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Tuesday, March 31, 2015
March 31, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:39 PM :: 5052 Views
  1. University of Hawaii Recruits 14-Year-Olds for Late-Term Abortion Experiments
  2. Hawaii-Alaska Senate Resolutions Urge Jones Act Exemption
  3. Hawaii Tax Freedom Day--April 19, 2015
  4. Feds Approve NextEra-HEI Merger
  5. 88 hours stuck in Traffic: Honolulu 3rd Most Congested in US
  6. Best States for Doctors? Hawaii Ranks 38th
  7. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted March 30, 2015
  8. City to hold Important Agricultural Lands (IAL) meetings
  9. “Making Honolulu Age-Friendly – An Action Plan” finalized and available for public comment
  10. History of Native Hawaiian Missionaries to Pacific Islands
  11. VA inspector general: Hawaii supervisor manipulated vets' benefit data
  12. Andria Tupola Interviews Am Samoa Congressional Rep Amata
  13. Hawaii Consumers 'Least Sustainable Spending Habits' in USA
  14. VIDEO: Citizens Nail Rail Liars, Come out Swinging --'Don't want tax extension.'
  15. Kenoi's political star dims after hostess-bar incident
  16. HHSC Maui Memorial 'Imagining the Worst'
  17. Kahuku could see 10 new wind turbines this year
  18. Judge rules against State on disputed Waimanalo ag land
  19. Corrupt Charter School Revoked, Has One Appeal Left
  20. HB1180 Frankenbill
  21. Tackling the ‘everyday struggle’ of homeless in Hawaii
  22. Hawaiian Electric-NextEra Energy say 'no' to sale deadline extension
  23. Thirty Meter Telescope protesters continue to block construction on Mauna Kea
  24. Video testimony can bring justice
  25. Hawaii Co Fire captain investigated for talking to the media
  26. Video raises new concerns over animal care at quarantine station
  27. Takai Jumps on Board Pelosi's TPP Junket
  28. Kapolei school loses $1,400 after The Groove Hawaii’s shutdown
  29. Cost of a DUI in Hawaii After Insurance Increases: $2,961 and up
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Monday, March 30, 2015
March 30, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:43 PM :: 4010 Views
  1. Na'i Aupuni: Will OHA Trustees Waste Another $2.3M on Fake Indian Tribe?
  2. Political Fight Over Teachers' Mailboxes
  3. Ige Uneasy over Proposed GE Tax Hike, Machida Cannot Verify HART Data
  4. Embedded HECO Lobbyist in Governor Ige’s Office
  5. SB284 Frankenstein Bill
  6. Constitution defied by Caldwell in Appointments?
  7. Agriculture Wins Against Anti-GMO Pesticide Hypesters
  8. Bill to Help Cops Develop Body-Worn Camera Programs
  9. Make Live Videoconference Testimony a Reality For Neighbor Islands
  10. OHA Makes Little Progress Bringing Land Trusts Together
  11. Can Hawaii Public Officials Use Private Email Accounts for Work?
  12. HSTA and DOE agree on TRO blocking latest ethics ruling
  13. 547 sex offenders not registered with State
  14. Kauai population increases cited for uptick in the number of gun permits
  15. Maui Property Tax System Needs Overhaul
  16. Does Iran Have Secret Nukes in North Korea?
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Sunday, March 29, 2015
March 29, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:10 PM :: 7971 Views
  1. No Junior, You Can't Borrow the Car… I Sold It Last Century
  2. Billy Kenoi Caught Partying at Hostess Bar 'Brothel' on Taxpayers' Dime
  3. HCR181: Audit Rail Instead of Raising Taxes
  4. Special Purpose Revenue Bonds: Big Island Junk Windfarm Developer Comes Back for More
  5. NextEra, HECO, Solar Contractors Battle to Brainwash Public
  6. Finding a capable leader is tough -- just ask voters
  7. Councilman urges HART to televise rail transit meetings
  8. Hawaii could be last state to enact sex trafficking law
  9. Funding Cut for Helicopter Raids on Marijuana Grow-ops
  10. Hawaii Democrats -- 20 years of Pretending to do Something for Filipino Veterans
  11. Hanalei: "Nobody Wanted to Live There"
  12. Hilo Ward Heeler George Yokoyama Writes Biography
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Saturday, March 28, 2015
March 28, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:09 PM :: 3748 Views
  1. UHERO: Despite Kakaako, Residential building permits fell last year
  2. PEW: Filipinos Nearly Half of Hawaii Unauthorized Immigrants
  3. Amendments Made to Sex Education and Marijuana Dispensary Bills
  4. April Fools: Council Last Ditch Effort to Sucker Legislators into Raising GE Tax
  5. Maui state hospitals to cut $28M in jobs, services starting in July
  6. After Ignoring 2009 Report, Sudden Call for HHSC Audit is Union's Latest Trick to Block Hospital Partnership
  7. Star-Adv: State IT Plan Bogs Down in State Employment Structure
  8. Generations of Alleged Thieves Stole from Waianae Homeless Shelter
  9. Four Types of Benefits from NextEra Merger
  10. Hawaii Gas reviewing proposals for $300M LNG project
  11. HECO ‘reviewing’ solar applications on Molokai, approvals in question
  12. Kauai Cracks Down on 319 Illegal B&B Operations -- $10K/Day Fines
  13. After State Dep't of Agriculture Lets Ag Land go Fallow 7 Years, Family Tries to Farm
  14. Realities of Bt Cotton in India
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Friday, March 27, 2015
March 27, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:34 PM :: 4010 Views
  1. PKF Report: "OHA Will Run Out of Funds"
  2. Hawaii Civil Air Patrol Volunteers Instructed not to talk to Media
  3. Total Visitor Expenditures Decrease 4.3%
  4. Hawaii Electric Car Charging Costs More Than Gasoline for 33 MPG Car
  5. $11M Spent: Ige Dumps Abercrombie's IT Pipedream
  6. Feds Grab for Control of 1,601 square miles of Hawaii Waters
  7. Undersea cable project sparked NextEra Energy's interest in buying Hawaiian Electric Co.
  8. Money: HEI-NextEra to 'Engage' With Energy Ex$elerator in Exchange for Support of Alt-Energy Schemers
  9. Caldwell Giving $18M to Solar Contractors
  10. Maui Soda Company Pays $32K Monthly for Electricity
  11. More Criminals Will Walk: Measure on videoconference testimony fails
  12. State DOE structure is dysfunctional
  13. Lump-sum budgeting: No More Slush Funds for UH Administrators
  14. Gov. Ige’s Fifth-floor Woes Commence
  15. Housing Authority Pushing Micronesians into Streets
  16. Law Prof: Religious Freedom Restoration Act Already Law in Hawaii
  17. Omidyar Continues to Use Civil Beat to Pander to National Democrats
  18. Rail Won't Work, So Lets Ban Cars and Houses
  19. Honolulu Seeks IAL Designation for 56,000 Acres
  20. Wrongful schools termination cases costing $418K
  21. Retaliation at Hawaii County Fire Department
  22. Hawaii residents' opinion on tourism industry
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Thursday, March 26, 2015
March 26, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:03 PM :: 4451 Views
  1. Prince Kuhio’s Fight to Americanize Hawaii
  2. Lawsuit: Puna Geothermal Plant at Center of $122M Federal Grant Fraud
  3. OHA COO Resigns Amid Management Shakeup
  4. OHA's Secret Funding Plan
  5. Opt Out of Common Core Test?
  6. Video: Cynthia Thielen, Robert Harris Discuss NextEra Merger
  7. $150M State Loans to Finance Solar Contractor Sales to Nonprofits
  8. Video: The Jones Act -- A Better Day
  9. Eminent Domain And The Honolulu Rail
  10. Honolulu Auditor Releases Citizen Centric Report
  11. Court Creates Loophole Allowing Child Molesters to Walk Free
  12. Panel pulls $28 million debt plan from health exchange bill
  13. House committee approves audit of rail project
  14. Senate Considers 5 HART Audit Resolutions
  15. Council report shows rail technology, length cannot be Changed
  16. Cowardly Council to Vote on Ordinance Accepting GE Tax Hike (if given), but Refuse to go on Record with Resolution
  17. Omidyar Uses Civil Beat to Pander to National Democrats, Congressional Delegation
  18. Protesters Demanding Payoffs, Target Mauna Kea Telescope
  19. 63% Know '100% Renewable' is Pipedream 
  20. Star-Adv: Boost Economy by Making More People Dependent on Foodstamps
  21. Government data from Grassroot
  22. Ready or Not, Hawaii Should Prepare for Concealed Carry
  23. House adds a bill, subtracts a bill -- HGEA's Sick Leave Gambit Dropped
  24. Lawmakers Take Another Step to Restore Preschool Money
  25. Hawaii Could Have Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Next Year
  26. Homeless Overrun Capitol, Chase legislators, Staff Out
  27. More flew here than grew here in the past four years
  28. Employees Retirement System claims $14 million in investment losses
  29. Feds: Whale Watchers Must Stay out of Whales Path
  30. Kuhio was ‘Citizen Prince’
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Wednesday, March 25, 2015
March, 2015 Letters to the Editor
By Letters to the Editor @ 6:05 PM :: 4530 Views
  • Opt Out of Common Core Test?
  • Takai: TRICARE is Gay
  • Agony and Ivory
  • Rail Timeout Honolulu!
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Wednesday, March 25, 2015
March 25, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:02 PM :: 4897 Views
  1. Resolutions Urge Audit of State Use of Outside Counsel
  2. SB979: GOP Reps Speak out on 'Safe Places for Youth'
  3. Wonder Blunder Defendant Indicted on Investment Fraud
  4. Chief Justice Appoints William M. Domingo as Oahu District Court Judge
  5. Hawaii Counties' Health Rankings Compared
  6. Legislators Consider $800M Loan for Hawaiian Electric
  7. PUC members under fire for extensive travel
  8. State Subsidizes Solar Industry With Another $103M
  9. HCR181 Calls for Rail Audit
  10. Nearly $500K Spent on Rail Travel to Date
  11. Rail Causes 2-Hour Traffic Delays Thru Pearl City
  12. Legislators Plan to Eliminate Polling Places on Sister Isles
  13. Ethics Commission Ruling Draws Teachers’ Union Lawsuit
  14. Maui Mayor’s budget: Tax, Fee Hikes pay for 16% increase
  15. Public hearings slated for proposed 24% Hawaii County water rate hikes 
  16. Geothermal-based Electricity may expand beyond Puna rift zone
  17. Growing concerns about Oahu's "Tent Cities"
  18. Star-Adv: City Must build Tent City on Sand Island
  19. Another ex-shelter official charged in theft
  20. More than 250 Hawaii nonprofits compete for 5% Chance at state grants
  21. State office building vacant for 12 years finally getting fixed
  22. Teaching assistant gets 10 years for sexually assaulting deaf student
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Tuesday, March 24, 2015
March 24, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:40 PM :: 4640 Views
  1. Hawaii Medicare Advantage to Pay $120 Less Per Member Per Month?
  2. Kapolei NB: HB1329 Racetrack Bill -- Insensitive, Unethical, Possibly Illegal
  3. Common Cause to Host Hawaii Open Budget Initiative Demonstration
  4. NextEra, HEI to Host Informational Meetings Statewide
  5. Hawaii Ranks 49th in Federal Funding as a percentage of State Revenue
  6. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted March 23, 2015
  7. Ethanol: Boaters Need to Speak Up Now
  8. Buyer's Remorse: Anti-PLDC coalition revived by Ige's selection of Ching
  9. Ige Reneges on Turtle Bay Deal?
  10. Abercrombie: "I don't miss the Phony Drama"
  11. HGEA Pushes Mandatory Private Sector Sick Pay in Bid to Kill Hospital Privatization
  12. DOE audit bill to be heard
  13. Sunshine Law bills still moving in the legislature
  14. TAT to be Set Aside for Beach Erosion?
  15. 80% Tax: Bill would broaden tobacco tax to include Nicotine Vapor Liquids
  16. HB508: Hemp Slipped into Unrelated Feedlot Bill
  17. Legislators take aim at HEI-NextEra merger
  18. Hawaii regulators deny Parker Ranch request to consolidate major energy cases
  19. State Capitol reflecting pool repairs could cost $10M
  20. Housing Program for Homeless Veterans Hits a Snag in Hawaii
  21. Kakaako’s plan for homeless includes enforcement, rental project
  22. Attorney General to appeal decision allowing Lifesaving Hilo Doctor to bill Medicaid 
  23. After 6 years Bungled Investigation-- DOE getting $325K to settle a wrongful termination case
  24. Tranny-Friendly Bathrooms: "We are Eliminating All the Hiding Places"
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Monday, March 23, 2015
March 23, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:58 PM :: 5642 Views
  1. Full Text: Hawaiian Roll Commission Releases Financial Records
  2. Feds Will Decide on Hawaii Offshore Wind Projects
  3. Study: Hawaii Is the 2nd Worst State to Be Poor from a Tax Perspective
  4. Before the Common Core Debacle: HSA Test Scores up 11% Math, 5% Reading
  5. Hawaii Insurers' Profit Drive: Propaganda Video Talks Patients into a Cheap Death 'In Every Hospital'
  6. Online Travel Stocks Soar After Big Win Before Hawaii Supreme Court
  7. Raceway Bill: Evicted Deadbeat Racks up $715K in Fines, Debts so Legislators Consider $100M Loan
  8. HB124 Vote by Mail With Romy Cachola
  9. $28M More to be Wasted on Health Connector?
  10. Hawaii solar boom excuse for new type of Rate Hike--'Time of Use Pricing'
  11. Clean Sweep of HCDA Board
  12. Anti-GMO Activists Look for Pesticide Hit List
  13. Turtle Bay Conservation Easement At Risk After Brower Defers Financing Bill
  14. Hiking website bloggers claim free speech to write about illegal trail
  15. Coppa Lobbies for Payday Lenders: Hawaii’s ‘Outrageous’ Rates Prompt Reform Efforts
  16. NFL considers foreign sites for Pro Bowl
  17. Star-Adv: Spend Millions for Smaller Stadium
  18. Mainland Homosexuals Thrilled as Legislature Eases Process to Feminize Hawaii Boys
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Sunday, March 22, 2015
March 22, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:08 PM :: 4674 Views
  1. HB1471: Barreling the Poor
  2. GE Tax: Significant negative effect to state economy
  3. Ethanol Requirement Costs Consumers, Provides no Environmental Benefit
  4. TAT: Tourist Dollars not an Infinite Resource
  5. Makakilo NB Opposes "48 Minute" Bill 1329
  6. Ige's DLNR fiasco echoes dark days of Abercrombie
  7. Ihara: Ige 'Quite Hurt' by My Flip-Flop on Ching
  8. Funding scheme expands UH autonomy, like it or not
  9. Will Senators Waste Another $28M on Health Connector?
  10. State's website lacks information on big subsidy programs
  11. Laws aimed at limiting pesticide use could rebound on responsible farmers
  12. DoT Rejects PM H1 Zipper, Opts for Additional Lane
  13. Housing First Ends Homelessness for 46 People--1,000 others moved to Stable Housing
  14. Thefts Spike as Downtown Hilo Overrun by Homeless
  15. After 14 Years, E. Maui Water Gets Contested Case Hearing
  16. Bikini Islanders to Move En Masse to Big Island?
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Saturday, March 21, 2015
March 21, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:44 PM :: 5284 Views
  1. Honolulu Auditor: Only 26% of Recommendations Satisfactorily Addressed
  2. Auditor Releases National Citizen Survey of Honolulu Residents
  3. Judge: EEOC Human Trafficking Case "Frivolous"
  4. Caldwell Touts Community Participation in Ala Moana Park Planning
  5. HB145 Tobacco Industry Tax Credit Gut and Replace
  6. VIDEO: Update on the Jones Act Reform Efforts
  7. Puerto Rico Seeks Exemptions from Jones Act After Horizon Quits Trade
  8. Senate Faction Membership Lists 
  9. Judicial Selection Commission Removing 50% of Lingle Appointees
  10. Star-Adv: PUC, Legislature Should Slow-Walk NextEra
  11. Josh Green: We are Passing Medical Marijuana So Children Can Get It
  12. UH loses $850K in library vendor bankruptcy
  13. Who Wants a Government Handout? Tons of Hawaii Nonprofits
  14. New DHS Director: Top Priority is IT
  15. Study the Need to Pay Hawaii Teachers More, Resolution States
  16. Insane Plan to Put Windfarm Off Diamond Head
  17. Rail: Robert Thomas on Hawaii's Tough eminent domain laws
  18. Legislators Keep Retailers on Defense
  19. HB1347: Door-to-Door Sign up for Foodstamps
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Friday, March 20, 2015
March 20, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:54 PM :: 3493 Views
  1. Prejudices of rich denying poor benefits of biotechnology
  2. Am Samoa: Amata Blasts Administration’s “Environmental Colonialism”
  3. Top Issues? Budget, Homelessness, Housing, Rail Tax, and Marijuana
  4. Hawaii #2 in USA: 43% of Households Spend at Least 30% on Housing
  5. With Reservations
  6. AG Charges Fired Homeless Shelter Director with Embezzling $500K
  7. Ethics Commission: Mayor can use city resources for 'Keep Hawaii's Heroes'
  8. Senators Gut House GE Tax Bill, Insert Their Own Version
  9. Rail will 'most likely exceed' its budget, monitor says
  10. Ching Debacle: Ige Doesn't Yet go the way of Abercrombie
  11. Price Resistance: Hotel occupancy fell in isles during January
  12. No Prison-for-Pineapples After Land Swap Bill Stalls in House
  13. Federal judge extends injunction blocking Maui County Anti-GMO Ordinance
  14. Small Business Will Lose $1000 on Plastic Bag Ban
  15. Lack of Smoking Killing Cancer Center
  16. Consultant Pushing New Stadium Hypes Aloha Stadium Repair Costs
  17. Caldwell's Selective Love for Parks
  18. Hawaii County fire chief suspends 2 chiefs who called for his removal
  19. Health Department Can't Exterminate Rats Without Capital Improvement
  20. Four Years Later Hawaii County Discovers Million Dollar AV System Never Actually Worked
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Thursday, March 19, 2015
March 19, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:08 PM :: 4801 Views
  1. Kanaiolowalu: Did They Steal Your Name?
  2. Full Text: 2015 Hawaii Public School Principals' Survey
  3. Secretive Subsidies, Tax Credits Make Hawaii 7th-Least Transparent in USA
  4. Former Employees Sue Ormat: Geothermal Firm Lied to Get Stimulus Cash
  5. Hawaii: The Place for "Really Crazy" Energy Ideas
  6. Marijuana: Big Tobacco's Playbook
  7. Coming to a Ladies Room Near You: Transsexual Birth Certificate Passes Senate Health Committee 4-2
  8. Online Travel Companies Win Big Before Hawaii Supreme Court
  9. Bond refinancing saves Honolulu taxpayers nearly $44 million
  10. Auditor Hammers Legislators' Special Funds: 43 of 44 Do Not Meet Criteria
  11. Vote Against Ching Was 13-12
  12. Unanimous House Approves $25.7B Budget
  13. Billionaires, Anti-GMO Activists Re-Shape Kauai
  14. Kolea: Another $144M Spent on Malfunctioning Health Insurance Software, IT System
  15. Board Member Financial Disclosures May Be Released Sooner Than Expected
  16. Hawaii Legislature in Session? Time to Raise Campaign Money!
  17. Bill would restore budget cut to Hawaii preschool subsidies
  18. After Burning Trust Fund, Kahoolawe commercial activity ban finally reconsidered
  19. Honolulu Prosecutor, HPD Fail to Pursue Case Against $700K Embezzler
  20. Outside counsel sought for officer involved in fatal crash
  21. Waste-to-energy idea laudable, but Anaergia’s plan not sustainable
  22. Creagan: Get Pharmacists Off My Island
  23. Bikelane Scary, Tricky, Harder
  24. FTC Requires Antitrust Fixes On $107M Par Petroleum Deal
  25. Sex, Drugs and Inequality
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Wednesday, March 18, 2015
March 18, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:26 PM :: 4376 Views
  1. $1.9 Billion: NextEra is the #2 Recipient of US Corporate Welfare
  2. Do Drugs? Hawaii County is Hiring!
  3. Deferred, not Defeated: Marsy's Law Supporters Organize for Next Session
  4. Lawsuit: OE Local 3 Hawaiian Stabilization - multimillion-dollar slush fund for union bosses
  5. Chief Justice Seeks Public Comment on Oahu Family Court Nominees
  6. Concealed Carry: Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act Hearing Friday
  7. Supreme Court Orders Online Travel Companies to Pay Millions in TAT, GE Tax
  8. Occupy Honolulu Suit -- Losing Still Pays off for Lawyers
  9. DoE Panics: Test Scores Will Go Down 30%, State may Lose Control of Federal Funding
  10. Ching appointment goes to full Senate
  11. Tax Revenue up 7.9% over Last Year
  12. House Resolution Asks PUC to Obstruct NextEra Merger
  13. Ige: "I am committed to 100% Renewable Generation"
  14. Oil Price Drops Cut Electric Bills 4%
  15. Lump Sum Budget Would Give UH Autonomy
  16. Chancellor Favors AD Candidate Search Committee Refused to Interview
  17. Officers omitted game room attacks in reports, FBI says
  18. Police could wear body cameras under state proposal
  19. Breaking the cycle: 50-70% of Children of Prisoners Become Criminals
  20. BOE committee approves school meal price increase
  21. Anti-GMO Activists Oppose Enterprise Zones for Ranchers
  22. Thefts threaten Memorial Day services at West Hawaii Veterans Cemetery
  23. New $2M State Capitol fire alarm system suffers false alarms, like the old one
  24. Sale of ‘Magnum P.I.’ home may be tied to President Obama
  25. Billionaire Dreams that Information Technology is Convincing new Generation of Peasants to Want Less for Themselves
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Tuesday, March 17, 2015
March 17, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:26 PM :: 4718 Views
  1. Elections Officer Scott Nago selected for Lava Tube Dishonor
  2. Legislative Hearings: Sex, Drugs, Tranny Birth Certificates, and a Place to Hide from Mom
  3. Who Needs Tax Hike? DLNR: Waikiki Erosion Caused by Weather Anomaly
  4. Hawaii's Future: How 'Schedule Q' Makes Solar System Owners Pay for Electricity Again
  5. Application Deadline to Serve on State Ethics and Campaign Spending Commissions Extended to March 31
  6. Civil Beat chips away at the Hawaii home I grew up in
  7. Proposed racetrack would obliterate WWII battlefield
  8. Senate Split 12-12-1 on Ching DLNR Nomination
  9. Company Tied to OHA Chair Entertains Kauai Mayor, Councilmember in London England 
  10. 100% renewable energy is not quite all that it's cracked up to be
  11. SB287: Legislators Voting for All-Mail Elections
  12. Schatz, Hirono Control Selection of Hawaii's Next Federal Judge
  13. Hawaii House panel passes bill for more affordable housing
  14. Conflict-of-Interest Bill Faces Uphill Battle in House
  15. Legislators Poised to ban Latex over Objection of Queens Hospital Surgeons, DoH
  16. How Kauai Pays for Union Contracts
  17. Do Drugs?  Hawaii County is Hiring!
  18. HB348: Prohibition of Powdered Alcohol
  19. Unnecessarily Ridding Honolulu Hale of Asbestos Would Waste $50 million
  20. Bombshell Coming? Caldwell Hires $1.2M Ala Moana Park Design Consultant
  21. Honolulu the 14th-most termite-infested city
  22. The states where poor kids are most likely to graduate from high school
  23. Hawaii Boys and Girls Club worker records kids supporting Convicted Killer Jodi Arias
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Monday, March 16, 2015
March 16, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:05 PM :: 4740 Views
  1. Leaked Docs: Wong, Dwyer, and Harry Mattson Got 26% of Kanaiolowalu Contacting Budget
  2. Takai: TRICARE is Gay
  3. Agenda Driven: After Two Years of Silence, Media Suddenly Remembers Gabbard's Hare Krishna Cult
  4. Dealmaking for Ching in the Senate
  5. $25.8B State budget to take stage this week in Legislature
  6. Price Hikes, Tax Hikes Cause Visitor Dissatisfaction
  7. Hawaii Voter Turnout Drops 9%
  8. UH Manoa Sex assault awareness training may become mandatory
  9. Atrazine Hype Not Justified by Science
  10. Surfrider Foundation elects slate of officers
  11. Hawaii Civil Air Patrol Loses Members, Morale
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Sunday, March 15, 2015
March 15, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:16 PM :: 4575 Views
  1. Illegal Debate--Secret Report: OHA Trustees to Cut Funding for Hawaiian Charter Schools?
  2. Video: Kelii Akina Discusses DHHL on Island Insights
  3. American Samoa: Faleomavaega Trying for Comeback?
  4. I Can’t Believe He Said That!
  5. Video: House Republicans Speak Out on HB134 Rail Tax
  6. Video: House Republicans Debate Marijuana Dispensaries
  7. PDF: How Major Bills Fared at the Capitol
  8. Ernie Martin to Legislature: Council Will Not Go on Record Favoring Rail Tax Hike
  9. Sierra Club: Ching Votes Will Haunt Politicians
  10. Political Insiders Score Kewalo Harborfront Lease and $2.3M to Build on it--OHA Stuck with $1/year Income for Next 65 Years
  11. In Legislature, bills for open government prevailing
  12. 100% Renewable Requirement: Insanity or Effort to Scare Away NextEra?
  13. Disagreeing with Gabbard earns branding as a bigot
  14. Racist Liberal Colleges Discriminate Against Asians
  15. Kauai County Reduces Positions, Raises Taxes to Pay for Abercrombie's Union Contracts
  16. Affordable — relatively speaking
  17. Developer Harasses Community Association over Lawsuit
  18. Mainland Homosexuals Eager to Penetrate Guam, Samoa, Marianas
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Saturday, March 14, 2015
March 14, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:01 PM :: 4345 Views
  1. Update: Low Income Legislative Agenda
  2. Making the World Better Doesn’t Come Just By What You Eat
  3. Star-Adv: Waste no time in voting down DLNR nominee
  4. HB1075: House moves partnership bill in right direction
  5. In good economic sign, GET tax receipts up 5.2%
  6. Panel votes not to renew judge that Dismissed Giant Gambling Case
  7. UHPA $32M Contract Kicks in July 1
  8. Honolulu Second Lowest Buying Power of Average Hourly Wage in USA
  9. Christians Help 22 Escape Drugs, Homelessness
  10. Kaniela Ing Pricetag $1000
  11. After Defeat at Polls, Early Learning Crowd Attempts to Regroup
  12. HPD Leery of Police Body Cams
  13. Anti-GMO Litigants Afraid they will Lose Opportunity to Cause 'Irreparable Harm' to Agriculture in Maui County
  14. Monk Seal Obsessives Fight, Argue at Kaena Point
  15. UH Manoa Rape Trial   
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Friday, March 13, 2015
March 13, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 8:37 PM :: 4440 Views
  1. Council on Revenues Increases Growth Forecast by 1% for Fiscal Year 2015
  2. Undercover Video: Oahu and Maui Planned Parenthood agree to abort girls based on gender
  3. IRS Seeks Hawaii Volunteers for Tax Panel
  4. Fitch: Debt, Retiree Benefits Key to Honolulu Bond Ratings
  5. WAM Chair Sen Tokuda Paid Off by Rail Lobbyist and Inouye Institute
  6. Legislators grumble on rail costs but roll over too easily
  7. Senate committee votes 5-2 against Carleton Ching, Nomination Heads for Full Senate
  8. Senate confirms attorney general, public safety director
  9. Panel trims $72M from UH budget, Tells Administration to Decide How to Use it
  10. SB1219: DLIR Hands off Independent Contractors
  11. Maui News: Legislators Get Shield Law Wrong Again
  12. Lawmakers call for audit of Animal Quarantine Station
  13. Soft on Crime: ICA Grants 'Lethal Time Bomb' Chance at Parole 
  14. Kauai dairy controversy heading to courts
  15. Paradise vs Utopia
  16. Crash in King Street bike lane--and Many Close Calls
  17. Sheriffs to Clear Homeless out of Airport
  18. State Study: Possible Sand Island Homeless Camp Site is Safe
  19. OIP looking into interruption of testifier during Maui prosecutor hearing
  20. Hawaii Restaurant Adds 3% Obamacare Charge to Bills
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Thursday, March 12, 2015
March 12, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:50 PM :: 5020 Views
  1. After Sob Story from Child Molester's Mother, Hawaii House Offers Ex-Cons $50K per Year, Free Obamacare for Life
  2. How They Voted: Sex, Drugs, and Birth Certificates Cross Over
  3. Hawaii New Gun Registrations Drop 20.5%
  4. -- Holding Government Accountable
  5. HART terminates $63 million rail contract, could cost taxpayers
  6. Attorney General Suddenly Finds Cayetano's Criminal Complaint vs PRP
  7. NextEra Killing Hawaii's Cheapest Source of Electricity?
  8. House Committee Snips $226 Million -- Less Than 1% -- Off Ige’s Budget Request
  9. Ching DLNR Appointment--Two Days of Testimony
  10. Peter Apo: We don’t need legislative bodies debating whether or not we are entitled to nation status
  11. Star-Adv: Key bills need a critical look
  12. HB819 Gay Agenda in the Schools
  13. Hinduphobic commentary insults congresswoman's work
  14. Who Are the Latest Lawmakers to Raise Cash During Session?
  15. Hawaii lawmakers may temporarily restore dental coverage to Medicaid
  16. Lawmaker wants to up the penalty for fleeing from police
  17. Fewer people testify against Hoopili prior to the City Council's unanimous vote
  18. Council Moves TVRs, Ohana Units
  19. Maui Property Tax Assessments Jump 13.5%
  20. 38% of Japanese Tourists Dissatisfied with Hawaii Vacation
  21. Powdered Alcohol Coming to Hawaii?
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Wednesday, March 11, 2015
March 11, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:29 PM :: 4495 Views

  1. With 48 Minutes Notice, House Votes $100M to Bulldoze Historic Ewa Battlefield, Build Raceway
  2. List of Open Government Bills Crossing Over
  3. Ige Nominates Three to BLNR
  4. UHERO: Economic Impact of NELHA
  5. Hawaii Disability Roll 12.5% Growth in 5 Years
  6. Rail: Senate Approves massive GE Tax Hike 22-3
  7. Hospital public-private partnership passes House
  8. Hawaii Health Connector Tax on Health Insurance Jumps 75%
  9. Ige: Rooftop Solar Systems Getting too Much Money for their Electricity
  10. State, City Looking to Crack Down on Illegal Vacation Rentals
  11. Unexpected Flood of Info Before the Ching Hearing
  12. Legislators Vote to Keep the People Drugged and Homeless
  13. Federal judge may delay Maui GMO ban hearings
  14. Will Hawaii Finally Become Last State to Ban New Cesspools?
  15. Hawaii County: No Audits Since 2011
  16. Critics challenge Ho'opili traffic analysis
  17. 60 Students Still Showing up for non-recognized classes at Corrupt Charter School
  18. State settles class action lawsuit with public housing residents
  19. Sierra Club settles with Turtle Bay Resort on land protection
  20. Chevron CEO says 'quite a bit of interest' in Hawaii refinery
  21. UH Athletic Director Pendulum Swings Back to 'Local'
  22. Global Cooling Updates

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015
March 10, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:37 PM :: 4923 Views
  1. Will State Borrow $28M to Fund Insolvent Health Connector?
  2. Waikiki: Homelessness Ended for 81 Individuals
  3. $15.5M for Obama Hawaii Vacations
  4. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted March 9, 2015
  5. Demand: NextEra Eat Cost of HEI's Disused Oil Plants
  6. UH Hilo, UH West Oahu Accreditation Renewed
  7. University Snoops in Rape Victims' Medical Files to Save Money on Litigation--Legally
  8. Tax Foundation Facts and Figures: How Does Hawaii Compare?
  9. Health Exchange Fluffs Numbers--87% of Obamacare Enrollees Either Forced off Medicaid or Haven't Completed Application
  10. Ige: Put Public Employees on Obamacare
  11. Senate passes bill for chief elections officer evaluations
  12. Civil Beat's Gross Ignorance
  13. Why Maui GMO ban may be overturned despite voter approval
  14. Gov. Ige Defends Ching Appointment
  15. Lawmakers consider ditching ethanol mandate for gasoline
  16. HB544: Lawmakers say University of Hawaii Cancer Center campus should be leased or sold
  17. UH Richardson Ranks 82nd -- up from 100th
  18. Solar Installations Down 40% for February
  19. Judge signs off on more than $79,000 in fees and expenses in Occupy Honolulu case
  20. New hire sues Hawaii County over Drug Testing
  21. Sovereignty Activist Says He will get Driver's License
  22. 34 Convictions in 57 Years: Judge Thanks Lifelong Criminal for Helping Keep Lawyers Employed
  23. Could China Arm Hawaiian Nationalists?
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Monday, March 9, 2015
March 9, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:20 PM :: 4522 Views
  1. Shield Law: Karl Rhoads Picks up where Clayton Hee Left Off
  2. Video: Rail Line Property Owners Meet With Attorneys
  3. FEC Complaint: Cayetano Names Schatz, Hirono, Winer, and PRP
  4. Carleton Ching’s written responses to Senate questionnaire
  5. 2015: Education Bills In Legislature
  6. 700 Waikiki Businesses Protest Caldwell's Property Tax Hike
  7. Sit-Lie, Outreach Pushes 81 Waikiki Homeless off the Streets
  8. Caldwell Admin Screws Up Handi-Van, Complains When Union Helps Customers Voice Complaints
  9. UHWO Wins Reaccreditation
  10. Traditional Hunting Rights on Trial Before ICA
  11. Green Ambulance Chaser Attacks Kauai Dairy
  12. Canefire Panic: 'Choking' Patrons at Gay Resort
  13. SB131: GMO Labeling is Dead Due to "zero evidence that eating GE foods has any negative health effects"
  14. Hawaii: Can We Overcome the Problem of Low Salaries?
  15. Report: Rural hospitals get billions in extra Medicare funds by Billing for LTC
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Sunday, March 8, 2015
March 8, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:07 PM :: 6026 Views
  1. Pay Your Money and Take Your Chances!
  2. First Crossover: House Sends 100+ Bills to Senate
  3. WSJ: Jones Act Biggest Danger to US Oil Production
  4. Agony and Ivory
  5. Complete Debunk of Star-Adv Rail Tax Hike Editorial
  6. Maui News: Pass HB1075 Maui Hospital Partnership
  7. How ACA Drives Hawaii Insurance Premiums Up
  8. More Sunshine Violations:  OHA Giving Geothermal Co Another $188K?
  9. 4 cases lie ahead of decision on HEI's sale
  10. Bill on DOE statewide audit set for a vote on Tuesday
  11. Clerk Arrested from Corrupt Charter School
  12. Fixation on IS semantics casts doubt on Gabbard
  13. George Awo Being Promoted as Alternative to Ching for DLNR?
  14. Rep Sam Kong Encourages Prenatal Testing for Down Syndrome
  15. Bumbling State Prosecutors Make Third Run at Deedy
  16. Oregon Governor Signs Bill Dissolving Obamacare Exchange
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Saturday, March 7, 2015
March 7, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:18 PM :: 4746 Views
  1. Sex, Drugs and Birth Certificates: How They Voted
  2. Call to Action: Stop Bad Legislation at First Crossover
  3. Feds: Hawaii DoE a Model for Rest of Country
  4. The Jones Act does not enhance our defense
  5. Lose a Body Part? Hawaii Workers Comp Pays More Than Most
  6. PRP Reports 30% of Carpenters Benched While HART Blames 'Red Hot' Construction Market for Inflated Rail Bids
  7. More Than Half of Obamacare Enrollments Come form Micronesians Force to Transfer from Medicaid
  8. Testimony against Carlton Ching nomination running 9-1 Against
  9. Star-Adv: Kill bills that push secrecy
  10. Legislators Voting to Require 100% renewables by 2040
  11. State House backs Say Unanimously in latest residency challenge
  12. House passes bill raising smoking age to 21-- But Only for Tobacco
  13. Manslaughter Trial Reveals Illegal Gambling Room Located in City-Owned 'Marin Tower' Building
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Friday, March 6, 2015
March 6, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:33 PM :: 4061 Views
  1. Lindsey: CEO Should be Talking to OHA Trustees -- Need to Discuss Leadership Succession
  2. Transparency? Waihee Challenged on Kanaiolowalu Enrollment Claims
  3. Sunshine? Bills Slip Through During 'Total Solar Eclipse'
  4. Raise it Higher? GE Tax one among worst practices in fifty states
  5. Hawaii Ranks 47th in New Firm Formation
  6. Hawaii 8th Best State for Women
  7. Ige Appoints Hidano DAGS Deputy Director
  8. Cowardly Honolulu Council May Finally Consider Possibly Weighing in on GE Tax Hike
  9. Star-Adv: HHSC Hospitals Sicker than their patients, Partnership Desperately Needed 
  10. Partnership: North Hawaii Hospital Shows the Way
  11. Partnership: HPH Considers Saving Wahiawa Hospital
  12. Mindless Bureaucracy: Despite Shortage of Long Term Care Beds, SHPDA Blocks New Nursing Home
  13. Hawaii gets glowing report from feds for No Child Left Behind waiver
  14. Hawaii Senate passes bill calling for performance evaluations of chief elections officer
  15. Its Legal Now: Abercrombie opens Chinatown office for 'consulting work'
  16. Hawaii commercial solar energy market a race to beat the tax credit deadline
  17. With Thousands of Absentee Votes at Stake, Legislators Give Some Get Some from Home Care Industry
  18. Hawaii's Ewa Field clears historic registry hurdle
  19. Lawsuit alleges public housing residents beaten by security guards
  20. Air Safety: Weather cameras work, but Hawaii won’t get them
  21. Million Dollar Retaliation: Kauai County Cases Very Profitable for Honolulu Law Firms
  22. Anti-GMOs Put Gasmask on Tourism Message
  23. Hawaii Environmental Court Opens July 1
  24. Mainland Homosexual Moves to Hawaii, Focuses on Sex Ed in Schools
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Thursday, March 5, 2015
March 5, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:37 PM :: 5088 Views
  1. Rep Sylvia Luke Kills In-Session Fundraising Ban
  2. Hawaii Open Budget: A bold step towards fiscal transparency
  3. Second Amendment Update: Bills & Hearings
  4. DoE 'Anxious': Hawaii Common Core Testing Begins March 10
  5. Lawsuit Could Legalize Prostitution in Hawaii, Western States
  6. Applicants Wanted for Ethics and Campaign Spending Commissions
  7. Hawaii has Fewest 'White Christians' of Any State
  8. Senate Panel Grills HART, OKs 5 Year Extension of Rail Tax
  9. House Cuts Rail Surcharge in Half
  10. Maui Memorial, losing $43M a year, could be privatized
  11. GEMS: Much-Touted Green Energy Program Falls Far Short of the Hype
  12. 87% of Pesticides not Used by Agriculture
  13. HB819 Bullying: Mainland Homosexuals Want to Help Hawaii Youth 'Grow up Gay'
  14. Hawaii Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights Deferred
  15. Coaches, Administrators Screw UH Again and Again Because they are HGEA Members
  16. Apple Back in Classroom Teaching Chemistry for $300K/Year
  17. New UH Violence Policy Could Backfire
  18. Mandatory DNA Testing for Rape Cases
  19. Health Department Scraps Request to Delay Posting Inspection Reports
  20. Hawaii regulators deny energy groups' petition to Delay Sale of HECO to NextEra Energy
  21. Bus Pass Price Hike: City Boosts its Take of UH Tuition 40%
  22. Suspect Arrested in Big Island Church Arson
  23. Pearl Harbor Bike Path 'A Giant Homeless Camp'
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Wednesday, March 4, 2015
March 4, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:51 PM :: 5034 Views
  1. Video: Rep Thielen Questions NextEra on Big Cable
  2. Revolving Door: Former TV Anchors Among Ige's Latest Appointees
  3. Is The Hawaii Reapportionment Commission About To Go The Way Of The 'O'o Bird?
  4. Protect American Shipping? The Jones Act Record of Failure
  5. Hawaii is Not the Hawaii I Knew
  6. Rail Project Forum: Eminent Domain, Just Compensation, and Protecting Property Rights
  7. Fake Indian Tribe Falling Apart: Hawaiian Civic Club Consortium Decision "Null and Void"
  8. Final List of Neighborhood Board Candidates Released
  9. Math Problem: Does Honolulu Rail GET Shortfall Really Add Up?
  10. New bids for Honolulu rail $3.9M above estimates, but below Rejected Bids
  11. Hawaii state hospital private partnership gains approval of House committees
  12. Star-Adv: Honolulu Needs to Avoid Becoming Another Junk Bond Statistic
  13. With Clayton Hee Gone, Campaign Finance Reform Is Moving Forward
  14. PUC Grants access to all entities in NextEra-Hawaiian Electric merger case
  15. When will we find out if NextEra is going to acquire the HECO Companies?
  16. UH Buries Report on The Economics of Athletic Mediocrity
  17. Hawaiian Homelands Rebuts Danner Sisters on $1M Contract
  18. HART Spends $70.2M Buying Up Properties for Rail
  19. Hawaii County Officer Arrested -- But no Hit and Run
  20. 251 Guards Take 'Sick Leave' During Super Bowl
  21. Victims of crime want rights stated in Hawaii constitution
  22. New program helps convicts reintegrate
  23. Medicated: House Finance Committee Passes Marijuana Dispensary Bill
  24. Aquarium bills belly up
  25. Kauai: Mainland Developer Funds Anti-Dairy Farm Litigation
  26. Senate passes bill to require pesticide disclosure
  27. Anti-GMO Mayoral Candidate Sentenced to 30 Days in Jail
  28. Maui Council Retaliates on Prosecutor after he Refuses to Fire Critic of Councilman
  29. Two Escape From HPD Handcuffs in One Week
  30. UH Manoa Fire Extinguishers Not Inspected Since 2012, Admin Tells Funny Story About Saving Pennies
  31. Turtle Bay: Abercrombie's Rush Deal Still not Finalized
  32. HNL airport favored for lax scrutiny, reports find
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Tuesday, March 3, 2015
March 3, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:26 PM :: 4774 Views
  1. Requirement calling for triple pay on state holidays removed from Senate Bill
  2. Full Text: 2015 State of the City Address
  3. Marijuana for the Children
  4. PBN: How would your rate Hawaii Gov. David Ige’s first three months in office? --70% 'Needs Improvement'
  5. City Cuts CIP to Pay for Pensions
  6. NextEra: 'Not Going to Rule Out' Lanai Cable
  7. Investment Advisor Admits UH 'Carbon Divestment' is Part of Money Making Scheme
  8. More Anti-GMO Hypocrisy: Pesticide Disclosure--But only for Farms 
  9. Syngenta lays off 23 workers on Kauai
  10. How Much Farmland is Left on Oahu?
  11. SB1210: Loosens Sunshine Law for Boards, Commissions, County Councils
  12. Star-Adv Backs Mayoral Control over Police Chiefs
  13. Hawaii County PD Weekend: One Dead, One Injured
  14. In Honolulu PD Custody: One Dead, One Injured
  15. Some Hawaii Electric Co. customers wait more than a year to connect rooftop solar to the grid
  16. Electric Vehicle Sale Mirror Solar Installations
  17. 600 Restaurants Fail Inspection So Far
  18. Japan negotiator: TPP trade deal with U.S. possible by spring
  19. Accused Lesbian Child Molester Back in Court
  20. HB52: Register for Selective Service to go to UH
  21. Kauai Event to Discuss Rise of Anti-Semitism
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Monday, March 2, 2015
March 2, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:18 PM :: 3691 Views
  1. Rail Timeout Honolulu!
  2. Hawaii the extortionate state--Vacation Rental Bills Violate NAFTA
  3. Gun-Related Bills Set for Hearing Tuesday
  4. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted March 2, 2015
  5. Applicants Wanted for Ethics and Campaign Spending Commissions
  6. Oil prices dropped by half, but Hawaii electricity rates decreased just 18 percent (except Kauai)
  7. Soaring Property Assessments Used to Feed HGEA, UPW
  8. Early Education, After-School Bills Clear Senate Committee
  9. Danner Sisters Ask Legislature to Give Them More Control Over DHHL
  10. Civil Beat Finally Dares to Mention Gabbard's 'Religious Affiliation'
  11. Gay Activist Appointed Opinion Editor for Civil Beat
  12. Muslims: Lets Do Everything We Can to Keep the Homeless on the Streets in Hawaii
  13. Envision Laie Hearing Thursday
  14. Panos: Hoopili Doesn’t Fit
  15. Hawaii Co Officer Arrested for Deadly Hit and Run
  16. Hawaii group moves to change shipping regulations governed by Jones Act
  17. UH to Kick Smokers off Campus--But only Tobacco Smokers
  18. Public can view state’s storm water management program plan
Read More..
Sunday, March 1, 2015
March 1, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:58 PM :: 5151 Views
  1. Will Legislators Co-Sign $660M Loan for Evicted Racetrack Owner?
  2. GE Tax: Piling On!
  3. SB955 Shooting Range Protection Bill Dying
  4. Legislation Alert: Sex, Drugs and Birth Certificates
  5. Dismissed: Judge Tosses Suit Seeking Removal of Schatz from Office
  6. Dog n Pony Show: Tuesday Rail Re-Bids Opened: Wednesday GE Tax Hike to Pay for More Rail
  7. GE Tax Hike: Price of Campaign Contributors
  8. Lawmakers split on SB19--GE Tax surcharge
  9. Maui Memorial Will not Have Pediatricians After May 1
  10. Coop: Kauai Electric Rates Now Lower than Hawaii Island, Maui
  11. HB825: Legalizing the Illegal Vacation Rental on Your Street
  12. 'Interim' status leaves four UH regents in legal limbo
  13. Buffer Zones for Wind Projects?
  14. Maui Enviros Bring EPA in to Monitor and then Shut Down HC&S Harvest
  15. DoE, HSTA Fail Deaf Students
  16. Interview process begins for UH athletic director
  17. Candidates sought for Honolulu city clerk post
  18. Muslim Proposes Sharia Law for Hawaii--To be American Hub of Islamic 'Sukuk' Finance?
  19. Schatz Joins Group Controlled by J-Street Lobbyists
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