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Sunday, July 31, 2011
July 31, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:06 PM :: 14124 Views
  1. Hawaii’s Electoral College Dropout Scheme Debunked
  2. Political Insiders aim to soak Electric Rate Payers with Bio-Fuel surcharge
  3. After years of losses, slush fund investigation, Honolulu Rail Contractor Ansaldo may be closed down or sold
  4. WSJ Video: How US Debt Downgrade would affect States, Cities, Banks, Mortgage rates
  5. Testing Senate message, Lingle touts bipartisanship
  6. Isle representatives push towards default with partisan 'no' vote, Back plan for massive Military Cuts
  7. Cash flows from Board of Water Supply to lobbyists
  8. Scared and Unprepared HSTA Members to Picket Abercrombie in Hilo
  9. Borreca: HSTA is marginalizing itself with Political War on Abercrombie
  10. SA: DoE should Involve Teachers to make RTTT Accountability Pointless
  11. Salaries of top labor chiefs Average $157K
  12. APEC bigs might get to see strike, snakes and homeless
  13. Landfill wars, part II: Waimanalo Gulch is off the table, just like last time
  14. OHA sees Profit in Geothermal Development
  15. Anti-Superferry Thug trying to keep Fake Police Badge
  16. Monsanto wins prize for Water Conservation
  17. Army has no plans for live fire in Makua
  18. Humane Society Hounds Pet Store Owners, Dog Breeders
  19. Burmese refugee to represent Hawaii in Washington D.C.
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Saturday, July 30, 2011
July 30, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:53 PM :: 13638 Views
  1. Hawaii Federal Stimulus Funds: $650K per job
  2. Djou: Honolulu Board of Water Supply is out of control
  3. DLNR, Corps of Engineers agree on Kawainui Marsh Environmental Restoration Project
  4. Full Text: State LUC moves for dismissal of Bridge Aina Lea Suit
  5. WSJ Video: How US Debt Downgrade would affect States, Cities, Banks, Mortgage rates
  6. Abercrombie: Federal Gravy Train coming to a stop, State can cover for only a short time
  7. SA: Hanabusa is wrong to criticize State’s US Default Backup Plan
  8. Lingle: D.C. Dysfunction 'Encourages' Senate Run
  9. Djou Back in the Game?
  10. Abercrombie to face off with Angry HGEA nurses at Hilo Hospital
  11. After 25 years, Hauula Church Agrees To Stop Feeding Homeless At Aala Park
  12. Aloun Farms Slavery Trial Begins
  13. Hearings Set For Teachers' Complaint Against State
  14. ORI On The Agenda
  15. Honolulu Rail in Illegal Pact with Local Unions?
  16. Frequent-Flying Mayor Makes Japan Next Stop
  17. Officials continue to support amnesty program for illegal snakes, rodents
  18. Has Green Harvest Returned to the Big Island?
  19. Kahala post office renamed to honor Rep. Cec Heftel
  20. $29M for Hawaii electronic medical records
  21. DNA gets rape charges dismissed
  22. After 55 years, front door open at Lahaina Public Library
  23. Euro-Socialists pay Pacific Island Officials to Oppose Deep Sea Mining
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Friday, July 29, 2011
July 29, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 11:13 AM :: 21260 Views
  1. Default? Bankers, State pool money to keep Cash flowing to Federally Funded Cronies
  2. Kaauwai salutes Past GOP Chairs: Lingle, Kane, Morioka, Aiona, Lee
  3. Djou: Look forward to 2012
  4. Nobody told Abercrombie that UPW government workers are voting to authorize strike
  5. Abercrombie gets it wrong: There have been two UPW negotiating sessions
  6. Roll Call: Djou Eyeing Comeback
  7. Hanabusa Attacks … Abercrombie
  8. Djou: City Council should have oversight over Water Board budget
  9. Borreca: State-led development can be risky proposition (Act 55)
  10. Homeless Sweep: City promises to develop sudden interest in cleaning Sidewalks, Parks during APEC
  11. Unions Complain Bitterly about return to 50-50 on Health Care, EUTF hikes rates
  12. Hawaii County Redistricting panel won't count military, students
  13. Even Without Challenger, Carlisle Rakes In Cash
  14. Appeal: Honolulu Ignored $700 Million in Extra Rail Costs for Taxpayers
  15. Two More Board Members Resist Abercrombie
  16. State homeless Czar: Homeless Tent Cities ineffective
  17. Abercrombie Appoints Obamacare Czar
  18. Musto: Governor’s Office does not ask our opinion or advice
  19. What Degrees Native Hawaiians Are Earning
  20. Keith Rollman, Council Candidates form Recycling Company
  21. Fred Blas takes to Radio Waves in Search of Leads on Papaya Attacks
  22. Impatient with the state, man acts on his own to have log removed at Sandy Beach
  23. 78% of Hawaii Elevators have Expired Inspection Permits
  24. Kauai Airport Manager is Fired
  25. S Korean President to Koreans: Take two weeks off, but vacation in Korea, not Hawaii
  26. Horizon Lines still making a profit on Hawaii, anti-trust Fine Reduced
  27. Herkes to pitch Foreclosure Law to Western States’ Lawmakers
  28. New Law clogs System, causes temporary decline in Hawaii Foreclosures
  29. Seawater Project To Cool Honolulu High-Rises Advances
  30. Nonunion contractors group sees fast membership growth
  31. Former Hawaii official accused of wrongdoing in Washington
  32. Researchers alarmed by size of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch—But don’t find a single Plastic Bag
  33. Hillary Clinton’s Birther Queen to Stage Press Conference at Honolulu DoH Aug 8
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Thursday, July 28, 2011
July 28, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:14 PM :: 22002 Views
  1. Oneula Burials: The Big Cover Up?
  2. Fontaine Factor Video: Cybercrime in Hawaii
  3. Featured on Glen Beck: Wallbuilders’ David Barton to speak Maui, Oahu events
  4. Governor Lingle to Speak at Grassroot Institute Fundraiser
  5. UPW: Potential Strike Right Before APEC
  6. Hawaii considers moving homeless to Giant Festering Tent City before APEC
  7. Okabe: Abercrombie is Unworthy of Unions’ Political Support
  8. ‘Crack’ in the Leadership Team? Kobayashi to hold hearing on Martin’s ORI Scandal
  9. Social Security Cuts are Honolulu Callers Top Concern
  10. Hanabusa vs Lingle or Djou?
  11. Tulsi Gabbard on Kauai campaigning for CD2
  12. Oahu County Reapportionment Council Considers counting Military Personnel
  13. Yagong vs. Kenoi for B.I. mayor?
  14. Honolulu Rail Debated in Dallas
  15. Hawaii Bankers, Politicos stand behind accused Slavers
  16. Police not Actively Working Papaya Vandalism Cases
  17. Only three of 28 honor the governor's request for resignations, Abercrombie to sic telemarketers on others
  18. SA: Released from Mental Institutions, Lunatics are now in Prisons
  19. Nuclear Freeze Leftovers: Council for a Livable World backs Hirono
  20. HECO, Castle & Cook vs First Wind: Molokai Re-bid order is Appealed
  21. The Majestic DoE: Science Proficiency drops by 6%—22% of 10th Graders Proficient
  22. DoE: From English Standard to No Standards
  23. First furlough Friday for fiscal 2011-2012 in Hawaii County
  24. State cuts $3.7M subsidy, only 30 people quit VanPool Hawaii
  25. BOH customers may be reimbursed $9M
  26. Monopoly Young Brothers Seeking 24% Rate Increase, Blames Competition
  27. Effort to Ease China-US Visa Restrictions
  28. 100s of parking Stalls to be eliminated to make way for Electric Vehicles
  29. CPB still has 6% deadbeat loans
  30. Green Propaganda films: Carbon Nation and Bag It!
  31. Aug. 8 Tribute to Chief Justice Richardson
  32. Former Arkansas superintendent to lead Catholic schools in Hawaii
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011
July 27, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:03 PM :: 13236 Views
  1. Djou: East-West Center Troubles Points To Need For Bi-Partisan Delegation
  2. Featured on Glen Beck: Wallbuilders’ David Barton to speak at Hilo, Maui, Oahu events
  3. Governor Lingle to Speak at Grassroot Institute Fundraiser
  4. Local leaders step up to support Hawaii International Women’s Conference
  5. Abercrombie creates Interagency Council on Homelessness
  6. “Opportunity to be a family” Hawaii DoE Summer Schools give free breakfast and lunch to non-students
  7. Perreira: If we left it to the Governor and Legislature, things could only get worse
  8. Djou points out weakness of Single-Party Congressional Delegation
  9. Hanabusa on defense over debt, admits she is out of the loop in Congress
  10. Hanabusa Chief refuses to talk About Wu Sex Scandal
  11. Mizuno, Cabanilla: Lets Greet APEC with Giant Homeless Tent City in Kakaako
  12. Blame has no place in plan for city's sewage problem
  13. Moving 'Big Wind' Project to Maui would Make Money for Mafia-connected First Wind
  14. Panos: Solar Farm produces electricity at $200 per Watt
  15. Solar System Costs $1.8M, will produce $500K of electricity over 20 years
  16. Hawaii Pays $50K For Help In Labor Dispute
  17. After Hawaii Inmates fight with Arizona Guards, they hire lawyers to do it for them
  18. Excited Honolulu gays stiffen resolve to Openly Penetrate Military
  19. Inouye’s Central Pacific Bank Stock value drops below $50K
  20. Honolulu realtor pleads guilty to bank fraud
  21. Inouye's chief of staff, Patrick DeLeon, to retire
  22. Sierra Club Moves to intervene in D.R. Horton’s massive Ho‘opili development
  23. Leeward Bikeway: Berg Emails give Insight into Political Infighting in Ewa
  24. After 20 years of talking, a one mile long road gets built
  25. UH athletics ends year in the black; $322,000 in hand
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011
July 26, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:22 PM :: 17329 Views
  1. Rail: Ansaldo Parent Company at center of Slush Fund payoffs scandal in Italy
  2. Full Text: AARP Report Pegs Value Family Caregiving in Hawaii at $1.9 Billion
  3. Hawaii Congressional Delegation: How they voted July 25
  4. Kaiser recognized as Top Medical Home System
  5. Obama vs. Boehner on the Debt
  6. Djou: Ineffectiveness of Hawaii's One Party Rule Revealed in East-West Center Federal Funding Debacle
  7. HSTA Declares Political War on Abercrombie, Legislators
  8. Mitsunaga Money Laundered thru Schatz’ Campaign committee to pay off Schatz’ Father
  9. Aloun Farms Slavery Trial Begins
  10. ACT 221 Scammers: The action is in energy, PUC is window to our future
  11. Borreca: We’ll get it right with the Next Big Thing
  12. Alternatives to Wind: New RFP may site Renewable Energy off Molokai
  13. Cooking the Truth at the Hawaii Office of Information Practices
  14. Honolulu Water rates lower than mainland cities run by Progressives
  15. Hawaii Interagency Council on Homelessness created
  16. Fireworks injuries nonexistent in Oahu ERs
  17. Schofield Wolfhounds Host Japanese Orphans for Two Weeks
  18. Bidding closes with Four Offers for Hawaii Superferry catamarans
  19. Feds, State sponsor Million Dollar Car Giveaway
  20. University of Hawaii Execs Score $22,000 in Tickets To Their Own Games
  21. 4 Hawaii Post Offices On Potential Closure List
  22. Terming out, Councilman Pete Hoffmann will not run for Hawaii County mayor, may seek other office
  23. Hawaii Council imposes Ka’u Rezoning Moratorium
  24. County considers HR department to curb sexual harassment
  25. China Completes Record Dive near Hawaii
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Monday, July 25, 2011
July 25, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:25 PM :: 19511 Views
  1. Line up for a Mayoral Campaign? Ernie Martin, Ann Kobayashi, Milton Holt, One Ton of Cocaine, and Kamehameha Schools
  2. Alleged Eric Ryan Victims Speak out on New Website
  3. Navy Proposes Two new Historic Districts for Ewa Field
  4. MECO to seek 6.7% Rate Hike to pay for Windfarms
  5. Is Environmentalism a Religion of Peace?
  6. Hawaii DoE Cheating Scandal: Teachers blocked from Prompting Answers, Proficiency drops from 62% to 4%
  7. DoE to impose “low stakes” Teacher Evaluations
  8. Kealakehe HS changes grading policy
  9. Leading Kauai Environmentalist calls Destruction of Papayas “Self-Defense”
  10. Shapiro: Hanabusa looking like a House candidate, Hirono has never been a major player
  11. Radcliffe, Detroit Casino organize Community Front Group to push Gambling
  12. Hawaii Legislators write Secret Laws, lock them in Basement of Capitol
  13. Star-Advertiser paywall goes up next week: Mainlanders get 90% Discount
  14. Tuition up 88% at UHH
  15. Steve Case drives ANOTHER company into Bankruptcy
  16. Police Nab 62 Career Criminals
  17. Landowners owe “No duty of care” to Tourists
  18. Kauai Council plays “Hot Potato” with Vacation Rentals
  19. Maui Charity under investigation loses Website
  20. BankOH Disappoints Investors with “only” $0.74 per share earnings
  21. Hawaii Sen. holds hearing on workers' comp changes
  22. Hawaii second stop in cross-country bike ride honoring 9/11 victims
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Sunday, July 24, 2011
July 24, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:32 PM :: 13788 Views
  1. Where have all the Tax Credit Advocates Gone?
  2. Berg: Time is now to stop Waimanalo Gulch Extension
  3. Vandalism at isle farms and ranches is about more than just property damage
  4. Abercrombie to offer up as many empty platitudes as it takes pretend to improve education
  5. Teacher Evaluation “Expert” Bought and Paid for By Unions
  6. 12 Big Isle public school kitchens have Health Violations
  7. 20,000 Hawaiian Electric Investors are raking in the bucks
  8. HECO Blocking Rooftop Solar
  9. Star-Adv endorses Higher Water Bills
  10. “The Rent is too Crazy”: 12,000 come out for Free Food, Medical Services at Convoy of Hope
  11. State may sell buildings, then pay developers rent
  12. Star-Advertiser Charging State 27 Percent More For Ads
  13. Akaka: Balanced budget is Death
  14. Honouliuli seeks federal park recognition
  15. More Hawaii Waters to be closed to Fishing
  16. Fontaine: Cyberwars at full throttle in Hawaii
  17. No more excuses: Kaua‘i needs a drug treatment center
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Saturday, July 23, 2011
July 23, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:53 PM :: 15014 Views
  1. Hanabusa’s Chief of Staff covered for Congressman twice accused of Sex Assault
  2. Papaya attack coincides with Worldwide Week of Eco Terrorism
  3. Hawaii Personal Debt #2 in Nation
  4. PUC grants HECO $38M Rate Increase
  5. National Right To Life Compares Presidential Candidates
  6. College? Give Choice a Voice
  7. UHERO’s Bonham hits State’s Inability to Solve Education, Land Use, Transportation
  8. Case: Support Has 'Never' Come From PACs? FALSE
  9. Carlisle, Council back and forth on Sludge
  10. Maui County near Student Loan, EPA Settlements
  11. NIMBYs Oppose Drug Treatment Center on Kauai
  12. Idaho agency to Manage Hawaii HUD Programs
  13. 'You Can't Fire Your Way To Success,' Says Teacher Evaluation Expert
  14. BankOH VP Discusses Sovereignty Fraudsters’ Techniques
  15. Stupid angry criminal gets away with murder, rape and now assault?
  16. Progressives At Civil Beat team up with Eric Ryan to troll for Campaign Violations
  17. Freedom 50/50 ride comes to Hawaii Sunday
  18. Republicans force Giant Tax Cut on Airline Tickets
  19. Landed Aristocracy upset because Congress may cut their Subsidies
  20. Horner: “Sustainability” not worth $300K
  21. Medicine currently unhealthy for Queen’s
  22. Why Hawaii Housing Costs So Much
  23. Kauai Library Roof project exposes substandard construction
  24. Half-mile markers are a waste of money
  25. Feds find another Excuse to squeeze Commercial Fishermen
  26. Forest Stewardship Panel Subject to Sunshine Law
  27. Audit: Hawaii Co. Parks a Wreck
  28. Dilapidated cemetery angers Molokai family
  29. AIT to host forum on Sun Yat-sen’s experience in US
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Friday, July 22, 2011
July 22, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:37 PM :: 16713 Views
  1. Military to be Disenfranchised so Meth dealer’s friend can keep Senate Seat?
  2. Scientists Overruled by Energy Industry Pressure, Proposed Wind Guidelines a Step Backwards for Wildlife
  3. Takamine’s DLIR directs money back to his Cronies in Honokaa
  4. Kaneohe Marine to receive Medal of Honor
  5. Hawaii: HSTA Has Pattern of Bad-Faith Bargaining
  6. Perreira: Working under Patronizing Abercrombie is Demoralizing
  7. Borreca: Abercrombie not doing so well engaging public, takes Credit for Lingle’s Work
  8. Abercrombie: UH Hilo will lead the state into Utopia. I am your friend….
  9. Hirono Campaign: Frustrated Case should focus on getting his own story straight
  10. Schatz Chief of Staff In Charge of Campaign Fundraiser
  11. EW Center: Hanabusa admits that she is easy to Ignore in Congress
  12. As Federal Budget Cuts Loom, East West Center President Gets A Raise
  13. Obama Presidential Library Narrowed to Chicago, Honolulu
  14. Tax Cut: Cost of flights to drop 20% at Midnight Friday as Republicans defend America against Democrat Pork, Union bill
  15. Brewbaker leaves Council of Revenues
  16. City rail tax revenues are ahead of projections
  17. Rail Projects create Debt Problem in China
  18. Honolulu Shuts Freeways Longer Than Other Cities
  19. Hawaii Needs Method to Evaluate Teacher Effectiveness, Expert Tells Lawmakers
  20. Social studies teachers claim they are at risk of losing jobs if graduation requirements change
  21. HELCO considers producing more geothermal power
  22. 210,000-fold return on Honolulu Hundred?
  23. Tongan Nautilus unit granted eastern Pacific exploration licenses
  24. Report: China building electromagnetic pulse weapons for use against U.S. carriers
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Thursday, July 21, 2011
July 21, 2011 News Release
By Andrew Walden @ 1:56 PM :: 19225 Views
  1. Berg: Sludge Digester sacrificed to fund Rail
  2. WhistleMan Blows It Again
  3. Finalists named to become Bishop Estate Trustee
  4. Pro-Hamas Activist joins Meth Dealer’s Friend in Effort to Disenfranchise Military
  5. Hirono, Inouye continue to Push America towards Bankruptcy
  6. Hanabusa, Hirono fail miserably, lose East-West Center Funding
  7. Honolulu Board of Water Supply considering 10 percent increase in monthly water rates
  8. Usual Assortment of Shysters, Unions, Banks, DoE Cronies, and Mainland Special Interest fill up Hirono’s Coffers
  9. Hawaii Ethics Director: Rep Mele Carroll 'Pushed' the Line on Gifts
  10. $930K Judgment: Aina Koa Pono Biofuel Crony found Liable for sex harassment firing
  11. Race to the Top: Schatz Twins United in Failure
  12. Charter School Task Force Promises Concrete Results
  13. Hawaii Ed Board Plans Neighbor Island Visits
  14. Reward offered in Big Island papaya vandalism case
  15. Hawaii County Elections Warehouse Illegally used for Business, Alcohol?
  16. Kauai Ethics complaint rejected; councilman recuses himself
  17. Haleakala Telescope Shakedown Likely Headed for Hawaii Supreme Court
  18. High schools on Hawaii’s Kauai island to play day games again this fall in gesture of Submission to Gaia
  19. Plentiful Pacific trash—BUT NO PLASTIC BAGS--'shocking' to canoe voyagers
  20. Sierra Club Preparing to Block Hoopili
  21. Proposed Big Island building codes will kill affordable housing
  22. Kauai Luddites trying to Kill Hydro Project challenge invalidation of Petition Signatures
  23. Maui Ex-officer gets fine, probation for theft
  24. Hemmings: Jimmy Pflueger - Great Businessman, Employer, Builder
  25. O’oma Accuses LUC of Incompetency in Land Revision Decision
  26. Sewage Sludge Heading Ewa Only, for Now
  27. Green Shock Troops for Pacific: UN security council to consider climate change peacekeeping
  28. Pearl Harbor skull could date to World War II
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011
July 20, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:52 PM :: 15599 Views
  1. DoE hasn’t met Race To The Top Standards, but will apply for another grant
  2. Boylan: Ernie Martin open to run for Mayor
  3. Big Island Marine killed in Afghanistan
  4. VIDEO: Nonaka Squares off with Power Hungry Politicians seeking to disenfranchise Military personnel
  5. Eco-Terrorism? Puna papaya farms attacked, one year after mass vandalism
  6. Animal Liberation Nuts whine about Hawaii Fish Farms
  7. Protest by one of two losing city rail car contract bidders tossed out
  8. Star-Adv sues HPD for release of 911 Tapes
  9. Leadership Camp Helping Hawaii's Kids Bring Out the Winner in Them
  10. Larry Price: Teachers Union Gaining Strength
  11. Agenda 2012: OIP Will Seek Clarification of its Authority from Legislature
  12. Hawaii School Bus Fares Go Up, Some Meals, Too
  13. OHA Operatives continue seeking Ways to Shake Down Haleakala Telescope
  14. City councilman defends firing of chief of staff
  15. After Kauai Charter Commission kills proposal to move to County Manager-based Government, Politicians consider making it Permanent
  16. Judge sides with Sierra Club against Koa Ridge development
  17. Maui TEA Party Leader: State retirement system is a Ponzi scheme
  18. After Years of Bureaucracy Getting in the Way, Kauai's Kilauea River, Wailapa Stream Clean-Up Completed
  19. Hawaii Radio Station giving away free Breast Implants
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011
July 19, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:59 PM :: 14896 Views
  1. One more chance to see Space Shuttle from Hawaii
  2. Hokulia Bypass Case Appealed to US Supreme Court
  3. Calif. Supreme Court: EIS can be required for Plastic Bag Ban in Large Jurisdictions
  4. Hawaii Congressional Delegation: How They Voted July 18
  5. Country-Western Singer Lee Greenwood to Headline Hawaii GOP Fundraiser
  6. Study looks at Perceptions of Child Abuse and Neglect in Hawaii
  7. City Files Rail Lawsuit Response
  8. HSTA Files Motion for Injunction, demands Return to Old Contract Terms
  9. Slom: New Tax Law Sending Shockwaves Through Hawaii Business Community
  10. Abercrombie Cronies line pockets with HECO Project
  11. Hirono Unable to Function in Bi-Partisan Environment
  12. Law protects violence victims in the workplace
  13. Dopers Celebrate: “Hawaii Teachers Fend Off Random Drug Testing”
  14. Private Schools, Businesses saving Public Schools from DoE
  15. ORI’s HUD Compliance Plan kept from Public
  16. Don’t like your lawmaker? Draw your own boundaries
  17. Hawaii County to continue with Parts of Unconstitutional ‘Clean’ Elections Program
  18. Abercrombie given only Two names for Big Isle UH Regent
  19. Is HART Board Member's Link to Biggest Rail Landowner a Conflict?
  20. Sen Hemmings: True Energy Independence for Hawaii
  21. OHA Operatives peck away at Haleakala Telescope, seeking Baksheesh
  22. Trask: Geothermal energy can benefit me and OHA
  23. Alexander & Baldwin and KIUC Announce Largest Solar Facility on Kauai
  24. Task Force Member wants to Keep Lobbying Legislature
  25. Unity House Sells Lotus Hotel
  26. Borders Forced to Liquidate, Close All Stores
  27. Bank of Hawaii settles debit-card-fee lawsuit for $9 million
  28. Eric Ryan decides that Tom Berg is a crook, too
  29. 12 Illegal Animals Seized In 2 Weeks
  30. Harbor Police temporarily unarmed
  31. Sentencing delayed for swindling inmate
  32. From Russia, a leftist Conspiracy Theory ties Obama to CIA and Honolulu Ponzi Schemer Ron Rewald
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Monday, July 18, 2011
July 18, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 11:08 AM :: 13098 Views
  1. Convicted Cocaine Dealer replaces Advertiser columnist as Ernie Martin’s Campaign Treasurer
  2. Sovereignty Mortgage Scammer Keanu Sai at it again with help from Legislators, Maui Council, University
  3. Senate Race: Hanabusa sees Remake of 2002 Gubernatorial Election
  4. Rep. Faleomavaega's Kazakh Connection finally makes news in Samoa
  5. Hawaii’s Future? Abandoned Solar Farms Clutter California Desert
  6. Query Results of Targeted Tax Credits
  7. Malama Solomon wants to disenfranchise military so she doesn’t have to face Lorraine Inouye in 2012 State Senate race
  8. Warning to HSTA: Stiffen your resolve against accountability because cheating is difficult with online testing
  9. Survey: Locating a doctor who takes Medicaid proves difficult in isles
  10. Abercrombie loosens qualifications for Adult Caregivers
  11. SA: Task force must define sheriffs' role
  12. Obama threatens Military Pay unless taxes raised and debt expanded
  13. Abercrombie’s GE Tax Hike hurts local companies, farmers that supply federal clients--could benefit mainland firms
  14. Hydro Plans for an Island Paradise: Hawaii co-op exploring new projects
  15. Charter School Task Force to hold first meeting at Hawaii Capitol this week
  16. Herkes: 'Flaws' in Act 48 are actually teeth to protect homeowners
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Sunday, July 17, 2011
July 17, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:12 PM :: 16481 Views
  1. Ms. Lingle goes to Washington -- so is a decision imminent?
  2. Rep Keith-Agaran: ‘Qualified’ Hawaiians are Politically distinct
  3. Homeless Inundate Convention Center: Abercrombie has No Plan to remove them before APEC
  4. As DoE Failure becomes more and more evident, Mazie Hirono asks Feds to stop Measuring
  5. SA: If HSTA wins, prospects for fiscal sanity are bleak
  6. Ratepayers Beware: Green Energy Scammers trying to take over Hawaiian Electric
  7. Berg Fires Chief of Staff Eric Ryan Amid Attacks on State Rep
  8. City waits to increase sludge runs
  9. Hawaii has 235 new laws compared to 3,224 bills introduced
  10. Wave of change rolls into Wahiawa
  11. Motorcycle ride raises funds for law enforcement memorial
  12. Want Some Land? State has $4.5M available to buy it for you
  13. Unions aiming to control workers place a bull's-eye on Target
  14. 'Roseanne' paints Hawaii in a strange, surreal light
  15. Old cellphones to benefit troops
  16. An Awakening: Youth Revive Japan's Dying Church
  17. Trinidad Minister of Foreign Affairs got Ph&D from Hawaii Diploma Mill
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Saturday, July 16, 2011
July 16, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:07 PM :: 7190 Views
  1. School-by-School Annual Yearly Progress — How did your school do?
  2. Analysis: Hawaii Democratic Tent not Broad, voter satisfaction can shift quickly
  3. Response to Star-Advertiser: Rail Opponents list Alternative Traffic Solutions
  4. PUC Requires HECO to Reopen Molokai Windfarm Bidding
  5. PUC re-bid order should bring halt to Wind Development on Molokai
  6. Guam WW2 Claims Bill criticized for Over-criminalization
  7. Governor Lingle to Speak at Grassroot Institute Fundraiser
  8. Lingle in D.C.
  9. Old Boy Money Behind Hanabusa
  10. Abercrombie attending Governors’ Conference
  11. Just in time to give it to the unions: Brewbaker suddenly admits the State’s Economic Recovery is stronger than claimed
  12. OTEC Doesn’t Work Anywhere, but Star-Advertiser want to give it Tax Credits
  13. ACLU Keeping Homeless Woman on Streets
  14. Slavery Trial Begins in Two Weeks
  15. Stadium repair funding’s future matter of debate
  16. Hilton gets EIS OK for $760M Oahu expansion
  17. Diocese of Honolulu tackles affordable housing project
  18. City Begins Acquiring Rail Route Real Estate
  19. Magoon Parcel: City botches Redevelopment of Waikiki for 13 years
  20. Abercrombie signs Proclamation for Gay Bar Owner
  21. City Files Request To Keep Landfill Open
  22. China to send Sub to bottom of Ocean near Hawaii Rare Earths Deposits
  23. NYT: No Matter How Debt Debate Ends, Governors See More Cuts for States
  24. LAT: GOP bill would shift bullet train money to Midwest flood relief
  25. AARP alarmed at Obama’s threat to Cut off Social Security
  26. HUMOR
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Friday, July 15, 2011
July 15, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:09 PM :: 23367 Views
  1. Despite high costs, Hawaii Medicaid Spending ranks 41st in Nation
  2. Berg: Restore Funding for Sand Island Wastewater Treatment
  3. Hanalani School Returns Home with Second International Botball Tournament Win
  4. Ewa Field Battlefield Survey Report released by Navy
  5. Hirono bests Case in raising contributions for Senate run
  6. City rail plan taking longer to build than Great Pyramid
  7. Hawaii Country strikes 2-year deal with HGEA, furloughs continue
  8. Jobless recovery persists in Hawaii
  9. Neighborhood Board Figure Accused Of Fraud, Elder abuse
  10. SA: Sex-Abuse Suits should be allowed against Catholic Church, but not the State
  11. Bus Stop Moved To Avoid Homeless Woman's Smell
  12. Mafia Wind: State signs off on North Shore wind farm plans
  13. Navy meeting on Kalaeloa to discuss proposal to develop solar power project
  14. CSAO: Scam Potential in some Charter Management Organizations
  15. Hawaii Judges Financial Disclosures Posted Online for first time ever
  16. Panel to consider placing sheriffs in their own state department
  17. Law Allows Public-Private Partnerships At State Properties
  18. Hawai‘i foreclosures decline 66% during June, Judicial Foreclosures nearly double
  19. 9th Circuit orders Pacific Beach Hotel to Bargain with Union
  20. Local farmers divided on food safety program
  21. CDC: Hawaiians Die, Too -- But Less Often
  22. County denies culpability in blowhole incident
  23. High Speed Misery: for Both Superferries & U.S. Taxpayers Alike
  24. Canadian Officials don’t want Hawaii Meth Dealer in their Prison
  25. Victim of the great garbage patch: Turtle is just one of thousands left deformed or dead by Pacific Ocean plastic—but not plastic bags
  26. Roseanne's Nuts: Say hello to the second-worst show on television
  27. Avoiding Cheating Scandal, Atlanta Sup’t of Schools Hides in Maui
  28. Peter Thiel Buys Maui Home For a Record $27 Million
  29. Inouye Knew about N Korean Abductions of Japanese 30 years ago
  30. Ceremony at Schofield Barracks marks the end of the Iraq mission for the post’s 2nd Brigade Combat Team
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Thursday, July 14, 2011
July 14, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:13 PM :: 13535 Views
  1. NYT: Book Challenges Obama on Mother’s Deathbed Fight
  2. Abercrombie adds 10 more HGEA positions
  3. Supreme Court Offers Free Divorce Law Program on July 14
  4. HSTA to Abercrombie: Don’t turn your back on a friend
  5. Just in time to give it to the Unions: Hawaii 2011 Tax Revenues Higher Than Expected
  6. Commission refuses to Disenfranchise Military -- stands by controversial redistricting data
  7. Maui, Hawaii County Reapportionment Advisory Councils Reject Lawsuit over Military
  8. Hirono raises $300K for Senate Run
  9. Hirono opposes effort to allow States more local control over Federal Education Funds
  10. Dallas News: Just what Honolulu needs: 20 miles of elevated train track
  11. China gives Eased Access only to Obama-connected States
  12. Hawaii most expensive State to own a Car
  13. Ratepayers to fork out 2% of bill for Hawaii Clean Energy Subsidies
  14. While Hawaii’s Shipping Prices Increase Sharply, U.S. Shipping Market Sees Costs Plunge
  15. Liquor Commissioner Arrested, Charged for Bribery
  16. Hawaii to hire 10 agriculture inspectors
  17. $8M Ponzi scheme leader sentenced to 12 years
  18. Pacific Office Compliance Plan Accepted by NYSE Amex
  19. State Board Gives Nod To New Aloha Tower Marketplace Deal
  20. Hawaii approves 3-year contract with CCA
  21. WHT Helps Devalue Queen Liliuokalani Trust
  22. CB: Hawaii Legislature Needs to Give Records Office a Backbone
  23. CB: Few Cities Track Police Crimes, Honolulu Included
  24. Kauai Luddites fail in Second Effort to Kill Hydro Projects
  25. Mega solar farm in Kekaha approved
  26. 1000 Solar Panels save $300/day from Electric Bill
  27. Enforcers on hunt for bottomfish poachers
  28. Rollman vs Ryan Part …?
  29. Rosanne Barr show endangers Hawaii Tourism, Mac Nut Industry
  30. 1996: America Defends Marriage against Broken Trust Hawaii Supreme Court
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011
July 13, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:03 PM :: 12144 Views
  1. Abercrombie announces final vetoes, 14 bills become law
  2. Democrat push to disenfranchise Military fails to gain support of Hawaii, Maui Advisory Councils
  3. HI Gov. Abercrombie signs health law some saw as threatening Prepaid Act
  4. Hawaii Lawmakers Got Free Tickets from Ko Olina, Mitsunaga to Governor's Inaugural Ball
  5. Abercrombie’s HSTA Contract: Teachers' drug tests limited
  6. Sovereignty Scammers Arrested, One Held because no drug rehab space available
  7. Abercrombie agrees to pay losing bidders
  8. Third Appointee Resigns At Abercrombie's Request
  9. Rail Lobby sighs with relief as Agencies Decline to Cut Bond Ratings
  10. Bus fare hike on school board agenda
  11. In spite of all the talk, Hawaii in bottom 25% for so-called Green Jobs
  12. Attorney: Nobody in their right mind will use new isle foreclosure law
  13. Abercrombie Admin refuses to disclose details of $40,000 Renovation of Governor’s Mansion
  14. SA: Open the books on wind-energy plans
  15. CB: OIP is a Paper Tiger
  16. Homelessness Industry Thrilled as Abercrombie Policy pushes Homeless into Chinatown
  17. Defense Lawyers Dispute Prosecutor Kaneshiro
  18. Police Chief: Some Cyber Criminals Not Very Smart
  19. Can shipping containers help solve our homeless problem?
  20. Affordable Senior Housing 47% Vacant In Ewa
  21. Clayton Hee thinking about intervening in Hoopili Docket
  22. Anti-Superferry Protester Lance Holter Cries because Hanabusa fails to Shut down US Oil Drilling
  23. Obama threatens to cut off Veterans healthcare unless nation continues mortgaging itself to Saudi Arabia, China
  24. Suspected Murderer, Fraudster Moving to Hawaii?
  25. WSJ: Cerberus keeps grip on Kyo-ya, Royal Hawaiian
  26. Target set to open new store in Hilo
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011
July, 2011 Letters to the Editor
By Letters to the Editor @ 2:04 AM :: 6072 Views
  1. Convicted Felon Keanu Sai is the source
  2. Save Kalaeloa from KREP July 19
  3. Dearest DOE: Not Just Any Substitute Teacher
  4. Biofuels could Lead to Economic Self-Sufficiency for Hawaii if Government would Get Out Of The Way
  5. Hawaii County Resolution 60-11 Development Moratorium
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011
July 12, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:54 PM :: 15177 Views
  1. Abercrombie Admin. claims HSTA Negotiators Agreed to Terms, Releases Full Text of Contract Changes
  2. Thielen: Environmental Assessment required to truck Sludge from Sand Island to Kailua
  3. Hawaii Next? Civil Union Laws Can Spell End of Child Welfare Services for Faith-based Groups
  4. Democrats call disenfranchisement of Military Personnel “Fair, equitable representation”
  5. A Singular Woman: Obama lied about Cancer-Stricken Mother not having Health Insurance
  6. For me but not for thee: Punahou Obama praises school choice
  7. Hawaii Congressional Delegation: How they voted July 11
  8. Police, Prosecutors to discuss Cybercrime at Capitol
  9. As veto deadline looms, Abercrombie signs Eleven Bills into Law
  10. Voting Rights: Democrats may sue to block Military Personnel from Reapportionment Count
  11. Abercrombie Energy Plan: Cancelled, inoperative, ignored
  12. Rep Mele Carroll: Free iPad from Clinton Movie Mogul Cronies was “sign that the studio cares about Hawaii”
  13. Clock Ticking on Labor Board decision on HSTA Contract
  14. Alleged Fraudsters to benefit from Carlisle’s New Towing Contract?
  15. Judge rejects “nonsensical” documents filed in Maui sovereignty scam case
  16. Act 221 Scammers: OHA’s Geo Project to run cable from Big Island to Oahu
  17. In the Shadow of the Train, Landowners Stand to Gain—but DR Horton has “Plan B” just in case….
  18. Kailua lawmaker is trying to fend off sewage
  19. Hawaii: Gays to get Civil union certificates faster than Straights
  20. 4 HPD Officers to Face Charges in Overtime Investigation
  21. Kaneshiro dumps plea bargains, sends more cases to Court
  22. Maui Democrat Netra Halperin just thrilled about Abercrombie’s plan to let lots and lots of criminals loose
  23. Suspected Murderer coming to Hawaii
  24. Defeated at the Polls, Luddites try another trick to Kill Kauai Hydro Projects
  25. Investigative Report on Condition of Breached Ka Loko Dam is Released
  26. Rep. Hanabusa joins Defense Energy Security Caucus
  27. 325,000 “Green” Cars in next 19 years
  28. Star-Advertiser leaks Tom Berg Emails to Civil Beat
  29. Eric Ryan: Monkey see, Monkey do
  30. HSDC seeking input on $13M earmarked for VC funding
  31. End of space shuttle creates opening for Hawaii
  32. Hawaii, 8 other States support Sprint against ATT/T-Mobile Merger
  33. Thought Control: Bill signed into Hawaii law banning word “retarded”
  34. No Fines, Citations Issued For Illegal Pet Owners
  35. The Emigrants Return
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Monday, July 11, 2011
July 11, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:31 PM :: 15615 Views
  1. Hawaii Lawmakers: Quit Finding Excuses for More Tax Increases
  2. Honolulu: Mega Rail Project in a Micro City
  3. Barack Sr. so repulsive, even Abercrombie thought he was Arrogant
  4. SA: Hawaiians not tribal, State Akaka Tribe is not a Tribe, Many Hawaiians will not be “Qualified”
  5. Six Felons Walk: Kauai judge lets Sex offenders, dope dealers avoid Prison under Abercrombie Plan
  6. Abercrombie’s plan to let criminals loose to face tough questions from Legislators, Constituents
  7. Abercrombie Veto Could shield State from responsibility for Pedophile employees
  8. Hirono, Hanabusa, still stuck in DC
  9. More Lingle Appointees just say no to Abercrombie
  10. Hawaii Lawmakers Accept More Than $137,000 in Gifts
  11. Low CIP Threshold to blame for lack of Maintenance Statewide
  12. Conflict has appointee refusing charter panel seat
  13. EUTF board questions lack of minutes, adequacy of staffing, selection of vendor
  14. City to use 1 tow firm for all of Oahu streets
  15. Big Wind Blows Hard in Star-Advertiser
  16. Army discusses future of Pohakuloa
  17. New Hawaii Law Seeks to Restore Coverage for Construction Defect Claims
  18. Ten Years Later: Kidnapped Girl Escapes from Hawaii Felon
  19. Judge allowing Kidnapping, Murder suspect to visit girlfriend in Hawaii
  20. Allegiant: Fresno a likely candidate for direct flight to Hawaii
  21. Tears flow as Foodland Hawaii Kai bids farewell after 47 years in business
  22. New Hawaii Law Seeks to Restore Coverage for Construction Defect Claims
  23. Auction Notice: Offer for Public Sale of Two High Speed Vessels
  24. Industry throws Cold Water on Seabed Rare Earths Potential
  25. Our Cooling Globe: Montana ultra-marathon race cancelled due to July snow
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Sunday, July 10, 2011
July 10, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:19 PM :: 11587 Views
  1. Featured on Glen Beck: Wallbuilders’ David Barton to speak at Hilo, Maui, Oahu events
  2. Update: Elwin Ahu decides not to run for US Senate
  3. Fear of Lingle: Inouye’s Borreca demands Akaka Quit Senate Now
  4. Cataluna: Abercrombie's attitude goes from mellow to mean
  5. HSTA Contract Conflict could Cost State $75M Race To The Top money
  6. HSTA Contract: Legislators consider Special Session while Abercrombie paddles away in Canoe
  7. HSTA demands HLRB invalidate State Budget, Claims budget must be negotiated with Unions
  8. UPW strike could ruin APEC
  9. Hawaii Bottle Tax may increase
  10. PUC grants request in review of HECO plan to charge customers for study
  11. Number of Native Hawaiian UH Students Doubles in 4 years
  12. Abercrombie grows Herb at Governor’s Mansion
  13. Will Abercrombie Cronies cost the State its Federal Historic Preservation Money?
  14. Maui Bus Shelters $150K each
  15. Molokai veterans center suit may proceed
  16. Plan to transport raw sewage draws criticism
  17. $5,000 cap should boost small claims court's load
  18. Hui revives plan to get electricity from water
  19. Memorial service honors veteran and Navy League organizer Harold Estes
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Saturday, July 9, 2011
July 9, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:47 PM :: 11708 Views
  1. Soak the rich: 26,000 Hawaii residents hit with $40M/year in new taxes
  2. HUD giving away $50K to Hawaii Mortgage deadbeats: Deadline for free money is July 22
  3. Abercrombie seeks applicants to roll Hawaiians
  4. Abercrombie signs 16 bills into law
  5. Berg: Makaha Town Meeting July 12
  6. HSTA files labor challenge against Abercrombie and BOE
  7. HSTA strikes out against 180-day law
  8. Wife of Congressman in Prison as Honolulu Council seeks alternative to Bribery-Tainted Sludge Processor
  9. Democracy smashes Luddites: KIUC members affirm Free Flow contract
  10. Abercrombie snags second Resignation
  11. Bill waiving environmental regulations for border security would cover all of Hawaii
  12. Con Man Strikes Again while on Parole — Bilks Elderly Victim of $682,000
  13. Hawaii lawmaker to introduce "Caylee's Law"
  14. Hawaii's first Convoy of Hope event brings free services, food and compassion
  15. Electric customers could get a financing break with new law
  16. $10B solution for Hawaii Electricity
  17. SA: Build Waikiki Park only if Homeless are blocked
  18. Dope Doctor claims he was coerced into guilty plea
  19. 'Extinct' plant found on Big Island
  20. Robots to remove ordnance from Hawaii sea floor
  21. Why the federal-hiring system is broken
  22. Space Station, Shuttle visible from Hawaii starting at 7:15pm
  23. Hawaii soldiers awarded the Presidential Unit Citation emblem
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Friday, July 8, 2011
July 8, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:05 PM :: 14521 Views
  1. Immigration Records: Obama was to have been put up for Adoption at Honolulu Salvation Army Home
  2. Council Reorganization makes Kobayashi guardian of Ernie Martin’s Secrets
  3. Abercrombie appoints officials to DoH, DoT
  4. Listeria: Calvin Say’s Bentos Being Recalled from 7-11 Stores Statewide
  5. Hawaii Spending Growing at Nearly Four Times National Average
  6. Hawaiian “Haves” vs “Have-nots” take opposite sides on so-called Hawaiian Recognition Bill
  7. Labor's ally becomes its potent adversary
  8. Cayetano on 2001 HSTA Strike
  9. Accountability: Only 6 DoE Teachers fired in 2 years
  10. DoE Cronies are using Social Studies cuts to attack STEM Education
  11. SA: Elder care needs better oversight
  12. Legalistic homeless move back to Ala Wai Canal
  13. Buddhist front group for Watabe Wedding Corp Exposed
  14. City Starts Work on Revised General Plan
  15. Excellent News: Bag ban bill trashed again
  16. OHA operatives who once fought it are now pushing Geothermal
  17. Guam projects put in doubt
  18. More Federal Funds? Hawaii will feel the sting if federal government defaults
  19. Teachers Union To File Legal Challenge This Week
  20. Democrat Caucus Meets decides not to call Special Session
  21. Cab heist suspect violated probation multiple times, was still out on street
  22. Hawaii's crystal meth use lowest since 2004
  23. UH Manoa Earns Maximum Reaccreditation
  24. Kauai man waited 10 years for boating permit—still waiting
  25. Honolulu among most expensive parking spots
  26. Allegiant plans to fly to Hawaii by summer 2012
  27. Debris from Japanese tsunami drifting east toward Hawaii
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Thursday, July 7, 2011
July 7, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:58 PM :: 9259 Views
  1. Sources: Democrats scheming to plant candidate in Republican Senate Primary
  2. New Report: Hawaii is Fifth Least Obese State in the Nation
  3. Rep Pine: “If you have been a victim of internet crime, I want to help”
  4. Abercrombie signs bill to tighten OHA trustees’ grip on Native Hawaiians
  5. July 7, 1898: Hawaii Republic Annexed by USA
  6. July 7, 1935: Moscow orders first Communists to Hawaii
  7. Public Teachers' Contract A Private Affair?
  8. Shapiro: Abercrombie-imposed HSTA contract does not address 180 day law, RTTT
  9. Wind Developer: Public Input is Noise, Time is a Nemesis
  10. Council Reorganization makes Kobayashi guardian of Ernie Martin’s Secrets
  11. City Rents Downtown Office Space for Rail at $1.4 Million a Year
  12. $2B Honolulu Sludge Resolution
  13. Federal Highways Rep: City and State Need to Play Nice
  14. After getting $140M from Abercrombie, Dante Carpenter tries to take over Hawaii County Garbage
  15. Farms Under EEOC Scrutiny in Hawaii and Washington Receive Federal Aid
  16. 'First Step' to a Native Hawaiian Governing Entity – or Dan Akaka’s Swan-Song
  17. UK Guardian: The 'Akaka bill' is a US colonial device to ratify the robbery of the Kanaka Maoli people's rights
  18. Scholar Criticizes Census Portrait of Native Hawaiians
  19. Tammy Duckworth Running in Newly Drawn 8th District of Illinois
  20. Secretive Student Caucus selects UH Regents
  21. Legislators resist tough on crime measures to help Abercrombie let criminals out of prison
  22. Getting Hawaii’s Homeless Military Population Off the Street
  23. Blas denies outside influence as Kona-side media plots revenge
  24. Expedition To Pacific Garbage Patch Gets Underway—no mention of Plastic Bags
  25. New geothermal production in Hawaii to be discussed during meeting at Hawaii Capitol
  26. DLIR Harassing Contractors over minor Electrical, Plumbing Work
  27. State to expand online filing system for unemployment claims
  28. Family of gay US soldier Andrew Wilfahrt fight for equality at home
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Wednesday, July 6, 2011
July 6, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:30 AM :: 10719 Views
  1. Hawaii Congressional Delegation: How they voted July 5th
  2. Abercrombie Administration: State homeless plan on track
  3. Quash Private Agendas For Public Good
  4. Mufi to Neil: “Too bad”
  5. Shapiro to HSTA: “Go on strike”
  6. Martin, Anderson: HART power struggle not about money
  7. Could Teacher Contract Talks Affect Race to Top?
  8. Amazing: Stop feeding Homeless in Parks and 125 move to Shelters
  9. State receiving millions in education money
  10. Letter from Lanai: The Governor and Big Wind
  11. Hawaiian group to protest Native Hawaiian bill signing
  12. Freddie Mac moves its Hawaii foreclosures into courts following state overhaul
  13. Hawaii School Bus Fares Could Rise Again
  14. Accused Human Trafficker Goes on the Record
  15. Seed Growers debunk Critics
  16. Drop in fire calls but has fun gone out of 4th?
  17. Honolulu: Mega Rail Project in a Micro City
  18. Hawaii Includes all in Census Counts: Reapportionment Commission vote affirms U. S. Census Rules
  19. Mineral-rich ocean mud stirs environmental fears (surprise, surprise)
  20. Aina Koa Pono signs contract with AECOM for biofuels plant
  21. EPA has “significant concerns” about Hu Honua Permit
  22. Boa Constrictor may have given birth while on the loose in Wahiawa
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Tuesday, July 5, 2011
July 5, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:35 PM :: 13815 Views
  1. New laws which take effect July 1
  2. Abercrombie signs six more bills into Law
  3. Abercrombie creates huge opening: Will GOP step up?
  4. HART Budget sets up 1 year tap dance with Council
  5. Spending to promote Hawaii tourism cut
  6. Will Budget cuts Sink Pearl Harbor Modernization?
  7. HSTA Rep: Abercrombie Failed to Bargain In 'Good Faith'
  8. Star-Advertiser cries over defeat of Obama’s Medical Snooping
  9. SA: Charter school independence must come with accountability
  10. Rescuing dropouts from the DoE
  11. Gay-Atheists fail to trick Gabbard into running for US Senate
  12. No Crime Stats Kept on Honolulu Police Officers
  13. Andrea’s Law requires Murderers to Register
  14. Abercrombie to sign State Indian Tribe Bill
  15. Mainland Luddites thrilled at Abercrombie intent-to-veto of Fish Farming Bill
  16. Roz Baker to reminisce about her days as Teachers’ Union operative
  17. Futility Defined: After fencing off forest, pigs reinvade
  18. Tocqueville on bureaucracy
  19. Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Cost $278,000 per Job, now is causing job loss
  20. Rare earth metals abundant in deep-sea mud
  21. Honolulu Weekly: Why we can’t ditch nukes and coal
  22. Asia pollution is latest excuse for global cooling
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Monday, July 4, 2011
July 4, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 11:32 AM :: 8365 Views
  1. Abercrombie’s HSTA contract says nothing about 180-day law, RTTT
  2. Four of a Kind: UPW, UHPA get big Fat Pay Raise—and HSTA suit could give one to HGEA
  3. TEA Party to join July 4 Parades in Kailua, Makawao, Hilo, Kona
  4. 4th of July celebration as Schofield turns 40
  5. Abercrombie signs six more bills into Law
  6. Union leaders “frustrated” with Abercrombie, HSTA prepares to sue
  7. More than Half of Lingle Appointees Won't Resign
  8. AP: Annual 'Hawaii Pork Report' cites wasteful spending in Hawaii governments
  9. Sexual Abuse goes unpunished at Hawaii's care homes
  10. Gaia vs America: Eco faddists now claim Fireworks pollute ocean
  11. Battle Looms Over Huge Rare Minerals Haul off Hawaii
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Sunday, July 3, 2011
July 3, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:42 PM :: 15096 Views
  1. TEA Party to join July 4 Parades in Kailua, Makawao, Hilo, Kona
  3. Calles: Rational Decision for Developers -- to not work in Hawaii
  4. AFP: Hawaii's Citizens Weigh Cost of Living versus Cost of Leaving
  5. Say thanks to military, and know that training here is vital to freedom
  6. Star-Advertiser: July 4th is all about gay marriage, men wearing dresses, legal dope, and abortion
  7. UPW gets Big Fat Pay Raise July 1
  8. UHPA Profs getting 6.7% Raise today, 3% more soon
  9. KS, Stone, DHHL all continue to point fingers over Collapse of Makaha Deal
  10. Abercrombie signature will allow Gay Activists to team up with School Bullies
  11. ACLU: Hands off APEC Rioters
  12. Kauai residents continue to suffer with plastic-bag ban in place
  13. Hawaii State Inspectors sanction Nursing Homes at lowest rate in Nation
  14. Chinese tourism cycle where Japanese Tourism cycle was 25 years ago
  15. SA: More Visa offices needed in China
  16. Higher Court Fees to Line NHLC Pockets
  17. New Foreclosure Law means lots of houses sitting empty
  18. Wind Power forces MECO to snoop on your home electricity usage
  19. Officials aim to collect DHHL taxes
  21. Kauai: $28K project costs $338K
  22. Strengthening Hawaii’s lobbyist registration and disclosure law
  23. Early signs UH athletics turning financial corner
  24. Volunteers help church emerge
  25. Gay Rapist, child molester gets another prison term
  26. Hawaii sea bottom holds treasure trove of rare-earth elements
  27. Opihi finding shows Hawaii ‘not an evolutionary dead end for marine life’
  28. Hawaii among world’s most shark-infested waters
Read More..
Saturday, July 2, 2011
July 2, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:54 PM :: 12824 Views
  1. Abercrombie: HSTA Negotiators agreed to Contract
  2. GOP’s Nonaka Launches Political Consulting Firm
  3. Americans for Prosperity Hawaii Chapter Forms
  4. Insights: Molokai, Lanai leaders debate Big Wind
  5. TEA Party to join July 4 Parades in Kailua, Makawao, Hilo, Kona
  6. Kamehameha on Makaha: “Its time for us to move on”
  7. Furloughs End, But UPW takes a furlough day anyway and gets it as a paid day off
  8. Teachers union says it will challenge forced contract, then fails to do so
  9. HART, Carlisle Won’t Sue Over Rail Budget
  10. State Begins Fixing Building Vacant For 9 Years
  11. Hawaii Co Budget Problems ‘solved’ by skipping Pension Contribution
  12. Private operation of Hilo sort station to be aired at council
  13. Both sides file briefs in TMT case
  14. Law will streamline Land Court by de-registering time shares
  15. University of Hawaii Board of Regents names new members
  16. UH Athletics might turn profit cash-flow positive this year
  17. Senate Bill 1520 intended to facilitate Akaka Bill
  18. Hawaiian Telcom Commences Staged Launch of TV Service on Oahu
  19. Errors Occur in 12% of Electronic Drug Prescriptions Matching Handwritten
  20. FOX News Profiles Hawaii Reporter
  21. Civil Beat Marks July 4th by Re-writing Declaration of Independence
Read More..
Friday, July 1, 2011
July 1, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:27 PM :: 13995 Views
  1. TEA Party to join July 4 Parades in Kailua, Makawao, Hilo, Kona
  2. Sumitomo: Ready to go all the way with Rail Contract Protest
  3. Hawaii Meth Survey Shows Significant Shifts in Attitudes
  4. 4th of July celebration as Schofield turns 40
  5. Gaza Flotilla Roster Portends Another Violent Clash
  6. Martin announces new Honolulu Council Committees
  7. New rail board will not sue City Council over budget
  8. HSTA Leader has been out of town for Days, strike vote awaits his return
  9. DoE imposes 9 Furlough Days on Teachers
  10. Hawaii County wants 13 HGEA Furlough Days
  11. Frustrated teachers give their union a failing grade
  12. 2001 Redux: Hirono backs Teachers Strike against Abercrombie
  13. Hee: Legislature forms Abercrombie Cheerleading Team
  14. Nurse: Do not Fear State Retaliation
  15. Arizona, Texas, Hawaii all rejecting Gulen Cult Schools
  16. The Unbearably Smug Soetoro-Ng pushes Social(ist) Studies
  17. Hawaii Regulator Orders Homeowners Insurers to File New Rates
  18. Hawaii is #5 destination for International Visitors to US
  19. Hawaiian Now Controls 83% of Inter-Island Market
  20. What are Hawaii's most expensive construction projects?
  21. Albertini: Abercrombie pimping Hawaii’s economic future to the U.S. military
  22. Independence Day in Kailua and 4th of July Firework Fundraising in High Gear
  23. SA: Amend Unconstitutional Big Isle election project
  24. Herkes: Act 48 - What's it all about?
  25. Arakawa: SMA Law Needed For Sake of Free Enterprise
  26. Waiawa corrections officer blames staffing shortage for escape of four inmates
  27. Church honors Blessed Mother Marianne Cope
  28. VIDEO: Hawaii County budget veto override fails
  29. Reapportionment Software to be Demonstrated
  30. Eco-Cultists starving Turtle-hungry Natives 
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