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Thursday, January 19, 2017
188 Candidates File for Honolulu Neighborhood Board Elections
By News Release @ 11:59 PM :: 4261 Views :: Honolulu County

From Honolulu NCO -- Updated January 18, 2017

Honolulu - Beginning December 1, 2016, O‘ahu residents can file to run for a seat on their neighborhood board by applying online at, or completing and submitting a candidate registration form. The printed form is available at the Neighborhood Commission Office (NCO) at Kapālama Hale, 925 Dillingham Boulevard, Suite 160 and the Department of Customer Services Public Information Center at the Mission Memorial Building, at 550 South King Street.

Candidacy is open to O‘ahu residents who will be at least 18 years of age by February 17, 2017. The deadline to apply as a candidate is February 17, 2017. Mailed forms must be postmarked by the deadline date and received by February 24, 2017.

Voting begins on April 28, 2017, and ends on May 17, 2017. Elected board members serve a two year term, starting on July 1, 2017. Voters will elect 437 neighborhood board representatives to serve on the 33 neighborhood boards.

Voting in the Neighborhood Board Elections

O‘ahu residents who have voted in the 2016 primary or general elections are automatically registered to vote in the 2017 Neighborhood Board Elections.

Other residents, including military personnel and family members, legal resident aliens, and students, who will be at least 18 years of age by February 17, 2017, may register to vote in the Neighborhood Board elections by submitting a neighborhood board voter registration form.

The form is available online at and at the Neighborhood Commission Office at Kapālama Hale. The deadline to submit the voter registration form is February 17, 2017. Mailed forms must be postmarked by the deadline date and received by February 24, 2017.

The mission of the Neighborhood Board System is to increase and assure effective citizen participation in the decisions of government. O‘ahu’s Neighborhood Board System is the only government sponsored civic engagement system in the State of Hawai‘i. While they are advisory, board activities may include study and review of capital improvement projects and zoning concerns. They may also conduct educational programs on governmental decision making processes and establish community goals, objectives, and priorities.

More information about the election and neighborhood boards can be found on the NCO website at

LINK:  Current Candidate Profiles

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Board Name Board and SD Last Name First Name Ballot Name
Hawaii Kai 01 00 Iwasa Natalie IWASA, Natalie
Hawaii Kai 01 00 Kim Christine KIM, Christine
Hawaii Kai 01 01 Clark Robert CLARK, Robert E.
Hawaii Kai 01 05 Shields Gary SHIELDS, Gary W. W.
Hawaii Kai 01 10 Mayor Roberta MAYOR, Roberta
Hawaii Kai 01 11 Altonn Paige ALTONN, Paige K.
Kuliouou-Kalani Iki 02 01 Yap Melvyn YAP, Melvin M.L. M.R.
Kuliouou-Kalani Iki 02 03 Carroll Paula CARROLL, Paula S.
Kuliouou-Kalani Iki 02 04 Spangler Sheridan SPANGLER, Sheridan R.
Kuliouou-Kalani Iki 02 08 Parker Kamaka PARKER, Kamaka
Kuliouou-Kalani Iki 02 08 Aoyagi Davin AOYAGI, Davin
Waialae-Kahala 03 01 Francis Karen FRANCIS, Karen L.
Waialae-Kahala 03 03 Pyles John PYLES, John
Waialae-Kahala 03 04 Himeda Sylvia HIMEDA, Sylvia S.
Kaimuki 04 01 Moniz-Kahoohanohano Marilyn MONIZ-KAHOOHANOHANO, Marilyn
Kaimuki 04 02 Hagadone Mark HAGADONE, Mark R.
Kaimuki 04 02 Okamura Sharon OKAMURA, Sharon
Kaimuki 04 02 Bullock Lyle BULLOCK, Lyle G. Jr.
Kaimuki 04 03 Hoe Paul HOE, Paul D.
Diamond Head/Kapahulu/St. Louis Heights 05 02 Peralto Keolu PERALTO, Keolu Jacob
Diamond Head/Kapahulu/St. Louis Heights 05 02 Villers Bryn VILLERS, Bryn
Diamond Head/Kapahulu/St. Louis Heights 05 02 Welch Winston WELCH, Winston
Diamond Head/Kapahulu/St. Louis Heights 05 02 Kamahele Mark KAMAHELE, Mark K.
Diamond Head/Kapahulu/St. Louis Heights 05 03 Persons Don PERSONS, Don A.
Palolo 06 00 Hack Randolph HACK, Randolph C.
Palolo 06 00 Nakayama Darlene NAKAYAMA, Darlene H.
Palolo 06 00 Mau Beverly MAU, Beverly K.S.
Palolo 06 01 Shiraki Earl SHIRAKI, Earl Masato
Palolo 06 03 Holtrop Paul HOLTROP, Paul
Manoa 07 01 Kobayashi Dale KOBAYASHI, Dale
Manoa 07 01 Watson Ellen WATSON, Ellen
Manoa 07 02 Chun Rodney CHUN, Rodney C.Y.
Manoa 07 02 Kwak JaeWon KWAK, Jae
Manoa 07 03 Koff Joan KOFF, Joan
Manoa 07 03 San Diego Eric SAN DIEGO, Eric Delos
Manoa 07 04 Armstrong Dylan ARMSTRONG, Dylan P.
Manoa 07 04 Quadri Muhammad QUADRI, Muhammad Anwar
Manoa 07 04 Eby Martin EBY, Martin Kalanie
McCully-Moiliili 08 00 Moore Uneeda MOORE, Skye
McCully-Moiliili 08 00 Kondratovich Klement KONDRATOVICH, Klement
McCully-Moiliili 08 00 Robotti Paul ROBOTTI, Paul F.
McCully-Moiliili 08 00 Takamura Clifton TAKAMURA, Clifton Hiroshi
McCully-Moiliili 08 00 Choe Bryan CHOE, Bryan
Waikiki 09 01 Merz Jeff MERZ, Jeff
Waikiki 09 01 Geck Jeff GECK, Jeff
Waikiki 09 01 Carroll Helen CARROLL, Helen
Waikiki 09 02 Finley Robert FINLEY, Robert
Waikiki 09 02 Fahey Gordon FAHEY, Gordon W.
Waikiki 09 03 Henski Kathryn HENSKI, Kathryn
Waikiki 09 03 Shields Patricia SHIELDS, Patricia K.
Makiki/Lower Punchbowl/Tantalus 10 01 Klink Paul KLINK, Paul
Makiki/Lower Punchbowl/Tantalus 10 01 Tannenbaum Stephen TANNENBAUM, Stephen
Makiki/Lower Punchbowl/Tantalus 10 01 Lofquist William LOFQUIST, Bill
Makiki/Lower Punchbowl/Tantalus 10 01 Fenton Larry FENTON, Larry
Makiki/Lower Punchbowl/Tantalus 10 01 Reindollar Chuck REINDOLLAR, Chuck F.
Makiki/Lower Punchbowl/Tantalus 10 01 Steelquist John STEELQUIST, John
Makiki/Lower Punchbowl/Tantalus 10 02 Mitchell Samuel MITCHELL, Sam Moriwaki
Makiki/Lower Punchbowl/Tantalus 10 02 Elliot Miriam ELLIOTT, Miriam
Makiki/Lower Punchbowl/Tantalus 10 03 Kawano Richard KAWANO, Richard H.
Makiki/Lower Punchbowl/Tantalus 10 03 Balderston Adele BALDERSTON, Adele
Ala Moana-Kakaako 11 01 Ammons William AMMONS, William
Ala Moana-Kakaako 11 01 Chang Rodney CHANG, Rodney
Makiki/Lower Punchbowl/Tantalus 11 01 Harrison Scott HARRISON, Scott
Ala Moana-Kakaako 11 03 Armstrong Robert ARMSTRONG, Robert Mikala
Ala Moana-Kakaako 11 03 Horvath John HORVATH, John C.
Ala Moana-Kakaako 11 03 Komine Jr. Ronald KOMINE JR., Ronald
Ala Moana-Kakaako 11 03 Khlopin Elliott KHLOPIN, Elliott Kalani
Ala Moana-Kakaako 11 04 Cho Hendrick CHO, Hendrick
Nuuanu/Punchbowl 12 02 Smith Patrick SMITH, Patrick S.
Nuuanu/Punchbowl 12 02 Vieira Bob VIEIRA, Bob L.
Nuuanu/Punchbowl 12 03 Nerney Philip NERNEY, Philip
Nuuanu/Punchbowl 12 03 Hidano Audrey HIDANO, Audrey
Nuuanu/Punchbowl 12 03 Nakoa Keone NAKOA, Keone
Downtown-Chinatown 13 00 Shubert-Kwock Chu Lan SHUBERT-KWOCK, Chu Lan
Downtown-Chinatown 13 00 Tom Robert TOM, Bob
Downtown-Chinatown 13 00 Smyth Thomas SMYTH, Thomas
Downtown-Chinatown 13 00 Donaldson-Selby John DONALDSON-SELBY, John
Downtown-Chinatown 13 00 Moore Willis MOORE, Willis H.A.
Downtown-Chinatown 13 00 MOLLRING Dolores MOLLRING, Dolores Fees
Liliha/Puunui/Alewa/Kamehameha Heights 14 00 Ho Bixby HO, Bixby K.G.
Liliha/Puunui/Alewa/Kamehameha Heights 14 02 Fong Wesley FONG, Wesley F.
Liliha/Puunui/Alewa/Kamehameha Heights 14 02 Mitsuda Brandon MITSUDA, Brandon R.
Liliha/Puunui/Alewa/Kamehameha Heights 14 02 Markley Maryellen MARKLEY, Maryellen
Liliha/Puunui/Alewa/Kamehameha Heights 14 03 Kaapu Carole KAAPU, Carole K.
Liliha/Puunui/Alewa/Kamehameha Heights 14 03 White Dale WHITE, Dale
Liliha/Puunui/Alewa/Kamehameha Heights 14 05 Stubbs Robert STUBBS, Robert S.
Kalihi-Palama 15 00 Farm Kendrick FARM, Ken
Kalihi-Palama 15 00 Dumayag Joe DUMAYAG, Joe S.
Kalihi-Palama 15 00 Pomponio Cathleen POMPONIO, Cathleen
Kalihi-Palama 15 00 Aki Jacob Bryan AKI, J. B. Kaomakaokala
Kalihi-Palama 15 00 Ybanez Amanda YBANEZ, Amanda
Kalihi Valley 16 00 Lagmay Phillip LAGMAY, Phillip
Kalihi Valley 16 00 Hussey Ikaika HUSSEY, Ikaika Lardizabal
Aliamanu/Salt Lake/Foster Village 18 00 Egge Dennis EGGE, Dennis
Aliamanu/Salt Lake/Foster Village 18 00 Czar David CZAR, David P.
Aliamanu/Salt Lake/Foster Village 18 00 Spadinger Rodrick SPADINGER, Rodrick J.
Aliamanu/Salt Lake/Foster Village 18 00 Delgado Fides DELGADO, Fides
Aliamanu/Salt Lake/Foster Village 18 00 Igawa Patti IGAWA, Patti O.L.
Aiea 20 00 Mobley Ron MOBLEY, Ron
Aiea 20 00 Cavanaugh Maxine CAVANAUGH, Maxine
Aiea 20 01 Arakaki Tracy ARAKAKI, Tracy
Aiea 20 02 Tsuji Russell TSUJI, Russell Y.
Aiea 20 02 Vasquez-Dela Cerna Alyn VASQUEZ, Lynn
Aiea 20 02 Fitch Ronald FITCH, Ronald E.
Aiea 20 03 Imamura-Uruu May IMAMURA-URUU, May Leiko
Aiea 20 03 Clark William CLARK, William B.
Aiea 20 03 Grunch Russell GRUNCH, Russell
Aiea 20 04 Mizusawa Richard MIZUSAWA, Richard
Pearl City 21 00 Velasco Antonio VELASCO, Antonio F.
Pearl City 21 00 Yokotake Blake YOKOTAKE, Blake
Pearl City 21 00 Itsuno Andrew ITSUNO, Andrew
Pearl City 21 00 Veray Larry VERAY, Larry
Pearl City 21 00 Inouye Guy INOUYE, Guy
Pearl City 21 00 Poaha Kelsey POAHA, Kelsey
Pearl City 21 00 Duncan SolRay DUNCAN, SolRay B.
Pearl City 21 00 Salter-Edge DeLores SALTER-EDGE, DeLores A. Mrs.
Pearl City 21 00 Hayakawa Mitsuko HAYAKAWA, Mitsuko
Waipahu 22 02 Nakashima Rodney NAKASHIMA, Rodney Y.
Waipahu 22 03 Wheatley Chuck WHEATLEY, Chuck B.
Ewa 23 00 Weinberger Jessie WEINBERGER, Jessie S.
Ewa 23 00 Hochuli Ron HOCHULI, Ron
Ewa 23 00 Tynanes Mitchell TYNANES, Mitchell M.
Ewa 23 00 Poche III Manuel POCHE, Manuel
Ewa 23 00 Schultz Francis SCHULTZ, Francis
Ewa 23 00 Puletasi Palasi PULETASI, Sam
Ewa 23 00 Callahan Lavinia CALLAHAN, Mikaela
Waianae Coast 24 00 Simpliciano Joseph SIMPLICIANO, Joseph K. JR.
Waianae Coast 24 01 Koike Wilson KOIKE, W. Ken
Waianae Coast 24 02 Riley Timonthy RILEY, Tim
Mililani/Waipio/Melemanu 25 00 Svrcina Emil SVRCINA, Emil
Mililani/Waipio/Melemanu 25 00 Gallardo Mata Corinne GALLARDO-MATA, Corinne
Mililani/Waipio/Melemanu 25 00 Pak Bernadette PAK, Bernadette
Mililani/Waipio/Melemanu 25 03 Arellano Pauline ARELLANO, Pauline D.
Mililani/Waipio/Melemanu 25 03 Gustafson Sabrina GUSTAFSON, Sabrina
Mililani/Waipio/Melemanu 25 04 Remington Charles REMINGTON, Charles L.
North Shore 27 01 Shirai Thomas SHIRAI, Thomas T. JR.
North Shore 27 01 Carlson Clayton CARLSON, Clay
North Shore 27 02 Biechler Michael BIECHLER, Michael
North Shore 27 02 Courtenay Henry COURTENAY, Henry V.
North Shore 27 03 Lehmkuhl Erica LEHMKUHL, Erica
North Shore 27 03 Philips Carol PHILIPS, Carol
North Shore 27 03 Andersen Leif ANDERSEN, Leif
North Shore 27 05 Foo SharLyn FOO, SharLyn
North Shore 27 05 Leinau Roberts LEINAU, Roberts
North Shore 27 05 Martin William MARTIN, Bill
Koolauloa 28 02 Moore Verla MOORE, Verla K.
Koolauloa 28 02 Miller Lucy MILLER, Kela
Koolauloa 28 03 Nihipali Jacob NIHIPALI, Jacob
Koolauloa 28 04 Anae Hannah ANAE, Hannah K.
Kahaluu 29 03 Goldstein Kenneth GOLDSTEIN, Ken
Kahaluu 29 03 Machado, Jr. Arthur MACHADO, Arthur
Kahaluu 29 04 Burns Peter BURNS, Peter
Kahaluu 29 04 LeVasseur Kenneth LEVASSEUR, Ken
Kahaluu 29 05 Austin Anthony AUSTIN, Anthony, Tony
Kaneohe 30 00 San Nicolas Felipe SAN NICOLAS, Felipe
Kaneohe 30 01 Dawson Donald DAWSON, Donald F.
Kaneohe 30 04 Ditch Warren DITCH, Warren, B. Jr.
Kaneohe 30 09 Davlantes Nancy DAVLANTES, Nancy
Kaneohe 30 10 Radke Mo RADKE, Mo
Kaneohe 30 13 Hanks Jon HANKS, Jon
Kaneohe 30 13 Downing III Cecil DOWNING, Cecil Ray III
Kaneohe 30 14 Sager William SAGER, William
Kailua 31 01 Courteau Frederic COURTEAU, Freddy
Kailua 31 02 Bachini Robert BACHINI, Robert C.
Kailua 31 02 Medeiros Robin MEDEIROS, Robin K.
Kailua 31 02 Fujimoto Judy FUJIMOTO, Judy
Kailua 31 03 Dowsett Susan DOWSETT, Susan
Kailua 31 03 Weinberg Ronald WEINBERG, Ronald S.
Kailua 31 04 Tomasa Claudine TOMASA, Claudine Miki
Kailua 31 04 Darnell Matthew DARNELL, Matthew J.
Waimanalo 32 00 Ho Wilson HO, Wilson Kekoa
Waimanalo 32 01 Sato Catherine SATO, Catherine
Waimanalo 32 02 Magliba Rufino Dan MAGLIBA, Rufino Dan
Waimanalo 32 03 Jamila Jr. Andrew JAMILA, Andrew M. Jr.
Waimanalo 32 05 Agbayani Liana AGBAYANI, Kahealani Liana
Waimanalo 32 07 Laughlin Marvelle LAUGHLIN, Marvelle K.
Waimanalo 32 08 Galeai Johnene GALEAI, Noe
Waimanalo 32 09 Ho Maimiti HO, Maimiti M.
Waimanalo 32 10 Alivado Shannon ALIVADO, Shannon
Makakilo/Kapolei/Honokai Hale 34 00 Ferreira Michael FERREIRA, M. H.
Makakilo/Kapolei/Honokai Hale 34 00 Roberts James ROBERTS, James Charles
Makakilo/Kapolei/Honokai Hale 34 00 Stensrud Scott STENSRUD, Scott
Makakilo/Kapolei/Honokai Hale 34 00 Jones H Stanley JONES, H. Stanley
Makakilo/Kapolei/Honokai Hale 34 00 Legal Jacinto LEGAL, Jack M.
Mililani Mauka/Launani Valley 35 00 Melendrez SJ MELENDREZ, SJ
Mililani Mauka/Launani Valley 35 00 Johnson Cisco JOHNSON, Cisco L.
Nanakuli-Maili 36 00 Teruya Patricia KAHANAMOKU-TERUYA, Patty
Nanakuli-Maili 36 00 Rezentes Cynthia REZENTES, Cynthia K.L.

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