views

SB: State Senate passes civil unions bill

Maui News: Lawmakers say stage set for passage

Gabbard gets court order against activist

Chief reassures public, says Waialae-Kahala beatings 'not a random act'  (no, it is a predictable consequence of soft-on-crime policies)

Tough year tests resolve to hit priorities

Political winds bode ill for future of Akaka Bill  (1820, 2010 Massachusetts saves Hawaii again)

Blocked on $250M money grab, OHA goes for $200M

GOP seeks to mandate 180 school days a year

Local Bloggers perk up on Djou campaign

Panel's ruling on Lāna'i water issue questioned

Central Oahu subdivision would create 5,000 homes

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Friday, January 22, 2010
January 22, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 11:28 AM :: 9608 Views

Hawaii Family Forum calls for action: Senate to hear HB444 Gay Civil Unions Friday

Hooser ‘cautiously optimistic’ Senate has the votes to pass HB444

Campaign law change could color race for Congress

State Sen. Espero considering run for Abercrombie's Congressional seat

SB: Independents gaining clout

Hold that Train (tax raid vs Mufi)

Law enforcement backs stiffer penalties for violence

Honolulu home to nation’s second-worst traffic jam

Health care is threatened by Arbitrator’s ruling on UPW furloughs

UH System asks Lawmakers for Help

UHPA members begin contract ratification vote

Total Ka Loko civil settlement amount is set at $25.4 million

Couch fined for exceeding out of state donation limits

New-car sales plunge in Hawaii

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Thursday, January 21, 2010
January 21, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:50 PM :: 9175 Views

Boylan: Patient Aiona Ready To Lead

Djou Hopeful In Wake Of GOP Win In Mass.

GOP Senate victory boosts hope for Djou's campaign

`This is my truck'

Isles' senators stay committed to Akaka Bill

Much work ahead, Isle lawmakers say (Guard your wallet!)

Shirokiya to lay off 50 due to threat of Unemp Comp Tax hike

SB: DOE stays in the race

ADV: Schools chief should have some autonomy (against Constitutional Amendment, no surprise here)

HSTA names interim executive director

Tax dollars could help patch up private roads

Marijuana bills to be introduced

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010
January 20, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:21 PM :: 9171 Views

Senate will deal with civil union bill immediately; a vote is likely Friday

Clock's ticking on Akaka bill in overloaded Congress

Independent voters are election wild card

Poll shows Carlisle with 67% to 18% lead in so-far fictional mayoral race

Money's the matter as Isle lawmakers begin 60-day session (Danger! Legislature in Session)

TAT status up for council discussion  (Kokubun: “Raise Taxes”)

Bottle fee could cut furloughs  (Danger! Legislature in Session)

Hawai‘i Chamber pushing for unemployment tax break

6th district lawmakers face tough ’10 session (J Kalani “Powdernose” English has a plan to ‘blow” your money)

Let governor appoint Hawaii schools superintendent, Lingle proposes

ADV: Race to the Top needs all hands on deck

Companies oppose school bus cuts

Crime bill would put 'halo' around schools

The Healthcare Association is asking again for the state money

Kaiser employees picket over loss of pharmacy work

Chevron to shrink refining business

2% Land fund may return to ballot

Kauai County share of Pflueger settlement to be released

Hawaii Air National Guard, Air Force crews part of Haiti relief

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010
January 19, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:07 PM :: 11882 Views

Rally at Capitol: 15,000 against Gay Civil Unions

Feds: "City will need a stronger financial plan" before moving forward with Rail Transit

Case holds lead over Hanabusa and Djou (Case 52%-Djou 21%), (Hanabusa 43%-Djou 36%)

State's labor, fiscal woes cut Lingle's popularity

Honolulu rail forum draws opponents, supporters of planned commuter line

ADV: City rail committee didn't keep minutes: But state office says it was exempt from law requiring them

Hawaii governor says state won't fund pay raises for UH faculty

City-state effort can ease school-bus woes

Governor Linda Lingle Speaks to Improving Hawaii's Business Climate

SB: Legislators must show courage, leadership (by passing Gay Civil Unions)

Shapiro: Maui tripping (J Kalani "powdernose" English)

S., W. Maui legislators: Protect what’s already there (by raising taxes)

WHT: Legislature faces bleak budget (TAXES, TAXES, AND MORE TAXES)

Hawaiians mark key event in Hawaii history and reject Akaka Bill

Rents for office space down 3.5%

JAL to cut jobs, pensions, routes

Hawaiian Telcom vs. Oceanic Time Warner (fiber optic competition to cable tv)

Homelessness Issue hits home in Chinatown

Hawaii Coast Guard crews fly quake relief missions in Haiti (Superferry going to Haiti) 

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Monday, January 18, 2010
January 18, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:56 PM :: 7988 Views

Abercrombie 9% ahead of Aiona, Hannemann 6% ahead of Aiona

Only two Options considered for balancing state budget (you guessed it, tax increase, and raid on special funds)

Tax Increase tops Greenies' wish list for 2010 ($100/barrel tax on oil)

UH aims for sustainable education  (More brainwashing)

Ocean cleanup a critical task

Transit ex-directors support elevated rail  (Mufi tries to salvage candidacy)

MLK Day observed in Hawaii

Hilo roots help drive state's interim DOE superintendent

Kalapa: Yardstick provided by Council on Revenues

SB: A blow against slavery

For Time Warner, Isles are a gold mine

 Sen J Kalani "Powdernose" English will take aim at reforming laws for cannabis

ADV: Cooperation could yield trash solution

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Sunday, January 17, 2010
January 17, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 11:07 AM :: 8643 Views

Civil union debate could spur political action from all sides

Case takes early lead

'No simple answers' as lawmakers consider tapping funds, raising taxes (they're 'simply' going to raise the GET)

Search for revenue (TAX INCREASE) looms as top mission (ADV editors explain how to pitch a GET hike)

UHPA, UH administration reach tentative labor agreement

Activities honor King's memory

Young Bros. and Pasha Hawaii await a decision on whether the shipping services can compete

Timeshares weather storm: During the prolonged downturn, their occupancy levels have outpaced hotels

Kenoi wants to raise money for land purchases by selling property

Rotarians pull together to help Haiti

A new breed of paparazzi descends on placid Maui

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Saturday, January 16, 2010
January 16, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 11:00 AM :: 8613 Views

Cox: BOE rift may be irreparable

Hawaii will cut pay or furlough hospital, EMS, prison staffers

University of Hawaii faculty paychecks cut 6.7%; TRO hearing date still not set

Hawaii: Leaving Home is an Economic Indicator

Members criticize ‘ridiculous’ 50-cent fuel tax proposal

SB: State should kick its habit of raiding tobacco fund

Honolulu rail project piles up legal fees — $635,000 so far  (already preparing for enviro lawsuit)

Council kills windmill bill

Obama Security Costs HPD $250K In OT

Maui Pine may lose its listing on NYSE

Lawmakers want faster tax breaks for Haiti donations

Kauai path will be shifted from "sacred" sand

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