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Sunday, February 12, 2017
February 12, 2017 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:01 PM :: 2561 Views
  1. Most 2016 GEMS Loans Went to One Insider
  2. UHERO Slams the Skim
  3. Skin in the Game? Mayor Harry Kim says higher taxes not an option
  4. Senator’s Wife Refuses Hush Money
  5. Ige Blames Judicial Selection Commission for Appointment of Campaign Manager
  6. Ige: Get Rid of Matayoshi so HSTA can Achieve Nirvana
  7. HGEA Strategic Incompetence Means Former state workers face long wait for payouts
  8. SB534: $70/day, Then Organize Kupuna Caregivers into Union
  9. Feds Still Grabbing for Control of Kona Water
  10. Tulsi Gabbard Syria Trip Just Like Patsy Mink Meeting with Viet Cong?
  11. Years Later—Still More Whining About Depleted Uranium
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Saturday, February 11, 2017
February 11, 2017 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:10 PM :: 1821 Views
  1. HIDOT Mileage Fee: Meet Big Brother the Taxman
  2. SB1129: Senate CPH Committee Schedules Assisted Suicide Bill
  3. Neighborhood Board Elections: 327 Candidates Register for 437 Seats With One Week to Go
  4. Demanding a Tax Hike, HSTA to Rally at Capitol
  5. Jones Act and Maritime Security Program
  6. Home Ownership: Hawaii Most ‘Equity Rich’ Properties
  7. Justice Ginsburg at UH Law School: “We have a Dysfunctional Congress”
  8. Study: 72 Convicted Terrorists Came From Countries Covered by Trump Vetting Order
  9. Hawaii needs self-managed pension plan for public-worker retirees
  10. Overtime Abuse? Ige’s Been Watching it Happen for Years
  11. HB209: Progressive Democrats Demand Massive Income Tax Hike on Small Business Owners
  12. Expensive Tickets? House votes to nix one of the HIDOT Money Grab Bills
  13. TAT: Political Insiders Milk Cash Cow
  14. Energy Excelerates Flow of Tax Dollars to Crony Capitalists
  15. Ing Rent Control Bill Deferred Amidst Laughter, Ridicule
  16. Condos in Your Future: Anti-Agriculture Activists Grab for Last of HC&S Water
  17. Hilo Attempts to Free Itself from DLNR Indolence
  18. DLNR Police Harass Christmas Boat Parade Organizer
  19. U.S. Transportation department executive approved grant days before taking job with rail contractor
  20. Trump Backs Privately Funded high-speed rail projects
  21. Shipyard Freeze Gives Schatz, Hirono Chance to Pretend that They Matter 
  22. Should U.S. be preparing for a North Korean nuclear strike on the West Coast?
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Friday, February 10, 2017
February 10, 2017 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:56 PM :: 3221 Views
  1. OHA Old Guard Retakes Power: Machado Selected as Chair
  2. Crabbe Contract: Abigail Kawananakoa Sues OHA
  3. Ige Appoints Campaign Manager Circuit Court Judge
  4. HTDC Gives Away $9.8M of Your Tax Dollars to Six Tech Companies
  5. Senate Committee Turns Rail Tax Bill into Christmas Tree
  6. HIDOT Money Grab: Proposed fines for texting, speeding, seat belts, drunken driving may put motorists in poor house
  7. Star Adv: GE Tax on Internet Sales to Take Away Rare Perk
  8. $36M REIT Tax is Back (again)
  9. HSTA Announces Contract Demands
  10. Anti-Fishing Nuts Come Up with New Trick to Shut Down Fleet
  11. Maui: Homeless Flood Emergency Room
  12. Lawmakers puzzle over how to allow pot to be carried inter-island
  13. Honolulu police commissioner injured in domestic assault
  14. Hundreds of corrections officers call in sick during NFL championship game
  15. $11.5M to Make UH Education Free to Low Income Students
  16. Hawaii—Fewest Uninsured in USA
  17. Muslims Pleased by 9th Circuit Court
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Thursday, February 09, 2017
February 9, 2017 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:59 PM :: 2836 Views
  1. OHA Audit Passes Committee Vote
  2. What is Kaniela Ing’s Hidden Agenda?
  3. 2017 Honolulu Rail: Advice to the Legislature
  4. Economy: DBEDT Drops 2017 Growth Projection to 1.8%
  5. An informed opinion on GMOs
  6. Buffer Zone Bozos Descend on Capitol (again)
  7. Assisted suicide: Hawaii bills push envelope
  8. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted February 8, 2017
  9. Caldwell announces more Cabinet Appointments
  10. HB1589: Pro-Hunter Bill to be Heard
  11. KIUC Board Sets Renewable Energy Goal of 70 percent by 2030
  12. Streetlights: Kauai First to Complete LED Conversion
  13. Hawaii State Ethics Commission 2016 Annual Report
  14. UH Law Review Sharing Economy Symposium
  15. Murthy: HART Looking at Alternatives to Tax Hike
  16. At-grade option offers a way out of Honolulu’s train wreck
  17. Raid Rail Funds for Fake $2B Housing Scheme?
  18. After Chief’s Lawyer Taken off Her Defense, Accused Suddenly Starts Telling Stories About Crooked Cops and Prosecutors
  19. Ige Administration Conspires with Hawaii Mosque to get More Muslims In
  20. Tough Times: DoE Gets a Measly $40M Increase This Year
  21. Senator rips tourism agency on finances—Take $6M as Vengeance
  22. If wealthy can get tax breaks, why not low-income earners?
  23. Report: Public Records Agency Slower Than Ever With Appeals
  24. Sen Keith-Agaran Grabs for Control over Judiciary
  25. Kaneshiro’s New publicly-funded secure Women’s housing complex in Makiki nearly empty
  26. Hospitals Paying $1500 per Day per Patient for Homeless Long Term Care
  27. Homeless Drug Addicts Take Over Big Island Subdivision
  28. Libraries Overrun by Homeless?  A Sales Pitch to Fund Another Vacant Position
  29. Ige Admin Debunks Homeless Tent City Nonsense
  30. Anti-Urine Bill Becomes Easy Foil for Homeless Tent City Proponents 
  31. HB1267: Failed Rent Control Proposal is Back Again
  32. Ing Pounding Nails into Agriculture’s Coffin
  33. Anti-Agriculture Activists Pave Way for Developers
  34. Small Business Leaders Debunk Anti-Styrofoam Hysteria
  35. Caldwell Leaves Kids in the Dark
  36. The Toxic Language of Hawaii’s One Party State
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Wednesday, February 08, 2017
February 8, 2017 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:08 PM :: 5332 Views
  1. US Supreme Court to Consider Hearing Hawaii Democrats Closed Primary Suit
  2. White House Calls Travel Ban ‘a Lawful Exercise’ of Authority
  3. Congress Considers Bill to Break up 9th Circuit Court
  4. Shell Game: Short Form Bills on the Move
  5. Trump Confusing Both Liberals and Conservatives
  6. Cost of Living: Only Manhattan is More Expensive than Honolulu
  7. Honolulu Neighborhood Board Elections 308 Candidates for 435 Seats
  8. Lawyer-Enrichment Bills on the Move—Require Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers to Promote Abortion
  9. Murthy: I Can Complete Elevated Rail Without Tax Hike
  10. Skim: Caldwell Reaches New Level of Insanity
  11. OHA, HART Auditors Didn’t Notice Embezzlement Until Company Ran Out of Cash
  12. Telescope: State files appeal over TMT sublease hearing
  13. Hawaii lawmakers mull short-term rental Taxes
  14. Terrified by Drop in Tobacco Sales, Lawmakers propose 70% tax on some e-cig products
  15. Hawaii Lawmakers May Triple Fines For Speeding, Cell-Phone Use, DUI
  16. HSTA Operative: Matayoshi Must Go Because We Think Matayoshi Must Go
  17. Charter School Commission Fighting Back Against Corruption
  18. Audit: Some DOE Employees Still Start Work Before Being Cleared
  19. Kenoi Rush Job Adds $280K to Cost of Gym, Golf Course
  20. Legislators Try to Establish Homeless Tent Cities AGAIN
  21. Honolulu Toddler Nearly Died In An Assault But No Charges Filed
  22. State House committees pass anti-Agriculture pesticide bills
  23. Garden Isle: Gabbard Right to Urge End to Obama’s Policy of Giving Money and Arms to Al Qaeda
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Tuesday, February 07, 2017
February 7, 2017 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:18 PM :: 3056 Views
  1. County Employees in Hawaii make double what private sector workers make
  2. Hawaii government growing faster than private sector
  3. OHA and HART Financial Advisor on Trial for Embezzlement
  4. It goes to the Top: Ige Education Policy Based on Underage Drinking and Football Recruiting Trips
  5. $500M Union Slush Fund Passes Committee Vote—HSTA Strips out Promise of ‘Quality’ Education
  6. $80M online sales tax hike
  7. Rail Tax Hike—Legislators Kill Two Bills, Vote on Third Set for Wednesday
  8. Will President Donald J Trump De-Fund California Hi Speed Rail Boondoggle?
  9. Hawaii v Trump: Trump Wins Round One
  10. Silicon Valley Billionaire: Hawaii Should want Unlimited Supply of Muslims more than it Wants Rail Funds
  11. Akana drops OHA lawsuit against CEO Crabbe
  12. Hypocrite Rep Ing Targets OHA Trustee Akina
  13. Neighborhood Board Voting to be Internet Only?
  14. Hawaii Buyout Hall of Fame
  15. Should the State Borrow $2B to Pretend to Build Housing?
  16. SB1109: Statewide Styrofoam Ban Pushed by Chemophobes, Eco-Obsessives
  17. Bats vs. Blades: A Quixotic Struggle
  18. DLNR: Sell Carbon Credits to pay for Helicopters to Kill More Sheep, Goats and Pigs
  19. Maui physician against physician-assisted suicide
  20. Sovereignty Activists Push their way into Arizona Prison
  21. Illinois Homeless Dude Allegedly Kills Wife, Buys Ticket to Hawaii
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Monday, February 06, 2017
February 6, 2017 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:22 PM :: 2525 Views
  1. Fluoridated Water Reduces Gender Pay Gap by 4%
  2. Hawaii Bills Would Legalize Industrial Hemp; Foundation to Nullify Federal Prohibition
  3. Matayoshi Dismissal -- Retaliation for Investigation of Kaiser Principal?
  4. Charter schools’ agency hit by report
  5. Green Grifters Fight over $150M in GEMS 
  6. HMSA plan won’t cover most costs
  7. One Way to Kill Rail--Trump Will Cut Off Federal Funds if Hawaii Becomes ‘Sanctuary State’
  8. HOPE Probation: “Nothing Works” in Corrections Replaced by “Nothing Works Well?”
  9. Making Things Easy for Antis
  10. Hawaii Muslims: Now is not the time for Terror Attacks
  11. How Islam Is Gaining A Foothold In Micronesia
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Sunday, February 05, 2017
February 5, 2017 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:50 PM :: 1889 Views
  1. SB1056: Seawater Air Conditioning to Become New High Tech Tax Credit Scam?
  2. Vacation Rentals: Tax Hike Bills on the Move in the Legislature
  3. Hawaii Union Membership #2 in USA–21.7%
  4. SB938: End the State Rail Tax Skim
  5. Unfunded Pensions – Tip of the Iceberg?
  6. 276 Candidates Register for Honolulu Neighborhood Board
  7. Don’t mug taxpayers to pay for Hawaii’s high cost of living
  8. Condo Justice - The Ball's Now In Your Court
  9. Save $4.2B, No Tax Hike: Ground-level rail reaches Legislature
  10. Mayor’s plan brings rail to new level of insanity
  11. Rate hike proposals abound this year, PUC chair says
  12. Being driven from GOP is rite of passage for many local successful Democrats
  13. Legislature tackles rising opioid abuse
  14. Poor Gary Hooser. He just can't accept the fact that Kauai voters rejected him
  15. Kauai: Ala Loa Trail Could be Real Money Spinner
  16. Beachcombing Becomes Act of Penance in Eco Religion
  17. Longline association slams AP article claiming slavery
  18. DLIR, DCCA Hound Construction Industry with Millions in Fines
  19. 40 Years Later Nanakuli Getting a Library
  20. Learning to change: Education program putting Kulani inmates on right course
  21. Use Community Colleges to Save Gifted Students from DoE
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Saturday, February 04, 2017
February 4, 2017 News Release
By Andrew Walden @ 11:57 AM :: 3666 Views
  1. UHERO: ‘Discriminatory’ HSTA Property Tax Plan hits Renters Hardest
  2. Audit: Rep Kaniela Ing Does His Part to Hide OHA Corruption
  3. Hawaii Attorney General to Sue Trump to Keep Muslim ‘Refugees’ Flowing Into Country
  4. Hawaii Family Forum Legislative Week in Review
  5. Hawaii: Trannies Drive Push to Legalize Prostitution
  6. Kidani: I want to Double Your Property Taxes to Create Massive Union Slush Fund 
  7. Push to Hike E-Cig Tax
  8. Legislators Take Another Run at Judiciary 
  9. Anti-GMO Hysterics Trying to Buy Politicians—But Voters Punish
  10. Anti-Sunscreen? Hysteria Attracts Quacks, as Usual
  11. Energy ‘Green’: Hawaii Legislature Explores New and Exotic Ways to Give Money to Silicon Valley Billionaires
  12. SunEdison: Billions Of Dollars In Taxpayer Money Hidden In Solar Scammer Bankruptcy
  13. 10 violations, 2 firings on annual review of Hawaii Co Police Department
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Friday, February 03, 2017
February 3, 2017 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:58 PM :: 2228 Views
  1. Hawaii public employee benefits rise 5 times faster than private sector
  2. UHERO: The Exorbitant Cost of Collecting Honolulu’s Rail Surcharge Tax
  3. Hawaii GE Tax Bites into 99.21% of personal income
  4. OHA Board Sets Audit Vote
  5. OHA: Akana Ousted, New Chair to be Elected at Next Board Meeting
  6. Choke or Head Fake? Ige Doesn’t Appoint Campaign Chair to ICA
  7. Mixture of Pro and Anti-Gun Bills Introduced in the Hawaii Legislature
  8. Hawaii Did Not Issue Any Gun-Carry Permits to Private Citizens in 2016
  9. Hawaii Bill Would Legalize Recreational Marijuana, Nullify Federal Prohibition in Practice
  10. Deadline to Apply for State Ethics and Campaign Spending Commissions Extended
  11. Basing decisions on evidence, not politics
  12. HB1595: Urine Free Zones
  13. Telescope Cuts off Funds to OHA
  14. Maui Mayor Alan Arakawa has registered as a Democrat
  15. Hawaii Democrats Hope President Donald J Trump Appoints Gabbard to Something, Anything
  16. Fake Issue: Shipyard at Pearl Harbor not part of feds’ hiring freeze
  17. Hawaii AG finally gets around to suing Trump over immigration ban
  18. Hawaii: President Donald J Trump becomes excuse for Letting Nurses do Abortions
  19. Chemophobia: Nature Challenges Anti-Sunscreen Coral Damage Claims
  20. Judge: Blacked-Out Health Department Reports Are Worthless
  21. Acting Chief Outmaneuvered: Chief’s severance paid out of police payroll funds last week
  22. Go West, Young Bum: Sit-Lie expansion into Iwilei, Kapalama
  23. EIS Approved for Dante Carpenter’s Garbage-to-Money Plant
  24. Dole Street: Manoa Neighborhood Board Tells SJWs to Get Lost
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Thursday, February 02, 2017
February 2, 2017 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:15 PM :: 1561 Views
  1. OHA LLCs—A License to Self-Deal
  2. Support OHA Forensic Audit
  3. Full Text: OHA Chair Sues to Force Crabbe Out
  4. Hawaii: Anti-Gun Bills Scheduled for Hearing
  5. Zuckerberg Steps In It In Hawaii
  6. Hawaii Tops Gallup Well-Being Index for 6th Year Straight
  7. Hawaii: The State of Tobacco Control
  8. One Party Justice: Republican Faces Criminal Charges Because he did not put Name on Two Mailers
  9. Recycling Company Cited for Water Pollution
  10. Future Oahu Community Correctional Center Down to Four Sites
  11. Taxing The Poor: Will Legislators Ever Enact Working Family Tax Credit?
  12. GEMS and Batteries: Revenues from Ratepayer Fee to be Given to Silicon Valley Billionaires
  13. Another Tax Hike: State considers targeting online shoppers
  14. Caldwell’s City Hall: Blood, Feces and Broken Windows
  15. 5 Reasons To Oppose Physician-Assisted Suicide
  16. Let Psychologists Pass Out Crazy Meds?
  17. Lynch Mob: Hawaii Supreme Court to hear arguments over 3rd Deedy trial
  18. HPD fired, tried to fire 25 officers in 2016
  19. Police Reform Bills Before Legislature
  20. Sunshine Law Amendments Before Legislature
  21. Hawaii Environmental Council Wants to Change Human Nature, Reorganize Economy
  22. Idaho Republican Launches Bid to Split 9th Circuit
  23. California Liberals Begin Castrating Prisoners
  24. Will President Donald J Trump Keep 1,250 Unwanted Muslim ‘Refugees’ Out of Hawaii?
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Wednesday, February 01, 2017
February 1, 2017 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:22 PM :: 1904 Views
  1. Rep Kaniela Ing: Tickets, Lies, and Bin Laden
  2. After Speaking at Anti-Trump Rally, Rep Beth Fukumoto Prepares to Quit GOP
  3. ‘Challenging and exciting times’
  4. SB938: Eliminate DoTax 10% Rail Skim
  5. HB663 and SB501: Force Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers to Promote Abortion
  6. DOH fights lawsuit on their non-posting of inspection reports even as two bills in the Legislature again fund the posting
  7. HECO Solar Deal: Wholesale Rate Finally Equals Average Mainland Retail Rate
  8. BLNR Approves Big Island Carbon Credit Scam 
  9. DLNR Seeks Applicants: Commission on Water Resource Management
  10. Parents asked to provide feedback on their child’s public school
  11. How Many Tourists is Too Many?
  12. Report: A Decade of Human Trafficking in Hawaii
  13. Information sessions for Oahu Neighborhood Board Candidates
  14. Peter Pakemai, Master Canoe Carver
  15. GE Tax Hike: Legislature ‘Very Upset’ at Rail Lies -- Caldwell Offers Bribe 
  16. Nightmare: Just When You Thought You Were Free of Obamacare, Hawaii Legislature Decides to Keep It
  17. HPD Refuses to Pay Kealoha’s $250K Golden Parachute:  Payoff Agreement in Default Feb 2
  18. Maui: In Effort to Create More Homelessness, Soft on Crime Crowd Pushes for Mass Release of Criminals
  19. TMT contested case hearing slated to continue through February
  20. Bill would lower blood quantum requirement for Hawaiian Homestead successors if Congress Agrees
  21. Duke Aiona: Tracking Assisted Suicide in Legislature
  22. Chemophobia: Bill Banning Many Sunscreen Products Advances In House
  23. Anti-GMO Bills Pass Mike Gabbard Committee
  24. Gabbard’s trip to Syria tied to pro-Assad group
  25. Advice for Muslims in Hawaii: Don’t (ahem) ‘Blow Up’ the Situation
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Tuesday, January 31, 2017
January 31, 2017 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:22 PM :: 1300 Views
  1. County workers in Hawaii make highest wages in the nation
  2. Call for a Forensic Audit at OHA
  3. Robert Lindsey: OHA Trustees Must “Walk on Water, Be Holier Than Thou”
  4. Trump Immigration: UH Administrators Pander Relentlessly
  5. VIDEO: UH Manoa Chancellor Candidates Public Forum
  6. New Tourism Record for 2016 -- 8.9 Million Arrivals
  7. High-Speed Internet: Hawaii Schools #1 in USA
  8. 2016 National Citizen Survey for the City and County of Honolulu
  9. Former Hawaii GOP Chair Joins National Rifle Association Board
  10. ‘Natural’ Toxins for your Baby: ‘Homeopathic’ Profiteers Refuse Recall Order
  11. HSTA: Amend State Constitution to give us Half-Billion-Dollar Slush Fund 
  12. Getting The Chronic Homeless Into Housing
  13. Rep Kaniela Ing is a Liar
  14. Hawaii one of only Six States for which Amazon Does not Collect Taxes
  15. Lawmakers aim to hold homeowner associations accountable for lost, stolen money
  16. Waihee Golf Course Tries to Shut Down Public Access to Hawaiian Kingdom Trail
  17. With vacancy at the top, high-level promotions at HPD raise eyebrows
  18. Correctional center designed for 127 has 174 inmates
  19. Change Orders, Cost Overruns picked up in Billy Kenoi’s Last two years
  20. Two Iraqi Refugees Slated to Come to Hawaii
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Monday, January 30, 2017
January 30, 2017 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:55 PM :: 2631 Views
  1. Hawaii Attorney General to Sue Trump to Keep Muslim ‘Refugees’ Flowing Into Country?
  2. OHA 2016 Check Register: Money Flows to Lawyers, LLCs, Insiders and More
  3. Notice of Anticipated Judicial Vacancy – Circuit Court of the Third Circuit
  4. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted January 30, 2017
  5. Cancer: HMSA Puts MDs on Welfare--Begins Paying Oncologists to do Nothing
  6. Proposed tax hikes carry steep costs for drivers
  7. SB366/HB1283: Automatic Rate Hikes for Electric Utilities which Shovel Money to Green Energy Scammers
  8. Star-Adv: HTA should open financial records
  9. 20 Years on Diamond Head—Shooting Drugs and Panhandling in Waikiki
  10. Medical vans to aid homeless could cost state $1.4M annually
  11. Pot Decriminalization Has A Shot This Session, But Ige Wants To Wait
  12. Civil Beat: Report Trump Voters and Bloggers to Us
  13. Legislation on the Move
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Sunday, January 29, 2017
January 29, 2017 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:33 PM :: 1892 Views
  1. 239 Candidates Register for Honolulu Neighborhood Board Elections
  2. Duke Aiona: “What is Your Legislator Pushing?”
  3. Peek-A-Boo -- I See Your Tax Return
  4. Judge Throws Criminal Al Hee’s Company Out of Court
  5. Ige Campaign Manager Shows up on Fourth Judicial Nomination List
  6. 12 Caldwell administration cabinet members confirmed
  7. Rail: Taxpayers to be Skinned Alive -- Twice?
  8. Tourism Industry Wary of HSTA Tax Hike Scheme
  9. Bumbling DoTax Can’t Figure Out How to Collect online travel taxes
  10. Kealoha Settlement Allows Him to Continue Harassing Ethics Commission—City to Pay Lawyers Millions
  11. Will Trump Administration Kill Honolulu Rail?
  12. Consider this time-honored Hawaii option for rail problem: Just ignore it and let it linger
  13. UH hopes taxpayers will pony up if they claim it is for ‘free’ education to eligible students
  14. UH Wants Cut of the Action at Aloha Stadium
  15. Five Bills Introduced to Kill off Expensive Patients
  16. HMA Opposition to Suicide Neutralized by Political Pressure?
  17. Counting ‘Anti-Government’ Homeless Determines Flow of Government Money
  18. Legislative bill proposes ban on sunscreen chemical harmful to coral reefs
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Saturday, January 28, 2017
January 28, 2017 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:28 PM :: 2429 Views
  1. Trask: Trustee Apo uses OHA Resources for Private Business Deals
  2. VIDEO: OHA Board Protesters Throw Salt, Call for FBI Investigation
  3. FSMA: Unknown Regulatory Threat Leaves Agriculture in Limbo
  4. Third Circuit Seeking Applicants for Independent Grand Jury Counsels
  5. VIDEO: School Choice Dance 2017!
  6. HB71: Bill Would Force Caldwell Resignation
  7. Something to Hide? Will OHA Trustees Even Vote for Watered Down Audit?
  8. Toxic DoE Tries to Increase Teacher Retention Rate by Sacrificing Matyoshi
  9. Anti-Pesticide Claims are all Hype and Hysteria
  10. Senate asks attorney general to step in on HTA Secrecy
  11. UH Athletic Dep’t Grabs for HTA Pro Bowl Money
  12. Lawmakers grill DHS over long-delayed day care safe sleep policies
  13. After 11 years, school building might finally open
  14. Caldwell Lets Oceanfront Park Rot for Five Years until Community Volunteers Pay to Fix it up
  15. Soldier’s body found along freeway nearly 12 hours after motorcycle crash
  16. Ex-Cop Gets 2 Days for DUI
  17. Bill would ban cellphone use while crossing streets
  18. Another Hi Tech Tax Credit Failure
  19. Got Money?  Wanna Live in Hawaii?  We WILL Make You Pay Us – Just ask Zuck
  20. White Supremacists Cheer: Gabbard Talks Up Trump-Syria Unity
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Friday, January 27, 2017
January 27, 2017 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:56 PM :: 2061 Views
  1. Honolulu 7th Most Expensive Housing on Earth
  2. Governor says treat symptoms, not causes of our economic woes
  3. Homeless Community Outreach Court is Now Open
  4. OHA Audit: Trustee says it’s time to reassure beneficiaries
  5. Hawaii 8th Largest Educational Attainment Gap
  6. OHA Corruption: FBI, Hackers, and Botox 
  7. Money: Schatz Tentacles Reach into P-20, UH Administration
  8. Mrs Brian Schatz is ‘Project Manager’ for Illegal North Shore Commercial Activities
  9. Judiciary seems recent target of lawmakers, chief justice says
  10. Embattled tourism agency Hides Sports Entertainment Spending
  11. Settlement in polygraph suit may cost state $400K
  12. State opts not to send new funds to program that kept 1000s from streets
  13. Medicaid Funds Pay to Help Homeless Stay in Housing?
  14. Lawsuit: Police Commission Broke The Law With Secret Meetings
  15. SB1292: Save Hilo from Economic Decline Caused by State-Owned Land Management
  16. HECO Seeks Re-Start for Overpriced Solar Farms
  17. Senate Energy Chair: HECO Must Agree to Bills Before I Hear Them
  18. Phony Baloney: Will Lawmakers Change Feel Good ‘Renewable’ Energy Formula?
  19. Dozens of Energy Bills Introduced in 2017 Hawai`i Legislative Session
  20. Capitol sees renewed push to legalize marijuana in Hawaii
  21. Mega Prison to Bulk up UPW-Prison Industrial Complex 
  22. Suicide Squad Working to Kill off Expensive Patients, Save HMSA Millions
  23. Ige’s Food Goal: Two Times ‘I don’t know’
  24. City has no data on whether plastic bag ban has reduced litter or plastic bag waste
  25. SB18: DUI at 0.05%—Big Money Spinner for Lawyers
  26. Transportation Department Pushes for $1500 Speeding Ticket
  27. Gambling Measures Surface At The Hawaii Legislature
  28. Women’s Legislative Caucus targets health care, sex assault, pay gap
  29. Senator Brickwood Galuteria Loves Donald Trump
  30. Zuckerberg Media Circus
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Thursday, January 26, 2017
January 26, 2017 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:06 PM :: 3357 Views
  1. Who Covered up OHA Sex Harassment Settlement?
  2. Full Text: 2017 State of the Judiciary Address
  3. Farm Bureau: 12 Anti-Agriculture Bills Introduced to Legislature
  4. SB702 Would Punish Short-Term Rentals Like Sexual Assaults
  5. HB1367: Accountability and Involvement with Homeless Provider Agencies
  6. Medicare Overbilling: Hawaii ranks 16th
  7. Hawaii #2 in USA for Arrests of K-12 Students
  8. Study: More Corrupt States Have Higher Public Debt
  9. Haven of Aloha: Democrats Declare Hawaii to be a ‘Safe Space’ from The Trumpmonster
  10. Grassroot: Stop the Return of Earmarks
  11. Star-Adv: Independent Audit of OHA Needed
  12. OHA Trustees to Vote on Forensic Audit Monday
  13. HSTA pitches $500M/year State property tax, hotel surcharge
  14. Legislators: ‘Out to Get’ Ige
  15. Mrs Brian Schatz is ‘Project Manager’ for Illegal North Shore Commercial Activities
  16. Ing Admits he is a Liar
  17. After Four Years of Ignorance, Kauai Council “clear the books” of invalid law regulating pesticides, GMOs
  18. Laughed out of Court, Anti-GMO Activists Introduce Anti-Ag Bills in Hawaii Legislature
  19. HECO Pays Isles’ largest solar farm 40% More Than Mainland Retail
  20. Hawaii bill would classify homelessness as medical condition
  21. Homeless Court Gives Bums Chance to Get a Job  
  22. SB611—Jack Up Cost of Housing to Create Make Work for Plumbers Union
  23. Hawaii Legislators Follow Abortion Playbook
  24. SB677: Gambling Bill Dead on Arrival
  25. Got Albizia? Get a Tax Credit
  26. Hawaii Lawmakers Grab for Control Over Judiciary
  27. Same old BS from New HPD Interim Chief
  28. Judge Throws Kealoha’s Lawyer off Case 
  29. Gabbard Endorses Trump’s Position on Syria After Trip—Calls for End to Obama-Clinton Policy of Arming Al Qaeda
  30. Zuckerberg Media Circus
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Thursday, January 26, 2017
Letters to the Editor January, 2017
By Letters to the Editor @ 10:00 AM :: 4105 Views
  • Need for More Family Court Judges on Oahu
  • Vacant?  Planned Hires Normally Get Half-Year Funding
  • Split Honolulu into Two Counties
  • Advice to UH Manoa Chancellor Candidates--Run!
  • One-Way Streets to Alleviate Dangerous Walking Conditions? 
  • Lanai residents fed up with the awful service from Ohana Air
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Wednesday, January 25, 2017
January 25, 2017 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:16 PM :: 1542 Views
  1. Crabbes in the Bucket: Secret OHA Employee Surveys Reveal Distrust, Anger
  2. Trump infrastructure priority list focuses on Public-Private partnerships--does not Include Honolulu Rail
  3. Hawaii Non-Governmental Workers Receive Lowest Pay in USA
  4. Vacant?  Planned Hires Normally Get Half-Year Funding
  5. Split Honolulu into Two Counties
  6. Making property taxes less taxing
  7. Caldwell Pushes $65M Fuel tax, Vehicle Fee Hike
  8. Water pipe woes Mean More rate Hikes
  9. Few Crabbe Supporters Testify at OHA Board of Trustees Meeting
  10. Survey Finds Homeless Dude Using Heroin for 48 Years
  11. Will Police Reform Finally Gain Traction In The 2017 Legislature?
  12. Criminal Hee Company Loses in Court (again)
  13. HPD: City, not Department Should Foot Bill for Chief’s Golden Parachute
  14. Hawaii County Council: Keep Buying Booze on P-Cards
  15. Greenmail Activists Assert Right to Walk Through Zuckerberg Site
  16. Aloha Stadium redevelopment could soon begin with EIS
  17. Another High-Tech Tax Credit Flop--Hawaii fish farming company shuts down after 10 years in business
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Tuesday, January 24, 2017
January 24, 2017 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:18 PM :: 2567 Views
  1. Full Text: State of the State Address
  2. Ige Speech “Unfocused, Disappointing, Lacking in Details”
  3. Bill: Fund Rail by Sale of Development Rights
  4. Hawaii Celebrates School Choice Week at 79 Events Statewide
  5. Circuit Court Criminal and Family Court Criminal Cases Now Available Online
  6. Affordable Retirement? Not in Hawaii
  7. Government Mandates on Local Farmers
  8. Hawaii Bill Would Legalize Raw Milk Sales
  9. Caldwell: Hike Honolulu fuel tax, vehicle weight tax and parking fees to Convince Legislators to Hike GE Tax
  10. Ige warns of slowing economy—Promises Raises for Unions
  11. Pay for Improvements by Eliminating Bureaucracy, not Allocating Funds
  12. Trump, Day One: Hawaii Congressional Delegation Applauds Wildly as Obama-Clinton Legacy Erased
  13. Beware the echo chamber
  14. Voluntary EIS Provides Vehicle for Anti-Dairy Protesters
  15. Bill Banning Second Jobs For Mayors Would Affect Caldwell’s Bank Deal
  16. OHA trustees’ to Try to Get Rid of Crabbe Again
  17. Lunch Trucks Give up on OHA, Move to Park
  18. Bill Would Feminize Hawaii Public Utilities Commission
  19. Ige Pushes $10M for High Tech Tax Credit Scammers
  20. Death squeal of a subsidy pig: Green Energy Scammers Terrified that Trump will Lower electric Rates
  21. Legislation: Felony to Not Put Baby to Sleep on his Back
  22. What will Happen to Medicaid when Obamacare is Gone?
  23. Several marijuana measures introduced
  24. Family of man killed in violent arrest to get $1M
  25. Police Commission ‘Clarifies’ Terms Of HPD Chief’s $250K Deal
  26. Caldwell Very slow to replace Oahu’s aging water mains
  27. State kicks off annual homeless 'point-in-time' count
  28. Delay in 'Peter Boy' trial used to Pressure Legislators for Judicial Funding
  29. Private Developer offers to Solve Aloha Stadium Problems
  30. Zuckerberg's Quiet Title Actions: Reality vs Shibai
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Monday, January 23, 2017
January 23, 2017 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:14 PM :: 1364 Views
  1. OHA’s Hidden LLCs: Why Plead Guilty to Stealing $14M?
  2. My Conversation with OHA Sex Harassment Victim
  3. Legislators ‘GEMS Model’ for Future:  Spend $2B on ‘affordable’ Housing
  4. Legislators Introduce Two Gambling Bills, More to Come
  5. Meet OHA’s Newest Trustee
  6. Bill Seeks Privatization of State Small Boat Harbor
  7. Kauai Council to vote on anti-GMO repeal
  8. Protests a Distraction
  9. Assisted treatment law rarely used to help mentally ill in Hawaii
  10. $200K to Redirect Low-Level Offenders?
  11. High winds rip through Waianae homeless encampment—Tweekers Still Won’t Accept Shelter
  12. Trannies a Non-Issue in Kauai School Bathrooms
  13. Star-Adv: Expand scrutiny of wind turbines
  14. Caldwell’s Latest Water Main Collapse will Jam H-1 thru Thursday
  15. Potholes, Lost Inmate Property, Falling Ceiling Cost Taxpayers
  16. Civil Beat: All Arguments against Assisted Suicide are Religious and Therefore Must be Disregarded
  17. Assisted Suicide Won’t Necessarily Eliminate Lobbyist
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Sunday, January 22, 2017
January 22, 2017 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:04 PM :: 2560 Views
  1. Liberal TEA Party: Thousands March Against Trump in Hawaii
  2. Funding Nonexistent People
  3. UH System-Wide Survey to Amp up “Gender Violence” Hysteria
  4. State Environmental Council Releases ‘Sustainability’ Report
  5. Telescope Leaving? “Will Decide This Autumn”
  6. Rail: 145,000 Cracked Shims and Pads to be Replaced – 11 Miles of Re-Work
  7. Tokuda: Ige Has No Coherent Plan on Rail
  8. Assisted suicide does not fit Hawaii
  9. Trump’s victory creates uncertainty for wind and solar tax-credit scammers
  10. Lost Ag Jobs Excluded from Hawaii Unemployment Numbers
  11. Invasive Species a Real Money Spinner
  12. Corrections officials seek $1M to update fruitless master plan
  13. Caldwell’s Water Mains Keep Breaking—H-1 Jammed til Monday?
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Saturday, January 21, 2017
January 21, 2017 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:36 PM :: 3711 Views
  1. Obama’s Final Gift to Hawaii—Three Gun-Toting Meth Dealers
  2. Hawaii Family Forum Legislative Week in Review
  3. Auditor: HART Audit Not Started
  4. Lost Jobs: Obamacare Impact on Hawaii
  5. Corporate Lobbyist Leads Hawaii Anti-Trump March
  6. Hawaii Republicans Celebrate Trump Inauguration
  7. AUW Pays Rent for 1,353 Families
  8. Honolulu's construction costs finally cool down, report says
  9. Ongoing renovation of state-owned building still behind schedule
  10. Lawyer: I’ll Pretend to be Incompetent if it Helps Convicted Murderer Get Off Easy
  11. Zuckerberg Quiet Title Gives Ing Another Opportunity to Pander and Posture
  12. Mindless State Bureaucracy Shuts Down Car Dealership for Three Weeks
  13. High Tech Tax Credit Schemers Try Agriculture as Excuse for New Round of Crony Capitalism
  14. Legislature Set to Ban Sunscreen After Coral Hype
  15. Kim Jong-un sets sights on nuking Pearl Harbor
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Friday, January 20, 2017
January 20, 2017 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:55 PM :: 2671 Views
  1. Full Text: President Donald Trump Inaugural Speech
  2. Full Text: Police Commission Reasons for Removal of Chief Kealoha
  3. Financial Services: OHA Spire Contract Balloons 760% in Two Years
  4. Ward to Introduce ‘Tough Love Act’ for Homelessness
  5. Competition Matters … In Sports and Government
  6. Republicans Urged to Run for Neighborhood Board
  7. 188 Candidates File for Honolulu Neighborhood Board Elections
  8. Asset Forfeiture Transparency & Accountability—Hawaii Grade D+
  9. How Does Hawaii Score on Healthcare Access?
  10. Full Text: UH Sued over Biofuel Lab Explosion
  11. On Life Support? HECO Wants to Give You $20
  12. EPA Fines Matson $725K for Molasses Spill
  13. Auditor: How Will Hawaii Regulate Midwives?
  14. Rail: Murthy Finds $9M, Discovers HART Employees are Incompetent
  15. Rail: HART CFO Quits—Caldwell Covers it up for a Month
  16. Teachers union: State offer of 2 percent increase over 2 years is ‘unacceptable”
  17. Second try for New KSBE Trustee Search
  18. HMSA chief Wants Hawaii Regulators to Protect HMSA from Competition
  19. Corporate Welfare Queens Conspire to grab More High Tech Tax Credits
  20. How Legislators Evade Conflict of Interest Rules
  21. DoTax Hammered over bugs in $59M Computer Program
  22. Report shows millions budgeted for Honolulu Police Department left unspent
  23. Hirono at Interior Secretary Confirmation Hearings—Not One Word about the Fake Indian Tribe
  24. Star Adv to Trump: Don’t Roll Back Fake Indian Tribe 
  25. Obama’s Final Gift to Hawaii—Three Gun-Toting Meth Dealers
  26. OJ Simpson Innocence Project files motion to overturn conviction in Dana Ireland murder
  27. Lawmakers Push for Mass Release of Criminals onto Streets--Call Hawaii prisons expensive homeless shelters
  28. KPD Officer Charged with negligent Homicide
  29. Homeless Desecrate Cemetery
  30. Amid ongoing crisis, Maui homeless shelters face uncertain future
  31. Homosexuals Harass Waianae Church
  32. Unlike UH Manoa, KCC students aren’t protesting inauguration
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Thursday, January 19, 2017
January 19, 2017 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:56 PM :: 2397 Views
  1. OHA pays $50K: Sex harassment claim against Peter Apo
  2. Caldwell: Payoff for Police Chief is Best Use of Taxpayer Money
  3. Privatize: “Not one penny more for rail"
  4. Full Text: House Speaker Opening Day Remarks
  5. 48-Hour Fed Wreck Countdown
  6. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted January 18, 2017
  7. Hawaii Dead Last for Pass-Thru Businesses
  8. Best State to Raise a Family? Hawaii Ranks 33rd
  9. Scottish Nationalists Demand Ige Return Falls of Clyde
  10. Star-Adv: Raise Taxes and Kill off Expensive Oldsters
  11. High Cost: GE Tax Hike and Honolulu Property Tax Hike on Legislative Agenda
  12. One Party Senate: “I can say Anything”
  13. Again: Rep Chris Lee Bill to Outlaw Gasoline, Diesel Vehicles
  14. Chief Takes One Final Payoff – $250K Plus Full Pension
  15. Hawaii County Raises considered despite hiring freeze
  16. HPD Needs To Stop Shooting At Cars
  17. Keep the People Medicated: Hawaii marijuana numbers soar 17% in Year
  18. Police, Social Workers to Count ‘Hard Core’ Homeless
  19. Aiea Homeless Camp -- From Bad to Worse
  20. Hawaii 5-0 Profitable for Bumpy Kanahele, Fleeing Felons
  21. Gabbard won’t say who funded her controversial Syria trip
  22. Anti-GMO Movement Splits Wide Open—Dustin Barca Denounces ‘Con Artist’ Ashley Lukens
  23. Hawaii Dairy Farms submits unnecessary Final EIS
  24. Technicalities prevent Supreme Court from appointing TMT master
  25. Weigh in on where to put OCCC
  26. North Korean Attack on Hawaii Might Trigger US Response
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Wednesday, January 18, 2017
January 18, 2017 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:18 PM :: 1814 Views
  1. Hawaii Family Forum Prepares for Legislative Session
  2. Hawaii State Legislators join nationwide initiative to address opioid abuse
  3. Opening Day Remarks: House Minority Leader Beth Fukumoto
  4. Senate Democrats 2017 Legislative Program
  5. Danger: Legislature Begins 4 Month Run for Your Money
  6. FBI raids second city building in police chief investigation
  7. OHA settles sexual harassment claim against Peter Apo for $50K
  8. Counselor Involved In School Sex Case Now Works For State
  9. BoE Scrounges Around for Excuse for Matayoshi Firing
  10. Caldwell Conceals DPP Resignations For Nearly a Month
  11. Moving in the Right Direction? Housing for the Homeless in Hawaii
  12. Legislators Seek to Outlaw Lower Cost Private Insurance Plans
  13. Rep Kaniela Ing Wants to Steal Your Money, Shut Down Businesses which Employ the Poor
  14. Anti-GMO Losers Want Legislature to make them into Winners
  15. Green Energy Schemers Grab for More Tax Credits
  16. Lifeguard Immunity: Trial Lawyers vs Counties
  17. More Empty Talk About Hawaiian Health Care
  18. Charter School Commission Hides Funds from Legislators
  19. Kauai Reduces teacher turnover
  20. 15 Years Later UH Maui Building Falling Apart
  21. Quiet Title Actions a Great Opportunity to Shake down Zukerberg for some Serious Money
  22. Program to Let Lots of Criminals out of state’s jails has yet to launch
  23. Soft on Crime Policy Denies Free Room and Board to Homeless Criminal
  24. Soft on Crime: Criminal sought after officer-involved shooting was on work furlough
  25. Entire UH Manoa Campus to be Consumed with Anti-Trump Protest
  26. Honolulu: 6,000 Expected to Protest Trump on Saturday
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Tuesday, January 17, 2017
January 17, 2017 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:01 PM :: 1433 Views
  1. Hawaii residents most likely to live paycheck to paycheck
  2. Wind Turbines Are Killing Way More Bats Than Any Expected
  3. Hawaii Among Most Expensive States for Smokers
  4. Gun Deaths Per Capita: Hawaii ranks 49th
  5. Legislative Changes to Ensure Brokerage Compliance?
  6. Help Wanted: Deputy Solicitor General State of Hawaii
  7. Legislative Changes to Ensure Brokerage Compliance?
  8. City purchases undeveloped Kahuku Golf Course oceanfront lands
  9. Hawaii Gun Owners ‘Rap Back’ Fact Sheet
  10. Caldwell: Don’t Do Anything About Corruption in HPD
  11. Will President Trump Save Hawaii from Rail?
  12. Children can be eligible to use medicated marijuana
  13. Maui Anti-GMO Councilmembers Get Tired of their own Circus
  14. Do Condo Owners Need Some Help From Hawaii’s Legislature?
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Monday, January 16, 2017
January 16, 2017 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:42 PM :: 1274 Views
  1. 1959: Martin Luther King Jr Salutes Hawaii Statehood
  2. Akina: Make King’s dream a reality for Hawaii
  3. Legislature Opening Day Wednesday January 18
  4. Advice to UH Manoa Chancellor Candidates--Run!
  5. Oahu Veterans Treatment Court Celebrates 22 Successful Graduates
  6. Full Text: New report concludes Airbnb has ‘no material impact’ on Hawaii housing inventory
  7. Caldwell’s New Money-Making Scheme--Raise rents on ‘affordable’ housing
  8. Leaders of tourism bureau often opt for closed meetings—Claim They’re Talking About Cookies
  9. Green Energy Schemers Claim They Can go on Without Federal Subsidies
  10. Conference looks away from test scores for DoE
  11. Can Feds Save Hawaii From New Stadium Boondoggle?
  12. Public has 1 more chance to air concerns on ag lands
  13. Soft on Crime: Man who shot at police in Kahaluu is a repeat felon—Escaped in 2012, out on Street in 2017
  14. Two men suffer injuries in Koko Head shooting range mishap
  15. Obamacare Rally—300 Democrats Show up in Honolulu 
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Sunday, January 15, 2017
January 15, 2017 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:29 PM :: 1485 Views
  1. Architects: Put Rail on the Ground—Save $4.2B
  2. Obamacare? Nobody Wants it Less than Honolulu
  3. Obama Admin: Hawaii DOI Rule Part of ‘Renewed Era of Federal-Tribal Relations’
  4. UHERO Adjusts Economic Forecast Upward Thanks to Trump
  5. Michael, Row the Boat Ashore
  6. 2017 Legislature: Economy is Booming And They Still Want More Tax Hikes
  7. Budget: The Good the Bad and the Ugly
  8. Assisted Suicide to Help Insurance Company Profits-- Kill of the Disabled—They’re so Expensive!
  9. Tax Housing by $45 psf to make Housing Affordable?
  10. Vacation-rental tax: Hard to catch elusive funds
  11. Hee in Prison But Sandwich Isles Still Refusing to Pay $76M Federal Fines 
  12. Hospital transition still a high priority for Maui legislators
  13. Homeless at Old Kona Airport Park have ‘very few places to go’ (Except a Shelter)
  14. Homeless Camp Pollutes One Mile of East Oahu Beach
  15. Surfrider marks 400th victory for Dominant Paradigm
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Saturday, January 14, 2017
January 14, 2017 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:06 PM :: 2439 Views
  1. Ige: School system is simply not relevant to today’s students
  2. FBI Raids Honolulu Prosecutor’s Office
  3. Hawaii Wind Farms Kill 146 Bats, 50 Nene, 26 Petrels—and Counting
  4. Insiders Claim GEMS is About to Write $109M in Loans
  5. HTA must open financial books
  6. Marijuana Dealers Look forward to Selling to Tourists
  7. Homeless Drug Addicts Take over House, Burn it Down
  8. Citizens now called 'Hawaii residents' vs. 'Hawaiians' in federal paperwork
  9. DCCA is in No Hurry to Process Paperwork for Volvo Dealership
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Friday, January 13, 2017
January 13, 2017 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:17 PM :: 2903 Views
  1. Ige Campaign Manager Shows up on Two More Judicial Nomination Lists
  2. Ige Announces Contracts for 33 Homeless Shelters, Claims Increase in Bed Count
  3. Hawaii State Capitol Korea-Vietnam Veterans Memorial Vandalized With Excrement
  4. Hawaii Healthcare Access Cut off by Regulations
  5. Obamacare Repeal: How Will it Affect Hawaii?
  6. Hawaii Supreme Court: Do County Plans Override Zoning Laws?
  7. Campaign-Finance Rules Chill Speech Unrelated to Election Campaigns
  8. Did Activists Meet Deadline to Challenge Council Candidate?
  9. Best Places for STEM Professionals? After Dropping Billions on Phony High Tech Tax Credits, Honolulu Ranks 95th
  10. KIUC Signs 20MW ‘Peaker’ Battery Deal
  11. Pedestrian Deaths—Hawaii Ranks 26th
  12. Hawaii Better to Rent Than Buy
  13. New DLNR Police Chief Announced
  14. OHA Officially Named Papahānaumokuākea co-trustee
  15. UH: Students and Faculty Who Stay Home and Cry on Inauguration Day will Have to Make up Work
  16. Rail: Souki Backs Massive GE Tax Hike, Demands Caldwell Raise Property Taxes
  17. Budget so Tough, Departments May have to Cut Funding for Vacant Positions
  18. OHA: Trustees Walkout of own Meeting Again
  19. $260K for Kealoha -- City Council Pretends to intervene
  20. Solar Schemers Will be Back for More Subsidies from  2017 Legislature
  21. Hawaii Faces up to 45 Million Cyberattacks Daily, State Officials Say
  22. Lawmakers to again consider vote-by-mail system, automatic voter registration
  23. Budget: DLNR Has been Lying to Legislators for Years (They’ll get their money anyway)
  24. Stadium Authority: Lets Burn Hundreds of Millions Demolishing Perfectly Good Stadium to Build Smaller One
  25. Court appoints representative for ‘Peter Boy’ to Investigate Foster Care System
  26. Soft on Crime Crowd Pushes for Mass Release of Criminals
  27. Recruiting obstacles, officer vacancies among challenges facing Honolulu Police Department
  28. News Homeless Contracts Expand Waianae Rural Transitional Housing, Shrink Chinatown Spaces
  29. Mainland Homosexuals Take Aim at Polynesian Cultural Center
  30. Maui Protester: I am Marching Against Trump Because I am Fat
  31. Maui Anti-GMO Realtor Wastes Ethics Commission Time
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Thursday, January 12, 2017
January 12, 2017 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:02 PM :: 2184 Views
  1. Hawaii pension debt rises to $12 billion, but the real debt is more like $35 billion
  2. Which States Rely the Most on Federal Aid?–Hawaii 46th
  3. Sen. Josh Green floats possible bid for Governor, Lt Governor
  4. Lobbyist Sues: Looks for Judge to Allow MDs to Kill off Expensive Patients, Save Insurance Companies Money 
  5. Legislators Consider How to Screw Taxpayers:  Posture Wildly on Highway User Fees
  6. Caldwell Demands Big Fat Payoff for Kealoha—Just Like Grabauskas
  7. Hypocrite Rep Chris Lee--Wants to require presidential candidates to release tax returns—But Not Legislative Candidates
  8. Caldwell Ala Moana Sewage Spill Fine Secret Until Later This Week
  9. City estimates $40 million cost to replace sewer force mains
  10. Department of Education employee misconduct investigations
  11. Recruiting Teachers?  DOE should look at people it already has on staff
  12. Ex-county workers accused of vacation theft
  13. Small Businesses Hit Hard by Minimum Wage Hikes
  14. Anti-Telescope Lawyer: Judges Must be Biased if our Favor
  15. Maui: Anti-GMO Councilmembers Ethics Violations
  16. Anti-GMO, Anti-Vaxxers and Trump
  17. USDA report confirms that plant pesticides are used safely
  18. Farmers Need Auction House
  19. Murderer of Dana Ireland Exterminated in Prison, 2 Years Later Civil Beat and the OJ Simpson ‘Innocence Project’ Still Crying a River
  20. Health Insurance up 19% –Thanks Obama
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Wednesday, January 11, 2017
January 11, 2017 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:58 PM :: 1969 Views
  1. Kakaako Kickbacks: Ethics Commission Investigates OHA Trustee Peter Apo
  2. Third UH Manoa Chancellor Candidate Magically Appears on Campus
  3. Full Text: ACLU Asks Feds to Investigate Hawaii Prison Conditions
  4. Full Text: Hawaii Kai Homeless Map Cleared by Attorney General
  5. 151 Candidates Register for Honolulu Neighborhood Board Elections
  6. State Announces 10-Year Invasive Species Plan
  7. HDOT Sets Public Meeting on Use of OR&L Right of Way
  8. Repeat Welfare Fraudster Gets Five Years Prison
  9. Hawaii County Prosecutor Investigates DOBOR Corruption, Retaliation
  10. GEMS: Borrow $150M, Pay $33M interest to Loan out $2M
  11. HTA Hides Public Information behind Fake ‘Corporate’ Structure
  12. Assisted Suicide to Kill Off Samoans
  13. Telescope PEIS started for Canary Islands
  14. State pulls funding from one of Oahu's largest homeless outreach providers
  15. Lethargic Police Commission Suddenly Springs into Action -- Copies UH to Give Kealoha $500K Golden Parachute
  16. Crabbe Plants Old-News Story in Civil Beat
  17. Businesses raise concerns over lawmaker’s push for $22 minimum wage by 2022
  18. Readers Debunk Pie-in Sky $22/Hour Scheme 
  19. HSTA Claims Hawaii Schools Need Lots More Taxpayer Money
  20. Report: 20 DOE employees placed on leave since July
  21. Elementary school worker pleads no contest to sex assault charges involving minor
  22. Former Honolulu police officer won't fight sex charges
  23. Will State Supreme Court Prohibit Police Aerial Surveillance?
  24. City Targets 2000 Farmers for IAL Designation
  25. Airbnb has no impact on Hawaii housing market, new study finds
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Tuesday, January 10, 2017
January 10, 2017 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:09 PM :: 1753 Views
  1. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted January 9, 2017
  2. UH Med School Resources Used to Organize Anti-Trump Protest
  3. Video GMO story: The near death and rescue of the Hawaiian papaya
  4. Embattled HPD chief to get Golden Parachute plus $150K/yr pension
  5. Hawaii public employee pension fund shortfall tops $12 billion
  6. Insiders Speak up for Ige Judicial Nomination of Campaign Chair
  7. Hawaii sees potential in internet sales tax
  8. Search afoot for last-minute fix to state rules poised to slash number of homeless beds
  9. State to appeal TMT sublease ruling
  10. Anti-Telescope Testimony Expected to Burn Time Thru End of January
  11. Hawaiian Electric Targets Maui, Lanai, Molokai for Wind Projects in Effort to Justify Big Cable
  12. Forty-Eight States Have An Airport Authority — Why Not Hawaii?
  13. Save the Zoo? Caldwell has only one Idea—Raise Admission Fees
  14. Anti-GMO Circus Returns to Maui Council Monday
  15. Hawaii’s hot construction market rife with illegal practices
  16. UH Whistleblower Hotline
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Monday, January 09, 2017
January 9, 2017 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:51 PM :: 1702 Views
  1. Lawyer: OHA Transferred Waimea Valley to Private Company Controlled by CEO Crabbe
  2. Assisted Suicide: 2017 Bill Written to Facilitate Elder Abuse
  3. Problems with the Rail Initiative - Indebted to the HART
  4. Hawaii most racially integrated state (Except Healthcare)
  5. OHA Loan Program for Friends and Family Only
  6. After Three Years of Doing Nothing, LUC Tries to Spin Affordable Housing Record
  7. Is HPD Chief’s Departure Just The Beginning Of An ‘Ugly’ Mess?
  8. How Will Ige Justify Picking his Campaign Manager for ICA?
  9. Budget chairwomen get tough with governor
  10. Kakaako Shelters Work To Move Homeless Into Housing Faster
  11. How Accurate is Homeless Count?
  12. Anti-GMO Fruitcakes Whine About Agriculture Conference
  13. Hooser Fluff Piece Blows up in Star-Adv Face
  14. Tracking The 2017 Hawaii Legislature
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Sunday, January 08, 2017
January 8, 2017 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:23 PM :: 1688 Views
  1. What's Next for Marijuana Tax?
  2. Native Hawaiian Astronomers Testify in Support of Telescope
  3. Caldwell to Ige: Raise Taxes for Rail or I’ll Run Against You
  4. HGEA Having Hard Time Finding Candidate to run Against Ige
  5. Telescope Getting Permits for Canary Islands Site
  6. Ag Dep’t: 122 ‘Vacant Positions’ Lard Budget Requests
  7. What is their economic vision?
  8. Study: Maui needs 12,000 housing units
  9. MECO Claims 35.4% ‘Renewable’
  10. Recovering Drug Addicts Agree to Stop Being Homeless
  11. Top Lobbyist on Mission to Help Insurance Companies Save Money with ‘Right to Die’ Bill
  12. Star-Adv: How to Get Rid of Obamacare—We Should Follow Trump’s Lead
  13. January 21 Anti-Trump Protests Set for All Islands
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Saturday, January 07, 2017
January 7, 2017 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:39 PM :: 3038 Views
  1. Hawaii Assisted Suicide Bill Abandons Safeguards
  2. Report: 46% of HC&S Cane Workers Find New Jobs
  3. Hawaiian Electric seeks onshore wind farm developers on Oahu
  4. OHA trustee Peter Apo faces investigation into Kakaako Kickbacks
  5. Governor David Ige and Hawaii Legislature force shelters to turn away homeless families
  6. Interim rules set affordable housing standards
  7. McDermott to appeal on Campbell HS Overcrowding lawsuit
  8. TMT Hearing: Last Pro-Telescope Witnesses Testify
  9. Anti-GMO Whack-jobs planning push to strengthen regulation over chemicals they want you to fear
  10. Caldwell’s Latest Sewage: Triple Costs on Septic Cleaning
  11. High Tech Tax Credit Schemers Claim to Be Successful (again)
  12. Will Hawaii County Taxpayers Bail out Bishop Museum Disaster?
  13. Manic-Depressive Ex-MPD officer gets jail term for exposing himself
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Friday, January 06, 2017
January 6, 2017 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 9:20 PM :: 1787 Views
  1. Retirement: HPD Chief Kealoha Finally Forced Out
  2. Story of Hope
  3. HD2-Hilo: Ige Appoints Chris Todd to Legislature
  4. Dean Nishina Appointed Consumer Advocate
  5. UHERO: Regulating Home-Share Rentals in Hawaii
  6. 137K Gallons Sewage: Caldwell Claims Latest Rupture is Repaired
  7. Applicants Wanted for State Ethics and Campaign Spending Commissions
  8. Out with Obamacare…In with Trumpcare?
  9. State pension debt will likely get worse
  10. Clyde Wadsworth Named Hawaii Solicitor General
  11. Rail Spending Limit: Who is Lying?
  12. Ige Budget: ‘Borderline Schizophrenic’
  13. Shimabukuro pushes for taxing online sales
  14. Why Hasn’t Hawaii Hired A Chief Negotiator For Union Talks?
  15. HSTA: BoE Not Doing Enough to Abolish Testing, Accountability
  16. Hawaii Kai Homeless Map Will Guide point-in-time count
  17. Judge dismisses remaining charges in Mrs Kealoha’s bungled game room case
  18. Caldwell Loses $3M in Garbage Bankruptcy
  19. State beefs up security in anticipation of major cash influx from medicated marijuana
  20. Fake Females: Trannies Endorse Womens March Against Trump
  21. Hawaii regulators reject expansion of State’s Cheapest Electricity Source
  22. NOAA plans to open federal waters in Pacific to fish farming
  23. Soft on Crime: Lunatic Bank Robber Gets 120 Days—Out, Does it Again
  24. Judge has been the court's constitutional conscience
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Thursday, January 05, 2017
January 5, 2017 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:05 PM :: 3700 Views
  1. Obamaphones for the Homeless: Busted in DHHL Scam, Company Teams up with Aloha United Way
  2. Akina: Ethics Commission Upholds Participation in Suit Against Fake Indian Tribe
  3. Caldwell Inaugural Address: Rail Could End up Like Superferry
  4. Intermediate Court of Appeals: JSC Sends Six Nominees to Governor
  5. Auditor: Three DoE Special Funds do not meet criteria
  6. Honolulu: 1,309 Lane-Miles Repaved
  7. Gabbard: I’m Going to Get Pregnant, not Challenge Mazie
  8. COR Cuts State Budget Forecast By $155 Million – Blames Trump!
  9. State: Expect delays for tax refunds (Again)
  10. Senators Voice Concerns Over UH Budget ‘Shell Game’
  11. Minimum Wage?  How About a Tax Cut Instead
  12. New Hawaiian Affairs trustee foiled Fake Indian Tribe
  13. Makekau: Crabbe Does NOT have Valid Contract
  14. Lingle touts Trump as ‘great disrupter’
  15. Police Commission Makes Kealoha Leave Indefinite, Will Reconvene Friday
  16. Latest Ko Olina spill prompts sewage capacity concerns
  17. Milner: More Hawaii Taxpayer Dollars should go to Green Energy Scammers
  18. Honolulu Tweaking Its Rules For Affordable Housing Near Rail
  19. Volunteers Needed to Count Homeless (lots of money at stake here if count comes in low, hint, hint)
  20. Rail Bungles Again: Crews dig up improperly installed curb along Kamehameha Hwy.
  21. Kaneshiro, HPD Claim they will crackdown on illegal game rooms in 2017
  22. Hawaii County Council Finds Excuse to Keep Buying Alcohol on P-Cards
  23. Retaliation: Kamelamela confirmation moves forward
  24. Anti-GMO Clowns Find Way to Extend Maui Council Circus
  25. Maui County Corporation Counsel Wins Big in Vegas
  26. Hawaii 2nd Highest Flu-Pneumonia Death Rate
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Wednesday, January 04, 2017
January 4, 2017 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:45 PM :: 1817 Views
  1. Video: OHA Trustees Vote to Fire Crabbe--$450K Golden Parachute
  2. Nai Aupuni Biggest Failure of 2016, Will be Dead January 20
  3. Harbors wharfage rates to rise 34.5% in 2017
  4. Education Week: Hawaii Grade ‘C’, Ranks 25th
  5. Sewage: New Year Begins With Yet Another Caldwell Spill
  6. 2015 Traffic Accident Map of Honolulu
  7. Bedbugs: Honolulu Crawls up to 48th in USA
  8. Menor-Caldwell Plan: Sweep Rail Problems under Rug Until Tax Hike is Approved
  9. Caldwell Claims ‘Tourists’ will pay for Rail (again)
  10. City Prosecutor Under Corruption Probe Will Run Criminal Intel Unit
  11. Kealoha Corruption: "This is the beginning of the stench"
  12. Goodman thinks Kaiser takeover of Maui’s hospitals could save lives
  13. HPD on fireworks enforcement: 92 citations issued, investigation leads to 7 arrests
  14. Counties submit wish list to Legislature; Hotel tax, lifeguard protection, ambulance, collective bargaining top wants
  15. Unlike other pricey cities, Honolulu rents continue to rise
  16. Don’t Talk About How Crazy the Homeless Are
  17. The famous hair sample pesticide test: The enemy is us (Anti-GMO Lies Busted #1)
  18. Reporting of Maui sunshine law complaint criticized (Anti-GMO Lies Busted #2)
  19. Anti-GMO Clown Show Wastes 13 Hours in Maui Council
  20. Protesters: The Telescope is making us Mentally Ill
  21. Albizia Burner First to Snag ‘Closed Loop’ Tax Credit
  22. What a long strange trip its been for Proposed Kahuku Wind Generation Facility
  23. Soft on Crime: 17 Priors Out on Street Does it Again 
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Tuesday, January 03, 2017
January 3, 2017 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:13 PM :: 2115 Views
  1. Legislative Agenda: Small Business on Defense (Again)
  2. One-Way Streets to Alleviate Dangerous Walking Conditions?
  3. Lanai residents fed up with the awful service from Ohana Air
  4. Ethics, HSTA Announce Agreement on School Trips
  5. HGEA Wants Revenge on Ige for Maui Hospital Privatization—Demands Protection Money
  6. Small Business: Obamacare Gone—The High Prices it Created Remain
  7. Lizzie Warren Raises Money for Hirono to Fend off Primary Challenge from … (Gabbard?) 
  8. Prosecuting Attorney Kaneshiro sworn in for 2nd term –Gives Katherine Kealoha A PROMOTION
  9. Kealohas in Second Attempt to Frame Puana?
  10. Caldwell Sworn in, His Cronies Take Control of Council
  11. Threat to Close Politically Connected Golf Course ‘A Departure from the Norm’
  12. Illegal Fireworks Death at Grace-Family Business
  13. Prohibition Makes Fireworks More Harmful
  14. How Hawaiian Electric Company Rigs Need for Interisland Cable
  15. Anti-GMO Circus Falls Short at Maui Council Organization meeting
  16. Anti-GMO Hysterics “May Get Something Thru Legislature”
  17. Ige to Appoint HD2 Legislator Soon
  18. Campbell Estate quietly dissolves
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Monday, January 02, 2017
January 2, 2017 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:31 PM :: 2194 Views
  1. 112 Candidates Register for Neighborhood Board Elections
  2. 2018: Abercrombie Revenge Round vs Ige?
  3. Ige ‘Tone Deaf’ on Sister Isles
  4. 2017: Honolulu still has no plan for needed affordable housing while rail could increase rents and traffic
  5. Homeless Refuse Shelter, Commit Home Invasions
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Sunday, January 01, 2017
January 1, 2017 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:35 PM :: 3994 Views
  1. State spends $72K to monitor your social media accounts
  2. 112 Candidates Register for Neighborhood Board Elections
  3. CNMI Government Takes House Lot from Owner, Refuses to Pay
  4. Annual Registration of Mopeds Required Beginning January 2017
  5. Video: Hawaii GMO Papaya Real Solutions Real Lives
  6. Mark Moses was a Mensch
  7. Ige to be Tossed out in 2018?
  8. To Satisfy Protesters, Locals May be Kicked off Mauna Kea
  9. 2017 Plan: Put 662 more Homeless on the Streets and Help them to Just Say No To Shelter
  10. WSJ: “A lot of people are going to end up on the streets”
  11. Will Chief Kealoha be Fired Wednesday?
  12. Rail Starts New Year with New Contractor
  13. What Can Be Done About Obama’s Tuna Monuments?
  14. Kauai: Move past Bill 2491 to era in which all farmers can prosper
  15. Maui: Anti-GMO HAPA Files Another bogus complaint against Council Chair
  16. DoH Wants Epidemiologists to Address Chemophobia, Mass Hysteria
  17. Soft on Crime: Plea Deal Gets Thug Off Easy on Third Strike
  18. Not Enough Applicants for Hilo Circuit Court Judgeship
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Saturday, December 31, 2016
December 31, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:14 PM :: 1502 Views
  1. More Turmoil at OHA -- CFO Resigns
  2. Another Court Blasts Unconstitutional, Race-Based Voting
  3. Can you name the state trying to place racial restrictions on voting?
  4. Hawaii Gets Small Business Waiver–First in the Nation to Escape Obamacare
  5. Obamacare Repeal Has Begun For Small Firms
  6. Ward Seeks Attorney General's Opinion On Hawaii Kai Homeless Map
  7. DLNR Dis-Informational Meeting on Non-Existent Sea Level Rise in Hawaii
  8. DHHL: 2017 Legislative Talk-Story Sessions
  9. Minimum Wage $9.25 Effective January 1, 2017
  10. 10 New Year's Resolutions for Hawaii
  11. Hawaii: $325 Per Capita on So-called ‘Energy Savings Contracts’
  12. OTEC is a Science Experiment
  13. Hawaii AG Threatens Suit to Save Obama’s Already-Destroyed ‘Clean Power Plan’
  14. Will Huena Power Sue over Geothermal Scheme?
  15. City ethics rules need clarification
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Friday, December 30, 2016
December 30, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:38 PM :: 1822 Views
  1. Who spent Hawaii’s $1 billion surplus?
  2. Obamacare Repeal: How Will it Affect Hawaii?
  3. UH Promises to Protect Illegals from Trump
  4. New Obama Travel Costs Bring Eight-Year Total over $96 Million
  5. $500K: OHA's Giant Cookie Loan
  6. After 20 years John Waihee’s Golf Course Finally Ordered to Allow Access to Hawaiian Kingdom Road
  7. High-Tech Schemers Grubbing for another $10M from Legislature
  8. Decade Later Anti-Superferry Protesters Have Regrets—But Still Blame Others
  9. Fontaine’s volunteer campaign treasurer sentenced for theft
  10. Senators Question Whether PUC Member Had Conflicts Of Interest
  11. Farmers on Sustainability
  12. Guam Governor Deports 19 Criminals—Two Sneak Back in
  13. Mother Jones Looks at COFA
  14. California Democrats legalize child prostitution Effective Jan 1
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Thursday, December 29, 2016
December 29, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:44 PM :: 3532 Views
  1. OHA’s Secret Mauna Kea Meetings
  2. America’s Crummy Airports: How to Fix Them?
  3. Visitor Spending Rose for Sixth Straight Month in November
  4. Chief Kealoha: More Than the Mailbox
  5. Hawaii to Allow Killer Doctors?
  6. Hawaii’s Public Records Agency Is Picking Up The Pace A Bit
  7. HIDOT Studies Ferry Options
  8. Hawaii Oil Imports Down 41% – 85% of Decrease from Non-Utility Sources
  9. HECO Still Seeking Big Cable Project
  10. Privatized Public Housing Hosts After School Program
  11. Cheap Rentals in Warm Weather Destinations?  Pahoa Ranks 5th in USA
  12. Convincing Chronics to Accept Shelter is Very Difficult
  13. Chinatown: Entrepreneurs Help Clean out Homeless Drug Addicts
  14. Maui Ex-county worker charged with theft over ‘Commercial Kitchen’ Scheme
  15. With Kenoi Gone, Hawaii Council Suddenly Wants to Ban Booze Purchases
  16. Ex-Senator Melody Aduja Gives Up Law License to Hide Latest Doings
  17. Mo Money: Bumpy Kanahele Launches Digital ‘Currency’
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Wednesday, December 28, 2016
December 28, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:02 PM :: 1655 Views
  1. 9th Circuit Court Rejects Race-Based Voting in Northern Marianas Islands
  2. Beachfront Property: Hawaii Supreme Court Considers Wipeout Regulatory Taking
  3. 107 Candidates Register for Neighborhood Board Elections
  4. AARP Plans Hawaii Legislative Agenda
  5. Hawaii Zika virus-infected mothers delivered babies with microcephaly as early as 2009
  6. Downtown Café Serves Crooked Politicians -- but not Trump Voters
  7. Plan to Destroy Hawaii Small Businesses and Jack up Consumer Prices with $22/hour Minimum Wage
  8. Time for a State Board of Transportation?
  9. Suit aims to ease crowding at Campbell
  10. While Kihei High School Twists in the Wind, Kihei Charter School Breaks Ground on New Campus
  11. Kau Gym: Will Billy Kenoi’s Rush-Job Blow Down in Next Hurricane?
  12. 9th Circuit, EPA Agree: Pesticide Buffer Zones are Unscientific
  13. Broken Trust: 20 Years Later Kam Schools Struggles to Make use of Larry Mehau’s Eucalyptus Trees
  14. Bait n Switch: MECO Tricks ‘Time of Use’ Rate Payers
  15. Hawaii achieves 25% clean energy in 2016, report claims
  16. Soft on Crime: Alleged Ala Moana Shooter Catch and Release
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Tuesday, December 27, 2016
December 27, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:59 PM :: 2082 Views
  1. Tax Credits: Cronies and Phonies Rake in Millions
  2. HART’s Colbert Matsumoto to Open Marijuana Dealership Just Outside Waikiki
  3. Isle health costs to jump an average of 6.2 percent—Obamacare Plans Jump 35%
  4. Rep Gene Ward Maps Homelessness in Hawaii Kai—Activists Demand Censorship
  5. Untangle rules blocking housing
  6. Kihei Water Even Dirtier than Lahaina?
  7. 2017: Enviros Still see no way to Shut Down Fishing Fleet
  8. Zika in Hawaii Since 2009?
Read More..
Monday, December 26, 2016
December 26, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:27 PM :: 2064 Views
  1. Indigestible: DoTAX 2016 Tax Digest--87 Pages
  2. Hawaii Sue and Settle vs. Ashley Madison
  3. Rules will put more Homeless people on streets
  4. NBC News Really Embarrassing Hanabusa Fluff Piece
  5. 5009 Electric Vehicles Registered in Hawaii
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