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Tuesday, July 9, 2019
Ige Signs More Bills into Law
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  • Link to photos here
  • Video link to Aloha Stadium (Structure of Government) bill signing ceremony here
  • Video link to University of Hawai‘i bill signing ceremony here
  • Video link to Historic Preservation bill signing ceremony here

News Release from Office of the Governor, July 8, 2019

HONOLULU – Gov. David Ige today signed a bill that aims to breathe new life into Aloha Stadium and surrounding areas. HB1586 (ACT 268) establishes the Stadium Development District and puts the state’s Aloha Stadium lands under the jurisdiction of the Stadium Authority.

“Aloha Stadium has served as a vital gathering place for some 40 years now, where residents and visitors come together to enjoy athletic events and concerts. The recent Bruno Mars, Eagles and Guns and Roses concerts, as well as the upcoming L.A. Rams game – make it very clear that Hawai‘i needs to invest in a new stadium to serve our state for generations to come,” said Gov. Ige.

The bill appropriates funding for the construction of a new stadium and complementary development of land that will help generate revenue for the state and help offset costs of the project. The funding includes $20 million in capital, $150 million in GO bonds and $180 million in revenue bonds.

Gov. Ige also signed HB1547 (ACT 264)  – which appropriates $4 million to assist athletics programs at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa and Hilo. The funds will go toward student athletes, operations and team travel.

In addition, the governor signed the following measures at bill signing ceremonies today:

ACT 265         HB654            Relating to Health

ACT 266        SB1418          Relating to the University of Hawai‘i

ACT 267         SB1394          Relating to Historic Preservation

The following bills were signed on July 5:

ACT 248         HB89              Relating to Fireworks

ACT 249         HB120            Relating to State Bonds

ACT 250         HB333            Relating to the State Highway Enforcement Program

ACT 251         HB665            Relating to the Electronic Prescription Accountability System

ACT 252         HB808            Relating to Shark and Ray Protection

ACT 253         HB1163         Relating to Savings Promotion Contests

ACT 254         SB522            Relating to Plastic

ACT 255         SB535            Relating to Pharmacists Prescribing & Dispensing of Opioid Antagonist

ACT 256         SB536            Relating to Prescriptions

ACT 257         SB600            Relating to Firearms

ACT 258         SB763            Relating to Advertising & Marketing

ACT 259         SB947            Relating to Families

ACT 260         SB972            Relating to Ship Repair Industry

ACT 261         SB1314          Relating to Tax Credits

ACT 262         SB1404          Relating to Loan Repayment for Health Care Professionals

ACT 263         SB1494          Relating to Health

The following bills were signed on July 2:

ACT 190         HB32              Relating to Family Leave

ACT 191         HB34              Relating to Wages

ACT 192         HB61              Relating to Condominiums

ACT 193         HB66              Relating to Athlete Agents

ACT 194         HB68              Relating to Consumer Protection

ACT 195         HB154            Relating to Service Contracts

ACT 196         HB157            Relating to Collective Bargaining

ACT 197         HB201            Relating to Invasive Species

ACT 198         HB214            Relating to Disinterment of Human Bodies

ACT 199         HB270            Relating to Rebuilt Vehicles

ACT 200         HB273            Relating to Privacy Notice for Insurance

ACT 201         HB390            Relating to Workers’ Compensation

ACT 202         HB444            Relating to Onsite-Non-Potable Water Reuse Systems

ACT 203         HB452            Relating to Preferential Electricity Rates for Protected Ag

ACT 204         HB529            Relating to Motor Vehicles

ACT 205         HB658            Relating to Health

ACT 206         HB699            Relating to the Hawai‘i Public Housing Authority

ACT 207         HB756            Relating to Transportation

ACT 208         HB812            Relating to Low-Speed Electric Bicycles

ACT 209         HB845            Relating to Employee Training

ACT 210         HB898            Relating to the Board of Health

ACT 211         HB913            Relating to the Hawai‘i Labor Relations Board

ACT 212         HB914            Relating to the Hawai‘i Labor Relations Board

ACT 213         HB1261         Relating to Judicial Proceedings

ACT 214         HB1305         Relating to Mutual Assistance Agreement

ACT 215         SB9                 Relating to the Hawai‘i Public Housing Authority

ACT 216         SB19               Relating to Surplus Lines

ACT 217         SB759            Relating to Agriculture

ACT 218         SB203            Relating to Vaccinations

ACT 219         SB292            Relating to Labor

ACT 220         SB411            Relating to Transportation

ACT 221         SB495            Relating to Taxation

ACT 222         SB540            Relating to the Board of Pharmacy

ACT 223         SB552            Relating to Condominiums

ACT 224         SB592            Relating to the Salary of the State Librarian

ACT 225         SB723            Relating to the Uniform Parentage Act

ACT 226         SB772            Relating to Liquor Laws

ACT 227         SB980            Relating to Education

ACT 228         SB989            Relating to the Dept. of Business, Economic Development and Tourism

ACT 229         SB991            Relating to Telecommunications

ACT 230         SB1486          Relating to Electronic Prescription Accountability System

ACT 231         SB1498          Relating to the Hawai‘i Labor Relations Board

ACT 232         SB1360          Relating to Taxation

ACT 233         SB660            Relating to State Identification Cards

ACT 234         HB336            Relating to Hawai‘i State & Contracted Correctional Facilities

ACT 235         HB252            Relating to Speech Pathology

ACT 236         HB314            Relating to Gift Certificates

ACT 237         HB437            Relating to Crime Victim Compensation for Mental Health Services

ACT 238         HB531            Relating to Enterprise Technology Services

ACT 239         SB1442          Relating to the Public Utilities Commission

ACT 240         HB673            Relating to Medical Cannabis

ACT 241         SB138            Relating to Reports of Candidate Committees

ACT 242         SB225            Relating to Ocularists

ACT 243         SB272            Relating to Solar Energy Devices

ACT 244         SB335            Relating to Public Meetings

ACT 245         SB413            Relating to Trespass

ACT 246         SB770            Relating to Real Estate Licenses

ACT 247         SB1348          Relating to the Small Business Regulatory Review Board

  *   *   *   *   *  


News Release from Office of the Governor, July 2, 2019

Link to photos here

HONOLULU – Gov. Ige signed a bill that will dedicate millions of dollars to the state’s effort to create more housing that people can afford.

ACT 189 (HB1312) will add $100 million to the Rental Housing Revolving Fund over the next two years. An additional $67 million will be added to the Dwelling Unit Revolving Fund via Act 40 for infrastructure and land acquisitions.

“These funds will help the state keep the momentum going. The state’s progress would not be possible without support from the Legislature and the private sector. My administration set a goal of 10,000 new units by 2020. We remain committed to building housing that Hawai‘i families can afford,” said Gov. Ige.

In the past four years, the state has completed 6,700 units – 60 percent of them affordable. There are 7,700 additional units in the pipeline, with 80 percent of them affordable and the vast majority will be rentals.

The governor also signed the following measures in bill signing ceremonies today:

Women’s Legislative Caucus Bills:

Link to video here

ACT 175         SB1037          Relating to Domestic Violence

ACT 176         SB1039          Relating to Prostitution

ACT 177         HB483 Relating to Civil Rights

Health Bills:

Link to video here

ACT 180         HB330            Relating to Suicide Prevention

ACT 181         SB1406          Relating to Health

ACT 182         SB804            Relating to Palliative Care

ACT 183         HB1272         Relating to Prescription Drugs

Fireworks Bills:

Link to video here

ACT 184         HB497            Relating to Fireworks

ACT 185         HB499            Relating to Fireworks Labeling

ACT 186         HB501            Relating to Fireworks

Other Bills:

ACT 178         HB710            Relating to Employment Practices

Link to video here

ACT 179         HB1552         Relating to Public Safety

Link to video here

ACT 187         HB1176         Relating to Electric Guns

Link to video here

ACT 188         HB601            Relating to Exemption from Registration Fees

Link to video here

In addition – Gov. Ige signed the following bills on June 27, 2019:

ACT 158         SB1525          Relating to Home Care Agencies

ACT 159         SB1091          Relating to the Department of Transportation

ACT 160         SB998            Relating to Special Purpose Revenue Bonds for Hawaiian

Electric Company, Inc.; Maui Electric Co, Ltd. and

Hawai‘i Electric Light Company, Inc.

ACT 161         SB981            Relating to the Hawai‘i Teacher Standards Board Special


ACT 162         SB398            Relating to Homelessness

ACT 163         HB1449         Relating to the Nursing Facility Sustainability Program

ACT 164         HB1455         Relating to the University of Hawai‘i

ACT 165         HB1273         Relating to Health

ACT 166         HB1068         Relating to Heeia State Park

ACT 167         HB820            Relating to Housing

ACT 168         HB843            Relating to Hawai‘i Community College

ACT 169         HB703            Relating to Intoxicating Liquor

ACT 170         HB551            Relating to Cesspools

ACT 171         HB420            Relating to Hawaiian Culture

ACT 172         HB398            Relating to the University of Hawai‘i

ACT 173         HB1270         Relating to the Hospital Sustainability Program

ACT 174         SB162            Relating to Taxation (Signed July 1)

  *   *   *   *   *


News Release from Office of the Governor, June 26, 2019

Link to photos here

HONOLULU – Gov. David Ige signed the following bills during bill signing ceremonies today:

Energy and Sustainability:

Link to video here

ACT 141 — HB556               Relating to Energy Efficiency

ACT 142 — HB1585             Relating to the Environment

ACT 143 – SB661                Relating to Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

ACT 144 – HB401                Relating to Contracting for Public Facilities

ACT 145 – HB560                Relating to Energy Training

ACT 146 – HB1558             Relating to Sustainability

ACT 147 – HB1548             Relating to Rapid Ohia Death

Gender Identity:

Link to video here

ACT 148 – HB1165             Relating to Gender Identification

ACT 149 – HB711                Relating to Criminal Defense

ACT 157 – HB664                Relating to Gender Identification

Gun Violence:

Link to video here

ACT 150 – SB1466              Relating to Gun Violence Protective Orders


Link to video here

ACT 151 – SB375                Relating to Agriculture

ACT 152 – SB1148              Relating to Agriculture

ACT 153 – SB390                Relating to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Incentives


ACT 154 – HB1009             Relating to Movie Theatres

Link to video here

ACT 155 – SB330                Relating to an Earned Income Disregard Program

Link to video here

ACT 156 – SB50                   Relating to Human Services

Link to video here


  *   *   *   *   *


News Release from Office of the Governor, June 25, 2019

Link to photos here

HONOLULU – Gov. David Ige signed a series of bills into law today, ranging from kupuna care, homelessness and mental health, traffic safety, elections and health. The bills are as follows:

Kupuna Care Package:

Link to Kupuna Care bill signing video here

ACT 123 — HB465   Relating to Aging

ACT 124 — HB468   Relating to the Health Aging Partnership Program

ACT 125 — HB471   Relating to Aging

ACT 126 — SB1025 Relating to the Kupuna Caregivers Program

ACT 127 — SB366    Relating to Health

Homelessness & Mental Health:

Link to Homelessness – Mental Health bill signing video here

ACT 128 — HB257   Relating to Homelessness

ACT 129 — SB1124 Relating to Mental Health

ACT 130 — SB567    Relating to Mental Health Treatment

Traffic Safety:

Link to Traffic Safety bill signing video here

ACT 131 — SB663    Relating to Highway Safety

ACT 132 — SB98      Relating to Crosswalk Safety

ACT 133 — SB693   Relating to Statewide Traffic Code

ACT 134 — HB757   Relating to Transportation


Link to Elections bill signing video here

ACT 135 — SB216   Relating to Elections

ACT 136 — HB1248 Relating to Elections

ACT 137 — HB168   Relating to the Electronic Transmission of Ballots


Link to Health bill signing video here

ACT 138 — SB549   Relating to Healthy Beverages for Children

ACT 139 — SB1246 Relating to Telehealth

ACT 140 — HB1453 Relating to Emergency Medical Services

In addition, Gov. Ige signed the following bills last Thursday and Friday:

Signed June 20, 2019:

ACT 101 – HB1157 Relating to Post-Secondary Education Student Immunizations

Signed June 21, 2019:

ACT 102 – HB349   Relating to International Yoga Day

ACT 103 – SB754    Relating to Agriculture

ACT 104 – HB463   Relating to Food Safety

ACT 105 – SB1342 Relating to the Probate Code

ACT 106 – HB297   Relating to Mosquito Vector Control

ACT 107 – SB197    Relating to Campaign Finance

ACT 108 – SB852    Relating to Restitution for Victims of Crime

ACT 109 – SB144    Relating to lobbyists

ACT 110 – HB1307 Relating to an Office of Administrative Hearings

ACT 111 – HB1268 Relating to Statutory Revision: Amending or repealing various provisions of the Hawai‘i Revised Statutes and the Session Laws of Hawai‘i for the purpose of correcting errors and references, clarifying language, and deleting obsolete or unnecessary provisions

ACT 112 – HB903   Relating to the Judiciary

ACT 113 – HB116   Relating to the State Budget

ACT 114 – HB807   Relating to Offenses Against Public Administration

ACT 115 – HB546   Relating to Intoxicating Liquor

ACT 116 – HB1070 Relating to Education

ACT 117 – HB507   Relating to Search Warrants

ACT 118 – HB356   Relating to Claims Against the State

ACT 119 – HB170   Relating to Ethics

ACT 120 – HB169   Relating to the state Ethics Code

ACT 121 – SB1417 Relating to Filipino Veterans Burial Assistance

ACT 122 – HB852   Relating to the Hawai‘i State Energy Office



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