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Monday, May 11, 2009
Congress votes to protect pedophiles against ‘hate speech’
By Andrew Walden @ 5:20 AM :: 23434 Views :: Family, Congressional Delegation, First Amendment

by Andrew Walden

The US Senate Judiciary committee is now considering the so-called Hate Crimes Prevention Act passed by the House April 29, under the sponsorship of Rep John Conyers (D-MI) and 120 other Representatives. Dubbed the “Thought Crimes Prevention Act” by some House Republicans, HB1913 includes pedophilia as a protected sexual orientation.

Prior to approval by the whole House, a party-line 10-13 vote of Conyers’ House Judiciary Committee April 23 rejected a proposal by Republican Rep Steve King (R-IA) “to define the term `sexual orientation' as used in the bill to explicitly exclude pedophilia.” Wisconsin Democrat Tammy Baldwin, an open lesbian, called the amendment, “unnecessary and inflammatory."

When judges are required to interpret any Act resulting from passage of HB1913, they will refer to this vote and see that the intent of the lawmakers was to protect pedophiles. This could lead to federal felony prosecutions against anyone who acts to expel a pedophile from his neighborhood. Federal felony convictions require a minimum one year incarceration in a federal penitentiary.

Catholic League President Bill Donohue explained:

“The debate is over: for liberals, child molesters should be given the same rights as homosexuals. Moreover, they should be given more rights than pregnant women and veterans; the latter two categories were explicitly denied coverage under the hate crimes bill. Even worse, an amendment that would bar prosecution based in whole or in part on religious beliefs quoted from the Bible, the Tanakh (Judaism’s sacred book) or the Koran was defeated by Democrats along party lines, 11-8. In other words, religious speech may be denied First Amendment protection.

“There would be national outrage over this if the media were to report on it and the public were allowed to weigh in on it. But the clock is ticking and freedom and morality are hanging in the balance.”

As Congress acts to protect pedophiles, Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) is renewing a push for so-called “children’s’ rights”. She is advocating passage of the so-called UN Convention on the Rights of the Child—signed by then-President Bill Clinton in 1995 but never approved by the US Senate. The UN Convention can be interpreted by liberal busybodies to interfere in parental rights in Western countries where the rule of law is upheld. But in Islamic countries such as Pakistan—a Convention signatory-- pedophilia is rampant with as many as 1/3 of marriages between adult males and girls as young as six.

Fox News February 25 reports:

“Critics say the treaty, which creates ‘the right of the child to freedom of thought, conscience and religion’ and outlaws the ‘arbitrary or unlawful interference with his or her privacy,’ intrudes on the family and strips parents of the power to raise their children without government interference.”

An underage girl could be considered to be exercising her “freedom of religion” by “converting” to Islam and upholding the Koranic example of six-year-old Aisha who was married to the then-40-or 50- something Mohammed.

Children’s “right”--to be recruited by pedophiles--has for decades been a rallying cry of the North-American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) – itself for years a leader of the gay rights movement. Now after 40 years of secular humanist assault on the moral structure of America, several key pieces of the NAMBLA pedophile agenda are coming together at one moment on state, national and international stages.

Fox News reports:

Because of the Supremacy Clause in Article VI of the Constitution, all treaties are rendered "the supreme law of the land," superseding preexisting state and federal statutes. Any rights or laws established by the U.N. convention could then be argued to hold sway in the United States.

"To the extent that an outside body, a group of unaccountable so-called experts in Switzerland have a say over how children in America should be raised, educated and disciplined -- that is an erosion of American sovereignty," said Steven Groves, a fellow at the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank.

Parental rights groups are similarly stirred; they see in the U.N. convention a threat that the government will meddle with even the simplest freedoms to raise their children as they see fit.

"Whether you ground your kids for smoking marijuana, whether you take them to church, whether you let them go to junior prom, all of those things . . . will be the government's decision," said Michael Farris, president of

Some of the secret history of child molesters in Democrat special interest politics has come to light with a series of molester-related cases in Hawaii.

On April 1 Maui Democrat Legislator Joe Bertram appeared in a state court on Maui to ask for sentencing leniency on behalf of his 30-year friend, convicted child predator Mark Marcantonio. In 2008, Bertram was the sole vote against creating a 10-year mandatory sentence for anyone convicted of first-degree electronic enticement of a child.

The office of another Hawaii Democrat Legislator, Rida Cabanilla is managed by Leon Rouse, a convicted child molester who pioneered gay rights legislation in his native Wisconsin over 27 years ago and then immediately began using gay rights as an excuse to drive the military out of the University of Wisconsin-Madison--located in the center of what is now Tammy Baldwin’s Congressional district. Rouse has worked for several Hawaii Legislators—including an earlier 2005 position in Rep Rida Cabanilla’s (D-Ewa) office and a 2006 position working for a Senate Committee controlled by Senator Roz Baker (D-Maui). In 2004 several Democrat Legislators threatened to impose new taxes on a cruise line which had fired Rouse for sexual harassment.

Why would Democrats take such political risks for a child molester? Perhaps because Rouse’s sexual activism has contributed to the national Democratic Party in ways which may be decisive to its very existence.

Rouse is credited by some for the 1982 passage in his native Wisconsin of the nation’s very first so-called “gay rights” law. Such efforts are integral in the formation of those who engage in homosexual acts into a political interest group tied to the Democrat Party—and to the image transformation of homosexuals from predators to victims. The creation of such interest groups was key to the party’s continued electoral survival after the collapse of Democrats’ system of segregation had led to the loss of their previous white racist base.

The newly passed Wisconsin law was just the beginning. Gay magazine Blueboy describes Rouse as the first to use gay rights as an excuse to drive the military off campus:

The current nationwide movement to force ROTC, and by extension the Department of Defense, to stop discriminating against sexual non-conformists or to get off campus began in 1982, when Wisconsin became the first state to pass a lesbian and gay civil rights law. Two students at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, Eric Jernberg and Leon Rouse, decided to ask their school to adhere to the spirit of the new law by suspending participation in the ROTC program if that program continued to violate the terms of the statute.

The anti-military campaign started by Rouse in 1982 was finally killed 24 years later by the unanimous March 6, 2006, Supreme Court ruling upholding the Solomon Amendment which requires federally funded colleges to allow access to military recruiters. But in those 24 years, anti-military efforts were a key tool in the establishment of the modern-day Marxist academic monopoly on US campuses—another key to the construction of the post-segregation Democrat base.

(Service to the Democrat Party might also explain the decision of 2004 Democrat presidential candidate, Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, to supply a March 18, 2009 character reference statement to the California judge sentencing Kerry campaign spokesperson Wade Sanders to prison for kiddie porn possession. In addition to being part of the team providing critical political cover to Kerry against the Swift Boat Veterans, Sanders was also a Clinton administration official and a Democrat commentator on veteran’s issues. Addressing the court, Sanders issued a rambling statement blaming PTSD and Republicans for driving him to collect kiddie porn. On May 3 Sanders was sentenced to 37 months in a federal penitentiary.)

The Legislative staff directory for 2007 shows that Rouse was also employed by Rep Joe Bertram (D-Maui). And Bertram’s other child-molester connection? Similar to John Kerry’s kiddie porn friend, The Maui News April 2 reports:

State Rep. Joe Bertram III urged leniency Wednesday for a Makawao man who was sentenced for using the Internet to arrange sexual contact with someone he thought was a 14-year-old girl, saying the defendant shouldn't be sent to prison for an "imaginary crime."

Bertram, a Democrat who represents South Maui, said he was the only representative who voted against changing the law last year to make a 10-year prison term mandatory for someone convicted of first-degree electronic enticement of a child.

"This is a bad law," Bertram said. "It's an imaginary crime. I feel very strongly that people should not be put into prison for an imaginary crime, especially when you have somebody who's so committed to correcting this mistake."

Child protection advocate Mark Klaas denounced Bertram in a radio ad which began running April 7: “I’ve seen some bad politicians. But State Representative Joe Bertram stands out. Just last week, Bertram went to court to help a child predator avoid prison-time. A 52 year old man tried to lure a 14-year old girl over the Internet for sex. And Bertram didn’t think he should go to jail. That hits close to home… Polly was 12 when she was killed…..”

The Honolulu Advertiser reports: “Bertram said that since there was no minor actually involved in the crime, ‘it’s thoughts that are being policed.’” Defending Bertram, anti-Superferry protester Andy Parx called Maui authorities “thought police”. This, as Congress seeks to outlaw constitutionally protected speech deemed ‘hateful’ to pedophiles. Remarkably this inversion of victim and victimizer mirrors the method of argumentation used to legitimize “gay rights” outlined in the 1987 article “The Overhauling of Straight America.”

Bertram also has appeared in court on behalf of another friend--a marijuana grower--and has advocated construction of a state-run marijuana farm in his district.

With the media attention to Bertram, Rouse might be expected to keep a low profile. But according to multiple sources within the Legislature, Rouse was rehired earlier this year to work as office manager for Hawaii Legislator Rida Cabanilla (D-Ewa) and has worked for her throughout the legislative session which ends in May.

Rouse’s employment is confirmed by staffer Rose Martinez answering the phone at Cabanilla’s office. Neither Rouse nor Cabanilla responded to a request for comment. Rouse may be the only Legislative employee anywhere in the US to have a criminal record as a child molester. Hawaii’s House Democrats pushed hard in a failed attempt to pass HB 444—Gay Civil Unions—in this year’s legislative session.

Rouse’s service to his party may explain the help he received from many elected Democrats in the US Congress. According to the May 22, 2005, Honolulu Advertiser:

U.S. Sen. Dan Inouye, D-HI, and U.S. Sen. Daniel Akaka, D-HI, informed a friend of Rouse’s on Maui that they had written to the Philippine ambassador to the United States. Both the late U.S. Rep. Patsy Mink, D-HI, and U.S. Rep. Neil Abercrombie, D-HI, wrote to the State Department.

In Rouse’s home state of Wisconsin, U.S. Sen. Russell Feingold, D-WI, and U.S. Sen. Herb Kohl, D-WI, along with several U.S. House members, wrote letters for Rouse. (Former) U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum, R-PA, one of the most conservative members of the Senate, wrote to the State Department, as did U.S. Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-NY, among the most liberal members of the House of Representatives…

Former Big Island [Democratic] State Sen. Andrew Levin wrote to the American ambassador in Manila to look into whether Rouse was denied due process. Levin also asked then-Gov. Ben Cayetano’s office for advice about whether the Democrat-controlled state Legislature should pass a resolution requesting that Congress investigate Rouse’s plight.

The Clinton-era U.S. Embassy in Manila contacted the Philippine authorities on Rouse’s behalf.

Rep. Tammy Baldwin appears in another part of the Rouse story as well. According to an October 29, 2002, article in the Wisconsin gay community newspaper In Step:

Rouse has been actively pursuing his case from prison, personally and through family and friends, contacting several members of the U.S. Congress for help. Rouse and supporters wrote letters to Rep. Gerald Kleczka, Rep. Tom Barrett, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Tammy Baldwin, Sen. Russell Feingold, Sen. Herb Kohl, and Sen. Daniel Inouye. Personal pleas were also made to the Philippine Ambassador to the United States and other government officials, all to little effect.

Rouse also corresponded with [then-] Milwaukee Archbishop Rembert Weakland. Weakland wrote a letter to Cardinal Jaime Sin of the Philippines, asking for help on Rouse’s behalf.

Weakland, one of the most liberal Catholic Archbishops, resigned in disgrace in 2002 after revelations of a gay-sex-and-hush-money scandal.

After being released from prison in late 2003, Rouse was immediately deported and banished for life from the Philippines. But returning to Hawaii after nearly 8 years out of circulation, Rouse was quickly able to receive employment references from several legislators which he used to land a job at Norwegian Cruise Lines starting May 2, 2004. He didn’t last long. On June 11, 2004 was fired and thrown off the ship in California after being accused of sexually harassing his male coworkers.

When news of Rouse’s firing reached his friends in the Hawaii Legislature, they immediately sprung into action. According to a January 19, 2006 article in Hawaii Reporter:

(Former Senator Brian) Kanno asked his colleagues, both House and Senate elected officials, to sign a letter demanding that the company rehire Rouse or pay him restitution and travel expenses. In addition to Kanno’s signature, the letter dated Aug. 24, 2004, to Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL), was signed by Democrat Senators Roz Baker, Suzanne Chun Oakland, Brian Taniguchi and Carol Fukunaga – all chairs of their respective committees. In addition, House Chairs Roy Takumi, Kenneth Hiraki and Eric Hamakawa [all Democrats] signed the letter.

Kanno also introduced a resolution (SR65) requiring the cruise line to detail its sexual harassment policy, and demanded that the state Department of Taxation consider mandating the cruise line pay Hawaii’s 7.25 percent transient accommodations tax. The Senate members who signed the resolution include: Sens. Carol Fukunaga, Roz Baker, Brian Kanno, Gary Hooser, Clarence Nishihara, Ron Menor, Russell Kokubun, Kalani English, Colleen Hanabusa and Brian Taniguchi. [All are Democrats.]

When NCL refused to bend over to the legislators’ demands, Sen. Kanno helped Rouse get a job as office manager for State Representative Rida Cabanilla, D-Waipahu starting in January, 2005. As news of his criminal record came to light, Rouse quickly became a political liability—but even then still had his defenders.

Former Hawaii State Democratic chair Richard Port wrote an April 15, 2005 opinion column in support of Rouse. The AFL-CIO backed him. But he was forced to resign his position working for Cabanilla. According to the April 9, 2005 Honolulu Advertiser:

“Rouse said he did not tell Cabanilla, D-42nd (Waipahu, Honouliuli, 'Ewa), about the conviction for fear he would not be hired and said she was upset when she first heard. ‘The lady is a sweetheart,’ he said. ‘I didn't want to be on her back. I didn't want to taint these people who had nothing to do with it.’”

In an April 23, 2005 letter to the editor of the Star-Bulletin one of Cabanilla’s supporters claimed, “The fact is, Cabanilla did not know of the incident in the Philippines (where Rouse spent eight years in prison).”

Apparently those excuses are no longer available to Cabanilla. Neither she nor Rouse returned this reporter’s phone call requesting comment about her decision to re-hire the convicted molester. Personnel answering the phone at Cabanilla’s legislative office did confirm Rouse’s employment there but refused to answer any questions and hung up on this reporter.

Cabanilla is not the only legislator to employ Rouse. In full knowledge of his criminal record, Rouse was hired for the 2006 session in a new position as a legislative committee assistant serving one of his original backers, Sen. Roz Baker. Rouse is also credited for helping launch Kanno’s abortive political career.

Given these levels of support one might expect that Rouse had an exculpatory story, but even the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, in a July, 2005 report on an appeal by Rouse – a report which Rouse claims proves his innocence – describes the circumstances of Rouse’s arrest in damning terms:

Around noon on the day of arrest, he [Rouse] arrived at Pichay Lodging House, where he saw Harty Dancel, a former acquaintance, accompanied by two individuals, Pedro Augustin and Godfrey Domingo. The four of them had lunch in a restaurant, where Dancel offered Godfrey to have sex with the author. The author refused, arguing that the latter was too young, even after Dancel insisted and assured him he had reached the age of majority.

Later in the day, the same three persons waited for the author at his hotel. Dancel had them invited to the author’s room. After the author [Rouse] had taken a shower, Dancel and Augustin left the room, leaving him alone with Godfrey. The latter requested to use the bathroom, where he undressed. When there were knocks on the door, the author opened, and police officers entered. At that moment, neither the author nor Godfrey wore clothes.

In the initial Philippine court decision the events are described thus:

On or about the 4th day of October 1995, in the City of Laoag, Philippines, and within the jurisdiction of this Honorable Court, the herein accused did then and there, willfully, unlawfully, and feloniously by using his adult influence and promising to pay 200 pesos ($3.79 US), engage one Godfrey Domingo, a male child who is below 18 years of age, as in fact he is 15 years old, for lascivious acts and committed said acts by masturbating and sucking the penis of the child and inserting his penis into the anus of the child all of which acts were committed by the accused on said child at Room 205 of the Pichay Lodging House at Laoag City, but which acts although already performed by the accused on the child was discontinued due to the intervention of the police who apprehended the accused who was then naked and in the company of Godfrey Domingo who was also naked in Room 205 of the Pichay Lodging House.

Rouse appealed all the way to the Philippine Supreme Court where his appeal was denied on April 23, 2003. He served eight years of a 10-to-15-year sentence in New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa City. After complaining of kidney stones, Rouse was released by the Philippine authorities on September 29, 2003 and immediately deported and banished for life from the Philippines.

Back in Hawaii, the political agenda of Mr. Kim Coco Iwamoto, transsexual member of the Hawaii Board of Education goes beyond the schools and reaches into the home. Iwamoto was elected with support from the hotel workers union and leaders of both the Hawaii Libertarian Party and Grassroot Institute of Hawaii.

At a May 18, 2006 BOE meeting, Iwamoto presented written testimony which seems to imply children should be taken from “homophobic” or “transphobic” parents. Coming about the time Iwamoto was filing papers to run for the Oahu BOE seat, Iwamoto’s testimony reads: “I am writing to you today as a licensed foster parent of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth. Many of my foster children have come to me after being removed from homes that were abusively homophobic and transphobic.”

It is not clear how Iwamoto (or the State) defines a “transphobic” or “homophobic” parent and under what conditions Iwamoto believes such parents should have their “transgender youth” taken away from them by the State. Is a “transphobic” parent one that opposes his son’s desire for sex-change surgery? Is that to be grounds for the state to remove your child?

Given the treaty and the bill now before the US Senate, it may soon be.


Vote tally on HB 1913:

World Net Daily: Filibuster Pedophile Protection Act!

Call your two U.S. senators right now at 202-225-3121. Then I recommend you communicate another message to them. Perhaps something like this:

Dear Senator:

If there were ever a time for you to stand and fight, it is now. In addition to criminalizing speech, S. 909, "The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act," gives an elevated level of protection to pedophiles (as was demonstrated in the House version) and must be stopped.

We are counting on you to stand against this with a filibuster.

If you won't stand to fight a bill that provides pedophile protection, just what will you filibuster? Hearings to expose this dangerous bill must also take place before any vote is taken.

Please respond to me regarding whether you will stand and filibuster the pedophile-protecting Federal Hate Crimes Bill, S. 909, and insist on Judiciary hearings to debate this very dangerous freedom-threatening legislation.



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