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Sunday, January 31, 2016
January 31, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:56 PM :: 5306 Views
  1. Gambling on a Hawaiian Tribe
  2. UHERO: New Perspectives on Land and Housing Markets in Hawaii
  3. Hawaii Business Roundtable Announces Support for NextEra Energy and HEI Merger
  4. Apply Now for Vacant Seat: State Commission on Water Resource Management
  5. Delegates ‘Not Optimistic’ As Closed Aha Gathers at Luxury Golf Resort
  6. Threats arise ahead of Native Hawaiian 'aha
  7. Leaders dig into new round of frustration and frivolity
  8. Star-Adv: Start talking now about Using Rail as Excuse to Make GE Tax Hike Permanent
  9. GE Tax Hike Will Increase Suffering in Our Community
  10. Names surface for Kahele’s successor
  11. Ige’s 1,000 cool classrooms face a credibility problem
  12. Marijuana Dispensary license application period ends—Which Cronies Will be Picked?
  13. Point in Time Count—Need to Maximize Homeless to Maximize Federal Dollars
  14. Big Island Homeless Count – Hope for 2,000 This Year
  15. SB2464: Homeless Alkies Move from Mainland, Want Josh Green to Tax Your House to Buy Them More Beer
  16. Legislature again considering bill to make consumer complaints secret
  17. Maui Jail: Even the Planning Funds Eliminated from Ige Budget
  18. SB2778 Puts Airport Security Under Control of Sheriff
  19. HGEA: HC&S Layoffs are Opportunity for us to ‘Create Positions’
  20. HGEA, UPW: Dengue Fever is Opportunity for us to ‘Create Positions’
  21. MECO: Cheap Oil is Saving You Money on Electricity, but Don’t Worry, Were Getting Rid of It
  22. Feds Plan to Use Endangered Species Act to Shut Down Hunting in Hawaii
  23. Hawaii Mulling Mandatory Insurance For Gun Owners
  24. Obama Hawaii DoE a Model for Computer Science Success
  25. Parents say teen victims of cyber-assaults received little or no help from DOE
  26. Domestic violence #2 in arrests
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Saturday, January 30, 2016
January 30, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:29 PM :: 3715 Views
  1. Reason: Conversion Therapy Is Bad, but Banning It Is a Form of Unacceptable Censorship
  2. The Drama of the Jones Act Follies
  3. HB1686: New standard for involuntarily commitment to psychiatric facility
  4. Sex, Drugs, Gambling and Suicide on Legislative Agenda
  5. Fact Sheet: Nelson v Hawaiian Homes Commission
  6. VIDEO: How a Bill Becomes a Law
  7. Advocates for Abused and Neglected Children Needed on Oahu
  8. Hi Tech Scammers: Tax Real Companies to Line our Pockets
  9. Vote by Mail on the move at Legislature
  10. No Joke: University of Hawaii seeks revenue bond authority again from Legislature
  11. Lawmakers consider UH salary cap
  12. HB1713: Reverse Ethics Ruling on Teacher Travel
  13. 10 Years Later—Sudden ‘Urgency’ on State Mental Hospital
  14. Once again, State promises change after losing more millions in another inmate-related settlement
  15. Usual Suspects Propose State Allow Homeless Tent Cities to Remain
  16. Dengue: Ige Still Inactive after Gabbard Demands Fever Emergency
  17. Intelligent Person Forced to Quit Pesticide ‘Fact-Finding’ Group 
  18. District-Based Kauai Council Charter Amendment Popular
  19. Military? Voting is our right and responsibility
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Friday, January 29, 2016
January 29, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:34 PM :: 4174 Views
  1. ‘Entire Process Corrupt’–Protests will Greet Nai Aupuni at Luxury Golf Resort ‘Aha
  2. Guam Governor Endorses Ted Cruz for President
  3. Where Do Americans Take Their Retirement Income?
  4. If the state legalizes any form of gambling, federal law would allow Native American tribes to then buy property in Hawaii and build a casino
  5. SB2938: Ige Pushes 19% Gas Tax Increase
  6. Grabauskas: $3.7B = $5.2B and the Additional $1.2B is My Enemies’ Fault
  7. Hawaii leaders are admitting that what used to be just problems are now catastrophes
  8. CDC: Hawaii Organics and anti-chemical feelings are ‘Unsurmountable obstacle’ to Dealing With a Zika Outbreak
  9. 77,000 installed solar PV systems across Hawaii
  10. HB2638 would limit tenants’ years in public housing
  11. Forbes: Restrictions on Hawaii Marijuana Dispensaries will Leave Black Market Intact
  12. Lawmakers Defer Lower Blood-Alcohol Limit For Drivers, Approve Car Smoking Ban
  13. Prisons officials seek private partnership for new jail
  14. Privatizing Honokohau Harbor floated
  15. Restore HMSA waivers ASAP
  16. DLNR officer faces possible 20 years in rape case
  17. Security guards indicted for taking bribes at airport
  18. FBI takes over theft, bribery case involving Maui officers
  19. Marines fired commander days before deadly helicopter crash in Hawaii
  20. Billy Kenoi’s Chief Crony Announces Run for Mayor
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Thursday, January 28, 2016
January 28, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:59 PM :: 3724 Views
  1. 2016 Elections: Candidate Filing Begins Monday Feb 1
  2. Fraud Risk as HGEA, UPW Members Give Each Other Undocumented Vacation, Sick Leave
  3. State bank bill deferred
  4. Is HART's train factory a joke?
  5. Aloha Aina Activists Holding their Own ‘Aha
  6. Hawaii Reclaims Top Spot in U.S. Well-Being
  7. 8.6M–Tourism Sets New Record for 2015
  8. Council Passes GE Tax Hike: Extending Rail to Manoa More Important than Affordable Housing
  9. Kobayashi: Rail Will go Bankrupt
  10. Hawaii County Council Considers Massive GE Tax Hike – Would Take $20M out of Consumers’ Pockets
  11. Kauai Council Considers Massive GE Tax Hike
  12. 10 Bills that would raise taxes
  13. Hawaii lawmakers file 2,000 bills on lottery, ferry, guns
  14. Hanabusa, HSTA Team up to Gut Hawaii Ethics Laws
  15. Governor Just another small voice in Union Orchestrated Chorus
  16. A proposed bill could cut salaries of 10 UH executive employees
  17. Don’t politicize medical licensure
  18. SB3022: Bring Back Superferry
  19. More Privileges for Electric Car Eco-Elites
  20. Bike share Program Has $2.5M Won’t do Anything Unless Legislature Wastes Another $8M 
  21. Proposal would require gun insurance, firearm renewals every 5 years
  22. Making it easier to hospitalize the mentally ill could help ease homelessness
  23. Pensions at Risk: Bill Pushes for Oil and Coal Divestment 
  24. Hawaii Bill Would Legalize Marijuana for Recreational Use
  25. HB1677: Oversee Dope Doctors, HB2455: Price Controls for Weed
  26. In Soft on Crime Hawaii, Bills Make it Even Easier to Let Criminals Roam Free
  27. State lawmakers push for new bill to expand public database of officer wrongdoings
  28. Kona police officer charged with assault
  29. Rod Tam to Run for State Senate?
  30. Confessions Of A Native Hawaiian Poster Child
  31. Inaccuracies sink report critical of Jones Act
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Wednesday, January 27, 2016
January 27, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:00 PM :: 3232 Views
  1. Study: HTA Faking Pro Bowl Tourism Numbers
  2. Grassroot Budget Report Highlights Missing Element In Governor's Address
  3. Humpback Go Back: Feds Back off of Grab for Hawaii Waters
  4. The DoD Biofuel Scam Is Worse Than Solyndra
  5. 2015: Hawaii Adds Most Construction Jobs Per Capita
  6. Will Navy Buy More Foreign-Built Ships?
  7. Government IT Transformation: 2016 Legislative Priorities
  8. Sen Gil Kahele Dead at 73
  9. Charter Commission Defers Proposal to Repeal Affordable Housing Fund
  10. Ige’s already nervous. This is gonna be painful.
  11. Ige ‘Cooling’ Plan: $100K Per Classroom
  12. Legislators Propose Tax Hike on Workers to Pay others not to Work
  13. Criminal Escapes Lunatic Asylum Thanks to HGEA Members Leaving Gate Open
  14. Mainland Dopers Like Hawaii’s System for Selling Weed
  15. HB1675: Molester Can ‘Turn’ your Son and You Can’t Turn him Back 
  16. Gay Panic: ‘Conversion Therapy’ Does Not Exist in Hawaii
  17. Bill would criminalize consensual sex between teachers and teens
  18. Hawaii per pupil spending is $11,743 rank 16th in USA
  19. DoE Double Pays 223 Teachers—May Try to Get $100K Back
  20. UH Manoa: Howling Lynch Mob of Perfessers Screaming ‘Racism’
  21. HB2156 Fund Campaign Spending Commission
  22. Should Hawaii Elect Its Judges And AG?
  23. Kauai: No GE Tax Hike
  24. Reps. Evans, Mizuno and Morikawa Raising Cash During Session
  25. More Legislative News:
  26. NextEra-HECO Hearings to Re-Start on Monday
  27. Micronesians ‘Younger, Sicker’ Than Other Hawaii Groups
  28. Isles rank near bottom for jobs in STEM fields
  29. What is WalletHub and why are we listening to them?
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Tuesday, January 26, 2016
January 26, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 10:37 AM :: 4520 Views
  1. GEMS: Electric Ratepayers Pay Millions for Nothing
  2. Full Text: State of the State Address
  3. Republicans on State of the State: 5 Things We Can Agree On, 5 Areas for Improvement
  4. Jones Act: “Diffuse costs and concentrated benefits”
  5. Video: Budget or Bust
  6. UH Cancer Center: E-Cigs are Cutting Deep into our Tobacco Tax Revenue—So We’re Hitting Back
  7. State of the State: Illusions, Unspent Money, and Zero
  8. State of the State: Ige Snatches Abercombie’s GEMS 
  9. Progress? Ige Touts DoH Ability to Spend Money
  10. Busted: Hawaii Tax Credit Scammers Caught Lying About Failure Rate of Their Fake ‘Startup’ Companies
  11. Rail operations will raise taxes 9%—$90M per Year Forever
  12. Supreme Court Rejects Kam Schools Effort to Suppress Evidence in Other Child Molestation Case
  13. Hawaii Senator Wins Residency Appeal
  14. World’s Most Expensive Resort Ever To Be Built In Hawaii For $2 Billion by Jeff Stone
  15. Boom Over? The same thing happened in the last building booms. Each condo project sold fast, until one didn't
  16. Humpback: DLNR Opposes Federal Grab for Control of Hawaii Waters 
  17. County Mayors Are Back With A Familiar Request — More Tax Money
  18. Souki Introduces Lottery Bill
  19. Lawmaker proposes Bellagio-like fountains at State Capitol
  20. Privatizing Building Permits
  21. Bill would let Hawaii pharmacists prescribe birth control
  22. Death Panels: HMSA Proves Sarah Palin Right
  23. HGEA and UPW Order Legislators to Raise Questions about HHSC long-term care facilities
  24. New bill proposes lowering blood-alcohol-content levels in Hawaii
  25. Bullying Professors Scream Racism (again) at UH Manoa
  26. Number of abused kids in Hawaii up slightly
  27. Airport Ceiling Collapse Generates $900K Contract
  28. Criminal Lunatic Escapes Again—Recaptured by Police
  29. UH researchers say Hawaii wildfires strongly linked to Abandonment of Ag Lands
  30. Obama Admin Gives HCDA Money for Local Food Production … in Kakaako
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Monday, January 25, 2016
January 25, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:24 PM :: 4174 Views
  1. Crabbe: Plan is to Take Control of Hawaii’s Entire Economy and Hide Behind Tribal Jurisdiction
  2. Bishop Museum to ‘Focus on Disposition of Assets’
  3. Another Brand New Navy Ship Breaks Down
  4. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted January 25, 2016
  5. Council Final Vote on massive GE Tax Hike & Rail Extension to UH Manoa Wednesday 
  6. Ige Starting to Look Like a Weak Governor
  7. Politics At Play With UH Maintenance Backlog
  8. Dawn Ige Headlines Education Conference
  9. Business Top Priority: Stopping Tax Hikes
  10. County Councils’ Priorities: Gut Sunshine Law, Abolish First Amendment
  11. School-community councils Inactive at many Schools
  12. HB1680: Outlaw Non-Dispensary Marijuana
  13. Judicial system should keep child molesters off the street
  14. Body Cam Rules top Police Reform Agenda
  15. Grand jury to look into airport bribery allegations
  16. Frustration: Greenwell ‘Surprised’ By Sudden Bishop Museum Sale Announcement
  17. Analyst: LNG Likely Would Save Hawaii Billions
  18. Hawaii among the worst states for retirees
  19. Will barking Sands Defend Hawaii or Mainland?
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Sunday, January 24, 2016
January 24, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:21 PM :: 3866 Views
  1. Hirono: Obama’s CIA Spied on Me
  2. Honolulu Rail Project Cost Approaching One Half of Boston Big Dig
  3. HB326: Bad Mortgages to be Foundation for Calvin Say State Bank
  4. Tax Is for the Birds
  5. Ige to Propose Massive Utility Tax Hike--use hot schools as excuse
  6. Ige Calls for More Spending Questioned After Departments Fail to Spend Federal Money
  7. Governor No Can Do
  8. HGEA Job Trust: 45 Years old Computers Churn out State Payroll
  9. SB2297: Allow Counties to take Over Utilities via Eminent Domain
  10. Maui News: County Has No Idea How to Run Utility
  11. Puunene Mill will no longer provide power to the island's electric grid—may cause blackouts
  12. State Seizes HC&S Water 
  13. Anti-GMO activists endangering future of agriculture in Hawaii
  14. Barking dog law a sad sign of changing times on Kauai
  15. Combine ax-grinding masquerading as science with poor reporting, and what do you get?
  16. After Massive Rate Hikes, HMSA Now Refusing to Pay for X-Rays, CAT Scans
  17. Wednesday is Deadline for Legislators to Introduce Bills
  18. Bills: Campaign Spending, Ballots, Open Gov’t on the Agenda
  19. Hawaii Future Caucus Outlines Agenda
  20. Ballot-Photo law to be reconsidered this legislative session
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Saturday, January 23, 2016
January 23, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:57 PM :: 3916 Views
  1. ‘Sacred’ Greenmail: OHA urges Legislators to charge observatories higher rent
  2. Low Income Tax Relief: Hawaii Earned Income Tax Credit
  3. Jones Act Shipbuilding: Only the Price is American
  4. Everything you need to know about Zika, virus that’s spreading like wildfire
  5. Hawaii Obamacare Exchange -- 20,000 bogus enrollees
  6. Is Hawaii in danger of losing the Thirty Meter Telescope? (duh)
  7. HB1525: Sit-Lie Ban on State Land
  8. No Tent City for Big Island: Hawaii County Council Votes for Homeless Micro-Units
  9. HB1740: Medicare Doesn’t Pay Enough—So Lets Force Doctors to Work
  10. HB1532: UH Regents’ Finances None Of Your Business
  11. Only a few early bird legislators have filed personal financial disclosures
  12. HTA Secretly Refinances convention center debt
  13. DLNR Officer Allegedly Demanded Sex, Drugs or Money after Catching Girl Smoking Weed
  14. Anti-GMO Activists Very Very Happy After Kauai Pesticide Blunder
  15. 20 Acres and a Mill: Sugar making Comeback on Kauai (sort of)
  16. Luxury Kakaako condo project cancelled after slow sales (Rising Dollar Claims First Victim?)
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Friday, January 22, 2016
January 22, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:01 PM :: 3734 Views
  1. SB217: Bill to Abolish First Amendment Deferred
  2. LNG could save Oahu gas utility customers more than 25 percent
  3. Minimum Wage in Hawaii Compared to Median Income
  4. Breakthrough: ACLU Allows City to Dispose of Homeless People’s Urine, Feces
  5. List of Neighborhood Board Vacancies
  6. Fatal work injuries -- 31 in Hawaii
  7. Alaska Groceries Short due to Repeated Ship Breakdowns by Jones Act Carrier Behind El Faro Disaster
  8. Gov. Scott Walker to Speak at Hawaii Lincoln Day Dinner
  9. Video: Duke Aiona on Hawaii Legislative Session
  10. Only 12,764 people in Hawaii sign up for Obamacare with days to go
  11. Second Year: Ige Admin has no Answers and no Strategies 
  12. Delay Costing Telescope Millions of Dollars (so OHA Can Collect Rent)
  13. Alleged DoE Child Molester Rewarded with Paid Vacation: 12 DOE employees on leave with pay for a year or more
  14. Can Roz Baker Use Kupuna to Sucker You into Accepting 12.5% GE Tax Hike?
  15. Tax Policy? Nobody Here Knows What They are Doing
  16. Consultant recommends Cancer Center Dump Incompetent UH Admin, go private
  17. Even Legislators not fooled by Incompetent UH Administration
  18. As UH Tuition Soars, Poor Need More Scholarships
  19. Keeping Old, Inefficient OCCC is Priority for UPW Job Trust
  20. 318 Apply but Caldwell’s Planning Department issues only one ADU Permit
  21. Hawaii County to spend $650,000 on homeless micro-units while old buildings sit vacant
  22. Anti-GMO Losers Call Rally, Nobody Shows Up
  23. Big Island tourism taking a hit from dengue outbreak
  24. First family’s Hawaii vacation cost HPD $341K in overtime
  25. State-owned building to become operational after rotting for 13 Years
  26. After Multiple Offenses Spanning Generations, Child Molester Finally gets Hard Time
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Thursday, January 21, 2016
January 21, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:46 PM :: 4340 Views
  1. Speaker Souki Proposes Fee Simple Conversion of State-Owned Commercial Leases
  2. Full Text: Speaker Souki Opening Day Remarks
  3. “Lofty and dogmatic statements that have no basis in substantive policy”–Hawaii Legislature Reconvenes
  4. Unfulfilled promises, wasted tax money, poorly written contracts and unenforceable legislation—Hawaii Legislature Reconvenes
  5. Aloha Aina ‘Aha Against US Tribe
  6. Sen Kahele Hospitalized on Opening Day
  7. Lawsuit: Lopaka Ryder, Killed by Drug Dealer, was exposed by Police as Informant
  8. Opening Day at Legislature
  9. $10 Billion: The Ultimate Price Tag for Honolulu Rail?
  10. Sen Gil Kieth Agaran Proposes to Abolish Free Speech
  11. Leaders call for converting commercial leasehold lands to direct ownership
  12. Budget Preview for Legislative Opening Day
  13. HB1041: Hawaii State Gaming Commission
  14. Bought n Paid For: Legislators Employed by HGEA, AFL-CIO
  15. Vote Tuesday March 8--Hawaii Republicans could play bigger role in shaping GOP presidential race
  16. Competent Biography Would Explore Inouye Wartime Atrocity
  17. Apo: OHA is ‘De-Facto Governing Entity’
  18. Bishop Museum on path to irrelevancy
  19. Ex-Principal: Imposition of Statewide Curriculum ‘Troubling’
  20. Court OKs New Rules On Homeless Sweeps
  21. NextEra - Navy Deal Exposed
  22. Jones Act: Inconsistent Trade Policy Hinders Economic Growth
  23. Judge Grabs HC&S Water
  24. Will Paranoia Keep Pot Heads Away from Dispensaries
  25. ACLU unveils privacy fight in 16 states
  26. Lawsuit: Judge Improperly Sealed Records in Police Child Rape Case
  27. Little League thief granted reprieve
  28. Hawaii health officials worried about threat from Zika virus
  29. Kenoi Finally Gets Around to Filling Ethics Posts
  30. PETA Harasses Army Officer over Kahuku Pig Hunt
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Thursday, January 21, 2016
Letters to the Editor, January, 2016
By Letters to the Editor @ 12:35 AM :: 4066 Views
  • Job opportunities and tax revenues suffer as a result of fallow fields
  • Muslims Celebrate Christmas
  • Labor Camps for Deadbeat Dads

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016
January 20, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:42 PM :: 4232 Views
  1. Governor Ige Proclaims Jan. 24-30 “Hawai’i School Choice Week”
  2. State-Local Tax Burden—Hawaii Ranks 14th
  3. Legislators Scale Back Opening Day Celebrations, Focus on Campaign Fundraisers Instead 
  4. State Squeezing Counties on TAT in Hope of 12.5% GE Tax Hike
  5. Senate Reorganization Drops Massive GE Tax Hike in Roz Baker’s Lap
  6. Public Housing, DHHL Rentals top Homeless Agenda
  7. Great News: Homeless Sweeps Would Proliferate Under Ige’s Budget Plan
  8. Bill Would Get Rid of Scott Nago
  9. Revealed: Wealthy Mainlanders Funding Hawaii Anti-GMO Movement
  10. Oahu customers could have saved $132M on fuel costs with LNG in 2015
  11. Honolulu spending $5.2B on sewage system, but not expanding capacity
  12. Federal Grab for West Hawaii Water Could Take Years
  13. SHOPO Asks State To Stop Kauai Body Camera Use
  14. Man accused of setting fire to girlfriend had been released from jail days ago
  15. Peter Carlisle Wants to be Your Cannabis Connection
  16. Hawaii County to begin Hiring Drug Addicts, Thanks to ACLU
  17. Lawsuit: ACLU Board Member was Homosexual Child Molester at Kamehameha School
  18. FBI: Property crimes make up majority of crime in Honolulu
  19. BNP Paribas prepares multi-billion IPO of First Hawaiian Bank, say sources: Reuters
  20. Coast Guard suspends search for 12 Marines off Oahu’s North Shore
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Tuesday, January 19, 2016
January 19, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:58 PM :: 3263 Views
  1. Supreme Court Declines to hold Nai Aupuni in Contempt
  2. Hawaii Poll: Clinton, Trump Lead Races for Nomination
  3. Study Shows how Coral Death Hype can be used to Gain Control of Your Land
  4. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How they Voted January 19, 2016
  5. Search for missing Marines continues into 5th day
  6. Caldwell in Trouble Against Aiona
  7. 41% of voters denounce Ige’s work
  8. Titanic Legislature has same deck chairs, just rearranged
  9. Homelessness Top Issue
  10. Green: Homeless is good excuse for Minimum Wage Hike, Tax Increase
  11. Kenoi Helps Charter Schools Push Back against Oversight, Ethics
  12. DHHL under fire for creating positions when vacancies are high—Danner Smells Opportunity
  13. Anti-Pesticide Hucksters Tour State -- Sugar Cane Victory Lap
  14. Hawaii has a shortage of farmers, not farmland
  15. Hawaii 4th Most Expensive State to be a Smoker
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Monday, January 18, 2016
January 18, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:13 PM :: 3236 Views
  1. 1959: Martin Luther King Jr Salutes Hawaii Statehood
  2. Maui TEA Party Hosts Pulitzer Prize Winning Cartoonist Michael P Ramirez
  3. Honolulu Charter Commission Discusses Ethics, Police, Fire and Salaries
  4. Rep. Ward: Legislators don’t have to Follow Souki and Ige Against DHHL Funding
  5. VIDEO: Is America Racist?
  6. Hawaii Residents Most Likely to be Living Paycheck to Paycheck
  7. Search for missing Marines finds life rafts but no sign of 12 Marines
  8. Poll: 45% of Native Hawaiians Reject Nai Aupuni
  9. Poll Shows Rail Planners How Much they Can Jack Up Costs
  10. HYCF Overtime Abuse has plagued the facility for years
  11. After 20 Years of paying, Tourism authority still owes $317M for convention center
  12. Food Injustice Comes to Hawaii (Again)
  13. Motivated Students Sacrificed to Satisfy Utopian Ideals?
  14. California to Build 10,000 Units for Mentally Ill Homeless
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Sunday, January 17, 2016
January 17, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:23 PM :: 4926 Views
  1. “The only result the Nai Aupuni process can get is federal recognition”
  2. Maui County Report: Co-op Should Buy MECO Transmission Grid
  3. Buy America! For an extra $3M – this time
  4. Hawaii Family Forum Gearing up for 2016 Legislative Session
  5. Hawaii March for Life Jan 22
  6. VIDEO: RNC member urges Republicans to rally against Trump
  7. VIDEO: Politically Incorrect Hawaiian Punch Prepares You for the Real World
  8. Military releases names of Marines involved in helicopter crash
  9. Poll: Aiona Beats Caldwell 43% to 38%
  10. Cronies Fail without Inouye to tell Them What to Think
  11. Great News: Public labor unions could lose their political clout
  12. Counties Challenge HECO Monopoly
  13. Cheering some pie-in-the-sky idea of agriculture
  14. Community spearheads effort to cool classrooms
  15. Too Many Children Being Placed in Foster Care
  16. Certificate of need process limiting isle health care options
  17. DoTax Helping Illegal TVRs
  18. Easy money: Slush fund gives Hawaii County Councilmembers spending power
  19. Birtherism Continues to Serve Democrats Well
  20. Kailua Boat Death Tied to Hare Krishna Cult?
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Saturday, January 16, 2016
January 16, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:19 PM :: 3460 Views
  1. Ted Cruz on the Ballot for March 8 Hawaii Republican Presidential Caucus
  2. 10 Ideas that Could Improve Life in Hawaii
  3. Hawaii Senate Democrats: 2016 Legislative Priorities
  4. Priorities not Politics for New Schools
  5. Highlights of HART Rail Project (2004 to 2015)
  6. Indict Somebody: Judiciary Hiring Independent Grand Jury Counsel
  7. Kauai Girls Court Celebrates Success of First Cohort
  8. Families Identify Missing Marines after helicopters crash
  9. DHHL Funding: Are Hawaii Public Trust obligations enforceable?
  10. Lawsuit Challenges Secrecy at UH Manoa Bio-Safety Lab
  11. Search for Missing Marines Continues
  12. Plantation Closure: Doing a dance or drinking champagne is hurtful and mean-spirited
  13. Star-Adv: State Should Seize HC&S Water 
  14. Police Reform Gaining Steam At Honolulu Charter Commission
  15. State confirms it knew rape suspect had been fired by Honolulu Police Department
  16. Candidates Line up for Big Island Mayor
  17. Some think KIA tenants should have option to buy
  18. Hawaii Speaker: Lottery Bill A ‘Distinct Possibility’
  19. After Dengue: Babykiller Zika Virus Arrives in Hawaii
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Friday, January 15, 2016
January 15, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:02 PM :: 3628 Views
  1. Full Text: Ige Signs Agreement Privatizing Maui Hospitals
  2. Where’s the Farm Justice Summit?
  3. Jones Act, LNG at Center of Puerto Rico Recovery Plan
  4. 1959: Martin Luther King Jr Salutes Hawaii Statehood
  5. Supreme Court to Consider Nai Aupuni Contempt Today
  6. Search continues for 12 Marines after fiery helicopter collision off Haleiwa
  7. Suit Against Nai Aupuni “overwhelmingly likely” to succeed
  8. Nai Aupuni ‘Delegates’ Have to Show Up to get $5000 Bribe
  9. Legislators Demand Cash from Lobbyists
  10. LTC: Latest Excuse for Massive GE Tax Hike
  11. Crony Capitalism: Obama’s DoD Negotiates Sweetheart deal with NextEra
  12. HEI ‘Time of Use’ Rates Will Squeeze After-School Programs
  13. Anti-Agriculture Activists Seek 100% Tourism Economy
  14. Experts: Maui will Never Recover from Death of HC&S
  15. Taxes Vacuum 9.5% More out of Economy
  16. DoH Bungling Risks Loss of Funding for New Mental Hospital
  17. UH Inouye Center Plans ‘Shelved Indefinitely’
  18. CDC Secrecy Over UH Biolab Safety Failures Challenged In Court
  19. DHHL Seeks Developers for Parcels Near Rail Stations
  20. Former Kauai police lieutenant indicted for theft, money laundering
  21. Gambling Would Cost More than it Earns
  22. Rent Control Would Eliminate Rental Units
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Thursday, January 14, 2016
January 14, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 11:38 AM :: 5233 Views
  1. OHA Elections: Throw These Bums Out
  2. Hawaii: Only 11,949 Sign up for Obamacare
  3. HB1170: Geothermal Fast-track, part two
  4. HB1524: Obama Opens Door to Home Energy Project Loans
  5. Bed Bugs—Honolulu Slips to 49th Place
  6. Full Text: State of the Union Address
  7. Republican Response to State of the Union
  8. Fake Cap becomes Real Threshold—Council now demands HART Spend Money Planning to Extend Rail to UH Manoa
  9. Rail Operating Subsidy will Require 9% Property Tax Hike
  10. Hawaii’s Top Lobbyist Quitting?
  11. More on Land and Power from Nai Aupuni Wanna Be
  12. Hawaii Health Connector board members resign
  13. Marijuana Money Rains Down on Bishop Street
  14. Know-Nothings Talk up Plantation Closure as Boon to Agriculture
  15. Kouchi: Millions Earmarked for UPW Suit vs Maui Hospital Privatization
  16. Staff at HYCF rack up $1M-plus in overtime – With only 23 Inmates
  17. City Finds Way to Start Losing Money on H-Power
  18. Lawmakers open to gambling
  19. State ignored HPD’s recommendation not to hire officer now charged with sex assault
  20. Killer Gets to Stay Free Until September
  21. Meth Dealer Arrested 100 Times, Out on Street Does it Again
  22. Bizarre News: Government Employees Forced to Work Thru Lunch Break
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Wednesday, January 13, 2016
January 13, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:45 PM :: 3519 Views
  1. DoI Adds 2,000 Pro Fed-Wreck Testimonies
  2. Reviewing Hawaii’s FY 2017 supplemental budget
  3. VIDEO: Thirty Meter Telescope, Putting The "Puaa" Back In Ahupuaa, And Oprah Elections
  4. DHHL ‘Disappointed’ by State’s Appeal of Court Ordered Funding
  5. Gold Coast Seawall Hot Potato Case: Supreme Court Hears Arguments
  6. DBEDT: Family of Four Requires $75K to live on Oahu
  7. Council Still Pretending to ‘Cap’ Rail Expenses, Will Abandon Charade Soon 
  8. After Wasting $87.5M, DoTax Still Can’t Process Tax Returns in Time Because of Outdated Computers
  9. UH Payroll — 1,600 Unauthorized Positions
  10. Kihei HS: Bureaucratic Delay Costs State $100M
  11. County Worker Stole Cash for Two Years
  12. Chun Oakland’s Homeless Tent City Idea Mocked
  13. Caldwell Objects to City Studying Electric Coop, Council Votes to do it Anyway
  14. Hawaii: More Than 40% of Workers Have no Retirement Plan
  15. Still Spreading Pesticide Hype, Eco-Lawyer Debunked
  16. State of State: Ige Catches Kalihi Prison Fever
  17. Soft on Crime: Probationer Charged with Child Molestation, Gets Supervised Release
  18. Civil Beat Pushes Gambling Again
  19. Suicide Squad Launches Annual Push to help Insurance Companies Save Money by Killing off Expensive Patients
  20. Ige Budget: $15 million to expand inmate capacity on Sister Isles
  21. Hawaii Democrats Feel the Bern—Hillary Losing Fundrace
  22. Coming Soon: Video On Demand From The Hawaii Capitol
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Tuesday, January 12, 2016
January 12, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:46 PM :: 4021 Views
  1. Up to 72% of Council Campaign Contributions from Hoopili and Rail
  2. Expert Slams Hawaii Legislature for Lumping E-Cigs in with Tobacco
  3. Calling all Cronies: Marijuana Dispensary License Application Now Available Online
  4. Legalize Marijuana-Criminalize Fireworks
  5. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted January 11, 2016
  6. Kasich for America Files to Appear on Hawaii Ballot–Djou to Lead Campaign
  7. From Inside the Supreme Court, the Key Exchanges on a Case Pitting Unions vs. First Amendment
  8. Pro Life? Hawaii Ranks 43rd
  9. Five Unanswered Questions About Honolulu’s $6.6 Billion Rail Project
  10. Why Did DLNR Hire A Cop Who’d Been Fired By HPD?
  11. Stock Analysts finally Figure out that NextEra’s purchase of Hawaiian Electric won’t happen
  12. Long Term Care Mandate: Mainland Progressives Want Hawaii GE Tax Hike
  13. Bishop Museum to Sell Waipio Valley
  14. Star-Adv: OHA Not Doing Enough for Hawaiian Youth, Broken Families
  15. Wanna Be Marijuana Dealers Concerned About Illegal Competitors
  16. More Ignorant Babble about Hemp Replacing Sugar
  17. State Can’t Find Way to turn Hana Pier into Recreational Site
  18. Homeless Threaten HNN Photographer with 2x4
  19. Homeless Come up With New Excuse for Refusing Shelter
  20. Maybe We Can Fool People into Accepting Homeless Tent Cities if we call them Hawaiian Grass huts
  21. 4 women inmates accuse 2 guards of sex acts
  22. Kauai Council Finally Gets Around to Regulating Lobbyists
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Monday, January 11, 2016
January 11, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 11:27 AM :: 4005 Views
  1. Update on Honolulu Charter Commission – Meeting Friday
  2. Hee steals from other Hawaiians and gives to me me meeeeeee
  3. Real Income: Hawaii Residents Lose 3.8% in Decade
  4. New Laws for 2016
  5. Secular State Just Can’t Reach Spiritual Hawaiians
  6. Kauai: Jail is a Great Place to Work
  7. We Use GMOs, So Does Everyone Else—and we’ve been doing it for 20 Years with no harm
  8. Death In Paradise Is All Too Frequent For Visitors To Hawaii
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Sunday, January 10, 2016
January 10, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:15 PM :: 5393 Views
  1. Sorry OHA, Free Trade Zones are not free of the Jones Act
  2. Obama Administration Promoting Race-based Hawaiian Election
  3. Plantation Era: They Came With Hope
  4. $6.8 million in grants promote STEM jobs for Hawaii
  5. Unfriendly Skies?
  6. March for Life--State Capitol January 22
  7. War on Coal: How Hawaii Clean Energy initiative Killed HC&S
  8. A sad week for agriculture in Hawaii – Pakalolo Plantations in our Future?
  9. Maui--Enviros Talk About Water, Get Luxury Homes
  10. Update your calendars for the 2016 political year
  11. State tax refunds might be late again this year
  12. Hawaii AG contests court order to increase DHHL funds
  13. Record high construction costs slam Honolulu
  14. Caldwell: I want City Workers to be forced into Unions and Controlled so they will vote for me
  15. Homeless are cleared again from Kakaako
  16. Hawaiians at risk: Keiki locked in cycle of foster care system
  17. Hawaii GMO Success Story
  18. Aloha Aina Party Holds Petition Drive for Ballot Status
  19. Historic North Kona church heading to tax auction after pastor Falls for Sovereignty Scam
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Saturday, January 9, 2016
January 9, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 10:51 AM :: 3627 Views
  1. Judicial Watch Opposes Obama Executive Action to Create Hawaiian Tribe
  2. Lawsuits Have Consequences: Aloha To Hawaii Sugar
  3. DLNR Officer Arrested--Charged with sexual assault of Minor
  4. ‘Tens of Thousands’ Kicked off Medicaid by State’s Heartless Computer—Blind and Disabled Hardest Hit
  5. 2 OCCC supervisors in trouble for allowing inmate's gangster father behind bars
  6. Soft on Crime: Schizo Slasher to be Allowed Back out on Streets
  7. Homeless Hygiene Station Becomes Magnet for Crime—8 Assaults Since October
  8. Another group of homeless moved from Moiliili area
  9. Councilwoman Calls For Domestic Abuse Audit
  10. Rail Contractors Slice into Huge Gas Line, Lucky No Explosion
  11. Hawaii Gas Selects LNG Vendor, Expects Savings of $2B
  12. Planning for HECO-MECO-HELCO Inter-Island Cables is Underway
  13. PUC chief scolds NextEra (again)
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Friday, January 8, 2016
January 8, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:12 PM :: 4923 Views
  1. Where to Vote: Hawaii Republican Presidential Caucus
  2. Nai Aupuni in Contempt of Supreme Court? Latest Filings
  3. Supreme Court to Consider Nai Aupuni Contempt January 15
  4. Ige Budget: $104M omissions, mystery spending cuts
  5. Federal Aid? Hawaii Ranks 49th
  6. Glass Houses of Marijuana: Pots, Kettles and the Color Black
  7. UH Reports Hawaii Hemp is Top Shelf
  8. DLNR to Loosen Death Grip on Hilo Businesses?
  9. Public Meeting on Honolulu Bikeways January 13
  10. What the Constitution Really Says About Race and Slavery
  11. 76% ‘Not Good’ -- Overall, what do you think about the condition of our city parks and playgrounds?
  12. UH Manoa—10 Salaries over $300K
  13. Honolulu City Council Will Consider Co-op or Muni Alternative To HECO
  14. Increase In Hawaii Revenue Forecast ‘Doesn’t Really Amount To That Much’
  15. Are Charter Schools Funded Equitably? Lawmakers Want Clearer Numbers
  16. DoE Campbell Contract $1M per Classroom
  17. OHA Kakaako Makai Deal Puts $1.2M Hole in HCDA Budget
  18. Charles Djou Endorses John Kasich for President
  19. House Candidate Jaci Agustin Launches App to Communicate with Constituents
  20. Supreme Court Redistricting Case Is New Front in Voting Wars
  21. Keeping a lid on Kauai property taxes?
  22. Maui Risks loss of $186M Federal Money
  23. Gun Permits: HPD Admits Nearly 100 False Denials in Just One Year
  24. Homeless Rob Restaurant Workers in Chinatown
  25. Civil Asset Forfeiture In Hawaii: Crime Deterrent Or Legalized Theft?
  26. Publicize names of dispensary applicants
  27. HMA Recommendations for Marijuana Dispensaries
  28. 40 Years Ago On Kahoolawe, A Faith Is Reborn?
  29. Hawaii is ground zero for Ag innovation
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Thursday, January 7, 2016
January 7, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:07 PM :: 4479 Views
  1. OHA Trustee, Ex-Legislator Come up with Excuses, Get Added to Aha Participant Roster
  2. A&B to Shutter State’s Last Cane Plantation—Activists ‘Happy’
  3. Quality Counts: Hawaii K-12 Achievement Ranks 32nd in USA
  4. HART: Construction Costs Soaring—Another $240M Tacked on to Overruns
  5. VIDEO: “Lessons Learned” from Turtle Bay
  6. VIDEO: Hawaii Water Law In A Nutshell
  7. Hana Pier to be Removed due to Public Opposition to Repairing it
  8. Confucius on Hawaii’s New Smoking Age
  9. VIDEO: Everything You Wanted to Know About the Jones Act with Michael Hansen
  10. Foes of cane burning cheer sugar’s demise – Plan to Keep up Fight Against Seed Farmers
  11. Smug Activists Party as Last Plantation Perishes
  12. Criminal Hee Gets 46 Months in Federal Prison as Powerless Cronies Look on
  13. With Mehau Dead, Criminals Begin Killing Each other?
  14. Medicated Marijuana: ‘If a Minor is Busted with a Baggie of Weed, I can Track Every Seed’
  15. Caldwell Inserts Himself in Senior Services, Makes a Total Mess of it
  16. Child Molesters’ Victims Have Until April, 2016 to Come Forward
  17. Who In City Government Gets A Six-Figure Paycheck?
  18. NextEra Merger News
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Wednesday, January 6, 2016
January 6, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:28 PM :: 3458 Views
  1. OHA Trying to Convince Telescope to Stay and Pay
  2. Friedrichs v CTA: Will Supreme Court End Mandatory Union Membership for Government Employees Nationwide?
  3. Anti-GMO Leader: “Bring Islamic Nation to Battle in Hawaii—Allah Akbar”
  4. Possible Pipe Bomb Found After Big Island Police Arrest Three at Protest Against License Plates
  5. UHERO: Status Update on Federal GHG Emissions Reduction Policy for Hawaii
  6. “Entire American Samoa school system must be revamped”
  7. UH appeals NCAA ruling on men’s basketball program
  8. Guard Your Wallet: State lawmakers gear up for new legislative session
  9. Legislators Baffled by State’s Inability to Spend Federal Money—DoE Fails to Even Ask for It
  10. Shed light on NextEra/HECO alliance
  11. PHOCUSED: Profitable Nonprofit Nailed by Ethics Commission
  12. Lawmaker argues new 'limited' driver's licenses open to abuse
  13. New ID Law May Trip Up American Samoa Residents
  14. 2012 Law Saves Hawaii Fisheries from Rampaging Eco-Whackos
  15. Study Of Pesticide Use On GMO Crops Delayed
  16. Nonprofit launches new housing program for recovering addicts
  17. HPD officers erred in not arresting men for major illegal fireworks bust
  18. Orgy of outlawed fireworks flaunts our island anarchy
  19. DOE report reveals 21 students caught with So-Called ‘firearms,’ most in elementary, middle schools
  20. Gun Sales Through the Roof after Obama Cries
  21. North Korea Tests Possible H-Bomb
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Tuesday, January 5, 2016
January 5, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:32 PM :: 3832 Views
  1. Big Island Police Arrest Three at Protest Against License Plates
  2. Gun Control Nuts Tout Hawaii as Example
  3. Ige Budget Does not Include Union Pay Raises
  4. State Steals Money from Conservation to Subsidize Fancy Waikiki Eco-Conference
  5. After Negative Audit, KOLEA Touted as Model for Hawaii IT Reform
  6. Merger or Not, NextEra is Writing HECO’s Renewable Energy Plans
  7. Hawaii’s strict gun laws will not be affected by President Obama’s proposals
  8. Homeless Sweeps Push 51 into Shelters
  9. Tomorrow is Deadline for UH to appeal NCAA sanctions for men’s basketball team
  10. Hawaii workforce drug tests show hike in cocaine use in 2015
  11. Prosecutors seek to revive major gambling case dismissed in 2014
  12. Former HPD officer to report to L.A. prison
  13. 2015: The Year in Claims Against the State of Hawaii
  14. 2016: An Opportunity to Finally be Rid of Gary Hooser
  15. Maui Anti-GMO Activists Spray Pesticide in their own Homes, Call Heath Department
  16. Why Are Online Classes, Degrees Hard To Get At The University Of Hawaii?
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Monday, January 4, 2016
January 4, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:00 PM :: 3404 Views
  1. Alleged Monk Seal Harasser Sues Police over Arrest
  2. 80% Not Great: How is the plastic-bag ban working out?
  3. Honolulu dead last in starting pay
  4. “Expensive renewables do nothing”
  5. Baboozes in isles’ top jobs gave us yearlong headache
  6. Inspiring quotes for leaders start the new year off fresh
  7. 5 Issues for 2016
  8. Anti-GMO Activism is Probably Not About the Technology At All
  9. DoH Rules Allow Sale of Hash Oil, but no Joints no Brownies and no Candies (for now)
  10. Homeless tents reappear in Kakaako, Idiot Brower Demands State Create More Homeless Tent Cities
  11. Not REAL ID: New License Specially for Homeless and Illegals

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Sunday, January 3, 2016
January 3, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:00 PM :: 3638 Views
  1. Leaked Nai Aupuni Emails: ‘Godless’ Faction Pushing to Ban Pule at Aha
  2. Permanent Internet Tax Freedom
  3. Josh Green to Run for Governor in 2018?
  4. Anti-GMO Activists Blamed for Arson at Waialua Farm
  5. $23,000 Rate Hike Coming: Data show Obamacare will produce results opposite of what was intended
  6. Nai Aupuni Exercise in Frustration, Obviously a Surrogate for OHA
  7. ERS pension plan shortfall rises to $8.77B
  8. New federal education law offers more flexibility, say isle officials
  9. Hawaii pedestrian death rate among seniors leads the nation
  10. Star-Adv: Don’t Give More Money to Corrupt HI-5 Program
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Saturday, January 2, 2016
January 2, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:05 PM :: 3722 Views
  1. Testimony: 76% say No Fake Tribe for Hawaii
  2. AAA Hawaii: Lower 2015 Gasoline Prices Save Drivers $400
  3. KGI: Election year is here. Who are you going to vote for?
  4. Former Cancer Center director failed to disclose major financial conflicts of interest
  5. State Takes $13.2M from Conservation to Subsidize Fancy Eco-Conference
  6. Star-Adv: Counties should get more of TAT
  7. Hawaii would be better off with a true two-party system
  8. Deregulate Transportation-Let the PUC Focus on Energy and Telecom Utilities
  9. Thanks to Feds, Ethanol still in gas, even with new state law
  10. Visitors still being arrested for enjoying moonlight on Waikiki Beach
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Friday, January 1, 2016
January 1, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:34 PM :: 4707 Views
  1. OHA 2016 Legislative Package: Telescope Rent Money, Control of Mauna Kea Tours
  2. ‘Santa Claus Came Early’ for Hawaii’s Politically-Connected Marijuana License Seekers
  3. Hawaii Pesticide Complaints: Urban Homeowners are #1 Violator
  4. DoTax Claims IT System Success
  5. Looking Forward to 2016
  6. Hawaii Air National Guard destroys Islamic State targets
  7. Telescope Faces Years of Delay
  8. Secret Cabal of Insiders Plot Electric Rate Hikes, Tax Increases
  9. Thanks to Fracking, Hawaii drivers saved more than $400 on gas in 2015
  10. Mobi PCS President Wants to be Your Dope Dealer
  11. Annual Budget Pitch for DHS
  12. Maui Hospital: ‘Extremely complex negotiations’ drag on into 2016 
  13. Minimum Wage Hike May Result in Fewer Employees
  14. City Refuses to Take Responsibility for Dozens of Roads
  15. Hawaii County Council Debates Agricultural Property Tax Exemptions
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