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Thursday, October 25, 2018
October 25, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:01 PM :: 1419 Views
  1. Bishop Street Lawyer Foolishly Leaves Hawaii, Gets Busted
  2. OHA Candidate Evicts Kauai Anti-Drug Program
  3. Finalists named for UH Hilo chancellor
  4. Rail Funding Solution--Raid Every Department
  5. Secret Rail draft plan reveals potential cost-cutting measures
  6. HART’s P3 plans built on unbelievable ridership estimates
  7. Ratepayer Impacts Due to Hu Honua`s Unusual Financial Arrangement
  8. Ethics Complaint: Anti-GMO Councilmember Atay Used County Resources for Political Mailer
  9. Election Takedown: Crabbe Operatives Line up to Testify Against Akana
  10. Emergency Help For Hawaii’s Mentally Ill Is A Revolving Door thanks to law preventing Forcible Treatment
  11. Suicide Push Could Save State $16M/year 
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Wednesday, October 24, 2018
October 24, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:18 PM :: 2369 Views
  1. How Much Does Over-Regulation Increase Hawaii Housing Costs?
  2. Laughed out of Court: Criminal Al Hee's Scam Company Loses Again
  3. Iowa: Gabbard Spending Campaign Cash on 2020 Presidential Run
  4. Ige, Tupola disagree on how to bolster funding for education
  5. First day at the new Kihei Charter School campus-- While Kihei HS remains a vacant lot
  6. ACLU: DoE Bullying Policy Doesn’t Do Enough for Gay Recruitment
  7. Kamehameha pays $65 million as part of settlement for One Homosexual Child Molester
  8. The Strange Legislative Path Of The ConAm Bill
  9. ‘Showboat Politicking’ Keeps Homeless on the Streets 
  10. Diminished Hawaii Republicans aim to incrementally rebuild—May Win One Seat
  11. Crabbe Operatives Point Finger at Akana
  12. Kealoha ‘Sickness’ Used as Excuse to Delay Trial
  13. Should Unlicensed Airbnbs On Maui Face A $20,000 Fine?
  14. Eco Religion: Pilgrims are ruining dolphins' sex lives
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Tuesday, October 23, 2018
October 23, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:20 PM :: 1648 Views
  1. ACT Scores Released: Hawaii 4th Lowest in USA
  2. Affordable Hawaii Coalition: We Will Continue After Victory
  3. Graham: "I wouldn't want to be a Republican charged with a crime in Hawaii"
  4. Did Anti-GMO Activist Rip You Off?  Maui County Can Help
  5. HSTA Member arrested for allegedly choking a student
  6. Homeless Sex Offenders Visit Hawaii, Fake Registration
  7. Bishop Street Lawyer Foolishly Leaves Hawaii, Finally Gets Busted
  8. Akina: Why I Don’t Spend OHA Trustee Allowance
  9. If Rowena Akana is Reelected, What Will Legislature Do?
  10. Honolulu Seawater Air Conditioning to break ground next year (AGAIN!)
  11. Eco-Hucksters Try Disappearing Island Trick (again)
  12. UH says it’s not the reason vets home plan was changed
  13. AG: Gun Crime Down in Hawaii
  14. Big Island hotel RevPAR dropped 12 percent in September as Kilauea effects linger
  15. Tulsi Gabbard stumps in Sioux City, Iowa
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Monday, October 22, 2018
October 22, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:23 PM :: 1202 Views
  1. IMF to HART: How to Control the Costs of Public-Private Partnerships
  2. Con-Con Opponents’ Nostalgia for Hawaii’s Golden Age of Democratic Reform
  3. Walk-in Early Voting Sites Open Tuesday Oct 23
  4. Auditor Looks at HDoT Energy Savings Contracts
  5. Test Case for Hawaii? Internet Providers Take On Vermont Net Neutrality
  6. DoE Antique Mainframe Crashes--Vendors Still Waiting 3 weeks Later
  7. VIDEO: Cam Cavasso - Ed Case Congressional Debate
  8. Soft on Crime: Armed Robber Allowed to Run for Mayor
  9. Katherine Kealoha accused of faking illness to delay her trial date
  10. Convicted murderer returns to OCCC almost 4 hours late
  11. Population Decline Hurts Hawaii
  12. Wanna Kill Off an Annoying Oldster?  Suicide Squad is on Big Island
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Sunday, October 21, 2018
October 21, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:59 PM :: 1579 Views
  1. Do We Really Have a Spending Ceiling?
  2. Would You Pay $10 for Maui Beachfront Land?
  3. ‘Kalikimaka Kritters’ picked as theme for 33rd Annual Holiday Wreath Contest
  4. Shore water event application deadline extended for non-North Shore surf events
  5. Poor Farmer
  6. Rail: Stonewalling helps HART Evade Subpoenas
  7. Star-Adv: Trying to pour more money into Education Department coffers an illusory solution
  8. More free-speech awareness is needed
  9. Government Employees Dominate Salary Commission
  10. Homelessness: ACLU Part of the Problem
  11. Kauai CrossFit gym shut down by Aila
  12. Ethics hearing starts Monday for Office of Hawaiian Affairs trustee Rowena Akana
  13. Did Anti-GMO Activist Rip You Off?  Maui County Can Help
  14. Prosecutor Bungles Sex Trafficking Case
  15. DHHL: Small farm homesteads are planned for a former sugar plantation site
  16. UH: Priests of the Eco-Religion Rant About Trump Again
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Saturday, October 20, 2018
October 20, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:16 PM :: 1331 Views
  1. ConAm: Supreme Court Strikes Down HSTA Poison Pill
  2. HSTA Property Tax: Two Wolves Fight Over Dinner
  3. Tulsi Gabbard weighing 2020 presidential bid
  4. NY Mag: Tulsi Gabbard 'remains in the Trump orbit'
  5. Auditor: DoH 'Loses' Paperwork--Kills Investigation of PKF Recycling Audit
  6. More taxes won’t cure our ills
  7. Jones Act: How it Impacts the Military and the State of Hawaii
  8. Permitting Delays Encourage Bribery
  9. Haleiwa solar farm fined $1K for storm water runoff on North Shore
  10. Soft on Crime: Rapist Gets Early Release, Becomes Child Molester
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Friday, October 19, 2018
October 19, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:07 PM :: 2505 Views
  1. Team Hanabusa Grills Ige Campaign Manager over Judicial Nomination
  2. Hawaii 2nd Most Regressive Tax System in USA
  3. Study: Need $111,892 'To Get By' in Hawaii
  4. Influence of Law Clerks at SCOTUS
  5. HSTA Sex on Campus: Drug-Using Teacher Gets Probation in Revenge Porn Case
  6. CSC: Anti-GMO Campaign Funded by Money Taken from Dead Man
  7. Dela Cruz, ADC, Evicting Plantation Families to Build ‘Trendy Retail Center’ at Whitmore Village
  8. Poll: Independents Shift Negative on Hirono After Kavanaugh Rants
  9. How Antis Fake the ConCon Pricetag
  10. Oahu homebuilders rally for faster city permits
  11. Hawaii High Court Weighs Whether To Release Secret Investigation Of State Auditor
  12. UH Board of Regents agrees to allow changes to proposed rules for Mauna Kea
  13. UH Students to be Stuck with $35M Parking Fee Increase
  14. Hawaii State Public Library hasn't had any major upgrades in 26 years
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Thursday, October 18, 2018
Letters to the Editor, October, 2018
By Letters to the Editor @ 11:17 PM :: 4163 Views
  • Influence of Law Clerks at SCOTUS
  • 1978 Delegate: New ConCon Needed
  • Low voter turnout gives special interests even more power
  • 'Shut Up': Why people elected Trump
  • Teach Your Children
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Thursday, October 18, 2018
October 18, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:21 PM :: 1925 Views
  1. Hawaii Family Forum Releases Voter Guide
  2. Hawaii AG Tells Supreme Court: Vote No on HSTA Property Tax
  3. Report: Honolulu Roads 5th Worst in USA
  4. Complaint Demands Expulsion of LoPresti from Democratic Party
  5. ConCon: CNHA Rejects Abercrombie Alaska Pitch
  6. Lawsuit Challenges 'Illegal' Maui Council Frankenbill
  7. ConCon: CNHA Rejects Abercrombie Alaska Pitch
  8. Politically Engaged States--Hawaii 50th
  9. Hawaii Campaign Spending Commission Annual Survey
  10. Ranking Sales Taxes on the 2019 State Business Tax Climate Index
  11. Poll: Ige 52% – Tupola 31%
  12. Star-Adv Refuses to Back Cachola, Cabanilla 
  13. One-party state drives away voters
  14. OHA trustee files temporary restraining order against State Ethics Commission
  15. Council advances bill to raise $44M for rail from city bonds
  16. Contractors: City permitting delays forcing workforce lay-offs
  17. Hawaii Co Council rejects tax relief for Pahoa, Volcano
  18. Aila Raids Anahola: Danner arrested in Fight over Squatter
  19. Leeward Oahu homeless shelter that can house 80 families set to close at end of month
  20. City Closes Two More Parks Overrun with Homeless Drug Addicts
  21. Program for formerly homeless kids helps them break habits
  22. DOH employee questions medical marijuana quality, policies for checking it
  23. Owned by HSTA: Ige supports state tax on properties to fund education
  24. Commission Doubles Fines For First-Time Campaign Spending Violators
  25. Convicted Killer Now Hides Behind “Sovereignty’
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Wednesday, October 17, 2018
October 17, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:45 PM :: 1318 Views
  1. Bogus Study Debunked: Hawaii Teacher Salaries Above Average
  2. Why ConAm Will Hurt Teachers and Keiki
  3. The Cost of a Constitutional Convention
  4. States Most Vulnerable to Identity Theft & Fraud--Hawaii 51st
  5. DoH: Prepare Workflows for Optimal Suicide Experience Starting Jan 1
  6. HSTA Tax Would Mean $5,000 Annual Rent Increase
  7. Poll: Voters Want Term Limits For State Legislators
  8. Voters Like The Idea Of A ConCon, They’re Just Not Going To Vote For It
  9. Caldwell Exploits Federal Rail Deadline in Bid to get Tommy Waters Elected
  10. Hawaii Democrats Have Strayed Too Far To The Left
  11. How OHA Trustees Spent Their Allowances
  12. Top Lobbyist Would be Dead if Assisted Suicide Were Legal
  13. It stinks to high heaven: a raise for the managers of Hawaii County
  14. Kim Names New Chief for Big Island Bus System
  15. O’Hara withdraws resolution that would recognize animals as ‘sentient beings’
  16. County takes $100K grant from Atay assistant
  17. Courts: Finding Hawaiian interpreters a ‘challenge’
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Tuesday, October 16, 2018
October 16, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:59 PM :: 2063 Views
  1. Gay Bullying Policy: DoE Sets Public Hearings
  2. Hawaii Family Advocates 2018 Voter Guide
  3. Ranking the States by Fiscal Condition: Hawaii 38th
  4. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted October 14, 2018
  5. Volunteers Needed for Polling Places
  6. Lawsuit over $109M Fraud: Oahu Head Start Fakes Enrollment, Scores Megabux
  7. Poll: Hawaii Voters Oppose HSTA Property Tax
  8. UHPA Says No to HSTA Rental Tax
  9. Mind Control: Ige Debate Strategy—“Tupola = Trump”
  10. Absentee mail-in ballots arriving for Hawaii voters
  11. Ige Extends Emergency Proclamation to Destroy Tax-Free Hanalei TVRs
  12. Brower: Affordable Housing Set-Asides Backfire
  13. Finding work that’ll actually cover the bills
  14. Caldwell Scheme to ‘Completely’ Jam up Pearl City Streets
  15. Hawaii Co Charter Commission recommends cutting back 2% Open Space Fund
  16. Sears played groundbreaking role in creating modern Hawaii
  17. City OK’d Permit For Site With Native Hawaiian Remains
  18. City sued over damage caused by flooding
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Monday, October 15, 2018
October 15, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:12 PM :: 1579 Views
  1. Hawaii 2nd Lowest Uninsured Rate in USA
  2. Four Hawaii Govs Team Up To Defeat HSTA ConAm
  3. HSTA Finds 120 Liars in One Place—UH Manoa
  4. Lack Of Mental Health Treatment Among The Culprits In Police Shootings
  5. With Matt LoPresti Around, When Will Police be Called Next?
  6. ‘Monster houses’ bill is criticized as not addressing the cause of the problem
  7. New version of Hawaii County vacation rentals bill heads to Planning Committee
  8. Hawaii County: Case Study of How the Tax Cut Doesn’t Happen
  9. Hawaii Supreme Court Holds Three Public Oral Arguments: Education, Access & Hu Honua
  10. Total Failure: KSBE Again Seeking Contractor to Cut Down Larry Mehau’s Broken Trust Scam Eucalyptus Trees
  11. Hawaii Preparatory Academy didn’t stop adult-student affair, report says
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Sunday, October 14, 2018
October 14, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:57 PM :: 1256 Views
  1. #AuditTheRail, now more than ever
  2. Why Con-Con Opponents Willfully Ignore Legislative Bypass Issues
  3. General Income Tax Credit: How Legislators Subverted Will of 1978 ConCon
  4. ACLU: Let the Homeless Eat Meth
  5. Legislators Leave Puna in Lurch—No Special Session
  6. Will Ige Call Special Session?  -- Bellatti—No State Funds for Punatic Property Buyout
  7. Putting school tax on ballot lets unions sidestep debate
  8. Strike-related dampening of visitor numbers could cross into 2019
  9. Mililani: Will Republican Val Okimoto Win Legislative Seat?
  10. DoE Anti-Bullying Policy – Not Enough Effort put into Gay Recruitment
  11. Push for Legislature to Fund Medicaid Dental  Plan
  12. See Level Rise?—or Not: Priesthood of Eco-Religion has a Plan for Your Land  
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Saturday, October 13, 2018
October 13, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:30 PM :: 1362 Views
  1. Insiders: How the 1978 Constitution Keeps us in Power
  2. Leadership Change at ODC
  3. VIDEO: Mazie Hirono Covers Up Sexist Harassment at UH
  4. Regents to consider revisions to proposed Maunakea administrative rules after public hearings
  5. ACEEE: Hawaii Scores Points for GEMS Scheme 
  6. Kiplinger: Hawaii Among Least tax-Friendly States
  7. HPR Begins to Wonder if ‘Price of Paradise' Actually a Bad Thing     
  8. State seeks 44% fee hike for harbors—500% for Moorings
  9. We May Finally Get To See Honolulu Police Salary Information
  10. Soft on Crime: Judges sentence Kihei men to 18 months in jail for fatal beating—They’re already out on streets
  11. One Homosexual Child Molester -- 130 Victims
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Friday, October 12, 2018
October 12, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:33 PM :: 1509 Views
  1. Individual Income Taxes--Hawaii Drops 9 Places to 47th
  2. Obamacare: 38-state lawsuit reveals deep national divide over states’ rights, federal role, taxation
  3. Justice Department Signs Off on CVS-Aetna Merger
  4. Planned Parenthood Endorses Ige-Green Ticket
  5. Guam Argues for Native Voting Law Before 9th Circuit
  6. City Council schedules meetings to fund rail
  7. Honolulu rail or a new spaceship to Mars?
  8. Hawaii County: Only a quarter of lava evacuees have found permanent housing  
  9. Caldwell signs bills to keep homeless from blocking sidewalks
  10. Plan Takes Aim at Hardened element of homeless
  11. Police Shootings Up Sharply
  12. Kelly King: Why I’m Voting ‘No’ On The Proposed New Tax
  13. Case: I will Join Reformers Caucus
  14. Kauai: Council Members Want To End Term Limits — On Themselves
  15. Trustee Akana says investigation into her OHA spending is hampering her campaign
  16. Lab: More than 20 percent of Hawaii medical marijuana products rejected for sale
  17. 5th Circuit Refuses to Revive Hawaii ERS Lawsuit Against Whole Foods
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Thursday, October 11, 2018
October 11, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:58 PM :: 2830 Views
  1. Lawsuit: OHA-Owned Corporations Must Comply With Open Records Laws
  2. Brett Kavanaugh: Hawaiian Kingdom Hero?
  3. Process Begins for Maui County to Acquire a Portion of Wailuku Water Company
  4. Case, Cavasso agree on updating Jones Act
  5. Call for Nominations for UH Board of Regents
  6. New House-Senate Committee Chairs for 2018—Gun Control Nuts to Lead Key Committees
  7. Ige ‘Emergency’ Blocks Reopening of Geothermal Plant
  8. Will Legislators Speak out on Hiraoka Nomination?
  9. Abercrombie: Vote YES for ConCon
  10. HART Chair Explains P3
  11. City may have to repay $8M, HUD warns
  12. Committee seeks candidates for Kamehameha Schools trustee position
  13. Honolulu police lieutenant charged with multiple tax violations
  14. Guam pushes for native-only vote on U.S. relationship
  15. $200M Flood Control Project for Ala Wai Canal
  16. Grading Maui councilmember attendance
  17. Harassment: Waters Campaign Gins Up Investigation
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Wednesday, October 10, 2018
October 10, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:16 PM :: 3417 Views
  1. Honolulu Rents Flat for Year
  2. City now accepting Grants in Aid applications
  3. Hawaii ACLU: DMV Must Allow Islamic Hijab
  4. HEI Rate Payers to Pony up $2.6B for 1055 MW of Batteries
  5. Did Mazie Hirono Blow Democrat Chances for House Takeover?
  6. His farm is buried under lava, but he can’t find relief from payments on his state agricultural loan
  7. No charges to be filed in missing evidence case
  8. After Tax Hike, Big Fat Pay Raises for Hawaii County Execs
  9. Sandbagging: Hawai‘i Convention Center seeks to Parlay Leaky Rooftop Door into $57M Contract
  10. Councilwoman proposes Vision Zero program to address spike in traffic deaths
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Tuesday, October 09, 2018
October 9, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:46 PM :: 1873 Views
  1. Ige Selling Judgeships? Nominates Campaign Manager for Appeals Court
  2. Gabbard Bill Would Require U.S. to be 100% fossil free by 2035
  3. Mauna Kea: DLNR Helicopters to Exterminate Sheep Again
  4. Low voter turnout gives special interests even more power
  5. In Hawaii #MeToo is Fake
  6. Tupola agrees to include lieutenant governor candidates in debate
  7. ‘Monster-house’ plan would kill multi-generational homes
  8. Josh Green Exploits Police Shooting in Attempt to gain Control of Homeless Project
  9. Hindered by Inability to Lock Mentally Ill in Lunatic Asylum, Police Reduced to Begging, Offering Rides
  10. Tranny Gets Another Prize for Something or Other
  11. Federal judge awards former OCCC inmate $30K for 2015 beating
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Monday, October 08, 2018
October 8, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:54 PM :: 2163 Views
  1. Hawaii’s Largest Carbon Credit Scheme to be Evicted from its own HQ?
  2. Green Energy: Hawaii Gives Lots of Money to Silicon Valley Billionaires, Lags in Help to Low Income Residents
  3. Weather = Climate is Now Policy in Hawaii
  4. Tupola: Only Reporters Ask About Trump
  5. Local 5 hotel workers strike in Waikiki and Maui
  6. Task force calls for jail oversight committee
  7. State task force’s recommendations to the Legislature on pretrial procedures won’t contain any “big surprises,”
  8. Lunatic Shoots Up Neighbors House Because he was not Locked in Lunatic Asylum
  9. DLNR Wants Higher Boat Fees
  10. If You Don’t Vote On Constitutional Questions, You’ve Just Voted ‘No’
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Sunday, October 07, 2018
October 7, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:58 PM :: 1550 Views
  1. Guess Which Agency May Be Forgoing Millions in Federal Dollars?
  2. 'Shut Up': Why people elected Trump 
  3. Hirono Won’t Say Whether Harassing Senators in Restaurants is ‘Going Too Far’
  4. Ige Nominates Hiraoka for Appeals Court
  5. HSTA Tax: Speaker Admits Renters Would Be Taxed Starting in 2 Years
  6. HSTA War on Poor: Average Renter Earns only $15.64/hr
  7. HSTA Renters Tax: Why One Teacher is Voting ‘No’
  8. You now need to earn nearly $160K to buy a home on Oahu
  9. P3 plan to shift rail costs burdens future generations
  10. BWS: ANOTHER Massive Water Rate Hike
  11. 12.9% Obamacare Rate Hike for Kaiser
  12. State opens database of Rent-Seeking Behavior to public
  13. Game Rooms: With Godfather Dead, Criminals Begin Attacking Each Other
  14. HCCC responsible for 16 of state’s 23 mistaken inmate releases since 2013
  15. Machete-Wielding Homeless Dude Shot by Police Outside State Capitol
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Saturday, October 06, 2018
October 6, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:01 PM :: 1546 Views
  1. HGEA Claims Another Pelt: DOCARE Chief Quits
  2. Gay Divorce: Hawaii Supreme Court Gives Lesbian Control Over Another Lesbian's Baby
  3. Maui 5th Lowest unemployment in USA, Oahu 7th
  4. HSTA Members to be Target of Anti-Bullying Enforcement
  5. The state wants to open 6 ‘ohana zones’ for the homeless—No Tents Allowed
  6. HART Ridership Numbers Grossly Exaggerated
  7. Two young girls hospitalized for Marijuana overdose
  8. Maui Liquor Commission Interferes with NRA Fundraiser
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Friday, October 05, 2018
October 5, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:20 PM :: 1825 Views
  1. Supreme Court to Hear Counties’ Challenge to HSTA Rent tax
  2. Constitutional Amendment Ballot Measure Will Raise Cost of Living -- Funds may not go to Public Education
  3. UH Glyphosate Study Debunked--Bee Death Story Is Bee-S
  4. Teach Your Children
  5. The Grievance Studies Scandal Isn’t Just A Problem For Academia
  6. Tax Hike on Renters? HSTA Trots out old Front Groups
  7. Harvard: Wind Farms Cause Global Warming
  8. Hawaii 3rd Richest State Per Capita 
  9. Election Countdown--Dates to Remember
  10. Renters Bristle at Prospect of HSTA Tax Hike
  11. Council’s Latest Affordable Housing Solution: Jail Builders
  12. Honolulu permit delays force Oahu contractors to lay off staff, organize coalition
  13. Losers Beat Winner: HGEA/UPW Resistance, Meddling Councilmembers Drive Out Hawaii Co Transit Boss
  14. DoH Plan to Save Oahu’s Lowest-Cost Energy Producer?
  15. DoE Bureaucratic Apple Polishing: Bullying to be More Serious Offence than ‘Hazing’? 
  16. Should Public Have More Input On Legislature’s Sexual Harassment Policies?
  17. Former student says he wasn’t immediately told he’d been spied upon
  18. Sec 8 Designed to Push Mentally Ill Back onto Streets
  19. Soft on Crazy: Schizo Criminal with Log Rap Sheet Escapes Mental Hospital
  20. Drug testing catches fewer isle workers
  21. No Con Con PAC Pops Up After Reporting Deadline
  22. Youth voter registration slightly declines in Hawaii, report finds
  23. High bacteria count at Waikiki beach: 'Swimming may make you ill'
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Thursday, October 04, 2018
October 4, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:52 PM :: 1872 Views
  1. Caldwell Appoints Chief for Troubled Joint Traffic Management Center
  2. Fastest-Growing Cities in America--Honolulu 308th
  3. Pearl City: Lowest Percentage of Disabled in Poverty in USA
  4. Hirono: FBI Investigation a 'Farce'
  5. OHA hires new Chief Operating Officer
  6. ‘Big, Big Problem’ -- City can’t meet FTA deadline for rail funds
  7. Rail’s Public-Private Partnership Idea Is A Desperate Cry For Help
  8. DoE: Bullying, Sex Harassment to be Classed With Assault, Burglary and Possession of a Firearm
  9. Enviros Order Schatz to Stick it to Matson
  10. Voters Need To Know Sooner Who’s Paying To Influence Them
  11. Honolulu City Council wants to investigate building permit delays
  12. Council passes bills requiring studies before homeless encampment crackdowns
  13. Maui Psycho Killer Was Released from Lunatic Asylum Just before Rampage
  14. Hawaii County Council says no to bill for helping businesses affected by lava
  15. Easy Doctor Shopping Needed to Suicide Expensive Patients
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Wednesday, October 03, 2018
October 3, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:42 PM :: 1753 Views
  1. VIDEO: Case, Cavasso Debate Jones Act, Rail, Akaka Tribe
  2. Ray L'Heureux: A Vision for Changing Hawaii
  3. Guam case that echoes Rice v. Cayetano to be argued before Ninth Circuit at UH law school
  4. City Issues 467 ADU Permits--New Sewer Boosts Kaneohe ADU Capacity
  5. 2018 Digital States Survey Grades Hawaii B+
  6. Hirono: Heretics Must be Excommunicated from Government
  7. Democrats Celebrate Serial Rapist Dan Inouye
  8. HART Diverts Millions from Rail Budget to Do HDOT’s Job
  9. Hawaii Citizen Initiatives: Designed to Fail
  10. Rising ocean could reach a mile inland or something
  11. Anti-bullying lawsuit gains momentum
  12. Hawaii’s criminal laws on domestic violence are convoluted and often result in unjust outcomes
  13. Should Psychologists Be Able To Prescribe Drugs?
  14. Child Molester Gets 90 Days
  15. Philippines evangelist accused of running a child sex ring
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Tuesday, October 02, 2018
October 2, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:18 PM :: 3217 Views
  1. Finally! OHA Is Being Audited for Fraud, Waste and Abuse
  2. Food Waste Recycling Program Makes Pigs Happy--But Costs City at H-Power
  3. HSTA Operatives Set School Protest in Push to Tax Renters
  4. Honolulu Make-A-Difference Month cleanups start this weekend
  5. HART Board Legally Ambiguous, Barely Able to Function, Can’t Figure Out How Many Members it Has
  6. DoE Pushing to Tax Low Income Hawaii Renters—Gives Big Fat Pay Hike for top DOE Execs
  7. $600K Campaign Against HSTA Rent Tax    
  8. Mayor claims City Council is trying to stall efforts to move homeless from parks, sidewalks
  9. Homeless Shelter Opens at Underused HYCF
  10. Latest game room shootings has some state lawmakers pleading for tougher enforcement
  11. Soft on Crime: Out on Bail Gets ‘Second Chance’ to Shoot Same Victim
  12. Two Hawaii Counties Add Local Charge To State Excise Tax
  13. Council plays waiting game as Ruggles won’t return
  14. Facts, not fear, drive investments, improvements at Red Hill
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Monday, October 01, 2018
October 1, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:07 PM :: 1351 Views
  1. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted October 1, 2018
  2. Caldwell Signs Bill to Bulldoze Affordable Housing
  3. Tent-Free Waianae Homeless Village Planned
  4. After 21 Convictions, Judge gives criminal another chance -- probation
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Sunday, September 30, 2018
September 30, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:12 PM :: 2400 Views
  1. Guess Which Agency Can Impose State Tax?
  2. Hirono: When I do it, it’s not Hypocrisy
  3. Rail: HART, city face tight deadlines
  4. Rail: Hanabusa People Complain About P3
  5. What’s a Hawaii election without a trick question?
  6. Puna Sovereignty Councilmember Case Really an Oahu Foreclosure Scam
  7. Kauai: Ousted BNB Owner Has His Revenge on Kagawa
  8. Kauai – 200 Mental Patients Being Cut Off
  9. Hurricane Danger?  Give More Ratepayer Money to Solar Scammers and Windfarms
  10. Puna: FAA Sued Over Helicopter Noise
  11. Hawaii Convention Center Starts Losing Money Again—And Making Excuses
  12. Maui: What it Takes to Fly One Homeless Dude Back to Mainland
  13. Soft on Crime: Criminal with Multiple Convictions Arrested After Father killed in Haleiwa
  14. Soft on Crime: 16 Priors Out on The Streets Does it Again
  15. Hawaii has long history of strict firearms laws
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Saturday, September 29, 2018
September 29, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:14 PM :: 1612 Views
  1. Hirono Fundraising Email Sent During Blasey-Ford Testimony
  2. HSTA Rent Tax: 14 Groups Support Counties Appeal to Supreme Court
  3. Stop Digging Deeper Pension Debt
  4. Years Later KOLEA System Still not 100% Compliant with Obamacare Requirements
  5. Audit of State DoD Accounts 
  6. Hawaii Construction Forecast: After Pullback, Construction Prospects Firm
  7. Financial Literacy: Hawaii Ranks 44th
  8. Unconstitutional Law Keeps Dues Money Flowing to Hawaii Public Employee Unions
  9. Case, Cavasso Debate Jones Act, Rail, Akaka Tribe
  10. Doped Up Sovereignty Activist Councilmember Calls Queens Hospital War Criminal or Something
  11. Brown Water: Windfarm a ‘Total Calamity’ for Reef -- $25K daily fine?
  12. 'Trust is being built’: Special police unit charged with helping homeless to expand islandwide
  13. Cost of long-delayed Iwilei homeless center skyrockets
  14. Avoid becoming a 'poverty paradise'
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Friday, September 28, 2018
September 28, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:21 PM :: 1696 Views
  1. Janus: Hawaii union law potentially unconstitutional
  2. New international maritime cabotage study released
  3. American Samoa Airline Cabotage Reform Coming
  4. DBEDT Report: Top 20 Occupations in Hawaii
  5. DoE Passes Buck While Girl has Seizure
  6. UH’s New Rules Would Bring Big Changes Atop Mauna Kea
  7. New Program to Keep Homeless Criminals out of Jail
  8. HPD Retiree Charged with Sex Assault
  9. Stolen Truck Chase and Crash—Multiple Felonies Got out after one year so he could have Another Chance to do it again
  10. Psycho Slasher Out After 4 years
  11. Hawaii’s Andria Tupola Speaks at NYU
  12. Can Hawaiian Activists Collect Rent from Salesforce.com?  
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Thursday, September 27, 2018
September 27, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 8:05 PM :: 1573 Views
  1. Business Tax Climate--Hawaii Ranks 38th
  2. Hawaii Visitor Spending Increased 1.4 Percent to $1.41 Billion in August
  3. Kauai We Have a Problem
  4. Usual Suspects File Briefs Supporting Hawaii Open Carry Ban
  5. Hawaii Finance Commissioner Calls for Congress to Allow Marijuana Banking
  6. UH System Enrollment Down 1.2%
  7. Ige accepts TV debate, Tupola not yet
  8. HART dragging its feet on rail audit, Les Kondo says
  9. Honolulu rail board approves ‘public-private partnership’ plan for project’s last segment
  10. Counties Ask Supreme Court To Invalidate Ballot Measure For School Funds  
  11. Proposed rules for managing Maunakea lands draw fierce criticism
  12. Hawaii receives $120 million in disaster relief, more to come
  13. Pension problems
  14. Maui: Non-Existent Sea Level Rise is Excuse to Seize 200’ of Your Oceanfront Property
  15. Judge: NOAA can’t regulate fish farming under fisheries law
  16. 9th Circuit to Hear Guam Plebiscite Case at UH Law School
  17. Chuuk to Vote on Secession from FSM
  18. Still no news from AG’s office on now-retired Hawaii County PD Detective Allegedly Stealing Drugs from Evidence Locker
  19. ‘Chaos At Kamalani’: Why It’s So Hard To Run A Charter School
  20. Court deals major setback to condominium associations, attorneys
  21. Game Room Robber Release on Bail TWICE
  22. Anti-GMO Leader Quits Drinking After Sex Assault by Hawaii Liberal Activist
  23. Hirono catches heat for sending fundraiser email during hearing
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Wednesday, September 26, 2018
September 26, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:46 PM :: 2455 Views
  1. Former UH Manoa Anti-Trump Protester-- "Why I Left the Left"
  2. Trump official accused of violating Hatch Act for speech at Hawaii GOP fundraiser
  3. Hirono Rhetoric Backfires--"Republican Party Favorability Highest in Seven Years"
  4. DoH Receives $8M Federal Grant to Fight Opioid Abuse
  5. DoH Report on Underage Transsexuals Makes no Mention of the Child Molesters who Victimize Them
  6. Engineers: Sea Life Park Falling Apart- A Disaster Waiting To Happen
  7. Rail: As Federal Clock Ticks, Caldwell, Martin, Robbins Form Circular Firing Squad 
  8. Hawaii Republican Infighting is not ‘fighting the good fight’
  9. UH Survey: President Donald J Trump is More Popular than Ige, Caldwell, Legislature
  10. Muslim Assaults Hotel Worker, Claims to be Above the Law
  11. Issues at MCCC lead to $37,490 in fines
  12. Big Island: More Anti-Dairy Activism
  13. Red Hill fuel tank corrosion worse than expected
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Tuesday, September 25, 2018
September 25, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:56 PM :: 2700 Views
  1. Secret Report Ties Hawaii Youth Suicide Rate to HSTA Grab for HGEA Positions
  2. 'Education Tax' -- $21K per House
  3. Financial State of the States--Hawaii 45th--$31,600 Debt per Person
  4. Climate Action Plan: Preconceived Outcome Set for Public Meetings
  5. BWS to Subsidize Affordable Housing
  6. Property tax credit for homeowners with income under $60K
  7. Hawaii Cauliflower coral could be listed as endangered
  8. Hirono Uses Kavanaugh Accusation to Fundraise for Group Founded to 'MoveOn' from Monica Lewinsky Claims 
  9. FTA tells HART to find extra $134M for rail
  10. Hawaii Union Law Probably Unconstitutional under Janus Decision
  11. Gun pointed at police registered to embattled Honolulu attorney tied to Kealoha Coverup
  12. Suspect in Kalihi game room fight was out on bail awaiting retrial for murder of cab driver
  13. Gay Prostitute Makes Excuses for Threats Against State Women's Commission
  14. FBI: Violent crime ticked up in Hawaii last year, while number of property crimes declined
  15. No Fear of Confined Spaces: Blasey-Ford Flew to Hawaii and Back
  16. Hurricane Lane: Napili resort facing violations for unpermitted rock wall work
  17. Several Hawai`i Renewable Energy Projects Under Negotiation
  18. Maui Injection Wells Before US Supreme Court
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Monday, September 24, 2018
September 24, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:07 PM :: 1482 Views
  1. Senator Hirono Didn’t Always Tell Men to ‘Shut Up’ and Believe Accusers
  2. Maunakea Administrative Rules Public Meetings
  3. No way new tax won’t cost us
  4. Hawaii: Worst State for Teachers
  5. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted September 23, 2018
  6. Cayetano: There Are Many Reasons To Oppose The Proposed ‘Education Tax’
  7. HSTA ‘Give us money because we are unqualified’
  8. Kauai Residents mull term limits for councilmembers
  9. Legal Weed Dealers Push Paltry 135lbs for June
  10. Homeless Drug Addicts Take over Ala Wai Community park
  11. Hawaii Obamacare Subsidy Worth a Pathetic $300K
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Sunday, September 23, 2018
September 23, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:30 PM :: 2001 Views
  1. Say It’s a Tax!
  2. Hawaii GOP: Our Ticket is United
  3. Video: Hirono Left Twisting in Wind as Blasey-Ford 'Witnesses' Refuse to Back Story
  4. Crippling Tribalism has Nation on Road to Ruin
  5. Ige: Four More Years of Nothing 
  6. Running mates at odds as Hawaii GOP kicks off campaign
  7. Tulsi Gabbard encouraged to run for president in 2020
  8. HART’s P3 Secret: Lots of Market-Rate TOD 
  9. Bullying: DOE dodging responsibility at every opportunity
  10. BoE Member: Supporting HSTA Agenda IS Empowerment
  11. 1975: How Legislative Corruption Pushed Voters to Call  for Con-Con
  12. Homeless Outreach Court: 46% Accept Housing
  13. THC and newborns
  14. Judge dismisses suit against Hu Honua, county
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Saturday, September 22, 2018
September 22, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:58 PM :: 1672 Views
  1. Rail in Default? Feds Give HART 60-Day Warning
  2. Strive HI -- How Did Your School Do?
  3. Can Aloha Poke Be Trademarked?
  4. Lawyer: Bisexual Guard Raped Prisoners at Halawa for Years
  5. FBI investigating officers over beating death of Big Island man, lawyer says
  6. Tourism (but not much else) is booming in Hawaii. Here's why that's a problem
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Friday, September 21, 2018
September 21, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:58 PM :: 1404 Views
  1. Hawaii district court strikes down law targeting pro-life pregnancy centers
  2. GOP surrogates rally at UH event for Trump and right-wing ideas
  3. Democrat Lawyers Tag Tulsi Gabbard 'CWILF'
  4. Hirono Took Money From Democrat Who Admitted to Hitting Wife
  5. Hawaii Student Debt Averages $25,125
  6. UHERO: Hawaii's Growth Down, But Not Out
  7. Bullying App to Bring Students into DoE Retaliation System?
  8. Competitive Elections?  Hawaii Dead Last
  9. HSTA chief should stick to the facts
  10. Government Spending Will Not Solve Affordable Housing Problem
  11. Hawaii County Vacation rental bill gets nod from panel
  12. Second Amendment: George Young Heading for US Supreme Court
  13. Hawaii County Resists transparency for reservoir evacuations
  14. Feds Impose Big Fines over safety violations at Maui Community Correctional Center (again)
  15. Foreign homebuyers buy only 375 units in first half of 2018
  16. Finding farming matches for old cane fields not so simple
  17. Salary Database Now Includes Hundreds Of Hawaii County Employees
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Thursday, September 20, 2018
September 20, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:01 PM :: 1946 Views
  1. UH Manoa Socialists Threaten to Throw Poop
  2. Hirono: FBI Should Investigate Witness Tampering Against Alleged Kavanaugh Accuser
  3. Expected: Hawaii Files For Ninth Circuit En Banc Ruling On Right To Bear Arms 
  4. Auditor: RCUH Goes 11 for 11
  5. KITV4 Island News to host first General Election governor's debate—8 Days Before Election Day 
  6. HSTA: HGEA and UPW Hypocrites Should Share With Us
  7. DoE Spends $5000 per Student on SPED?  -- And Doesn’t Ask for Federal Funds
  8. Report: Hawaii students stumble in math
  9. Hawaii County Council reallocates GET surcharge proceeds to help pay for damages from Hurricane Lane
  10. Vacation rentals bill: City Panel Demands Greater Political Sacrifice by Councilmembers
  11. Pressure Pays Off -- Waianae Homeless to Abandon Tent City?
  12. Waimanalo NIMBYS -- After Finally Getting the Tweekers out of our Neighborhood, we don’t Want their Homeless Camp Disturbed
  13. Hawaii homeowners see average home equity gain of $30K
  14. Honolulu rail authority files condemnation suit against Kakaako business
  15. Honolulu airport considered one of the worst in the country
  16. Why Aren’t There More Women Judges In Hawaii? – Because They Don’t Apply
  17. Hawaii’s Soft-on-Crime Policy Leads to Child Death in Puerto Rico
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Wednesday, September 19, 2018
September 19, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:51 PM :: 1365 Views
  1. Hirono: SCOTUS Seat Could Stay Vacant for Two Years  
  2. Mazie Hirono Needs to Shut up, Stand Up and Name Names of Hawaii Democrat Sex Harassers she is Covering For
  3. Grassroot Institute to Host Congressional District 1 Candidate Forum
  4. Hawaii State Taxes $6,084 per Capita
  5. Special Session Decision ‘Imminent’ – No Buyout for Lava Zone 1&2 Residents
  6. Poverty Persists Among Hawaiians Despite (or is it because of) Cultural Nationalism
  7. How Hawaii is Faking Carbon Neutrality
  8. Ige’s not hiding, but he’s totally dodging
  9. Maui: Ex-county official fined for theft of vacation time
  10. Mauna Kea: DHHL Orders Shutdown of Activists Checkpoint
  11. 15% of Hawaii's young men aren't registered with Selective Service
  12. Mental Health: Insurers Cut Back on Psychiatrists Pay
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Tuesday, September 18, 2018
September 18, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:12 PM :: 2139 Views
  1. Green Energy Mandates a Tax on Poor People
  2. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted September 16, 2018
  3. New Thinking for Hawaiian Homes
  4. Union proposal would require $400M hike in property taxes
  5. DOE Proposes $100K Salary Increases For 19 Executives
  6. Council to discuss call for audit of DOE
  7. Four Years of ‘Disruptive’ -- Middle Street-to-Ala Moana phase of Honolulu rail project moving ahead
  8. Tax credits will be issue for film industry
  9. Amendment 1: Transparency in Pay Hikes for Public Officials
  10. Katherine Kealoha resigns as deputy prosecutor
  11. Authorities aim to thwart sex traffickers by reuniting high-risk teens with families
  12. Hawaii: 66% of Lunatics Untreated
  13. Swing and a Miss:  ACLU Tries Another Trick to Keep Homeless out of Shelters
  14. State Sheriffs searching for homeless man that caused Saint Andrew's Priory to go on lockdown
  15. New Service Helps Public Access Public Records
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Monday, September 17, 2018
September 17, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:27 PM :: 1566 Views
  1. Lawsuits Close in on Hawaii’s Largest Carbon Credit Scheme
  2. Hawaii v Trump: House Judiciary Committee Moves to Ban Nationwide Injunctions
  3. Obamacare: Hawaii loses 51 full-time doctors as physician shortage continues
  4. Trading Padded Cells for Concrete Cells—The Price We All Pay for Closing the Lunatic Asylums
  5. Brace for constitutional amendment campaigns
  6. By Purposefully Deferring Maintenance, UH Admin Builds $1.6B Capital Improvement ‘Ask’
  7. Gene Ward On ‘Broken Promises’ For Hawaiians
  8. Caldwell Attempts to Impose IAL Designation on Landowners
  9. Roadblocks to relicensing push some drivers to illegal behavior
  10. Banning Fossil Fuels is Complicated
  11. FDA Should Declare Anti-GMO Labeling Illegal
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Sunday, September 16, 2018
September 16, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:29 PM :: 1361 Views
  1. Historic Homes--$2M Tax Exemption Gift to 342 Households
  2. Ray L’Heureux and Randy Roth: Schools’ problem is dysfunctional DOE
  3. Passive-aggressive ‘school tax’ proposal could turn out more aggressive than it seems
  4. HSTA Tax Hike: Rosenlee Schooled, Readers Not Fooled
  5. Rail: Ansaldo Holds P3 Solution Hostage?
  6. Rail board reaches critical point for public-private partnership plan
  7. SMS Study: Barriers to Affordable Housing
  8. Campaign Spending Commission fines Maui Council Anti-GMO Nut Alika Atay $2,700
  9. Hawaii Sex Trade Mostly Locals, not Tourists
  10. ‘Overtourism’ Complaints All About TVRs
  11. TVR Owners Iced out by Proposed Hawaii County Vacation Rental Law
  12. Jones Act waivers aren't a solution; they're a symptom of the problem
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Saturday, September 15, 2018
September 15, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:02 PM :: 2584 Views
  1. UH campuses climb in U.S. News and World Report ranking
  2. Lawsuit: Land Use and Environmental Regs Designed to Push ‘Minorities’ Out
  3. Gay Sex and blackmail inside the Halawa Correctional Facility
  4. St. Francis Medical Center Tries To Stop $80M Settlement For Abuse Victims
  5. Soft on Crime: Child Molester Gets Probation
  6. Soft on Crime: Lunatic OK for Release After Killing two
  7. Federal judges agrees to sale of Kealohas' home, discusses jury selection for upcoming trial
  8. ACLU: End Money bail So Criminals Can do it Again
  9. Second East Hawaii Homeless Shelter almost ready for families displaced by lava to move in
  10. The number of pedestrians killed in Hawaii this year is 6 times the figure in 2017
  11. Sen. Sullivan talks with Kavanaugh, says Supreme Court nominee recognizes unique Alaska Native rights
  12. Obamacare Morphs into ‘Medicare for All’
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Friday, September 14, 2018
September 14, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:52 PM :: 1369 Views
  1. AG Opinion: Hawaii Gun Laws Not as Restrictive as they Seem
  2. Evacuate? 'High Risk' Nuuanu Reservoir--What is Caldwell Administration Hiding?
  3. Council Passes Bill 53--Calls for Demolition of Affordable Housing 'Monsters'
  4. Debt is the No. 1 source of financial stress in Hawaii
  5. Paris Accord: Ige Promises to Keep Raising Taxes and Electric Rates
  6. End 'gut and replace' 
  7. VIDEO: 'Problematic' HSTA Rental Tax
  8. Opposition rises to tax proposal
  9. In Effort to Impose Gay Agenda via anti-Bullying Programs, ‘Gay Dad’ gets $10K Nuisance Money from DoE
  10. Star-Adv: Keep teens from Vaping Tobacco-But Encourage them to Vape Marijuana
  11. Damage to Hawaii county infrastructure caused by Lane totals about $20M
  12. Enviros Renew Push for Garbage Tax
  13. What New Census Data Says — And Doesn’t Say — About Hawaii
  14. Soft on Crime: Triple Murder ’Schizo’ given Free Pass to Mental Hospital
  15. Following Campaign Cash In Hawaii Just Got Easier
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Thursday, September 13, 2018
September 13, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:28 PM :: 1194 Views
  1. July-Aug 2018: GE Tax Collections up 0.4%
  2. Tropical Storm Olivia Moving Away from Hawaii
  3. Ethics Commission Outlines Charges Against OHA Trustee Rowena Akana
  4. Hawaii property owners so beaten down they don’t often go to court
  5. Ethics Board punts on honesty policy
  6. Council Rejects Big Bus Fare Hikes For Seniors And The Disabled
  7. Psychotic Criminal Sent to UH instead of Old-Style Asylum--Learns to Target ‘The Americans’
  8. Peasants Must Be Made to Pay for the Electric Charging Stations Needed by the Eco-Priesthood
  9. Mainland Homeless Hanging Around in Waikiki
  10. What Has Happened To The American Dream in Hawaii?
  11. Why Hawaii’s Last Constitutional Convention Was a Disaster
  12. Hawaii’s commercial billfish industry loses vital protection
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Wednesday, September 12, 2018
September 12, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:05 PM :: 1266 Views
  1. Hawaii Supreme Court to Decide if Land Can be Stolen from Owners Without Compensation?
  2. Unaffordable Housing? Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
  3. Tropical Storm Olivia Crosses Maui and Lanai
  4. Free speech comes to UH Manoa: Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk speaking
  5. Chief Justice Seeks Public Comment on First Circuit Oahu Judicial Nominees
  6. Supreme Court: Applicants Sought for Disciplinary Board, Bar Examiners
  7. CSC: Dozens of Candidates Hit With Fines
  8. Food Hysterias, Federal Regs Squeeze Hawaii Small Farms
  9. Federal Money Is Running Out For Charter Schools’ Pre-K Programs
  10. Will Renewable Energy Trading Allow HECO to Keep Lowest Cost Electric Producer?
  11. Coco Palms: Usual Suspects Smell Blood in Water, Grab for Control of Property
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Tuesday, September 11, 2018
September 11, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:25 PM :: 1650 Views
  1. Hawaii County Hires Katyal to Fight Against Second Amendment Ruling
  2. Constitutional Amendment: Support for Public Education or Misguided Public Policy?
  3. Tropical Storm Olivia Aims Directly at Maui
  4. Did the 9/11 attacks usher in the post-truth age?
  5. 9/11 Truthers Meet the Birth Certificate Brigade  
  6. Judge rules Abigail Kawananakoa unfit to change her $215 million trust
  7. Judge rules to dismiss Former Unity House Scammers’ case against Dive Oahu and city
  8. Future of Health Care in the Pacific Uncertain As End to Compact Funding Nears
  9. FEMA Charters The World's Largest Jet To Rush Supplies To Guam
  10. Another Hi-Tech Tax Credit Success Story--Algae biofuel company to sell All Equipment, Lay off all Workers
  11. Bragging About Renewable Energy: Playing With Numbers
  12. Soft on Crime Policy Leads to Lockdown at UH Hilo
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Monday, September 10, 2018
September 10, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:16 PM :: 1993 Views
  1. Hurricane Olivia Aims Directly at Maui
  2. Hawaii Happiest--and Most Sleepless State in USA
  3. Climate Change: More Fuel Tax Hikes, Fewer Lanes, More Homeless on Streets
  4. “We were Punatics.  But we were also Adults”
  5. Usual Suspects: Don’t Build New Prison, Lets Release Lots and Lots of Prisoners Instead
  6. Caldwell: Raise DMV Fees, Create more ‘Positions’—and Blame the Public 
  7. New online tool tracks nearly $400 million in Hawaii IT-related project funds
  8. Navy plan for Red Hill tanks
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Sunday, September 09, 2018
September 9, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:32 PM :: 1574 Views
  1. If Everyone Farmed
  2. Hurricane Olivia Aims Directly at Maui
  3. Taking Exemptions Without Really Knowing
  4. Special Session for Lava Recovery: October or Nothing
  5. Alleged mail-in voting abuse demands deeper investigation
  6. Mayor: Coco Palms Developer Does not Have Capacity to Conclude Project
  7. Kahoolawe: New Center at Center of $29M Scheme
  8. Hidden Oil Industry Fund Lines Environmentalists Pockets
  9. Maui Mayoral Race--Criminal Short on Money
  10. After success of Chinatown clinic for all, talk of 2nd location afoot
  11. Molokai suicide rates are five times higher than the rest of the state
  12. HandiVan Remains Unscathed as Oahu’s taxi cabs and ride-hailing firms on a collision course
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Saturday, September 08, 2018
September 8, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:48 PM :: 2038 Views
  1. ‘Education tax’ a Pandora's box
  2. How Much Does Your State Collect in Corporate Income Taxes Per Capita?
  3. Congressman Hunter, the Jones Act and corruption 
  4. Impacts of 'Janus' on public sector
  5. Judge refuses to block ballot question on Hawaii constitutional amendment
  6. Principal: I Took $83K from School Treasury Because I am HGEA Member
  7. Baldwin HS band director placed on paid leave during investigation
  8. Maui: Campaign spending fine proposed for Anti-GMO Nut Atay
  9. Hawaii GOP shakeup
  10. Mandatory evacuation pau: Leilani Estates residents being allowed to return starting today
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Friday, September 07, 2018
September 7, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:44 PM :: 2737 Views
  1. Hawaii: Lowest Level of Food Insecurity in USA
  2. Nov 6 Ballot: PAR Publishes Con Con Backgrounder
  3. States with the Biggest Bullying Problems
  4. Honolulu rail contractor seeks ‘mega-substantial’ settlement over construction delays
  5. Hawaii sues for info on Airbnb owners who aren't paying taxes   
  6. Hawaii County Planning Commission seeks stricter short-term rental rules
  7. Board of Education To Wait On Approving New Student Discipline Code
  8. Airlines servicing Hawaii continue to throw support behind independent airport authority   
  9. Wood-Burning Power Plant Raises Environmental Concerns
  10. In wake of park closures, homeless encampments pop up on nearby streets
  11. That Long Line For A Driver’s License May Get Even Longer
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