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Saturday, June 02, 2018
June 2, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:22 PM :: 1865 Views
  1. Auditor: $500K IUCN Grant Left out of OHA Annual Report
  2. HB2501: Ige Signs Hawaii Promise Scholarship Bill
  3. UHERO: Healthy county economies face growing pains
  4. Relief for Taxpayers Affected by Volcano
  5. $0.15 Bag Tax Hits Oahu Starting July 1
  6. Auditor: City Parks and Recreation Fails Again and Again
  7. Honolulu Auditor: Only 56% of Recommendations Acted Upon Since 2004
  8. Waikiki: Former Unity House Scammers Attack 14-year old girl
  9. Homeless Drug Addicts Beat Japanese Couple near Kakaako Murals
  10. Former housekeepers for Heiress Kawananakoa say their firing was 'retaliation'
  11. Promoting economic freedom
  12. Zumper, Apartment List Differ on Honolulu Rents
  13. Maui Charter Amendments: County Manager?  $20K Fine for TVRs?
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Friday, June 01, 2018
June 1, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:56 PM :: 1604 Views
  1. Auditor: HART Management Listening in on My Interviews with Employees
  2. Visitor Arrivals, Spending Up for April
  3. Hawaii County Seeks Applicants for Charter Commission
  4. Mayor Kim Suspends Several Hawaii County Building, Land Use Laws
  5. State Income Tax Collections--Hawaii Takes $1389 Per Capita
  6. Mayor Kim: Volcano Recovery Plan Based on 1960 Tsunami Recovery
  7. Big Island's largest homeless shelter struggles to meet needs of lava evacuees
  8. Members Of Military Might Get A Property Tax Break
  9. Free Speech? Police Step into Action to Tear Down Domestic violence signs targeting Clayton Hee
  10. Suicide: Lobbying or Free Speech?
  11. Gov Ige to Sign Three "Sustainability" Bills
  12. Three Electric Car Subsidies that Didn’t Pass
  13. Giant Diesel Plant Completed—HECO Pretending it is ‘Green’
  14. In Push for New Stadium, Aloha Stadium Authority Stops Maintenance
  15. RNs Pay $96K in Hawaii
  16. Unity House Scammers Continue to Harass New Waikiki Beach Boys
  17. Ige: Legalizing Recreational Marijuana Should be up to Feds
  18. Suit challenges EIS approval for Lahaina wastewater plant
  19. Will Mass Tourism Finally be Limited?
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Thursday, May 31, 2018
May 31, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:06 PM :: 966 Views
  1. Jail Time for Haunani Apoliona?
  2. Evacuation Ordered for Vacationland, Kapoho, Waa Waa
  3. Who is Driving Electric Vehicles in Hawaii?
  4. Telescope: Congress offers funding, Pushes Mauna Kea-Chile Cooperation
  5. Discovering Hidden Hawaii Tours to Pay $570,000 To Settle EEOC Male-On-Male Sexual Harassment Suit
  6. US Pacific Command Changes Name
  7. Hawaii Job Market Schizophrenic
  8. Election Volunteers Needed for Polling Places
  9. Solution for Volcano Zone: Homeless Tent Cities or Fee-Simple Land Swap? 
  10. San Buenaventura on Volcano Relief: “I’m going to leave it up to the homeless advocates.”  
  11. Espero Resigns from State Senate  
  12. Kealohas Plead Not Guilty to Robbing Orphans
  13. State takes first step toward lucrative hemp industry with new research program
  14. Taxi Owner: Ride-Sharing Bill Will be Good for Business
  15. In 9 Months, Feds Subsidize 4,988 ‘Patients’ at Hawaii Planned Parenthood
  16. Demented Liberal Thinks Homeless are Working 2-3 Jobs
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Wednesday, May 30, 2018
May 30, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:35 PM :: 1281 Views
  1. New Democratic Chair Promises to Support Gay Agenda
  2. New Medicare Cards are Arriving in Hawaii and Pacific Territories
  3. Fast-moving lava crosses Highway 132 in lower Puna
  4. Top Universities: UH Manoa Ranks 306th
  5. Anti-GMO Faction Almost Quit Democratic Party
  6. All Three Democrat Gubernatorial Candidates voted for Rail GE Tax Hike
  7. In Effort to Curry Favor with Council, SHOPO endorses Ernie Martin for 1st Congressional District
  8. FBI Seeks Missing Person Sued by M Club Owner
  9. Obamacare in Hawaii Legislature—What Passed and What Didn’t
  10. Bloated: Maui Budget Boosts Spending by $53.1M  
  11. 17 More Homeless Forced to Accept Shelter
  12. Starbucks Loses Business, Keeps Wifi Moochers
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Tuesday, May 29, 2018
May 29, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:35 PM :: 988 Views
  1. Fast-Moving Lava--New Evacuation Orders for Leilani Estates
  2. Star-Adv: Democrat Rule Cripples and Divides Hawaii
  3. Hawaii CD2 #1 for Hapa
  4. Haena: Overwhelmed with Pilgrims, Eco-Religionists Seek Cap of 900 a Day
  5. Styrofoam Ban: Activist uses Pseudoscience to Check Hype and Arrive at Pre-Determined Outcome
  6. Enviros Cashing in on Anti-Sunscreen Hysteria
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Monday, May 28, 2018
May 28, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 9:16 PM :: 1314 Views
  1. Desperate, Hanabusa Releases Month-Old Push-Poll -- Claims 2-1 Lead
  2. Open Letter from Journalist Harassed by Tulsi Gabbard
  3. Secret OHA LLC Created to Sell Marijuana
  4. Truth and Transparency - A Visit With Samuel Wilder King II
  5. Brian Schatz: Tax Reform Was A Conspiracy To Make People Lose Their Jobs
  6. FDA Cracks Down on Hucksters Exploiting Anti-Sunscreen Hysteria
  7. Memorial Day
  8. Sen Ruderman: HRS 171-93 Allows BLNR to Provide Land to Volcano Victims 
  9. After Decades of Hysteria--Lava Covers Geothermal Well-AND NOTHING HAPPENS!
  10. Hanabusa: Political Insiders are My Strength
  11. Isle Democrats elect lobbyist as new chairwoman
  12. State economists forecast speedy growth
  13. Constitutional Amendment won’t lock in school funds
  14. Star-Adv: With Wind and Geothermal Coming to an End, Give All Your Money to Elon Musk for batteries
  15. Dire need for truly affordable housing must be met with action, not just political promises
  16. State Drug Court helps rebuild lives
  17. Lumpy Poi expected after floods smother Hawaii staple crop
  18. Hawaii’s private firearms likely number well over 1 million
  19. Gay Activists Saddened by Lost Opportunity to Exploit Injured Amtrak Passenger
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Sunday, May 27, 2018
May 27, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:55 PM :: 1212 Views
  1. New Lava Flows Towards Geothermal Plant
  2. We Can’t See It or Touch It, But We Can Tax It!
  3. Volcano Could Save Ige by Turning him into Harry Kim
  4. Ige, Chin Exploit Democrat Hatred of President Donald J Trump 
  5. Legislature ends in Self-Congratulatory Spectacle
  6. Kouchi: Legislature Focused on Parakeets, Mud, and Cesspools
  7. State’s hunger for TAT is out of control
  8. Kakaako: 12 More Bums Finally Agree to Accept Shelter
  9. 3 TSA whistleblowers in Hawaii who got reassigned awarded $1M settlement
  10. UH Maui Apartments Sit Vacant for 20 Years
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Saturday, May 26, 2018
May 26, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:36 PM :: 1039 Views
  1. Tupola Wins Three-Year TRO Against Internet Troll
  2. Analyst: Hawaii Legislators are ‘F***ing Morons’
  3. Elections: 350 Candidates Pull Papers -- 177 File
  4. Hawaii Tax Revenue up 20.2% Since Great Recession
  5. Hawaii 5th-Highest Beer Tax in USA
  6. Kauai Fifth Circuit Seeking Per Diem District/Family Court Judge 
  7. Rescuing the Lost Battalion –The Story behind the ‘Heroes’
  8. Is this the end for geothermal energy in Hawaii?
  9. Hawaii’s Volcano Country, Where Land Is Cheap and the Living Is Risky
  10. Look Closer At Why Homes Are Built In Lava’s Path
  11. Trump Executive Orders Take Aim at Federal Employee Unions Blocking Cleanup of VA
  12. Governments Haven't Had Rules for Revealing Their Private Debt -- Until Now
  13. Hawaii County Bus System Audit Findings
  14. Judge throws out one Maui sand-mining suit
  15. Settlement reached with family 5 years after police fatally shot man
  16. Ige Signs Bill Making Gay Conversion of Minors Mandatory
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Friday, May 25, 2018
May 25, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:10 PM :: 1139 Views
  1. Lava disaster could worsen Hawaii pension crisis
  2. Fisheries Management: UH Identifies Next Targets
  3. OIP: Sunshine Law Changes for 2018
  4. Kaniela Ing: “I don’t think establishment Democrats know where the hell they’re going”
  5. OHA Trustee Candidate Sam King vs OHA Audit Excuses
  6. Case, Djou: Will Hawaii Delegation Support 'Honest Ads Act'?
  7. $100M –Flood of Money Inundates Kauai
  8. Poll: Voters Favor Constitutional Convention 54-20
  9. Police union blocks release of details about Domestic Violence officer reinstatement—Due Years of Back Pay
  10. New indictment: Ex-police chief's wife blamed discrepancies on health issue
  11. State tax revenue jumps by $125M—Money Already Spent
  12. Maui Budget Larded with Fee Increases
  13. Post-storm rebuilding gives Kauai's North Shore residents a chance to reshape community
  14. Kauai: Artificial Crisis Sets Stage for Mandatory Abortion Pills
  15. Snorkel Rentals Kill: Snorkeler rescued from Hanauma Bay, hospitalized in critical condition
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Thursday, May 24, 2018
May 24, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:21 PM :: 1425 Views
  1. Hotel Occupancy Increases on Kauai Despite Flooding
  2. S. 2155: Checks to Clear Faster in Am Samoa, NMI 
  3. Criminal Charges? Ing to Twist in Wind until July
  4. Poll: Hanabusa Most Unpopular Member of Congressional Delegation 
  5. 100% does not mean 100% -- Hawaii Greenhouse Gas Rules Just as Fake as Renewable Energy Rules
  6. After Kona Tent City Fails, Hawaii County Proposing Actual Housing for Homeless
  7. Honolulu Ambulances Too Busy with Homeless ‘Frequent Flyers’ to Help Real Patients
  8. Kauai mayor extends order banning vacation rental use in flooded areas
  9. Snorkel Rentals Kill: Michigan woman dies snorkeling in Maui waters
  10. Telescope protester’s trial put on hold (again)
  11. US looks at defence and foreign policy in Micronesia
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Wednesday, May 23, 2018
May 23, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:42 PM :: 1309 Views
  1. After a Few Months of Typing, HGEA Member Scores Lifetime 'Disability' Pension
  2. Rusty Scalpel: Gut n Replace SB2858 Fails to meet Constitutional requirement
  3. Am Samoa Rep Amua Amata Headlines Hawaii GOP Luncheon
  4. Yap Robo Day Showcases Technical Excellence in Micronesia
  5. China Disinvited from Participating in 2018 RIMPAC Exercise
  6. Kim 26% – Chin 19% in Race For Congress CD1
  7. Make education spending transparent
  8. Abercrombie Whips up Manoa Professors into a Mindless Seething Frenzy after three trees cut down
  9. Geothermal Concerns ‘Overblown’ by Years of Punatic Hysteria
  10. A Housing Boom, Then a Volcanic Eruption
  11. Hawaii County Council rejects Volcano as Tax Hike Excuse
  12. City files class-action suit against service members with abandoned cars
  13. Honolulu City Council bill would make ride sharing business model unworkable, Uber says
  14. Lime Didn’t Pay off Insiders Like Biki Did
  15. OHA Agenda Fails in Legislature
  16. Effort to Re-Corrupt Police Commission Fails
  17. Cost $300K per Year-- Homeless 200-time ‘Frequent Flyer Found Lying in Middle of Street
  18. HPD: 10 Referrals a Day to Mental Health program
  19. 9-11 Trooother ‘Impressed’ with Tulsi Gabbard 
  20. ABC Store Manager Spends Hours Every Week Cleaning up After Homeless Shelter-Refusers
  21. Ceremony Honors Hawaii’s Civil War Vets
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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
May 22, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:09 PM :: 1666 Views
  1. Hawaii Teachers Union Backs Campagna Over Gabbard for Congress
  2. United Way Report: 49% of Hawaii Households Can't Afford Basics
  3. Childcare: Mapping the Gap in Hawaii
  4. Government Relies on Flawed Data to Determine Endangered Species
  5. Poll: Ige 31 – Hanabusa 37 – Hee 11
  6. Poll: LG Field Scattershot
  7. Lava could be used as latest excuse for property tax hikes
  8. Domestic Violence: Cop Could Get 4 years Back Pay
  9. All Wind Power Exceeds $0.15 per kwh in Hawaii
  10. Permitting Delays Homeless Domes by Three Years
  11. Tourist from … uh … Detroit … Shocked by Waikiki Homelessness
  12. Dopers Line up to buy Weed on Kauai
  13. DEA Targets Oxycontin Pharmacies, Dope Docs in Hawaii
  14. Without Forcible Incarceration in Lunatic Asylums, Psychiatrist can only Treat 20 Homeless Schizos in a Year
  15. Hawaii Use Tax Unconstitutional?
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Monday, May 21, 2018
May 21, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:05 PM :: 909 Views
  1. Banning Styrofoam Creates All Kinds Of Problems Including Environmental Ones
  2. Best States for Military Retirees -- Hawaii Ranks 37th
  3. Lava Flows Wipe out Supply of Affordable Housing
  4. Climate Change Commission to Make Housing Even More Expensive
  5. Rate Hike Coming: Lava Set to Wipe out State’s Only Clean, Cheap Geothermal Plant
  6. Caldwell’s Bloated Budget Adds 40 New ‘Positions’
  7. Haseko Lagoon Gets the LimeBike Treatment
  8. Honolulu’s Vanishing Crosswalks
  9. HSTA, Carpenters Select Josh Green for Lt Governor
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Sunday, May 20, 2018
May 20, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:21 PM :: 948 Views
  1. OHA Trustee Candidates Aila and Kiaaina ‘Instrumental’ in OHA’s Biggest Boondoggle
  2. Ethics: Why did UPW Prison Guard Get $7000 from Inmate?
  3. Finding the Magic Bullet: City’s Share of Rail Administrative Costs
  4. Lava crosses Highway 137 and enters ocean in lower Puna
  5. On the Ballot this Fall? Council Trick to Return Corruption to Power in HPD
  6. HART Math: $400M isn’t above $240M it is Below $408M 
  7. Latest Scam to Hike GE Tax: Richards seeks to strip Mass Transit budget
  8. Caldwell: LimeBike will be Cool When it Properly Greases the Haunches of Power
  9. Public Meetings Begin for 2019-22 Hawaii Department of Transportation’s Statewide Transportation Improvement Program
  10. Anti-GMO Activists Kill Another Farm -- Exultant over Job Destruction on Molokai
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Saturday, May 19, 2018
May 19, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:53 PM :: 968 Views
  1. Pohoiki Rd Evacuating by Helicopter--Coastal Puna may be next
  2. Backbone
  3. BLNR Approves Another Windfarm for Kahuku
  4. Ige to Tourists: Just Ignore that Little Volcano Thingy
  5. Elections: 335 Candidates Pull Papers 
  6. Lime suspends service in Honolulu after city classifies scooters as mopeds
  7. Stupidity Eruption: Conspiracy Theorists Tie Anti-Geothermal Hysteria to Tsunami Threat
  8. Homeless Begin Claiming to be Volcano Victims, Set up New Tent City
  9. Kauai: Lifeguards Save ANOTHER Snorkel Victim
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Friday, May 18, 2018
May 18, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:22 PM :: 1690 Views
  1. Kilauea Explosion Sends Ash to 30,000 feet
  2. How Well-Funded are Pension Plans in Your State? -- Hawaii 45th
  3. Caldwell: I Will Eradicate Every Last Lime 
  4. Applicants Sought for Hawaii Elections Commission
  5. Can Uber Stay in Honolulu?
  6. Good Intentions Pave Road to Hawaii Housing Crisis
  7. Dozens of Department of Education employees are under investigation
  8. HSTA teacher arrested on suspicion of promoting harmful drug
  9. Kishimoto: I Will Give Every Penny of Your Property Tax Hike to HSTA Members
  10. More Lame Excuses from Kaniela Ing – 31 Counts of Campaign Violations
  11. Lime: Government Moves Quickly When Politicos Don’t Get a Cut of New Business
  12. OHA Uses Misleading Data About Hawaiians
  13. GEMS ‘Solution’: Subprime Loans to Deadbeats
  14. Unity House Scammer Ordered Off Waikiki Beach
  15. County of Maui is on ‘spend and tax’ binge
  16. Maui County Bill aims to crack down on illegal B&Bs
  17. Pahoa Business Down Sharply after BnB Shutdown Ordered
  18. Will Lava Lot Owners Get Property Tax Break?
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Thursday, May 17, 2018
May 17, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:10 PM :: 914 Views
  1. The Delphi Technique: Let’s Stop Being Manipulated!
  2. OHA Math: Five Plus One Equals Zero
  3. Hawaii Gun Permits Down 24%
  4. Liliha-Nuʻuanu Complete Streets community meeting set
  5. Ige Unveils Security Features Designed to Make it Harder for HGEA Members to Have Sex With Mental Patients or Let Them Escape
  6. Kilauea Caldera Floor Drop Mirrors Run-up to 1924 Eruption
  7. Competing Sunscreen Maker Behind Anti-Sunscreen Petition
  8. Big Island Bookings Down 50% due to Volcano Hype
  9. Resort Fees Caused by High TAT
  10. New Super PAC With Pro-Rail Ties Emerges In Hawaii Elections
  11. Don’t Let The Mayor Pick Honolulu’s Top Cop
  12. Candidate: Sexual Harassment Requires Action Now
  13. Toxic Lot In Maili May Finally Get Cleaned Up
  14. When will UH Face Next Athletic Dept Disaster?
  15. Caldwell’s War on Lime a Quagmire
  16. Schatz Leads Efforts to Punish Homosexual Rapists in Prison
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Wednesday, May 16, 2018
May 16, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:38 PM :: 1905 Views
  1. Kilauea: 12,000-foot Ash Plume
  2. Ninth Circuit’s Equal Pay Decision Requires Hawaii Employers to Reexamine Pay Structures
  3. Launch a Career? Honolulu Lowest Starting Salaries in USA
  4. Is Affordable Housing Constitutional?
  5. VIDEO: Free Market Thinking is Good for You
  6. Republican Caucus: Legislative Session in Review
  7. Homeless Steal from Evacuees at Volcano Emergency Center
  8. Harry Kim Introduces ‘Colored Guy from FEMA’
  9. Hawaii Legislature might reconvene to address lava crisis
  10. Volcano Could Become Next Excuse for Tax Hikes
  11. Maui: What Does it Take to Forcibly Incarcerate One Homeless Lunatic in Mental Institution?
  12. HGEA Mental Hospital: High-Level Staffers Involved in Saito Escape?  -- Still on Payroll
  13. Diminishing Democracy at the Hawaii State Legislature
  14. ERS: 26 years of Tax Hikes
  15. Kishimoto Fluff Piece Ignores Title IX Violations
  16. Tech Upgrade: DoE 5 Year Plan is a ‘Playground’
  17. Staffing and housing shortages challenge Kauai businesses
  18. Big Island businesses face layoffs, 30% loss as visitor cancellations mount
  19. Gamour Magazine Exploits Sunscreen Ban to Aid Profiteers
  20. Caldwell Wages War on Limes—90 Seized by Police
  21. Lawsuit: Managers Took Bribes At Low-Income Rentals
  22. Zero Republican Candidates on Kauai and Maui
  23. New Developments in Malia Zimmerman-Seth Rich Litigation
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Tuesday, May 15, 2018
May 15, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:05 PM :: 1154 Views
  1. State encouraged building in risky lava zone
  2. UHERO: Rolling Blackouts Can Hide Green Energy Rate Hikes
  3. Supreme Court Overturns Federal Sports Betting Ban--May Lead to Legislation in Hawaii
  4. House 'Working Group' to Evaluate Sex Harassment Rules
  5. HSTA Tax Will Reduce Affordable Housing
  6. Rail Leaders Look To Curb Runaway Costs With Public-Private-Partnership
  7. The End of Clean Cheap Geothermal Electricity for Hawaii?
  8. ERS: Upholding Tenets of Eco-Religion More Important than Maximizing Returns
  9. Kealohas Still Grifting for Lawyer Money
  10. Will Unity House Scammers Finally Lose Grip on Waikiki Beach?
  11. Ponzi: Before Aug 11 Oblivion, Another DC Cash Run for Fukumoto
  12. ‘Exploited’ Underage Interns at State Legislature
  13. Which Committee Chairs Block Video of Meetings? 
  14. Caldwell Flips Out After Someone Leaves Lime Green Scooter on Sidewalk
  15. $11.4M City Settlement in Crosswalk Accident Because of ‘Complete Streets’ Policy
  16. Tourism Down Sharply on Big Island, Kauai
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Monday, May 14, 2018
May 14, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:31 PM :: 704 Views
  1. Little Pink House Coming to Honolulu  
  2. Drug Use by State: 2018’s Problem Areas
  3. Lawmakers Set New Record for Campaign Fundraisers
  4. Kishimoto, BoE, HSTA All Agree-They Want Your Money
  5. Will There Be Enough Workers For Hawaii’s Hot Economy?
  6. $4M Saved by Rebuilding Kauai Suspension bridge via Nonprofit Instead of County Procurement


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Sunday, May 13, 2018
May 13, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:57 PM :: 1062 Views
  1. ​SB2699: Reactionary Reaction to Resort Fees
  2. HRS 171-93: Law Allows Swap of Lava-Covered Lots for State Property in Zone 3
  3. Prepare to Evacuate Puna Makai: Hwy 132 May Soon be Covered by Lava
  4. HSTA Again Selects Ige as Governor
  5. Hawaii Innocence Project Tied to Alleged Waikiki Pimp
  6. HART, Council, Caldwell Try New Scam on $44M rail shortfall 
  7. Maui Taxpayers Pay $15.9M for Rail
  8. Homicidal Lunatic Protecting Seven HGEA Members from Justice
  9. Water rates poised to rise (again)
  10. Molokai Ranch Hibiscus Scheme Evaporates Quickly
  11. Hawaii Potentially Banning 70 Percent Of Sunscreen Brands
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Saturday, May 12, 2018
May 12, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:10 PM :: 1818 Views
  1. Elections: 319 Candidates Pull Papers
  2. Property Taxes Cost Hawaii $1070 per Person
  3. Trump Approves Volcano Disaster Proclamation   
  4. Hawaii Property Insurance Association Still Selling ‘insurance’ in Lava Zone
  5. Cost Controls? HART Laughs at Legislature
  6. West Maui Hospital to be Built with State Support –State of Wisconsin
  7. Hawaii Legislators Add Obamacare to State Law
  8. Coal-powered Honolulu Electric Vehicles
  9. Another Hawaii Lunatic Did not Have Guns Confiscated
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Friday, May 11, 2018
May 11, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:11 PM :: 1048 Views
  1. How State Government fanned flames of volcano disaster
  2. Court Orders Hawaiian Shallow-set Longline Fishery to Close
  3. Dope Magazine Tours Bumpy's Marijuana Grow-Op
  4. HVO: Risk of Steam Explosion at Kilauea Summit
  5. Inflation Making Minimum Wage Irrelevant
  6. Hawaii’s first public preschool program opens new classrooms
  7. Pressler out at DoH
  8. FEMA denies federal funding for Hawaii flood victims
  9. Amid ongoing eruptions, Big Island faces a daunting new problem: A housing crisis
  10. Punatics Continue to Obsess over Clean Geothermal Plant
  11. Hanalei Flooding a Thrilling Opportunity to Exclude the Little People
  12. Crabbe Finds Three in Bucket
  13. State Hospital patient who escaped to California indicted on identity theft charges   
  14. In the midst of 'floatilla' madness, a DLNR officer is accused of excessive force
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Thursday, May 10, 2018
May 10, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:57 PM :: 734 Views
  1. Why OHA Wants You to Believe Three Myths
  2. Hawaii Constitutional Convention--The Basics
  3. Hawaii Timeshares Average 89.5% Occupancy for 2017
  4. Ige Requests Federal Disaster Declaration for Kilauea Eruption
  5. Hawaii Judiciary Celebrates National Drug Court Month
  6. Senate Panel Approves Mark Bennett for Ninth Circuit
  7. Hawaii County Council Rejects general excise tax increase—Until After They are Reelected
  8. Hawaii Supreme Court sets date for Thirty Meter Telescope oral arguments
  9. Kealohas to stand trial in November
  10. Will Kauai Flood Criminalize Hanalei TVRs?
  11. DoE 6 Months to Have Meeting to Talk About Demolishing Burned Building on Campus
  12. New Chinatown Clinic Aims to Keep Bums Out of Expensive Emergency Rooms   
  13. Homeless Dude Beats Rap on Bumfight Stabbing
  14. Veto bill to ban some sunscreens
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Wednesday, May 09, 2018
May 9, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:26 PM :: 1358 Views
  1. Ookala: DoH Warns on Dairy-Related Water Pollution
  2. City Buys 33 Unit Waikiki Building for Homeless
  3. HVO: Risk of Steam Explosion at Kilauea Summit
  4. Assisted Suicide: A Look into Hawaii's Future
  5. How Legislators Use Closed Door Meetings to Fool You
  6. HB2182/HB1986: Big Landowners to Score Megabucks from Carbon Credit Scam
  7. Now That Chief and Police Commission are Reformers Council Suddenly Wants to Change Everything
  8. Office of Elections Retaliation Lawsuit Bounced Back to Circuit Court
  9. Maui County’s top attorney reports gambling winnings in latest financial disclosure
  10. TVR Rules –Hawaii County Bill 108 amended
  11. Disasters Create New Opportunities to Attack TVRs
  12. Visitors to Haleakala decline 12% in 2017 –After Reservation System Imposed
  13. How Hawaii Schools Are Building Bridges To Micronesian Students
  14. Volcano Blasts Puna—But Brainwashed Punatics Obsess over Squeaky Clean Geothermal Plant
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Tuesday, May 08, 2018
May 8, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:59 PM :: 885 Views
  1. Homeless Count Drops 10% Statewide as More are Pressured to Accept Shelter
  2. Rewrite of Hawaii Environmental Rules -- Public Hearings Set
  3. Follow the Money? Not so Easy in Hawaii
  4. Best States for Working Moms -- Hawaii Ranks 24th
  5. Confessions of a Third-World Resident
  6. Volcano Update: 12 Fissures Opened
  7. Best & Worst States to Be a Police Officer
  8. HART’s Latest Rail Contract Is For $400M — Twice What It Had Estimated
  9. Running Down HSTA’s Propaganda on Rental Tax
  10. Kim budget gives each Councilmember $30K ‘Reelect Me’ Money
  11. HB2110: Microgrid Bill Means More Rate Hikes Coming
  12. Maui Solar Farm Laughs All the Way to the Bank
  13. TopGolf: P3 Partnership to Reinvigorate Muni Golf on Oahu?
  14. Ethics: Two-of Nine Hawaii County Council Members Own TVRs
  15. Vacation rentals in disaster areas
  16. East Hawaii is Affordable Housing Secret
  17. ‘Raw Elements’ Profiteering on Anti-Sunscreen Hysteria
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Monday, May 07, 2018
Letters to the Editor May, 2018
By Letters to the Editor @ 12:39 PM :: 1266 Views
  • Confessions of a Third-World Resident
  • Dermatologists: Ige Should Veto Sunscreen Ban
  • Iwasa: Rail Costs behind Caldwell Budget Cuts
  • Clean Nuclear Power for Hawaii 
  • Mother’s Day Umbilical Cord
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Monday, May 07, 2018
May 7, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:34 PM :: 1212 Views
  1. Why the State Audit is Good Medicine for OHA
  2. OHA releases report on health of Native Hawaiian women
  3. Hawaii Family Forum Legislative Week in Review
  4. SB2046: Bump Stock Ban on Ige's Desk
  5. How Tulsi Gabbard Is Raising Money to Become Next Senator
  6. Council May Approve Caldwell’s Vacation rental proposal
  7. Profit Motive: Sunscreen Ban Designed to Give Competing Products an Edge
  8. Dive Tour Operators Desperately Try to Avoid Culpability for Snorkel Deaths
  9. Usual Suspects Seek to Exploit Hanalei Flooding to Take More Private Property
  10. Volcano News
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Sunday, May 06, 2018
May 6, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:36 PM :: 1006 Views
  1. Letting the Genie Out of the Bottle…for Our Keiki?
  2. Hawaii Towns Ranked for Economic Diversity
  3. Social Capital Index for Hawaii Counties
  4. Funds for Treating Individuals with Mental Illness: Is Your State Generous or Stingy?
  5. Elections: 300 Candidates Pull Papers
  6. Rep McDermott Cancels Endorsement of Carroll for Governor
  7. 200 Hawaii GOP Delegates Approve Party Platform
  8. Legislators waste healthy tax surplus to Help Hanabusa
  9. Legal loopholes in medical death law
  10. Maui County Signs Contract to Hunt Down illegal vacation rentals online
  11. Plan: Cut Carbon Emissions in Half by Becoming Homeless
  12. Random Mainlander Files Crackpot Lawsuit vs Coco Palms
  13. New fissure emerges in Leilani Estates; lava fountains reach as high as 230 feet
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Saturday, May 05, 2018
May 5, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:39 PM :: 906 Views
  1. Legislators Save Union Bosses from not-yet-written Janus Decision
  2. Hawaii County Audit Finds Bundles of Cash in Breakroom
  3. VIDEO: Evacuation Ordered As Lava Erupts in Leilani Estates
  4. Feds Approve Hawaii Air Ambulance deal
  5. Hawaii: Over 1,500 Rape Kits Tested
  6. State investigating Kaniela Ing’s campaign finances
  7. Leilani Estates: Police Pull out of Area, Looters Move In? 
  8. Department of Retaliation: Paid suspension continues for school superintendent
  9. Kauai: Transient vacation rentals prohibited in areas recovering from flooding
  10. Doctors, Lawyers Paid to Clean up After Maui Homeless Bumfight
  11. Tourist in critical condition after Snorkel-Related  near-drowning incident on Maui
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Friday, May 04, 2018
May 4, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:14 PM :: 1214 Views
  1. VIDEO: Evacuation Ordered As Lava Erupts in Leilani Estates
  2. Secretive Commissions Determine Who Violates Anti-Discrimination Laws
  3. Dermatologists: Ige Should Veto Sunscreen Ban
  4. Was 2018 Hawaii Legislature a success?
  5. Navigating risk at Hawaii's public pension system
  6. Commonwealth Fund: Hawaii Among Top Health Systems
  7. Rethinking Hawaii Tourism: Time to Shift from Marketing to Managing Tourism?
  8. Southwest Coming to Bust Hawaiian Monopoly
  9. UHERO: Hawaii set for more growth
  10. HSTA Slush Fund: History Shows Us Where This is Going 
  11. Delusional Kouchi: Legislators are ‘Superheroes’
  12. Hawaii lawmakers proud of their work for Hanabusa—Sticking it to Ige
  13. KIUC Energy Storage Without Elon Musk
  14. Tourism authority chairman withdraws from confirmation fight
  15. Property rights include the right to rent it out — even if others don't like it
  16. Council Votes to Require ‘Life Safety Evaluation’ of Non-Sprinkler Buildings
  17. Kealoha Gang to have 2 federal trials
  18. Arakawa: Maui Council Should Restore Homeless Funds
  19. Homeless man sentenced to life in prison, blames drugs for killing his girlfriend
  20. Attempted Murder: Homeless Man Makes Excuses for Running over Bicyclist after Confrontation
  21. Homeless Take Over: Are Waikiki’s Public Pavilions Hopelessly Crime-Ridden?
  22. Homeless #1 Reason for Low Park Use
  23. Coco Palms Squatters Case Dismissed
Read More..
Thursday, May 03, 2018
May 3, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:16 PM :: 1777 Views
  1. Ige Requests Disaster Declaration for Kauai, Oahu
  2. Public Private Partnership for Ala Wai Golf?
  3. Hawaii--Least Expensive Homeowners Insurance in USA
  4. US Citizen or US National: American Samoans in the Military
  5. Iwasa: Rail Costs behind Caldwell Budget Cuts
  6. Smug Millennial Caucus--Worst Attendance Of Legislators This Session
  7. Rep Creagan: We’re Not Supposed to Talk About Sexual Misconduct
  8. OHA trustee says she'll fight ethics charges 'to the death'
  9. HECO Proposes Two Grid-Scale Batteries -- $147M Exempted from Competitive Bidding
  10. Hawaii GOP Contributes to One Party State
  11. 'Sickening': Uber and Lyft accused of gouging military visitors to Hawaii
  12. Soft on Crime: Lucky Molester Avoids Jail
  13. Soft on Crime: Two Accused Child Killers Go Free
  14. Fourteen accept housing in wake of Homeless sweeps
Read More..
Wednesday, May 02, 2018
May 2, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 9:12 PM :: 1274 Views
  1. Final Passage: House, Senate Move Bills
  2. UH Manoa Researcher Admits Global Warming 'On Hiatus' Since 1998
  3. Screws are Tightening at OHA
  4. Kauhane out at CNHA
  5. Hawaii is the Worst State for Nurses
  6. Hawaii #2 for Distracted Drivers
  7. GEM$ Launches On-Bill Financing for Solar
  8. Woo-Woo Crowd Grabs Hold of Legislature
  9. Legislature Fail: Mauna Kea, Airport Authority, Vacation Rentals
  10. Legislature Finds Way to Expand Homelessness 
  11. Legislature Votes to Install a Tranny and a Lawyer in Every Bathroom in Hawaii Schools
  12. What about all the other bad stuff affecting reefs?
  13. Council Suddenly Passionate About Destroying Affordable Housing ‘Monster’
  14. Eco Fraud Pays Off: Profiteers Cash in on Sunscreen Ban
  15. UH Exploits Deferred Maintenance to Score Fresh Juicy Capital Improvements –ON FOUR YEAR OLD BUILDING
  16. Caldwell’s Dim Bulb-outs to be Blocked in Chinatown?
  17. Hawaii PUC approves Cincinnati Bell's takeover of Hawaiian Telcom
  18. DOD Budget: ‘Test the Feasibility of’ Missile Defense for Hawaii
  19. Honolulu Rail Project Loses Its Top Right-Of-Way Official (again)
  20. Public-Private Partnership to Sink $50M into Alawai Golf
  21. Tupola seeks restraining order against Ryan for third time
Read More..
Tuesday, May 01, 2018
May 1, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:38 PM :: 1190 Views
  1. HHS agrees to investigate Hawaii for forcing pregnancy centers, doctors to promote abortion
  2. Honolulu, Pearl City Among Worst Places to Start a Business
  3. The Shame of Hawaii's Congressional Delegation
  4. Hawaii Recycling is Polluting China--But No More as of May 1
  5. Clean Nuclear Power for Hawaii 
  6. Mother’s Day Umbilical Cord
  7. Election 2018: Keli'i Akina and Colin Moore
  8. OHA Trustee Under Investigation For Accepting $72,000 From Heiress
  9. Election 2018: Ohana Zones Bill Leaves Much to be Decided by Incoming Mayors, Governor
  10. Homeless Camps Cleared of Massive Piles of Garbage, Human Waste
  11. SB3095—More Anti-Agriculture Legislation
  12. HB1911: Legislature Targets Competitors to Vote-Rich Board and Care Homes
  13. Popular subsidies for kupuna caregivers set to be greatly restricted
  14. 2018 Education Bills -- Live and Dead
  15. Hawaii airport authority bill dies at Legislature for second year in a row
  16. Bill passes to raise withholding on sales of Hawaii property by nonresidents
  17. Council to city: Replace parking stalls lost to urban bike lanes (or else)
  18. City settles police brutality lawsuit involving special duty officer
  19. The Jones Act Drives America’s Finest Into Exile
  20. Ignoring History of Blackouts, Greenbiz Promotes “New” Virtual Power Plant Concept
Read More..
Monday, April 30, 2018
April 30, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:44 PM :: 1093 Views
  1. For OHA Insider Cash Bonanza Comes with Poi Mill
  2. Con-Con: The People v. Hawaii Supreme Court
  3. HB2748: No GE Tax on Rent
  4. Campaign Spending Comm has been Investigating Kaniela Ing for One Year
  5. Ballard Promises Aggressive Recruitment To Fix Cop Shortage
  6. Relief for overcrowding at Hawaii UPW-Controlled correctional facilities years away
  7. HTA budget cuts head to floor vote in Senate
  8. National hotel group points to Debunked Study -- wants Hawaii to tax, regulate short-term rental sites like hotels
  9. In Effort to Save Skin Cancer from Extinction, Legislators to Vote on Sunscreen Ban
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Sunday, April 29, 2018
April 29, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:57 PM :: 980 Views
  1. Land and Power: Abercrombie, Delacruz Behind Slate of OHA Trustee Candidates
  2. HB2432: The Tax Office Said So, So It Must Be True!
  3. Kim Prepared to Cede Nuclear Weapons if U.S. Pledges Not to Invade
  4. Hanabusa Still Opposes Missile Defense for Hawaii
  5. Infinite Property Tax Hike on November Ballot
  6. RAIL PLAN: Next Mayor Rev Creflo A Dollar
  7. GE Tax Hike: Bill enforcing tax on online sales advances
  8. SB3058: Hilo Liberated from DLNR Control
  9. Ballard’s tree falls silently in woods
  10. Kakaako Homeless Force 41 HCDA Acres to be Transferred to City
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Saturday, April 28, 2018
April 28, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:22 PM :: 1070 Views
  1. Rep Ward Salutes Korean Peace Initiative on House Floor
  2. Let’s restore accountability at the Capitol
  3. American Samoa Cabotage Legislation to Promote Reliable Air Service
  4. Hawaii Trigger Modification Ban Headed to Governor’s Desk
  5. Elections: 290 Candidates Pull Papers
  6. SB3095: Legislative Pandering to Anti-Pesticide Nuts Will Affect Every Homeowner and Restaurant in Hawaii
  7. Hawaii Family Forum Legislative Week in review
  8. Hawaii Electric Utilities Get Prize for Giving Money to Elon Musk
  9. Last Day: Lots of Expensive and/or Crazy Bills Pass Conference Committee
  10. Hanabusa’s Wrecking Crew Slashes HTA Budget
  11. Hawaii Lawmakers Want to Spend $30M on Legal Homeless Camps—Leave Tents or No Tents to incoming Mayors, Governor
  12. Bill allows tourists to buy marijuana
  13. Legislature Votes: Once Child Molesters Turn Your Son Gay, They Get to Keep Him
  14. Additional lane on Moanalua freeway in Halawa eliminates merge, easing p.m. commute
  15. Tax Relief for Oahu Flood Victims?
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Friday, April 27, 2018
April 27, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:00 PM :: 1270 Views
  1. Two Departments Set to ‘Go Live’ on State’s New Payroll System
  2. Homeless by Choice: Removed from Diamond Head Again
  3. Tourist Spending up 10% in First Quarter
  4. Tax Hike on Ballot: Point by Point Debunk of HSTA Lies
  5. Feds: Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander Kids Suspended Far More Often
  6. HB2748: Is Bob Nakata Act Really for Homeless Igloos?
  7. Saito Lawyer: Give me a deal and I’ll Rat out HGEA
  8. SB2047: Push More inmates into Corrupt, Expensive UPW-Controlled Prisons
  9. Judges, Legislators Cover Up Another HGEA-CWS East Hawaii Failure
  10. Will The Kealoha Case Be One Big Show Or Separate Trials?
  11. House Halts Bill To Water Down Financial Disclosures Of Key State Leaders
  12. Hawaii May Soon Join The Other 49 States In Setting Police Standards
  13. SB3095: After Months of Pandering to Anti-GMO Hysterics, Sanity Takes Hold? 
  14. State House and Senate fail to reach agreement on short-term rentals
  15. Law Allows Maui County to Enlist private sector to cut Upcountry  water list backlog
  16. Banning Many Sunscreen Products Will Increase Skin Cancer Risk
  17. Hanalei: Please Send Frozen Free Range Chicken to Disaster Victims
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Thursday, April 26, 2018
April 26, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:09 PM :: 2019 Views
  1. HB2748: $580M Inserted at Last Minute for Hanabusa Crony
  2. OHA Trustees Request Plan for Downsizing LLCs and Replacing Managers
  3. Legislators Give Counties More Time to Enact GE Tax Hike
  4. Lawsuit: Feds to Seize Assets of Sandwich Isles Communications and Personal Assets of Olds, Hee
  5. Another Ing Scandal: Thousands of Dollars in Secret Campaign Contributions
  6. Federal judge rejects Deedy’s request to block a third trial
  7. Failure Pays: Four More ‘Positions’ for East Hawaii CWS
  8. Lawmakers review proposal to revamp Hawaii Youth Correctional Facility
  9. Legislatively-Initiated Shoplifting Spree Continues Statewide
  10. Soft on Crime: Probationer Gets 1 Year for Attempted Child Kidnapping
  11. UH: 6-meter Waves Prove Sea Level Rise
  12. UH Maui Solar Contract Signed on Hood of Car, Panels Snuck in from Mexico
  13. Southwest Coming in 2018 to Four Hawaii Airports
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Wednesday, April 25, 2018
April 25, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:55 PM :: 893 Views
  1. OHA Trustees to Consider LLC Reform Again
  2. Waihee, Media Agree: Mehau was the Good-father
  3. Do You Think Lawyers Need Discipline? The Hawaii Supreme Court wants to hear from You
  4. House Republican Caucus Legislative Update
  5. HB2748: $580M for Latest 'Affordable Housing' Scheme
  6. Honolulu: Highest Paid Realtors in USA
  7. Supremes Lean Toward Trump In Travel Ban Hearing
  8. HB1401: Last Minute Maneuver to Push Vote by Mail for Anti-GMO Kauai
  9. Vacation rental bill: Almost 100 testifiers evenly divided on pros, cons of new regulations
  10. Another key Hawaii Tourism Authority executive resigns
  11. East Oahu Floods Caused by Caldwell Failure—But He Blames Algore  
  12. State is seeking to end golf lease at Olomana, gain delinquent rent
  13. Attorney for psychopathic killer believes doctors have found Randall Saito 'fit' to stand trial
  14. Soft on Crime: Puna Meth Dealer Emphasizes Heroin After Bailing Out
  15. Settlement proposed for HPD excessive-force case
  16. ‘Descendants’-Style Land Feud Breaks Out On The Big Island
  17. Contractor sues Marijuana Dispensary claiming nonpayment
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Tuesday, April 24, 2018
April 24, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:14 PM :: 1151 Views
  1. HSTA: Our Slush Fund is on the Ballot Nov 6
  2. SB2609 -- "The most unethical bill of the Session"
  3. Realtors: Hawaii Most Un-affordable Housing in USA
  4. HUD: Low Income Family of Four -- $93,000
  5. Best Values: UH Manoa Ranks 182nd
  6. Hawaii Most Gambling-Related Arrests per Capita
  7. Hawaii: How Safe is Your Hospital?
  8. Secret Report Boosts Rail Shortfall to Quarter-Billion Dollars
  9. HART Accounting Games Drain City Finances
  10. HSTA Slush Fund Unlimited Tax Increases in Your Future
  11. Report: In Honolulu, $40K salary now considered 'very low income'
  12. Oahu residents are likely to see their rent go up
  13. SB2939: Lower HECO Bond Rating to Funnel Money to Green Energy Scammers
  14. Honolulu’s Morgue Is So Run Down Even The Autopsy Room Leaks
  15. HPD 257 Positions Vacant Will Skip Some Crimes
  16. HPD hands Criminals to Feds to Avoid ‘Revolving Door Soft on Crime Local Judiciary
  17. Group aims to tackle issues surrounding maternal, infant deaths in Hawaii
  18. UH Hilo Enrollment Plunges Even As Campus Grows
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Monday, April 23, 2018
April 23, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:20 PM :: 2181 Views
  1. Still Lying About Peter Boy: Blame Homeschooling For CWS Failures
  2. Ed Case 'Looking for a Candidate'
  3. Bought and Paid For: Russian Oil Money Flows to US Anti-Fracking Protesters
  4. Decaying Remnants of Inouye Mafia Line Up Behind Hanabusa, Tokuda
  5. Legislators Can Still Vote to Ban fundraising during session
  6. Hawaii House Needs To Beef Up Harassment Rules — Now
  7. Water Board Seeks $60M More Rate Hikes
  8. State House blocks bills against Thirty Meter Telescope
  9. Lawmakers Question Whether State Should Buy Kauai Farmland
  10. Supreme Court to Hear Travel Ban Case Wednesday
  11. Public input sought for HPD reaccreditation
  12. Kauai County to Distribute Fuel Rations in Hanalei
  13. South Kohala developer seeks $725K from state
  14. Hawaii Businesses Are Making Billions Off The Military
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Sunday, April 22, 2018
April 22, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:57 PM :: 3302 Views
  1. Crichton: Environmentalism is a religion
  2. Ira Einhorn, Earth Day's Dirty Secret
  3. House-Senate Conference Committee Finalizes Budget Negotiations
  4. Green Energy Plan: $2.3B Tax and Rate Hike to Send Even More Money to Elon Musk
  5. On Holiest Day, Hawaiian Electric Renews Pledge of Obedience to Eco Religion
  6. Mighty Morphin Power Bills!
  7. Hanabusa Took $421K Payoff from Ko Olina Developer
  8. Luke Claims Crybaby Ige Playing Politics with Kauai Recovery 
  9. Amendment for education would raid county coffers
  10. Millennials will bear pension liabilities
  11. CWS Still Trying to Blame Homeschoolers for its own Failures
  12. HB2508: Charter School Facilities Funding
  13. SB2351: Equal Pay Bill in Conference Committee
  14. Tourism Loss from Hanalei Shutdown
  15. Flooding Opportunity to Wipe Out Hanalei TVRs?
  16. Hawaii County Council committee to hear vacation rental bill
  17. Plastic Bans: Symbolic moral preening
  18. Blue Lies Illustrate Consensus for Global Cooling
  19. FAIL: Hawaiians Lose Ownership of Kona Church Because they Believe ‘Sovereign Citizens’ ‘Royal Patents’
  20. Distracted: Tupola TRO Against Eric Ryan Denied Twice by Court
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Saturday, April 21, 2018
April 21, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:01 PM :: 1713 Views
  1. Sam King Announces OHA Candidacy
  2. Elections: 281 Candidates Pull Papers
  3. Resolution: Will Democratic Convention Endorse Call to Stop Rail at Middle Street?
  4. Hawaii House Passes Trigger Modification Ban
  5. Territory Free of Jones Act, Matson extends its South Pacific service
  6. DHHL Commissioners Appointed, Re-Appointed
  7. Hawaii 2nd-Worst State for House Flippers
  8. Hawaii 56% Religious
  9. Hawaii Family Forum Legislative Week in Review
  10. Hanabusa’s Legislators Choke on Plan to Push Homeless Back onto Streets
  11. Kaniela ‘2%’ Ing Caught Lying About Non-Existent Master’s Degree—Makes up More Lies to Explain it Away
  12. Revealed: Kirk Caldwell is a Nigerian Prince
  13. Hawaii Sugar Killed by Mexican Dumping?
  14. Kauai could have used the Superferry
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Friday, April 20, 2018
April 20, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 8:03 PM :: 1326 Views
  1. Hawaii Legislature wants to vacuum up your tax savings
  2. Bunch of Zeroes: Conservative Rankings of Hawaii Congressional Delegation
  3. Boom Over? Hawaii Construction Employment Drops
  4. Former Maui Police Officer Pleads Guilty to Theft Under Color of Law and Witness Tampering
  5. DoE: Social Studies Standards open for public review through April
  6. Audit: Top Criminal Investigators Looking into Rail Finances
  7. How Will Honolulu Pay To Run Rail Once It’s Built? The City Still Doesn’t Know
  8. Water Board Asks Global Warming Committees to Certify Excuses for Next Rate Hike
  9. Al Gore’s E-Bus Can’t Make it up Hills—‘Everybody was giggling’
  10. Bill 33: Rouse Mob to Tear Down Affordable Housing
  11. HB2605: No Taxation Without Legalization
  12. HPA: Peter Kema Gets 18 Year Minimum
  13. State seeks to cancel lease with Olomana Golf Club
  14. Profitable Hysteria: Anti-Sunscreen Nuts Behind Beach-Based Corporate Marketing Blitz
  15. Police: Man arrested for demanding money from flood victims he 'rescued'
  16. Soft on Crime: Nine-Time Loser Brings 1.3lb Heroin to Kona 
  17. Socialists: We Need More Criminals on Hawaii’s Streets
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Thursday, April 19, 2018
April 19, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:22 PM :: 1021 Views
  1. Why OHA Needs a 12-Step Program -- Part 2
  2. Hemp Pilot Program Begins Accepting Grower License Applications
  3. LEAD: Police to Refer Homeless Offenders to Treatment
  4. Cleanest Air: Hawaii joins Oil Rich Wyoming--Green California Remains Filthy and Disgusting
  5. Louise Pagotto recommended to be next Kapiolani Community College chancellor
  6. Legislators Vote $125M for Kauai, Oahu Flooding Relief
  7. House-Senate Conference Committee Begins Real Budget Negotiations
  8. PUC: Elon Musk to get 21% More Money from Hawaii Electric Ratepayers
  9. Solar Contractor Seeks to Censor Critics
  10. Waikiki lifeguards frustrated as homeless fights, obscene acts distract from job duties
  11. No Tent Cities -- We Can House Every Homeless person in Modular Structures for $200M
  12. Second woman says former deputy sheriff groped her in search
  13. Kauai police say some flood-trapped residents were extorted during rescues
  14. Legality uncertain in Navy officer’s shooting
  15. Doctors Try to Stop Anti-Sunscreen Hysteria
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Wednesday, April 18, 2018
April 18, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 8:18 PM :: 1687 Views
  1. New study ranks Hawaii economy poorly but offers guide to ‘course correction’
  2. Most Ethics-Related Bills Dead for Session
  3. Schatz Calls Out Party For Fundraising Off Fake News
  4. Which Hawaii Town is Best Place to Start a Business?
  5. April 24: Caldwell to Announce Plan to Increase traffic jams near UH campus
  6. Ige Selects Troy Hashimoto for Souki Seat
  7. Our Connection to the Stars
  8. Children's Health Care Hawaii Ranks 7th
  9. State is Swimming in Money and Legislators Still Push Massive Tax Hikes to Feed Unions
  10. Can Hanabusa Exploit Flooding Disaster for Political Advantage? 
  11. Most States Outlaw Fundraising During Legislative Session—Not Hawaii
  12. Rosy numbers may be hiding Hawaii's unfunded pension liabilities
  13. Cost of Hawaii county government? $2,449 each
  14. Bumpy Kanahele Scheme: Exploit Homeless to grab Control of Golf Course
  15. Hawaii seafood wholesalers fear Congress could block mainland marlin exports
  16. Workers Comp: Drunken Money-Grubbing Lawyer Assaults Doctor
  17. Top Mainland Eco-Faddist Demands Cold Showers for Hilo
  18. Are Hawaii Schools Doing Enough to Turn Kids Gay?
  19. Search warrant carried out at Ka‘u Learning Academy as it faces possible closure
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Tuesday, April 17, 2018
April 17, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:16 PM :: 1078 Views
  1. Kauai Flooding: Dozens Evacuated from Hanalei by Helicopter
  2. Third Trip to DC--Will Honolulu Rail Fail?
  3. What Honolulu Rail Officials Know They Don’t Know
  4. Sen. Donna Kim Leads Crowded Congressional Field In Fundraising
  5. Why housing is so expensive in Hawaii - regulatory bureaucracy
  6. Hanalei Flooding: Ecos Go for Ban on Rebuilding Wrecked TVRs
  7. Local Meteorologist Fails to Blame Global Warming for Kauai Floods
  8. Mindless Ignorance: Oahu court invalidates state-issued permits to collect tropical fish in wild
  9. Trump administration defends Obama's Atlantic monument
  10. SpinLaunch Scam faces criticism during informational session in Naalehu
  11. How Criminals are Recruited to Sovereignty Movement
Read More..
Monday, April 16, 2018
April 16, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:09 PM :: 1295 Views
  1. Physician-Assisted Suicide: Some Humans are Disposable
  2. Attorney General Suzuki Names Deputy, Assistant
  3. Hanabusa’s Legislators are Already Putting Homeless People on the Streets
  4. Molokai Mule Ride: More Mainland ‘Sovereign Citizen’ Quackery
  5. Punatics Attempting to Shut Down Low Cost Clean Energy Source   
  6. Profitable Hysteria: Raw Elements Marketing ‘Reef Safe’ Sunscreen on Hawaiian Flights
  7. Kauai: Yukimura Refused Military Help for Iniki Hurricane Relief
  8. Man killed trying to enter Ewa Beach home
  9. Zoo Making Another Run at Accreditation
  10. Commission cites problems at Kau charter school
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Sunday, April 15, 2018
April 15, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:49 PM :: 2378 Views
  1. The Feds Gave You a Break? Now We, the State, Can Turn the Screws!
  2. OHA Hit With Subpoenas After Trustees Fail to Act on LLC Reform?
  3. Ray L’Heureux Launches Republican Campaign for Governor
  4. VIDEO: How to Save $5B on Rail
  5. Opioids and Assisted Suicide
  6. Maui Dems Send Ige Three Nominees for Souki Seat
  7. Not Born That Way: How Underage Gay Prostitution and Child Abuse turned Hawaii’s Top Tranny 
  8. Luke: Ige is Pathetic Irrelevant Crybaby or Caged Animal
  9. OIP Backlog? ‘Our Priority is Rulemaking’
  10. Cayetano: Bill undermines stated TMT support
  11. Legislation: This is where the rubber meets the road.
  12. Tensions rise on Molokai as state sheriffs evict group who operated mule rides
  13. No Transparency as Eco Activist Group Takes Control of West Hawaii Surf Schools
Read More..
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