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Sunday, September 30, 2012
September 30, 2012 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:04 PM :: 5185 Views
  1. Hirono Misses 144 Votes, Lingle Raising $144K
  2. Djou: Hanabusa 'Out of Touch' on Economy
  3. Hanalei: Billionaire Pierre Omidyar Pushes for Resort Development
  4. Friends of NRA to Gather on Big Isle, Oahu
  5. Sequestration: Obama Admin Pressures Federal Contractors not to Issue Layoff Notices
  6. Panos: Caldwell Suffers from Windmill Deficiency
  7. Edging Toward the Fiscal Cliff, Tax Increases Inevitable
  8. Abercrombie 'Relishes' Meeting with Angry Mob: PLDC ‘Strategic Plan’ is Answer
  9. Rail Pillars Built on Land City Does Not Own
  10. Cayetano: Negative Ads Cost Me the Majority
  11. Cayetano’s Alternative Would Require Legislature to Revisit GE Tax
  12. Brewbaker: With the industry growing, the need for Hawaii's solar subsidies is fading
  13. Portnoy, ACLU Reject Hirono’s Four-Point ‘Litmus Test’ for Supreme Court
  14. State explores TOD concepts along Oahu’s rail corridor
  15. Hirono Scores Million Dollar in Salary
  16. UH Sinks Another $680K into President’s Residence
  17. UH Athletics bypassed routine administrative reviews
  18. UPDATE: Oahu Democrats Reject Dela Cruz Censure
  19. Maui Democrats Organize Malihini Against Cane Burning
  20. 34,000 Yellow Cards for new Voters Since Primary Day
  21. Criminal With 45 Convictions Arrested after Armed Standoff
  22. Kona Criminal Logs 74th Arrest, only 6 convictions
  23. NZ Wave Power Device Heading To Hawaii After Oregon Test
  24. Ito: Prepaid Hinders Use of HSAs
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Saturday, September 29, 2012
September 29, 2012 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:19 PM :: 5280 Views
  1. Zoning Enforcement On Kauai - A Rice Cooker Is A Kitchen?
  2. Honolulu Homeless Law Not Affected by Court Ruling
  3. Pine Campaign Victim of On-Line Impersonator?
  4. Ethics, Conflict of Interest Questions Dog Regents Committee on Wonder Blunder
  5. Donovan will be in charge of marketing UH brand
  6. Latest Batch of Brain Washed Ethnic Studies Students Emerges from UN Manoa
  7. Obamacare Maven Finally Discovers Socialized Medicine
  8. Based on Rail Decision, Court orders halt to Kawaiahao Church construction
  9. Patsy Mink used for Self-Promotion by the Usual Suspects
  10. Latest Anti-GMO ‘Research” Featured Rats bred to Develop Tumors
  11. Kawauchi, Five Others Attend Election Workshop
  12. State Running Out of Money to Give Away to Politicians
  13. Obama Lifestyle Criticized as 'Royal': Author Documents Presidential Vacations, Staffing as Costing $1.4 Billion Annually
  14. Medal of Honor recipients to be honored in Hawaii
  15. Star-Adv: Suicide Rate in Military A Great Anti-War Argument
  16. Nanny Law Coming to Hawaii?
  17. Sex Trafficking Legislative Agenda
  18. Man Faces Jail, $210,000 Fine for Keeping Snake, Piranhas
  19. Enviros Push to Cut off Molokai Ranch Water
  20. Gaming Machine Raids ‘Not Over Yet’
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Friday, September 28, 2012
September 28, 2012 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:34 PM :: 5668 Views
  1. Inouye hides Akaka Bill in Policy Rider -- just after “Grazing Permits”
  2. Ewa House Candidate Manabat Challenged on Residency
  3. Kauai Prosecutor Denies Perjury Plot: Says Mayor, County Attorneys Peddling Influence
  4. Coffman, Bateman To Debate One-On-One for House 5 Seat
  5. PBS Debate: Council Berg vs Pine and House Au vs Saiki
  6. Duke Aiona Endorses Richard Fale for HD 47
  7. Hawaii Family Forum Needs Your Help
  8. Supreme Court Denies City's Motion For Reconsideration in Rail Case
  9. Djou says he would ‘clean house’ at University of Hawaii
  10. Borreca: Mafia Don Greenwood Should Be Fired
  11. Caldwell Criminal Collusion With PRP?
  12. Sign of Impending Defeat, Inouye Wades in to Faltering Hirono Campaign
  13. To help 43 PR staff, UH hired 2 consultants for $150K
  14. "Wonder Blunder" Entertainment Promoter Invited To Appear Before Senate Committee
  15. SA: DoE Should Actually Do Something About Truancy
  16. Only 38% of DoE Students Taking AP Exams Pass
  17. DOE's chief financial officer says old technology is hindering department efforts to operate efficiently
  18. Cayetano transit plan for Honolulu would use train-like buses
  19. Cayetano, Caldwell get down to business
  20. Kawauchi Unveils Strategy to Thwart Old Boy Sabotage
  21. Hawaii Voter ID Moves to Conform to Federal Law
  22. Kauai Council OKs additional $20K for Special Counsel for OPA
  23. Ualena Street companies accuse state of business discrimination
  24. Pine vs Berg on PBS
  25. Prosecutor Seizes ‘Gambling Machines’ Authorized by Liquor Commission
  26. Federal grand jury hands down indictment in fatal Waikele fireworks blast
  27. Aina Koa Pono Pitches Biofool Project
  28. Company Tries to Score in Kauai Hydro Development
  29. Hawaii Attorney To Speak at Property Rights Conference
  30. Atheist Confab Slated for Honolulu
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Thursday, September 27, 2012
September 27, 2012 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 9:29 PM :: 5938 Views
  1. Hanabusa Campaign Exploits Forced ‘Volunteers’, Contributors
  2. VIDEO: PRP Renews Pay for Play Attack on Cayetano
  3. Western Association of Schools and Colleges ‘Impressed’ With Greenwood’s Careful Attention to Finances
  4. HC&S: End to Cane Burning Tied to Acceptance of BioFuel
  5. RFP Posted for Hawaii LNG Study
  6. FEMA Sends Tsunami of Cash to American Samoa
  7. PBS Debate: Council Berg vs Pine and House Au vs Saiki
  8. Duke Aiona Endorses Richard Fale for HD 47
  9. Hawaii Family Forum Needs Your Help
  10. Vote: Democrats to Censure Sen. Donovan Dela Cruz
  11. Sovereignty Activists Stole $468K from Hawaiians
  12. Hirono is attempting to make her candidacy about anything but her own record in Congress
  13. On the Trail of the University of Hawaii’s Missing $200,000 … in Florida
  14. Sam Aiona Running Flat Out as Anti-Rail Candidate for Honolulu Council 6
  15. Cayetano outlines his rail alternatives, at one-fifth the price
  16. Mayoral hopefuls will debate on TV twice next week
  17. Hawaii Supreme Court denies Honolulu rail motion, Invalidates SMA Permit
  18. Abercrombie May Kill Welfare Work Requirement
  19. Nago Schedules Another Retaliation Session
  20. Three quarters of Hawaii families fit 'mom and pop' definition
  21. Judicial records should remain open to public
  22. Pro-Rail Star-Advertiser Continues Effort to Remove Lane from H-1
  23. Native Hawaiian minors arrested more than other ethnic groups
  24. State places Dillingham Airfield in limbo
  25. Program to repay loans will help field doctors
  26. Enviros Wrong on Bottled Water
  27. Occu-De’s Upset Because Media Not Around to Photograph Latest Arrest
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012
September 26, 2012 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:43 PM :: 5750 Views
  1. Wandering into the Wonder Blunder, Abercrombie Describes Pressure He Put on Greenwood
  2. EPA Urged to Crack Down on Hawaii Over Air Pollution Rules
  3. Hanabusa Questions Loyalty of Afghanistan Veteran Djou
  4. Gay Atheists Cheer Mrs. Mafia Sheriff
  5. Freitas’ Minions Now “Of Counsel” to Selection Committee
  6. Greenwood to Be Latest Victim of Legislative Micromanaging?
  7. Grill legislators on abuse of power in UH debacle
  8. Threat of ‘Investigation’ Used to Cow McMackin in Buyout Talks
  9. MTV Viewers Pick Lingle, Djou
  10. Charles Djou at SUNRISE.
  11. UH: Who's On First?
  12. Hawaii Teachers And Chicago Strike
  13. Fontaine: Progress being made on high school
  14. Chelsea Yagong faces off Against Mehau Associate for Hawaii Co Council
  15. Pilago: Personal Conflicts at Root of Hawaii Co Elections Debacle
  16. Mel Rapozo is Only Intelligent Council Candidate on Kauai
  17. State Should Allow DNA To Prove Native Hawaiian Ancestry
  18. Hawaiian Airlines collects $21M in baggage, change fees in Q2
  19. Stanley Chang Gets Attention as “Pro-Growth Progressive”
  20. Horrified by State Regulations? Oracle sailing team cancels plan to train at Lanai
  21. Natural gas is ideal bridge fuel to green future
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Tuesday, September 25, 2012
September 25, 2012 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:18 PM :: 5483 Views
  1. Lingle Hosting Campaign Rallies at Six Oahu Schools
  2. Big Island Doctors Panel to Discuss Effect of Obamacare on Hawaii
  3. Full Text: Over 1500 Pages of UH Documents on Wonder Blunder
  4. Akaka Bill: Let Hawaii do the Dirty Work?
  5. Big Island 'Clean' Energy Plant Sued over Air Pollution
  6. ILWU Business Agent Elected to Board of Laupahoehoe Charter School
  7. Cause? Any Cause -- Fire Greenwood, Regents
  8. Hawaii Congressional Delegation: How They Voted September 24, 2012
  9. Hirono No Show As Lingle Talks to Kona, Kohala Voters
  10. Lingle: Amend Obamacare
  11. Abercrombie, Say, Tsutsui Called for Donovan to be Retained
  12. UH Blows $4.7M on Buyouts, Lawyers
  13. UH Paid Lawyer $50K to Cover for Greenwood, Another got $25K to Cover for Everybody Else
  14. Unity House Felon Rakes in $500K/Year
  15. Cayetano, Caldwell Agree: HART Should Know How Much Rail Delays Cost
  16. Progressives: Give up hope before entering the voting booth
  17. Hawaii County Clerk Replaces More Old Boy Election Workers
  18. Campaign Sign-Making Took 25% of Hawaii County Election Warehouse
  19. Gabbard ducking debate, Crowley says
  20. Ashida, Roth differ on prosecutorial philosophy
  21. Big Turnout For Molokai Energy Meeting But No One Likes Big Wind
  22. Honolulu issues more than 300 solar permits in first day of online system
  23. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii), making House bid: Break up the big banks
  24. Hawaii's Federal Judge David Ezra to Quadruple Caseload in Southwest Border State
  25. Hawaii Fluoride Debate Idle Despite Major Policy Shifts On Mainland
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Tuesday, September 25, 2012
September 2012 Letters to the Editor
By Letters to the Editor @ 5:33 AM :: 4878 Views
  • Cause? Any Cause -- Fire Greenwood, Regents
  • Pensions: Getting Stuck With the Can that Got Kicked
  • Chinese Navy Deserves Payback
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Monday, September 24, 2012
September 24, 2012 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:53 PM :: 5498 Views
  1. Senate Accountability for Everybody Except Rockne Freitas
  2. Debt is Focus of Djou's Third TV Spot
  3. UK Censors Images of Rusting Hawaii Windfarm
  4. Electric Vehicles Cost the Taxpayer More than $7 per Gallon
  5. Greenwood “Running Around Like Headless Chicken”
  6. Donovan to testify about 'take-it-or-leave-it' offer from UH
  7. How to Fire Greenwood, Regents
  8. Natatorium Emails Show how Contractors Spur Controversy to Score Contracts
  9. Tax Review Panel Won't Recommend Gambling
  10. Student Escapes DoE, Shoots for the Stars
  11. DoE Teachers Told they Can no longer Sell Tutoring Services
  12. High-schoolers face end-of-year tests
  13. Big Island Dairy Farmer Attacked by Anti-GMO Luddites, Occupy Morons
  14. Halting Kihei malls could put housing on the line
  15. No Strike … Yet: Teachers in Hawaii have it worse than those in Chicago
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Sunday, September 23, 2012
September 23, 2012 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:28 PM :: 5772 Views
  1. Elusive Unfunded Liability Needs to be Addressed Without Tax Increases
  2. 2016: Obama's America Now Showing on Oahu, Kauai, Big Island
  3. 'Last Ounce of Courage' Now Playing in Honolulu
  4. NYT: Medicare Bills Rise as Records Turn Electronic
  5. Secret City, state emails reveal Abercrombie’s $100M Scheme for ‘Hot Potato’ Natatorium
  6. Can Act 55 Be Amended to Exclude Time Shares, Hotels?
  7. F-Bomb Governor suddenly wants respect?
  8. Hirono voted to authorize automatic cuts to the federal government that will leave her own salary untouched
  9. Electing moderates only way to end gridlock
  10. Greenwood Questions Legislative Oversight of University
  11. UHPA Demands More Legislative Oversight over UH Spending
  12. Star-Adv: Mayoral Election is All About Rail
  13. About 18% of isle students were absent 15 or more days last school year
  14. Media oppose proposal to seal court files
  15. U. S. Senate Talk Story Sunday; Forums Set Islandwide
  16. Will Monday’s hearing in Federal Court be the last gasp of federal farm trafficking cases in Hawaii?
  17. Survey unveils figures on most vulnerable homeless
  18. The Reburial of Bones
  19. DLNR boosts haul of illegally moored boats on Oahu
  20. After Giving Away the Store to Wind Scammers, HELCO Wants to Get Tough on Geothermal
  21. Suicide Activists Exploit Case of 95-year old woman
  22. Community, donors rebuild Ewa Beach playground area
  23. 1961: 70,000 in Hawaii Watch Film Exposing Berkeley Rioters
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Saturday, September 22, 2012
September 22, 2012 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:18 PM :: 5101 Views
  1. New Player on the Team: Hawaii Family Advocates
  2. 20 years of Agriculture in Hawaii: Very Small and Shrinking
  3. Hirono Suggests Inouye not Effective
  4. Ewa Planning Commission Rejects Movie Studio and Hotel for Kalaeloa
  5. No to Tax Increases: Yes to Budget Cuts
  6. Honolulu Magazine: How HSTA, DoE Gave us Furlough Fridays
  7. Lingle, Djou Wow ‘em in Waikiki
  8. Dem Leaders Ask To Stay, But Hirono Heads Home
  9. Rail land-buy poses conflict of interest
  10. OHA probes age of burials unearthed by Kawaiaha‘o
  11. Honolulu mayor candidates Caldwell and Cayetano give insights about mass transit and traffic
  12. Departure of Abercrombie Spokesperson Tied to Unity House Bankruptcy
  13. No Confidence Vote for MRC Greenwood
  14. Seitz Sues, Claims State Promises to Put DoH Administrators Back to Work
  15. HPD Officers Charges Dismissed
  16. High Hurdles Remain for Kihei High School
  17. Maui Council votes 8-0 for GMO Labels
  18. More scrutiny needed of money going to nonprofits
  19. Kim, Kenoi debate CDPs, geothermal energy
  20. Tax Credit in Doubt, Wind Power Industry Is Withering
  21. Crowley Asks Gabbard for TV Debate
  22. Hawaii amends its UI law regarding rate determination appeals, exempt employment
  23. Rep Clift Tsuji recovering from pneumonia
  24. Candidate Tulsi Gabbard reports receiving death threat
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Friday, September 21, 2012
September 21, 2012 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:28 PM :: 5937 Views
  1. American Soldier: Djou Unveils Second TV Spot
  2. $1B Short: Obama 2013 Budget Cuts Hawaii Obamacare Funds
  3. 'Critical habitat': Feds Seize Control of 67 square miles on Oahu; Maui Next
  4. Feds Take Over OSHA Inspection from DLIR
  5. Wanna Buy a House? Federal Funds Back $6400 Hawaii Giveaway
  6. Feds Refuse to Fund Rail Until After Election
  7. Abercrombie Loses Another Communications Director, Resignation Count Hits 19
  8. Lingle 52% – Hirono 43%
  9. Pay to Play: PRP Buys $332K of Anti-Cayetano Ads
  10. PLDC Plows Ahead Slowly
  11. Yes to wider schools accreditation
  12. Hawaii Reps Vote Against More Visas for Skilled Immigrants
  13. Fontaine needed at this crucial time in district
  14. VIDEO: Senate District 25 and House District 36 Debate on PBS
  15. Retaliation by New Director: DHHL Cancels Homesteading program
  16. Senate hearing likely to bring more UH disclosures
  17. Effort aims to bring in homeless from streets
  18. Hawaii jobless rate dips to 6.1% as thousands give up searching
  19. Solar Scammers Begin Positioning to Defend their Profits Next Session
  20. New Hoku: Sopogy Inc. Lays off Workers, Talks Pie in the Sky While CSP Crashes and Burns
  21. Engineer says rail line can be built despite obstacles
  22. How to Get Expelled from the Manoa Mosque
  23. Al Jazeera: How to Get Hired at Civil Beat
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Thursday, September 20, 2012
September 20, 2012 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:32 PM :: 7539 Views
  1. How HMSA Used Health Care Advisory Council to Establish Medical Monopoly
  2. VIDEO: Djou Launches First TV Ad
  3. Bronster: Secret Tape Recordings Show Kauai Prosecutors Plotting Perjury
  4. 9th Circuit Hears Abercrombie Appeal Against Micronesians
  5. Beth Fukumoto: Supporting the Leaders of Tomorrow
  6. Lauren Cheape: Organic and Genuine Representation
  7. Public Comment Sought on Revised Environmental Review Process
  8. Honolulu: Best 100 Communities for Young People
  9. DHHL to Build Houses for Non-Hawaiians?
  10. Activists Pressure DHHL to Stop Self-Funding
  11. Did Honolulu Council Ban All Commercial Activity in All Parks?
  12. Council to Return Medal of Honor Names to Kalaeloa Roads?
  13. “Repeal Act 55 or Pink Slip”: Bodyguards Shield Abercrombie from Angry Crowd
  14. Fishermen Walk out on Abercrombie
  15. Muslim Association of Hawaii Calls for Blasphemy Laws in US
  16. Anderson: HART Doesn’t Sound Intelligent
  17. Revealed Name of Undercover Officer: Ex-HPD Officer Pleads Guilty to 3 Federal Felony Counts
  18. $481M in New Taxes
  19. Welfare recipients double
  20. U.S. Chamber Spends At Least $170K On Lingle Ads
  21. Lingle Criticizes Romney 47% Remark
  22. Hirono Scrambles to Distract Voters
  23. Democrats Become Crazed, Delirious as Massive Election Defeat Looms
  24. Fontaine’s record shows he deserves re-election
  25. A friend of feds last hearing; Akaka retiring
  26. No decision on outside firm in AD search
  27. UH hires law firm to help prepare for Senate hearing on concert
  28. Alaska LNG Summit woos buyers, producers
  29. Small Biz Hawaii Awards Dinner
  30. VIDEO: Kahuku Residents Protest Treatment of Iwi
  31. Comments Sought on False Killer Whales
  32. Move would free $500,000 to restore bus services
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012
September 19, 2012 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:36 PM :: 6461 Views
  1. Chinese General: Prepare for Combat with Japan
  2. Panetta: Navy Will Invite China to Pacific Rim Exercise
  3. BOE approves DOE plan to accredit all schools by 2019
  4. 1995: Akaka Bill Begins With Clayton Hee and Casino Gambling
  5. Largest Jury Verdict For Hawaii Slip and Fall Case
  6. New Lingle Ad: People Across the State Agree, Including Democrats
  7. Legalized Gambling at Heart of New Akaka Bill
  8. RTTT at Risk: As Solar Scammers Loot General Fund, DoE Faces Cutbacks
  9. Poll: Cayetano 47% Caldwell 45%
  10. Abercrombie: Tone Down the Rhetoric on PLDC
  11. ‘Undesirable Element’: Pierre Omidyar Unveils Scheme to Bulldoze Hanalei site, Build “string of mansions”
  12. Billionaire Developer Pays Operatives to Register Democrats at UH
  13. Senate panel on UH's Wonder blunder broadens its reach
  14. Transsexual gets 20 years, must pay for implants
  15. HPD Major Wants Ankle Bracelet Removed
  16. Another HOPE Probationer Charged With Murder
  17. State elections panel frustrated by Hawaii County election troubles
  18. State House hopefuls focus on energy
  19. Towering windmills a blight on the environment
  20. VIDEO: Geothermal incident response detailed in Puna
  21. SA: Seek shelter in shipping containers
  22. PBS: George Ariyoshi: Journey to Washington Place
  23. Genius Honolulu: Newly Paved Road Excavated for Sewer Work
  24. Former Public Housing Community Leader Fighting Eviction
  25. ORI Demands Kickbacks for Construction Job?
  26. Clayton Hee Suddenly ‘Sensitive’
  27. Occupy Celebrates First Anniversary with a Couple of New Rapes
  28. Soldier from Kosrae Micronesia Killed by Muslims in Afghanistan
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Tuesday, September 18, 2012
September 18, 2012 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:37 PM :: 5674 Views
  1. UPW Fires Employees for Refusing to Contribute to Hanabusa
  2. CBO: Hawaii Faces $2.1B Medicare Cuts Under Obamacare
  3. Obesity Study: Hawaii Could Save $2.7B By Eliminating 5%
  4. Micronesians: Stop Abercrombie's Healthcare Discrimination
  5. Hawaii Congressional Delegation: How They Voted September 17, 2012
  6. Neither Jurisdiction Has Authority to Solve Hawaii County Election Problems
  7. 15-20 % of Hawaii DoE HS Teachers Violate Federal Law, 45% ineffective
  8. Unions Burn $64K on Lazy Mazie
  9. Lingle Correctly Cites Sequence of Events in Hirono Flip Flop
  10. Caldwell, Cayetano Debate Monday
  11. Oahu has fourth-largest military work force in U.S.
  12. School Bullies: Senator Wants More Systematic Approach to DOE Plan
  13. City Takes Aim at top Medical Consumers
  14. Media Experts: Hawaii Shield Law Deters Subpoenas Of Journalists
  15. Honolulu City Council Has Banned All Commercial Activity at All Parks
  16. Solar installations continue to rise
  17. HECO Loosens Solar Requirements for Interconnection
  18. The more things change at UH, the more they don't
  19. Queens Takes Last Slap at Killing Patient
  20. Going Back To School With Tulsi Gabbard
  21. One Man Serves on Boards of many Hawaii High Tech Companies
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Monday, September 17, 2012
September 17, 2012 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:48 PM :: 5231 Views
  1. FOIA Request Reveals: Hawaii Prepaid Health Care Act Hangs by a Conference Call
  2. “Reconsider, Rep. Hirono”
  3. UPW Announces General Election Endorsements
  4. Hirono Flip-Flops on Budget Cuts
  5. Abercrombie Dismisses “Conspiratorial Hysteria” Doubles Down in Defense of PLDC, Legislators Hint at Amendments to Law
  6. Three Debates for Djou-Hanabusa?
  7. Open Congress: Hirono 16th Most Leftist Member of Congress
  8. Two Caldwell-Cayetano Debates Set
  9. HART to Stage October Surprise Against Cayetano?
  10. New effort aimed at saving lives, money by housing homeless mentally ill
  11. Beekeeper worried PLDC controversy will hurt his business
  12. Star-Advertiser surrounds report of solemn 9/11 ceremonies with graphic of circus performers
  13. Star-Adv: 27 Arrests in Waikiki Threatens Police State, Loss of Democracy
  14. Medicaid: Uncountable chances for mistakes and fraud
  15. PV company gets caught in global trade net
  16. Sloth: Surf Bums Complain Bitterly About Intrusion of Workers
  17. Lawmakers question need for 4-person American Samoa office in Honolulu; budget more than $300K
  18. RTTT, Failing School Closures Key Topic in Chicago Teachers Strike
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Sunday, September 16, 2012
September 16, 2012 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:13 PM :: 5974 Views
  1. Rod Tam Rule: Court Change Would Help Criminals Run for Office
  2. Elusive Tax Credit Data Raises Important Concerns
  3. New DoTax 'Composite' -- Apply for $5M in Solar Credits on One Form
  4. DoTax Issues 12 Tax Announcements
  5. Hawaii Ranks 39th in 'Automotive Misery'
  6. VIDEO: Watch the 'Muhammad' Movie Islamists are Using as their Latest Excuse
  7. Hawaii Defense Contractors Face 18% Cuts
  8. Agnew-crombe Takes on the Nattering Nabobs of Negativism
  9. Star-Advertiser/AARP/Hawaii Democrats Continue to Babble about Medicare
  10. State tax collections are up 11.9%
  11. Geniuses at DoH Discover that Lingle Solved their Problem Back in 2009
  12. Hawaii State projects to be Financed by Selling EB-5 Green Cards
  13. Cayetano, Caldwell Squabble over Debate
  14. DoE Focuses CIP Spending on “Zones of School Innovation”
  15. Kauai Co Completes Seizure of 100-year old Boat Yard
  16. Rappers Held on Attempted Murder Charges After Waikiki Brawl
  17. Maui County Ready to be Ripped Off Again
  18. Occupy, Ant-Geothermal Luddites Boo Kenoi
  19. End of the World Comes as Boy Scouts Practice Firearms Safety
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Saturday, September 15, 2012
September 15, 2012 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:58 PM :: 5538 Views
  1. Island Heavy Rail Calamity: San Juan Repeats in Honolulu
  2. Update on the Federal Court Challenge to Rail
  3. Voters to Decide on Two Constitutional Amendments
  4. Fitch Cheers Honolulu Sewer Rate Hikes, Assigns AA Rating to Bonds
  5. Maui Chamber of Commerce Endorses Lingle
  6. Hawaii Among Four States With Charter Schools 100% Unionized
  7. Hawaii in the Crosshairs as White House details ‘destructive’ spending cuts
  8. Asking For It: Abercrombie, DLNR to Host Community Meeting on Kauai
  9. Martin: Will Rail AIS Delay Federal Funding Agreement?
  10. Construction delays could threaten rail project’s contingency funds
  11. Hirono Misses Three Days of Votes
  12. Star-Adv Pushes AARP Democrat Get Out the Vote Effort
  13. Abercrombie’s DHHL Cancels Homebuilding Program
  14. Mall Approved for DHHL Land
  15. Homecoming at Marine Corps Base Hawaii
  16. Greenwood Cancels Faculty Awards, Recognition Ceremony
  17. Honolulu Lawyer Agard Faces Three Years in Federal Prison
  18. Rep Mele Carroll receives fine for failing to file spending report — again
  19. OHA Cronies Press Land Board to Stop Haleakala Telescope
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Friday, September 14, 2012
September 14, 2012 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:18 PM :: 5233 Views
  1. Full Text: New Version of Akaka Bill
  2. Hirono Votes Against Funding Tsunami Warning Network
  3. Mapping the Political Geography of Hawaii
  4. Property Owners Can Stall Rail ‘til Spring 2014
  5. First human remains discovered along proposed Honolulu rail route
  6. Laura Thielen: Abolish PLDC before it has chance to do damage
  7. Senate UH probe widens beyond failed concert
  8. Can A Republican Win A Senate Seat In Blue Hawaii?
  9. Akaka Bill Likely DOA in Senate
  10. City can't afford TheBus freebies
  11. BYUH readies second phase of expansion plans for city
  12. State soon won’t be able to issue drainage permits, which could cause project delays
  13. Abercrombie Endorses Assisted Suicide as Lobby Takes Advantage of Personal Tragedy
  14. Coqui Heard at 12 Oahu Locations
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Thursday, September 13, 2012
September 13, 2012 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:57 PM :: 6206 Views
  1. Senate Committee Approves New Revision of Akaka Bill
  2. West Molokai Homeowners 98% Against Windfarm
  3. Apple: I Requested Freitas, Let the Commission Do What Has Been Asked
  4. Lawyer to Abercrombie, Dela Cruz: Stop Lying to the Public about PLDC
  5. Governor Releases $147 Million for Education, Health and Other CIPs
  6. $789M of Small Purchases: Tighten oversight on schools' buying
  7. Abercrombie on PLDC: “Pay no attention to the usual suspects”
  8. AARP Rallies at Hawaii Dem HQ to Turn out the Vote
  9. Gabbard Meets Pelosi, Little Hope for Serious Committee Assignments
  10. Dead Rail Continues to Kill Live Businesses
  11. Anti-Rail Litigant Seeks Cultural Practitioner Position With HART
  12. Friday's hearing will determine fate of proposed Haleakala telescope
  13. Freitas Supporters Leave Search Committee
  14. '‘Mental Health Hawaii’ Pushes Gay Bullying Programs
  15. Hanabusa Backs Warantless Wiretap Bill; Hirono Misses Vote
  16. State pays $83K in work comp for another dead person, More Cases Under Investigation
  17. Campaign Spending Commission: Public Campaign Funding Used for Goat, Pig, Circus, Umbrellas
  18. Awana, Carroll Fined by Campaign Spending Commission, Criminal Charges Considered
  19. Hawaii County Ethic Board Chair Accused of Trying to Shake Down Councilmember
  20. Setting the Record Straight on HOPE Probation: Memo from the Founder
  21. Cayetano’s record as Governor
  22. Caldwell Led Charge for Superferry
  23. NMI: Pension, Clean Energy Scams Lead to Articles of Impeachment
  24. Hawaii Biofool Scammers Propose Tinian Algae Project
  25. American Samoa gov moves to repeal death penalty
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012
September 12, 2012 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 8:08 PM :: 5700 Views
  1. Muslims Celebrate 9-11 by Storming US Embassies, Hoisting Al-Qaeda Flag, Murdering US Ambassador
  2. Senate Committee to Markup New Revision of Akaka Bill
  3. Hawaii County Police Investigate 2010 Voter Fraud
  4. SHOPO, Small Business Groups Endorse Rep George Fontaine
  5. Hirono Refuses Sister-Isle Debates
  6. Lawyer to Abercrombie, Dela Cruz: Stop Lying to the Public about PLDC
  7. Governor Releases $147 Million for Education, Health and Other CIPs
  8. “Now is not the time to be increasing our taxes”
  9. Lend Lease, Forest City Compete for Abercrombie Tower Contract
  10. Proposal lets seniors ride TheBus free
  11. Senators Pre-Grill MRC Greenwood
  12. Primary mess shows need for statewide authority
  13. Hilo Old Boys Refuse to Release Funds for Legal Representation of Kawauchi, Yagong
  14. Lower fuel costs cut electricity rates on Oahu
  15. $400K: Hawaii Pays Dead Man Workers Comp for 22 Years
  16. Inouye Develops Interest in ‘Spectrum Crunch’
  17. BYU-Hawaii criticized for 'worthless' new degree program
  18. Delusional: Project in Makaha Valley calls for 353 homes on 61ac agricultural land
  19. Wind energy projects draw community criticism
  20. Hawaii's Big Wind Project Downplayed in New Energy Study
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012
September 11, 2012 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:49 PM :: 6280 Views
  1. Speaker among 29 House Democrats Opposing Tax Hikes (Calvin Say’s faction list?)
  2. House Republicans Oppose Proposed GE Tax Increase
  3. Looking Back: Charles Djou Joins Army After 9-11
  4. Eleven years ago, our lives came to a standstill
  5. Flags Ordered to Fly at Half-Staff on September 11
  6. Hawaiian Airlines Projects Decreasing Revenue
  7. MSNBC: Sen. Akaka’s exit interview: The full, unedited version of Chuck Todd’s interview with retiring Senator Daniel Akaka
  8. Gay Activists use Bullies to Turn Hawaii Kids
  9. Freitas’ large shadow looms over UH’s AD discussions
  10. Boots honor ultimate sacrifice
  11. OHA Behind Mobilization Against PLDC
  12. PLDC: DelaCruz, Solomon Call for New Strategic Plan
  13. DOE Internal audit finds procurement flaws
  14. PRP Paying $400 Week to Rail Doorknockers
  15. Repeal tip fee discount to help fund reliable city bus service?
  16. Act 221 Scam Company Hoku Deregisters its Shares
  17. Third Party Presidential Candidates on Hawaii Ballot
  18. Republican Senate Candidates Surge in Liberal Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin
  19. AES Solar gets EIS approval for 5-megawatt solar farm in West Oahu
  20. Initiative to help at-risk homeless comes to Oahu
  21. Hawaii Still Not Ready for Hurricane
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Monday, September 10, 2012
September 10, 2012 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:49 PM :: 5139 Views
  1. Tax Review Commission Proposes Gambling, Pension Tax, and a Grab for Rail Tax
  2. Lingle: Congress Must Lead on Jobs, Hirono has no Plan
  3. Bill Too High? Richard Ha to Address Kona TEA Party
  4. Final EIS for Kihei HS Released
  5. SA: Rein in state's solar tax credits
  6. VIDEO: City recognizes first responders in 9/11 Remembrance Walk
  7. Secularists Launch New Attack on St Damien, St Marianne
  8. Could Public Land Corp's No-Bid Contract Policy Lead To Sweetheart Deals?
  9. Congress returns for short pre-election session
  10. Gabbard: National Money Will Be Dumped into Hawaii
  11. Congressional Perkins: Career and technical education is critical to Hawaii and U.S. success
  12. Solution on hold in Lanai water dispute
  13. Retroactive Tariffs erase firm's savings on solar panels
  14. Act 221 Scammers Spread Money Around
  15. FACE Organizes for Wahiawa Center for Community Health
  16. Occupy Claims Federal Ruling Brings Honolulu Homeless Belongings Ban Into Question
  17. Marianas Pension Fund Could be Plum Job for Honolulu Attorney
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Sunday, September 9, 2012
September 9, 2012 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:53 PM :: 5563 Views
  1. Expenditure Focus Rather Than Tax Policy
  2. 2016: Obama's America Now Showing on Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Big Island
  3. CSC: New Campaign Spending Violations by Kaniela Ing
  4. VIDEO: First Lingle-Hirono Debate
  5. Liquefied Natural Gas for Hawaii: Sourcing and Transportation Options
  6. Senators: DoD Disenfranchising Military Personnel
  7. Star Advertiser: Democrats, Lingle Own Hawaii’s Corporatist Economy
  8. ‘Fact Check’ Urges Obamabots to Protest Lingle Ads
  9. Democrats: Manabat an Embarrassment, Lied under oath
  10. Maui Democratic congressional candidate Ing accused of violating campaign-spending laws
  11. Ing Bought Votes at $11 each
  12. Publicly Funded Candidate Funnels Money to Illegal PAC?
  13. BJ Penn Endorses Kawika Crowley for Congress
  14. Cayetano, Caldwell Debate Before HS Students
  15. A&B Politics: ‘Local Knowledge an Advantage in Hawaii’
  16. No-town Kapolei
  17. Cacophony of candidates and coqui hits crescendo
  18. Psychiatrists Get Mentally Ill off Streets
  19. Thousands of Marines to push beyond Hawaii
  20. Bob Woodward: A President Cornered
  21. Waikiki '73: That Communist is Gottfried Seitz
  22. Dopers: Taylor Camp exhibit brings a universal moment of history to light
  23. Birthers: Only Thing Dumb Enough for Obama to Feel Superior to
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Saturday, September 8, 2012
September 8, 2012 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:07 PM :: 5907 Views
  1. VoteVets: How Tulsi Beat Mufi
  2. Fifteen Candidates Fail to Report Campaign Spending
  3. Eight Candidates File to Run in Maui OHA Trustee Special Election
  4. Why Your Vote for OHA Trustees Matters
  5. Do We Belong to the Government?
  6. Tax Review Commission: Tax Hikes on Agenda September 11
  7. Priebus: GOP Will Win Senate Majority Without Hawaii
  8. BIG WIND: PEIS Comments Due Oct. 9
  9. Star-Adv: Kim Should Be Unpleasant With Greenwood, Apple, Regents
  10. Rail contractor announces layoffs after court decision stopping work
  11. PRP, FACE Urge Supreme Court to Reconsider
  12. Dem Convention: Clinton Winner, Obama Loser
  13. Dem Boss: Hordes of Obamabots Hirono’s Only Hope
  14. Ethics Board to Consider County Paid Union Campaign Rallies at County Facilities
  15. Will Soft-on-Crime Judges Serve Past Age 70?
  16. Mai Tai Slip-Fall Scores $2M for Bodybuilder
  17. HUD Needs More Time To Review City’s ORI Plan
  18. Fake Orthodox Bishop Named Head of Leftist Interfaith Group
  19. Dope Pushers Leave Storefronts as California Cracks Down on Medicated Marijuana
  20. Obama Tax Hike will Hit Mortgage Aid
  21. Case involving end of life issues also raises question of political power
  22. Reverse Mortgage $$ Targeted In Two Alleged Cases of Elderly Financial Abuse
  23. Shipping Containers for Farm Housing
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Friday, September 7, 2012
September 7, 2012 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:43 PM :: 5685 Views
  1. Fact Check: Mazie Scores 10 Misrepresentations in First Forum
  2. Full Text: DoE Requests End to NCLB Accountability
  3. Kauai County Prosecutor Fined for Racial Harassment of White Attorney
  4. Hilo: Fired Old Boy Election Workers File New Lawsuits
  5. Court: Pacific Beach Hotel Must Submit to ILWU
  6. Honolulu Has Opportunity to Meet and Greet America's Medal of Honor Recipients
  7. Abercrombie Named to National Governors Association Health and Homeland Security Committee
  8. PROP: Enviros Back Pacific Ocean Partnership
  9. VIDEO Debate: Who Will be Honolulu's Next Prosecutor ?
  10. Lingle Comes out on Top: Hirono Tired, Repetitive
  11. Solar Credits: DoTax Finally Decides to Rewrite Rules
  12. Carpenter: Delegates’ Faith in Obama Surreal
  13. Senate Rejects Regents Maneuver to Stall Wonder Investigation
  14. Caldwell Begins General Election Ad Buys
  15. Mufi’s Big Accomplishment: He Changed the Name of HTLA
  16. Kauai Prosecutor Herself In Trouble For Harassing White Deputy Attorney
  17. Lawyers, Politicians and Retaliation: End of Life Care goes to Court in Hawaii
  18. Wealth, Power, Influence Keep Pflueger from Facing Trial for Kauai Dam Breach Deaths; Plea Deal Reportedly in the Works
  19. Felon, Mortgage Scammer Travels to NYC to Burnish ‘Sovereignty’ Credentials
  20. Hawaii ranks high among states in CDC study
  21. Pedestrian Safety? Fire the city Dept. of Transportation
  22. LUC OKs intervener status in Kihei malls case
  23. Hemmings: Tour Busses Clog Kailua Streets
  24. NHLC: Stop Removing Iwi at Kawaiahao Church
  25. Election Could Bring New Leadership to OHA
  26. After 30 years of Drunken Driving, Alky Finally Gets Locked Up
  27. Health Connector Seeks Propagandist
  28. PBS Insights Focuses on Democratic, Republican Conventions
  29. Honolulu police change Facebook posting rules
  30. Expect scrutiny of Jet Ski rental operations
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Thursday, September 6, 2012
September 6, 2012 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:10 PM :: 6498 Views
  1. To Head off Kim Committee, UH Regents establish task group on accountability
  2. Why I'm Running: Stop Illegal Dumping on the Leeward Coast
  3. Regents approve UH West O'ahu loan
  4. $16T Debt Enabled by Hirono
  5. Thirteen Candidates Fail to Report Campaign Spending
  6. VIDEO: Democrats Boo, Jeer as 'God' and 'Jerusalem' Rammed Back Into Platform
  7. UPDATE: Mizuno Demands Criminal Investigation of Reporter, Denies Gun Control Plot
  8. Ewa Democrats: Manabat is Felon, Liar, Should not be on ballot
  9. UHM Vice Chancellor Secretly Fired Six Weeks Ago
  10. Senate UH hearing set as regents create oversight panel
  11. Eager to Escape Accountability, State will seek No Child waiver
  12. DoE Response to School Bus Audit Not Good Enough
  13. Honolulu to Supreme Court: Let Us Keep Building Rail
  14. Building of cars continues as city stops work on rail system
  15. Tenticles: Omidyar Buys 15 Cronies
  16. Democrat Platform Strikes God Down, Keeps Akaka Tribe
  17. How Many Votes Can Campaign Money Buy?
  18. Act 55: WHAT CAN A CITIZEN DO?
  19. Kos: Michelle Obama to Run for Senate from Hawaii
  20. Nepotism, Illegal Lobbying, Conflict of Interest: Secret AG’s Report Nails Profitable Non-Profit
  21. Kauai Council adds $20K for Police Commission to fight Carvalho
  22. Why is a Hawaiian 'superferry' docked at the Philadelphia Navy Yard?
  23. Council Tries to Bring Down Cost of Power
  24. Gay Murder Case Heads to Trial
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Wednesday, September 5, 2012
September 5, 2012 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:13 PM :: 5911 Views
  1. National Debt Hits $16T--up 50% in Four Years
  2. 1948: Communists Decide to Enter the Hawaii Democratic Party
  3. Duke Aiona Urges Support for Lingle in General Election
  4. Mizuno Demands Criminal Investigation of Reporter, Denies Gun Control Plot
  5. Mayor’s 9-11 Remembrance Walk Sunday
  6. Chinese Navy Deserves Payback
  7. Aiona, Kobayashi, Berg: Anti-Rail Slate for Honolulu Council
  8. UH Search Committee Rejects Freitas Hustle
  9. DoE May Stop Paying $100/day “Idle Bus Fee”
  10. Old Boys Continue Push to Reinstate Tainted Election Official
  11. Kakaako agency too secretive
  12. Hawaii State Government did big things once upon a long time ago
  13. Republican and Democrat 2012 National and State Platforms Regarding the Akaka bill
  14. EPA Stadards: HECO Must Comvert to LNG or Pay $1B
  15. Shippers Eye LNG For Fuel, As Economics, Fundamentals Move In Its Favor
  16. First Lingle-Hirono Debate September 6
  17. Hawaii has the third lowest rate of new entrepreneurial activity in the nation
  18. Clinton Supporters Spread Rumor Obama Planning Post-Defeat Move to Kailua, Oahu
  19. VA spent millions on six days of Hawaii games
  20. Gabbard gives speech at Democratic National Convention
  21. Case Study: Hawaii Democrat Tulsi Gabbard's 65-point turnaround and how vets helped make it happen
  22. Kawika Crowley, Homeless Handyman, Runs For Congress In Hawaii
  23. Is Federal Agent Immune from “Vindictive, Frivolous” State Murder Charge?
  24. Hunt Cos. gets clearance for West Oahu solar farm
  25. Tax Credit Scammers Giving Each Other Free Electricity
  26. South Korean National Accused of Laundering Money for Hostess Bars, Massage Parlors
  27. Study Reveals Hawaii as 3rd Largest Supplier of Wildlife for Aquariums
  28. Matson, Inc. Honored with Second CIO 100 Award
  29. Punahou Leads ‘Educators’ in Chase After Latest Fad
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012
September 4, 2012 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:20 PM :: 5159 Views
  1. Brookings: Education, Job Openings and Unemployment in Honolulu
  2. Progressive Activists: Lingle has the possibility of being a very powerful Senator--Mazie One Dimensional, Undesirable
  3. Aiona: Rail Will be Key to Outcome of CD6 Race
  4. Judge tells UH to turn over correspondence with Inouye, Abercrombie
  5. Kim Committee Beginning of the End for Greenwood
  6. DoE Massive System wide Cheating Brings AYP Gains
  7. Pro-Rail Group spent another $200k on Mayoral Race
  8. Donors Stop Wasting Money on UH
  9. Obamacare Threatens to Undermine Queens HMC Deal
  10. More Retaliation: Scott Nago Claims Yagong Violates Ethics Rules
  11. Election Volunteers Switch Jobs on Election Day
  12. Democrats Age into Smug Monopoly
  13. UH Manoa Perfesser Starts With Assumption that Mormons are Racists
  14. Hawaii Pedestrians, Especially Elderly, Die At High Rate
  15. Organic food no healthier than non-organic: study
Read More..
Monday, September 3, 2012
September 3, 2012 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:34 PM :: 5197 Views
  1. Voting? Hirono Abstains 23 Times, Misses 23%
  2. Report: States' Combined Debt Exceeds $4T
  3. Union Money in Elections-- $4.4B
  4. Usual Crooks, Cronies to attend Democratic National Convention from Hawaii
  5. Hirono Missed An Important Vote to Protect Our National Forests
  6. Privatize Maui Memorial Hospital
  7. Waipahu HS Gets First-Ever AP Courses
  8. Abercrombie’s DOH Begins Implementing Obama Program to Harass Organic Farmers
  9. Hawaiians could have a long slog ahead before the Hawaiian Homelands case delivers for them
  10. Takamine: More Effort Needed to get Long Term Unemployed onto Welfare
  11. Slow Condo Sales Lead to Lawsuit at ML&P Ritz Carlton
  12. Chinese vessel's stop will be a first for U.S.
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Sunday, September 2, 2012
September 2, 2012 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:08 PM :: 5584 Views
  1. Hirono Not Showing Up for Work, Missing Votes
  2. 2016: Obama's America Now Showing on Oahu, Maui
  3. Encouraging Affordable Housing, Get Government out of the Way
  4. Chamber of Commerce: University of Hawaii System Ranks 'D'
  5. Borreca: Illegal Rail Really Can’t Go, Caldwell Motivation Disappears
  6. Act 55? “Impeach Abercrombie”
  7. SA: Public land entity’s power is worrisome
  8. Lawmakers snap on gloves for probe of concert fiasco
  9. UH system earns poor grades in report
  10. Despite Warnings and Pleas, Rail Headed for 'Burials Central'
  11. Domestic Energy: Lingle Agrees With Akaka, Hirono Silent
  12. HELCO rate hikes hit isle’s poor the hardest
  13. HGEA Nurses Morale Low, Underpaid 45%
  14. Isle Supreme Court affirms state House election results in Kailua-Kona
  15. Bishop seeks prayers amid new charges of sex abuse
  16. New state rule encourages a developer to build middle-class condos at the News Building site
  17. Service Wives, Marines Demand Ballot Rights
  18. US Will Soon Be Self-Sufficient in Oil and Gas
  19. Rep. George Fontaine is one of South Maui’s own
  20. Time to act on government health and pensions liability debt is now
  21. Fontaine a class act, asset to people of South Maui
  22. Six Hawaii County Charter Amendments on Ballot
  23. Maoists, Anti-Semites Demand TIAA-CREF Boycott Israel
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Saturday, September 1, 2012
September 1, 2012 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:13 PM :: 6491 Views
  1. 16 Candidates File to Run in Honolulu Council Special Election
  2. Audit: DoE School Bus Failures Waste Millions, Endanger Students
  3. DoE Procurement: "Fraudulent Unethical Behavior" Rewarded with More Autonomy, Less Oversight
  4. Audits Ignored? Two Years Later Less than 50% of Recommendations Implemented
  5. Impact Aid federal survey cards to go home with students
  6. 3 Day Fugitive Task Force Mission Leads to 67 arrests
  7. U.S. Pacific Islands Collaboration Sets Framework for Regional Ocean Partnership
  8. Does Hawaii Need An "Environmental Court?" - Doesn't It Already Have One?
  9. New Complaint Challenging Kauai's Limit On Visitor Units
  10. Honolulu Rail Cost Escalation
  11. Coaches ‘Pressured’, Effort ‘Orchestrated’ to Make Rockne ‘Broken Trust’ Freitas AD
  12. SA Endorses Broken Trust Freitas for Athletic Director
  13. Nepotism? Mizuno’s Wife is Chief of Staff
  14. Cayetano Pinched Pennies Before Primary
  15. Audit: Hawaii Sheriff’s Division keeping $383,000 of equipment off-inventory
  16. Public hearings set on state's renewable energy plan
  17. Hawaiian Homestead case scheduled to resume Friday in Circuit Court
  18. NELHA Abandons Pipes Underwater, Destroys Coral
  19. The Economics of Recycling in Hawaii
  20. LA Bus Riders Union says rail hurts those of lower incomes:
  21. Hawaii's Youngest Sex Trafficking Victims 'Get Out' When Rescued by First Responders
  22. Kauai County workers alter lighting to protect seabirds
  23. Hawaii foreclosure sales down 44% in the second quarter
  24. Clinton in Cook Islands: U.S. committed to security in Asia-Pacific
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