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Thursday, November 03, 2016
November 3, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:50 PM :: 1673 Views
  1. Hawaii First State to File ‘Complete’ Obamacare Waiver
  2. Akina and Trask: Why Non-Hawaiians Should Vote for OHA Trustees
  3. Lindsey Spent Millions of OHA Dollars on Geothermal Scheme
  4. Rail Rats Flee to DC -- Formby to be Hanabusa’s Chief of Staff In Congress
  5. DOE proposes $9,000 per Unit Tax along rail line
  6. Telescope Hearings Seven Days Three Witnesses (82 more witnesses to go)
  7. Kaiser begins staffing at Maui Memorial, Avoids Loss of Trauma Center Designation
  8. Peter Carlisle discusses Kenoi verdict
  9. Just for Kicks-Kenoi Cronies on Ethics commission to hear Kenoi complaint
  10. Rod Tam: Inouye Ordered ‘Death Contract‘ at Zippy’s
  11. Firing the Police Chief? Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Mayor’s Appeal
  12. After 20 Years of Lies, City Decides to Sell Varona Village Homes
  13. State Finally Gets Around to Fencing off Gigantic Tweeker Camp Under Freeway
  14. VIDEO: Hokulea Captain Supports Telescope
  15. Usual Suspects Sense Opportunity to Extract Money from Media
  16. Touched by a Celebrutard: Hollywood Moneybags Pay Local Activists to Attack Agriculture
  17. Hype: Eco-Phonies Push for Sunscreen Ban in Legislature 
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Wednesday, November 02, 2016
November 2, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:39 PM :: 2907 Views
  1. Mitsunaga Point by Point Expose of Pro-Caldwell Media Bias
  2. Djou Unveils Plan for First 100 Days as Mayor
  3. Island Energy Completes Acquisition Of Chevron's Hawaii Assets
  4. Caldwell Commits Then Fails to Show for Filipino Press Debate
  5. Revenge on Ige in 2018?  -- Kenoi Planning Political Comeback
  6. Matayoshi: Governor Ordered BOE to Fire Me
  7. Matayoshi Firing—Proof that Politics Trumps Results 
  8. Rail: As Hanabusa, Formby Flee, Star-Adv Spins Temporary Hires as ‘Glimmer of Hope’
  9. Fewer voters opting to vote early for general election
  10. Maui Anti-GMO Activists Harass Workers in Effort to Save The Little Fire Ants
  11. Protesters are Anti-Transparency
  12. VA Bureaucracy Leaves Homeless Veterans on the Streets
  13. More Hawaiian Airlines baggage handlers under investigation for theft
  14. Building Permits Improvement Laughable
  15. Abuse or Rehabilitation? Kauai Prison Trial Begins
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Tuesday, November 01, 2016
November 1, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:44 PM :: 2877 Views
  1. Announcement: When Thirty Meter Telescope Gives up on Hawaii, it will go to Canary Islands
  2. Worst Zombie States Deteriorate Faster, Further (Hawaii #6)
  3. HPD Shares Payoff from $670M Gambling Bust
  4. Precisely as Predicted: Stacked Jury Acquits Kenoi on All Counts
  5. Kenoi Lawyer: How Dare The State Tell My Client He Can’t Party at Hostess Bars on the Taxpayers Dime?
  6. Rail: Business as Usual Will Cost $10B
  7. Nobody Wants to Partner with Wahiawa Hospital
  8. Usual Suspects to Push for all Vote by Mail Elections in 2017 Legislature
  9. Will Anti-GMO Activists Stop Lying Now?
  10. Hawaii Workers Earn Less, pay More than Mainland
  11. Maui: Homeless People Refuse Shelter--Go Around Peeing on Things
  12. Escaped Lunatic Rampaged Thru Waikiki in Stolen Dump Truck
  13. Soft on Crime: Out Again -- Kills Professor
  14. Former officer receives 60 days in $75,000 theft
  15. One of the Ex-DLNR Cops Charged with Child Molestation Allowed to Leave State
  16. Smug Punahou Kids Kill Albatrosses, Brag About it
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Monday, October 31, 2016
October 31, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:04 PM :: 2232 Views
  1. Hawaii Family Forum General Election Voter Guide
  2. Kenoi Scandal Stains Journalist, Too
  3. Astronomer Cross Examined 11 Hours at Telescope Hearing
  4. HSTA Indoctrinates Members to Hate Matayoshi
  5. Abortion Pills by Mail for Hawaii
  6. Aha Moku Advisory Council Gives DLNR a New layer of ’Advice’
  7. Big Island Short 170 Doctors
  8. Bicycle Bill Would Drive up Cost of Construction
  9. Lunatic Escapes Asylum—Nobody Notices for Hours
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Sunday, October 30, 2016
October 30, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:07 PM :: 1856 Views
  1. 55% Hike in Harbor Fees: Transportation Department Grabs for More of Your Money
  2. Do Some Benefits For State Retirees Still Make Sense?
  3. Does Hawaii Need a "Property Ownership Fairness Act"
  4. Lower Oil Prices Benefit Hawaii Most of All
  5. Obamacare 2017 Premium Hikes 25 Percent. What's Next?
  6. Judge Posner: Cab Companies Were Chumps To Rely On Govt Monopoly to Protect Them From Competition
  7. Rail: The client is in panic mode
  8. Carlisle: Ethics Comm. Can’t be Trusted to Investigate The Caldwell
  9. Star-Adv: A vote for Caldwell is a Vote for a GE Tax Hike
  10. ‘Get more, pay less’ sure works for our elected elite
  11. HMSA scrapping fee for service: New Plan Saves HMSA Money by Cutting back on Medicine, Treatments
  12. Lo: Defeat of Maui Second Hospital a Pyrrhic Victory
  13. Ige uses Board of Education to get rid of superintendent
  14. Hawaii DoE: 50% Teacher Turnover Every 5 Years
  15. Make public-private partnerships the norm
  16. Plaintiffs still await state data in Hawaiian homestead suit
  17. Hawaiians Protest DOI Rule That Would Give Them Tribal Status
  18. Not all the Standing Rock Sioux are protesting the pipeline
  19. Anti-Pesticide Hawaii County Still Debating Whether to Stop Using Herbicides
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Saturday, October 29, 2016
Letters to the Editor, October, 2016
By Letters to the Editor @ 11:10 PM :: 4869 Views
  • Rail: The client is in panic mode
  • Rail: How could such exceptional and reliable people so fail this community?
  • Exodus at OHA
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Saturday, October 29, 2016
October 29, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 9:25 PM :: 2634 Views
  1. Clean Energy Fraud: Puna Geothermal Operator Settles with Feds
  2. Caldwell Duped?
  3. Rail: How could such exceptional and reliable people so fail this community?
  4. Countering Chinese Inroads into Micronesia
  5. National Disability Employment Awareness Month
  6. Visitor Spending Increased 10.4% to Record $1.2 Billion for September
  7. Kenoi will be Able to Run for Governor in 2018 After Stacked Jury Acquits Him
  8. Kenoi: ‘I’m Offended Even Being Accused’
  9. Tough on Crime: Let Judges Set Minimum Sentences
  10. The crisis is here; Panelists urge consumers to get involved in health care cost discussion
  11. Maui Windfarm: One Down, Seven to Go
  12. Economist questions Ige’s goal of doubling state’s food production
  13. Hawaii Convention Center expects first profit ever
  14. UH Athletics Losing $2.2M to $2.4M a Year
  15. DOE sees big drop in homeless students after Free Lunch Rules Change
  16. Push is on for More Childcare Subsidies
  17. Prosecutor: Homosexual Child Molesters Using Online Dating Apps to Rape Boys in Hawaii
  18. Soft on Crime: Long Rap Sheet out on the Streets Does it Again
  19. HPD Crime Mapping—Half-Truth
  20. 5% More Dopers Than 2015
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Friday, October 28, 2016
October 28, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:22 PM :: 1494 Views
  1. Hanabusa Flees HART, is Replaced by Contractor
  2. Kelii Akina for OHA Launches new Radio Ad
  3. Hawaii Health Insurance Premiums Growing Faster than Most States
  4. OHA is State’s 170th-Largest ‘Business’
  5. Two Finalists named for UH Manoa chancellor
  6. City acquires 24-unit apartment building to house homeless
  7. OHA Races Offer Stark Choices
  8. Star-Adv Publisher Claims He Was Listed as Caldwell Supporter by Mistake
  9. Hawaii Permanent Political Class: Democrats Prepare to Elect Son of Broken Trust Tweeker
  10. One Party State: 25 Legislators Unopposed
  11. 32% of UH Students Graduate in 4 Years
  12. Obama Vacation May Have Contributed to Deadly Marine Helo Crash
  13. Overwhelming Majority of Hep A cases Ate Scallops at Genki Sushi
  14. After Four Years State-Owned Ag Project Finally Produces Some Watermelons
  15. Hawaii Anti-GMO Activist Leaving State
  16. Hawaii's Crazy War Over Zombie Cats
  17. Top Animal Liberation Nut Tied to Hawaii, Samoa, Palau
  18. Punatic Stops Using Deodorant, Gets Writeup in ‘Elite Daily’
  19. Program for mentally ill inmates  
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Thursday, October 27, 2016
October 27, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:05 PM :: 2230 Views
  1. BoE Moves to Dump Matayoshi
  2. Hawaii fourth and eighth graders show improvement in science
  3. Grassroot Backs Suit Against 10% Rail Skim
  4. The People v. The Powerful - Summarized in a Caldwell Ad
  5. Ewa Homeless up 98% since 2015
  6. Homeless migrating to East Oahu
  7. Obama Admin: N Korea can Nuke Hawaii—and we should just accept that
  8. With Formby Fleeing, HART board selects interim executive director
  9. HART defends rail property purchases years ahead of construction
  10. Star-Adv: Get Rid of Brower
  11. City acquires 24-unit building on Beretania St. to house homeless
  12. Pandering to Anti-GMO Morons? Gabbard, Schatz and Hirono are Tops 
  13. Without Challengers, Money Still Rains Down upon Hawaii Congressional Candidates
  14. Former Big Isle Man Punished for Failing to Show Proper Obsequience to The Hillary
  15. Why Bill Clinton Encouraged Donald Trump to Run
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Wednesday, October 26, 2016
October 26, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:04 PM :: 3067 Views
  1. Walk-In Early Voting Open Now
  2. How Much Does OHA Spend on Chair’s Friends?
  3. Hale Mauliola Moves 105 Homeless into Permanent Housing
  4. Homelessness—Family Matters
  5. Fewer DoE Students Require Remedial Instruction in College
  6. DoE to Tax New Housing from Kalihi to Ala Moana?
  7. Brewbaker: The Future of Agriculture on Maui
  8. U.S. Attorney Appoints Election Officer for Hawaii
  9. Star-Adv: Reelect Sam Slom Senate
  10. Kenoi Trial: Old Boys Yuk it up In Front of Stacked Jury
  11. Doomed: TMT hearing may last months with 85 witnesses
  12. Obamacare Driving Doctors out of Business—Many Become Hospital Employees
  13. Sand Island homeless complex seen as a success
  14. Caldwell Pays $287K per Unit to Buy Existing ‘Affordable’ Units
  15. Caldwell Lets Oahu Bridges Rot
  16. Anti-Dairy Activists Come up With New Trick
  17. Iao Valley Flood Seen as Opportunity to Attack Water Diversions
  18. Ancient ways of managing island water not hands-off
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Tuesday, October 25, 2016
October 25, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:09 PM :: 1489 Views
  1. Walk-In Early Voting Begins Today
  2. Hawaii Obamacare Premiums Going Up 32% for 2017—Unless You Get a Tax Credit
  3. Ethics: UH Dean Fined for “Improper Use of State Resources for Campaign Purposes” in American Samoa Congressional Race
  4. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Home-Sharing
  5. Pay for Performance: Budget Busting "Incentives" in Medicare Reform
  6. Not Jammed Enough: Caldwell Publishes New Lane-Elimination Manual
  7. Gabbard Does Not Endorse Caldwell
  8. Hawaii State Senate May Soon Be All Democrats
  9. HIDOT Latest Tax Hike Trick—Hold H-1 Hostage
  10. Wealthy Enviros Pushing $3000 Smog Check for Hawaii—Real Goal is more Electric Car Tax Credits
  11. Anti-Telescope Activists: ‘We Control the Hearing Room”
  12. Kenoi Trial Will Focus on Five Felonies
  13. HPD circumvents community efforts to gain crime data
  14. Defense Bar Polluting Star-Adv Rape Kit Coverage
  15. Cat Obsessives Controlling Sierra Club Endorsements?
  16. Will Anti-Fluoridation Nuts Hold the Line in 2017?
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Monday, October 24, 2016
October 24, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:24 PM :: 1146 Views
  1. “Your Voice!” – Discover the Public's Power in the Legislative Process!
  2. Meet Hawaii’s OTHER Self-Dealing Bank Director/Politician
  3. Survey: 47% of Oahu MDs Refusing New Medicare Patients
  4. Guide to 20 Honolulu Charter Amendment questions
  5. Rail Tax Hike: Will Council Take a Position?
  6. Next Session: Push is on for LTC Insurance (Again)
  7. DoE Pares Down Rubber Room
  8. Discipline the Homeless
  9. DLNR ‘Management’—35 Years of Habitat Loss
  10. Poll: 69 Percent Of Voters Want Feral Cats Removed From Hawaii
  11. Criminal gets 20 years after fleeing Maui Drug Court
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Sunday, October 23, 2016
October 23, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:53 PM :: 1224 Views
  1. Caldwell a No-Show for Olelo -- Djou Debates Empty Chair
  2. What Californians Found Out about Hollywood Credits
  3. Wind a Bigger Boondoggle than Ethanol
  4. False Dichotomy: Hanabusa Does Her Part to Force GE Tax Hike
  5. Star-Adv: A Crook Like Clinton is a Perfect Match for Hawaii’s Business and Political Elite
  6. Hazmat Suit Needed to Vote
  7. Options for primary care doctors are shrinking
  8. Amendment 7 Establishes Office for High Priest of Eco-Religion
  9. Gun Control Nuts Explore New Angle to Attack Hawaii Gun Stores
  10. Another 3rd World Politician Flaunts Fake Hawaii PhD
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Saturday, October 22, 2016
October 22, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:32 PM :: 1961 Views
  1. Ethics Complaint: Caldwell Hides Millions in Stock Options
  2. After 10 Years and Recusal of Entire Supreme Court, State Finally Wins Flexibility on Retiree Health benefits
  3. Hawaii Proves Solar Power’s Dependence on Subsidies
  4. HECO Touts Wholesale Solar Rates Higher than Mainland Retail Rates
  5. TRO, Drunk Driving, and Criminal History Divide HD41 Candidates
  6. Will Hawaii be First State to Have One-Party Senate?
  7. FBI to Investigate Attack on Kauai Hydro Dam? -- Anti-GMO Activists Implicate Themselves
  8. DUI, Hit n Run: Prosecutors Trick Helps Cop Get Off

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Friday, October 21, 2016
October 21, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:55 PM :: 2264 Views
  1. Djou Launches New Ad as Absentee Ballots Arrive in Mailboxes
  2. Professor Used UH Email System to Harass Rival
  3. New Commuting Data: Same Old Trends
  4. Video: The Town That Privatized Everything
  5. Reduce Poverty and Homelessness by Creating Wealth
  6. California Homeless Man Gets Flown to Live With Family in Hawaii
  7. Rail tax Hike Resolutions Set up Legislative Battle
  8. Precisely as Planned: Telescope Hearings Slowed by 16 Cross-Examinations Per Witness
  9. Brandt: OHA Will be Bankrupt in 10 Years
  10. Kenoi proceedings reveal slippery slope of ‘lomi-ing’
  11. Feds: Foreign Fishermen Have No Complaints Working On US Boats
  12. Constitutional Amendment—No More Tax Refunds for Taxpayers
  13. Poll Measures Support for Five Honolulu Charter Amendments
  14. Nightmare Charter Amendment Would Give Caldwell Another Term
  15. Irony: Campaign Spending Commission probes anti-Caldwell PAC
  16. Cancer Center Wants $15M
  17. Brower’s Sledgehammer Pandering Comes Back to Haunt Him Again 
  18. Due to Lack of Lunatic Asylums, 100 mentally Ill in OCCC Daily
  19. Union holds medical marijuana training and certification seminar in Waikiki
  20. MPD Explains Why So Many Rape Kits Untested
  21. HPD Officer Finds Way to Beat DUI Rap
  22. Some residents double-billed for online motor vehicle payments
  23. Kauai: Regressive Leftism Storms the Beach
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Thursday, October 20, 2016
October 20, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:02 PM :: 4068 Views
  1. Court: Caldwell’s Property Tax Scheme Illegal
  2. Republican Party: Vote ‘No’ on all 20 Honolulu Charter Amendments
  3. Hawaii Democrats Move to New HQ
  4. Transportation Department Ripping Down Campaign Signs
  5. Time-of-Use Rates Punish Evening Consumers with 55% Rate Hike on Oahu
  6. Council Committee Resolution Demands Permanent GE Tax Hike
  7. Poll: How to use False Dichotomy to Sell Tax Hike
  8. Testimony: Honolulu Star-Advertiser Reporter Handled Years-Long Coverup of Kenoi P-Card Purchases
  9. Star-Adv: Vote No on 7 “Office of Climate Change, Sustainability and Resiliency”
  10. Police Commission’s newest member questions whether it would use additional authority
  11. Honolulu police working to reduce backlog of untested rape kits
  12. Corrections Officer Forgets Gun in Jail Bathroom
  13. Soft-on-Crime: Multiple Thefts on Maui gets 6 Months for Burglar from Mainland
  14. Hawaii One of Only 4 States to Charge Sales tax on Legal Fees
  15. Hawaii Children’s Discovery Center to Close Due to Harassment by Homeless?
  16. DLNR Hands Diamond Head to Homeless Drug Addicts
  17. Fishing Slavery? Legislators Still Pandering
  18. Mayor Wright Rebuild – 1,136 More Units
  19. Reptilian Candidates Produce Low Turnout 
  20. Duterte bids U.S. goodbye with embrace of China and Russia
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Wednesday, October 19, 2016
October 19, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:54 PM :: 2049 Views
  1. Profitable: $22M Funneled to ‘Nonprofit’ Tied to OHA Chair
  2. Six More Fined for HI-5 Violations
  3. Poll: Caldwell 48%-Djou 41%
  4. Poll: Clinton 56% – Trump 25% on Oahu
  5. No on 19 – Don’t Let One Party System Control Reapportionment
  6. Kaiser Joins Plan to Begin Hiring at Maui Hospital
  7. Hawaii Will Pay a Price for Rejecting Telescope to Appease OHA
  8. As Trial begins, Kenoi Sends in Flurry of Nominations
  9. Report: 7 DOE employees placed on leave since July
  10. Former officer charged in 2014 assault of in-custody man dies ahead of change of plea
  11. Former HPD sergeant gets 60 days for accidental shooting
  12. Fight Over Papahanaumokuakea Expansion Isn’t Over
  13. Judge: Crackpot Democrat-Republican Congressional Candidate Stays on Ballot
  14. Leftists Plan ‘Hawaii Peoples Congress’
  15. Kauai Flooded with Pilgrims of the Eco Religion
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Tuesday, October 18, 2016
October 18, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:57 PM :: 2025 Views
  1. Broken Trust Levinson Set up for Gay Marriage Revenge Round with SHOPO
  2. Analysis: One Party System Leaves Hawaii Voters Among Least Powerful in 2016 Election
  3. Life Changers
  4. Ige Appoints Darrel Galera to BoE
  5. Doomed: Telescope Being Drowned in Delaying Tactics and Gratuitous Charges Designed to Create Excuse for Appeal
  6. 2,100 Cracked Shims – Full Overhaul of Railbed Ordered—Who Will Pay for HART’s Idiocy? 
  7. Honolulu Can See Its Rail Line Finished Without Raising Taxes
  8. Jury Stacked: Kenoi Will Escape Justice 
  9. Maui Hospital: Ige Signs Secret Agreements with HGEA, UPW
  10. After 30 Years Hawaii High Tech Tax Credit Scammers Becoming Weary
  11. Dopers Frustration Due to State’s Antique Computers
  12. After 10 years New classroom building delayed (again) at crowded Maui school
  13. While DoE Dawdles, Volunteers install 32 AC Units at Waikiki Elem School
  14. Letters from state violate federal law
  15. HPD responds to criticism of officers' actions before Kunia shooting
  16. 13 Acre Site Could House 20% of Oahu Homeless
  17. Housing Advocates Divided On Proposed Honolulu Charter Change
  18. Get the Popcorn: Monk Seal Deaths Pit Animal Liberation Nuts Against Cat Obsessives
  19. Star-Adv Cuts Borreca Down to One Column a Week
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Monday, October 17, 2016
October 17, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:54 PM :: 1542 Views
  1. Constitutional Amendments and Honolulu Charter—Pro and Con
  2. City accepting Grants in Aid applications
  3. Complete list of 500 Medical Marijuana Dispensary Applicants Published
  4. Caldwell: Elect Me and I Will Raise Your Taxes by $1.8B
  5. OHA Trustee: We Buy Favor with Lots of Money
  6. Retaliation Nation: Will Clinton Continue to Seek Vengeance Against Tulsi Gabbard?
  7. Charter Amendment Asks Voters To Clear Up Public Records Law
  8. HPD map omits violent crimes
  9. City Spending $1 Million to Plan for Electric Buses That May Have Nowhere To Go
  10. Plan to Privatize Affordable Housing Projects
  11. Anti-GMO Activism Endangering Unborn Babies
  12. Lame Duck Anti-GMO Councilmember Makes One Last Push for Styrofoam Ban
  13. Kauai Enviros: More Hikers Must Die
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Sunday, October 16, 2016
October 16, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:15 PM :: 1168 Views
  1. Lessons from the Farm
  2. OHA Candidate Forum Kapolei Middle School Monday
  3. The Health Financing Crown Wears Heavy on the Insurers’ Heads
  4. Auditor: HART, Sludge, Grants, and P-Card Investigations Sidelined
  5. DBEDT Launches Small Business Regulatory Review
  6. DBEDT: Real Estate Investment Trusts in Hawaii--Analysis and Survey Results
  7. No On 15--City Charter change would lock grip of political elites
  8. OHA Chair Supported Geothermal Scheme he now Campaigns Against
  9. Will Low Turnout Save Sam Slom?
  10. HGEA: Gimme Gimme Gimme
  11. Decades of waiting end for 44 families awarded Hawaiian homestead lots
  12. Expensive: Homeless Person Refuses Shelter but Calls Ambulance Again and Again for Ride to Queens Emergency Room to Have His Diaper Changed
  13. Ethics panel seeks public input on how best to achieve goals
  14. How Hawaii Was Used to Bring Lots of Abortions to America
  15. More Attacks on Trump Supporters in Hawaii
  16. Clinton: I’m Keeping Hawaii—Will Give China a Red State
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Saturday, October 15, 2016
October 15, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 8:49 PM :: 1923 Views
  1. Its Not Too Late to Register for 2016 General Election
  2. How much money are we "tipping" the government?
  3. Charter Amendment #4 on Rail – What’s Not in the Booklet
  4. DLNR: Fishing Fleet Labor Law not our Kuleana
  5. Better Off? Caldwell Mocked at Mayoral Forum
  6. Djou: Cut Property Taxes, Eliminate ‘Residential A’
  7. Here's a look at the 20 proposed charter amendments before Oahu voters
  8. Legislative Races Will be Decided by Handful of Votes
  9. State Approves Enron-Connected Windfarm for Kahuku
  10. Board rejects a petition to change fishing licensing rules
  11. Prosecutor: Another Prison Guard Nailed Selling Drugs
  12. Soft on Crime: No Additional Prison Time for Furlough Violator
  13. Hawaii ranks low in accidental shootings involving children
  14. Makua Beach closed to campers as major clean-up kicks off
  15. Sec 8: Who Applied?
  16. Legislative Candidate Charged with Child Molestation
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Friday, October 14, 2016
October 14, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:13 PM :: 1374 Views
  1. Rep. McDermott Files a Class Action Lawsuit on behalf of Campbell HS Children
  2. Djou: My Plan To Create More Affordable Housing
  3. HD34: Jaci Agustin Recognized as a Race To Watch in 2016
  4. HIDOT Touts $548M Unspent Federal Money as 'Significant Accomplishment'
  5. Am Samoa Tuna Canneries Shutting—Again
  6. Caldwell excels in shifting blame for woes of the city
  7. HART Borrows Another $20M, City May Need to Issue Rail Bonds
  8. Plan to Kill Telescope by Creating Chaos in Hearings
  9. Thanks to Enviros, Hawaii Small Farmers Will Not Get water permits
  10. Maui Wind Turbine Disaster Photos
  11. Hawaii Farmers Daughter Testifies
  12. Media Should Ignore Drunken Parties at Secret Planning Conference
  13. Housing Homeless to Knock Down Medical Costs
  14. After Free Electricity Cut off Three Homeless Accept Shelter
  15. Harry Kim Returns Old boys to Hawaii county government
  16. Tampering With Evidence: Ex-Officer Charged in Cyclist’s Death
  17. Hillary tells Goldman Sachs: ‘Chinese said they would claim Hawaii’
  18. Hollywood Clinton Moneybags Take Aim at Gabbard
  19. Republican House Candidate, Green Energy Consultant Charged with Sex Assault
  20. UH professor sued for alleged attack on Disabled Veteran
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Thursday, October 13, 2016
October 13, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:26 PM :: 2728 Views
  1. “Your Voice!” – Discover the Public's Power in the Legislative Process!
  2. Robin Danner Seizes Control of Nai Aupuni Constitution, Seeks Millions for Fake Tribe
  3. Condescending Harry Kim Lectures Telescope Supporters
  4. Caldwell mismanaged and misspent affordable housing funds
  5. State says extra Zipper Lane shaves minutes off commute
  6. Hospitalist trend puts pressure on access to doctors
  7. ‘Only’ 226 Criminals Put Back on Streets—Soft on Crime ‘Pixies’ Very Disappointed
  8. Homeless Dude Sentenced in Bumfight Killing
  9. Medicated Dope Stores Could Open as Early as January
  10. Green Energy Schemers: If People will Stop Living and Watch TV, We’d Save Millions
  11. Hawaii agency opposes rule change for foreign fishermen
  12. Enviros in Desperate Bid to Kill off Hope for Fish Farms
  13. Residents of 5 States May be Banned from Flying to Hawaii
  14. Hillary Tried to Move Illinois Primary Date in Bid to Help Trump Win Republican Nomination
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Wednesday, October 12, 2016
October 12, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:07 PM :: 1481 Views
  1. PR Disaster: Stryker Wiener Behind New OHA Policy Gagging Trustees
  2. Hawaii Republican Party Endorses Akina for OHA
  3. Caldwell Hypocritical -- Ducks Another Debate
  4. Pension Reform? Fiscal responsibility is key to improving state's economy
  5. Hawaii Cellphone Tax 14.32%
  6. 2016 Hawaii elections: proposed amendments, part 2
  7. How not to turn a ferry system into a rail boondoggle
  8. Why did Governor Ige get an F for fiscal policy?
  9. CNHA to Adopt Nai Aupuni Constitution, Apply for Tribal Recognition?
  10. Wurdeman withdraws from TMT case after Failed Effort to Stall until January
  11. Isle charter schools do well but resources still lacking
  12. Program helps house 860 homeless veterans
  13. Onishi asks Hawaii County’s Joke Ethics Board for Permission to Begin Consulting for county right away
  14. Defense Bar Very Happy About Storage of Rape Kits
  15. Camera found in staff restroom at Kapolei Middle School
  16. UH Coddles 683 Deadbeats
  17. How much of your tax dollars keep Hawaii jails, prisons pest-free
  18. Green Energy Schemers Prepare to Wheedle Legislators for More Tax Credit Giveaways
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Tuesday, October 11, 2016
October 11, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:51 PM :: 1776 Views
  1. Honolulu Rail: From $4.6 B to $8.6 B In Eight Years. Now What?
  2. Caldwell Lays an Egg
  3. Kapolei & Pearl City HS advance to 2017 VEX World Robotics Championship
  4. Maui Hospital: Ige Proposes Changes to Pension Formula
  5. Jury Stacking Begins in Kenoi Trial
  6. 2016: Hawaii Sets New Records for Voter Registration and Voter Apathy
  7. How easy is it to rig an election?
  8. Danner Using Homeless in Latest Scheme to Take over Hawaiian Homelands
  9. Who serves the public better, bureaucrats or entrepreneurs?
  10. How Hawaii Companies Pay To Party It Up With Public Officials
  11. Delphi Technique Used to Manipulate Kalihi Community Planning Meetings
  12. Civil Beat: Lets Flood Hawaii With Newest Opiate
  13. Report: Thousands of Hawaii runaways in danger of being trafficked
  14. Presidential Vote?  You Have Alternatives
  15. DoT Orders Falls of Clyde to be Sunk
  16. Honolulu firefighter injury report rate higher than national average and rising
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Monday, October 10, 2016
October 10, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:07 PM :: 2100 Views
  1. Do Hawaii's special-interest-controlled politicians really want a hospital on Maui?
  2. Does the Electorate Reflect the Population? Hawaii Ranks 43rd
  3. 2016’s Fastest Growing Cities—Honolulu Ranks 467th
  4. Dog Parks: Djou on Creating Livable Communities
  5. Clinton: Phony Anti-Fracking Groups are Russian Plot
  6. Maui Hospital to Be ‘Little More than Conduit to Oahu’
  7. Former Drug Dealer Billy Kenoi Trial Begins Today 
  8. Lies Make Federal Transit Administration Complicit in Rail Disaster
  9. Who gives Palikapu Dedman the right to speak for me?
  10. Cost of Living: HSTA, DOE Stake out Negotiating Positions 
  11. Hospitals sap private practices
  12. Star-Adv: Homeless Chronics Must be Forced to Accept Shelter
  13. Chumming Behind Recent Shark Attack?
  14. Pathological, Narcissistic Activism
  15. Civil Beat Attacks Fishing Industry -- Again
  16. Audit: UH Housing Branch Lets Deadbeats Walk to tune of $1.2M
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Sunday, October 09, 2016
October 9, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:31 PM :: 2856 Views

  1. DHHL: Can’t Spend $60M, Asks for $500M
  2. Ideological Diversity? Honolulu Ranks 295th
  3. As Kenoi Heads for Trial, Mafia Murderer Malu Motta Suddenly Demands Pardon
  4. Bank Job Makes Caldwell #1 in Corruption
  5. Democrats Decide not to Throw out HD44 Candidate
  6. Can you stand it? So much drama on Kauai Council
  7. Dopers Still Working on Getting Marijuana into Candy
  8. New policy would bank $680M in state rainy day fund
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Saturday, October 08, 2016
October 8, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:20 PM :: 2368 Views
  1. Exodus at OHA
  2. OHA Chair’s Charter School Gets Seven Times More Than All Other Charters Combined
  3. No, the Bee-Pocalypse Isn’t Here Yet
  4. Can a feasibility study make or break the inter-island ferry?
  5. Today is Deadline to Mail-In Voter Registration
  6. Djou Happy to Debate Again
  7. Kaneshiro Going Down With Kealoha in Ticket fixing scandal?
  8. City, veterans group launch $2M-plus Housing First program
  9. UH--Next Golden Parachute Packed & Ready to Deploy
  10. Maui Council Ideas for Affordable Housing
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Friday, October 07, 2016
October 7, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:08 PM :: 1928 Views
  1. ‘Incredible’ 35% HMSA Hawaii Obamacare Rate Hike for 2017
  2. OHA Illegally Contributing to Lindsey Campaign?
  3. Police Release Rape Kit Test Info
  4. 2016 Hawaii elections: proposed amendments, part 1
  5. Victory: Hawaii Supreme Court Approves Haleakala Solar Telescope
  6. Outside OHA, Interior Rule Has Little Native Hawaiian Support
  7. Hospital: Arakawa ‘Fed up’ With Ige
  8. Caldwell, Djou should debate
  9. Ticket Fixing? -- High-ranking HPD officials go before federal grand jury
  10. Firefighters union calls on chief to step down over safety issues
  11. Kenoi trial requires massive jury pool
  12. Thanks to Fracking and Pipelines residential electricity prices decline
  13. Gigantic Oil Company Grabs for Hawaii Offshore Waters Lease
  14. UH-Manoa sees spike in drug-related violations on campus
  15. What do Aloha Stadium and OCCC Have in Common?
  16. EPA: Red Hill Leak Unlikely to Affect Water Supply
  17. Food Babe Whines About Failure of Hawaii anti-GMO activists
  18. Hawaii has fallen behind on ways to identify doctors who overprescribe as well as patients who shop around for opioid pain pills
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Thursday, October 06, 2016
October 6, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:57 PM :: 1751 Views
  1. Hawaii House Leaders Agree—No Fake Indian Tribe Needed
  2. OHA to Silence Dissident Trustees?
  3. Does OHA Need a Watchdog?
  4. DoE HS Absenteeism 19% -- only 39% of 11th Grade Students Meet Benchmark
  5. CATO: Excessive Spending Earns Ige an ‘F’
  6. Indiana Seed Producer Buys Kauai Seed Farm from BASF
  7. Politicians In Un-Contested Races Get More Contributions
  8. Supreme Court Hearing Hanalei Boatyard Case Today
  9. HIDOT: Mileage-based fee equivalent to 213% Fuel Tax Hike
  10. Feds Offer Hawaiians Far Less Than an Indian Tribe
  11. New Regs: Anti-Telescope Activists Must Get Permit to Make Pile of Rocks
  12. Kaiser Massive Medicare Advantage Rate Hikes
  13. HECO Signs Contracts with Companies Run by Former Executives
  14. Police commission grills HPD as 1,375 sex assault kits remain untested
  15. DoE Employee Charged with Homosexual Child Molestation
  16. Hawaii News Media Convinces Feds To Open ‘Fishing Slavery’ Meetings
  17. Locks on Cells at Halawa Prison Will Not Be Fixed until December, 2017—Kat Brady Admits Prisoners Prefer Arizona
  18. It’s So Hard To Find Serious Candidates For City Prosecutor
  19. Colorado Tourist Reminisces about Waikiki Homeless
  20. Homeless Tap into Utility Lines to Charge Their Cellphones, Tablets, and Laptops
  21. Anti-GMO Realtors Profit from Celebrutards
  22. Anti-Pesticide County Still Uses Pesticides Itself
  23. Papahanaumokuakea: Environmental Cleanup Makes a Mess
  24. New Russian Division: Tu-95 and Tu-22M3 Bombers to Patrol Airspace Between Hawaii, Guam, and Japan
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Wednesday, October 05, 2016
October 5, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:38 PM :: 1426 Views
  1. Caldwell Campaign "Volunteer" Paid With Your Tax Money
  2. DoE Touts Improvement in ‘Smarter Balanced’ Test Results
  3. Draft rules for Maunakea lands moving towards formal public hearing process
  4. International Sex-Trafficking Bust Reaches into Hawaii
  5. 10,000 Acres on Mauna Kea?  Ige mum on land transfer
  6. Open Season for Corruption: City Ethics Commission struggles to meet mandate after Caldwell Leaves them without an investigator
  7. Mayoral Election: Keep the Crook  who got us into this Mess?
  8. Maui Windfarm Shut After Turbine Self-Destructs
  9. Clear TOD housing rules must be set
  10. LWV: We do not support Electronic Voting
  11. Oahu Registered Vehicles Down 60K—Nobody Notices
  12. Kaiser's Medicare plan changes prompt seniors to look for other options
  13. Soft On Crime: 10-Time Convicted Felon Gets 40 months
  14. Guam: Alleged Homosexual Child Molester Used Political Power to Block Lawsuits
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Tuesday, October 04, 2016
October 4, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:35 PM :: 1436 Views
  1. Instead of Submitting Plan, HART begs Feds for Another Extension
  2. HR3764 is on the Move—Bill Blocks Recognition of Indian Tribes Without Congressional Vote
  3. Inclusion for the Disabled: Hawaii Ranks 5th
  4. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted October 3, 2016
  5. Hawaii Department of Transportation to study isle ferry services
  6. Sclerotic State: Elections Will Leave Legislature Virtually Unchanged
  7. HART ‘Interim Plan’ Just a Rehash of Caldwell’s Tax Hike Demands
  8. Contracts: Homelessness Profitable for Top Caldwell Aide
  9. New rule will help Native Hawaiians achieve political self-determination
  10. DHHL seeks to lower blood quantum requirement for homestead successors
  11. Waimanalo Homeless Tent City Cleared out after 17 Years
  12. Promoter pleads guilty in university concert scam in Hawaii
  13. Another DoE Employee Accused of Child Molestation
  14. Most Hawaii Organic ‘Farmers’ Don’t Want to Talk About Their Use of Slave Labor
  15. The Oahu commuter ferry con is on again
  16. Taxpayers, Ratepayers Fork out More Money to Political Insiders for Unproven Energy Storage Scheme
  17. Suboxone: Pushing the Next Oxycontin on Hawaii
  18. Duterte tells Obama ‘you can go to hell,’ warns of breakup
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Monday, October 03, 2016
October 3, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:05 PM :: 1162 Views
  1. HIDOT Fails to Answer -- $78K Administrative Cost Per Mile
  2. Hawaii Insurance Commissioner one of only Two With Secret Financial ‘Disclosures’
  3. Under Hawaii’s Starriest Skies, a Fight Over Rent Money for OHA
  4. Vote to enhance powers of Honolulu Police Commission
  5. Repeal Rail Tax!
  6. Some Upset Kenoi Video not Censored
  7. Charter schools might skirt panel
  8. Shelters Moving Homeless Families into Permanent Housing
  9. Honolulu Drops out of Top 10 Highest Rent Cities
  10. Federal funds will help state conduct study on new ferries
  11. Paniolo Power: A Grab for Energy Storage Resources?
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Sunday, October 02, 2016
October 2, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:29 PM :: 3432 Views
  1. Fuel for Thought
  2. HART Board Heads for the Exits: Rail guideway cracking, snapping, and crumbling
  3. Charter Questions 4 & 15: Voters Asked to Give Caldwell a Third Term and Control of Rail Operations?
  4. Honolulu Mayoral Debate: Do you believe the city is better off than it was four years ago?
  5. No More Mayoral Debates Set
  6. Kenoi Criminal Trial Set for Oct 10
  7. Hawaii seeks path from Obamacare Disaster back to Prepaid
  8. Maui: A broken, costly school system
  9. Big Island Schools: 2,433 Class A and Class B offenses
  10. Kaiser: 510% Rate Hike for ‘Basic’ Medicare Advantage
  11. DHHL Lessee to be Evicted – Not Hawaiian Enough
  12. Nonprofits learn how to gauge if efforts are paying off
  13. Water, funding issues delay Oahu farmland cultivation
  14. Hawaii Organic Farms Rely on Slave Labor
  15. Flood coverage rates expected to keep rising
  16. Federal OK paves way for redevelopment of Aloha Stadium site
  17. Bail Bondsmen Welch on Debts When Suspects Escape
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Saturday, October 01, 2016
October 1, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:33 PM :: 1822 Views
  1. Voter Registration Deadline October 10 (sort of)
  2. As Rail Collapses, Caldwell Laughs All The Way to the Bank
  3. Hawaii's 2017 ranking for Business Tax Climate includes a lesson for the legislature
  4. Hawaii Roads are the Worst -- AND the Most Expensive
  5. More Regulation Won’t Make Housing Affordable
  6. US Census Report on Housing Affordability
  7. UHERO: Hawaii Growth Downshifting, Building Cycle Approaches Peak
  8. Tourism Hits New Record: 19 Consecutive Months of Growth in Arrivals
  9. DoH: Hawaii has highest rate of tooth decay among kids
  10. 9AM Virtual town hall forum between Caldwell, Djou
  11. PUC Refuses to Recertify Criminal Al Hee’s Scam Company
  12. Homeless vets connect with help over a cup of coffee
  13. Dopers Tell us Who They Are
  14. Lawsuit: Kauai County Secret Cat Meetings
  15. Soft on Crime: Out on Bail Does it Again
  16. Sailor’s Death Began with DOBOR Bureaucracy
  17. Drone Testing: What’s Not Happening in Hawaii
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Friday, September 30, 2016
September 30, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:40 PM :: 1333 Views
  1. Full Text: School Board Member Resigns--Says Governor Violates Federal Law
  2. Rand Paul: Give Caldwell a Cash Bonus so he Won’t Waste Affordable Housing Money
  3. Sister Isle Police Release Rape Kit Test Info—Still Nothing from HPD
  4. Why It’s So Hard to Stop Bad Cops From Getting New Police Jobs
  5. Maui County Buys Haiku Sugar Lots for Nature Preserve and Organic Ag Park
  6. Maui County in Top 10 Least Affordable
  7. US Senators: Hawaii Office of Elections Violates Federal Law
  8. In Hawaii, spending more does not get you better roads
  9. Cracks and Corrosion: Thousands of Weight-Bearing Rail Guideway Parts Already Failing
  10. HART Costs Jump Another $700M—And Another Year Delay
  11. HART to Report on Possible Tax Hikes Next Week
  12. Djou Zings Caldwell on 9-11
  13. State Makes Big Claims About Energy Efficiency Projects
  14. Cool Schools: What is State Buying for $50K per Classroom?
  15. How Easy to Rile up the Ignorant
  16. 42 percent of Hawaii Island’s 1,394 homeless individuals are families
  17. Court: Banning gun purchases to medical marijuana cardholders does not violate Second Amendment
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Thursday, September 29, 2016
September 29, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:58 PM :: 1415 Views
  1. Are You Going to Stand for This?
  2. Make Loud Noise
  3. Feds Propose 49 New Endangered Species for Hawaii
  4. Tax Cut Improves Hawaii Business Climate
  5. Parts of the rail guideway are cracking and snapping
  6. Djou to Debate Caldwell Today
  7. City measure would require even thicker plastic bags
  8. Affordable Housing to be Excuse for Billion Dollar Tax Hike?
  9. After Running Down the Clock, Crony-Laden Ethics Board to Hear Kenoi complaint in November
  10. Hawaii Candidates Are Getting Flooded With Surveys This Year
  11. HPD Secrets: What Happens When A Cop Goes On Desk Duty?
  12. HPD: 50 Illegal Gaming Rooms on Oahu
  13. UH Dorm AC Broken for 1 year and Counting
  14. Feds are a Puppet on an anti-GMO String
  15. Community solar farm ownership to take time
  16. Compromise reached over Mana‘olana high-rise
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Wednesday, September 28, 2016
September 28, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:34 PM :: 1546 Views
  1. City Negligent - Again - On Hanauma Bay
  2. Kelii Akina Wins Endorsements from Malama Solomon, Kealii Makekau and Paul Mossman
  3. List of Neighborhood Board Vacancies
  4. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted September 26, 2016
  5. Wakai and Belatti named UH Manoa 2016 Legislators in Residence
  6. State Senator Gil Riviere Endorses Djou for Mayor
  7. Fed Wreck: The Federal Push for a Hawaiian Government
  8. VA Inspector General Report on VA Pacific Islands Health Care System Honolulu
  9. The Jones Act Does Not Keep America Safe
  10. Getting out of Gridlock: Should UH Start Later?
  11. Hawaii Roads: $78K Administrative Cost Per Mile 
  12. Hawaiians are individuals in thought, like any people
  13. Obama’s Act of Desperation
  14. Annelle Amaral overjoyed by the Fake Indian Tribe announcement
  15. Not One Word About Nai Aupuni Constitution from Its Chief Drafter
  16. DHHL asks for over $500M over 2 years
  17. World Conservation Congress: Against all Industries – Except Tourism
  18. Plea change canceled in UH Stevie Wonder concert blunder
  19. Offshore Windfarms: “The Technology just isn’t quite ready”
  20. Hawaii Property Crime up 18%—Agg Assault up 31%
  21. Corrupt UPW-Controlled Prison: 4 corrections officers accused of sexually assaulting female inmates
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Tuesday, September 27, 2016
September 27, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:18 PM :: 3213 Views
  1. Affordable Housing Funds Wasted; There's a Better Way Forward
  2. Hawaii: Worst State to Start a Business
  3. Survey: Hawaii Worst State for Teachers
  4. HIDOE Students Outpace Nation in AP Exam Gains
  5. Hawaii has the lowest rate of eligible residents registered to vote
  6. Hawaii #1 State for long-term delinquent mortgage squatting
  7. Will Kenoi Take Others Down With Him?
  8. Caldwell Loots Hanauma Bay Funds
  9. Another Pot of Money to Loot: Voters to decide if portion of property tax should fund Honolulu Zoo
  10. Supreme Court: Can Mayor Fire Police Chief?
  11. Telescope: The contested case hearing is slated to begin Oct. 11
  12. Solar and Wind Scammers Fight Plan to Reduce Electric Bills
  13. Obama Signs Law Allowing Danner Cronies to Cash in on Tourism
  14. Group Wants To Suspend Hawaii’s Effort To Build A New Jail
  15. East Oahu beach trashed by Homeless
  16. UH Manoa Students More Doped up
  17. Pearl Harbor Naval reservist investigated for national anthem protest
  18. Star-Advertiser To Cut 15 Jobs
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Monday, September 26, 2016
September 26, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:07 PM :: 1322 Views
  1. UH Manoa Celebrates Day Muslims Tricked Hawaii Legislature into Honoring Islam on September 11th
  2. Traffic Expert: Honolulu Ideal for Driverless Vehicles
  3. Survey: Spanish People in Hawaii Among ‘Most Integrated’
  4. Star-Adv: OHA Funds may not be used to Create Fake Indian Tribe
  5. Caldwell Could Have Replaced Police Commission Chair 9 Mos Ago—Did Nothing
  6. 183 Homeless Veterans on Oahu
  7. Feds Plan offshore fish farms for Hawaii
  8. Sovereignty Criminal Edmund Silva Appeals to Russia to Support
  9. Agreeing on Facts
  10. How Government Fixes Things
  11. Hawaii Longliners Are Fishing For Ahi Again
  12. Surprise: Most MDs Don’t Wanna Sell Dope
  13. Properties lost to illegal foreclosures by Homeowners Associations, lawsuit says
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Sunday, September 25, 2016
September 25, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:45 PM :: 3111 Views
  1. Obamacare Forcing Hawaii Doctors out of Business—Many become Hospital Employees
  2. Maui Hospital Names Interim CEO
  3. Ever Visit Another State For A Day? Congress May Stop That State From Assessing Income Tax On You
  4. Social Workers Descend on Gigantic Waianae Camp—9 Homeless Agree to Accept Housing
  5. Prosecutor Urges “YES” Vote on Charter Amendment 3
  6. Cool Schools: 180 Volunteers at Campbell HS, Ewa Beach ES
  7. Don’t Cry for Me, Cupertino
  8. AG Joins Suboxone Anti-Trust Lawsuit
  9. ‘Shut up Jerk’—Maui Hospital leads to Major break between the Senate and Ige
  10. Rail is headed for the deep after a long, pricey journey
  11. Star-Adv: Caldwell sloppy in handling of federal funds
  12. Mayor Kenoi’s latest escapades call attention to potential ethics issues
  13. Of Course High Tech Firms Leave Hawaii
  14. ‘Grey Area Rules’ have Squelched Hawaii Ocean Aquaculture for Decades
  15. Getting Out of Gridlock: Should UH start later?
  16. Homosexual Rape Coverup in Waikiki?
  17. State’s child abuse letters may violate law
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Saturday, September 24, 2016
September 24, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:43 PM :: 2953 Views
  1. Fake Tribe Denounced: “This change is intended to circumvent legal, congressional processes, and Hawaiian community input”
  2. Fake Indian Tribe: Many Silent as Hawaii Politicians Respond to Interior Department Rule
  3. Video: Obama Hopeful Next President Will Pursue Tribal Government for Native Hawaiians
  4. Abandon Rail Project: Atta, Formby, Hanabusa, Fuchigama – “Don’t Look Back”
  5. 20% of Homeless have Major Mental Illness, Only 18% Admit they do Drugs
  6. Housing Offered to 289 Homeless—9 Accept
  7. Kaneshiro: Auto Theft Laws Must be Changed to Enable More Prosecutions
  8. Navy Publishes Guidance Warning Sailors Not to Protest National Anthem
  9. ‘Green’ Energy Necessitates Giant $1.6M Battery

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Friday, September 23, 2016
September 23, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:21 PM :: 3959 Views
  1. FULL TEXT: Interior Dep't Final Rule for Fake Native Hawaiian Indian Tribe
  2. The State is a Terrible Farmer...and Businessperson
  3. Djou, Savio: City Still Failing on Affordable Housing
  4. Fitch: GEMS are 'Outstanding' Because of Built-In Rate Hike Mechanism
  5. Unions Wreck Maui Memorial Hospital Before Turning it Over
  6. State’s budget surplus could evaporate quickly
  7. Kenoi to Planners: “Shut the F*** Up or I knock you out”
  8. HDP Scandal Grows – Feds Looking into Another Alleged Kealoha Scam
  9. Jail Project Already Producing Millions in White Collar Make-Work
  10. Affordable Housing?
  11. Cars, bikes and even a boat clog Homeless Camp under Nimitz Hwy
  12. Gas tax better for Environment than mileage tax
  13. Unintended Consequences of Anti-Dairy Farm Protests
  14. Maui Tomorrow Helps HIDOT Plan to Cut off Lahaina from Rest of Island
  15. This is the Beginning: Old Heiau Stones Create new Claim on Property
  16. Ex-officer’s assault case set for trial
  17. Stop Zika before it gets a foothold in Hawaii
  18. High-Tech Tax Credit Scammers Take the Money and Run—away from Hawaii
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Thursday, September 22, 2016
September 22, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:44 PM :: 1662 Views
  1. Cost-Effective? Hawaii Highways Rank 48th Thanks to HIDOT ‘Administrative Disbursements’
  2. Dishonesty is Unsustainable
  3. HIDOT Demands Money: Threatens to Cut off Lahaina
  4. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted September 21, 2016
  5. AG: Legislature May need to act on Suboxone for Drug Addicts
  6. OIP Posts New Rules on Police Misconduct Records
  7. Do you have suggestions for State Ethics Commission?
  8. Maui Hospital: Senators ask governor to Reconvene Special Session
  9. Caldwell’s Homeless Hospital Merry go Round -- $4000 per Bum per Night
  10. Will HUD order Dysfunctional Caldwell to Pay Back Wasted Affordable Housing Money?
  11. Espero: I will Push for Massive GE Tax Hike if Reelected
  12. ERS rolls back assumed rate of return on investments
  13. Laughing at You: Most UH executives getting pay raises
  14. Fishing Captain Knifed by Smiling Imp
  15. Muslims Use Fishing Job to Get into USA, Demand Money
  16. HIDOT Tax Hike Scheme: “The devil’s always in the details”
  17. HTA Conference: How Hawaiian Activists Can Cash in on Tourism
  18. Kauai Anti-GMO Activist Supports Tourist Industry Harassment of Dolphins
  19. Research Reclassifies Pigs as Indigenous
  20. UH Cited for 15 Safety Violations After Explosion
  21. Why Google’s Driverless Cars Should Go to Honolulu Next
  22. Many Remain Unemployed
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Wednesday, September 21, 2016
September 21, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:46 PM :: 1577 Views
  1. Need a Sandwich? Call an Ambulance
  2. Message to OHA: Clean up your act, not your image
  3. Fishing Industry to Enforce Good Labor Practices
  4. Taxes and tracking your odometer
  5. Not Too Late to Make the Right Decision on Rail
  6. Feds ‘Search for Solution to Hawaii’s Mosquito Problem’
  7. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Calls for Immediate Halt to U.S. Arms Sale to Saudi Arabia
  8. Djou: I will not Raise Taxes to Pay for Rail
  9. State-Owned Agriculture:  1,200 Acres of Failure in Central Oahu
  10. GEMS: “A failure through-and-through”
  11. HIDOT Demands Money: Threatens to Cut off Lahaina
  12. “Using” iwi kupuna to slow or stop development
  13. Democratic Party establishment has been gleefully giving Sanders supporters the finger for quite some time
  14. New Federal Rules May Shut Down Most Hawaii Farms
  15. Hawaii's rental vacancy rate is among highest in nation, data shows
  16. School officials unveil $705M wish list
  17. OCCC Project is a Front for Scheme to Place 1,400 Arizona Prisoners Under Control of Corrupt, Expensive UPW Guards
  18. Fraction of auto theft suspects charged despite hundreds of arrests
  19. Hawaii police departments still working to compile stats on untested rape kits
  20. Are Honolulu Prosecutors Covering Up Police Misconduct?
  21. Working Overtime: Kenoi Burns County Money on Golf Project
  22. Kenoi Did not Disclose About Land Sales
  23. Another Special Ed Aide Says Reporting Abuse Got Her Banned
  24. Hawaii SB2607 Student Privacy
  25. Job Cuts At The Star-Advertiser By ‘End Of The Month’
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Tuesday, September 20, 2016
September 20, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:16 PM :: 1437 Views
  1. PUC Approves ‘Time of Use’ Electric Rates
  2. HELCO Proposes $19.3M Rate Hike, Blames Trees
  3. DLNR Helicopters to Eradicate More Sheep
  4. Fail: 3rd GEMS Exec Director Quits in 2 years—Another Legislative Fight Looms over Wasted Money
  5. Feds: Caldwell’s Incompetence May Cost Honolulu $16M from Affordable Housing Funds
  6. Nightmare Charter amendment would extend term limits for Honolulu mayor, city council
  7. Maui Memorial Prospects: “scarier than ever”
  8. High Electric Bills Make Hawaii Susceptible to Green Energy Scams
  9. HPD Officers to be Punished for Catching Criminal
  10. HPD officer charged with wire fraud pleads not guilty
  11. Longline fishing’s new system ties auction access to fair-labor
  12. Hawaii Medicated: 1,200 New Pot Heads Sign up Every Month
  13. Paranoid, ill-informed belief system is what's truly toxic
  14. Hawaii's IUCN, The Zero Waste Event That Wasn't
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Monday, September 19, 2016
September 19, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:17 PM :: 1935 Views
  1. Feds: $540M in Highway Funds can be spent on Rail
  2. Screaming Haole Papaya Chopper Returns to Farm—to Apologize
  3. Protester, a Convicted Felon, Puts Human Remains at Telescope Site, says he has more
  4. Caldwell Caught in $324M Lie – Forced to Admit he Canceled Community Paramedic Program Designed to End EMS Abuse
  5. Police miss deadline on rape kits
  6. After Two Years one Member of Police Commission Finally Does Her Job
  7. Obama’s Billion Dollar Tax Credit Scam: US Senate Investigates NextEra, SolarCity, SunRun, Sun Edison, and More
  8. ‘Floating prisons’ is 30-year-old problem
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Sunday, September 18, 2016
September 18, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:52 PM :: 1521 Views
  1. Taxation Boards of Review: Facing Extinction
  2. What are the Hawaii State and County Ballot questions?
  3. Rail Contractor Loses Millions on Low Quality, High Cost Labor
  4. It’s not too late to make right call on rail
  5. PEW: Hawaii $7000 per person Pension Liability
  6. Most People Not Fooled by DoT Road Mileage Tax Hike Scheme
  7. Farmers: End the anti-GMO Ignorance
  8. Co-op to Make $700M Offer for HELCO?
  9. Five charter amendments on Maui ballot
  10. Kenoi Burns Taxpayer Money to Rush Construction of Gym on top of Lava Tube
  11. Expertise means nothing when everyone’s an expert
  12. Hawaii Legislature: Campaign Contributions Roll in as Oxycontin, Heroin Abuse Soars
  13. Corporate and PAC campaign contributions down since 1990
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Saturday, September 17, 2016
September 17, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:19 PM :: 1834 Views
  1. Maui Memorial Hospital CEO Resigns
  2. House Passes VA Accountability, Appeals Reform
  3. The Allure of Anti-Intellectualism
  4. Strong leadership is needed to promote agricultural growth
  5. Ward Homeless at State Capitol Tonight
  6. Democrats Move Against Finger Flipper but not Caldwell, Cayetano
  7. Democratic Party Sues To Stop Candidate From Running As Dem
  8. Maui Memorial: Kowtowing to Unions Costs Another $25M
  9. State Investigating Placement Of Human Remains At TMT Site
  10. Feds Arrest HPD Officer in Prostitution Scheme
  11. Homeless Account for 75% of Hawaii Heroin Users
  12. Hawaii 5th Lowest Divorce Rate
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Friday, September 16, 2016
September 16, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:58 PM :: 2823 Views
  1. Efforts to Expand GEMS Loan Programs Shot Down by Consumer Advocate, PUC
  2. Democrat Vice Chair Resigns—’Party More Dictatorial’
  3. Understanding Hawaii Teacher Shortages
  4. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted September 15, 2016
  5. S&P, Fitch Upgrade Hawaii Bonds
  6. What if Hawaii’s government were run by a private company?
  7. Hanabusa to Quit Congress in 2018, Run for Governor?
  8. Kenoi: AG Leaked info to HNN Reporter About Me Getting Drunk With Star-Adv Reporter
  9. Lawsuit Filed to Pry Loose AG’s Report on Wrongdoing in State Auditor’s Office
  10. $3 billion cap on rail spending evaporated within a decade without a squeak
  11. Clean Energy Initiative Latest Excuse for Transportation Tax Hike
  12. Big Oil Buys Big Influence at Big Eco Conference
  13. With Biosecurity, Who Decides Who The Enemy Is?
  14. Hawaii Could Lose 30% of Farms in Next 3-5 Years
  15. DLNR reviews fishing license procedures for foreign longliner crews
  16. Ige Not Likely to Extend Homelessness State of Emergency
  17. Psychiatrists: Hawaii County Police Officer is ‘Fit to Proceed’ in Criminal Case
  18. Elementary school teacher accused of sexual assault of child
  19. With No Developer to Shake Down, Nobody Cares About Exposed Iwi
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