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Sunday, November 30, 2014
November 30, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:39 PM :: 7181 Views
  1. Nobody Commits to Buy Ansaldo: Deadline Extended Again for Parent Company of Honolulu Rail Contractor
  2. The Tax Credit That Should Not Die
  3. Neil "F*** You" Abercrombie Berated Everybody
  4. In Abercrombie's wake, a legacy of broken promises
  5. 7/9ths Fail to Implement: The Sun Sets on a New Day
  6. Abercrombie Operative Apologizes 
  7. Abercrombie Pleased only by Forcing Himself on Hawaii
  8. Ige to Balance Budget With Technology for Tax Collection
  9. Kaneshiro in Rumor Mill for AG
  10. Abercrombie's budget director to be named CFO of UH
  11. Why Did Carbone Quit?
  12. People driven by misinformation are endangering local farming
  13. Kauai GMO/Pesticide Fact-Finding Group to Convene
  14. HCDA Pushes Homeless Micro Apartments for Waikiki
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Saturday, November 29, 2014
November 29, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:19 PM :: 3536 Views
  1. Early Release: "Pflueger’s old-boy manipulation of the justice system stinks like corruption and smells like big money.”
  2. Caldwell appoints Roy Amemiya to be Managing Director, effective January
  3. Inauguration Set for Monday at Capitol
  4. Independent organization wants schools to have more power, not the DOE
  5. Ige Will Have Power to Reverse Abercrombie Operatives' IT Job Grab
  6. Abercrombie Admin Finally Admits Big Wind is Dead
  7. AG Louie's Final Act:  Pflueger released from prison months ahead of schedule
  8. Maui Anti-GMO Leader: Initiative Would Have No Impact on OUR Community 
  9. Anti-Aquarium Obsessives Try Hawaii County Council
  10. Barrons: Will Legislators Protect HEI Profits?
  11. Honolulu Police Chief Begins Second Term
  12. Stipends for UH athletes could cost nearly $1M a year
  13. New King Street cycling lane: Pain, Confusion, Danger
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Friday, November 28, 2014
November 28, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:01 PM :: 3380 Views
  1. Dawn Ige Addresses Education Conference
  2. Hawaii Health Connector Seeks out Immigrants: Need 130,000 Just to Break Even
  3. Bad Bureaucracy the Norm?  Convergence of Government Blunders
  4. Ige's challenges include uniting feuding Democrats
  5. Feds Investigate Fraud at Hawaii Public Housing
  6. Ex-OHA Trustee Backs Fake Indian Tribe
  7. Price of Schatz' Carbon Tax? $311M per Year for Hawaii
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Thursday, November 27, 2014
November 27, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:27 PM :: 4568 Views
  1. The hidden story of the third Thanksgiving: 1623--giving thanks for freedom
  2. Judge Kurren Strikes Down Hawaii County Anti-GMO Ordinance
  3. Jealousy? Envy? -- Carbone Statement Fact Checked by I Mua Manoa
  4. Bridge Aina Lea: Supreme Court Smacks Down LUC
  5. October Visitors Up 3%, Expenditures up 3.3%
  6. Leahi Hospital to Close? Vendors Threaten Cut-off over Unpaid Bills
  7. 11 fired as 4 Abercrombie appointees hired in IT
  8. Felony Theft suspect Hired as Office Manager by Rep Ken Ito
  9. Thanksgiving: Three More Prisoners Escape, Earlier Escapee Recaptured
  10. UH's two manned subs may be left on dry land for lack of funds
  11. Anti-GMO Groups 'Just Milking it'
  12. Hawaii Council seeks to reform Jones Act
  13. Honolulu Planning Commission to Consider Hoopili Development
  14. Prescription for Disaster: Painkiller use in Hawaii increases
  15. State Park Shutdown Clobbers Non-Profit
  16. Judge sides with Hawaii County against former councilman
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Wednesday, November 26, 2014
November 26, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:10 PM :: 6128 Views
  1. Judge Kurren Strikes Down Hawaii County Anti-GMO Ordinance
  2. Pat Saiki: Hawaii Republicans must have dialogue – not debate – with voters
  3. Fact: Bartender Wins Most Votes in OHA Election
  4. Hawaii Taxes on Poverty-Level Income 2nd Highest in USA
  5. Carbone: Opponents Motivated by Jealousy and Envy
  6. HCDA Issues RFP for Kakaako Micro Units
  7. Kauai Dairy Farm Receives Approval
  8. Feds Pay SolarCity to Analyze HECO Distributed Generation
  9. Colette Machado Resigns as OHA Chair
  10. Another Homosexual Leader Busted for Homosexual Child Molestation
  11. Abercrombie Office Employee Allegedly Steals then goes to Work for Ken Ito
  12. Hawaii's state hospitals in throes of financial crisis
  13. Hawaii Makes List of Top Medical Layoffs -- Twice
  14. Good Reasons to Support Sit-Lie
  15. Hawaii's Path to Becoming Detroit
  16. Will Ige's AG Drop Appeal of Financial Disclosure Order?
  17. There’s Big Money in Offering Discounted or Free Cellular Phone Service in Hawaii
  18. 3 Lessons Hawaii Learned from Gamifying Government
  19. Caldwell Dumps Ember Shinn for Roy Ame­miya Jr
  20. Kaneshiro handled domestic abuse case properly
  21. HCDA Approves 3 Projects, Gives Director 5% Raise
  22. Attorney General Investigators raid Kalihi Charter School--$12,000 in Acupuncture Expenses
  23. Charter School Board Members Quit over Lies
  24. Students should be UH priority
  25. UH biolab accused of lax security
  26. Danger in the tunnels? Many freeway tunnel fans not working
  27. Builder Loses 86% of Business due to city’s permit application process
  28. HECO gaining ground on plan to integrate thousands of rooftop solar systems
  29. DoH Modifies Cesspool Conversion Proposal
  30. Hawaii Home Prices Rising Faster than 48 States
  31. Organic Elite Turkeys
  32. Dopers Want Dope for 'Insomnia, Attention Deficit Disorder'
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Tuesday, November 25, 2014
November 25, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:40 PM :: 4415 Views
  1. University of Hawaii won’t talk about sex education program
  2. Tommy Waters Sues for Recount in East Oahu Council Race
  3. Tommy Waters' Old Boy Network up to No Good Again
  4. Hawaii, Alaska Only States to add No Ultra-Rich for 2013
  5. Matson Hikes Rates 5.4%
  6. East Hawaii health services could face ‘catastrophic cuts’ Thanks to Abercrombie's HGEA, UPW Contracts
  7. Star-Adv: DLNR Choice to Keep Child Porn Convict "normalizes his illegal behavior"
  8. Ige's leadership style about to be tested in new setting
  9. Honolulu Deputy Prosecutor Suspended in Negligent Homicide Case
  10. Hawaii Needs To Stop ‘Scam Artist’ Prison Guards
  11. DoE Spends $1 million on time clocks, Union Doesn't Want Them
  12. Living Hawaii: Where the Rent Is Too Damn High
  13. Homeless Dude Leaves Shelter, Plants His Family in front of Blaisdell to get Free Housing
  14. Reforming the Hawai`i Public Utilities Commission
  15. Oahu Solar Permits Down 58%
  16. Cancer Center Seeking New Director
  17. New Kauai County Attorney Recognized Flaws in Anti-GMO Initiative
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Monday, November 24, 2014
November 24, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:53 PM :: 3523 Views
  1. Report: Hawaii Scores ‘D’ on Sex Trafficking Laws
  2. Hawaii Is the State with the 8th Most Frugal Consumers
  3. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted November 24, 2014
  4. Ige Wants to Name Cabinet by December 1--One Week from Today
  5. Jockeying for 2016 or AG? Kaneshiro Unloads on Carlisle
  6. Leadership of PUC in ‘holdover position’
  7. Abercrombie: "Have you talked to the Chinese About Money?"
  8. Abercrombie Got Biggest Raise of Any Governor
  9. Lame Duck Anti-GMO Kauai Council Gift to Omidyar Development Scheme
  10. UH Officials worry serious NCAA violations to come
  11. Aloha Stadium design flaw undetected for 35 years
  12. City gets 'F' for rail project
  13. State to Force Micronesians on to Obamacare Exchange
  14. Complaints About Homeless Flood Mayor's Office
  15. Suicide Squad is Back, Looking for People to Kill Off
  16. Volcano Staunches Flow of Punatics into Hawaii
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Monday, November 24, 2014
Letters to the Editor, November, 2014
By Letters to the Editor @ 12:01 PM :: 5664 Views
  • Tommy Waters' Old Boy Network up to No Good Again
  • Misuse of Emergency Rooms Drives Medical Costs Up
  • A Completely Typical and Average Anti-GMO Activist Explains Why They Won on Maui
  • Kakaako at a Crossroads November 4 
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Sunday, November 23, 2014
November 23, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:32 PM :: 4138 Views
  1. Progressivism Becomes Convenient Vehicle for Tycoons
  2. Who’s the Boss, Anyway?
  3. Alfalfa Farmers Sue to Overturn GMO Ban
  4. Could Congress finally end the GMO labeling war?
  5. Caldwell Makes the Disabled Pay Starting Jan 1
  6. Hawaii Landmark Land Use Litigation for 2014
  7. Supreme Court Blocks Friends of Makakilo Appeal vs DR Horton
  8. Dumbfounded, Shouting Abercrombie--Failure to Lead
  9. Abercrombie Rationalizes 'Epic Failure' of his Administration
  10. 'Buff and Turf' Flies Mainland Homeless to Hawaii
  11. Think tank wants principals and teachers to be in charge
  12. Health Connector Boss Apologizes, Urges Consumers to Skip the Website
  13. Caldwell: With TOD, we can keep the Peasants from Owning Cars, Homes
  14. Star-Adv: State Should Favor Foster Care over Return to Abusive Families
  15. Biggest Event in Aloha Stadium History an Ariyoshi Rally
  16. Luxury Realtor, Mainland Activists Seek Intervention in Maui Anti-GMO Suit
  17. Small Business Defends itself against Anti-Styrofoam hysteria
  18. On balance, Army in Hawaii is a positive
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Saturday, November 22, 2014
November 22, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:53 PM :: 3682 Views
  1. UH: Pono Choices Secretly Part of "Human Subject Research"
  2. Leaving Trail of Destruction, Carbone Suddenly Quits UH Cancer Center
  3. Hawaii political action committee under fire for non-disclosure
  4. UH Report: 14,282 Homeless in Hawaii
  5. Omidyar 'Assumes Ownership' of Honolulu Seawater Air Conditioning
  6. Aiona: Campaign Was a Victory for Religious Freedom
  7. LNG Simplest Solution to Hawaii's CO2 Emissions
  8. So Few Customers that Hawaii Health Connector CEO Can Call Them Personally
  9. Thanksgiving? Honolulu, Hilo Groceries 160% of Average Price--Highest in USA
  10. Judge Throws Police Chief’s Wife off Gambling Case
  11. Michigan Lesbian Sues For Gay Marriage, Moves to Hawaii, Hired as Teacher
  12. Hired Days Ago, SPED Teacher Will be paid for Months While on Trial for Child Molestation
  13. Public workers convicted of felonies still receive pension
  14. 148 Graduates from Kauai Drug Court
  15. Transit Oriented Development Designed to Force Families to Dump Cars so Developers Can Profit
  16. Defense Cuts: Will Republicans Do the Work that Hawaii's Useless Congressional Delegation Cannot?
  17. Lava Flow Costs County $14.5M
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Friday, November 21, 2014
November 21, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:53 PM :: 4357 Views
  1. Feds Cut Maui Co Hospital Funding, Reclassify Kula, Lanai and Molokai as 'Urban'
  2. CATO: Abercrombie Boosted Spending $900M
  3. Should Hawaii Create Statewide police training and standards board?
  4. Unexpected Common Ground: Grassroot Institute and the Sovereignty Movement
  5. $1 Billion Deferred Maintenance on HHSC Hospitals
  6. How you can get involved in helping to improve public school system
  7. Kaneshiro Can't Escape Blame for Lost Felony Cases
  8. Here’s why Hawaii’s anti-GMO laws matter
  9. Even from Grave, Inouye Fingers in Many Pies
  10. Duckworth-Pelosi Fight Mirrored in Takai vs Gabbard
  11. Sierra Club violated Hawaii campaign spending law supporting LoPresti
  12. With Atheists Gone, Honolulu Begins to Celebrate Christmas
  13. Open Records?  $47,000 to get HPD Files on Cachola
  14. Desperate to Keep Homeless People Homeless, Usual Suspects Rally Against Sit-Lie Bill
  15. UH Launches Latest Tech Accelerator
  16. Lame Duck Kauai Council Votes to Impose GMO Tax on Ag Lands
  17. Navy: Anti-Sonar Hype has no Scientific basis
  18. Eco-Lawyers Sue to Gut Samoa, Guam, NMI Tuna Quota
  19. Honolulu Council Bill 65 Sets Parking Fees for Car Sharing Providers
  20. Hawaii Skinniest State
  21. Hawaii DLNR Employee Heading Back to Work as "Education Coordinator" after Serving Time for Gay Kiddie Porn
  22. Hawaii Tranny Arrested for Stalking
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Thursday, November 20, 2014
November 20, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:27 PM :: 5453 Views
  1. Report: Hawaii’s $30B unfunded retirement liabilities part of national trend
  2. Inequality: Hawaii the only Blue State Among America's Most Equal
  3. HONOLULU Ranks 12th for Successful Aging
  4. Report: Hawaii DoE 'Ahead of the Curve' on Data Governance
  5. Lack of Vegans Makes Hawaii Best State for Thanksgiving
  6. Hawaii: Buy Obamacare, Pay for Abortion
  7. Under secretary of the Army visits Hawaii
  8. U.S. not prepared for a major volcanic eruption, panel says
  9. UH Protest: Grad Students Win Jobs Back, Push for Budget Transparency
  10. HART: Rail Contractor Buys Company Which Oversees it--Grabauskas OK With That
  11. Wife of Police Chief Refuses to Show in Court--Was Lead prosecutor in Gambling Case
  12. Schatz Pushes $2 Trillion Carbon Tax to Fund Corporate Welfare
  13. Legacy? Abercrombie Gave Hawaii a Gay Marriage
  14. 2,200 Homeless Move to Hawaii from Mainland
  15. Obama to Legalize 35,000 Illegals in Hawaii
  16. OHA Trustee: Aha Will Create Indian Tribe
  17. Hawaii Attorney General to Appeal Financial Disclosure Ruling
  18. Criminal? Commission to send PRP complaints to prosecutor
  19. Lame Duck Anti-GMO Kauai Council Boosts Developers, Taxes Farmers
  20. Oregon alfalfa farmers Sue to Overturn county GMO ban
  21. State Amends Cesspool Rules
  22. Will Estate Taxes Chase Retirees out of Hawaii?
  23. HECO Socks Low Income Customers With Giant Deposits
  24. DoH Leaves Kaiser out of Medicaid Options
  25. China Developing New Ways to Nuke Hawaii
  26. DoH Shrink Vacations While Prisoner Languishes
  27. Soft on Crime: 30 Convictions 20 Years Gets 5 year sentence
  28. Federal Water Grab Could Affect Kona Judiciary Complex
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Wednesday, November 19, 2014
November 19, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:44 PM :: 5445 Views
  1. Institute for Astronomy Discovers Black Money Hole in Kakaako
  2. It's Official: OHA Trustees are Lawbreakers
  3. Hawaii Unfunded Liabilities Could Become a "Broken Promise"
  4. Laborers Union: Schatz, Hirono, Hanabusa, Gabbard are Cowards Pandering to Eco Nut Billionaires
  5. Judicial Selection: Constitutional Amendment Icing on the Transparency Cake
  6. Video: Kelii Akina Interviews Senator Sam Slom
  7. U.S. Air Force Colonel joins DOE leadership team
  8. Victory: All Hawaii Veterans Can Now Use VA Benefits at Non-VA Facilities
  9. Jockeying for Attorney General?   Kaneshiro Blames Carlisle for losing track of at least 15 sex assault cases
  10. Attorneys: Kaneshiro Organized Gambling Raids in Retaliation for Lawsuit 
  11. Abercrombie Urges Ige to Keep William Aila at DLNR
  12. Inouye, Matsunaga, Hee: Ex-Politician Minions Find Cush Jobs at UH
  13. Brickwood Galuteria is Odd Man Out
  14. Commissioners take up Cayetano's Campaign Spending Complaint
  15. DoE Claims Background check wasn't completed for Hawaii teacher accused of sex crimes
  16. Foster Parents Biggest Failure of CPS
  17. Even San Francisco Rejects Abercrombie's Soda Tax
  18. Hawaii's Largest Wind Developer--Take The Money and Run
  19. Gays Desperate to Cover Up Lack of Hawaii Gay Marriage Business
  20. How to Grow Sweet Corn on Maui and End Up in Jail
  21. Kauai Council Loans for Anti-GMO Activists to Convert Cesspools?
  22. Hawaii Co Council Postpones Effort to Override State Law on Aquarium Collectors
  23. Punatic Returns from Native Texas to Help Convicted Felon Pretend to be King of Hawaii
  24. Traffic: Is Rail the Best we can do?
  25. Riders vent frustrations over Handi-Van delays
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Tuesday, November 18, 2014
November 18, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:41 PM :: 4581 Views
  1. UH Manoa Budget Protest Continues Overnight
  2. Ige Names Fuchigami to Head DoT, Extends Application Deadline
  3. State Retirement Funds Play Tricks on Retirees, Taxpayers
  4. Lawyers Investigate Sale of Horizon Lines, Class Action Suit Possible
  5. Hawaii's Largest Wind Farm Developer Sold for $2.4B
  6. Conference: Change DoE into School-Centered System
  7. A Year Later, Hawaii Health Connector Website Still Doesn't Work
  8. Abercrombie leaves Ige with union contracts to pay
  9. $200M Loss--State pension fund declines 1.1 percent
  10. Japan’s recession signals contraction of Hawaii tourism--Down 4.5% This Month
  11. Military Cuts Could Remove 5% of Oahu Population
  12. Maui News: Obama Should Stop Apologizing to Muslims
  13. Up 22 Points, Hawaii a Top State for Hispanic Students
  14. Electricity cheaper thanks to lower fuel costs
  15. Health department director appointed CEO of Hawaii Health Systems Corporation
  16. Partnership Works for Queen's West Oahu Medical
  17. Will Caldwell's Affordable Housing Mandate Work?
  18. Antitrust fine and Jones Act help spell the end for debt-ridden Horizon
  19. UH grad students protest ‘poor oversight’ amid budget issues, TA cuts
  20. Council Calls Prosecutor on Carpet After Investigation is Forgotten
  21. State's CPS efforts yield 'miracles,' judge asserts
  22. Judiciary to Profit From Demolishing Juvenile Detention Facility, Building Condos
  23. Another Alleged Homosexual Child Molester Busted in Honolulu
  24. Alleged Arizona Molester-Teacher Gets Job in Hawaii, Then Gets Arrested
  25. Falsified timecard scheme busted at TheBus
  26. Reports reveal broader ticket problems at Arizona Memorial
  27. CGL Natural gas technology could save Hawaii billions over LNG
  28. Maui: Tourism Industry Behind Anti-GMO Movement
  29. 75% of Pesticide Licenses are Non-Agricultural
  30. Anti-GMO Councilmember Attacks Aquarium Collectors
  31. Animal Welfare Calls Not Handled After Humane Society Contract Cut
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Monday, November 17, 2014
November 17, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:03 PM :: 3923 Views
  1. Abercrombie's HCDA to Vote on Last Minute Development Deals
  2. Punahou Thanks David Ige for His Financial Contributions
  3. HHSC Not Alone: US Rural Hospitals in Critical Condition
  4. Hospital Crisis: How to Use Union Work Rules for Fun and Profit
  5. DLNR vs Hawaii County: In Whose Interest?
  6. National Report Shows Hawaii 6th Lowest Child Homelessness
  7. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted November 17, 2014
  8. Lingle-Era Reform Leads to 50% Fewer Child Abuse Cases
  9. After Putting Ige in Office, HSTA Demands End to Evaluations
  10. Uselessness of Hawaii's All-Democrat Congressional Delegation
  11. Rail Taxes are a Gift from Generations
  12. Five Issues to Track in State Government
  13. Kauai Anti-GMO Activists Block Affordable Housing Project
  14. DoAg Pesticide Inspectors Still Backlogged
  15. Horizon Lines sale speaks of increased shipping competition, but impact on local businesses still foggy
  16. EV Drivers Like Free Electricity, Want Somebody to Buy Them More Charging Stations
  17. Huff Po: Tranny Annoyed with Petulant 'Husband'
  18. High Cost of Living? Duke Aiona Speaks from Experience
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Sunday, November 16, 2014
November 16, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:30 PM :: 3826 Views
  1. The 2015 State Business Tax Climate Index
  2. Hawaii Obamacare Exchange Enrolls Only 40 on First Day
  3. Gay Marriage: Har Wins, Abercrombie, Hee Lose 
  4. Why Republicans Lose Even When Democrats are Losers
  5. High Cost of Living Pushes Military out of Hawaii
  6. In Harm's Way: Hawaii's Abused Children at Risk
  7. FACE, PRP, Developers See Taxpayer Money in Low-Income Rentals
  8. Free Arizona Memorial Tickets Sold by Managers
  9. Big Island Veterans Court Launches
  10. Hawaii County Water Board Unanimous in Opposition to Federal Water Grab
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Saturday, November 15, 2014
November 15, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:06 PM :: 3983 Views
  1. Temporary Injunction: Judge Blocks Enforcement of Maui Anti-GMO Law
  2. Army completes EIS for possible Hawaii force reductions
  3. Manoa Graduate Students Spur Campus-Wide Protest
  4. City to host free TOD symposium Saturday, November 22
  5. As the Nation Turns, Hawaii is Still Driven
  6. Wahiawa celebrates veterans during 68th annual parade
  7. Obama Administration, Kiribati Cut off More Ocean Fisheries
  8. Meetings to Discuss Changes to the State’s Land Use System
  9. Hawaii Obamacare Exchange Projects $20M Deficit
  10. Is Anti-GMO, Anti-Superferry Fanaticism Hawaii's Future?
  11. Mayor wants to sign expansion of sit-lie law
  12. Why did it take 17 years for the Peter Boy Kema case to move forward?
  13. UH teaching assistant positions may be cut
  14. Hawaii 2nd Most expensive housing market, but only Because Most Expensive Areas lack Listings
  15. Election chief absolved in Puna primary
  16. Morita Under Attack for Rejecting $250M AKP Biofuel Ripoff?
  17. KIUC to Spend $1000/head to Store Erratic Solar Energy
  18. Restructuring Nepotistic charter school offers lesson
  19. Hawaii VA Misplaces Veterans Personal Information
  20. Black Sand and Navy Blue
  21. Jones: All GOP needs to do is Celebrate Gay Marriage and they will suddenly be winners
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Friday, November 14, 2014
November 14, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:40 PM :: 4600 Views
  1. Maui Farm Bureau, Seed Growers File Suit to Overturn Maui GMO Ban
  2. Federal Recognition for Hawaiians? A Peek at BIA’s Suffocating Bureaucracy
  3. Courageous Hawaii Won Local Control of Public Lands With Statehood
  4. Hawaii Ranks Third in Nationwide Access to Justice Study
  5. China-U.S. “Climate” Accord
  6. State: OHA Broke Sunshine Law to Rescind Kerry Letter
  7. Council OKs expanding sit-lie ban outside of Waikiki
  8. Homeless Dude Rotates between LA, SF and Hawaii
  9. Brother of Peter Boy Kema reacts to new leads in the murder case
  10. Upheaval at Hawaii drug-busting agency could prove costly
  11. B&Bs could be paying more in property taxes
  12. GMOs: Face of a Demagogue
  13. Farmers Will Seek Dismissal of Suit by GMO Activists
  14. HCDA Tries to Slip New Wedding Complex in to Kakaako
  15. New Legislature Brings Hope for Police Reform
  16. Lawsuit alleges overly aggressive security officers at airport
  17. Electrical failure at Hawaii prison still not fixed after a month
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Thursday, November 13, 2014
November 13, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:50 PM :: 4726 Views
  1. House Announces Committee Chairs, Leadership
  2. 9th Circuit Rejects Gun Control Group Intervention in Hawaii Concealed Carry Case
  3. Sen Sam Slom to Retire as President of Smart Business Hawaii
  4. Hawaii a Low-Debt State for Students
  5. HHSC Hospitals: Marry Us or Divorce Us
  6. Will Supreme Court Mandate $25M /year for DHHL?
  7. Court: State Must Release Financial Disclosures for Boards
  8. GMOs: The Debate Moves to Court Where ‘Facts Cannot Be Faked’
  9. Seeking local ruling, Maui anti-GMO group files suit
  10. Will Rep Clift Tsuji Save Agriculture from Anti-GMO Punatic Sen Ruderman?
  11. Gary Hooser forced to Quit Abercrombie Admin After being Caught Attending Law School on State Time
  12. House Republicans Divided 4-4?
  13. Governor's Salary to Hit $158K
  14. Aiona campaign wraps up its business early
  15. Gay Wedding Impact for Hawaii? $26.6M not $217M
  16. Sit Lie ban expansion vote delayed until Friday
  17. More Details on How Refusal to Force Homeless to Accept Shelter Kills
  18. City Gives $16,400 to Occupy to Make them Go Away
  19. HSTA Nagasako Ousted over Bungled PAC Spending?
  20. New Hawaii Co Prosecutor Mitch Roth Re-opens Peter Boy Investigation
  21. Abercrombie pardons fewer criminals than predecessors
  22. MCCC ex-guard indicted for sexual assault on the run?
  23. Water Commission: Meetings not subject to Sunshine law
  24. Pasha Will Refurbish Horizon's Ships
  25. Chevron Hawaii to receive bids from prospective buyers this month
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Wednesday, November 12, 2014
November 12, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:32 PM :: 4842 Views
  1. Will Ige Give Robin Danner Control of Hawaiian Homelands?
  2. Teachers Unions Oppose Teacher Accountability Standards in Common Core
  3. 331 Hawaii Medal of Honor Recipients Remembered from Deck of Battleship Missouri
  4. Veterans to Receive In-State Tuition at UH
  5. Forbes: Hawaii Ranks 45th for Business, Careers
  6. What does Horizon Line’s demise mean?
  7. Horizon Sells Hawaii Operations to Pasha Lines, Alaska to Matson
  8. Election Results: NFIB expects increased focus on small-business issues
  9. Study: Hawaii Best at Combating Lung Cancer
  10. Army realignment would have staggering economic impact on Hawaii
  11. 400 Homeless Dead Because they were not forced into Shelter
  12. Soft on Homelessness Policy Allows Woman to Drink Herself to Death on Streets of Waikiki
  13. Honolulu could expand sit-lie ban beyond Waikiki
  14. Federal probe of Hawaii public housing tenants targets fraud
  15. Report: Half of poor keiki under 8 in Hawaii lack a mom or dad with a full-time job
  16. Voters Didn’t Show Up Because the Election Was Boring
  17. Aiona-Ahu Worship Service Nov 20
  18. Carlisle: Start thinking about challenging Keith Kaneshiro for the Prosecuting Attorney
  19. Health Connector Still Expects Exchange to Fail, Hires Humans Instead
  20. Ige: Hope for HSTA Control of DoE
  21. Finmeccanica until Nov 17 offers Ansaldo for Sale
  22. Matson:  Horizon Lines' Alaska operations will add $330M annual revenue
  23. Maui Council 'Coup' Sets Stage for Rancorous Years
  24. MCCC female inmate alleges sex assault by facility guard
  25. Open Secret: Hollywood Homosexual Child Molesters
  26. GMO Vote Paves Way for Utopia
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Tuesday, November 11, 2014
November 11, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:12 PM :: 4522 Views
  1. Big Island Launches Veterans Treatment Court
  2. Honolulu Grants in Aid Deadline December 12
  3. Employment Opportunities with the Hawaii State Senate
  4. The Eminent Domain Angle In "Net Neutrality"
  5. Abercrombie to Peddle Influence from Omidyar Operative's Condo
  6. Hawaii GOP might want to reread Lingle's playbook
  7. Maui Hospital Execs Call for Support of Public Private Partnership
  8. Veterans Day Brings Reform to VA
  9. State OKs Health Insurance Premium Hikes for Old People
  10. Housing First Delayed by Red Tape
  11. $3.5 million deficit projected for UH Athletics Department
  12. State sues Hawaii County over aerial hunting
  13. Dope Pusher Cries after Feds take Drug Money
  14. 4 years for ex-Halawa guard for meth smuggling
  15. Officers Pretend to Take Bribes, Bust Gambling Ring
  16. Rats, Roaches are Grade A
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Monday, November 10, 2014
November 10, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:22 PM :: 3636 Views
  1. “If you’re answering to Omidyar you’re really not independent.”
  2. Hawaii Supreme Court to hear same sex marriage case
  3. A Completely Typical and Average Anti-GMO Activist Explains Why They Won on Maui
  4. NRA President Speaks in Hawaii
  5. Un-Taxis?
  6. Saddled With Useless Congressional Delegation, Petition Campaign only hope to Save Oahu Troops 
  7. Maui News: Hard to See Where Republicans Go From Here
  8. NRA president pledges return of values at event
  9. HCDA Votes Nov 25 on New Kakaako Affordability Rules
  10. Hawaii Needs to Elect Judges
  11. 93% of Money Given to Homeless goes for Drugs, Alcohol
  12. Abercrombie & Levinson Gay Marriage
  13. Hawaii to Auction $1B of Bonds this Week
  14. Failed Rep Kaniela Ing Delivers No Funding for Kihei HS but Fakes it Until After Election
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Sunday, November 9, 2014
November 9, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:46 PM :: 4034 Views
  1. UHERO: LNG Could Save Hawaii Ratepayers $800M/Year
  2. Legacy Land Commission Seeks New Members
  3. Ige Special Interest Roadmap
  4. Ige on BoE, Kauai Dairy, GMOs, Kakaako
  5. Affable Ige must now show he can firmly take the lead
  6. Star-Adv: Don't abandon linking tests to teacher pay
  7. HHSC: Private Partnerships key to Erasing Budget Deficit
  8. Nurses Flee Hawaii
  9. A Newly Arrived Republican Voter Reacts to Hawaii Election Results
  10. Veterans Day
  11. Hawaii VA Director Celebrates Veterans Day by Lying Again
  12. Apo: I am an American — I am a Hawaiian 
  13. Cost of Living Drives Poverty in Hawaii
  14. Military Budget Siphoned off by Green Energy Scammers in Hawaii
  15. FOIA reveals Hawaii is the only state not receiving military gear from the feds
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Saturday, November 8, 2014
November 8, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:51 PM :: 3608 Views
  1. Ige Administration Accepting Job Applications
  2. Hawaii Clinton Operative Tied to $500M Emerald Fraud
  3. Veterans Day Parade Hilo, Sat. Nov 8
  4. Kona Planned Parenthood Abortion Facility Loses Lease, Must Close
  5. Waipahu Rail Development -- Zoning Meeting
  6. Aegis Combat System Goes Two For Two In Latest Flight Tests off Kauai
  7. Operating Loss? How Hawaii Corporate Income Taxes Compare
  8. After Defeating Preschool Amendment, HSTA Wants Public Preschools
  9. 50MW Power source and cost for rail transit still unresolved
  10. COFA Deal Forces Micronesians onto Obamacare Exchange
  11. City May Scrap Plan for Sand Island Homeless Camp
  12. ORI off HUD's Hook, Caldwell Ordered to Spend $2.9M on Stuff the City Was Paying for Anyway
  13. Mufi to Take Over HTA?
  14. Honolulu VA Pretends to Cut Wait Times
  15. Nepotistic Charter School has More Money Trouble
  16. Honolulu police officer indicted for third-degree sex assault
  17. Measuring Voter Turnout in Hawaii
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Friday, November 7, 2014
November 7, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:49 PM :: 4974 Views
  1. Transition: Ige Chooses McCartney, Hiraoka
  2. David Ige’s Action Plan: “Engineering Hawaii’s Future”
  3. Decreases in Federal Funding Require New Path for Hawaii's Policy Makers
  4. DHS Temporary Rules Maintain COFA Benefits
  5. Moody's: Warnings of a utility "death spiral" premature
  6. Curing Medicare in the new Congress 
  7. Group: University of Hawaii fiscal woes hurting students, faculty
  8. Governor-elect pledges not to raise taxes (again)
  9. Raise Barrel Tax? Red Hill Leaks are Latest Excuse
  10. Overtime abuse allows some public employees to double, triple their salaries
  11. Hawaii Payroll on 40-Year Old Computer
  12. 4 Horsemen: Ige Conspires With Abercrombie, Cayetano, Waihee, Ariyoshi
  13. Ige Elected by 13% of Hawaii Residents
  14. Attacks on Aiona Funded by K-Street Lobbyists
  15. Souki Reelected House Speaker
  16. 82% Vote Against Abercrombie's Judicial Secrecy
  17. UH Bars Newly Elected Lawmaker from Teaching Music
  18. UH Hires Deadbeat Dad to Coach Men's Basketball Team
  19. GMOs: Precinct by Precinct Breakdown Maps Eco-Religion
  20. Maui: Anti-GMO Idiots Assign Enforcement to Sanitation Department
  21. Kenoi Claims He Won't Run for Higher Office as Inouye Gang Beefs Up Staff
  22. New York Magazine digs into Hawaii media owner Pierre Omidyar, Civil Beat digs on buying nice things
  23. Mounting legal trouble for Hu Honua bioenergy facility
  24. Lawyers Find Loophole in city laws concerning One Waikiki bench
  25. UH Perfesser, PBS Aroused by Waianae Teenage Tranny
  26. Another Escape
  27. Sanctions Possible for Loss of Hawaii prison gang binder
  28. Water Commission accused of violating Sunshine Law
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Thursday, November 6, 2014
November 6, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:49 PM :: 5634 Views
  1. Kim Announces Senate Leadership Team and Committee Chairs
  2. Hell Bent--One Man's Crusade to Crush the Hawaiian Mob
  3. Farmers Heading to Court to Overturn 'Flawed' Maui Anti-GMO Ordinance
  4. Keli'i Akina: Anatomy of an OHA Campaign
  5. Hawaii Premature Birth Report Card -- 'C'
  6. Abortion Ads Unanswered: "Error of Major Proportions" by Aiona
  7. Observers point to the state's one-party politics as a cause for record low turnout
  8. Milner: Conservative groups are today’s most successful populist organizers
  9. Ige Has No Plan--26 Days to Appoint New Administration
  10. Usual Crooks, Cronies Donate to Ige
  11. Where does Ige stand on Hawaii's energy issues?
  12. Hawaii One of Only Three States With Dem Governor and Delegation
  13. Hawaii Loses $12.3B in Federal Funding, More Losses to Come
  14. Star-Adv: Maui GMO vote Should Not Stampede Elected Officials into Labeling GMOs
  15. Molokai, Lanai Voters Reject GMO Ban nearly 2-1
  16. Kauai: Anti-GMO Holdovers Block Repeal of 960
  17. Honolulu Deputy Prosecutor is Co-Producer of Giant Drug Induced Rave Party
  18. Support reforms to cut administrative burdens on doctors
  19. Teacher: Ige Should Appoint Teachers to BoE
  20. Report: Provide Cheaper Housing, More Rental Units in Kakaako
  21. HCDA Considers Changes to Affordable Housing Rules
  22. After Ige Wins, UH Decides to Burn $5.2M on Inouye Center
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Wednesday, November 5, 2014
November 5, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:52 PM :: 3371 Views
  1. Hawaii Election Results--Highlights
  2. Am Samoa, Guam, NMI -- Republicans Win Big
  3. While change sweeps country, Hawaii remains the same
  4. It’s a Wave: Republicans Take US Senate, Build Majority in House, Grab Governorships
  5. How GEMS Will Drive Your Electric Bill Up
  6. NRA President to Speak in Hawaii
  7. Hospital Financial Crisis Brings House Health Committee to Maui
  8. Ige Still Unfamiliar, Opponents Called Stupid
  9. Star-Adv: Priorities for New Governor, Legislature
  10. Mercado Kim's New Senate Leadership
  11. OHA Trustees: Vote Not an Endorsement of Nation Building
  12. Supporters expect a suit by corporations to Overturn Maui GMO Ban
  13. Kauai Pro GMO Candidates Top Council Races
  14. GMO Scrambled
  15. NYT: Takai Even More Expensive than Hanabusa
  16. Star-Adv: Schatz Even More Lefty than Usual for Hawaii
  17. Elefante expected to take City Council seat early
  18. 8 Forcible Sex Offenses at UH Manoa 
Read More..
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
November 4, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:49 PM :: 4044 Views
  1. Find Your Polling Place and Print Out a Sample Ballot
  2. Hawaii Voters 11th Most Powerful in USA
  3. Supreme Court Upholds State's Right to Cut COFA Benefits
  4. Project AWARE: DoE Awarded $12.7M for Federal Anti-Bullying Program
  5. Hawaiian Electric announces plans for approval of pending solar applications
  6. Faleomavaega Sued by Former Congressional Staff Attorney
  7. The Link Between The SHAKA Movement and the Matrix
  8. President Declares Disaster for Hawaii Lava Flow
  9. US Attorney Appoints Election Officer to Investigate Voter Fraud in Hawaii
  10. Your Ballot Explained: Issuing New Bonds
  11. Radcliffe, Mitsunaga: Usual Suspects Buy in to Ige Campaign
  12. Omidyar in focus: the influence of big, big money on your vote
  13. 8% Pay Hike: Abercrombie Rewards UHPA for its Support
  14. Borreca: Young People Prefer Republicans
  15. Schatz No Comment on Lawsuit Seeking His Removal
  16. A quick look at campaign contributions since the August primary
  17. Early Votes Down Statewide--Except Maui County
  18. Maui GMO Vote Could have Worldwide Ramifications
  19. Kucinich Endorses Maui Anti-GMO Initiative
  20. Lawsuit: Death Caused by Dietary Supplements
  21. Puna Voters Have Choice of Two Polling Places
  22. Soft on Crime: Hawaii Has Fewest Old Prisoners
  23. Honolulu Prosecutor: Newspaper Op-Ed Was ‘Uninformed, False Statements’
  24. Developer team to remodel, expand Mayor Wright Homes
  25. Tougher Visa Requirement to Keep ISIS out of US 
Read More..
Monday, November 3, 2014
November 3, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:58 PM :: 3517 Views
  1. Kanaiolowalu: Broken Trust on Steroids
  2. HMSA 19% Rate Hike -- Family Plan $2073/month
  3. HBO Video: In Hawaii 'Conflict of Interest' Means 'Not a Conflict of Interest'
  4. Hawaii taxpayers would spend millions on private preschools if amendment passes
  5. New Jersey Has Therapists, Hawaii Has Tour Guides
  6. State DOE considers deferral of Teacher Rating System
  7. Chad Blair: Who Is Andrew Walden?
  8. Omidyar makes the national news this week, but not so much locally
  9. Hanabusa defends limited introduction of bills
  10. Maui County Council Puts Hemp at top of Legislative Wish-List
  11. 100 Mainland Homeless Contact IHS to Inquire About Being Homeless in Hawaii
  12. Star-Adv: Tools in place to help homeless
  13. Will Anti-GMO Ordinance be Overturned by Kauai Council?
  14. GMOs or no GMOs?
  15. Honolulu Airplane Bomber Seeks Home Among Palestinians
  16. Self-Defense? Shooter wins his appeal of 2011 conviction
  17. Only 5% of Kauai Residents Would Recommend the Island to Friends
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Sunday, November 2, 2014
November 2, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:27 PM :: 5044 Views
  1. OHA Trustee Rowena Akana: Hawaiian Nation Not for Asians or Haole
  2. The Great Pension Debate
  3. Charles Djou Announces 30-Day Plan
  4. Lava Flow Area Governed by 'War Tribunal' under Act 111
  5. Massive Property Tax Hikes on Next Week's Agenda
  6. Star-Adv: HSTA Wanted Furloughs
  7. National Democrats Pour $1.5M into Abortion Lies
  8. Omidyar Pours $855K Into Constitutional Amendments
  9. Next Governor Will Remake PUC
  10. Elders' plush world comes at expense of youths' future
  11. North Korea launches upgraded Soviet-era ballistic missile submarine
  12. Puna Population, Businesses Already Leaving Ahead of Lava Flow
Read More..
Saturday, November 1, 2014
November 1, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:14 PM :: 4186 Views
  1. Lawsuit Seeks Removal of Schatz from Office
  2. NYT: Omidyar In Waaaay Over His Head in Journalism Endeavors
  3. Panos: Next Governor Should Focus on Transportation, Energy
  4. VIDEO: Galuteria Talks Up Casinos for Hawaii Tribal Reservation
  5. No New Taxes? Ige Refuses to Answer Questions About Broken Promise
  6. Souki Prepares to Boot Republicans from House Leadership Coalition
  7. Dante Carpenter: I was Pinnacle of Success, Democrats can only Head Downhill
  8. AP: Dems could lose congressional seat in Hawaii
  9. Early Vote Numbers Presage Another Low Turnout Election
  10. Bought and Paid For: Bumpy Kanahele Pushes OHA's Aha Scheme
  11. Star-Adv: HCDA Rush to Approve Developments Lacks Integrity
  12. Housing Cost Drives up Poverty Rate in Hawaii
  13. Survey Looks at 14,000 cases of Homosexual Rape in Military
  14. 600 Cesspools? Department of Health advises public to stay out of water at Kahaluu Lagoon
  15. King St. bike lane creates confusion for drivers
  16. Broken 1987 Computer Controls Doors at Halawa Prison
  17. Bizarre News: Attempted escape from OCCC thwarted by staff
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