Thursday, January 17, 2019
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Thursday, January 17, 2019
January 17, 2019 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:34 PM :: 163 Views
  1. Ige Sends McCartney to DBEDT, Fuchigami now Chief of Staff
  2. Math Goes PC: First-in-the-world UH ethnomathematics program approved by Hawaiʻi Teacher Standards Board
  3. Honolulu, Maui Among Least Affordable Rental Markets
  4. 'The untouchables: Out-of-control prosecutors and the system that protects them'
  5. Will Feds Target Caldwell Next?
  6. State Senate president: The time is now to prepare for a recession in 2020
  7. Ige Lame Excuse:  Claims Old Tech an Obstacle to Zero Based Budgeting
  8. Kealoha Lawyer Attempts to Exploit Government Shutdown to Delay Case
  9. Recount?  City Lawyer Challenged on Conflict of Interest
  10. Councilmember Kobayashi continues to question Hawaii Supreme Court recount case
  11. Charles Djou’s Self-Serving Electoral Reform Idea
  12. Government shutdown holding up recovery funds for lava-ravaged Big Island communities
  13. Activist Gets Himself Arrested to Push for Hawaiian language policing
  14. 578 Homeless Visit ‘Rest Stop’ in First Week
  15. Failed Ocean cleanup device heading to Hilo
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Wednesday, January 16, 2019
January 16, 2019 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:54 PM :: 358 Views
  1. Ed Case: "I'm an Asian Trapped in a White Body"
  2. UPDATE: Ige Sends McCartney to DBEDT, Fuchigami Chief of Staff
  3. Opening Day Speech: What is a Loyal Opposition?
  4. Opening Day: Be an Effective Citizen-Activist
  5. Harassed by Drugged-out Shelter–Refusers, Iolani Palace to close earlier—Children’s Center may Shut Down
  6. DoH Reports 23,479 Medicated Dopers Statewide
  7. Racial Progress? Hawaii 2nd-Worst Health Disparities
  8. Ige Announces More Second Tier Appointments
  9. DoE Keeping Child-Molester Teacher Records Secret
  10. Contract Reopeners: More Raises on Tap for Public Employee Unions
  11. Bad News: The Hawaii State Legislature to open Today
  12. Hawaii Carbon Tax --- Coal, Oil, Plastic, and Greenhouse Gases
  13. Lawmaker wants to replace Presidents Day with Hawaiian Independence Day
  14. Revote possible in contested Honolulu City Council race
  15. Supreme Court questions process of mail-in ballot collection
  16. Election Recounts, Vote by Mail Back on Legislative Agenda
  17. Campbell High gets funds to begin planning a much needed athletic facility
  18. Overrun by Homeless Shelter-Refusers, Children’s Discovery Center to be Closed
  19. How EPA Forced Hawaii to Stop Covering up Dirty Water  
  20. Microsoft Censors News at Hawaii Public Libraries
  21. Democrats Plant all their Problem Children on House Financial Services Committee
  22. Tulsi Gabbard’s presidential fantasy: “A remarkably bad launch”
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Tuesday, January 15, 2019
January 15, 2019 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:59 PM :: 315 Views
  1. Caldwell Coverup: Mayor Hid Target Letter from Public--Feds Raid Fasi Building
  2. Audit: HART Board Hands Control to Contractor with Little Oversight
  3. FCC Slaps Down Sandwich Isles Again--Orders Company to Continue Serving Customers
  4. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted January 14, 2019
  5. DCCA: Shop and Compare Insurance Options
  6. Ige Announces More HDoT Appointments
  7. Ige Appoints Three to Board of Regents
  8. Irwin to be UH Hilo Chancellor?
  9. Hawaii Student Loan Debt Doubles in Decade
  10. Senators: Some Cabinet Nominees Won’t Make It
  11. Honolulu Will Pay Train Maker $160 Million To Cover Rail Delays
  12. Carbon Tax Hustle: Rail Promoter Keynotes State Climate Change Confab
  13. Hawaii Climate Conference: To Carbon Tax or Not to Carbon Tax
  14. AG Opinion Will Lead to More County GE Tax Hikes
  15.  Honolulu City Council chooses interim chairwoman
  16. Can Pre-K Help DoE Evade Responsibility for Poor Test Scores?
  17. Son sentenced for killing and dismembering mom in Waikiki –Plans Already Afoot to Let Him Out
  18. Arrogant Tweekers Refuse and Resist Shelter in Kailua-Kona
  19. Gabbard Receives Lesson About Switching Sides on Gay Marriage   
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Monday, January 14, 2019
January 14, 2019 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:49 PM :: 312 Views
  1. Birth Control: Judge Blocks Religious Freedom in Hawaii
  2. Carbon Tax on Legislative Agenda
  3. They Never Learn: Replicating Abject Failure, Hawaii County to Open New Homeless Tent City
  4. Man with ax should not have been freed
  5. Raising Hawaii’s Minimum Wage Is No Quick Fix
  6. Bill to Propose Automatic Recount for close elections
  7. DoE Hindered by Decades-old Tech
  8. Here’s Another Busy Highway Where The Crosswalks Have Been Removed
  9. Puna Claims: Lloyd’s of London insists "Only a small number have been declined"
  10. Big Island: First Marijuana Store slated to open
  11. Dimwits from Kauai, Gabbard, Begin Protesting Against Nonexistent Oil Drilling Off Hawaii
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Sunday, January 13, 2019
January 13, 2019 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:45 PM :: 558 Views
  1. Zero-Based Budgeting
  2. Local Media Makes Issue of Gabbard’s White Supremacist Support (two years late)
  3. Democrats Trust Hirono Because She Apologized for not Being Gay
  4. Budget: HDoT Chickens Out on $15B Climate Change Scam
  5. Recreational Marijuana to top of Senate President’s List of Ideas
  6. Recreational Marijuana to top of Progressives’ List of Ideas
  7. Hawaii County Council: Longer Terms on Ballot?
  8. Judge blocks Trump birth control coverage rules in Hawaii
  9. Progressive: Storing your cars a waste of my urban space
  10. Lawsuit filed over Schatz-Connected Development of Oahu’s Shark’s Cove
  11. HCDA to fine owner of Kakaako streets for Insufficient potholes
  12. Malfunctioning ocean cleanup boom to arrive in Hilo today
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Saturday, January 12, 2019
January 12, 2019 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:04 PM :: 1136 Views
  1. Candidates Already Lining up to Run for Gabbard's Congressional Seat
  2. Who's Running in My District? 2019 Neighborhood Board Elections
  3. ‘Singapore model’ doesn’t sing for Hawaii housing
  4. Hawaii Ranks 49th for Federal Aid
  5. Budget: Hawaii Scores 'D-' for Legacy Costs
  6. 40-70 planned suicides in 2019?
  7. HPD Officer has info on Fenatyl Bust Allegedly Covered up by Kealoha   
  8. Abercrombie Defends Gabbard on Religious Bigotry
  9. Ozawa-Waters Case Could Affect Vote by Mail Statewide
  10. Sex Harassment: Confidentiality Lessens Effectiveness of Proposed House Policy
  11. Lawsuit Filed Against Honolulu Police Over Beach Park Shooting
  12. This is not a drill: Lessons from the false Hawaiian missile alert
  13. Schatz, Gabbard Take Kauai Anti-Agriculture Hysteria National
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Friday, January 11, 2019
January 11, 2019 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:04 PM :: 605 Views
  1. CNN: Tulsi Gabbard says she will run for president in 2020
  2. Gabbard Standing up Against Anti-Catholic Bigotry Within Democratic Party
  3. BoE Will Re-Do Sup’t Vote—May Have Acted Illegally on Other Executive Hires 
  4. Caldwell, Green Bless Iwilei Homeless Magnet
  5. New Hi-Tech Payroll System Reveals 4,589 State Employees Paid for 'Multiple Positions'
  6. Hawaii's coming recession--Are legislators Listening?
  7. Ed Case Appointed to Appropriations Committee
  8. Third Chief in Three Years for DOCARE
  9. Hirono: Gabbard Getting Support from ‘Alt-Right’
  10. City stands by election process in Trevor Ozawa-Tommy Waters vote
  11. Democrats Only: Luke Plan Would Knock Republicans, Greens, Libertarians off the November Ballot
  12. Details released in latest plea deal in public corruption case against Kealohas
  13. State lawmaker to reintroduce bill to ban plastic straws, Styrofoam containers
  14. Trump’s Border Wall Could Save Hawaii from Unnecessary, Expensive $345M Ala Wai Canal Flood Control Project
  15. Homelessness Coordinator Touts Progress As Lawmakers Criticize
  16. Homeless Camp to Move to 1100-ac Waianae Valley Ranch?
  17. Star-Adv: Lets Put 1000s of Criminals Back onto the Streets 
  18. 'Unbelievable.' Outrage after HPD releases man accused of striking bus rider in head with hatchet
  19. Jail blunders in shooting case again: HCCC warden back in court
  20. Worst-Ever Cases of Super Gonorrhea Are Here
  21. There Will be no Warning: HI-EMA says 'ballistic missile alarms have been shelved’
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Thursday, January 10, 2019
January 10, 2019 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:41 PM :: 604 Views
  1. State Supreme Court Declares Fevella the Winner
  2. Auditor: Internal Docs Show HART Lied to Public About Rail Costs
  3. 'The untouchables: Out-of-control prosecutors and the system that protects them'
  4. Disabled: Hawaii Ranks 6th for Service, 49th for Opportunity
  5. What Should OHA Really be Doing?
  6. The Misinformed, Ineffective War on Styrofoam
  7. DoH cites Maui Land & Pineapple for wastewater violations
  8. Viral 2019: Ten Second Fireworks Video
  9. RIMPAC: Navy Quietly Fires 20 Hyper Velocity Projectiles Through Destroyer’s Deckgun
  10. Hawaii Smokers Lose $48K Per Year
  11. Maui: Key Activists Bought n Paid for By Strategies 360 Farm 
  12. BoE Will Re-Do Sup’t Vote—may Have Acted Illegally on Other Executive Hires
  13. Telescope Already Improving Science Education Statewide
  14. CoR Knocks $55M out of Projected Revenue Base
  15. Global Warmer: Hawaii Will Raise Taxes and Utility Rates to Oppose Trump
  16. Marijuana-Infused Legislators Complain Governor is Bifurcated
  17. Council Approves 92.5% Sewer Rate Hike—$17M to ‘Create Positions’
  18. New Public Works Director: “Lack of innovative thinking, lack of vision, lack of communication and lack of rapport” (but creating 22 new ‘positions’)
  19. On Kauai, walk-in voting will (mostly) be a thing of the past in the 2020 election
  20. Revolving Door: Two Reporters Join Victorino Administration
  21. Activists May Loses Ability to Organize Circuses at Maui Council Meetings
  22. Soft on Crime: Murderer Accused of Attempted Rape, Kidnapping
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Wednesday, January 09, 2019
January 9, 2019 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:23 PM :: 489 Views
  1. Ill-Fated Ocean Cleanup Boom Collected only 2000kg Plastic
  2. Ige Appoints New PUC Chair 
  3. SPED Parents Asked to Sign up for Medicaid
  4. Ige Reappoints Directors at Eleven Departments
  5. Ige Appoints New Directors at Three Departments
  6. Christian Brothers Oust Damien School President--Dispute Over Child Molestation Settlements
  7. Tech Modernization Plans in the 2019-21 Budget 
  8. Fact-Checking 5 of Trump’s Claims in Border Speech
  9. After 23 Mistaken Prisoner Releases, DPS Experiments with Something Called ‘Email’
  10. Caldwell’s Climate Change Commission Pushes ‘Congestion Pricing’ Tax
  11. Hawaii County: More Tax Hikes Coming?
  12. Solar Fail: HECO bills spike over unusually humid months
  13. Hawaii County Lava Relief Package $155M
  14. Suit against Big Island Dairy settled
  15. Hawaii Supreme Court has more questions for election officials in challenge to Honolulu City Council race
  16. City opens Iwilei homeless magnet—designed to keep ‘em comfy on the street
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Tuesday, January 08, 2019
January 8, 2019 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:52 PM :: 524 Views
  1. Remembering Senator Fred Rohlfing, Republican Reformer
  2. Sex Harassment: New House Rules "add another layer of silence"
  3. Feds to PUC: Stop Approving Bat-Killing Windfarms without Endangered Species Permits
  4. HECO Pushing Seven Giant Battery Farms
  5. Hawaii 4th-Fewest Families with Young Children
  6. Keli'i Akina Interviews Environmental Watchdog Caroll Cox
  7. Rep Ward Calls for Second Trump-Kim Summit to be held at Waikiki
  8. Auditor Follows up on Foundation for Culture and Arts
  9. Hawaii Still Paying Out Millions for Act 215/221 Hi Tech Tax Credit Scams   
  10. BoE Secretly Votes to Extend Kishimoto Contract
  11. Teacher turnover at highest rate
  12. DLNR funds mishandled, audit finds     
  13. MADD’s New Target Is Drugged Driving           
  14. Teen dies while scuba diving, company linked to a previous incident
  15. Nearly 2,000 businesses affected by Maui's new foam container ban
  16. Filmmaker Settles Lawsuit After Hawaii Grants Him Tax Credits
  17. Trip to Hawaii reveals rusting wind turbines
  18. Hundreds of volunteers still needed for homeless count
  19. Got $1.3M? – Buy Kealoha Home (mailbox not included)
  20. Obama, Pelosi Hype Birtherism Again
  21. Un, Trump Coming to Hawaii Next?
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Monday, January 07, 2019
January 7, 2019 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:08 PM :: 441 Views
  1. Surprised by Wind and Waves in Pacific: Giant Plastic Eco-Boom Breaks up, Will soon wash up on Hawaii Beaches
  2. VIDEO: Economic Cost of Jones Act to Koloa Rum Co
  3. Stop legislative gut-and-replace
  4. Rail Gets Another $7.5M More Expensive
  5. Gov. Ige’s New Cabinet Is Still Almost Half Empty
  6. Alaska Aerospace Proposed Kona Airport Spaceport Goes Nowhere in Four Years
  7. Criminals Score Thousands on Claims paid out by state
  8. City and state to suspend homeless sweeps during annual census
  9. Obama Library Consolation Prize
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Sunday, January 06, 2019
January 6, 2019 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:04 PM :: 1928 Views
  1. Auditor: Conveyance Tax Money Misspent by DLNR
  2. Anti-GMO? Regressive Left Just as Russian as Trump
  3. Tulsi Gabbard is a Rising Progressive Star, Despite Her Support for Hindu Nationalists
  4. So Did You Meet Your Goals This Year? -- Um, We Dunno
  5. Agriculture is all Politics: Central Maui Farm Project to be Controlled by Strategies 360, Tsutsui
  6. Secret Group Pushes to Make KSBE Trustees More Corrupt
  7. Kauai: $25M Tax Hike
  8. $6.8M Gas tax hike Survives with ‘Timely’ List
  9. Senators ask why Hawaii passed on opioid suit while Suing Trump Again and Agian
  10. Soft on Crime: Alleged Domestic Violence Stranglers walk out of Jail After Posting Mini-Bonds
  11. Residents and police pair up to crack down on squatters
  12. Wholesale Electric Rates about the Same as Mainland Retail Electric Rates
  13. Hawaii Congressional Delegation: Words to the Unwise
  14. Surprised by Wind and Waves in Pacific: Giant Plastic Eco-Boom Breaks up, Will soon wash up on Hawaii Beaches
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Saturday, January 05, 2019
January 5, 2019 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:24 PM :: 728 Views
  1. Government-Funded Sweatshops: No Minimum Wage for Hawaii Disabled Workers
  2. Congress Must Approve Decent Funding for the Wall
  3. Video: Ship Burns 1,800 miles off Oahu
  4. Team Hanabusa Grills Fuchigami
  5. LoPresti: Election Recount Law Unconstitutional
  6. Lawmaker: Judges made the ‘wrong call’ in letting suspect in assault case out again and again
  7. Police standards board requesting more time, money
  8. Softer on Crime: Task Force Wants to Let Even More Criminals out on Streets
  9. City appeals fatal excessive force suit to Supreme Court
  10. Inmates forced to stay in prison past their release date cost taxpayers
  11. ‘Service Resistant’ Meth Addicts Camping out in Kakaako Again
  12. High Cost of Shelter-Refusers Tearing up Parks
  13. Hawaii Tourism Paradise has a Dark Side: 117 People Dead in 2018  
  14. Mission Accomplished: Ulupono Destroys Dairy Industry, Prepares to Quit Kauai Dairy Plan
  15. Judge denies dismissal of Leilani homeowner’s lawsuit
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Friday, January 04, 2019
January 4, 2019 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:27 PM :: 2575 Views
  1. Happy New Year, Hawaii, now pay up!
  2. Christian Brothers Oust Damien School President
  3. US Solicitor General Urges Supreme Court to Hear Maui Injection Wells Case
  4. Bum Patrol: Security Contract Expands to Windward, North Shore Parks
  5. Luke: DoE Lied to Legislature About Maintenance Backlog
  6. Attorney on Nude Pics: “Katherine Kealoha's apparent need to express herself in unusual ways’
  7. Deputy AGs Urged Ige to Reappoint Suzuki
  8. Star-Adv: Legislature Should Pass Automatic Recount Law
  9. Police officer indicted in Kealoha corruption case to change plea
  10. Judge rules prison must accommodate Sovereignty Movement Recruitment
  11. Ballard Considers Allowing Lateral Transfers from Other departments
  12. Windfarm Approvals: Nonsense in a Rush for Expiring Subsidies
  13. 43 pedestrians died on Hawaii roadways in 2018. That’s more than the number killed in vehicles
  14. Elder Abuse Cases up 300%
  15. Soft on Crime: After 10 year Spree, Criminal Finally Gets Hard Time
  16. Tulsi Gabbard one of only Three to Vote Against PAYGO
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Thursday, January 03, 2019
January 3, 2019 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:44 PM :: 573 Views
  1. OHA Audit in Jeopardy
  2. A Stunning Revelation at OHA
  3. Ige Appoints Clare Connors Attorney General
  4. New Insurance Commissioner Appointed
  5. Ige Reappoints Directors at Ten Departments
  6. House Republican Package 'A Better Tomorrow'
  7. Hawaii Republican Chair Sums up 2018
  8. Government Shutdown: Hawaii 4th-most Affected
  9. Insiders Try to Talk Down Zero-Based Budgeting
  10. Lobbyist Tries Legal Suicide by Text Message
  11. 8 Honolulu City Council members take seats without choosing a leader 
  12. More interesting legal cases re government secrecy
  13. Waikoloa Highlands Kim Admin Cancels Kenoi Development Deal
  14. Development Takes 20 Years--May Take Another 20 Thanks to SHPD
  15. Soft on Crime: Feds Step in Because State Just Can’t Get the Job Done
  16. Bum Patrol: After 600 Acts of Vandalism City to lock up 18 more Oahu parks at night starting Friday
  17. Price of Solar Energy in Hawaii Hard to calculate Thanks to ‘Lump Sum’ payment
  18. Newsflash: Marijuana Causes Global Warming
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Wednesday, January 02, 2019
January 2, 2019 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:21 PM :: 719 Views
  1. Hawaii Rankings: Either the Best or the Worst
  2. Feds say explicit photos led to Big Island firefighter in Kealoha case
  3. Wind farm impacts worry Leeward Oahu residents
  4. Lawmakers Must Resist Any Effort To Undercut Hawaii’s Public Records Law
  5. Hospitals to Become More Like Used Car Dealerships 
  6. Not Many Doctors Want to Prescribe Death
  7. Hooser Having Difficulty Rounding up Support for Minimum Wage Hike
  8. State attorney general opposes Abigail Kawananakoa trust changes
  9. Water bill spikes prompt warning from Pearl City residents
  10. Junk Cars: Can Technophiles Control the Little People?
  11. Addicted To Airbnb: Hawaii’s Tourism Economy Depends On Illegal Vacation Rentals
  12. Fireworks ban as ineffective as temperance
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Tuesday, January 01, 2019
January 1, 2019 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:22 PM :: 613 Views
  1. Photo: Ship Burns 1800 miles off Oahu
  2. Ige Reappoints Directors at Eight Departments
  3. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted December 30, 2018
  4. Will Supreme Court Act Before Council Sworn In?
  5. Doctors, Pharmacists to be Targeted: Eight Line up for Death in 2019
  6. Maui Strategies 360: New Farm Operator Hires Activists (so nobody is protesting)
  7. Maui Anti-GMO King: We are Just Like Old Boys—but more Secretive
  8. Star-Adv: Marijuana Not a Cash Cow
  9. New Laws for 2019
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Monday, December 31, 2018
December 31, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:25 PM :: 486 Views
  1. OHA CFO: We Keep Trustees in the Dark About LLCs
  2. House Finance Committee Sets Budget Hearings
  3. Auditor: Styrofoam Ban Doesn't Reduce Litter
  4. Campaign Spending Violations? Eric Ryan Attacks Republicans Again
  5. Disaster dollars: Hawaii County Council asked to add projects for eruption, hurricane damage to budget
  6. Great New Year Resolution: City Forcing More Homeless to Accept Shelter
  7. 10 Squatters Arrested--Residents of lava-ravaged Leilani Estates drop lawsuit
  8. Hawaii Supreme Court rejects appeal in nonjudicial foreclosure case
  9. Hawaii County Finally Figures out how to Open New Landfill—Call it ‘Organic’
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Sunday, December 30, 2018
December 30, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:14 PM :: 673 Views
  1. OHA’s $500K Cookie Crumbles
  2. No, Killing a Special Fund Doesn’t Kill People
  3. JSC Seeks Nominees for Maui Circuit Court
  4. Commissioners Sought for Legacy Land Conservation Commission
  5. Star-Adv: Other Departments Should Copy DoE ‘Maintenance Backlog’ Scam
  6. Like Homeless who Refuse Shelter, Lots of Criminals Prefer Prison
  7. Judge: Letting Lots of Criminals out of Jail would boost justice
  8. Soft on Crime: Tweeker with 14 Convictions Skips out on Bail, Makes Most Wanted List
  9. Federal Prosecutor: We will hold you accountable for these crimes
  10. Seabirds Keep Kauai Free of Windfarms
  11. Hawaii’s biosecurity plan lags in funding, implementation
  12. Dusty, dull bureaucracy revealed in time capsule
  13. Border wall-fund founder lived in Hawaii
  14. Mazie Hirono Reminds us Democrats’ leaders are snooty supercilious snobs
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Saturday, December 29, 2018
December 29, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:47 PM :: 1556 Views
  1. Obamacare Waiver: Hawaii Only State to Skip Reinsurance
  2. DoTax Report Reveals Tax Credits Claimed by Hawaii Taxpayers
  3. Climate Change and all the Brainwashing
  4. Dirty Little Hands
  5. Nancy Pelosi Vacations at Fairmont Orchid During Government Shutdown
  6. Maui Woke? Hindus urge Hawaii firm to withdraw Lord Ganesha shoes
  7. Trevor Ozawa and Kurt Fevella victories called into question by Hawaii Supreme Court
  8. Kaneshiro no-show at impeachment conference—Stalling Tactic Gets Delay to Feb 14
  9. No Tent Cities—Use domes for ohana zones
  10. High-Tax State Exodus
  11. Linda Lingle is urged to re-enter Hawaii politics
  12. Officials: Nearly 7,000 people registered to vote on Election Day
  13. ACLU Responds to DoE Pledge to Upgrade Female Athletic Facilities
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Friday, December 28, 2018
December 28, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:06 PM :: 1719 Views
  1. Mazie Hirono mum on charity invitation from Catholic group she criticized as 'extreme'
  2. Why are residents leaving Hawaii?
  3. Zuckerberg Tries New trick to Grab Kuleana Plots
  4. OHA Wants A Lot More Ceded Land Money From The State
  5. Workers Comp Reform on Legislative Agenda (again)
  6. Trevor Ozawa to be new Honolulu City Council chairman
  7. Over $61 Million From FEMA For Hawaii County After Eruption, Hurricane
  8. ‘Top Secret’ Clearance Expected For UH Lab Doing Navy Research
  9. Pacific Spaceport Complex Eyes East Hawaii Launch Site
  10. Soft on Crime: Escaped Lunatic Slasher Has Log Rap Sheet
  11. Here’s a look at some of the laws set to take effect in the new year
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Thursday, December 27, 2018
December 27, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:18 PM :: 788 Views
  1. The Latest Bad Joke for Hawaiians
  2. Hirono Demands Judicial Nominee Quit Knights of Columbus
  3. Ed Case Congressional Staff Includes Ethically Challenged Rail-Monger Nestor Garcia
  4. Ige Reappoints Directors at Three Departments
  5. LifeSmarts: Four High Schools Head to Finals
  6. State Robotics Championship Set for January
  7. Navy Approves EIS for Hawaii-So Cal Training
  8. November: Visitor Arrivals Up, Spending Flat
  9. Report: Airguns once again dominate ‘firearm’ violations at public schools
  10. Hospital patients in Hawaii soon to be able to price compare health care online
  11. Hawaii Low Tip Credit Obstacle to Raising Minimum Wage
  12. State House GOP agrees with many against ‘gut and replace’
  13. HUD Sec 8 Official Faces Federal Charges for Self-Dealing
  14. Fraud alleged in local trash company bankruptcy
  15. $5M for jail study looks wasteful
  16. Activists Spend $500K to get Poor to Buy $45K Worth of Fresh Fruit and Veggies
  17. Hawaii Failing to Exploit Natural Attractions
  18. Forced out of Business, Dairy Has a Special X-Mas Gift for Ookala TVR Owners
  19. Court Cases Open Window Into Marshallese Adoptions
  20. How UH Professors Get Away With Sex Assault
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Wednesday, December 26, 2018
December 26, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:37 PM :: 708 Views
  1. CAFR: State Pension Debt Grows faster Than Tax Revenues
  2. Schatz: My Bills Designed to Trick Public into Accepting Socialized Medicine
  3. Star-Adv: If OHA Wants Control of Mauna Kea it will Have to Dump Anti-Telescope Protesters
  4. Homeless efforts improving, official says
  5. Medicaid Dollars Will Help Hawaii’s Homeless Find Housing
  6. Progressives’ Annual Refrain:  If Hawaii is a Democrat State Why Can’t We Implement our Platform?
  7. Foreign investment in Hawaii properties soars
  8. Sports and girls' success in life: ACLU explains why it's pursuing Title IX lawsuit against DOE
  9. Rail 10 Times More Expensive Than Musk Tunnel
  10. Ed Case Names Top Staffers
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Tuesday, December 25, 2018
December 25, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:49 PM :: 946 Views
  1. How Christmas Came to Hawaii
  2. Al Hee Sues Water Board Because Rail Project Not Rerouted to Protect His Tax Scam
  3. DoT Lets Highway fall into Sea to Push $15B Sea Level Rise Scheme
  4. State Hospital overtime raises safety concerns
  5. Soft on Crime: Kahaluu Shooter 54 arrests, 20 convictions in 23 years—But he’s out on the street to do it again
  6. Soft on Crime: Maui Man Shot by Police had Long Criminal Record, Little Jail Time 
  7. Church domes in Kahaluu provide sanctuary for homeless single mothers
  8. Hawaii officially down to one refinery
  9. Anti-Frackers Fail to Squelch Gas Co Rate Hike
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Monday, December 24, 2018
December 24, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:13 PM :: 931 Views
  1. How Christmas Came to Hawaii
  2. Lawsuit: Lloyd's of London Kickback Scheme Steered Lava Victims to Worthless Coverage
  3. Criminal Prosecution for DLNR staff?
  4. Copying UH: DoE Magically Triples its Deferred Maintenance, Grabs for $868M
  5. OIP error allowed government agencies to withhold public records for decades
  6. Fighting at the Public Utilities Commission
  7. Bum Patrol: Hawaii County Parks Hires Security Guards
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Sunday, December 23, 2018
December 23, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:28 PM :: 2271 Views
  1. Carbon Tax: Will You Fiddle While Paris Burns?
  2. Charitable Deductions--Hawaii Ranks 48th
  3. Grassroot: Our Santa wish list for Hawaii
  4. Environmental Council Completes Rewrite of Environmental Review Rules
  5. Hawaii Becomes the Second State to Shut Out Wild-Animal Circuses
  6. Ige Approves Rule Changes for Small Boat Harbors
  7. The Big Squeeze: An analysis of tax and fee increases island residents are expected to pay
  8. The problem with rail isn’t PR
  9. Can Team Hanabusa Take Revenge by Cutting $125M for Ala Wai?
  10. Ige seeks $5 million to study financing options for new Halawa jail
  11. Kaneshiro Should Step Down to Avoid Impeachment
  12. City Gives X-Mas Gift to Homeless Children—Forcing their No Good Parents to Accept Shelter
  13. Road Open to Geothermal Plant -- May Restart in 18 Months
  14. Anti-vaccination message barely worth printing
  15. Maui Styrofoam Ban Begins Dec 31  
  16. Obamacare’s fines are not the big stick many had expected
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Saturday, December 22, 2018
December 22, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:10 PM :: 880 Views
  1. Hawaii Democratic Party Announces Priorities for 2019 Legislative Session
  2. Senate Updates Committee Assignments
  3. State Now Accepting Grant-in-Aid Applications
  4. Congressional Delegation Not Eager to Push New Akaka Bill
  5. Aloha Stadium Authority Tries for $25,000 Junket, Fails
  6. Hawaii Supreme Court Overturns 30 Years Of Government Secrecy
  7. Nearly one year after Hawaii missile fiasco, emergency reforms are still on the table
  8. Homes Needed for 175 Criminals
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Friday, December 21, 2018
December 21, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:14 PM :: 1406 Views
  1. Report Renews Push to Turn Hawaiians into Fake Indian Tribe
  2. Supreme Court Releases Opinion Striking Down HSTA Property Tax ConAm
  3. Surfboards count as 'vessels' under the Jones Act, and it's creating big problems for workers' comp
  4. HC&S Land Sold to Real Farmer
  5. Trump Signs Farm Bill Legalizing Hemp
  6. Hawaii Population—First 2yr Decline Since Statehood
  7. 68 Oahu Homeless Dead after Lifetime on the Streets
  8. Caldwell ‘Seriously Considering’ Excluding Prosecutor from Public Safety Meetings
  9. Hearing set for petition on Kaneshiro impeachment
  10. Honolulu Meets Federal Demands On Rail Project
  11. With Pre-K Sales Pitch Needed, DoE Suddenly Wants MORE Testing
  12. Homeless shelter for young adults rapidly expands thanks to state’s ‘ohana zones’ plan
  13. The Hidden Cost of Shipping Your Holiday Package
  14. Oahu Democrats to Discuss Big Island bioenergy power plant
  15. Maui: Enviros Prepare for All-Out War Against Agriculture
  16. Maui Enviros will Grab for Water to Destroy New Farm
  17. Quack Anti-Vaxxers Mobilize for Kauai Hearing
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Thursday, December 20, 2018
December 20, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:27 PM :: 800 Views
  1. Ethics: DLNR Manager Steals Equipment, Funnels Money to Contractor
  2. Auditor: DAGS Funds 'Do not meet Criteria'
  3. What's Not Adding up at OHA?
  4. DLNR, Animal Liberation Nuts Imagine Aquarium Poachers--Post Reward
  5. Trump, Schatz Team up to Release Thousands of Criminals
  6. DoH Fines Hu Honua Biofuel Plant for Water Pollution
  7. Internal audit of UH managed Maunakea lands finds no irregularities
  8. UH Study: Tweekers 15.1% of Emergency Room Traffic at Hawaii Hospital
  9. UH Budget request breakdown for 2019 Legislature
  10. Biofuel: How HECO, Enviros Teamed up to Destroy Rainforest
  11. Police chief expresses concern about embattled prosecutor’s potential impact on cases
  12. Green: Reclassifying drug treatment as ‘primary care’ could help more addicts into recovery
  13. Hawai'i Interagency Council on Homelessness Legislative Priorities: $218M
  14. Star-Adv, Legislators: We Want Massive Festering Homeless Tent Cities
  15. Senators Put UH Finances Under A Microscope
  16. University of Hawaii athletics considers raising student fees
  17. HPD officer hit with more domestic abuse charges while out on bail
  18. Public Paychecks: America's police and fire chiefs have big jobs, and big salaries to boot. Here's Honolulu's breakdown
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Wednesday, December 19, 2018
December 19, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:47 PM :: 680 Views
  1. Cato: Ige 3rd-Worst Governor in USA
  2. Cato Institute’s Jones Act Conference
  3. Economic Security: In Hawaii it Costs $96K
  4. Homelessness: Hawaii has 4th Largest Increase and 4th Largest Decrease
  5. HAWSCT's Latest Water Case Isn't About Water
  6. Petition Filed With Court To Impeach Prosecutor Kaneshiro
  7. Josh Green uses old power playbook
  8. Some Grumbling Over Senate Committee Posts
  9. Bloated rail lost public trust long ago
  10. The cost of living just got more expensive for homeowners
  11. Minimum-wage hike Leads to Restaurant Closures
  12. OJ Simpson Innocence Project Fights Retired Judge in Effort to Free Rapist-Murderer
  13. Thousands of Hawaii teens admit to injecting illegal drugs
  14. Terrified BoE Members to Counter Luke Push for ‘Zero Based Budgeting’
  15. Delays, Denials, Wasted Tax Dollars: DOE’s Troubled Treatment Of Injured Workers
  16. Settlement reached over alleged gender discrimination within the Maui Police Department
  17. Big Fat Salary Hikes for Top CWS Officials
  18. Goodbye Kona, homeless situation too aggressive to enjoy stay
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Tuesday, December 18, 2018
December 18, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:10 PM :: 957 Views
  1. Ige Introduces Executive Budget for Fiscal Biennium 2019-2021
  2. Maui County Pays Vendors Ripped Off by Anti-GMO Activist
  3. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted December 16, 2018
  4. National Report: Hawaii Ranks 13th in Protecting Kids from Tobacco
  5. 2019 Summer Journalism Internships
  6. Zero Based Budgeting on Table as Legislators Seek to Trim Governor’s Power
  7. Ige Proposes Spending $125 Million For Ala Wai Canal Flood Control
  8. Ige proposes major expansion of ‘free college’ program for low-income students
  9. Ige: Spend $38.2 million on girls’ locker rooms
  10. Kaneshiro Impeachment Suit to be Filed Today
  11. Queens Spends $2.25M to Convince 84 Homeless to Accept Housing—And its a Money Saver
  12. Waianae Homeless Camp: Trust a Tweeker with $150K?  Trust Bumpy with $150K?
  13. Dimwits Finally Figure Out Huge Barrier For Trapping Plastic Waste In The Pacific Isn’t Working
  14. Hawaii AG to oppose Obamacare ruling
  15. Puna Subdivisions Divisive Internal Politics
  16. HSTA Member ‘Terminated’ After Sex With Students, Paid Vacation
  17. Witnesses describe seeing a ‘drunk’ officer hitting utility pole
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Monday, December 17, 2018
December 17, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:54 PM :: 1316 Views
  1. Hawaii: Gun-Carry Ban Legit Because It's Century Old
  2. Who's Running in My District? 2019 Neighborhood Board Elections
  3. How Much Would Carbon Tax Add to Price Per Gallon?
  4. Rail: “No Public Trust in our Organization”
  5. Maunakea financial audit completed
  6. The history of Title IX compliance in Hawaii's public schools
  7. You aren’t born a leader, says Lingle, you become one
  8. Study: Chuukese Patients In Hawaii Often Face Discrimination
  9. Biocontrol: $35M Building to House More HGEA ‘Positions’
  10. Help Count the Homeless
  11. 2 Windward churches aiding the homeless get different results
  12. Tourist Sues Expedia for False Advertising of Hawaii TVR
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Sunday, December 16, 2018
December 16, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:09 PM :: 1772 Views
  1. The County Strikes Back (part 4)
  2. Judicial Vacancy – District Judge, District Court of the Third Circuit
  3. 1988: Kaneshiro Brought in to Save Mafia Godfather Larry Mehau
  4. Hawaii Minimum Wage Workers Make $50K/year
  5. Proposed Hawaii Carbon Tax Would Add $0.88 per gallon of gasoline
  6. Title IX 46 Years of DoE Hypocrisy
  7. Assisted Suicide ‘Uncharted Territory’
  8. A Tale of Two Mauis: Newly released census data reveals growing inequality
  9. Kona Homeless Tent City Site Still a Swirling Vortex of Shelter-Refusers
  10. Caring efforts are energizing the fight against homelessness
  11. ‘Modern Hawaii was built on human trafficking’
  12. Can Tulsi Gabbard Revitalize Birtherism?
Read More..
Saturday, December 15, 2018
December 15, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:56 PM :: 1470 Views
  1. Dubin Disbarment?  Another Step in the Process 
  2. Ige Signs Emergency Proclamation to Build Homeless 'Ohana Zones
  3. Ige: Lofty ideals, few practical solutions
  4. UHERO Economic Forecast: Record-high Visitor Numbers--Unimpressive Income Gains
  5. HELCO Pushing $13.4M Rate Hike
  6. Josh Green: Pay to Play
  7. Kaneshiro Corruption: Murderer May be First to Walk Free
  8. Impeachment process unclear for Honolulu Prosecutor Keith Kaneshiro
  9. Civil Beat Law Center Files To Unseal Secret Kealoha Court Documents
  10. Pu‘uhonua o Waianae gets $150,000 to help build new encampment
  11. Solar Homes Hit By High Electric Bills
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Friday, December 14, 2018
December 14, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:34 PM :: 1181 Views
  1. Auditor: DLNR Held Back Ceded Lands Payments
  2. Honolulu Republican Party Calls for Kaneshiro Resignation
  3. ‘Gold star’ marked duplicate driver licenses now available online
  4. Honolulu Bum Patrol Extended -- City Cites 'Good Results'
  5. Hawaii hotel strike linked to lack of economic freedom
  6. DLNR Publishes Dam Evacuation Maps
  7. Hanabusa Identifies Two Key Republicans Behind Hawaiian Tribal Scheme
  8. The Cost Of Honolulu Rail’s Westside Stations Keeps Going Up
  9. Honolulu Prosecutor Keith Kaneshiro’s deputy takes leave
  10. Hawaii State hospital escapee Randall Saito pleads not guilty to escape and identity theft
  11. Two Groups Compete to Free Rapist and Murderer
  12. Bat Killers Whine About Windfarm Opposition
  13. New VA Secretary: We will do more to help Hawaii’s military veterans
  14. Muslim Tries to Recruit from Oahu Prisons
  15. Teacher Complains Students Not Politicized Enough
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Thursday, December 13, 2018
December 13, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:59 PM :: 2258 Views
  1. Whitewash: HGEA Members at State Hospital Get No Punishment for Saito Escape
  2. How Would You Grade OHA?
  3. City, Hawai‘i Gas open renewable wastewater biogas facility
  4. Hemp Made Legal in Federal Farm Bill
  5. UN Climate Change Confab: Hawaii Promises to Keep Ratepayer Cash Flowing to Silicon Valley Billionaires
  6. Report: Hawaii is the healthiest state in 2018
  7. Pearl City--2nd Least Needy City in USA
  8. Liar Kaneshiro Can Talk About Federal Investigation If He Wants To 
  9. Honolulu Police Corruption Probe Now Includes Katherine Kealoha’s Brother
  10. 10 years later, board still trying to fix ethics code
  11. Hawaii’s Chief Information Officer Is Stepping Down
  12. Kauai Criminal Indicted for Sex Assault While on Work Release
  13. Punatic Activist Fails to Complete Community Service, Going to Jail
  14. Military Lesbian Charged with Attempted Murder of ‘Wife’
  15. Southwest’s CEO Bucks Skeptics With Hawaii Flights ‘Ready to Roll’
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Wednesday, December 12, 2018
December 12, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:34 PM :: 1397 Views
  1. PETITION: Impeach City and County Prosecutor Keith Kaneshiro
  2. Machado remains OHA chair with support of full board
  3. Urban Honolulu Native Hawaiian Population Declines 12%
  4. Hawaii Cell Phone Taxes 7.75%
  5. Regressive Progressives Plan Big Agenda for 2019 Legislature
  6. As pressure grows for Kaneshiro to step aside, experts say city charter has process to impeach prosecutor
  7. Hawai`i Considers Green Taxes
  8. Paul Brewbaker wrong about housing in Honolulu
  9. Hawaii is the only state not awarded federal BUILD transportation grants in 2018
  10. Hawaii County’s New Pitch To State Seeks $150M For Lava Damage
  11. Thanks to Regressive Progressives Once-Thriving Hawaii Dairy Industry Is On The ‘Brink Of Extinction’
  12. Lame Duck Maui Council Pushes Big Agenda
  13. PGV gets green light to clear road
  14. Ex-Real Estate Commission vice chairman changes plea in embezzlement case
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Tuesday, December 11, 2018
December 11, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:17 PM :: 1004 Views
  1. Finish OHA’s Audit for Fraud, Waste and Abuse!
  2. Janus: DAGS Bobbles Union Dues Collection
  3. Congress Giving Territories Control of Offshore Windfarm Permitting
  4. EPA Moves to Roll Back WOTUS
  5. Convicted Murderer to Walk Free Because of Kaneshiro Corruption?
  6. City prosecutor shows no signs of stepping aside after getting formal notice that he’s a target of federal probe
  7. New OHA Leadership Promises to Complete Audit
  8. Hawaii Obamacare Enrollment only 7,806 With 15 Days to Go
  9. Rollout of new state payroll system almost complete
  10. Geographical Exemption: School Choice Forcing Hawaii Schools to Improve?
  11. After 2 Years of Paper Shuffling, City Finally Allow Church to Open Homeless Shelter 
  12. Boaters Not Fooled by DLNR Sales Pitch
  13. Mortgage delinquencies on Hawaii's Big Island grow after Kilauea eruption
  14. The Agricultural Energy - Renewable Energy Quagmire
  15. Danger: Hawaii Nonprofit Teams up with UN to Enforce Eco-Religion
  16. Ritte warns he’ll protest if Navy goes through military exercises off shore without Giving Him Money
  17. Tulsi is Running for VP to Bernie
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Monday, December 10, 2018
December 10, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:48 PM :: 780 Views
  1. Honolulu Neighborhood Boards -- 34 Vacancies
  2. Dead Bats Are Changing People’s Minds About This Energy Project
  3. City pays for security at parks to keep homeless out, vandalism down
  4. Star-Adv: Lets Put Homeless Tent Cities Back in Our Parks Now 
  5. How To Get What You Want From The Legislature
  6. Electric Car Tax Credit to be Abolished?
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Sunday, December 09, 2018
December 9, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:49 PM :: 1156 Views
  1. Will US Supreme Court Hear Lesbian Home Invasion Case?
  2. Auwahi Wind Farm Requests Approval to Kill 140 Hoary Bats
  3. The County Strikes Back (part 3)
  4. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted December 9, 2018
  5. Planning for climate change to the sound of ‘ka-ching’
  6. Ige 2.0: Small goals, petty politics
  7. Latest Scheme: ‘Free’ Lawyers will Work to Eliminate Rental Units from Marketplace by Helping Deadbeats, Squatters
  8. TMT foes don’t speak for all UH faculty
  9. Star-Adv: Stamp out Parasite TVRs
  10. Leilani: After Volcano, Something Really Horrible—Tourists!
  11. Hanalei Continues to Exploit Fake ‘Emergency’ to Keep Tourists Out
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Saturday, December 08, 2018
December 8, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:44 PM :: 1111 Views
  1. Nation’s Capital hears our message on Jones Act
  2. Health Insurance: Hawaii Cheapest in USA
  3. Elder-Abuse Protections--Hawaii Ranks 28th
  4. Honolulu Scores Well for 'Wallet Fitness'
  5. Kaneshiro Acting as Political Enforcer?
  6. OHA Money Grab: Hearings planned on small boat harbor fee hikes
  7. Sierra Club Fails in Effort to Cut Off Upcountry Maui Water Supply
  8. Tax Hike Coming: Global Warmers Have a Plan for You and Your Property
  9. Solar project must be moved away from humans, homes
  10. Kauai: Grove Farm Personnel Line Cabinet
  11. Activist: I Submitted Comments Against RimPac and the Exercise Continued, therefore the process is Rigged 
  12. Food Evolution: the film that may change your mind about GMOs
  13. WHT Editorial: Hospital’s Scabies timing seems suspicious
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Friday, December 07, 2018
December 7, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:40 PM :: 743 Views
  1. Forgotten Honouliuli: Jack Burns, Police Spy
  2. Title IX Lawsuit: ACLU Sues over Lack of Female Athletic Facilities at DoE Schools
  3. FHA Baseline Limit for Hawaii Homebuyers Increases
  4. Census Releases 5 Year Study of Hawaii Households
  5. Geothermal energy a 'no brainer' for Hawaii
  6. Proposed Water Bottling Plant Dares to Challenge OHA Ownership of Subsurface Resources, Gets Protested
  7. Department of Planning and [Not] Permitting
  8. Climate-Safe Energy Can Be Dangerous
  9. Kamehameha Schools negotiating with Hu Honua Associate for eucalyptus harvest
  10. 12 Years Later Honolulu Airport Still Under Construction
  11. Telescope Protester: We Built an Altar But the Supreme Court did not give us the Land
  12. DLNR to Propose Fishing License Bill?
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Thursday, December 06, 2018
December 6, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:51 PM :: 1002 Views
  1. Where Does OHA Hide its Secrets?
  2. U.S. Soldier Sentenced to 25 Years in Prison for Attempting To Provide Material Support to ISIS
  3. Hawaii 2nd-Worst State for Drivers
  4. Convictions May be Overturned Due to federal criminal probe of Honolulu prosecutors
  5. UH Faculty Circular Logic: Telescope is Unethical because we got ourselves Arrested Protesting Against it
  6. Hawaii ACLU Outlines Litigation Plan to Keep the Homeless Homeless
  7. HPD overstating success in rape cases, report claims
  8. City Ethics Commission Is Investigating Far Fewer Cases Than 2 Years Ago
  9. Public pension reform will benefit government workers
  10. High rise fire inspections to remain at three years vs. five, post-Marco Polo fire
  11. Commuting Oahu: ‘It Takes Your Time And It Gives You Back Stress’
  12. Court orders Legislature to Release Sex-Harassment Records (in Oregon)
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Wednesday, December 05, 2018
December 5, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:47 PM :: 2251 Views
  1. How George H W Bush Stopped the Bombing of Kahoolawe
  2. Smug Hirono: Dems Struggle Appealing to Voters Because ‘We Have to Tell Everyone How Smart We Are’
  3. House Announces Committee and Leadership Roster
  4. Candidate registration period opens for 2019 Neighborhood Board Elections
  5. Lt. Gov. Green Hires Carpenters Union Lobbyist As His Chief Of Staff
  6. Gabbard: If You Ask About Chris Butler, You Are Just Like Pittsburgh Shooter
  7. As part of widening corruption probe, DOJ sends subject letter to second-in-command at prosecutor’s office
  8. Anti-Telescope Fight Now Shifts to OHA Grab for Cash and Land
  9. Six-Figure Deal To Cover UH Rail Costs ‘Slipped Through The Cracks’
  10. Council Still Playing Games with Homeless
  11. Caldwell Claims Sidewalk Nuisance Bill Undermines Efforts to Force Homeless to Accept Shelter
  12. Puuhonua?  10% of Criminals Back in Prison After Just One Year
  13. Soft on Crime: Repeat Rapist on Trial for Child Molestation
  14. No more Styrofoam: Maui County’s ban leaves restaurants searching for alternatives
  15. Ige Orders DoTax to Confiscate Tax Refunds from People Who Owe Money to Government
  16. Filmmaker Likes to Sue People
  17. Good Thing We Don’t Have Smaller Stadium: Expected to fill Aloha Stadium this weekend: The Eagles, Jack Johnson and Guns N Roses
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Tuesday, December 04, 2018
December 4, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:51 PM :: 939 Views
  1. Full Text: Ige Inaugural Speech
  2. Republican Responses to Ige Inaugural Speech
  3. OHA Year in Review: Looking Back at 2018
  4. Legislators to consider carbon tax for ‘polluters’ (big and small)
  5. Hawaii soldier who threatened to shoot up Waikiki sentenced to 25 years for trying to aid Islamic State
  6. Lack of Earmarks Makes Limousine Liberals Pony Up
  7. 7 vacation rental bills before the Council
  8. Hawaii Tuna Fishermen Want Higher Quotas
  9. HPD Program For Domestic Violence Victims Stalls
  10. Maui Co Liquor Comm is “retaliatory and not open to new ideas”
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Monday, December 03, 2018
December 3, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:54 PM :: 752 Views
  1. WOTUS: Supreme Court Asks US Solicitor General to Weigh in on Maui Injection Wells
  2. JSC Seeks Nominees for First Circuit Court--Two Vacancies
  3. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted December 2, 2018
  4. UH: Record-setting Native Hawaiian, Filipino and overall 4-year UH Mānoa graduation rates
  5. Tulsi Gabbard returns to NH, fueling speculation of presidential run
  6. McDermott: Republicans Want to Cooperate with Ige
  7. Civil Beat: Release Lots of Criminals from Jail and Open Up Massive Festering Homeless Tent Cities to House Them
  8. Want To Teach In Hawaii? HSTA-DoE Won’t Recognize Your Seniority
  9. Lime Bike: City Still Clings to Scooter=Moped Position, Kicks Football to Legislature
  10. Kaiser graduate speaks out about Amtrak incident
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Sunday, December 02, 2018
December 2, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:13 PM :: 1966 Views
  1. Fraud, Collusion, Embezzlement: Hawaii OPEB Debt
  2. The County Strikes Back (part 2)
  3. Senate Announces Committee Assignments
  4. Feds Investigating Rail After ‘Breathtaking’ Cost Increases
  5. UH Global Warmers: Impose Carbon Taxes on Hawaii Because of White Privilege
  6. Economists: $800K is Affordable House
  7. The need for tweeks:  Star-Adv Urges Lege to Make Oxy Easier to Get
  8. Smug Gabbard: Those of us here at the Sanders Institute are Superior to the Measly Little Humans Driven by Greed
  9. Remembering President George HW Bush
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Saturday, December 01, 2018
December 1, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:56 PM :: 1681 Views
  1. Honolulu Ethics: Legal to Campaign on County Time?
  2. Ige Extends Lava Emergency for 5th Time
  3. Police Report ‘Threat’ Against State Women’s Commission Director was Fake—Timed to Coincide with Renewal of Employment Contract
  4. State Commission on Status of Women--No Minutes Posted for Years
  5. Fishermen Not fooled by DLNR Push for Fishing Fees
  6. Smaller Stadium -- No More Concerts for Hawaii?
  7. Beware of Maui County’s ‘shiny new ball’
  8. Maui: Animal Liberation Nuts Grab For Control of Cattle Ranching
  9. Maui Anti-Styrofoam Hysteria—What Next?
  10. Sovereignty: Doped Up Ruggles Scores Spread in Guardian
  11. Doped up at UH: Prof Claims Marijuana is Good for Heart
  12. NH Young Democrats Want Gabbard to Speak
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Friday, November 30, 2018
November 30, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:12 PM :: 1708 Views
  1. What’s an airconditioned Neal Katyal worth?
  2. Not all public-private partnerships are good
  3. Forbes Best States for Business: Hawaii Ranks 46th
  4. Report: Since recession, 10 states, including Hawaii, operate at structural deficits
  5. Hawaii Ranks 15th for Financial Transparency
  6. Honolulu--6th Oldest Homeowners in USA
  7. OHA offering $7 million for community grants
  8. How a U.S. law intended to reduce dependence on fossil fuels has unleashed an environmental disaster in Indonesia  
  9. House and Senate Republicans Meet to Plan 2019 Agenda
  10. Wanna Buy a House on Maui? County has $30K to Give You
  11. Stream Flow Ruling Cuts off Lahaina Water Supply
  12. Potential Criminal Prosecution: Hu Honua Violates Water Pollution Laws
  13. In ‘game-changer,’ Hawaii given approval to use Medicaid dollars to help chronically homeless
  14. State Carbon Tax The Devil is in the Details
  15. Smelling Your Money, Green Scrum at Honolulu Hale
  16. State’s high court stands by its Mauna Kea ruling
  17. After Three Years Judge finally dismisses Kealohas' harassment lawsuit against city ethics commission, employees
  18. State Claims ‘Dramatic’ Improvement In Adult Home Care Oversight
  19. CDC: Drug overdose deaths on the rise in Hawaii
  20. Firefighters extinguish Homeless Tweeker Fire near Makai Research Pier
  21. Honolulu Council to take up emergency measures for building permits
  22. Bill 79 adds more restrictions designed to Squelch Affordable Housing Construction
  23. Aloha Stadium upgrade plan includes lots of condos
  24. Honolulu City Council Blocks Multi-Million Dollar Cellphone Service Upgrade:
  25. Ige Spent $3.2 Million On Re-Election Campaign, New Reports Show
  26. Ige to be sworn for second term next week
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Thursday, November 29, 2018
November 29, 2018 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:30 PM :: 930 Views
  1. To ‘Change Society’ -- Hawaii Climate Commission Pushes For State Carbon Tax
  2. Details of the Horrible Carbon Tax Bill
  3. Pine: Gill Family Windfarm Proceeding Against Community Opposition
  4. DBEDT: International Students Contribute $498M to Economy
  5. Caldwell Allows 60-Day Permitting Bill to Become Law Without Signature
  6. $3.56M Tourism Industry Payoffs to Community Groups Statewide
  7. Visitor Arrivals Jump 4.4% for October--Spending Drops
  8. State sued over services for autistic students
  9. DoE distancing itself from Rape Case smells bad
  10. Legislature’s Hires Hanabusa to Defend Gut-n-Replace Frankenbills in Lawsuit
  11. Performance-based regulation (PBR) of utilities has emerged as an important Excuse for Raising Rates
  12. ‘Wife’ to Get $40M from Kawananakoa Trust
  13. Star-Adv: Copy San Francisco TVR Regs
  14. Ride Sharee works with City Council to draft rules for dockless bike parking
  15. Castle High School parents sue over dangerous football drill
  16. WOTUS: Waipio Valley residents concerned for safety after permits revoked by Feds
  17. Privately Funded, ‘Destination’ Playground Proposed For Ala Moana Park
  18. Hawaii County Planning Commission Votes to Kill Affordable Housing Project
  19. Commission gives positive recommendation to Hawaii Co sewer fee hike bill
  20. Audit critical of Maui liquor department and commission
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