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Monday, October 31, 2011
October 31, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:17 PM :: 17126 Views
  1. Sneak Attack: Inouye hides Akaka Bill in Policy Rider -- just after “Grazing Permits”
  2. Waipahu soldier and 11 others overcome Afghanistan ambush, receive awards
  3. Hawaii Ranks 12th in Energy Efficiency
  4. Akaka Bill Sneak Attack Starts to Make National News
  5. Star-Advertiser: Will Recktenwald Continue Supremes Tradition of Making it up as they Go Along?
  6. Lowest salaries in the country limit interest in judicial appointments, not public disclosure
  7. Council will revisit proposed ban on items in public areas
  8. State sees high-rises jutting from skyline
  9. 100 Trust Fund Babies Protest Wall Street Greed on Kauai
  10. WCC Student Paper Profiles Homeless Advocate
  11. Taken for a Ride: Hawaii's Runaway School Bus Costs
  12. Hannemann Radio Show Doesn't Cross Legal Line
  13. Akaka Bill: Hawaii News Media Reporting Falsehoods as Though They are Commonly Accepted Facts
  14. HECO Rigs Lanai, Molokai Bidding to Favor C&C Windfarm
  15. Lahaina man, 19, racks up 5 felonies in 2 months—gets 18 months
  16. Kill a Doctor, Get Six years?
  17. Styrofoam: Environmentalists Brainwash Children to use Ti Leaves instead of Plates
  18. Hawaiian papaya to test GMO acceptance in Japan
  19. Punchbowl cemetery upgrades worthwhile
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Sunday, October 30, 2011
October 30, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:31 PM :: 17219 Views
  1. Honolulu Cockfighter paid by City: $480K to ‘Investigate Rooster Complaints’
  2. Full Text: IBEW, Hawaiian Tel on Strike Vote
  3. Kalapa: Tax Experts Favor System With Broad Base, Low Rates
  4. Star-Advertiser Punked by Global Warmer posing as Climate Skeptic
  5. Occupy Wall Street: "We handle rapes internally" -- Two rapists caught, not reported to police
  6. Sneak Attack: Inouye Attempts to Slip Akaka Bill in as “Policy Rider”
  7. Meth Dealer undermines Federal Extortion Case Against HPD Major
  8. IBEW members cast votes on whether to strike against Hawaiian Telcom
  9. Unprecedented security for next month’s APEC conference has some in Waikiki grumbling
  10. Lawsuit: End-of-Life Care Scammer Grabs Heiress’ Hawaii Home
  11. Most judges were on public lists, paper finds
  12. Hawaii DoE, UH Enlist Obama’s Former Solicitor General to Equate Japanese Americans with Head-Chopping Jihadis
  13. Vietnam Protester Abercrombie to march in November 5 Vietnam Veterans Parade
  14. Hawaii National Guard to deploy, but where?
  15. Abercrombie Cutbacks Force Shutdown of Kapiolani Child Protection Center
  16. Inmate Labor Builds Unpermitted Waimanalo Park, then tears it down
  17. Sheriff Plays Shell Game with Big Island Bailiffs
  18. Kauai Council weighs tax reforms
  19. Your Welfare Dime At Work: Pregnant F-to-M Transsexual Tracy Lagondino born in Hawaii
  20. Kona: Kenoi’s Redistricting Team Works hard to Keep Hilo Majority
  21. Quantum Leap: Abandoned Yacht Washes up at Sprecklesville
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Saturday, October 29, 2011
October 29, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:24 PM :: 21230 Views
  1. Superferry: Honolulu Lawyer Dissects Civil Beat’s Latest “Fact Check” Debacle
  2. Hawaii's Unemployment Trust Fund Out of Debt
  3. Imagine the Outrage if a Private Insurer Cut Benefits the way Abercrombie Does
  4. Akaka: Act 195 Allows Streamlining of Akaka Bill
  5. Hawaii and the Hawaiians in the American Civil War
  6. Fundamentals Matter: Capitalism not the Problem
  7. 'Occupy’ Protest loses permit due to public masturbation…and More
  8. Maui News Survey: 64% ‘Extremely Dissatisfied’ with Abercrombie
  9. Boylan: Abercrombie did not want Aides to Resign, but they were Disillusioned
  10. Akaka Tribe to Replace Pork Barrel?
  11. Hawaiian Telcom union voting to authorize strike During APEC, Fighting for 26 weeks paid annual sick leave
  12. Governor's lawyers ask judge to toss Judicial Secrecy suit
  13. Court: Charter Schools Are State Entities, Cannot Sue Other State Entities
  14. ‘Occupy’ To Set up Camp Just in time for APEC
  15. Brewbaker: Economy Worse than mid-1990s For Big Island
  16. Poll: Carlisle Leaves 'Em Wondering
  17. Muslim Student Slipping Away from the Fold?
  18. Hawaii Union Member moves to Idaho, Suddenly Begins Speaking Freely
  19. Gabbard Encouraged by ‘Occupy’ Protests: “Two Weeks in Afghanistan Would pay for Honolulu Rail”
  20. Mufi Campaign is For the Birds
  21. ‘Playing off Occupy’ draws Professional Protesters to Turtle Bay
  22. New Bail Conditions In Waikiki Extortion Case
  23. Backed by City, Atheist’s Companion Harasses Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman over Height of Gate on Driveway
  24. Supreme Court stops arbitrary cuts in legal fees for court-appointed counsel
  25. Homeless in Lihue Petition for Right to be Drunk in Public, Urinate on County Building
  26. Kona Middle Schoolers Busted for Fake Bomb at School
  27. Proposed Water Rate Hike Being Revised, Start Date Likely To Be Delayed
  28. Hawaii lost 2,900 retail jobs during the recession
  29. Search committee formed to find next UH Manoa chancellor
  30. Former Assisted Suicide Opponent to talk on Palliative Care
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Friday, October 28, 2011
October 28, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:22 PM :: 14367 Views
  1. Hanabusa Most Unpopular of Hawaii Congressional Delegation
  2. Rail: Ansaldo Contract based on Raid of Honolulu General Fund?
  3. US Supreme Court asked to Decide Constitutionality of Cash Payments for Development Approvals
  4. Abercrombie's DHS Seeks Insurers to Transform Medicaid
  5. Abercrombie’s DHS Cuts Child Welfare $5.8M
  6. APEC: Obama needs Congressional Support for Free Trade in Pacific—but Hirono, Hanabusa vote No
  7. Politico: Lingle Wins October
  8. Governing: U.S. House Often a Poor Launching Pad for Governor
  9. Star-Advertiser Caught Lying About Alleged Change of Heart by Global Warming Skeptic
  10. Biofuel Scammers Take Over Hawaii Nature Conservancy
  11. State backs Sub-Prime loans for Solar Systems
  12. Cost of rail contract grows because of insurance coverage
  13. ACLU Admits Homeless Litigation Aims to Advance Policy, not Civil Liberties
  14. Lawmakers Asked To Tighten Laws on Financial Abuse of Elderly
  15. Skateboarders, Football Coaches Rumble at Aiea High School
  16. Latest Accused Molester Teacher Awarded with Paid Vacation by DoE
  17. San Diego Gay Activist Interested in Using Hawaii Youth Suicides to Advance Agenda
  18. State prepares in case HMC hospitals close
  19. No Support for Aloha Stadium Beer Ban
  20. Superferry: Civil Beat Fact Check Gets it Wrong Again
  22. Eco-Nazis Harass Surfer over Turtle Photo
  23. Audit challenges need, cost for regulating dog breeders
  24. Akaka Proposes Bill to Hire more HGEA
  25. Democrat Staffer to Direct Hawaii Bar Association
  26. Stephens Media Lawyers Ordered to Pay Attorney’s Fees in Copyright Case
  27. Modernizing Honolulu International Airport
  28. Hawaiian collects $18.8M in Baggage fees during second quarter
  29. Environmentalists Crushed as Weiku Bug is Saved from Endangerment
  30. Democrats Launch Third Party Effort to Get Obama Reelected with Plurality
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Thursday, October 27, 2011
October 27, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:02 PM :: 16963 Views
  1. Aftermath: What Happens to Wind Farms When They Die?
  2. Why is Detroit Casino Operator Mike Malik Dragging former Hawaii Governor Waihee on Long Island, NY?
  3. Chinese Communists Cheer Formation of “Zhou Enlai Peace Institute” in Honolulu
  4. Institute for Justice Attorney, IWF Leader to Speak in Honolulu
  5. Hawaii Lags as States Ban Contracting with Companies that do Business With Iran
  6. Slom Raising Cain
  7. Civil Beat Poll: Even Democrats Reject Abercrombie’s Tax Hikes
  8. Abercrombie Pushes Ice Cream Tax, Aides Panic
  9. Think Progress: Lingle Breaks With Republican Presidential Hopefuls On National Right To Work Law
  10. Tax Credits: Clinton Crony Movie Moguls Coming Back for More Bribery
  11. EUTF's drug plan transition is delayed
  12. Newest Akaka Bill Effort Highlights Need for “Sunlight” in Politics
  13. Trademark filing spurs speculation about Ko Olina Casino
  14. Cayetano: Civil Beat is Overpriced Blog With a Hidden Agenda
  15. Mike Buck Show Cancelled by Clear Channel
  16. Atheist Advertiser, City of Honolulu Act Quickly to Eradicate Cross from Hilltop, seek Culprit
  17. Police arrest teacher for alleged sex assaults of 14-year-old student
  18. Star-Adv Suddenly Endorses Homeless Sweeps
  19. Obama's Top Trade Ambassador Blanks on APEC History
  20. No Free Speech for APEC Supporters: Tiny Group of Protesters Seeks to Silence UH Support for APEC
  21. Federal Judge Throws Out Discrimination Complaint Against Six Hawaii Farms
  22. Cop Accused Of Rape Says Sex With Suspect Was Consensual
  23. Judge gives former Honolulu police officer several hours to show up at sex assault sentencing
  24. UH regents approve tuition increases for next five years
  25. Kakaako project would include Hawaii’s tallest building
  26. St. Francis Sisters: We won’t take our hospitals back
  27. UH-West Oahu Named Among Top Social Media Colleges?
  28. Revolving Door HPR’s Kayla Rosenfeld takes state communications job
  29. Kenoi Contributor Brian DeLima Appointed To Salary Commission
  30. Standing up to bullies
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011
October 26, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:42 PM :: 16337 Views
  1. Mainland Suicide Activists Push Agenda on Hawaii
  2. AMA: Hawaii 5th Least Competitive Health Insurance Market
  3. Honolulu 16th Worst City to Be Young
  4. Akaka Bill Sneak Attack: Inouye Slips Akaka Tribe Recognition into Appropriations Bill
  5. Tax Credits Targeted by Pono Chong, Solar Industry on Defense
  6. Full Text: Hawaii Completes 2010 Financials 16 Months Later
  7. SA: Poll is wake-up call for governor
  8. Democrat Media Desperately Flailing Around, Seeking Angle of Attack against Lingle
  9. CD2 Race breaks down to Hannemann vs Gabbard
  10. Hawaii’s Taxpayers Owe $25,000 for Past Debt
  11. Weak Dollar Drives Japanese, Canadian Tourist influx
  12. HSTA renews push for Teacher’s Tax Credit
  13. P-20 Pushes for More DoE Spending
  14. 1999 Hawaii Brain Drain Still True 12 years Later
  15. Malama Solomon Busted for Bulldozing Six Hawaiian Archeological Sites, May Get off Scot-Free
  16. Upgraded units thrill residents of Kuhio Park
  17. School to become Prison: Kulani plan moves ahead
  18. AG: State land Development Corp has all the Power
  19. ERS Director: Boldness needed to fix workers' funds
  20. Plenty of litigation, not so much Boldness: EUTF Losing $1.4M on CVS Pharmacy Contract, Extends for 6 mos
  21. Did Honolulu Council Members Violate Sunshine Law at Rail Conference?
  22. Surprise, Surprise: After a year of Hype about “puppy mills” State proposes higher fees
  23. State Pays Steep Price Increase For New Maui Housing Contract
  24. No Drug Test for Welfare, but Public Housing May Ban Tobacco Smoking
  25. UH Manoa Global Warming Propaganda Center may be Cut in Budget negotiations
  26. Salmonella vs Eco-Religion: Local, organic foods not always safer
  27. KHON: Sweep pushes homeless off of Chinatown sidewalk
  28. Federal court remands Lui case back to state
  29. Census: More Asians in Texas than Hawaii
  30. Matson Celebrates Guam Shipping Monopoly
  31. APEC News Roundup:
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011
October 25, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:19 PM :: 12819 Views
  1. Lingle not running from RINO label
  2. Marumoto Renews Pledge to Fight Pension Tax
  3. Hawaii Congressional Delegation: How They Voted October 24, 2011
  4. Panos: Honolulu Heavy Rail Is an Energy Black Hole
  5. Legislative Committee to Hold Briefing on Elder Abuse
  6. Hawaii’s jobless rate up 3.6 points since recession began
  7. Worst Governor in the USA, Abercrombie Doubles Down of Failure, Incompetence
  8. Abercrombie Has Hit Bottom, Eating Crow, Not Changing Direction
  9. Borreca: Abercrombie needs 180 Degree Turnaround
  10. Abercrombie to Push for Soda Tax, claims Pension Tax is off Table
  11. HECO’s Alm still Backs Abercrombie
  12. Fidell: Rejection of biofuel plan is a huge setback for Green Energy Scammers
  13. Man to Face Extradition from Hawaii for 1997 Murder at Utah Homeless Shelter
  14. APEC: Maoists to Hang with Homeless for 3 Days, then Head for Ala Moana
  15. Jackbooted Hawaii PBS Thugs to Eject Poor, Sick Homeless Women and Children from Vacant Lot
  16. 50 Homeowners Blocked from Renovations because of Hydrant Distance
  17. Hickam sized up as base for drone squadron
  18. Boys should get HPV vaccine too, panel says
  19. "Native of Owhyhee" Featured on Olelo Television
  20. Horizon Lines to discontinue service to Guam and Asia
  21. Guam fish trade alarmed by limits
  22. Inouye is Victim of Credit Card Fraud
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011
October, 2011 Letters to the Editor
By Letters to the Editor @ 12:13 AM :: 12163 Views
  1. Elder Caregiver: We need Aloha, not “Death by Prescription”
  2. Cayetano’s Consumer Advocate says Left is lame but Hawai’i Free Press Has no Place
  3. A Misdirected Blast from a Supporter of Abercrombie’s New Communications Director
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Monday, October 24, 2011
October 24, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:12 PM :: 19514 Views
  1. 49% Waste: Inspector General Slams Hawaii Navy Solar Projects
  2. LifeNews: Lingle Faces Pro-Abortion Mazie Hirono in Hawaii Senate Race
  3. Obama's Iraq Failure
  4. Hirono to Maui News: Hawaii Can Lead on Wind Farms
  5. Abercrombie Administration Requests Fed Approval for Nation’s Most Limited Medicaid Hospitalization Coverage
  6. Billionaire’s Minion: “People need to break grip of private interests that control public policy”
  7. Diplomat: APEC Traffic leads to Gnashing of Teeth
  8. HECO’s Approach to Uncertainty
  9. CB: Is 2012 a repeat of 2002?
  10. GOP, Dems Benefit Equally From Hawaii's Big Donors
  11. Hooser Still Hinting at CD2 Run
  12. Governor, Media Director Both Penned Novels
  13. Court: Kauai GOP Candidate should have not been Allowed Late Filing
  14. Obama Fishing Czar Divides Democrats
  15. Styrofoam: Civil Beat reviews Military History in War on Restaurant Industry
  16. Alleged Discoverer of ‘Pacific Garbage Patch’ speaks about new book
  17. Aala homeless leave, but leave mess behind
  18. Judge passes up plea deal, orders jail in welfare fraud
  19. Suit seeks to stop Halloween celebration
  20. Stadium brawl shines light on problem with beer sales
  21. Bank of Hawaii 3Q Net Falls 1.7% On Weaker Revenue
  22. First Hawaiian's earnings fall as It runs out of Act 221 Tax Credits
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Sunday, October 23, 2011
October 23, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:26 PM :: 19178 Views
  1. Kalapa: Alternative Energy Tax Credits Opened Flood Gates
  2. Cayetano’s Consumer Advocate says Left is lame but Hawai’i Free Press Has no Place
  3. A Misdirected Blast from a Supporter of Abercrombie’s New Communications Director
  4. Star-Adv hires Kenoi Admin Official to Cover Rail
  5. Iraq tied to 9-11 Attack? Star-Advertiser Editors Lie About Iraq War in order to Back Hirono
  6. Ideology Trumps Reality as Hirono Denounces Iraq War one More Time
  7. Hawaii’s Very Own Dr. Death now seeking Victims
  8. Spitting on ethics might have voters spitting back
  9. 32 Oahu Churches Participate In Massive Clean Up Effort (Religion in Action)
  10. Wash Examiner: Prostitution Prime Business Opportunity from APEC (Atheism in Action)
  11. Petition Drive as Chang, McKelvey Renew Push for State Lottery
  12. A red tape emergency: Abercrombie's stealth decree waiving land-use law
  13. New Foreclosure law flounders
  14. Arson at Kawaiaha’o Church Burns Human Remains
  15. Kauai Council to Burn $75K trying to Steal Boatyard from Owner
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Saturday, October 22, 2011
October 22, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:45 PM :: 12747 Views
  1. FULL TEXT: Motion For Summary Judgment Forcing Disclosure of Abercrombie’s Judicial Nominees
  2. New Zealand World’s Best Country to Start a Business
  3. Hawaii: Second Highest Taxes on Earth?
  4. Rail Building Kiewit executive Picked as Trustee of Rail-Skeptic Kamehameha Schools
  5. Ansaldo Pays $150K Fine for Unlicensed Rail Contracting, Fine could have been $560M
  6. Ten Months In, Abercrombie is hated even by Democrats
  7. Reality Trumps Ideology: Hawaii PBS to Force Homeless Encampment off Property
  8. Senator Hee escapes ethics penalties despite commission concerns
  9. Ideology Trumps Reality as Hirono Denounces Iraq War one More Time
  10. Poll Claims 49% want Gay ‘Marriage’
  11. New Job After Five Weeks: Hawaiian Airlines names Sunshine Topping recruiting director
  12. Shack Extortion Defendant getting out on $250k Bail
  13. HPD To Wear Straw Hats, Aloha Shirts for APEC
  14. Parrots outnumber People at Kauai ‘Occupy’ Protest
  15. Outside sources provide 17% of Honolulu’s personal income
  16. Hawaii's Most Wanted fugitive captured
  17. Layoffs at resort might violate law
  18. Hoopili Re-labels Greenstrips, Drainage Areas as Commercial Farms
  19. Hawaii County Redistricting Puts Ford, Smart in Same Council District
  20. On Target Shooting Range to Be used by Hawaii County Police?
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Friday, October 21, 2011
October 21, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:36 PM :: 9360 Views
  1. No Gag Order in Hawaii Blind-Deaf School Homosexual Rape Gang Case
  2. Neil Abercrombie is the Least Popular Governor in USA
  3. Poll: Obama's numbers down even in Hawaii
  4. HPD Releases APEC Road Closure Schedule
  5. HOPE Probation Expands to Four New Communities
  6. Enviros decide Hawaii Reefs worth $33B of your money, Design Survey to arrive at Conclusion
  7. National Pro-Abortion Money Pours into Hirono’s Campaign
  8. Abercrombie is Lingle’s Ace in the Hole
  9. Gary Hooser May be Violating Federal Election Law in run for Congress
  10. Perfect Symbolism of Entire System: Illegal Fundraising by Legislators was to Buy Surfboard for Obama
  11. CB: HLRB Hearings Show the System is a Joke
  12. Lokelani Lindsey’s Lawyer now heads State Housing Development Corp
  13. Nobody has Gumption to Get Killer off Shoreline Squat
  14. Gay Mental Illness to Be Focus State of Hawaii Conference aimed at Your Children
  15. Boon to Tourism: Dollar slumps to record low versus yen
  16. Jobless rate up a third straight month to 6.4%
  17. No Overtime in Top Three: ERS To Push for Pension Reform Again
  18. SA: Education trumps housing on DOE land
  19. Bhago Trying to Rescue State IT Dying on Side of Road
  20. Sop to Solar Industry? FERC Dismisses Kauai Hydro Applications
  21. New Hearing for Hoopili Grows Heated
  22. The Shack: Accused Waikiki Extortionist May Get Bail
  23. Army plans ambitious Pohakuloa upgrade
  24. Dopey Hawaii County Council to be Tested for Drugs?
  25. Did Animal Liberation Whackos Get a U.S. Marine Colonel Fired?
  26. Stealing Electricity? Saipan Attorney General, Auditor Trade Criminal Charges
  27. Karma: Latest Electric Car gets 19 MPG
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Thursday, October 20, 2011
October 20, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:59 PM :: 15118 Views
  1. VIDEO: Gaddafi Pulled from Storm Drain, Argues with Captors before Getting Final Bullet
  2. China Cancels Honolulu Flights, Abercrombie calls Asia trip "extremely productive"
  3. Hawaii DoE grabs for another $50M from Race to the Top
  4. The Backdoor Attempt to Rewrite No Child Left Behind
  5. Pro-Assisted Suicide Advocates Falsely Advertise Suicide as Legal in Hawaii
  6. VIDEO: Lingle Visits Neighbor Islands
  7. New Poll shows Lingle beating Ed Case for Senate
  8. Horizon Lines Avoids Bankruptcy, But Delisted by NYSE
  9. Lingle’s $400K Fundraiser Creates Optimism
  10. Mehau Crony Naone back out after Paltry 14 Months
  11. Would Lingle Reintroduce Old Version of Akaka Bill?
  12. Issues at ORI Senior Center Unresolved as Federal Deadline Looms
  13. Counting on rail transit jobs? The numbers just don't add up
  14. Prostitution conviction of President Obama's friend stricken from court record—2nd Deferred Acceptance
  15. APEC host panel declares stage set for summit
  16. UPW Leans against APEC Strike
  17. Kamehameha Schools $2 Million Lawsuit Near Settlement
  18. Bob Jones: Fear of being called Fascists makes us Tolerant to the Point of Paralysis
  19. Rail Operating Costs Worry Honolulu Council Members
  20. List of Top Rail Lessees, Lessors
  21. CB Dissects Airport Rail Debacle
  22. Snowjob: APEC Delegates to be told Hawaii is “Business Friendly”
  23. Akaka Staffer Takes SolarCity Job
  24. Solar Farm Becomes Part of Sales Pitch for Hoopili
  25. Silly Editors at Star-Adv: “Don't wait to adapt to global warming”
  26. Local 5 Behind Occupy Wall Street Honolulu Protests
  27. Some Hawaii Teachers Ignore Ethics Code
  28. Murdock, Robinson Family among 100 largest landowners
  29. Get Cash For Your "Energy Hogs"
  30. Makaha Resort closing Oct.31
  31. "One of the bigger marijuana dealers in Waikiki" Charged with Injecting Cocaine, Meth into 14-year old girl
  32. Ala Wai Town House Scene of Earlier Incident
  33. Kauai Council Makes it Illegal To Urinate on County Building
  34. NATO kills 115 militants in area where Schofield soldiers are based
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Wednesday, October 19, 2011
October 19, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:43 PM :: 10818 Views
  1. Hawaii Poll shows Cain beating Romney in GOP Caucus Vote, 88% of GOPers back Lingle
  2. Update: Charles Djou in Afghanistan
  3. VIDEO Truth In Accounting Presentation at Hawaii Capitol
  4. Lawyer: Hawaii Assisted Suicide is Not "Already Legal"
  5. Final Stages of Total Withdrawal from Iraq Planned from Schoefield
  6. Lingle Campaigns for “Jobs Impact Statement” to Match EIS
  7. Lingle Beats Case in Latest Poll
  8. Shapiro: Futless Perfect Word for Abercrombie
  9. HLRB: Lawmakers, governor exempt from testifying in HSTA Case
  10. Ernie Martin 'Definitely' Running for Mayor — The Question is When
  11. All Night in Cold Water: Court Docs Show How Sovereignty Activists Allegedly Killed Man for his $70M Estate
  12. Hawaii Officials Merrily Celebrate Rail in D.C.
  13. Hearing set on suit seeking release of judicial nominee names
  14. State terminates managers of troubled housing project
  15. Civil Beat Experiments with Delphi Technique Online
  16. Solar tax Equity: US Bancorp to Pull $75M out of Taxpayers’ Pockets
  17. Honolulu income growth since 1970 at 6.6% a year
  18. CB: How Presidential Candidates Are Stacking Up So Far in Hawaii
  19. Hawaii GOP Ahead of Nebraska, Missouri
  20. ACLU Helps Maoists to Get First and Only Anti-APEC Protest Permit
  21. Police, Child Care Officials Investigate Alleged Peeping Tom, Close His Family's Hawaii Kai Daycare
  22. 32 Priors, Busted for Shooting 14yr old Girl with Drugs
  23. Hawaii school-based flu vaccinations to continue
  24. Tax Increase aimed at Fake Farms
  25. Tsunami Debris to reach Midway this Winter
  26. Hawaii health officials investigate mercury in marlin jerky
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011
October 18, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:02 PM :: 19959 Views
  1. Ideology Yes, Hawaii No: Hirono Votes Against S. Korea Free Trade
  2. Hawaii Solar Bubble: Installations jump 68% in headlong rush towards Threshold
  3. Rail Debate: Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda on Island Insights
  4. Honolulu Traffic vs. Star-Advertiser: Rail Job Count 650, not 17,250
  5. Cato Backs Suit Challenging DHHL Residents’ Property Tax Discount
  6. Geothermal Prep? OHA Admin Appointed State Energy Administrator
  7. If elected, Lingle seeks to ‘stand up’ for tourism
  8. Governor’s New Communications Director Forwards anti-Obama Chain Email
  9. Opponents Intimidated by Lingle Fundraising Success?
  10. Business Execs, PACs Boost Hanabusa Campaign
  11. CEOs, Developers Pump Up Hannemann's Campaign Coffers: Former Coke Dealer, Pay to Play Mitsunaga Give to Gabbard
  12. Global Warming “Scientists” Just Like the Anti-APEC Protesters
  13. Squib: 30 show at First Anti-APEC Protest
  14. Act 221 Scammers Back Assisted “Suicide”
  15. Late financial report leaves fiscal 2010 picture unclear
  16. 41 States - including Hawaii - Submit Requests to the U.S. DOE for a NCLB Waiver, But Critics Say That Will Hurt Schools in the Future
  17. ‘Rail~Volution’ Draws Honolulu Officials to DC
  18. 1909 Law a Product of St Damien’s Work?
  19. Increase In Workplace Meth Use Recorded
  20. Taser Case Fails to Stun Full Panel of 9th Circuit
  21. Isles involved in outreach campaign to get homeless vets off the streets
  22. Luddites Demand GMO Labeling so they can Herd their Sheep to Boycott
  23. OHA Holds Annual Meetings on Hawaii Island
  24. Kawailoa: Mafia First Wind buys 30 Turbines from Siemens
  25. PUNA: Redistricting hearing held in Kea’au
  26. Hacker Vacuums $1.2 M from American Samoa Government Account
  27. High Levels of Mercury Found in Hawaii Fish Jerky
  28. Hawaii-based Army soldier from Texas killed
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Monday, October 17, 2011
October 17, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:46 PM :: 21499 Views
  1. Solar Credits: 1000s of Homeowners to Face Audits to Cover up DoTAX Re-write of Law
  2. Case: Lingle offers Change to Hawaii Voters
  3. CB: Hirono Cold, Aloof, Prefers to be Alone
  4. After 10 months of Abercrombie, Even Anti-Superferry Protester Misses Lingle
  5. Djou Raises $81,400, Hanabusa $143,200
  6. Critics of Big Wind plan say it does not consider Oahu as a location for alternative energy
  7. Old Boys All Agree: Rail Means Jobs
  8. Program helps identify homeless vets
  9. First Anti-APEC Rally Today
  10. China Daily: Governors to promote tourism during forum
  11. SA: Family Justice Center needed to fight domestic violence
  12. Cabdrivers grumble over airport shuttles
  13. Navy Installs Large Scale Solar Hot Water Project on Oahu
  14. NORAD FAA Rep Helped Coast Guard Save Pilot off Hilo
  15. Airman hurt by blast returns to kin in isles
  16. The Rising East: Thinking the Unthinkable, Will North Korea Launch a Nuclear Attack?
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Sunday, October 16, 2011
October 16, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:04 PM :: 13498 Views
  1. Djou Campaign reports $243K Cash on Hand
  2. Feds: Medical Marijuana Laws and Hawaii County Council Drive Growth in Drug Trade
  3. Lawsuit Challenges Kaiser’s Non-profit Status: Money funneled to For-Profit Entities?
  4. Kalapa: The Trouble with Borrowing is Repaying the Loan
  5. Why evangelicals must stand up to anti-Mormon bigotry
  6. Borreca: Unlike predecessors, Abercrombie shuts out news media
  7. Cataluna to Abercrombie: What’s wrong with telling the truth?
  8. Hawaii credit card receipts point to slowing economy
  9. Geothermal Push Makes for Strange Bedfellows
  10. Homeless Sweeps Drive Bums Back Towards Old Stadium Park
  11. FBI affidavit sheds light on testimony never given in Aloun Farms human trafficking case
  12. Afterschool Program Benefits Hawaii Nonprofits
  13. 'Silver wave' about to crash on isle shores
  14. Rohlfing: Constitution Clear on Residency
  15. Do those “Read Aloud” banners constitute lobbying?
  16. Farrington set for major renovation
  17. State may use school land for affordable housing
  18. Private road fund bill resurfaces
  19. Send in the Clowns: Obama to make Occupy Wall Street Central Theme of His Campaign
  20. Rick Hamada’s Ron Paul Smack Down
  21. Out by Dec 31, U.S. To Keep Iraq Withdrawal Deadline
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Saturday, October 15, 2011
October 15, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:02 PM :: 10209 Views
  1. Rail Transit on Oahu: Real Estate Investment Opportunity or Urban Blight?
  2. Lingle takes Senate Campaign to Big Island
  3. Homosexuals Demand Hawaii Churches be Forced to Host Gay Union Ceremonies
  4. Thief Demands Marijuana During Probation
  5. Solar Industry Calls DoTAX Bluff
  6. Candidates start disclosing war chests for latest quarter
  7. Shapiro: Lazy Mazie not Worth $5
  8. Rafu Shimpo: Lingle Announces Run for Akaka’s Senate Seat
  9. Bombardier files new appeal of Honolulu rail contract
  10. Tax Free Bonds Finance Sewer Upgrades
  11. Occupy Honolulu heads for Waikiki
  12. PTA plan would impact land
  13. Abercrombie goes to China and China Eastern cancels Shanghai-Honolulu flights
  14. Will China Eastern Flights Resume?
  15. SA: Energy Must be taken out of Hands of Market
  16. Sovereignty Scammers Claim Geothermal Available on Oahu
  17. HECO with new 200mw “renewable” Proposal
  18. Another Democrat sues demanding State Discriminate Against Military Personnel
  19. After DoJ Lets Aloun Farms off the Hook, Global Horizons Human trafficking case to get new prosecutors
  20. New protections for victims of domestic, sexual violence
  21. State Hospital employee accused of sexually assaulting patient
  22. SA: Old People are Just Too Expensive for Medicare
  23. Hawaii has lowest rate of heart disease in nation
  24. Eco-Fraud: Polar Bear Researcher To Be Re-Interviewed By Feds
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Friday, October 14, 2011
October 14, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:54 PM :: 15190 Views
  1. Honolulu Rated 5th Most Dangerous US Airport
  2. Moody’s Downgrade Adds Pressure to sell off Honolulu Rail Contractor
  3. Tax on ‘Tax-Free’ Bonds still alive in Congress: Hawaii Public Housing At Risk
  4. Lingle Raises $400K on First Day of Campaign
  5. With Lingle in, Senate race now a 'tossup'
  6. Hawaii Republican Party's interim chairwoman aims to make the party a solid political force
  7. Homeowners face audits for Following DoTAX Regs on Solar Tax Credits
  8. Governor's New Chief of Staff Will Continue Outside Business Deals
  9. Ansaldo: HART outlines its Fatal Assumptions
  10. WaPo: Lingle Has Good Opportunity in Hawaii
  11. $58M sought for next year's school budget
  12. Congressional Committee Debates Cuts to Hawaii Military Spending
  13. Suffering PDS, Hirono Can’t Remember who Ran for President
  14. Truth in Accounting Comes to Hawaii
  15. Hawaii tax collections increase for first fiscal quarter
  16. PBN: Nullifying HECO’s contract with Aina Koa Pono was right call
  17. DANGER! Hawaii Bankers Grab Control of Citibank
  18. After Losing in the Intermediate Court, James Pflueger Appeals Manslaughter Case to Supreme Court
  19. Kauai Garden Isle Debunks Electric Cars
  20. Hospital Blocker Sen. Roz Baker honored for efforts to support public health
  21. SHOPO backs Hannemann for Congress
  22. Examining HTA’s 2012 efforts for marketing
  23. FOX casting in Hawaii for show about struggling hotels
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Thursday, October 13, 2011
October 13, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 8:07 PM :: 4764 Views
  1. Cook: Hawaii Senate Race a toss-up
  2. Hawaii: Second Highest Taxes on Earth?
  3. Defeat of Obama Jobs Bill Saves Honolulu Rail Millions
  4. DoE Releases Public and Charter School Enrollment Numbers
  5. Would Abercrombie throw his staff under the bus on the way to the casino?
  6. Tax Credits: Clinton Crony Movie Moguls Burned $218K trying to Bribe Legislators
  7. SA: U.S. Senate race offers hard choices
  8. ACLU moots use for Fire, Fake Weapons, and Liquids by anti-APEC Protesters
  9. Waikiki Business Gifts to Police Under Fire Before
  10. A New Contract For Not-So-New Hawaii Schools Chief
  11. War on Restaurant Industry: Civil Beat Seeks Tactical Intel from Other Styrofoam Battles
  12. Act 221 Scammers still Pushing Hawaii Stock Exchange
  13. KCC Censorship leads to … Palmyra Island?
  14. Enviros Opposition to Public Land Development Corp Predicated on Overthrow of Admission Act
  15. Akaka cosponsors Indian energy bill
  16. Hawaii Teamster Rejects Hoffa’s Labor Day Rant
  17. Request for rail rebid turns into rant
  18. Honolulu Airport makeover underway ahead of APEC
  19. HECO, SunPower, DHHL in 5mw Solar Deal
  20. Electric utility blames rates on oil prices
  21. International drug summit to be held in Hawaii
  22. Council members may face 12-year limit, Return to Partisan Primaries
  23. Harry Kim Mulls Re-Run for Big Island Mayor
  24. Kona Diving Instructor’s Attack on Aquarium Collector Timed to Council Vote
  25. Next time it rains on Waikiki, Blame Global Warming
  26. Kona coffee grower pays $46,000 in back wages, fines over treatment of Mexican workers
    • South Korea Free Trade Passes, Akaka says Free Trade for Me, but not for Thee
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Wednesday, October 12, 2011
October 12, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:50 PM :: 17410 Views
  1. Lingle announces Campaign, Launches Website
  2. Lingle Hits Moderate, Bipartisan themes in Campaign Rollout
  3. AUDIO: Lingle Announces Senate Bid
  4. Hanabusa: Lingle resonates with voters
  5. Failing, DoE seeks waiver from federal No Child Left Behind law
  6. Are Suicide Activists Already Killing People in Hawaii?
  7. Hawaii Congressional Delegation: How They Voted October 11th
  8. Abercrombie, HTA Leave Tokyo
  9. Earlier primary forces candidates, voters to adjust
  10. New Day becomes Sad Day: Gamble on Abercrombie has failed to pay off
  11. Governor’s incoming chief of staff draws new questions
  12. New Day: DoE Teachers must Resign, Give Up Seniority to Work at Charter Schools
  13. APEC: Pan-Pacific Free Trade Zone to Include US, Japan, Australia, NZ, Singapore
  14. Full Text: Malama Solomon Sues to Disenfranchise Military Personnel
  15. SA: Put geothermal on front burner as Pele Defense Fund Fizzles Out
  16. Free Speech taught at KCC? Student Housing Corp Sues Student over Facebook Postings
  17. A Second Crack at Clearing Honolulu's Sidewalks
  18. Crews Racing To Complete Makeover In Time For APEC—But Don’t Worry, Brian Schatz is in Charge
  19. Ewa Democrat Kurt Favella Target of Elder Abuse Allegations
  20. HPD offers insight into policies after fatal traffic stop
  21. Sewer Rate Hikes Could Increase Borrowing Costs for Sewer Projects
  22. State: $4.2M to Boost N. Kohala Ag Developer
  23. Aina Koa Pono Slams State Regulators for Refusing to Loot Ratepayers
  24. Pacquiao picks Hawaii for next title bout
  25. Occupy Wall Street – Hilo Demonstration Scheduled for October 15
  26. Senate passes bill to sanction China over currency
  27. Payback? Obama drops Human Trafficking grant to Catholic bishops
  28. Environmental Groups Wary of Who Will Head New State Land Agency
  29. Banana Leaves? Civil Beat Pushes Tupperware as Styrofoam Alternative
  30. Al Jazeera video interviews Thai workers on their living conditions
  31. Clinton Supporter Orly Taitz in Hawaii Looking for Birth Certificate
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011
October 11, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:27 PM :: 11259 Views
  1. AUDIO: Lingle Announces Senate Bid
  2. Obama Sends South Korea Free Trade Agreement to Congress
  3. Some Democrats worry Coppa is Tied to Development Interests
  4. With Abercrombie floundering and Lingle preparing to Win Senate Seat, Borreca Reminisces About the Glory Days
  5. New PUC Commissioner up to his eyeballs in Green Energy Scams, Wants Rate Increase
  6. OIP to OHA — Again: Your Employees Are Public
  7. Gabbard Gives Back Pay Raises, Oshiro buys support
  8. Castle & Cooke pushes again for Koa Ridge approval
  9. State's triage puts fewer kids into foster care
  10. SA: School closures need clear strategy
  11. Calvin Say does not remember ‘gifts’ received from Movie Mogul Lobbyists
  12. Malama Solomon sues, Calls Military Personnel “Wrong Population Base”
  13. Pro rail Union group pays for trip to DC
  14. APEC SHAKEDOWN: Homelessness industry moves bums to Land owned by Hawaii Public Broadcasting
  15. APEC Warmup: Occupy Honolulu movement grows but has some divisiveness
  16. Friends of Rod Tam Launch Website
  17. State Civil Defense names interim vice director
  18. Gold Star License Plates Arrive In Hawaii
  19. Schofield Chopper Teams Train On Big Island
  20. Ocean View Residents Reject plan for Forced Relocation, Higher Taxes
  21. Eco-Study claims Hawaiians have Been Destroying Reefs for 700 years
  22. Hawaii Black Albatross Is Not Endangered, Agency Says
  23. Hawaii Ranks #2 in Marriages
  24. Coming Out Day: Hawaii LGBT activists force gay students, workers to become Activists too
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Monday, October 10, 2011
October 10, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:21 PM :: 17272 Views
  1. Governor’s New Communications director Is Chairman Of Unity House, Owner of Troubled Nightclub, Gambling Advocate
  2. Hawaii Agency Tasked with Developing State Lands Could Grind to a Halt
  3. Like GOP, Hawaii Democrats Also In Debt
  4. FACE: We need Rail Because America Needs Yet Another ‘Stimulus’ Bill
  5. Movie company’s gifts face continuing ethics probe
  6. 53% of isle children taught there really IS a free lunch
  7. Overrun by Bums, Night closure endorsed for King Kalakaua Park
  8. It Begins: Philippine Paper Looks at Sex Tourism in Hawaii
  9. Local 5, Anti-APEC Groups, Sovereignty Scammers Make Overtures To 'Occupy Honolulu' Organizers
  10. Carlisle Travels 64 days in First Year
  11. CB: Time to Write a Glowing History of the Sovereignty Movement
  12. Hawaii Military Researchers Make Breakthrough towards AIDS Vaccine
  13. Department of Education Launches Its First-ever Redesign Initiative in Hawaii
  14. Sheriff Division adds 18 deputies
  15. SA: Require bikers to wear helmets
  16. Kauai Council Rejects Solar Water Heater Mandate
  17. Gay CNN Reporter tries to use Bullying to Change Human Nature
  18. NY Post: Aimless Obama walks alone
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Sunday, October 9, 2011
October 9, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:49 PM :: 11264 Views
  1. Solar Tax Credits: Cash from General Fund Lines Pockets of Mainland Companies
  2. Hawaii Christian Coalition salutes Kaauwai, Plans Community Meetings
  3. Climate Change and Regulatory Takings in Coastal Hawaii
  4. Taking a Step Back on Nation’s Economic Path
  5. Top Abercrombie Advisor Tied to Honolulu Liquor Commission Boss forced out by FBI Investigation
  6. Borreca to Abercrombie: Stand and deliver or leave
  7. Inouye Wrong: Hawaii will take brunt of Military Cuts
  8. Internal Crisis? Abercrombie loses fourth staff member
  9. Do families really want all the people Abercrombie is sending home to them?
  10. Civil Defense should be Cabinet post
  11. Geothermal on Hawaii island and Maui could double the state's current energy output—and cut cost by 66%
  12. OHA: Machado has no replacement as Clyde Namuo quits
  13. Hawaii ranks #8 in Per-Capita Domestic Violence Murders
  14. Volunteers Cleaning Up Hawaii Schools For Less
  15. Proposed UH tuition increases explained
  16. Maui Measure pushes labeling of genetically engineered products
  17. Occupy Hawaii organized by UNITE HERE Local 5
  18. Occupy Wall Street movement hits Hawaii
  19. Maoists, UH Perfesser, Occupy Wall Street prepare to Occupy APEC
  20. SA: HPD needs to respect records law
  21. Prosecutors Use Civil Law to go after Drug Houses
  22. Fire probe shutters popular shooting range
  23. Guam: Small Island Has a Big Role
  24. China Daily Looks at Sun Yat Sen in Hawaii
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Saturday, October 8, 2011
October 8, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:25 PM :: 12669 Views
  1. Spin Doctors try to blame Staff for Abercrombie being Abercrombie
  2. Epiphany leads to Mass Resignations: Abercrombie Administration Incompatible with Family Values
  3. Just back from Paris, Abercrombie flees to Japan
  4. VIDEO: Pilot ditches Cessna, rescued by Coast Guard off Hilo
  5. Operation Enduring Freedom, A Decade Of War
  6. Homeownership grows 1.18% during Lingle Years—Hawaii Growth Rate #3 in Nation
  7. SA: “Unpredictable Abercrombie caused much of the communications damage”
  8. ILind: Abercrombie administration Still flunking crisis management test
  9. Henry Curtis: Abercrombie a One Term Governor?
  10. Shapiro: Gov's 'New Day in Hawaii' got old for fleeing staffers
  11. Activists: Abercrombie is Executing Micronesians
  12. Abercrombie admits responsibility for costing Hawaii millions under Compact of Free Association
  13. Even Obama doesn’t want anything to do with Abercrombie
  14. Maoist APEC protestors get ready to rally
  15. Occupy Maui: Protesters in Clown Suits hit Wailuku
  16. SA pushes for Taxes on Food Deemed “Junk”
  17. Panel Again Revises Staggered Terms for Hawaii Senate Seats
  18. 911 calls capture progress of rampage
  19. Kauai Jury fails to convict for “Atooi” License provided by Anti-Superferry Protester
  20. W. Hawaii shooting range could open in 'couple years'
  21. Ecos in Dismay as Kokee Cabins to be Auctioned
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Friday, October 7, 2011
October 7, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:46 PM :: 10307 Views
  1. Inouye Slams Ed Case: “I don’t want to deal with a person like that”
  2. Asselbaye, Aoki Resign from Abercrombie Administration
  3. KIUC: In Race for Tax Credits, Solar Beats Wind, Biofuel
  4. State of Hawaii to SCOTUS: Protect Property Rights from "Overreaching Federal Regulation"
  5. ALA: 1909 Law Does Not Allow Assisted Suicide
  6. Like Hawaii, Alaskan Native Corps Front for Government Contractors while Natives Get Short-Changed
  7. Hawaii has lowest level of Serious Mental Illness in US
  8. Abercrombie plans push for Soda Taxes and gambling
  9. Abercrombie’s New Chief of Staff is Old Boy Insider
  10. State Civil Defense Workers Sign Petition Asking For Vice-Director’s Reinstatement
  11. Djou's Campaign Objective To Reach Congress
  12. Case: Hirono is Status Quo Candidate, Senate Race Mirrors 2002
  13. Case Says he’s Too Honest, But then Won’t Tell
  14. Hanabusa Scrounging Contracts for Akaka Gang, CNHA
  15. SA: Let free speech ring out during APEC
  16. Rail Price Drops Again In New Draft Financial Plan
  17. Big Wind has Secret Plan to Cover all of Molokai?
  18. State boosts “Big Wind” EIS contract by 70%
  19. Judge: HSTA Attorney 'Promoted Confusion' to ‘Boost Attorney’s Fees’
  20. School lunch price going higher
  21. Private North Hawaii Hospital to Join HHSC???
  22. Durbin Tax Hits Hawaii Bank Customers
  23. Revolving Door: Suspect in Zales jewelry robbery in trouble again (Arrest #24)
  24. Anti Capitalist 'OccupyHawaii' Site Sponsored by Businesses, Conservative Group Ads
  25. ‘Enlightened’ Mocks Conscious and Progressive
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Thursday, October 6, 2011
October 6, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:13 PM :: 20295 Views
  1. Rep Pine: Pass HB1465 to Stop Elder Abuse
  2. First 100 Residents move into Renovated Kuhio Park Apartments
  3. Waihee: Mass murderer Zhou Enlai is a hero of mine
  4. Sovereignty Scammers Hit it Big: Dorcy Estate Second only to Doris Duke’s
  5. Activists: Assisted Suicide Legal under 1909 Hawaii Law
  6. Inouye on Case: “My thinking has not really changed … I don’t want to deal with a person like that”
  7. Inouye: Lack of Bipartisanship Hurting Hawaii
  8. Abercrombie Muzzled After Pro-Bowl Gaffe
  9. Legislative Agenda: More Spending, Tax Hikes, and Tax Credits
  10. Hanabusa Engineered Automatic Legislative Pay Hikes
  11. HW: Difficult to Discern If Kaauwai Responsible for GOP Debt
  12. Hawaii County Elections Worker Operated Business out of Elections Warehouse
  13. Sheriff Department Gun Purchase Contract Questioned
  14. Back to the Stone Age: Civil Beat suggests Banana Leaves as Alternative to Styrofoam Plates
  15. Maui: Anti-GMO Luddites Push for Labeling in order to Facilitate Fear-Mongering Campaign
  16. Wealthy Anti-Superferry Protesters fly to DC For “Stop the Machine” Protest
  17. SA: Fund adult classes via moderate fees
  18. Legal Morass Raises Questions About Charter School Independence
  19. Reapportionment Revises Staggered Senate Terms Again
  20. OHA to Replace Namuo Within 3-5 Months
  21. Removing Bums from H-1 viaduct costs $400,000 a year
  22. Bill 54 Angers ACLU, Homelessness Industry
  23. Waikiki Business Assoc Buys More Police Protection
  24. Hawaii District Court judges issue conflicting opinions on enforcement scheme for Hawaii's Tip Statute - Hawaii Supremes to weigh-in
  25. Assisted Suicide Lobby Begins to Crank up Lobbying for 2012
  26. State's largest solar power project planned for Kauai
  27. Tax Commission To Weigh Elimination Of State Income Taxes
  28. Hawaii’s Future: Feds use Seal Protection to Shut Down Alaska Fisheries
  29. Meddling Enviro Gets Away with Harassment
  30. Latest Target for Free Floating Anxiety: Aquarium Fish Collectors
  31. White House Pretends that 1,500 Hawaii Teacher Jobs Come From Obama Plan
  32. Gay Reaction to Anti-Bullying Program
  33. More than 100 protestors rallied against Capitalism, Freedom on Hawaii island
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Wednesday, October 5, 2011
October 5, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:15 PM :: 6302 Views
  1. VIDEO: Lingle at Djou Fundraiser in Manoa
  2. Back to the Future: Hilo Girl leads 12 Army Cooks replacing 84 Contractors in Iraq
  3. Hawaii DoE Launches Anti-Bullying Campaign
  4. Hawaii Public Schools to Offer Surfing as Official Sport
  5. HB: Data on Women and Money in Hawaii and Nationally
  6. Bob Jones: Hirono, Hanabusa, Abercrombie Least Inspirational in History
  7. Roll Call: Lingle is most high profile candidate not yet announced
  8. Inouye: “Case knows why I’m not too happy with him”
  9. Hamada: Kaauwai Was Good For GOP
  10. Duke Aiona Responsible for GOP’s Poor 2010 Performance
  11. Sovereignty Activist Tied to Two Other Possible Elder Abuse Cases
  12. Child Deaths: DHS Director Blames Media for Controversy over DHS Secrecy
  13. SA Defends Reapportionment Plan
  14. Hawaii County moves closer to vote-by-mail
  15. Dela Cruz: Hotels, Energy Projects to be Facilitated by State Land Corporation
  16. Abercrombie gets lead out when cashing tax checks
  17. HNN: Two HPD officers charged in alleged workers comp fraud scheme
  18. Aloun Farms: Another Slavery Conviction Overturned
  19. Open Enrollment but EUTF Premiums Still Not Known
  20. Inouye: Protectionist Senate Bill A Risk to Hawaii Tourism
  21. After Prosecutors Drop pre-APEC Prep Case, ACLU goes to Plan B
  22. City clears out homeless in Haleiwa
  23. Mililani Trask to Headline Geothermal Forum at Bellows
  24. Fidell: Big Wind = Superferry Redux
  25. Abercrombie Admin to “Invest” $6M in High Tech Companies
  26. TAU: Hordes of Developers Descend on Kauai County Council
  27. #2 Man at Civil Defense Steps Down over Power Grab by State DoD
  28. Likelike on Hold: As Campus closure policy is under review
  29. Teachers Fight 'Take It or Leave It' Deal
  30. Hawaii Ed Board Passes Graduation Policy — Again
  31. Ground-based interceptor missiles hit targets over Hawaii
  32. Obama policy setting troop killers free in Iraq
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Tuesday, October 4, 2011
October 4, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:23 PM :: 12019 Views
  1. Sovereignty Scammers accused of Elder Abuse, Gain Control of $70M Estate
  2. Abercrombie claims to be victim of Bullying
  3. Assisted Suicide Back on Legislative Agenda
  4. More Predictions of Doom and Gloom for Hawaii Republicans From the Pundits
  5. Thielen Joins Carlisle Administration
  6. Hawaii Education Scores Rank Poor When Compared Globally
  7. Honolulu Rail Construction Delays Will Paralyze Traffic for Decade
  8. 'Graying Hippies' in Hilo Join NY City Allies in Protest of 'Corporate Greed and Influence'
  9. Fidell: Hawaii’s Energy Future is based on Solar, Wind and Mililani Trask
  10. Styrofoam: Civil Beat Identifies Enemy Supply Lines in War on Restaurant Industry
  11. Program aims to help homeowners stay out of foreclosure
  12. Adult School Principals seeking funding propose fewer locations and higher class fees
  13. Hokulia Bypass road protest dead-ends at Supreme Court
  14. Judge Orders Release of Four 911 Tapes
  15. Former Prisoners Face Employment Challenges
  16. Honolulu Federal prison probe seeks answers on contraband
  17. Judge rules Army didn't test seaweed near Makua
  18. SA: Let private sector run public housing
  19. Hawi Ag Park To Be Exempt from All Zoning, Construction Standards
  20. Hughes Corp. revives plan for Kakaako
  21. Natatorium is a problem that just won't go away
Read More..
Monday, October 3, 2011
October 3, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:13 PM :: 12197 Views
  1. Got $1.25M? Jeremy Harris’ 16 acre Estate For Sale
  2. Lalamilo: Another Hawaii Wind Energy Junkyard
  3. Why Stop at $500K? DoTAX Quietly Multiplies Hawaii Solar Tax Credit
  4. “Tiny” Rate Due to Broad Base of Hawaii’s “Sales Tax”
  5. Malama Solomon’s Lawsuit Shapes Future of Jerry Chang, Mark Nakashima
  6. Schools to launch push against bullying
  7. SA: Sometimes, it costs too much green to go green
  8. $25M solar project planned by A&B for 2012
  9. Public Lands Development Corp Cancels Meeting after Violation
  10. Hawaii County Redistricting meetings seek public's input
  11. CB: 'Bummer of a Summer' for Hawaii's Visitor Industry
  12. Styrofoam: Civil Beat IDs Targets in War on Restaurant Industry
  13. Freeway Service Patrol Expands
  14. SA: Find funding for snake inspections
  15. L.A. sheriffs say there may be more victims of singer Rodriguez—in Hawaii
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Sunday, October 2, 2011
October 2, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:18 PM :: 13451 Views
  1. Truth In Accounting Coming to Hawaii Oct 10-12
  2. US Supreme Court Asked to Decide: Is Hawaiian Homes Property Tax Exemption Racial Discrimination?
  3. Obama’s Low Approval Ratings in Hawaii Create opening for Lingle
  4. Fukumoto: Hawaii GOP Significantly Ahead
  5. Nurses: Stop Union Political Endorsements
  6. Report: Hawaii Charter Schools Should be allowed to Dump HSTA, HGEA
  7. DoE Trying to Grab Money from Federally Funded Tutoring for Students in Failing Schools
  8. Wise Prosecutors drop Topless Protesters Case, Keep Powder Dry for APEC
  9. As Occupy Wall Street Riots Spread, Groups worried officials will limit ability to Riot during APEC summit
  10. Chuck Prentiss asks: Will Hawaii Environmentalists Riot over Water Well Drilling?
  11. Mililani Trask tries to score as “Community Advisor”, Geothermal Energy on Hawaii Island
  12. More from the anti-Geothermal Protesters Cashing In
  13. Latest Bum Removal Bill Inspired by Failure to Enforce Last Bum Removal Bill
  14. Probation experiment takes cue from Hawaii
  15. Judge tells Peeping Tom ex-policeman to leave neighbor alone
  16. Diabetes? Federal Funds go to Plant Garden
  17. Living with mold: Severe infestations forced two military families to move
  18. HHFDC plans sale of Kama'aina Hale
  19. News about Mayor Wright Homes — good and bad — puts spotlight anew on public housing challenges
  20. First CNMI prevailing wage survey results now out
Read More..
Saturday, October 1, 2011
October 1, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:38 PM :: 13109 Views
  1. Double Taxed: Hawaii Tax Base Larger than Economy
  2. The Legal Battle Over Honolulu’s Train to Nowhere
  3. Paper or Plastic: Let us decide for ourselves
  4. Council of State Governments Looks at Hawaii Justice Reinvestment
  5. Maui County Settles Dispute with Merrill Lynch Over Student Auction Rate Securities
  6. Deadly Fireworks Explosion: Safety Violations Lead to $415k fine
  7. Prostitution Investigation focuses on Abercrombie’s Security Detail
  8. Teachers: I will never campaign for anybody again, We’re almost better off Voting Republican
  9. Hirono Fundraising Falling Short as Deadline Approaches
  10. Public Housing Authority Director Stepping Down
  11. Unanswered questions remain about governor’s emergency declarations
  12. Hawaii’s Ancient IT Holding Back 2010 Financial Report, Elevator Inspections, Federal Funds
  13. Illinois Eight Democratic Primary: Duckworth raised at least $368,504
  14. Hanabusa gets her District to Move to her, Moves Anyway
  15. SA: Complete full EIS for Army to train here
  16. 290 Hawaii Species now “Endangered”
  17. Hawaii's workers enter crisis when disability checks lag
  18. 24 civilian workers at Pearl Harbor arrested
  19. Trash Haulers Make County Pay for them – Literally
  20. $100/Day fines: Hawaii County forces Shutdown of Art Gallery
  21. Turtle Bay union wins court decision
  22. Hawaii law firm helps Mississippi whistleblower expose bid rigging scheme
  23. Obama’s Unitarian Church Imports Gay Activist Back to Hawaii
  24. City prosecutors drop case against topless protesters
  25. Hawaii Hells Angel Arrest Coincides With San Diego raids
  26. UH Manoa Perfesser: Drugs can make you Monkeys Enlightened, Conscious, and Progressive like me
  27. New details in singer's alleged sex abuse case
  28. New Fast and Furious docs released by White House
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