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Wednesday, July 31, 2013
July 31, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:59 PM :: 5079 Views
  1. Hanabusa: Obama Considers Creating Akaka Tribe Without Congressional Approval
  2. President of National School Choice Week to Speak in Hawaii
  3. Simplified property taxes
  4. UH New Pres Lassner Makes Excuses for Multi-Million Dollar BUZZEO Disaster
  5. Gay 'Sheriff' corrals legislators who stray from party gospel
  6. Cross-Dressing Accused Murderer Employed by Pacifist Center
  7. 'Progressive' 2nd CD is Full of White People
  8. Kauai 100 Gather for Push Back Against Anti-GMO Hype
  9. Lawsuit: State mental Health Cuts Behind Suicide of Teen
  10. Homelessness in Hawaii Hits Drudge Report
  11. $10,000/mo Electric Bill Pushes Farmer to Go Hydro
  12. Tall Buildings, Cheap Rent and Hawaii's Ability to Manage Development

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013
July 30, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:55 PM :: 4597 Views
  1. Feds: Hawaii DoE no longer 'High Risk'
  2. Photo Essay: Skeletons of Dead Windfarms
  3. President of National School Choice Week to Speak in Hawaii
  4. Honolulu Ranks 62nd in Per-Capita Public Employees
  5. Reporter Protects Numerous Hawaii Politicians from Exposure
  6. Progressives Instruct Media How to Help Schatz against Hanabusa
  7. Progressives Complain Hanabusa Raises Embarrassing Question About Schatz' Gay Marriage Position
  8. Okabe: HSTA-DoE Contract to be Model for Nation
  9. HECO Customers Subsidize Solar $12M/year
  10. Kauai: Genetically Modified Marijuana top trouble for law enforcement
  11. How a Former Soldier Continues his Battle in the Classroom
  12. Flossie Produces $350K Paid Vacation for Hawaii Co Employees
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Monday, July 29, 2013
July 29, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:05 PM :: 3651 Views
  1. Hanabusa: Obama Considers Creating Akaka Tribe Without Congressional Approval
  2. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted July 29, 2013
  3. Big Cable Could Cost Consumers 12 cents per Kwh
  4. UPDATE: Flossie Steers for North Shore of Maui, Oahu
  5. S&P loves state’s debt plan, but it might not be enough
  6. Hawaii Rep. Awana's Broken Record of Campaign Spending Fines
  7. Profitable: Non-Profit Exec Allegedly Steals $700K from Waianae Homeless Shelter
  8. City must clear air on ethical issues involving ORI funds
  9. Homeless Ticket Program to run thru nonprofit?
  10. Almost half of all new babies are born to unwed mothers
  11. Windward District Schools Launch Massive Attendance Campaign
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Sunday, July 28, 2013
July 28, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:48 PM :: 4189 Views
  1. Onerous Burden of Doing Business Goes Beyond Taxes
  2. Flossie Strengthens as it Moves toward Maui, Big Island, Oahu
  3. Forum to Outline Changes to State Mental Health Care System
  4. Hooser: Bankrupt Tax Cheat Leads Kauai Council Anti-GMO Effort
  5. WaPo Deploys Hit on Hanabusa
  6. Sandwich Isles Scam Company Grabs for Hawaiian Tel, Hanabusa Pledges to Help 
  7. State's modesty is blown by its preening politicians
  8. 10 Punatics Agree Geothermal not Safe Yet
  9. PRP Rail Survey Plagued with Glitches
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Saturday, July 27, 2013
July 27, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:03 PM :: 3140 Views
  1. Kauai Farmers Mobilize to Save Agriculture from Anti-GMO Protesters
  2. Why I’m Going to Hawaii to Defend the Maize Winter Nurseries
  3. HTA: Arrivals, Spending Up
  4. Paradise lost: Honolulu taxpayers drowning in crystal clear sea of debt
  5. VIDEO: Rep. Ward discusses the Jones Act
  6. Gays to Block Rep Har from Seeking Office for 6 mos
  7. Star-Adv: Gays Place One-Party System at Risk
  8. KNOW GMO: Friends of Ag launch ‘Save Kauai Farms’ campaign
  9. Electronic health records increasingly used in isles
  10. (de)Occupy ousted from Thomas Square during Bill 7 enforcement
  11. UHWO Selling Land to fund Expansion
  12. Hawaii Seeks to become Drone Testing Center

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Friday, July 26, 2013
July 26, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:49 PM :: 4231 Views
  1. Caldwell's TOD Pick Connects Smart Growth, Active Aging
  2. Pierluisi introduces Puerto Rico Jones Act exemption legislation
  3. Abercrombie Signs Ocean Resources Management Plan
  4. $217M: Fake Bribe Offered to Hawaii for Fake ‘Marriage’
  5. Djou considering options as next election nears
  6. Obamacare: If nobody Signs Up, System Will Fail
  7. Gay Atheists Refine Focus: Target Har, Gabbard
  8. Charitable Contributions: Abercrombie Bows to Laffer Curve
  9. TMT partners sign ‘master agreement’
  10. Solar Scammers Reach for Slice of Your Electric bill
  11. Complaint: Former Oahu Principal Abused Power While Leading School
  12. Developers Not Waiting for TOD Rules
  13. State has big backlog of guard applications

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Thursday, July 25, 2013
July 25, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:02 PM :: 3995 Views
  1. Jonesing for Relief from Port Protectionism
  2. CNBC: Slash Fuel Prices, Repeal Jones Act
  3. Full Text: Stop Rail Files Comments on Rail DSEIS
  4. KSBE, ML&P, Grove Farm Plan to Chop Down Thousands of Trees
  5. PETA Attacks Hawaii Man Nearly Killed by Ahi
  6. Abercrombie: Obama Speech Gives Me Excuse to Double Down on Pre-K Scheme
  7. Hawaii Ranks #3 in Solar Installations Per Capita
  8. Hawaii, Guam, Am Samoa, NMI Question Proposed Listing of 66 Coral Species
  9. McKenna: Being Gay is Big Advantage for Judicial Appointments
  10. Lawsuit: State Diverts Water, Wastes it
  11. State Rips Up APEC Decorations
  12. Sidewalk clearing: Objects get a talking-to
  13. Rules for license-plate scans should be set by legislation
  14. Now that Rail Has Been Approved, Critical H-1 Freeway Section Will Be Repaired in a Year Long Project
  15. City to Unveil New Pedestrian Safety Initiatives
  16. Lawsuit: Defective Pipe Used on Ala Wai Pipe Fix
  17. Oahu Master Specialist designation given to incarcerated criminal
  18. Progressive Activists Thrilled by Opportunity to Hit Hanabusa on NSA Spying
  19. RIMPAC 2014: Chinese help plan for huge war game near isles

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013
July 24, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:35 PM :: 3913 Views
  1. Interim UH President Scores 'F', Responsible for Data Breaches
  2. S&P Pleased by Tax Hikes, Concerned About Abercrombie's Spending
  3. For the Sake of the Keiki
  4. Lanai: OHA Wants a Cut of Ellison's Action
  5. Hawaiian Homes Commission Votes to Reform Revocable Permit Program
  6. University of Hawaii regent calls for investigation into tuition hikes
  7. Malpractice: Trial Attorneys Take on Negligent Abortionists
  8. Hawaiian Airlines: Strengthening Dollar Undermines Results
  9. House 'Only a Bare Majority' for Gay Marriage
  10. Ige: We Can Do Better Than Neil
  11. State DHS Conspires to Steal Homes from Elderly
  12. The Breakfast Club Poor Children in Hawaii Won't Join
  13. Did Hanabusa's Campaign Violate Disclosure Law by Not Reporting Poll?
  14. Hawaii Forests Would be Cut to Feed Biofool Scam
  15. Solar power giveaways come with a cost
  16. Electric Bill $28,000/mo
  17. Autopsy reveals new details about Kaneohe man who died in police custody
  18. Honolulu Worst in Nation for Pedestrian Deaths
  19. Star-Adv: Keep School out of Kakaako options
  20. DOE accepts that students improve with digital tools
  21. Kakaako HCDA: Two public meetings will be held in August
  22. Takai, Chang Risk Seat for Shot at Congress 
  23. Hawaii open to Pro Bowl deal
  24. You’re going to kill my business’
  25. Allegiant: Hawaii Routes not as Good as Expected
  26. UH Study Fails to Find Any Plastic bags in Fish Stomachs
  27. Every sign continues to point to the Obama library being located in Chicago
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Tuesday, July 23, 2013
July 23, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:22 PM :: 4804 Views
  1. Life of the Land? OHA Trustee Seeks to Change State Motto
  2. Survey: Hawaii Most Honest State, DC Least Honest
  3. KOS: Hanabusa ‘Sockpuppet’ Hits Schatz for ‘Homophobic Hubris’
  4. Hawaii Congressional Delegation to Discuss Akaka Tribe with Obama
  5. Abercrombie: For Non-Activist Seniors, Why Prolong Life?
  6. Legislature, DoE getting nervous about plans for Kakaako
  7. Teacher Pleased by House Republican Vote
  8. Civil Beat: Schatz is Taking High Road by Forcing Boylan out of Job, Denying It
  9. Auditor Soaked: 1200 Water Bill Complaints Per Day
  10. SB1197: DoTax 'Special Enforcement Section' to Harass Farmers Markets
  11. Latest Green energy Scam Bankruptcy Locks Electric Car Users out of Charging Stations
  12. City pays $1.3 million annual mortgage for nearly-empty garage
  13. Despite Honolulu's Own Investigation, Questions Remain About ORI
  14. Homeless in Hawaii? State Will Fly You Back to Family on Mainland
  15. State Takes More As Recycling Tax Rises
  16. Health Information Exchange to Connect EHR Systems Statewide
  17. Gabbard: Congress Idiotic
  18. Entire Hawaii Congressional Delegation Voted for Sequestration
  19. NYT: Dope Minister Christie Challenges Definition of Religion
  20. Hawaii Law Obligates Crime Victims to Run

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Monday, July 22, 2013
July 22, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:18 PM :: 3486 Views
  1. Hawaii Congressional Delegation: How They Voted July 22, 2013
  2. Study: Cruise Ships Contribute $386M to Hawaii Economy
  3. Rusty Humphries Speaks at HIRA Luncheon
  4. George Zimmerman rescues victims trapped in burning overturned SUV
  5. Trayvon Martin Rally: 14 Arrests after Protesters Attack People in SUVs
  6. Modest life for families in Honolulu costs $78K
  7. Got an Exceptional Tree? Save $3000 on State Taxes
  8. Honolulu just outside top 10 in economic rankings
  9. Espero Launches Campaign by Groveling Before Gay Lords
  10. Obama's Big Mouth Helps Alleged Homosexual Rapist Evade Justice at Pearl Harbor
  11. Data show improvement in use of mental health system
  12. Priest hopes to widen understanding of Micronesians
  13. Star-Adv: Jet Pack Must be regulated Because Humans Flop on Fishes
  14. Revamped deals for school buses seen as Model for Entire State
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Sunday, July 21, 2013
July 21, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:03 PM :: 3389 Views
  1. Solar Scam: DoE Overpays $612M for Athletic Supporter?
  2. Neil Abercrombie Conspiracy Theory Claims Inouye Letter Conspiracy
  3. On-Going Need to Examine Who Pays for County Government
  4. University of Hawaii Pres gets Sweet Deal to Leave Early
  5. Abercrombie v Ige:  Senate on 'Road to Chaos'
  6. Obamacare Bottom Line Still Being Negotiated--Secret 'til October 1
  7. Ruling Sets Stage for October Hearing in DHHL Suit
  8. UH is sweet on salaries and studies, but not sports
  9. No Joke: Al Gore endorses Schatz for Senate
  10. Espero to tout experience in primary candidacy for U.S. House seat
  11. Star-Adv: Don't Let Homeless get too Comfortable on the Street
  12. Caldwell to sign bills banning smoking at beaches, parks
  13. Challenges could not slow down Molokai activist Larry Helm

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Saturday, July 20, 2013
July 20, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:41 PM :: 4017 Views
  1. President of National School Choice Week to Speak in Hawaii
  2. State Spending $9.4M to Move Out of OHA-Owned Kakaako Building
  3. Asian Pacific Voters Republican Initiative
  4. DLNR Names Interim SHPD Administrator
  5. 3 months to go: Obamacare Still a Mystery
  6. Kakaako Project Slowed by High Water Table
  7. What's up with DLNR boat with tree growing out of its engine?
  8. 8 Schools to Get 1:1 Digital Devices This School Year
  9. Protect rights when scanning license plates
  10. Hawaii Dodges Bullet, Not Critical Habitat for Loggerheads
  11. 'Civilian' might have aided detained man's death
  12. Killer Gets Probation, Threatens Woman with Knife
  13. Helping Hawaii Make Sense of Micronesia

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Friday, July 19, 2013
July 19, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:44 PM :: 5696 Views
  1. Hyatt Place Waikiki Beach Harasses Combat Disabled Veteran, Apologizes
  2. Kamuela Hui to Put Telescope on Moon
  3. Joe Trippi to Speak in Hawaii: "Better Schools Aren't a Partisan Issue"
  4. Abercrombie Fears Hannemann, Will not Call Gay Marriage Special Session
  5. Schatz Operatives Force Inouye's Boylan out of Job
  6. Star-Advertiser Coverage of Rail is Fundamentally Dishonest
  7. City offers HUD $1.88 million to Make Ernie Martin Scandal Go Away
  8. Buying Justice? James Pflueger Strikes a Deal with Prosecutors in Notorious Manslaughter Case That Victims Say Isn't Right
  9. Police Raid 'Loud Party' at Hawaii Assoc of Counties Meeting
  10. Hawaii general fund tax revenues up 10 percent
  11. Laborers Union Fears ‘Destructive Consequences’ From Obamacare
  12. Akaka Gang Discusses Plans, Three of Four are Criminals 
  13. Espero CD1 Campaign Announcement Sunday
  14. Musical Chairs at BoR
  15. Homeless Sweep Pushes 13 Into Shelters
  16. Your Tax Dollars at Work: Helicopter Sharpshooters Target Miconia?
  17. Plan to Regulate Drone Spying in Next Legislative Session?
  18. 47 Ethics Violations: Liquor administrator to resign, Commission Rewards Him with 7 months paid Leave
  19. Rep. Cynthia Thielen encounter with a burglar at her home
  20. Soft on Crime: Rapist Gets Probation, Allegedly Molests 13 year old Girl
  21. Former school security guard charged with sex assault of 14-year-old girl
  22. Mayor’s proposal could bring Maui County to ‘a halt’

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Thursday, July 18, 2013
July 18, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:09 PM :: 4257 Views
  1. Tax Watch: Honolulu Property Taxes
  2. Godzilla invades Waikiki, devours tax credits
  3. How to end the Jones Act’s protectionism
  4. Honolulu 1990 to 2010 Trends: What Do They Mean for the Next 20 Years?
  5. Governor Releases $3.09 Million in Capital Improvement Grants
  6. Alm to Retire from HECO
  7. Phony Checks: Hawaii Better Business Bureau Warns About Green Energy Scam
  8. Wounded Warrior Canoe Regatta
  9. CDC: Hawaii Seniors Have Longest Health Life Expectancy
  10. Council passes 9 Tax Increases
  11. Korean Americans Oppose Gay Marriage More Than Any Asian Group, Survey Says
  12. DoE: Abercrombie Stole our Kakaako School Site
  13. Eight Dead at Kaloko, Smiling Pflueger gets Probation
  14. Consumer Advocate: Lets Make a Deal
  15. John Morton Leading Candidate for UH Interim President
  16. Tulsi Gabbard Teams up with No Labels
  17. State Department Murder Suspect Chris Deedy Was a Benghazi Security Agent
  18. Dinnan Case: Police custody death ruled homicide
  19. Union president defends increase in police officers' differential pay
  20. HPD To Join in License Plate Reading
  21. Sheriffs Cruise Around in Hummer 'Just Burning Off Gas'
  22. 13 Years of Tips May be Owed by Hotels, Restaurants
  23. State and city officials sweeping Kakaako homeless camp sites
  24. Military families fear cuts to Autism therapy
  25. Hanabusa adds voice to call for POW/MIA Command briefing

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013
July 17, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:06 PM :: 4343 Views
  1. Auditor: DoE Rigged Billion Dollar Solar Contract to Favor Chevron
  2. US News: No Nationally Ranked Specialties in Hawaii Hospitals
  3. UH Applied Research Laboratory (ARL) Contract Extended
  4. DoE Bus ‘Reduction’ Starts by Adding Routes
  5. Star-Adv Joins Push for Tax Hikes
  6. Schatz is a Wimp, Should Run for Neighborhood Board
  7. Congressional Horserace
  8. Ian Lind Pushes Inouye Letter Conspiracy Theory
  9. Petition for Recall of Legislators 
  10. Mainland Group Doubles Down in Attack on Democrats Closed Primary Suit
  11. New billing system means not all customers are paying equally for water
  12. Six Hawaii Co Councilmembers Opted Out of Furloughs
  13. New $20M city parking garage sits almost empty
  14. HPD Officers Conspire to Get Drunk Lieutenant His License Back
  15. Unfair advantage, insider information considered in state ethics advisory
  16. Grading system for Hawaii restaurants delayed
  17. GMO critics overlook facts about science, safety and pesticides
  18. Aim to diagnose ‘financial sickness’ of housing agency
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Tuesday, July 16, 2013
July 16, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:27 PM :: 3463 Views
  1. CNBC: Hawaii Highest Cost of Living in USA
  2. Federal Court Strikes Down Kauai Vacation Rental Rules
  3. Lloyds’ List covers the Jones Act debate in Alaska, Guam, Hawaii and Puerto Rico
  4. Council Res 13-158: Backup Ambulance Services for West Oahu
  5. Honolulu: 5th Smartest City in USA
  6. Gay Marriage: Censorship or Equal Rights for Lawmakers?
  7. Ikaika Anderson forms Congressional Campaign Committee
  8. VIDEO: Why Hawaii Shippers are Screaming About the Jones Act
  9. Whistleblower: Solar Scammers Flawed Bid to Cost DoE $284M
  10. Solar Co Tricks Consumers with Fake $5897.67 'Check'
  11. Thought Control: Gay-Atheists Challenge Legislators Right to Meet with Pastors
  12. Gay Marriage: 18-7 in Senate, House Uncertain
  13. Star-Adv: Feds Can Launch Akaka Tribe By Giving Money to DHHL Claimants
  14. Borreca: Rail Leads to Promised Land of Kakaako
  15. Rothenberg: Hawaii Senate a Race to Watch
  16. Council Comes up With Yet Another Scheme to Help Homeless Stay on the Streets
  17. Caldwell: Vacation rentals should have a higher tax rate
  18. Hawaii Supreme Court says hotel tip lawsuits can proceed
  19. Luddite Lawyer Babbles about Pesticides at Waimea School

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Monday, July 15, 2013
July 15, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:40 PM :: 2993 Views
  1. Privatizing Marriage Is Unjust to Children
  2. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted July 15, 2013
  3. New Business Immediately Attacked by DLNR
  4. Gays Expelling 11 Legislators Termed Unconstitutional
  5. Low income again tied to lack of medical care
  6. DOE Audit: Hawaii Public Schools Overstate Enrollment Numbers
  7. Nat'l Parks Service: Ewa Development Plan 'Violates Sacred Ground'
  8. Taxes are Latest Excuse for Gay Marriage
  9. Star-Adv: Rail tunnel isn't worth the cost (but Rail is)
  10. Flood Insurance Rates Could Jump for Thousands of Homeowners in Hawaii

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Sunday, July 14, 2013
July 14, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:29 PM :: 4011 Views
  1. After Receiving Campaign Cash, OHA Trustees Give $1.25M to Insolvent Geothermal Company
  2. A Terrible Week for Rail
  3. Opportunity to Strengthen Accountability for Tax Dollars
  4. Ige Part of Hanabusa's Strategy?
  5. Abercrombie Judgment Not Respected
  6. Waihee, Danner, Star-Adv Coordinate Attack on DHHL
  7. Survey: 96% of Hawaii Religious
  8. Star-Adv: Bad business climate Justifies Corporate Welfare
  9. Federal Reserve: Hawaii Business Environment Worst in Nation
  10. Officers Get $3.80/hr for 'Standard of Conduct', Public Gets no Transparency
  11. HECO: We're Going to Reduce Bills 20% by 2020
  12. Hawaii's appointed school board: Making the grade?
  13. Hawaii Roads Bad Due to Skimpy Asphalt
  14. Larry Ellison to Save Hawaiian from Anti-Trust Problem?

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Saturday, July 13, 2013
July 13, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:59 PM :: 3196 Views
  1. Hawaii Reapportionment: ‘Supreme Court Will be Interested’
  2. Honolulu rail line neither feasible nor prudent, judges’ letter says
  3. July 22 Deadline for Rail EIS Comments
  4. Rusty Humphries Headlines HIRA Fundraiser
  5. Gay Activists 'Trans-form' First Graders, Aim for Women's Restroom
  6. Trask's Geothermal Group Defaults on $1.25M Loan 
  7. Green Energy Scammers Shift focus to Maui after Collapse of Lanai Windfarm Deal
  8. Caldwell Proposes 10 Tax Hike Bills--Hearing 9am Weds
  9. County finally seeks Food Basket donation accounting
  10. SHOPO 'Standard of Conduct' $2/hr
  11. Agent: Deedy Followed Procedure
  12. IRS' role in health reform doesn't inspire confidence
  13. AARP Challenges Hawaii Health Connector Communications, Transparency
  14. Smokers Quickly Outsmart Council, Mayor

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Friday, July 12, 2013
July 12, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:03 PM :: 3946 Views
  1. FULL TEXT: Mollway Letter Blasts Rail for Skipping UH Campus
  2. Stop Rail Files Final Reply to FTA
  3. Federal Court Rejects Challenge to Hawaii Reapportionment Plan
  4. Hirono Team Organizing Schatz Campaign Against Hanabusa
  5. Ed Case: 'I won't be a candidate'
  6. Audit: Kahoolawe Money Gone After 18 years Without a Plan
  7. Health Dep't Harasses Farmers for 'Fugitive Dust'
  8. GAO: Hawaii COFA Cost Estimates 'Inaccurate'
  9. Prop. 8 proponents ask Calif. Supreme Court to uphold rule of law
  10. Sunny Hawaii is home to hottest Democratic primary
  11. Race of jury and attorneys examined in Deedy trial
  12. McDonald's customer testifies he didn't feel threatened by Elderts
  13. Articles: Weaknesses in Compact Impact Reporting, says GAO Official
  14. Protests Heard as Council moves mayor’s property tax proposals forward
  15. Rep. Cabanilla on Junket to Azerbaijan, Sen. English to Spain
  16. Broken Trustee Represents Anti-GMO activists
  17. Borreca: Nice Guy Ige Needs Cash Infusion
  18. Mainland Gays Push Special Session for Same Sex 'Marriage'
  19. Hanabusa Raises $500K
  20. Prosecution raises race as issue in Deedy trial in Gratuitous Effort to Sway Jury
  21. Political Machinations Behind Maui Post Office Investigation
  22. Greenwood’s pay to be $293K in med school faculty post
  23. TheBus Secret Stability
  24. 139 Miles of Roadway Repaved in 6 mos
  25. Honolulu Getting Younger
  26. Alaska AG's office looking at proposed shipping merger

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Thursday, July 11, 2013
July 11, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:21 PM :: 3921 Views
  1. Ethics Investigation: Legislators Accepting "Significant Gifts and Prizes" from State Contractors
  2. Before Going BK, Hoku Sold Performing Assets to Political Insiders
  3. Hoku Among Largest Solar Bankruptcies
  4. HECO Seeks Rate Hike for Solar Users
  5. Honolulu Cop Under Fire for Facebook Comments About Deedy Murder Trial
  6. Koa Ridge, Ewa Development Win Approvals
  7. National group calls for Hawaii Democrats to withdraw open primaries suit
  8. Time for a Makeover for the University of Hawaii?
  9. The pros and cons of the Jones Act
  10. Precisely as Predicted: Gay Marriage Mongers Target Church Zoning Appeal
  11. No Surprise: Civil Unions now an Excuse for Gay 'Marriage'
  12. Council: Tobacco Illegal, Marijuana OK
  13. HIPA Scored $1.3M for Worthless 'Sustainability Plan'
  14. Waipahu HS Students Allowed to Enroll at LCC
  15. Kauai Co Wastes $511K Defending Former prosecutor
  16. $2.8M: Hawaii Co Council votes to raise wheel tax, Property Tax Next
  17. Leithead-Todd: Ecos Lose 6-3
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Wednesday, July 10, 2013
July 10, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:52 PM :: 4856 Views
  1. Will Christians in Hawaii be Targeted Because of of their Religious Beliefs?
  2. Marriage Evidence Disproves Empty Rhetoric of the Left
  3. CNBC: Hawaii Is the Worst State for Business in the Country
  4. Racially charged murder trial grips Hawaii
  5. Got Land? DLNR Wants to Give You Money
  6. Abercrombie Vetoes 3 Bills, 12 Become Law Without Signature
  7. Hawaii DoH Finds New TB Test Supply, Restarts Testing
  8. Obama Admin Spoons out Money to Hawaii Free Clinics
  9. Sandwich Isles Communications: $12,371 per line annual subsidy
  10. Senator Probes 'Corrupt' POW/MIA Program
  11. Brouhaha over police raises just a pretext to raise taxes
  12. Now That Rail is Approved, DOT Launches Road Projects
  13. Obama to Federal Employees: Report Suspicious Behavior or Face Criminal Charges
  14. HECO: Secret Green Energy Deal Eliminates Need for Big Cable
  15. DoT to Give $210M to Solar Scammers
  16. Teamsters ratify new OTS contract with 6.4 percent raise
  17. Soft on Crime Parole Board Prepares to let Dirty Alleged Killer Cop Walk
  18. After 4.5 mos of Paid Leave, Liquor Commission Considers Firing Director
  19. Mainland Homosexuals Put Hawaii on Target List
  20. Hawaii Next Battleground for Anti-GMO Industry
  21. Usual Suspects Make Desultory Effort to Kick Navy off UHM Campus
  22. Giraffe Farmer Denies Trying to get Governor Drunk
  23. Japan Doubts Obama's 'Pivot to Asia'
  24. BLNR, DLNR Positions Filled
  25. Audio: Palin considering Senate run in Alaska in 2014?
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Tuesday, July 9, 2013
July 9, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:45 PM :: 4700 Views
  1. Sen David Ige to challenge Abercrombie for Governor
  2. Health Exchange Could 'Solve' Hawaii's Unfunded Liability by Sticking Retirees with Inferior Coverage
  3. Mayor picks new Honolulu Chief Medical Examiner
  4. Tsutsui to Sign Six Bills While Abercrombie Enjoys Taiwan Junket
  5. Schatz Raises $2M
  6. Caldwell talks property tax Hikes in 'Ask The Mayor'
  7. Rosanne Barr: We'll Burn Your GMO Crops Down
  8. Kulani Prison to Recruit Prisoners for Sovereignty Movement
  9. Darkening Skies Over Hawaii Solar Industry
  10. Democrats Gay Bosses to Meet Saturday
  11. State to Pay $18M to for Billionaire Boat Dock?
  12. Maui: Profitable NonProfit Leaves Handicapped Stranded 
  13. Kenoi spends $108,579 on taxpayer-paid travel
  14. Teachers Group Refuses to Accept Responsibility
  15. Charter Schools Accept Accountability
  16. DoE 52% Get Free Lunches
  17. Hawaii Among Slowest Foodstamps in Nation
  18. Castle Complex Shows the Way to School Reform
  19. Video shows Deedy covered in blood after fatal shooting in Waikiki
  20. Suicide? Law, Morals and Likely Abuse Trump “Compassion”
  21. Hawaii Only 2% of Pacific Lingliners
  22. Queen K Hwy: 20 months of Talk
  23. NerdWallet: Honolulu 6th for Yuppies

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Monday, July 8, 2013
July 8, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:24 PM :: 4124 Views
  1. Surprise: Entire OHA Trust Fund Frozen by Gentry Pacific Boondoggle
  2. FBI Still Hasn't Contacted IRS-Targeted Hawaii Tea Party Groups About Investigation
  3. Report: Joint POW/MIA Command on Oahu “inept, mismanaged and wasteful”
  4. KSBE has no Traffic Study on Kakaako
  5. What Does Hawaii PUC's Revolving Door Mean For Its Integrity?
  6. If no Cable, HECO Breakup?
  7. DoE Teacher Complains: All this Math and Reading Makes it hard to Play
  8. Activists Concerned Abercrombie May Veto Bill to Let Drug Dealers off Easy
  9. Illegal Immigrant Criminal Was Arrested Twice, Not Deported
  10. Lawmakers could make it hard to light up on Oahu
  11. Mega church taking over businesses, agricultural land in West Oahu
  12. Hawaii National Guard furloughs take effect this week

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Sunday, July 7, 2013
July 7, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:45 PM :: 3758 Views
  1. Other Questionable Subsidies Provided by Highway Users
  2. Feds: Some 'Preferred Pharmacy' Plans Cost More
  3. Acts 225, 226 Protect Pharmacy Choice, Patient Privacy
  4. TheBus: Financial 'Black Hole' Faces Ethics Inquiry
  5. Star-Adv: HECO's Secret Deal a "hopeful start"
  6. Hoku Business Plan: "Go Public and Pay the Executives"
  7. National studies stick state's foibles in unflattering light
  8. AARP Challenges Hawaii Health Connector on Transparency
  9. Saipan: Hirono's COFA Plan Worse Than Status Quo
  10. Access to health care is the top issue facing Hawaii Island, assessment finds
  11. Small health care businesses face trying times these days
  12. ILind, DN Still Crying About Sidewalk Property Ordinance
  13. Kona Residents Organized to Protest Development as soon as they Move In
  14. The Will of the People is Against Gay Marriage
  15. Hawaii Case Could be Used to Invent Gay Marriage Nationwide
  16. Borreca, Golojuch Can't Figure Abercrombie Out
  17. Gays Seeking Control of Other People's Children Work to Amend Divorce Laws
  18. JULY 7: Hawaii Annexed by USA

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Saturday, July 6, 2013
July 6, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:44 PM :: 3546 Views
  1. Bill 65 Will Destroy Historic Oahu Railway
  2. FBI, Police Investigate: Homeless Tent City Operators Shake Down City
  3. Hawaii is #1 for Per-Capita Hepatitis Caused by Organic Food: 140 Infected Nationwide
  4. UH Manoa: False Harassment Claim Can Lead to Eviction
  5. SHOPO 16.8% raise: Caldwell's Latest Excuse to Push Tax Hikes
  6. Ann Kobayashi Sees Waste Everywhere
  7. Nonprofits to be Blocked from Receiving HI County Contingency Funds?
  8. Customers to begin receiving letters about water billing error
  9. More city sidewalks cleared--100 Empty Beds at Local Shelter
  10. EHRs: 3 year Grant Program Wraps Up
  11. Big Island man accuses DOE of race, age bias
  12. Charters face new scrutiny
  13. Big Cable to Benefit BioFool Scam?
  14. Arakawa Challenges MECO on Transparency
  15. Interpol Report: Mafia Involved in 'Green' Energy Sector
  16. Bob Jones: Will Next UH President Defend Free Speech on Campus?
  17. Star-Adv: Approve Ewa Development Plan
  18. Council votes to move ahead with Election-Oriented Scandalmongering
  19. Optimistic guard soldiers headed home
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Friday, July 5, 2013
July 5, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:01 PM :: 3285 Views
  1. An Insight on the Cost of Paradise
  2. Hanabusa: Should DHHL be Treated as 'Tribal Land'?
  3. Watch out as city politicos mull ‘revenue enhancers’
  4. Abercrombie Budget Cuts: DoE Could Struggle to Pay Electric Bills
  5. Feds Re-Open Public Comment on Grab for 19,000 Acres
  6. SHPD: Last chance to dig out of hole
  7. Salary Plus Pension? Hawaii Congressional Reps Are Double-Dipping
  8. CEO of Hawai‘iGas works to bring liquefied natural gas to isles
  9. Is Hawaii's Interisland Cable Plan Dead?
  10. HPD delayed disgraced major's promotion because of extortion rumors
  11. Hawaii Co Bus Fares Doubled
  12. Telescope running out of money
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Thursday, July 4, 2013
July 4, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:41 PM :: 3378 Views
  1. Hawaii Family Forum Call to Action to Defend Natural Marriage
  2. Clinic Owner: With Medicare and Medicaid, ‘Your Practice May Not Last Long’
  3. Mental Health Top Cause of Hawaii Hospital Admissions
  4. Kailua HS, Kealakehe HS Winners at International Underwater Robotics Meet
  5. Anti-biotech activists would the let Hawaiian papaya go the way of the Dodo
  6. Analysis of Kauai County Anti-GMO Bill #2491
  7. UPDATE: Puerto Rico Jones Act report needs public review
  8. Abercrombie Signs 9 Bills: Wind Farms Must Pay for Decommissioning
  9. Hawaii GOP Promotes Recycling, Raises $5000
  10. HNN: List of July 4th fireworks shows in Hawaii
  11. Celebrating Independence Day, Star-Adv Cries for Defeated Islamist Dictator of Egypt but Takes Solace in Gay Marriage
  12. Abercrombie Mulls Special Session to Change Marriage into Something it never has been
  13. New law requires health benefit payments
  14. Act221 Finale: Bankrupt Hoku in Trusteeship, Assets Being Stripped
  15. Bankruptcy: More Material Misrepresentations from Hoku Execs 
  16. WSJ: Obamacare 'Fiasco for the Ages'
  17. Billion Dollar Rate Hike in Store as HECO moves to install controversial smart meters
  18. Furloughs: Obama Slashes Military pay
  19. Waihee: Akaka Tribe Will Accept Verbal Confirmation of Hawaiian Ancestry
  20. Eco-terrorism theories raised in papaya vandalism cases
  21. Maui water rates hike measure is deferred again
  22. Public elections financing pilot program halted for lack of funds
  23. Chinatown Hair Salon Robbed Twice
  24. Kakaako high-rise in jeopardy while retail complex advances
  25. Labor deal struck with bus drivers
  26. Waianae residents demand answers for run-down police substation
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Wednesday, July 3, 2013
July 3, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:43 PM :: 3895 Views
  1. Medicare Fraud: Queens Hospital Forced to Pay $1.05M
  2. UHERO: Is Hawaii Losing Its Middle Class?
  3. Performance Contracts Strengthen Charter School Accountability
  4. Hawaii Electric Vehicle Fuel Cost Nearly the Same as Gasoline
  5. Hurricane? Honolulu 4th Most Overdue and Vulnerable
  6. State Historic Preservation Director Quits Under Fire from Feds
  7. Abercrombie Appoints Asselbaye, Halagao to BoE, Signs Gun Control Bill, Others
  8. $100M: Ballooning Cost of EMR System Leads to Ouster of HHSC CEO
  9. 150 Old Boys Rally for Hanabusa
  10. Stanley Chang: Donors Skeptical About my Readiness
  11. Gay Atheists Target Fukumoto
  12. Civil Beat Poll Sampled Mostly Gun Control Nuts
  13. New evaluations to greet teachers as classes begin
  14. Shapiro: Rewrite law on civil unions to call them gay marriages
  15. UH management ranks swelled by 14% during recession
  16. To Keep Department Heads in Line, Abercrombie Withholds 5%
  17. Big Cable to Skip Lanai, Head for Big Island
  18. Gabbard, Tied to Organic Industry, Backs Anti-GMO Push
  19. Rosanne Barr Leads Cavalcade of Morons Against GMOs
  20. Kauai’s Free Range Lobbyists
  21. 6000 Security Guards Claim to be Neither Criminals nor Lunatics

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013
July 2, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 8:25 PM :: 4660 Views
  1. CNHA Questions OHA Geothermal 'Investment'
  2. HECO to Shutter Plants, Refocus on 'Low Cost' Renewables
  3. Kakaako Development and Honolulu's Trifecta of Failures
  4. Hawaii freeway conditions and costs are ‘disgraceful’
  5. Hawaii Highways Rank 48th in Nation
  6. HI First Amendment lawyer: ‘It is a terrible time to be a journalist’
  7. Auto Insurance: Hawaii Teens Cheapest in Nation
  8. Governor Signs Bills Expanding Protections, Support for Women and Keiki
  9. Puerto Rico Jones Act report needs public review
  10. Hawaiian Airlines Holding Locals Hostage
  11. VIDEO: Occupy Activist NB Member Argues With Police
  12. HNN: List of July 4th fireworks shows in Hawaii
  13. Inouye Cronies Never Ran a Real Campaign, Lock Hanabusa in the Past
  14. Four Weaklings: Guava Jelly, Softball to Substitute for Inouye?
  15. Polls: Hanabusa 46%, Schatz 35%  (Abercrombie at 45%)
  16. Gays Stack Senate Judiciary Committee
  17. Operator of Gay-Friendly B&B Gets 20 Years for Kiddie Porn
  18. Obamacare Employer Mandate Delayed Until after 2014 Elections
  19. Hawaii IRS Scandal: Who live here have starring roles as Victims
  20. Paying Every Month, Hundreds Wait Six Months or More for Solar Panels to Be Turned on
  21. Judge Slaps Down Carroll Lawsuit
  22. Pahoa High leads in misconduct
  23. DoE Pays $8000/room for Projector Systems
  24. Bums move before city crews enforce sidewalk nuisance law
  25. Anti-GMO Nuts make Fools of Themselves Twice in One Day
  26. Inouye fund issues first round of grants to 35 Hawaii nonprofits
  27. Bill eliminating Hawaii’s cap on charitable deductions to become law
  28. Sentencing delayed for girlfriend of officer in pot case
  29. Hawaii Gets Tough on 'Johns'
  30. Kauai Water Bills Jump 11%
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Monday, July 1, 2013
Letters to the Editor July, 2013
By Letters to the Editor @ 9:47 PM :: 6834 Views
  • Gay Marriage Like Temperance?
  • Hawaiian Airlines Holding Locals Hostage
Read More..
Monday, July 1, 2013
July 1, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:21 PM :: 3492 Views
  1. Puerto Rico US Rep to Introduce Jones Act Reform Bill
  2. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted July 1, 2013
  3. As Pritzger Nomination Ratified, UNITE HERE, Hyatt Settle
  4. Tourism: Record Visitors, Flat Spending Since 1989
  5. Poll: Schatz 36%--Hanabusa 33%
  6. Projection Off by 70%: Tax Hike Falls Short by $273M
  7. Hawaii pension liability 133% of revenue
  8. DoE Prepares to Dump Successful Education Contactors, Will Create More Jobs for Dep't Bureaucrats Instead
  9. Crews begin clearing sidewalks as Bill 7 takes effect
  10. Carrot not Stick: Hilo Hospital Scores $3M Bonus for 2010 EMR System
  11. Mental health cuts just cost more later
  12. Obama's Budget Cuts might jeopardize U.S. public defenders in the isles
  13. Mainland Gays Push Hawaii 'Much Sooner than Later'
  14. KGI Continues to Print Wisdom Regarding GMOs
  15. GovGuam debt exceeds $1B, Up 44% in 1 year
Read More..


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